49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Ji Hyun's father's brain tumor worsens, prompting him to write up a new will leaving the company to Min Ho.

What? What do you want?

I just need to ask you one thing.

Song, why are you really here?


I already told you--

If you really like Min-ho, just say it.

Then I'll never bother you again.

If not, then stop this nonsense!

Wait a minute.

My hand hurts.

You can't just drag me out like this.

I knew it.

You just had to stay there and get hurt.

That turned out well.

Are you really going to stay here?

-What should I do?
-Not a chance.

I won't let you work at Min-ho's.

I mean, because he's my friend's fiancé.


Do you really want to stay here?

Are you going to stay?

Have you no shame?
Think about where you are.

I said I'll even give your job back.
You should be very thankful.

So stop being stubborn.

It's good to be back.

Welcome back. Applause.

Thank you.

Don't slack off and work hard.

Don't let her do the dishes.

I'm impressed.

How did you convince him?

I think he was the one
doing the convincing.

Check out her apron.

He sought you out?

Oh, that's...

I'll take that.

Feeling at ease now?

I guess so.

-It's all good, then.
-Is it?

Pops, why am I acting like this?

I somehow sense Ji-hyeon in her.

Am I doing the right thing?

What exactly are you doing?

Go back to work.


She thinks I'm her friend.

Is that why you are smiling?

I seem crazy, don't I?

I don't know. Only time will tell.


What is this?

Ms. Song.

What happened?


Yes, In-jeong.

Mr. Shin told me he came in
to check the financial status.

Did he tell you anything else?

That's what he told me as well.

Why would he personally check those?

Do you think he is getting suspicious?

I don't think so. Don't worry.

I'm actually in the middle of something.
Let's talk later.

What could be more urgent than this?


Kang, you know Ms. Song's address, right?
I need it.

She is not answering her phone.
I think something happened to her.

She just disappeared from my house.

Didn't you see my text?


I brought her back here.

-You did?
-Let's talk inside.


She left a mess back there.

Of course I was worried.

What were you thinking?

Did you take her away by force?

You know I sometimes lose my temper.

Why would you lose your temper? What for?

What were you angry about?

I'm sure it wasn't about Ji-hyeon.
You weren't that close.

It's Ms. Song, isn't it?

You only got to know her through me.

I have to do at least
this much for Ji-hyeon.

More importantly, you are her fiancé.

Not anymore.

What do you mean?


I'm a future-oriented person.

I'm realistic about things.

What are you saying?

If she can't share my future,

I can't love her anymore.

Have you given up on her already?


I have no choice in this matter.

-But still--
-You know how I grew up.

I'm not naive enough to hope for a miracle
with Ji-hyeon's impossible situation.

Didn't I tell you?

I've always wondered
why the word "hope" even existed.

But it hasn't even been that long.

So how long will you wait?

One year? Maybe ten? All devoted?

Is that noble and pure love?
Is that the right thing to do?

I just didn't think
you could end your love like that.

Can you really give up that easily?

Is that possible?

It was for me.

I love when I can,

and when I want to.

I don't expect you to understand.

But I won't accept your criticism.

And no more pretending to be
Ji-hyeon's guardian.

So that's why you
showed interest in Ms. Song?

No. I told you.

I just felt bad
because you overreacted and fired her.

Now that she's hired again,
everything is back to normal.

That's a load off my mind.

Your friends are here.

Good thing we left the cake
and the present here.

You just listen to me
and all will be fine.


Where were you headed earlier today?

Min-ho's here too.

I stopped by to wish him a happy birthday.

Good to see you here.

I'm in the middle of something right now.

You didn't have to get me anything.

How did you even remember my birthday?

Seo-u always remembered your birthday.


You should cut the cake now.

Let's just eat dinner.

Hey, come on.
It's so precious to have a life.

You need to be thankful yourself.
Let them congratulate you.

-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you

-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you

-Happy birthday Dear Han Kang
-Happy birthday Dear Han Kang

-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you

Han Kang, happy birthday.

This is embarrassing.

I don't really deserve it, but thank you.

I hope you had seaweed soup.

-I did.
-Who made it for you?

Someone I know.

Good evening.

Long time no see, Seo-u.

I seem to be running into you everywhere.


Did you two meet somewhere?

Sorry, I borrowed this.

