4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Schafe und Löwen - full transcript

Sheep and lions.

I want you to say
you borrowed the car,

put the coke in and made money.

- It's your brother that I want.
- We don't betray our brothers.

If your brotherly love is so deep,

why hasn't Toni been here
in eight months?

What's he doing here?

Ali is my new man in Berlin.

I have good news. From now on,
Beirut will deliver to us.

- Mohammad will kill us.
- We'll be fine.

Berlin is ours
and this is just the start.

I'm here for the family.

You get out of jail
and want the whole of Berlin?

- What do you think?
- What is that?

I bought it. For us.

You need to prove
who's living in the house.

I'm a criminal
for giving refugees a home?

- Why do all this?
- It's good for our image.

- In good spirits, Ali Hamady?
- I'm here to pick up my brother.

The accused, Abbas Hamady,
is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Very good.

Toni is a dead man.

His own greed will kill him.

Opening up!

Opening up!

Opening up!

What do you want?





Toni, what's going on?

I don't know.

You don't know?


I'll find out who did it.

You. You did it.

You set fire in the city. No wonder
someone did the same to you.

I knew the woman who died.

She lost her husband in Mosul.
And her son.

She has a little daughter.
Just like us.

Those people came here
looking for peace.

- It won't happen again.
- Yeah?

Will there be retribution?
Even more deaths?

I don't care who started this.

You can make sure
that this doesn't happen again.

Serin misses you.

Why don't you both come here?

Let me go.

Hey, Kemal.

- What's up?
- This is one of those bastards.

Samir got the tip-off from Ahmad.

A Chechen.

You set my building on fire?

Who sent you?


Who is your boss?

Who sent you?

Talk, you fucker.
Or you wanna freeze to death?

Open your fucking mouth
or I'll smash your teeth out.


Who's paying you? Mohammad?

Chuck him in front of the hospital.

The Chechens are doing
Mohammad's dirty work.

They're tough bastards.
You shouldn't underestimate them.

Fuck that. We have the numbers.
And we're brothers.

Find out where they're hiding.

Hey, Toni.

Sure, I'm on the way.

Ah, Zeina.

Yalla, you're awake.

Zeina woke up.

You slept a long time, didn't you?
Yes, you did.

Breakfast is nearly ready.

Toni called.
I have to go unfortunately.

Then it's just the three of us.
Come on.

I'm sorry, okay?

Wait a second.

Abbas Hamady.
First time in Tegel, huh?


It's different than Moabit or Plötze.
But you get used to it.

And to the rules here.

What can I do for you?

My wife wants to visit me.
My lawyer said there's a family room.

He's right.

We don't want to
destroy any marriages.

You have to keep them alive.

When I first started here,
I was working like crazy,

in charge of Moabit,
Heidering and Plötze.

I was practically never at home.

What happened?

My wife got involved
with another guy.


When does your wife want to visit?

As soon as possible.

The thing is, you don't have a right
to a family room.

I have to write a recommendation
and usually it is granted,

but it has a price, of course.

Especially if there's pressure.

Time pressure, I mean.

Why should it be different here
than out in Neukölln?

I scratch your back,
you scratch mine.

Favors don't come for free.

My brother will pay.
How much?

You should know
that this whole Arab trip:

"Brother" here and "habibi" there...

That really gets on my nerves.

We have so much time in here.

How much?

Good to see you, baby.

Why can't he give us the family room?
How is this meant to work?

The guy is a douche.
But I'll come up with something.

Are there problems?
On the street, I mean?

Did Toni mention an "al-Saafi"?

You don't seriously think
they tell me things?

What's wrong, baby?

What's wrong?
I miss you, honey. I miss your pussy.

She misses you too.

What do you have on? A thong?

The pink one with the bows.

- Do you think about me?
- Always.

When you jerk off?

There's a tsunami
in my pants right now.

Hey! Get away from each other.

I promise I'll get that room for us.

I promise.

- We're closed.
- We're here to see Edy.

Just get off my back
I had a really shitty day

In my head it goes rat-a-tat-tat

Until I explode
I'm really so sick of that

Until the world goes up in flames
I am the end result

There's pressure in my head
I can't take it anymore

Please let's stop talking
Or I'll go crazy after this

All the lies in the media
Are causing this panic

Hanne should come
She causes no trouble

Joint closed

Welcome to my block

You'll find me on the fourth floor

No, I'm not going anywhere
That's just...

Great, huh? How was the sound?

We'll do it like that.


Guys, doors are 9 pm.

It's okay, we're from Kemal.


- What's up?
- Long time no see.

I was on vacation.

Where? Look how pale you are.

Not all of us
can be as tanned as you.

Cool kid, huh?

So, dude, are we gonna do business
or just mess around?

- Hook me up with five.
- Come with me.

Pretty gangster, huh?
Sweet chain.

Cool flow.


And really cool lyrics.


Want a cigarette?


Don't mess around, bro.

Come on.

Sorry. Next time.

- Come by tonight if you want.
- Yeah.

