4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Frei - full transcript


I'm being pulled over by the cops.
Shit, it's not cops, it's Chechens.

Get out!


How did they know about the delivery?
Who tipped them off?

There's a rat in the family.

They're at war.

Whatever he says,
your husband has blood on his hands.

And that blood is on you too.

- I'm afraid of you, Toni.
- Come with me.

I'll prove everything will be fine.

I'm going to build here.
Jetty there, hotel over here.

It's not building land.

Give him his share.

Till next time.

Kartoffel is shot dead, and days later
there are two dead Chechens.

- Things happen.
- How's your wife?

You know Vince, right?
My dead colleague.

You knew your wife wanted
to run away with him?

What the fuck?

Well done.
So, the first one of us has died.

Who's next? Me?

Mohammad won't do anything
while his brother is in jail.

I received a call from Beirut.

My brother is dead.



Stop, motherfucker!


What is it?

Abbas Hamady has escaped.

And the Chechens?

They didn't get him.

Talk to Zaur.

If Abbas Hamady isn't to die,

then Toni Hamady must die.

I sent the guys
over to Ewa.

Maybe she knows
where he is.

This is not good.
Not for him and not for us.

If you hear anything from Abbas,

don't tell anybody but me.

Nobody else.

Where is Toni?

- He's not here.
- I want to talk to Toni.

He's not here.
What happened?

Tell him not to send over
those pussies of his,

who treat me like a piece of shit.

I found out my husband escaped
and might be lying dead in the gutter!

I want to know
what he had to do with it, okay?

- Calm down.
- He won't take my family away from me.

- He won't take it away.
- Okay. Do you want to come in?

- Seriously?
- Yeah.

Come on, come inside.


Is that real gold?

Oh, right. No.

It's a very big place.


I'd go back to someone
for a place like this too.

I understand.

I didn't go back to him.

This is just how it is right now.

Such lovely Oriental charm.

Yes. It's not my style either.


Ewa, I heard the news
about Abbas this morning.

Toni doesn't know where he is either.

So he's feeding you bullshit too.

What is it that he's not telling me?

Do you think I'm stupid?

He rounds up his pussies

and they get him out.

Then he can get rid of his brother.
Eliminate him. You get me?

Of course.
Do you think I'm dumb, or what?

He's the only one who benefits.

Ewa, what are you talking about?

Why would Toni get Abbas out of jail?

Why free him right now?


Shit. You're right.

- Why would he do that?
- Exactly.

I mean, he's never been there
for his brother before.

His businesses, this flashy mansion...
When would he find the time?

Of course. You're right.

I'm so silly.


Be quiet.
What took you so long?

- Elevator's broken.
- Gimme that.

- Did anybody see you?
- No.

- Why is it so big?
- It's my brother's.

Why are you still here?

- Don't I get anything?
- Business man, huh?

Fuck off.

You never saw me, okay?

- Okay.
- Get out of here.

- What are you doing here?
- Long time, no see. Remember me?

Long time, no see?
Where did you get my address?

Who cares?
Your file was in the probation office.

You read my file?

That we've been in jail together
doesn't mean we are besties

and wave a huge flag
to announce our reunion.

Calm down.
I've just got some business for you.

Want to hear it? Yes or no?

What is this shit hole?

Shit hole?
My grandpa lived here, dude.

It's a nostalgic work of art,
a one of a kind, dude.

You guys all want the same:

mirrored tables,
Scarface posters, sofa beds,

the Cristiano Ronaldo look
without an ounce of individuality.

Know what a place like this costs?
My rent is 481.36 euro a month, dude.

The people upstairs pay 1623.35 euro.

- Where did you get this?
- Out of my pocket.

- "Out of my pocket."
- Shut up.

- Where did you get it?
- Who gives a shit? Try it.

Hey, Pablo.

- Like it?
- Got any more?

I can get more if you want.

Do you still have
your startup connections?

Is the Earth shaped like a flat donut?

Are the Yanks behind 9/11?
Was the moon landing a hoax?

- Of course I still have my connections.
- Good.

But we don't sell
in Neukölln or Kreuzberg.

- Why not?
- We can't. Don't ask dumb questions.

Can you do it in Zehlendorf
or Charlottenburg, Mitte?

- This stuff, anywhere.
- Yeah?

- Anywhere, sure.
- Good.

If you can sell it, dude,
I'll give you 50 percent.

You have my word.

- I'm in.
- Yeah?

