4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Blut - full transcript


Ali is my new man in Berlin.

You underestimate
Mohammad's influence.

Good news.

From now on, Beirut delivers to us.
Only to us.

- We'll drive the others out.
- Mohammad will kill us.

You set my building on fire?

The Chechens work for Mohammad.

Very good.

That bastard sent a message.

Baklava with a note on it saying:
"Welcome to Tegel."

Open your eyes
and get a few guys on your side.

- Okay?
- You think I'm scared?

Your brother enjoyed them in Tegel.

One call from Karami
and your brother is dead.

- Do you know this man?
- No.

It's understandable to want revenge.
But wait.

My men already left.

They're bringing back Toni's head.

They nearly shot me
in front of my daughter.

Nobody goes without a weapon.
Always work in pairs.

- We need someone to cover Kotti.
- Why not me? It's my area.

Take a look at yourself.
We need someone people respect.

- Are you a lion or a sheep?
- A lion of course.

And that's
why you should work with lions.

You work for me.

Not for Toni.

The average grade this time

was much better than last time.

Things were looking very different
six months ago.

The class really is on the right track.

And that brings us to the school trip.

There's a problem.

Three children aren't able to go
due to financial reasons.

- That's a shame.
- Yes.

- Which kids?
- I can't tell you.

- The parents don't want to be named.
- They can apply for financial aid.

Exactly, they can.
But the parents don't want to.

I understand that.

It means groveling to the authorities.

- Nobody enjoys doing that.
- Yes.

We could share the cost among ourselves.

But that's exactly
what the official aid is for.

It's not our responsibility.

Mrs. Palm,

tell the parents that I'll pay.

You'd really do that?

Of course, what else? It's for the kids.

They should have fun like the rest.


That damn hipster
spends 100 euros a day

on craft beer, but here...

True. But she's still talking.

What the hell?
I'm freezing my balls off here.

You're to blame if I can't have kids.

The Fredersdorf exit.

Heat. Heat is bad for having kids.

Not the cold.
That's why your balls hang outside.

To keep them cool.

Don't talk shit. Asshole.

Stick to driving.


Follow them.

I'm getting pulled over by some cops.
We're in Halensee Street now.

Shit, it's not cops, it's Chechens!


Get out! Now!

Go on!





Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

Kartoffel! Kartoffel!




How do you know it was the Chechens?

The guys heard it on the phone.

- How could that happen?
- Kartoffel is dead! Who cares how?

Mohammad is behind it.

- Mohammad is spitting in our face.
- We have to get revenge!

Who tipped off the Chechens?

How did they know about the delivery?

There's a rat in the family.

- Let's stay calm.
- And look like we have no honor?

Mohammad wants me
to make a false move, but I won't.

Once fucked over, always fucked over!
We're strong!

Yeah. We're strong.

But anger and fear
are our biggest enemies.

And I swear to you,
the rat who betrayed us...

won't make it out alive.

Sooner or later,
rats come out of hiding.

- Coming to Isha tomorrow night?
- What?

Isha's concert in A30.

Kartoffel is dead and you're going on
about your African bitch!

Listen, Kartoffel is dead,
but life goes on, okay?

- It's really pissing me off right now.
- Fine!

I was just asking.


Enis Haziri, named Kartoffel,

was one
of the Hamady clan's inner circle.

He was already dead
when paramedics arrived.

They found traces of blood
from a second person.

Two different firearms were used.

We're still searching for the driver.

They're at war.
With whom? That's the question.

We'll follow the Hamadys everywhere,
listen to every conversation.

I wanna know their every fucking move.

Dream on.

If the prosecutor wants results,
I have to go all in.

Even if I end up paying for this shit
out of my own pocket.

- Erhan says he can't pay.
- Do I look like a bank?

No loan?

If he wants weed he has to pay.

Mr. Hamady,
do you have a moment?


What is it?

Kartoffel... He's dead.

- The al-Saafis?
- Chechens. But on Mohammad's orders.

