4 Blocks (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Diamanten - full transcript

What have you got for me?

The money we owe you.

You're not listening to me, Ali.
I said bring me the traitor.

If you don't hand him over to me,

I will take your men, one by one.

Do you know who the traitor is?
It's Kemal.

Abbas doesn't know how to do business.

The plane will arrive from Brussels
one day before the auction.

All you need to do is swoop in
and take the diamonds.

- What do we get out of it?
- Three to four million each.

Mr. Hamady, I'm Alexandra Winter,
Berlin Criminal Police.

- Miss Winter is re-structuring.
- What's that got to do with me?

I just want
a normal life with my daughter.

If it goes well, you can stay with me.

We'll take a trip
and I have a surprise for you.


- Where are my kids?
- With a friend. Calm down.

We need to sort this out.

You just ran away.

Latif threw me out.
I had no other choice.

Ali, please talk to him.

I want to do business with you.
You have the best gear in Berlin.

I just want to do business.
And I brought a gift.

My work phone.
There are 500 contacts in it.

I'll just tell Latif someone stole it.

You don't look messed up enough.

What's he doing here?
Isn't that an Albanian brothel ?

- It's like I said.
- What happened ?

Kemal is the traitor.
Come see for yourself.

How can I ? I have to go to Serin.

- I can't come now, no way.
- It's up to you.

- Is it true?
- You think I'd steal from the family?

How do I know you're not lying ?

He's not coming anymore.

But he said that he would .

Now you know my hiding place.

It's not even a fraction
of what Karami is owed.

This is all I've got.

Why make your own money on the side?

It's time for me to do my own thing.

Abbas is too brash.

He's too conspicuous.
That's not how I work.

And now he's doing that diamond job
and doesn't want me there.

What diamond job?

Ask your brother.

Kemal, Karami wants the traitor.

If we don't deliver him,
we go to war.

I have to go pick up Serin. I’m late.

I'll drive you.

Visiting time is over.

I have a gift I want to give to Serin.

Give it to me and I'll pass it on.

Please, I want to give it to her myself.

Do you know how disappointed she is?

- I'll make it up to her.
- That's impossible.

And this isn't part of the agreement.

Fuck that German agreement.

Hey, Serin !

- My sweet little princess.
- What are you doing here?

- Paying you a visit.
- You're too late.

I have boots you can use
to ride on a seahorse.

They don't ride, they swim.

Very smart! That was just a test.

Put your foot in. There you go.

- Here.
- It doesn't fit.

- Yes, it does fit.
- It's too small.

- But it's a size four.
- It won't fit!

She wears a five these days.

- Fine. But they'll stretch.
- No!

Just put your foot inside!

- Toni.
- Serin, please just try them.

Try them!

Toni, what's wrong with you ?
You're hurting her.

I'm sorry. I apologize.

Oh, you drew a pony!
Daddy is sorry, okay?

I'm sorry.
I’ll change them for a five.

And next time I come,
we'll go ride on a real pony.

Okay? With the right shoes.

Of course they don't fit you !

You're a big girl now.
You're a big girl.

And I don't see you so often.

I don't see you often.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

That's enough. Come on.

I'll get you a five, honey.

Look who's there.

Not here.

Please get somebody to watch the house.

All right. I'll sort it.

Ali, I’ve been thinking

about who maybe took the money.

There's someone else
involved in deliveries.




What happened to you ?

Motherfuckers mugged me.

The junkies at Kotti. Look!

They took my shoes and my phone!

- They were big-ass junkies.
- Oh yeah ?

I swear, Latif!
They were big-ass junkies.

I've never seen them at Kotti before!

Since when are there big-ass junkies?

Junkies are this thin.
And why were you at Kotti ?

To eat.

To eat?

Do you know
what those contacts are worth ?

Do you know what those contacts
mean to our family?

Do you have any idea ?

The car keys.


The car keys.

Tomorrow you're back in the park.

Get out of my sight.


How's it going ? Here you go.

Hermann Street.
Next! Come here.

Corner of Sonnenallee, okay?
That's your spot.

Köpenicker Street.

Take a sniff. It's tasty, bro.

Hey, Latif.

Why am I suddenly being excluded ?

Dude, we had it all planned out.

We had it all planned out.
You asked me to be there.

You're the one who asked me to drive.
Now what?

What should I do?

Kemal, I just spoke to Latif.

They're doing the job without me.

The diamond job.

I was supposed to drive them
to the airport.

I don't care if you don't want to.
What about me?

I need to earn money.

We have to talk.
Send the hookers away.

Go over there, girls.