That's my thermos bottle.

Why do you have it?

Ask Ms. Shin.

Did you lend this to her?

-It's nothing.
-I thought you did.

What's with all these secrets?

There are no secrets. It's just--

Can I talk to you for a second?

-It won't take long.

What's the matter with her?

First, a secret boyfriend. Now, this.

She's seeing someone?

She told me she has someone she likes,

but she wouldn't say who he is.

What is it?

Why can't I talk about seeing you
at Mr. Kang's place?

You don't need to know why.

You want me to shut up,
but you won't tell me why.

Please. There's a good reason.

I just don't get it.

You are the chairman's secretary.
You were simply on an errand.

Why is this secret?

Mr. Kang is your friend's fiancé.

You all know each other.

I get it now.

You weren't actually running an errand.

-I was, but--
-He's not actually your friend's fiancé.

I got it. I understand now.

I know why you want me to keep quiet.

Ms. Song.

Don't just assume things.

You said it yourself on that day.

"What are you doing at my man's place?"

I never said that. When did I say that?

It's not just words.
It was all over your face.


I understand.

I won't tell anyone you're his girlfriend.

That's not true.

Okay, that's how I will let on.

I'll take it as it never happened.

Ms. Song.

What are you two doing?

The food is getting cold.


We were just talking
about some girl stuff.

Don't worry about it.

You should head home now.

I told you to start tomorrow.

You got a call from Yoon Ji-seon.

-I said you got a call from Yoon Ji-seon!
-I'll get going now!

What kind of ringtone was that?

Ms. Yoon, what is it?

Really? They'll be there?

The day after tomorrow? When and where?

Are you really not going to tell me?

What were you two talking about?

I said it's nothing.

Your boyfriend, it's someone she knows.

It's her brother, isn't it?

-She had my bottle.

She got it through you,

but you didn't lend it to her.

It all makes sense.

It's not that.

So just tell me.
It's just a thermos bottle.

Maybe it's a married man.


Come out to the park.

This is my neighborhood.

What if someone sees you?
You shouldn't be out of the car.

Right. We can't let anyone see us yet.

But the air is just so nice.

You're worried that Ms. Song might have
found out about us.

Isn't that why you are here?

She's not that important.

But Kang and Seo-u are.

I actually want them to know.

I just want us to meet in the open.

I want us to be a normal couple.

This isn't the time.

You knew a normal life would be impossible
until this is over.

But it's practically over now.

Even if Mr. Shin finds out,
what can he do now?

He can't stop the Haemi-do project.

He can't save Shinga Industry.

I understand how you feel.

But watch what you say.

But I really mean them.

You don't understand me.

I know you sent Kang to my place.

That's right.

-It was me.
-I know why you did it too.

I hated the idea of Ms. Song
being there even for a moment.

She was at my man's place.

And I was the one who had to lie in fear.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I let her in there.

That was a cruel thing to you.

That's how she saw you there.

Even if she found out about us,

I have no excuses.

We've been together for so long,

yet I let someone like her upset you.

I don't think she knows.

I gave her an explanation.

Kang dragged me out of there.

But I felt relieved.

It was awful staying at Min-ho's place.

So I just followed him.

Now that I know the safe is there,
I just have to find a way to open it.

I also got a call from a friend.

I'm meeting with three of them,
so hopefully at least one of them cries.

I might even get two drops.

Actually, I shouldn't get my hopes up.

I'm glad you are here, though.

You can't hear me,

but at least I can still talk to you.

I hope you cheer up.

Song I-su.

If the Scheduler won't help you,
at least I will.

Dad. We just got engaged yesterday.

You want us married in 15 days?

It was a mistake on my part.

We should have had your wedding,
not an engagement.

He was going to undergo the surgery
right after your wedding.

He's been saying that

he won't have it until she wakes up.

Medically speaking,
there is no chance of Ji-hyeon waking up.

What happens
if he doesn't have a brain surgery?

He won't last long.


Mr. Shin...

A will?

What do you mean all of a sudden?

Look what happened to Ji-hyeon.

You can't predict human fate.

I have to designate my successor.

But they aren't even married yet.

You can't give the company to Min-ho.

Without Ji-hyeon,
he is not our son-in-law.

-I can't agree to this.
-That's not the only reason.