Well done.
The first of us to die.

Abbas, why are you saying that?

That Mohammad is playing with you.
You're out of your depth.

Who's next? Me?

He won't do anything
while his brother is in jail in Lebanon.

You've lost all control.
I've gotta get out of here.

As soon as possible.

How is that meant to happen?
You're a murderer.

So are you. But you walk free.

I know what I'm doing.
I can apply for day release.

I go to the funeral.
And... goodbye!

Then what?
You want to be on the run forever?

I'm in jail for the family,

while you're outside
with the properties and money.

Don't forget half of that is mine.

- You and Vince put me in here.
- Abbas.

Be patient, okay?

I have no patience!

Brother, you owe me.

I owe you nothing.


You know what?

Live your life.
We go our separate ways from now on.

Good day, Mr. Hamady.

Up against the wall.
Cell check.

Don't get all gay.

- What's this?
- No idea how that got there.

Wait outside.
Let's see what else got in.

- Go.
- Motherfuckers.


How could that happen?

I don't know.
Their orders were clear.

They were to get the gear

when only the driver
was in the truck.

Toni will assume
that it was Zaur's guys.

He doesn't think we're stupid enough
to have his men gunned down.

He knows how unpredictable
the Chechens are.

Tell Zaur that he's a dead man

if he doesn't follow orders.


I received a call from Beirut.

My brother is dead.

Last night. Heart failure.

- God rest his soul.
- My condolences.

Thank you.

Toni doesn't have
bargaining power anymore.

That gives us room to maneuver.

Mr. Roth, may I present:
my client, Mr. Hamady.

Mr. Hamady,
I've seen your photo in the paper.

- The press love me.
- Yes, they do.

So, you want to buy something?
I don't know why I've been called here.

Wait and see
what Mr. Hamady has to say to you.

You want to sell, I want to buy.

I'm a Berliner
and I want a piece of Berlin.

Berliner, yes.
But that's not the whole story.

Right? The name Hamady,
the Hamady family, the press...

Mr. Roth.

No problem.

Here you go.

- Write down a number.
- What number?

Write down the number
that you want.

There you go.



That is my offer.

Sleep on it.
If you agree, call my lawyer.

- Hey, sorry.
- You're late.

- Yeah, I know. The kids.
- Come on.

Very nice, again. Good.

Very good, again.

Faster footwork.
Being good isn't enough.

- Did you work on your footwork?
- Not really, no.

If you want to compete next month,
you have to give it your all.

Come on, let's go.

Very nice.


- Shit.
- Everything okay?

I'm fine, yeah.
Everything's okay.

Here. Show me.

- It'll be okay with a bit of make-up.
- Yeah, it's fine.

Tell Latif that you're here.

Tell him it's a self-defense course.

- Maybe he'll even think it's hot.
- Yeah, maybe.

Come here.

- The apartment is here.
- Yeah.

- And the two entrances.
- Go and see if they're still there.

Yeah, they're outside.

We're being attacked.
We need backup! Come in?

- I'm sorry. Kartoffel was a good guy.
- Allah rest his soul.

Give Toni and Latif
my condolences too.

- I drew this for you.
- Oh, thank you.

How's it going?

- Mrs. Hamady, sit down.
- I'm busy, I've got to...

Sit down!

I think you know him
by his nickname, Kartoffel.

He's a friend of my husband.

He was shot and killed.

We don't know who did it.

But we do know:
Your husband is at war.

He's ready to sacrifice his friends.

Whatever he may tell you,
your husband has blood on his hands.

And that blood sticks to you too.

Ali Hamady is a good man
and a loving father.

He's done a lot for this city.

Someone set fire to the building

where on behalf of the city
he housed people in need of shelter.

And as a thank you,
the senate canceled his contracts.

I have nothing else to say.

It seems he's recruiting boys from here.

One of them was arrested today
when he attacked a police car.

I would have noticed.
My husband has nothing to do with it.

Mr. Kutscha?