Sure. Can I keep this?

- Oh, I'm not sure...
- You little bastard. Come on.

- Get in touch soon, okay?
- Yeah. Take care.

Schöller will freak the fuck out
when I give this gear to him.

- I'm going. Take care.
- Contact me, dude.

I will.

Very good. Keep going.

Come on, go for it.

Very nice.
Again. Great.

That was good. Very good.

Towards the body, yes. Again.

That's it, you're a fighter. Harder!


- What are you doing here?
- Got anything to tell me?

I train here sometimes.
I was going to tell you.

- I thought you wouldn't understand.
- Not that. I heard something.

What did you hear?

Did you want to run away?

Did you want to run away with Vince?


This is for you.

If you take care of Toni.

We don't give a shit about your money.
They killed three of our brothers.

This isn't your war.
It's ours now.

I'll let Mr. Hamady know
and wait for you to call me back.

Yes. Thank you, Mr. Roth.

Looks like we can forget
about the meeting with Mr. Roth

for the time being.


He's asked for more time to think.

- Someone else is interested.
- Who?

A certain Matthias Keil.

Son of Gerd Keil.
They have a lot of money behind them.

Matthias Keil... Matthias Keil.

Do you know him?

Yes, I've met him.

Roth has given us until tomorrow
to adjust our offer.


Mr. Keil, your appointment is here.

- What appointment?
- He didn't mention his name.


Kemal! Salam. How are you?

Best wishes from Toni.

Thanks. Same to him.

Take a seat.

Can I offer you anything?

A still water? Sparkling?


- What?
- Who are you trying to fuck over here?

Think I don't know
about your offer to Roth?

- Brother...
- I'm not your brother. Listen to me.

- Know who you're messing with?
- Let me...

- Take back your offer and fuck off.
- May I? Thank you.

Listen, we work
in completely different fields.

You're doing wonderfully.

Don't get me wrong, but there are things
you don't understand.

And if a Roth approaches you, then...

That land is ours.
Got that, you little bastard?

- Yeah.
- Take it back. Or I'll fuck you up.

Mr. Keil, I have the documents...

Ms. Beerbaum, what can I do for you?

- The...
- Leave the file on the table.

You'll get it back with my signature on.

Thanks, Ms. Beerbaum.

What the hell?
Think you own this street?

What the hell, huh?


- Whose car is that?
- Mine.

It's mine, I swear.

- Get out of here.
- Come on, get in.

- Swear on your mom that it's yours.
- It's mine. Get in!

- Open the door. Open it!
- It's open.

- What? Open the door!
- Come on, get in.

Buenos días
Gringo green turtle ninja

Hightower Hong Kong haze helva

Money turns men into hustlers
You're Tony? We're the Díaz Brothers

- How sick is this car?
- Yeah, it's sick.

- Super sick! This watch is even sicker.
- Dude, screw the watch.

Zeki, you have to let me borrow it.

- What for?
- Cruising around.

You know, Neukölln, this and that,
riding around, chicks...

You wanna be like Zeki!
Like a boss! You like that, don't you?

- Don't overdo it, dude.
- You can borrow it.

But be careful.
This thing is like a lady.

- Caress it, kiss it.
- I kiss your eyebrows.

I kiss her eyebrows.

- And your ass.
- You can borrow it.

- I can?
- Yeah, you can.

- I love you!
- Sure.

Schönfließ. Schönfließ.

My God, what are you doing here?

Take me upstairs.

Come on.



Hold it on tight, okay?

Mr. Hamady? Schönfließ.
Come to my office right now.

The kids and I already ate.

I warmed something up for you
in case you're hungry.

Latif, what the hell?

Whoever said that
wants to drive us apart.

They want to destroy our family.

Why don't you trust me?

We can end our marriage right now.
I'll say it three times and then...

You can't do that.
What are you saying? You can't do that.



Then things will be
very different from now on.

- Where is he?
- In the meeting room.

How long has he been here?

You have to keep still.

You can do it.
Slowly please, doctor.

It's okay.

- Thank you very much for everything.
- You're welcome.

He can take these painkillers
when needed.

But not too many all at once.
They're strong.

- This is for you.
- Thank you.

Have a good day.


Please leave us alone for a moment.

Why is that motherfucker still alive?


This is not the time.

Not the time?

Al-Saafi has me stabbed by two Chechens
and you're worried about timing?



Come here, please.

- Is the car in the underground garage?
- Yes, of course.