What's up?

Why are you doing a diamond heist?

Kemal told you ?

Please forget about the diamonds
and focus on Karami.

Why do you care?
I thought you were out.

Why do I care?

This guy is extremely dangerous.
He'll kill every single one of us.

Fuck him.
He means nothing to me.

- You underestimate him.
- You underestimate me.


The police is keeping tabs on us.

This diamond job
puts the family in danger.

Hi, are you in charge here?

- Yep.
- I’m Omar's brother.

I want to know who did his last tour.

Why do you want to know?

It's personal.

I see.

I don't disclose information
about my men.

When is he back?

No idea.

Omar would really appreciate it.

I wouldn't disclose anything,
even if Jesus himself requested it.

So you won't tell me?

If he wants to know something
then he can call me, okay?


Yes, I remember you.

Thanks for the tip the other day.

What? Did you say at the airport?


One second.

What kind of diamonds
and who is buying them ?

No, wait.

Where is the handover happening ?


We can protect you.
Tell me your name.

It doesn't matter who I am.

We've found out when and where
the Hamadys will strike.

This is the airport
where it will happen.

We predict the Hamadys
will infiltrate the area in a vehicle,

driving in via the main entrance
or the side entrance.

We expect several perpetrators,
all of them armed.

It's possible that the Hamadys
have contacts in the security company

that is handling the delivery.

So we won't be informing them.

Wait, they're not aware
that they're the target of an attack?

To minimize risks,

I’ve only told the head of the firm
receiving the diamonds.

Our colleagues are informed.

As this isn't taking part
within regular air traffic,

I haven't briefed the Federal Police.

What we need is a big enough team.

If you authorize it,
this will be a success.

Their main hideout.

I agree.

I'll be there.

Right. That's very reassuring.

I want you to go in as soon as
the Hamadys trespass onto the site.

Sure, of course.

What's up, brother?

I talked to Amara.

This is about you and your kids.

To be honest, I never wanted
to talk about this with you.

She made a huge mistake.

You know nothing about it.

And then she ran oft with my two kids.

You know what that means,
in Islamic law.

Both of the kids now belong to me.

My heart is in pieces, brother.

I miss them a lot.

Every day.

I think about them every day.

I'll call Amara, you sit down together
and find a solution.


You grew up without a father.

Dude, I grew up without a father.

Do you want the same for your kids?

Is that what you want?

- No, brother. No.
- Then work this out.

Work it out.


It's me.

I've been thinking.

Let's work this out.

For Adam and Zeina.
I miss them very much.

They miss you too, Latif.

Okay. Let's meet, Amara.

Let's meet and talk.

Hey, could I get my unibrow filled in?

- What are you doing here?
- Djamila ?

Why are you here? This is my place.
I always come here for my manicures!

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

What happened to your face?

God punished me.

I looked at your ass
last time I was in the office.

Then you deserved it.

Your colleagues refused
to say where you are, so we had a fight.

Oh, god. I hope that's a joke.

How else was I going to find you ?

- What now?
- Look outside.

You came to show me that?

- I want to take you out in my new car.
- Congratulations.

- So, like a date?
- Not really a date.

- Kind of like friends or colleagues.
- Friends?

Or like people who are divorced.

- Or like cousins, for example.
- Yeah, like cousins.

Wanna come?

I don't have time.
I have an important meeting.

- Come on! Will it take much longer?
- Yes, a long time.

- Not long.
- "Not long"! You heard her!

- Extra tip for you !
- Okay, fine.

Look, we'll go to a bar.

You only get in
if you have a woman with you.

Aha ! Now I understand.

I get in everywhere!
I want to take you with me.

It's not a bro bar
where there's only dudes.

It's a nice place, it's cool .
Know what I mean ?

So, what do you say?

- Okay.
- Yes!

I'm sorry.
Can we get the rest to go?

Give me the ammo.

Don't forget the pliers.

Put them in the car.

How's it going ?

- Got everything?
- We’re ready.

This is a big job, okay?

Samir, Assad, take care of yourselves
and the boys.

Bring me some good news.

Make sure you come back
with the diamonds!


Okay, wait.

I can see you.

The plane is in position.

Is everything okay over there?

Everything is calm. It's perfect.


It's starting.
Everyone in position ?

Everyone is in position. Roger.

Nobody is moving in there
until I give the order.


Taking no risks.

Come on then,
you bunch of Arab camel drivers.

- Or is that also racist?
- No.

- No?
- Not today.

I think it is.

Come on then.

Okay, here they come.

Get ready.

Here we go. Car approaching.