Shall I get help?

I'm fine.

Are you sure?

We've advised Mr. Klausner
to end your employment here.

The senate doesn't want
the fact that you work here

to reflect badly upon them.

- Yes, Schönfließ?
- Roth agreed.

Very good.
Draw up the contract.

- I'll do it right away.
- Okay.

What's up, guys?
I wanted to go in to see my wife.

Is that okay with you?
Can I get you guys anything?

Baklava, cake, coffee?

Tell me what's going on.

The police came to see me.
I've been fired.

Kartoffel is dead
and you act like nothing happened.

- Who was there? Kutscha?
- It doesn't matter. What's going on?

That damn cop.
Why doesn't he just talk to me?

Fucking coward.

- Kartoffel is dead!
- Kalila.

- Hey.
- Buildings burn. Innocent people die.

Your men are shot dead
and you say you know nothing?

I'm afraid of you, Toni.

Don't you get it?
That's exactly what the cop wants.

He wants to suffocate us,
destroy us, force us apart.

You're to blame for that,
not the police.


I swear to you,
I don't know what happened to Kartoffel.

We can't let them split us up.

We belong together.

We're a family.

Come with me now.
I'll show you something.

We'll pick up Serin and I'll show you
that everything will be all right, okay?

- I'm at the beach!
- What are we doing here, Toni?

- It's mine. This is the start.
- The start of what?

I'm going to build here.

"Serin Hotels and Resorts", a chain.

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich
and then all of Europe.

That will be the jetty.
With a café and bar.

The park will be there,
and the hotel over here.

26 floors.

There'll be a club at the top
with a view of the whole city.

And a whole floor for wellness.

Like in Dubai.

Kalila, do you really think
I'd go to war

and put all this at risk?

- I'm scared, Toni.
- Come to the house with Serin.

You'll be safe there.
I can protect you.

Not at your mother's.

At least until things have calmed down.

Habibi, what's wrong?
Erhan says he can pay.

Why didn't you bring him
what he ordered?

- What's wrong with you?
- It's not here.

- What's that, you little shit?
- I don't have it anymore.

What do you mean?

I'll be out in two months.
If they'd found that gear here...

I asked you where it is.

Down the toilet.

Listen to me, you little bitch.
I've got one thing to say to you.

You'll get me every cent back.
Every single cent!



Fuck off.

- Want to take over my business?
- Who are you? Don't talk to me.

I want you to know
that this is gonna be hell for you.

Look around, nobody's helping you.

I supply the people here.
They listen to me.

They'll fuck you so hard,
all you can do is cry.

Fuck you.

I'm the devil
and I'll fuck your whole family.

You little shit!

Hey, what's going on?
Hit him back, dude!


- Away from each other!
- Hey, enough! Get back!

That's enough, Hamady.

He's threatening me!

Abbas Hamady,

you're paranoid
and a danger to everyone here.

To the bunker.

What does Karami say?

He wants to see a signed contract.

Nothing can go wrong from now on.
Or he'll lose his trust.

I can sense these things.

Give me a vodka soda.

The boss in person.

Can we talk?
I don't know if you know.

But I know the real estate market.

Berlin, Potsdam, Brandenburg.
The whole of East Germany.

I know pretty much everyone.
You get me?

You're basically competition.

But you know, Toni...

I like you and your guys.
I like your style.

And you rub my back, I'll rub yours.

If you ever need anything,
any kind of info, you'll get it.

And if I ever need your help...
You know what I mean.


There's a lot of talk in my industry.

One talks, one listens.
I listened. And you know what I heard?

That you want to buy that Roth land.

Toni, I don't know
what you're planning.

Speculation, okay. Investment...

Nothing can be built there, you know.

Don't get me wrong.
I don't make the rules.

But I don't want you doing bad business.
It's not building land.

- You can't get anything out of it.
- You're right.

That's why nothing
was built there yet.

Thanks for the information.

Ah, the little lion.

Mohammad sent me.