Can I have the key please?

You are aware
of what I'm doing for you here?


Abbas. Here, the telephone.

When we talk on the phone,
only use this one.

Ali, what is this place?

You're safe here, habibi.

Say you won't
leave me alone again, Ali.

I promise I'll never
leave you alone again.

I'll stay with you all night.

Do you remember, back in Beirut?

Those sheds
where we hid from the bombs?

It looked just like this.

There are high-rises there now,


loud music.

It all changed.

You have to get out of this country.
We'll take you to Lebanon.

Greetings, Mr. Karami.

I've heard the news.

I have to do something
about Mohammad al-Saafi.


Beirut has given the okay.

Mohammad has to go.

Samir, Azad, get the weapons.
When he gets home today, take him out.

- It has to happen fast, okay?
- Okay.

- I'm going to work.
- You stay here.

You don't go to work anymore.
You look after the kids and the home.

I take care of the rest.

I have to work and take Adam to daycare.
I've got things to do.

You don't have to do anything.

Latif, what the hell?


Who is that?

He doesn't speak German.

He'll take care of the family
from now on when I'm not here.

- This is the way it is now.
- You can't be serious.

Get Adam ready.
He's taking him to daycare.

I won't get Adam ready!

He's not taking him to daycare!

How is this supposed to work?
I don't even know him!

Latif! Stay here, we...

Look, Doctor, I don't have time.
I can't come to the clinic.

Just tell me
what you have to tell me, okay?

Listen, Doctor, I'm a grown man.

So, how long do I have left?

How long?

Mr. Nolde, I want a detailed report

about how Abbas Hamady escaped.

- Sure.
- And you, Mr. Baier.

If Abbas Hamady contacted anyone,
let me know who it was and when.

Call Ms. Nolde.

Mr. Kutscha.

I'm sorry I'm late.
It took longer than expected.

- You're aware of what happened?
- I think I'm the only one who is.

The question now is what you need.

- Mr. Kutscha?
- Sorry?

- What you need.
- What I need?

All the resources at our disposal.

All legal means of action.

Or maybe we just wait until the Hamadys
have destroyed the whole city?

We already started tracking
Abbas Hamady's wife.

That's one more person!
We're dealing with a clan!

This is a clan!

I'm sorry.

Fine, Mr. Kutscha.
I'll see what can be done.

I hope I live to see it happen.

- You will.
- Thank you.

Hello. Here is the key.
The car is in the garage.

Mr. Hamady, I must tell you this again.

As well as me committing a crime,

you're taking
a huge risk with Abbas here.

He's my brother, isn't he?

Whatever he does, he's my brother.

We have an appointment, right?

- Hello, Mr. Roth.
- Mr. Hamady.

- Nice to see you.
- Hello.


Here, second line.

For you.

- Take a good look at it again.
- I have complete faith in you.

Well done, Mr. Schönfließ.

Yes, you can trust us.

Okay, then... Congratulations.

- Thank you.
- It's been a pleasure.

- Especially for me.
- Good money.


For God's sake. Yes?

Hey, it's me.
Is this number still safe?

Yes, I think so. Yes.

God, Baby, I was so scared.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine. Don't worry.

I've really missed you.

I miss you too. I see you.

- Where do you see me?
- All over a newspaper.

Fuck that. Don't be scared.
I'm safe.

I need your help.

- Okay. What do you need?
- I need a gun.

- What?
- Not so many questions.

Can you get me one?

- Sure. But it will take time.
- Okay, then I'll be in touch.

- For what...
- Not important.

I'll be in touch.

Okay, okay.

Mr. Hamady.

Looks like it's a done deal.

- Thank you.
- When can I build on it?

The meeting is in two weeks.

- Perfect. Thank you.
- Anytime.

- Hello.
- And?

All sorted.

Very good.

What are you doing?

Are you a gamer now, or what?


You're not 15.
Or are you really still a kid?

Look what I've got.
Page one...

Page two...

- What is it?
- It's our piece of land.

- Our land?
- Yes, I'm going to build.

Karami is financing it.
In a year, we'll have a hotel.

In year two a second one,
and then a third.

We'll see how it goes
and then build a fourth one.

Seriously, when it goes well, Kalila,
there'll be a fifth one.

I don't care.

And if it goes insanely well,
there'll be a sixth one.

All five-star, yeah?
Not two and a half.

No Motel One and all that crap.
I'll do really high-end stuff.