- Stay calm.
- They're getting out.

- Put your hands up!
- Get down !

- Now!
- Stay down there!

One person is on the ground.

- Keep holding back.
- We have to intervene!

- Not yet.
- Are you crazy? Alexandra !

Not yet.


Stay down!

- Stay down on the ground !
- Get down!

Get back.

A second car.
Alexandra, we have to move in !

If we move now,
we won't get the kingpin.


Get ready to follow the van.

Keep enough distance.

We're following at a distance.
Heading into the city.

Screw you!

What are you doing, Alex?

We're heading into the city.

Special Deployment Commandos
are following.

Keep your distance.

Don't get too close.

- Where did you get the tracker?
- The boss of the security company.

The Hamadys will take us
directly to the handover.

And we'll probably get the bosses,
not just the clan foot soldiers.

They're driving into a parking garage.

- The handover is probably here.
- I don't think so.

They'll swap cars.

Are you sure?



Back on the road .

A small white car is leaving.
Is that them?

Yes, stay on their tail.


Come on.


Come on.



Second police car is following
at a safe distance.


They're turning off.

We're at a factory site.

- It's full of old warehouses.
- Okay.

This must be it.
Target is inside the building.

Get ready to move in.

Everything calm out here.



- Get out!
- Down on the ground !

Shut up!



Two people arrested.

The case we found was empty.

What else was meant to be in there?

Are you crazy or what?
My god !

Leverage is the crucial thing.

Just letting the money flow.

- Passive payments.
- Great.

Then you can sit back,
relax, smoke hookah.

Smoke hookah ?

Do you have any other interests, sir?

Sir? Are we being that formal ?

- This is a business meeting.
- I see.

I have many interests.

For example. . . you.

- Moi ?
- Yeah.

Another woman was your interest once.
And you didn't want to marry me.

Yeah, but she has other interests now.

- Like her career, music, Hamburg.
- She's getting big in Hamburg ?

- Yeah.
- Cool.

- What about yours?
- My what?

- You made music.
- Come on. Stop fucking with me.

No, you said ...

I couldn't rap.
I could make beats, but I couldn't rap.

Okay, fine.

- How did you even get into that?
- What?

That scene.

The people in the office.

Those people who move to Neukölln

and pay 1200 euro
for a small one-bedroom apartment.

What's wrong with them ?

- Nothing.
- So?

But how did you end up
working for a company like that?

- I know what I want.
- And what is that?

- Yes.
- What?

I don't want to live the way
I lived with my uncle.

Of course not.

Okay, carry on.

And I want to be a lawyer.

- A lawyer?
- Yes.


Maybe I'll have to
get you out of jail one day.

No, I'm way too clever.

I hope so, for your sake.

- How long do you want to do it for?
- What?

What do you think?

I'm a coke courier. I sell coke.

But I have a high school diploma .
I’m not some dumb kid .

I'm only doing it
so I can send my mom money.

It's not bad,
but I don't want to do it my whole life.

How long then ?

I don't know.
Until I'm married and have kids.

- And move back to my apartment.
- Yours?

- Yeah.
- Yours? It's mine.

- No!
- Of course it is.

- Not true.
- I’ve decorated it really well .

- Not my style though.
- No, I have great taste.

- Really? I'd like to see that.
- Yeah ?

- No.
- I’ll show you photos.

You'll be so jealous!

You used old palettes and junk
you found on the street in Neukölln.

- And a few dumpsters and hobos. . .
- Shit, I don't have my phone.

- You stole it. Give it to me.
- Right. I'm sorry.

- Good thing you caught me.
- I left it in the office.

- Shall we go and get it?
- Yeah?




You're looking at me
as if it's a big deal.

As if I wouldn't normally
do something like that for you.

I'd do so much for you.
You just don't realize.

So much?

So much.

- Look. Not this much. . . this much!
- Oh my god.

Okay, I'll down this
and then we can go.


Right, welcome back.

Wow, without all those people in here,
it looks pretty nice.

Not everyone can be as cool as you.

But they can be hipsters
and eat organic yogurt.


Hey, Alan.

Yeah, sorry. I forgot my phone.

Don't worry. I sent it ages ago.

And that too.

We should have the answer
by midday tomorrow.

Yeah, the contract too.

No, don't worry, he's really happy.



Listen, you'll be
the first to know tomorrow.

Yeah, you can sleep easy tonight.



Okay, see you tomorrow.
Good night.


My colleague freaked out
because he hadn’t heard from me.

This can't happen.

Why? Because of your boyfriend ?


I'll probably move to London.