Hurry up.

Dude, you know who that was? Isha!

She's black as hell.
She's totally off the menu, okay?

Come on.

Dude, get the fuck out.
What are you saying?

- Come on.
- Ugly ass thing to say!

Mr. Hamady, do you know this man?


This man was filmed filling a can
with fuel at a gas station.

Then his phone logged into a location
near the site of the arson.

He was found at a hospital,
severely beaten and hypothermic.

The doctors were unable to save him.

Is insinuation
your method of investigation?

I assume this was revenge, Toni.

- Revenge for the arson attack.
- Mr. Von Schönfließ...

Are you questioning my client
as a suspect in a murder case?


I would have told him that before.

Then I think it's time for us to go.

Unless there's any information
about the arson?


Have a good day.


- What's wrong?
- That fucking Chechen is dead.

This is the kind of thing
we have to avoid.

They'll want revenge.

War is bad for business.
Meet Mohammad again tomorrow.

Hey, bro. Sit down.

Everything okay?

Everything's fine.

There's no touching. Okay?

Yeah, I know.

Yeah, I like this place.
Beautiful women, good drinks.

You guys are good at this.

Has Toni been
getting into real estate lately?

- Why?
- I'm pretty big there myself.

We're among the leaders in Germany.

Maybe you guys
will need information or tips.

Behave yourself, okay?


- What are you looking at?
- What?

- Have you got a problem?
- What are you doing?

- Think you can fuck me?
- I'm not into men.

Are you an al-Saafi, you little shit?


Fuck off.

I'll fuck up this prison.

All of you.
I'll fuck this whole place up!

Her husband went out
to get some food.

She heard the gunshot.

She looked out the window.
He lay dead on the street.

Who brought her to Europe?

They stood in front of a boat.
A small boat.

Her son said the boat was too small
to cross the sea.

Then a man picked up a gun and...

How did you get in?
You've no right to be here.

We're teaching him vocabulary.
Learning German, aren't we?

What do they want from you?

Whatever they offered you,
don't do it.

You'll ruin everything.

We didn't do anything.

Don't lie to me.
Why else would you talk to him?

You think I'm dumb?

You'll have to look elsewhere
for someone to do your dirty work.

Get out of here.
Take them away.

You'll do as I say.


My building.

I read about it in the paper.

Who would do something like that?
Set people on fire?

I offered you a fair deal.

And what do you do?

One of our sisters died.

You're getting involved with men

who don't care about the lives
of women and children.

I'm upset by that woman's death
and those people's suffering.

But I have nothing to do with it.

All I know is that you took
my business away from me.

Halim Karami took over the business
in Beirut from your brother.

He makes the decisions now.

My cousin was murdered.

I don't blame you for that.

But his murderer
is your business partner.

There are two options.

It's your choice.

Sure you don't want a piece?

Your brother

enjoyed them in Tegel.


Don't threaten me.

Think about your brother.

One call from Karami and he's dead.

How are you, brother?

Put pressure on Schönfließ.

I wanna get out.

We have problems.
Mohammad al-Saafi is causing trouble.

- Any al-Saafis in here?
- Not that I know of.

But that bastard sent me a message.

Baklava with a note on it saying:
"Welcome to Tegel."

I threw it away.

Abbas, open your eyes

and get a few guys on your side.

You think your brother is scared?

Nobody goes without a weapon.
Always go in pairs.

Change your sim card every week.

The cops caught Abdal.
I need someone to cover Kotti.

Maruf? Your job.

Wait. Why not me?
Kotti is my area.

Take a look at yourself.
We need someone people respect.

You get me, bro?

Barish, come on.

Dude, am I an idiot, or what?

Calm down, man. Chill.

What's up?

Born in Lebanon like Keanu Reeves

Grew up in Berlin
Fuck that standard beef

Hungry red eyes, active at night

Dealers go for the nose
Like Prince Naseem

Or they weigh their gear
And get uptight

Behind bars, charge, genocide

Only three years for pedophiles

Ferrari, drug war
Wake up, look sharp

Massari, politics
Faith, Sarrazin...

Hey, what are you doing here?

Freestyling isn't your thing.

Give it here.

You want to be cool
So forget freestyling perhaps

You're so off the beat
Find your way on Google maps

Isha's giving you the lines
Stay where the weed's at

This shit comes from the heart
You'll never understand that

But the beat is cool.
Did you make it?

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Cool.

Wanna give me your phone number?
Or is it a secret?

Sorry, what?

A phone number.
Heard of it?

The new thing from the US?

No, never heard of it.

Is it worth having?

- I think so.
- Do you?

For 60 cakes you get a 5% discount.

It's a code you put into our website.

Exactly. Via email.
We'll be in touch.

Auntie Ewa is here.

- Hey, honey.
- Hi.

There's the little cutie pie.
Auntie Ewa's here today.

Yeah, it's Auntie Ewa day.

How is Abbas?

Terrible. He has to get out
as soon as possible.

