4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Feuer - full transcript


Girls, casino, coke.

Your Q4.

Police! Stand!

Latifah tied.

Promise us that this will not happen.

When the passport will be ready. I'll be the most German German.

I have instructed.

The bitch from the police get their.

Listen carefully. We do not kill people. We do not kill cops.

You're a criminal. Nothing will change until you change.

It is necessary to arrange a meeting with the alphabet.

Where Hammad?


What else did he say?

What is our relationship to it are completed.

Because of the dogs we will stick your head in a noose.

Fuck you!

So you want to manage the family business?

Latif has to go out and lead the family business again.

Say that lent his car and put to cocaine to sell it.

Latif Hamadi had no idea about my act.


Tony does not respect you.

What are you doing?

You do not know what you say.

What are you doing.

It is a war?

You do not understand.

Tony is in danger.



- Bekaa Valley - Lebanon -


Are you familiar with lobster alsafi?

What is he doing here?

Ali's father was a Kurd, as I do.

Ali offered me a profitable business.

I'll work with him.

He has a vision and is looking to the future.

Our Berlin.

Berlin belongs to the one that has my trust.

You have neglected them.

The wind blew the other way, my friend.

Ali - now my man in Berlin.

You underestimate Mohammed.

Glad our partnership.

Do not disappoint me, Ali.


I put everything.

Everything you say? Mafia?

As you say, a puppy, I answer.


Well Th there with you?

Do you hear a flush, your mother?

Come on, come on, come on.

Like this!

Fart you opta!

Th you drill!

Yah you!

Flash seen?


Lavэ chase!

Next month, I will give.

You dick! I Throw a week.

As you give the loot? With pigeons prishlosh?

Bro! You Legashov flunked.

Do not see your ass freedom.

I have an airtight alibi.

Herr Hamadi to your guest.


Come on!

You're really lucky person.

Prisazhivaytesy, Guerra Hammadi.

Chapter one. - the fire -

You look like shit, Kutch. Eat fruit!

Vegetables. Vegetables healthy fruits. No fructose.

This is especially important here.

Little vitamin D.

I offer to you.

We both know what you did, Herr Hamadi.

And I need your brother.

Go to him. What do you want from me?

Give evidence against him.

Give us information about the affairs of the family, and in court you it will be reckoned.

I have a good lawyer.

You killed one of us.

The evidence is not in doubt. And your relationship with Robert Jon.

There are witnesses who saw your car.

And on your alibi bought us shit.

The judge will send you to Tegel until the end of your days.

You'll rot there.

And your people will live it in freedom.

Even if you go, you'll be an old man.

It is up to you. You or your brother.

You know, what's the difference between us and the Germans?

We do not betray the brethren sechosh?

Family - is sacred.

I scanned the list of visitors.

If your brotherly love so strong ...

why Tony 8 months did not come here?


Speaking ... Today at midnight there talking to everybody.




How are you, sweetie?

Today mom takes me.

No, today is the day the Pope!

Dad, Lisa gave the horse.

Who is Lisa?

Lisa with red hair.

She will take care of it?

I do not know.

You see. If you want I'll just buy 5 horses.

No problem. Only if you want an animal for it to be answered.

Every day you need to take care of him.


What do you think?

I have something to show you.




And the food does not ask the horse.

And now I'll take you to my mother.

Welcome, brother!

Hi Tony!

There is good news.

Beirut is now working with us.

It was only with us.

But what Hammad?

Forget him. We now have a strong partner. The family will grow.

Now Berlin is ours. And this is only the beginning.

Latif further engaged in the street. Many of the goods we have ever had.

Now we are in the Champions League.

We will push the best product in Berlin.

it's not like Hammadi. If you do not make mistakes, everyone will buy from us.

Our proposal is to be the best on the market. Keep an eye on quality.

Bodyazhte godly.

I for premium customers - the best stuff.

We all move over to the market.

No one will pass by us.

Not a soul.

Yo, all nishtyak?

Carefully at the next intersection left.

Four-thread wrote?

It's okay. The product is in stock.

Hammad ubёt us, brother.

Hammad fed and lazy. And the people he does not.

He wants to share.

Shit on him.

Let him think before to compete with us.

How many can remember, he imagines himself king. For them, we are only shepherds.

And when we need help, he spits.


What's the matter? Worried about their kids?

My boys can stand up for themselves.

In our business rarely grow old. It is necessary to gain more, while you can.

Partnership with Karami will help us to become clean.

About Hammad I'll take care.

We will be in good standing.

Keep calm. Do not get fooled by provocation.

His death shocked us as well as his family.

Tell your uncle that's what.

The war between the two families is not profitable to anyone.

I want to offer a clean deal. It may take the goods from us.

10 percent less than what I pay him then.

I still give my uncle.


Herr Wachowski?

Xamadi Gerr?

How is your son?

Good. He was placed on the right in midfield. How is your daughter?

Perfectly. Beauty, as a mom.

I look at the window changed.

Yes, you have to put 11 more.

Four here.

Here are three.

Bathroom ought to do more.

And here is the kitchen.

And here are four.

Okay. It's all good.