Are you a fighter?

Yes, you are.
Even though you're a dwarf.

Give him his share.

Come on.

In there.

Wait here.

Hey, got a light?


Till next time.



Come on, come on!

Today I give a fuck

Just get off my back

I had a really shitty day
In my head it goes rat-a-tat-tat

Vodka shots till I explode
I am really sick and tired

Until the world goes up in flames
I am the end result

There's pressure in my head
I can't take it anymore

Please let's stop talking
Or I'll go crazy after this

All the lies by the media
Are causing this panic

Come disguised, no harm...

Hey. Gin.

It's good for men.
You know what I'm saying.

You'll find me on the fourth floor
No, I'm not going anywhere

Your fear, my lair
If you've the balls, come and knock

Soon you'll be committing crime
For the dime, yeah

In this world I'll be a savior
A true lifesaver, yeah

Spend my money at the block

And build a kingdom of gold
From this ghetto

Today I want to break things
This world will destroy me some day

Now leave me in peace
Nothing is cool

I'm aggressive like a hooligan...

Welcome to my block

You'll find me on the fourth floor

No, I'm not going anywhere...

Dude, she's amazing.

If you have the balls, come and knock

Come here, come near, talk clear...

You're late.

And you're far too early.

Even though I was stopped on the way.

What is it that's so important?

Your son has caught
a really big, juicy fish.

You have to reel the fish in first.
Perhaps it's not juicy at all.


Does the name Bernhard Roth
mean anything to you?



the plot of land with the old dock
by the river Spree.

It's not building land.

What's wrong with you?

Didn't I tell you to lie low?

Don't you understand German?
Why don't you listen to me?

- Why?
- We're not cowards.

Blood for blood!

Did you hear?
We're not cowards.

No, we are cowards.
Blood for blood.

Going against the family, huh?

Stop, that's enough!

Take him to the doctor.

Why are you putting
my brother in danger?


A simple and popular dish.

Food that warms my heart.

It reminds me of childhood,
being with my brother.

Lots of people
put too much turmeric in it.

There has to be a balance
of sweetness and earthy turmeric.

Exactly half as much
turmeric as sugar.

That's important.

Toni's guys attacked the Chechens.

Two men were killed.

- What about the product?
- It's safe.

Are you going to just sit back and watch
until it's our family's turn?

Have I ever just sat back and watched?

Want to try?


Kalila said she and Serin
are back with you.

Better than with her mom, right?

Have you made up?

Know what mom said once?

If you want to eat honey,
you have to put up with bee stings.

And she was right.

I found out this morning

that Mohammad's brother
died in prison.

I think you should know

that Mohammad
now has no reason to be careful

when it comes to choosing his methods.

Schönfließ, get my brother
out of Tegel now.

I don't care how.
Heidering, Moabit, anywhere. But out.

- How?
- You're the lawyer, you tell me!

A transfer needs a good reason.

I can't just go there and say

that my client wants
to go to another prison.

If anything happens to Abbas,
I'll hold you responsible.

- Do you understand me?
- What's the problem exactly?

Al-Saafi is paying somebody in Tegel.
He has access to my brother.

- You suspect or you know for sure?
- A message arrived in his cell.

- When?
- What does it cost to get him out?

- How much do you need?
- Money can't get you everything.

But I'll talk to a few people.
Don't worry.

I know
the prison management very well.

- Can I talk to you?
- What's wrong?

Do you know these men?

- Never seen them before.
- Shot dead. Attacked in their home.

First, your brother Kartoffel
is shot dead,

and two days later
there are two more dead Chechens.


Well, it does happen.

How's your wife doing?

What about my wife?

You know Vince, don't you?

Vince, the rat.
My dead colleague Vince.

You knew that your wife wanted
to start a new life with Vince?

I was to find a safe house for them.
You knew that, right?

What the hell are you saying?

Ah, right.

I thought you and your wife
had sorted things out.

Sorry, it's really none of my business.

Have a good evening.