Toni says they're going to appeal.

Yeah? That will take at least a year.

I won't be able to take that.
It's impossible.

Be strong.

So, what are you two going to do?

Girls' afternoon at the zoo.

Visit for Abbas Hamady.

I'll be back in three hours.

My lion.

Hey, little cutie pie.

Let's open that up.
Quick, quick, quick.

- What's wrong?
- There's piss all over.

That's normal.
She's a baby.

Let me do that. Go on.

Uncle Abbas can do it.

Right, sweetie?

Got the money?


Uncle Abbas is taking care of it.

You'd be a great dad.

How about we do something like that?

A real family?

Let's do it.



Come here.


I'm ovulating.

I can feel it.

Now is not the right time.

Are you standing by me?


I don't trust my brother.

I need you, whatever happens.

I'll always be at your side.

Whatever happens.

Mohammad sends
his deepest condolences.

He was very upset
by your brother's death.

Wars have victims.
That's normal.

That's why we're here.
It's understandable to want revenge.

But Mohammad says to wait.

Too late. My men already left.

They won't dare come back
without Toni's head.

Then call them and bring them back.

Why would I do that?


Want more? Okay, here you go.

Dad, it's so hungry.

Want more? Here you go.

Dad, look, they're so cute.

It's off.

Mohammad doesn't have
his people under control.

The Chechens nearly shot me
in front of my daughter.

He's putting his life
on the line here.

Make sure he knows that.


Dad, what happened?

Everything is okay.

He misses you, Kalila.

He can't cope without you.
You're his family.

Think about it.
He's lost everything.

You, Serin, his brother.

He scares me.

I don't recognize him.

Do you love him?

Hey, here's your mommy again.

Thank you so much.

- I'll put the bag here, okay?
- Sure.

Ewa looked after Zeina today
because I was so busy at work.

Abbas and I want to
have a family too.

That's our dream.

Family is important.
For your relationship too...

Oh, shit. Sorry, I...

I didn't mean...
Because you and Toni are....

I didn't want to...

Are they back together?

I have to go now.

- I'll take you to the door.
- Okay.



Listen, you filthy bastard.

Stay away from my family,

stay away from my brother,

and stay away from my men.

This is my only, and final, warning.

- Glad you could make it, Mr. Hamady.
- So?

The arson attack in your house.
It's politically sensitive.

Why politically?

All that press.
It's blowing up in our faces.

My house gets set on fire
and I'm punished for it?

Management has told me
to cancel all contracts.

We can't work with you.

You made money from this.
Don't forget that.

You take my money
and now you want to fuck me over.

Do you still want to build?

I asked around.
This land is for sale.

You can't build here now,
but that will change in two months.

The senate will meet and approve it.

- Square meters?
- 17,000.

Dude, one year away
and it's all turned to shit.

Berlin is such a shithole now.

Harun always said to go
where the sun shines out of your ass.

And what do we have here?
Only shit.

Nothing's shining.
A kick up the ass and that's it.

Dude, are you even listening?


What the fuck is that?

Dude, are you kidding?

Who said you could touch my phone?

- You're getting involved with her?
- Who cares?

She's black.
It's a different culture.

It'll cause problems.

That's great coming from you.
You live here, eat here, shit here.

Be grateful and stop talking crap.

- You're not Lebanese either.
- Who says so?

Dude. Kemal. Latif. Everyone.

Even my dick knows
you're not Lebanese.

But who cares?

Exactly. Who cares?

Zeki, stop whining.
It's all good, dude.

Get out.

You're Zeki?

Yeah. What's all this?

I'm Hamit.

Don't be scared.
Nothing will happen to you.

Come on.

Get in.

Are you Zeki?

Do you know who I am?

My name is Mohammad al-Saafi.

Help yourself.

Harun sends his best wishes.

He said good things about you

and that in jail
he could always rely on you.

I'm sorry if the men
were rough with you.

That shouldn't have happened.

They're simple men

with not much brains.

Only by treating others with respect

can you expect
respect in return, right?

I want to tell you a story.

A lioness is out with her cub

on the hunt for food.

They approach a herd of sheep.

She thinks she's found dinner
for her young.

At that moment
they're spotted by a hunter.

The hunter aims and shoots her.

The cub runs into the forest
and saves itself.

Its mother is dead. It's all alone.

The mama sheep
feels pity for the cub,

and decides to look after it.

She gives it food and rears it.

So the young lion
becomes a little sheep.

Was it happy?


Because it was picked on
by the rest of the sheep.

But one day the chief lion
comes into the valley.

He sees the young lion and says,
"You're a lion like me."

But the young one
doesn't believe him.

The lion grabs him
by the scruff of the neck

and takes him to a lake.

He holds him over the water

and the young lion
sees his reflection.

He doesn't see a sheep.

And he says:
"I'm a lion, I belong to the lions!"

What's that got to do with me?

Are you a lion or a sheep?

A lion of course.

And that's
why you should work with the lions.

You work for me.

Not for Toni.