But we won't tell anyone.
We'll say we have a youth hostel.

But really we have
eight five-star hotels.

We used to ride around on donkeys,
and now we have five-star hotels.

Eight times five,
that's 40 stars in total.

You're such an idiot.

- I'll get it.
- No, I'll get it.

Just because you have eight hotels.
No, no...

You're so materialistic all of a sudden.

You're such a...

"Land Purchase Agreement".

"Hermann von Schönfließ".

- Hey, Kemal.
- Hey, Toni.


Kutscha, what the hell?
My brother isn't here.

I don't want your brother.
I want you, Toni.

Search warrant.

I assume you won't require witnesses.
You can start.

- Am I meant to read that?
- Your accounts have been blocked.

Nice piece of land you bought.
But where does the money come from?

We're pulling the plug on you.
Preventive disgorgement.

Your money from Beirut stinks, Toni.
And you stink too.

The bastards went everywhere.

In Skyline, in Halbmond.

They want to know
where the money is from.

But they can't fuck with us.
Beirut covers for us.

If I don't get some cash,
I'll lose the land.

They went through my bedroom,
my damn underwear!

They were in Serin's room.
This is the third time!

I'm such an idiot for always saying:
"I'll go back. It will all be fine."

Why do you put up with it?
You had split up.

Why go back to him?

Why? You went back too.

- You went back to Latif.
- With me it's totally different.

What's different about it?

I don't know.

It's just different.

It's a difficult phase.

You're locked inside.

He won't keep this up.

It's all just too much for me right now.

- It will all be fine.
- It will all be fine. It will.

- All good?
- You?



- You're hot, I swear on my mom's life.
- What do you mean?

- I swear on my mom's life.
- Swear it!

Nah, you're arrogant. So arrogant!

- What's up? Where's the car from?
- Get in. Move that ass!

Know what we'll do?
We're going for a döner kebab!

Damn good!

Ah, bombaclat, bad gyal

Tomahawk so fast

Thunder rumbles, man down
Album... Out now

It's like a cockpit.
This button sets it off like a rocket.

Guys, my man has the sickest car!

Okay. Thanks.

- Ever done it in a car?
- What?

- Ever done it in a car?
- You're asking me now?

- Sure.
- Yeah? Up for it?


Dangerous Kikikiki

Dangerous Kikikiki

Dangerous Kikikiki

Do it like De Niro, Conway Jimmy
Head flying high, Bombay give him

...like 2Pac in the movie Bullet
I'm too extreme, just call the cops

Do it like Clay, die as Ali
Doing blow doesn't make you smarter

Nobody chill, cause they've got no skill
Everyone hating...

What are you doing?

- Nothing.
- Are you fucking her?

- No.
- Are you fucking with me, little bitch?

It's my business.

I didn't bring you here
to fuck around.

Want everyone
to think you're a pervert?

- No.
- Listen, you dickhead. Go home now.

I never want to see you with her again.

- What are you looking for?
- The car key.

I gave it to Achmed.
He'll drive you.

I don't need a bodyguard.

When I say Achmed is driving,
then Achmed is driving.

You're checking up on me?

I don't want trouble
and I don't want to worry.

Toni, think of something.
I can't live like this.

- Where is the bastard?
- Nervous, are you? Calm down.

Nervous, me?

- Stop fidgeting and chatting then.
- You're paranoid.

- You're talking too much right now.
- What do you want from me? Chill out.

Let's do this damn thing
and get out of here.

New haircut?

Who are these guys?
Really good fighters.

- You're the dog.
- Serin.

If anyone else said that to me,
I would destroy them.

But you I won't.
You're the mouse. The little one.

It's not a mouse, it's a unicorn.

Who cares. It's the same thing.

Right. Now go to sleep.

Dad, can I watch TV a little longer?

- We just watched TV.
- That's not a TV, it's a tablet.

No, it's a mini TV.

Dad, do you promise

that you'll always take care of us
and we'll stay together like before?

I promise
I'll always take care of both of you.

When you're away, I'm sad.

But we're here.
Why are you sad?

- I love you both, okay?
- Yes.

Sleep well, okay?
Good night, sweetie.

My sun, my princess, my sweetheart.

- Who will you dream of tonight?
- Of you.

- I can't hear you.
- Of you.

- What?
- Of you!

You'll get pocket money tomorrow.
Some serious pocket money.

- Found anything?
- Yeah, dude, G Class.

Look up Lambos.