He is taking care of
the entire Haemi-do project.

He knows everything about Shinga Industry.

His only flaw is that he is a bit young.

You aren't sick, are you?

I'm fine.

You've been having digestive problems.

Stop with this will nonsense.

What you need is a medical checkup.

The doctor says
I haven't been exercising enough.

You should go home.

How are you doing, Father?

What are you doing here
so early in the morning?

Father. You need that operation.

I talked to Dr. Cho.

How sneaky of you.

If you heard it from Dr. Cho,
do not waste your time.

Not a word of this to Ji-hyeon's mother.

This is doing nothing for Ji-hyeon.

I'm doing this for me, not her.

I need to be here when she wakes up.

What if I die during the operation?

If you go on like this,

you may die before she does.

With my daughter like that,

I am not having that operation.

You need to have faith that you will live
and take the operation.

There is a 70 percent chance it will fail.

There's a 30 percent chance you will live!

I have a 70 percent chance of dying!

Be strong, Father.

You won't last like this.

Take the operation.

It's your only chance.

I'm glad I have you.

I have to succeed today.

I don't usually cry.

It's not like she's dead.

That's right. I'm not exactly dead yet.

So maybe they won't cry.

Hey, Han Kang.

I mean, Boss.

Were you exercising?

-Call me again.

Call me by my name again.

Why not? Han Kang.

Han Kang.

-What high school did you go to?
-My high school?

Why would you ask me that?

I'm from Chuncheon.

Why a sudden background check?

Let's go.

I'm already hungry.

-So you like mussels?

So why did you add them to your soup?

What's gotten into him?

The seaweed soup with mussels
on my birthday, remember?

How did you know?

What's with all these questions?

I just found them in Min-ho's fridge.

You're so strange. Why do you ask that?

You are very like my friend.

Were you two good friends?

You are doing so much for her fiancé.

We weren't that close.

That's right. We weren't.

So why try so hard to help her?

I owe her big.

Owe me? What does he mean?

No one else in Korea has developed
a privately owned island

except for us and Oe-do in Geoje-do.

We will maintain tight control over
transportation within Haemi-do,

to separate the family-oriented
leisure sector

and the private sector that
guarantees perfect vacations.

It will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Is the Haemi-do project
proceeding as planned?

The documents for the inspection
are almost ready.

We should receive the approval
without much trouble.

We are still negotiating
on the actual construction plans.

As for the resort facilities,

we are gathering more information
on eco-friendly items.

No issues with HM Development?

What about the Hanoi project bidding?

What's Hyeoksan's current status?

They are not expecting to win this one.

You shouldn't relax just
because of the rumor.

We absolutely must win this contract.

Yes, Mr. Shin.



Hello, sir.

Is Mr. Shin here?

He's in a meeting right now.

Tell him to read over this.

If everything looks okay, he should
summon his witnesses here at five.

I'll let him know.



He will make his will to me?

In case of his death, all of his shares

will be handed over to you.

So if he dies,

I become the next executive?

Why is he doing this all of a sudden?

I'm not sure.

I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Shin-ok, Ji-seon, Seon-young...

Hi, you must be Ji-hyeon's friends.

Are you Ms. Park Jeong-eun?


We only thought Ji-hyeon had an operation

because she was injured in a car accident.


So that's why none of you cried.

There's a girl named In-jeong.
She used to live at Ji-hyeon's place.

She told us that

her parents didn't want any visitors.

That's why we didn't go.

She must have been so disappointed.

So does that mean...

she's in a vegetative state right now?

I heard it's closer to brain death.

That's right.

There is not much hope.

-Oh, no.
-How is this possible?

She was about to get married.

Time to get emotional.

Signals from those close to her
can positively affect her brainwaves.

I'm going to record
your messages for Ji-hyeon.

You three were close to her
in college, right?

We were inseparable.

I performed a duet
at the graduation concert.

We never went shopping without each other.

We had similar tastes.

You may never get to see her again.

Please send her your message.

Oh, no.

Is she really going to die?

This can't be.

Oh, my goodness...

How can this be?

Tears don't always mean
someone is truly crying.

That's the tear of sympathy
for a friend who died young.

As for that woman over there,

she's relieved that
it's not her who died so young.

That one is shedding fake tears
as a matter of courtesy.

What tears are you crying right now?