But you will need to provide proof of quartering.

If someone will eat, what can I do? Nothing.

special commission on investigation of fraud was established.

Did I cheat, if placed in refugees?

Of course no.

Herr Wachowski, will get you a list.

With all the names.

Perhaps you might be interested in something else.

It comes to large projects.

Hotels, office buildings.

I'm looking for place for construction. Best.

Maybe something you hear in the General Directorate.

And if it turns out, organize your family and a great vacation.

Maldives 5 stars.

Fly first class.

Well, I try to find out.

Wachowski need a list quartered.

Devil's bureaucracy. What for?

Find an apartment. 25 euros per day.

In general, 90 thousand per month per house.

In addition, it is useful for the image.

When a man and woman in the same room, next necessarily hiding Satan.

Small order that reigns in the shelter perfect chaos.

What did he say?

That is not consistent with his faith.

I'll do that.

Bar! How are you?

A German?


Leave us alone.

Get it.

You're smart.

You've got all the features. Do not spoil everything.

What kind of an important reason, Tony? I still go for Sherin.

You look wonderful.

What do you say?

What is it?

I bought for us.

An entire floor for you and Sherine.

With everything you need. You can immediately enter.

You want to buy me?

Kalila, you so wanted to escape from Noykollna.

You can not live life in the mother.

We should be together. At least under the same roof.

Everything will be fine...

Good? Do not fool yourself down.

After the death of Vince you more deeply mired in these matters.

You almost got. And now what?


The boy immediately ran to Tony.

Minus 10 thousand euros.

Tale, look who has come to us.

Zdarov brother.


How do you?

Zdarova, baby.

How is it going?

Come here, cons. I'm glad to see you.

Well? What want from you?

Appearing once a week. And go to a psychologist.


So at all. What are your plans? Th you do?

No idea. You tell me.

Where is Tony?



Tony rarely here. Something has changed.

And Jamal?

He's not involved in the street.

We grow, brother.


I'm back in possession of the family. You have seen what I have done.

And we appreciate it.

It Maruf, nephew Jamal.

Now you as a couple. Okay?

That is to push the goods in the street?

Do you have experience, but he was alone.

I am now all need. Something is wrong?

I thought I could ...

I do not know, dude.

He's my boss, Che Do?


What are you, damn it?

I am thinking when otkineshsya, you give the whole of Berlin?


You do not pout.

Your time will come.


Where you will go today? To my family?

Perekantueshsya in Marufa.

Here, a small thanks from Tony. We are grateful for your act.

Put it on.

You've seen his wrist?

I thought you were in jail filled his hand.

Precise clock.

I swear. Rolex Daytona - 20 mowers.

Look, Che gave me.

Cassio - 20 euros.

How are you, Ali Hamadi?

I came to pick up his brother.

Court bought alibi.

Your reputation will suffer for insulting the public prosecutor.

In Germany, are not responsible for the family.

How can the presumption of innocence?

We both know that you should sit.

As far as I know, there is nothing against me.

I have an impeccable citizen.

And this you can not have to pick me up.

Germany - the Germans.

For the money you can buy everything.


We are here, brother.

Abbas! We'll pull out.

Thank you! Everything, everything!

Please calm down.

The sentence will hit home.

Even if there is an appeal.

The press will make a noise?


One of the leaders of Hamadi will get a life sentence.

What else does?

Tony - chief. He wants to purify, so searching for contacts.

He buys the property. Tracing the money, I'll take it by the balls.

Spit on his brother.

For the verdict I ask everyone to stand.

Name of the people I promulgate the following sentence.

The accused Abbas Hamadi, who was born on 10th-19th 1982, in Beirut.

Residing in Treptower Shtrasse 11 in Berlin Noykollne,

commit murder under Article 211 of the Criminal Code,

sentenced to a sentence of life imprisonment.

The Court considers it proven,

that the accused on the night of 26 th to 27 th July

deliberately killed a police officer Robert Jon.

It can not be your mother!

For the murder of 15 years old! Fucking bitch!

Fucking say something!

I call upon the accused to remain calm!

Ease up!

Shut up!


Free room!

Let me go to him!

Be patient. Everything will be as it was.

Eve will bring everything you need, we'll handle the rest.

Calm! Calm!

Do not touch me, you piece of shit!


Go here!

What the dick !?

This a real scandal!

They did it on purpose.

To others not povadno.

The verdict will be appealed. I promise, I'll get your brother.

If you are sure you want it.

How are you talking about?

This is my brother.

Hamadi, welcome to hell!



Everything okay?

Of course.

How many on the table?

40 thousand.

I 20.

It's all right, lads?

What are the blinds?

1-2 thousand.

Can you wait?

No, come on.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

First round, let's.

Call 10 ...

Well, Che, how are you? Come on.

Bet 4000.

He does not want.


Raise 10 thousand.

Shove. Come on!


Like this.

Oll-in Kollam.

What are you, scared?

Come all. Your card probably better.


We say: "you do not have eggs."

What did you have?

King, Nine? Look what I did.




Jamal, bring me the one who did it.


What do you want?


Tony, consider dead.

Greed will destroy it.