Corbinian has a job there
and I could find work.

I told you that I want to study.

I don't want us to...

start something

if I’m moving away anyway.

What does "start something" mean?

Think you can plan these things?
They just happen.

You can't just decide to start and stop.

It's already happened.

You can't tell me nothing happened.
Why move to London ?

It would be
an amazing opportunity for me and...

What has London got?

You can study here too.
There are sick schools here!

Maruf, don't you understand?
I’ve. . . made something of myself.

I can't throw it all away
as soon as you turn up.

But you can't deny
there's something between us

and you can't seriously say
you want to be with that guy.

- Is this about money?
- What?

Is he going to pay for you to study?

What are you talking about?

What has that Corbinian guy done?

- You think I'm that cheap?
- I don't get it!

Djamila, no, but I just don't get it.
What is this about?

- What is this about?
- I just told you what my dream is.

You can study here too.
Or do you think I wouldn't want you to?

Think I'd make you wear a headscarf,
have five kids and stay at home?

- That's got nothing to do with it.
- Think I’m a peasant?

Things aren’t working out
the way you planned.

- But that's no reason to shout at me.
- That's not it. That's not who I am.

- This is my life, okay?
- And you want to spend it with him ?

- I have dreams!
- With that loser?

- What does he earn ? Who is he?
- Stop it!

Who are the others?
Fuck them !

You still think I’m a kid.
That I can't provide for you.

That's what this is.
Know what? This is fake.

Your fucking office is fake.

But this here, this isn't fake.

You can't tell me that it's fake.
Tell me it's fake, Djamila.

- Hey, Ralf.
- Hi.

- Nice to see you.
- This is for you. Lebanese.

Oh, there was no need.

This place is looking much better.

The mayor has to head off soon.
I’ll introduce you.


May I introduce you ? Ali Hamady.

Ladies first.
Where I’m from, chivalry isn't dead.

- Hello.
- Clara Pietsch.

Very nice to meet you.

- Mayor Pietsch's wife.
- It's an honor to meet you.

Ali is doing great things
with a soccer club in Neukölln.

I said I’d get involved too,
sorting them out with new showers.

- You promised changing rooms too.
- Really?

- That's what you said.
- No problem.

They'll get new shirts with the logo.

Why not make a celebration of it?

A few beers and wieners.
For Neukölln. Halal options.

- Inflatable castle.
- Everyone is welcome.

Everyone invited to VfB Neukölln.
You'd be there to do a bit of press.

You'd be the guest of honor.
We'd get a photo of the three of us.

It would mean a lot to me.

Everyone would be welcome in Neukölln,
with a party for kids and for everyone.

I'd love it if Neukölln
were for everyone again.


So I certainly won't
be in a photo with you, Mr. Hamady.

We have to go.

Thanks for the invitation, Ralf.

Mr. Pietsch, before I forget...

You are a full member at Golden Dolls.
It's a titty bar my brother owns.

You have to pick up your card.
You get a discount.

Leave it.
Let's drink your wine.

Let's have some wine.

You're a good guy.

Are you crazy?

Are you trying to do the same
as in Düsseldorf?

Why did you hold back?

Prosecutor, how long have you tried
to destroy the Hamady clan?

I didn't come to play those games.

And you didn't come
to create negative headlines.

The diamonds
have to be turned into money.

We'll monitor every potential buyer.

I'll get the whole network,
every man behind the scenes.

Including Abbas Hamady.

And that's not all.

This is Ralf Rottenburg.

He and Toni Hamady met
when building the hotel

that Toni financed with Karami.

We've done some digging,

and Ralf Rottenburg
has received money from Toni Hamady.

- That he kept secret.
- Money laundering.

And serious tax evasion.

It doesn't matter what we get him for.
Maybe Rottenburg will talk.


Can I ask you to stand ?

Abbas Hamady, do you take Miss Niziol
to be your lawfully wedded wife?

If you do, say "yes".

Should I ?


Ewa Niziol, do you take Abbas Hamady
to be your lawfully wedded husband?

If you do, say "yes".

Should I ?


Both of you answered with yes,

so I now pronounce you man and wife
in the eyes of the law.

The rings.


You may now kiss the bride.


Yeah ?

What is it?

- What?
- You drive for Aumann?

So what?

- You're stealing from us, bastard ?
- Stop!

Who told you about the money?



Give me your phone.
Give it to me!

Put in your pin.

Go on !

Read the messages.

- Your cappuccino.
- Thank you.

Your tea.

I love you.
It's so great living with you.


No, no, no, no, no!

Look at me.

No, no!

Call an ambulance!