What do they mean?

I can't believe
someone can die so suddenly.

And while I was writing
my master's thesis,

I had alopecia areata.

You are crying
because of your own hardship.

I knew her life was a little too perfect.

They say arrogance brings misfortune.

I guess the saying was true after all.


She never stopped talking about
how Min-ho was her destiny.

She acted like she owned the world.

Money and men have come to nothing.

Stop crying, Shin-ok.

Shin-ok, why are you crying?



It's just been so hard for me lately.

You see these double-eyelids?

I went through two plastic surgeries.

And they still came out weird.
So I really wanted to die.

I can't believe I was so caught up
on eyelids.

I also feel sorry for Ji-hyeon.

What kind of friend was she?

Was she nice?

She was, for sure.

She was nice to a fault.

She never said "no" to anything.

She never decided on anything.

It was almost annoying.

Why is that annoying?

Those are just signs of arrogance.

She was also really tactless.

You remember the guy I had a crush on
in our sophomore year?

He actually liked Ji-hyeon.

She never knew it, though.

She kept trying to hook me up with him.

I really didn't know.

But she really was nice, though.

-Of course.
-Of course.

You get 49 days
to find three people who truly love you.

If you succeed, you may return.

Someone who truly loves you

will shed a tear for you.
That'll be the proof.

Three drops of pure tear.

A will?

Mr. Shin is giving the executive position
over to Min-ho?

I thought he was in perfect health.

I know, right?

Maybe something is going on at work.

Please ask if In-jeong knows anything.

Why haven't you asked her yet?

I think he told her to stay quiet.

She stopped visiting.

I see.




Ju-ri's studying overseas.

What are you doing here?

What happened?

It's nothing.

You look pale.

You were happy going to see friends.


I've got big news.

Mr. Shin is giving his company to Min-ho.


He's writing a will.

I think he really sees him as his son now.

Why is he suddenly writing a will?

I'm not sure.


Dr. Cho is going to stand
as one of the witnesses.


Right here.

My dad...

He's writing a will to give his company
over to Min-ho.

To Kang Min-ho.

Why is your family so gullible?

Whether betrayed or not,
you just trust anyone?

Does it run in the family?

I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

I swear I'll do better. Please help me.

Tell him not to write the will.

Or tell him not to trust Min-ho.

I could never do that.

You are asking me to directly interfere.

I'll be punished for sure.

So what do I do?

Do I have to talk to him as Song I-kyung?

Hold on.



This is your only option.

You get to touch one object
of your choice.

But you lose one day.

I can touch an object?

I'll do it.

Think before you do something.

This is for a truly desperate traveler
who doesn't even have one tear.

It's your only chance
to be able to touch something.

It's really important.

We don't even tell you about this
during the first half of the 49 days.

Talking to someone
at the cost of two days?

How about that?

Not possible.

That one day can make all the difference.

I can touch anything once, right?

What is she doing?

Only once. Use it well.

Also, I can't give you any help.

Entering and exiting the room
is all up to you.

Okay, I get it.

I have to leave her body first, right?

Is she talking to herself?

My gosh...

I need to hurry.
I'll figure this out on the way.


Malli-dong, please.


That's her home.

What's going on?

The phone number.

Mister, do you know the phone number
for any courier service?


She should have at least told us
what's going on.

You still don't know her phone number?

No. I think I'm actually dumb.

Kang, you know Ms. Song's address, right?
I need it.

She's not answering her phone.
I think something happened to her.

Please leave a voice message.

Hey, Boss.

Ms. Song is totally crazy.

You saw her?

Su-jin. You shouldn't say like that.

What happened?

She was talking to herself
in the middle of the street.

She's nuts. She's crazy for sure.

She was?

When a person suffers a great trauma,

she can do weird things like that.

When and where did you see her?
Where is she now?

She ran off and took a taxi to Malli-dong.

That's her home.

That's good. She went home.

Maybe something came up.


Was she really talking to herself?


-Can I take one of these?

Thank you.

-Hey, Boss.
-Yes, Ms. Song?

A customer asked me for this last night.
I forgot.

A courier will pick it up later.
Give it to him.

Sure, okay.


All of Mr. Shin's shares

will be passed on to Kang Min-ho
upon his death.

I ask that the witnesses confirm this.



This is for Mr. Shin Il-sik.

Hyeoksan Industry?

Why would they send something to Mr. Shin?

That's not for you. So nosy.

Just take it to him.




Excuse me, Mr. Shin.

This is from Hyeoksan. It's urgent.


What would they send me?

What is this?

Is this a prank?

I'm sorry, Dad.


What is it?

An American woman,

who was in a vegetative state,

woke up after 20 years.

Who sent that to you?

Twenty years?

I won't make you wait that long.

So stop writing that will.

Let's continue.

What just happened?

Are you okay?

It was me, Dad.

You can't give the company to Min-ho.

It almost looked like someone
knocked it off the table.

It is me, Dad. It's Ji-hyeon. I did it.

Dad, no. Please don't.

Please don't do this. Please.

You really drive me nuts.

Why did this suddenly drop?

I treated her like she was already dead.

Maybe she got angry.


I'm sorry I wasted your time.

Let's not do this today.

He stopped writing the will? Why?

The lawyer said strange things
happened in the room.

Strange things?

Thank you so much.

You really saved me.

I'll never forget this.

Maybe it went unnoticed.

Why are you looking around like that?


I knew you'd do something stupid.

Ma'am... What exactly did I do?

Granny. Please stop.


Don't hit him like that. Talk it out.

You go home.

Go. Now.


Who told you to interfere
in human affairs?

Can we at least wait until she leaves?

What about my pride as a Scheduler?

"Do not interfere in human affairs."

That's rule number one.

And you broke it.


I had to help.

I've never dealt with a human like her
in my whole career.

Are you dating her?

Not at all!

She's just so dumb, that...

Have you ever seen someone
who pays back the 49,000 won this fast?

Does anyone even actually pay back?

This is why we shouldn't accept
young applicants who died young.

Your human emotions return
way too quickly.

You are the one who accepted me.

Because you cried so much
that you couldn't go like this.

I had to pull some strings,

fearing your soul might dissipate
with all that wailing.

Can you give me one more chance?

One more week of service.

One week?

Please. I only have 30 days left now.

I've been counting the days.
Not another week.

Just kill me right here.

You know I've been so good this year.

Some things just can't be ignored.

What if I refuse to work another week?

Five years of work...

It will all just go to waste.

That's just inhuman.

I'm not a human. That's why I am inhuman.

This can't be.

-I'm heading out.

-What's going on?
-I was busy and missed your call.

How about a drink?

You go ahead.

Hey, I'm here to see you.

I was on my way out.

Mr. Kang.

-Have a seat, please.

Did Ms. Song leave already?

I guess you could say that.

The usual drink?


You are up early.

I probably scared her.

Excuse me. Where is this?

Just turn left at the building
with the red roof.

You see that red roof?

Thank you.

Hello? This is Dr. Noh.



Song I-kyung.

Who is that?

She is not at home. Where could she be?

Talk to me, Ms. Song.

As you know...

I don't have...

anyone to talk to.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for reaching out to me.

What's going on?

You sounded scared.

I think...

I'm going crazy.

Why do you say that?

First of all,

my hair has changed.

I smell shampoo that I never used.

Then, I injured my ankle.

The landlady said I spoke to her
the other day.

I throw up things I didn't even eat.

I woke up one night, and...

I was sitting in the middle of the room.


the door was open when I woke up.

These things you are telling me...


don't recall doing any of these.

Can you remember when this started?

I just...

started noticing them one day.

Do you ever feel tired?

I used to, but...

I'm not sure anymore.

It sounds like somnambulism.

It's when you move around in your sleep.

The patient may not remember
doing anything.


Don't worry too much.
See me at the clinic tomorrow.

We need to check you first.

I didn't even tell him I was leaving.

Kang must be so worried.

What brings you here?


I'm just here to change the flowers.

Who do you think you are?

You dropped out of the A sector.

That was irresponsible of you.

-I'm sorry.
-Do you know

how much Kang begged me
to give you that sector?

I'm sorry.

Never show up here again.


Mr. Oh isn't cleaning even?

Mr. Oh.

No one's here.

He must be so happy

He must be so very happy

Whoever is with that woman

I envy him so much

At your lightless window

I was waiting outside today

As I watch myself standing

I sadly turn around

Who are you?


Are you Ji-hyeon?

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung