49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Who are you?


Are you Ji-hyeon?

You are Ji-hyeon, aren't you?

What are you talking about?

Remember Jinan High School music room?
You shifted that song from major to minor.

I saw you play it.

Did he see me? When did he see me?

The way you play the piano, that song,

your gestures, your expressions...

they are all Ji-hyeon's.

Minor rearrangements like this
are very common.

Pianists do it all the time.

It's a really popular song.
It was in that C'est Si Bon movie.

I'm not talking about the arrangement.

I can feel it.

That's nonsense.
I'm from Chuncheon Girls' High School.

I lived my whole life in Chuncheon,

until I came to Seoul for college.

"Jinan"? I don't even know where that is.

How can you say that I am someone else?
Does that make any sense?

I know it doesn't make sense.

It's just how I feel.

If you're not her,
why are you so much like Ji-hyeon?

Why do you make me feel that way?

How should I know?

Kang, please stop.

What a great weather!

Ms. Song, you didn't know
we were closed today?

No. Have you been somewhere?

Just to get some
cleaning supplies for the piano.

You can't touch it without permission.

I'm sorry. I played the piano
without knowing it.

That's probably why he was angry.

It's his mother's only memento.

How did he find out?

That makes no sense.

What if he keeps suspecting me?

I probably sounded totally insane.

-I was--
-That friend of yours...

I must be a lot like her.


But I thought about it again
and perhaps not.

I'll take my leave, then.

Give me your number.

Your cell phone number.

We were all worried.
You should have told us first.

That was thoughtless.

What happened yesterday?

Did something happen at home?

I was just not feeling well.

You weren't home.

You were there?

Who is that?

You ran out like a crazy woman.

Of course I was worried.

You were that worried about Song I-kyung?

But then you felt my presence in her.

Is that why you were angry?


-If you need any help--

Kang likes I-kyung too.

I don't have any friend who loves me.

I guess my parents are the only ones
who truly love me.

You are choosing a different one today?

It's for my--

It's for someone else.

Kang's restaurant is closed today, right?

Do you have some time right now?

I do. Why?

You are a bread lover.

I'd like you to try our dessert cake.

This spot right here.

It's been so long
since I sat down here with Seo-u.

-This is your first time here, right?

Yes, it is.

You decorated this place nicely.

This was my friend's favorite spot.


It's so soft and cool. It's like a cake.

That's something Ji-hyeon would say.


I think I have a lot of things in common
with her.

-About that friend--
-About that thermos bottle,

how did it end up in your hands?


Is In-jeong dating your brother?

My brother?

I think she made some soup
or porridge for your brother,

and gave it to him in that bottle.

I don't have a brother.

So how did you get that bottle?

I think you better ask her yourself.

I can't tell you that.

Did she ask you to keep quiet?

You are putting me in an awkward position.

Who is this girl dating?

It can't be him.

You are starting to forget about me too...

Here you go.

What's the matter with you?

You are no fun.
Can't even play along to a joke.

Was that a joke?

That was just childish.

Dear. What's wrong?


Before you went to the States,

we had our last meal together here.

You cried so much that I thought
we'd never eat here again.

I think the owner recognizes us.


We should leave then.

Let's go for a drive after this.

I want to go to Dumulmeori.

I have to be at a meeting right after
I stop by at the hospital.

Oh, right.

Can we not talk about Ji-hyeon
or the hospital?

I don't want to think about her.

Okay, we won't.


I'm handing in my resignation tomorrow.


After that ghost episode about the will,

I don't want to be there anymore.

What episode?

They say a ghost stopped Mr. Shin
from signing that will.

Everyone's been asking me about it.

I can't even go to the restroom in peace.

Stupid people.

It was just that
a frame dropped coincidentally.

The seal got knocked off the table too.

They are saying that it's a sign
to stop you inheriting the company.


The company will be gone
before Mr. Shin is.

This will thing was pointless.

Hello, Mr. Shin.

I'm Ji-hyeon's friend.

She told me this is your favorite.

I'm ready.


What happened to him?

Dad, are you sick?

It's all because of me.
He must've overworked himself.

Kang Min-ho...

How dare you keep coming here?

What brings you here?

He's still after that will.

Are you sick? Did something happen?

-Ms. Song.
-Get your hand off me.

I'm just worried about you.

His arm just went stiff.

His face was twitching too.

It was really scary.

Dr. Cho says it's just exhaustion.

But I think something's wrong.

Call the nurse. The bag is empty.

I know how to take it off.

Why won't you get more detailed tests?

Dr. Cho says
I just need to rest for a day.

Did you hear that too?
It's like talking to a brick wall.

Brain tumor?

Brain tumor?

I know you are shocked

but we have to make him
have that operation.

He's trying to manipulate my mom.


What did he tell her?

I-kyung says she doesn't have a brother.

So who is it?

-You talked to her?

You asked her to keep her mouth shut.

Who is this mystery man?

Why would you ask her that?

I said I'll tell you later.

I actually saw him.


I followed you that night.

I thought...

he kind of looked like Min-ho.

Seo-u. What are you saying?

Sorry, I knew that would make you angry.

You and Min-ho. That's just ridiculous.

I just thought he looked similar.


I promise I'll tell you later.

So never do that again.

He's not married, is he?


Good work, Ms. Song.

You have 26 days, 4 hours, and 59 minutes.

She still hasn't returned.

It's been over an hour.

So what?

I told you already.
Her personal life takes priority.

I know that. I just need to talk to you.


What are you mad at me for?

Nope. No.

It's not your fault, but because of you,

I was punished by my boss.

One additional week of service.

Oh, no.

Is that why that granny was there?

In my five years of service,

I never broke a single rule until now.

I just wanted to successfully
complete my term.

I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do?

You can just stop calling me.

Seeing your face makes me angry.

It's like I am a sergeant
with one month left in the army.

Then I get an extra week added.

So I have the temptation to run away.

I just want to know
when I-kyung will be back home.

You couldn't find out where she is for me?



This one is good. Here.

Your sleeping brainwaves are normal.

But psychological unrest

or emotional instability can also
be a cause of somnambulism.

How about a hypnosis therapy?

Just hold it in there.

Here's some magic powder.


Food is ready.

Is I-kyung here?

No, she's not.

She isn't here yet?
Does she realize what time it is?

I thought she was a freelancer.

How can she not show up
after the way she left yesterday?



She said she needs to be home by 11 p.m.

Did something happen to her father?

Please leave a message.

What's wrong with this woman?

Dad won't suspect Min-ho.

I should have paid more attention
to his company.

I don't even understand his plan.

The safe.

But how do I open it?


Why did you pretend you didn't see me?

Who are you?

What was that?

Does she have a twin?

What took you so long?

I don't have many days left.

But I have so much to do.

I'm begging you.

Just stick to the usual schedule.

She had a twin?

Then she should know where I-kyung is.

You are not her sister, are you?

Song I-kyung doesn't have a sister.

She said she doesn't have a sister.




Dr. Cho, Director Lee,

I'm sorry you had to come in here twice.
Thank you.

I'll finish the notarization process.

-I'm counting on you.

Why does he want to complete the will?




Yes, it's me.

Can you come to my house right now?

To your house?

Bring Seo-u with you.

Thank you for coming.

I called you here

because I have to ask you
to do something for me.

What's going on?

Ji-hyeon's dad...

He thinks of you two as his own daughters.

I want you two to talk to him.

Please convince him to have the operation.

What operation?

Is he ill?

He has a brain tumor.

It's grown very big.

He needs the operation
as soon as possible.

But he won't listen to me or Min-ho.

You want to defer Shinga's bankruptcy?
What are you saying?

Mr. Shin will die soon.

Shinga will be mine in a month or two.

Why should I let it
go bankrupt and lose value?

Why does it even matter to you?

You get your share, and we get Shinga.
Just as agreed.

I now have a more profitable option.

I don't plan on wasting this chance.

It seems to me like
you just can't let go of Shinga.

We signed a contract.
I'm not going to betray you.

So do as we agreed.

But I have more cards up my sleeve.

Two years ago, Mr. Oh from Hyeoksan

purchased Shinga stocks
under a borrowed name.

I have proof of his illegal funds.

Do you really think that's the only reason

I sided with you?

I knew we had a common goal,

but I never make a move
without proper preparation.

Get on. We are going to the hospital.

You go on ahead. I have to be somewhere.

What? What is it?

Isn't this more important?

I'll go later.

Hey. Shin In-jeong.

Yes, In-jeong.

Where are you?
I have to see you right now.

I'm on my way home
to pick up an important document.

Okay. I'll head there as well.

Use a special date related to someone
so that you don't forget the password.

In-jeong's birthday.
Zero, nine, zero, nine.

Min-ho's mother's birthday.
One, one, zero, seven.


Oh, gosh.

Ms. Song. Why are you here?

What were you doing?

I tried to work for you secretly,
but I got caught.

-Secretly what?
-I came to drop off the key.

Then I remembered
I made a mess here the other day.

You expect me to believe that?

Why not?

Please just stay here. Don't come out.


I'm busy right now. We'll talk in the car.

-Why didn't you tell me?
-Tell you what?

Ji-hyeon's father has a brain tumor.

Just hold on.

You knew it.

That's why he finalized his will today.

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought it'd be too much for you.

-If you knew he had a tumor,

I know how hard it would be for you.

Maybe you are just sick of comforting me.

Let's go. Mr. Jeong is waiting.

Finish off Shinga.

Shin In-jeong!

Why are you yelling at me?

Just stick to the plan.

Stop being so selfish.
Consider my feelings too.

Calm down, In-jeong.

When Ji-hyeon became like that,

this plan lost all meanings for me.


I get it, so just stop it.

So let Hyeoksan take over Shinga.

And take Haemi-do.

Just end this as quickly as you can.

All I can do is watch. It's so agonizing.

I understand. Let's talk on the way.

I have to get changed
to meet Mr. Oh from Hyeoksan.

Wait for me here.


I'll explain the situation later.





How is this...

Until Shinga becomes mine,

there will be no bankruptcy.

You got a call from Kang Min-ho.

I said you got a call from Kang Min-ho.

Seven missed calls from Kang Min-ho.
Five from Han Kang.

You don't want to pick up?

I'm cancelling your service.


Her phone is off. After the beep,

please leave your message.
Charges may apply.


She left at 2 p.m. It's 5 p.m. now.

Why isn't she even answering her phone?


Hey, Min-ho.

Is Ms. Song with you? Can I talk to her?

Why do you want to talk to her?

She didn't come in today.

Then just tell me her address.

It's about a job.

I don't know her address.

All right. I'll talk to you later.

She came back about 20 minutes ago.

She looked exhausted,
so I told her to rest.

Give her this. She needs something warm.

Drink this.

Did you skip your meal again?

What were you doing out there?

Go and eat something first.

No, I'm fine.

I haven't even worked today yet.

You didn't eat and came in to work,
all weak like that?

I'm not here to work, though.

Then what are you here for?

My feet just brought me here.

I know something is going on,
so don't lie to me.

What happened? Just tell me.

It's really nothing.

Is your father ill?

-Is it your sister?

I don't have a sister.

Is it your brother?

I don't have one.

So who was that...


Who are you?

I don't have time for this.

So it's not your father,
and it's not your siblings.

Is it your mother?

You said you must be back by midnight
to take care of someone.

Oh, that's...

It's a personal matter.

I forgot I have to be somewhere.

Excuse me.

In-jeong. That was wrong.

Mr. Shin has a brain tumor.

Was your schedule that important?

I'm sorry. It was urgent.

Who is this man?

I want to meet him to see
why he is such a big deal.

I never said I was meeting him.

You think I'm dumb?
I see how you have changed.

It's because of him, isn't it?

You traitor.

How can you do this to Ji-hyeon?

She even let you live in her house.

That doesn't mean I have to like her.

-That's right.

I don't like her anymore.
I came to hate her.

Don't I have a right to hate her?

In-jeong, what are you saying?

Did you really like everything about her?


She wanted to be with us so much,

she stayed in Jinan for six months
all by herself.

That was a long time ago.

So why don't you like her now?

Shin Ji-hyeon...

She always acted like
she was the center of the world.

When she slept,

she expected the world to stop and wait.

So? Did that harm you in any way?

Of course.


Look her up. Find her address.

By when?

Before tomorrow noon.

I guess I'm the bad guy

Every time we fight

The unwelcome guest appears again.

What kind of tear am I looking for?

You don't even know?

I'm looking for people who love me.

Why does it have to be their tears?

Don't yell at me just because
your friends don't like you.

Maybe it's just in their hearts.

Maybe they really love me,
but they are just not crying.

Tear is the epitome of human emotion.

Humans only cry when their emotions
reach their peak intensity.

Happiness, sadness,

agony, frustration,

and many others.

Some tears are fake.
Some have evil intentions.

But we sort them out for you.

So why are you whining?

I just find it hard to believe.

None of my friends cried for me.

You keep blaming others.

Would you shed a true tear
for someone else?

-You, Shin Ji-hyeon.

Are you capable of shedding
a pure drop of tear for someone else?

Of course.

This is why I hate you humans.

You think you are so noble.

Don't be so sure about a situation
you've never faced.

Just tell me honestly.

Is there even a single person
who truly loves me?

How should I know?
That's not my responsibility.

It's just too hard.

Human hearts change.

Nothing lasts forever.

Sometimes, they love,

but then, they hate.

Sometimes, they burn,

just to turn cold again.

Blame turns into gratitude.

Sometimes, they resent,

but then they sympathize again.

And so much...



that's why I need tears.

If she has no siblings,
who was that woman I saw?

Maybe it was her cousin.

They were identical.

But she didn't know me.

Go ask her, then.

Ask her?

Do you just want to know
whether or not she lied to you?

Or do you want to find out why you are
feeling Ji-hyeon's presence from her?

Or maybe you are just worried about her
since she looks down.

You won't know one
unless you go talk to her.

I think it's all three.

I have to be home by midnight.

Someone is waiting for me.

So why is the light always off?

She's right on time.

Did you lie to me?

Who was that woman?

Were you just pretending?

I will ask you right out.

Who is she going to meet?

Does she work two jobs?



Americano, please.

That'll be 4,000 won.



I need you to pay first.

Ms. Song I-kyung?

Yes, that's me.

Are you Ms. Song I-kyung?

You are that man from yesterday.

You are him, right?

Do you...

know me?

Let me get this straight.

She was indeed Song I-kyung,

but not the Song I-kyung that we know.

Hae-won. If you say it 3 more times,
it would be the 30th time.

Maybe she has a good reason
to play two different people.


You've said that about 20 times now.

It's just too strange.

So is the fact that
she only has 48 days to live.

She mentioned limited time?

I've heard of a 49-day condition,

but not a 48-day condition.

There's a 49-day condition?

When I was just a young monk,

there was a senior monk
who was always meditating.

One day, he saw one man, and said,

"He won't make it."

He said that to a living person?

Supposedly, he was a spirit
who had to find something in 49 days.

But he had an evil heart.

I don't want some silly religious gossip.
Anything else?

You aren't making much sense either.

Ji-hyeon's father has a brain tumor.

That's why he finalized his will today.

Finish off Shinga.

What kind of friend was Ji-hyeon?

She was so nice, it was annoying.

That's all just arrogance.

She was also really tactless.

You get 49 days

to find three people who truly love you.

If you do, you can stay.

Someone who truly loves you

will shed a tear for you.
That'll be the proof.

Three drops of pure tear.

You have 25 days, 4 hours, and 59 minutes.

He seemed to know me for sure.


Why did you pretend you didn't see me?

Ms. Song I-kyung?

But why was he so shocked?

Aren't you going to sleep?

It seems like you know that I leave today.


Thank you for everything.

I'm sorry for everything.

I've decided to leave.
It's my only option.

I tried so hard and waited, but...

I realized that no one actually loves me.

I guess I really wasted my life here.

Oh, that's right.

I couldn't keep my promise to you.

Song I-su.

I told you I would find him.


Take care of yourself.

I need to erase all traces of myself.

I guess I won't ever return anyway.

Please don't be too surprised.

This is my way of thanking you
by cleaning.



please don't be afraid.

I'll never bother you again.


It's me, Ji-hyeon.

You probably

met Song I-kyung just now.

You probably won't believe her
telling you that she's actually me.

That's why I'm writing this letter.

As you read this, just know that
everything she told you is true.

I was in her body.

It was me, Ji-hyeon.

Your daughter, Ji-hyeon.

Min-ho was working with Hyeoksan Industry
all along.

He is trying to steal Haemi-do
and your company from you.

So please revoke your will.


please have that surgery.
You need to be healthy.

I'm sorry I can't be there for you.

I'm sorry, Mom.

Thank you for everything.

Good morning, Kang.

Don't be so surprised.
People don't talk to you like this?

-Ms. Song?
-That's right.

She's older than you, isn't she?

You lived in the US for a while
so maybe you forgot.

But here, I don't need to use
honorifics to someone younger.

She definitely has multiple personalities.

-What do you think you are doing?

Give me just three minutes.
Listen to me for three minutes, please.

No, two. No, just one minute.

They say if you really love someone,
it's better for you to be misunderstood.

It causes less pain to that person.

That's what you do
when you really love someone.

Letting go
even when you are misunderstood.

It's better to be misunderstood
than to let that person get hurt.

Do you realize you are just
repeating the same thing?


But the one being misunderstood
must have been in so much agony.

I think I understand now.

Hiding your own feelings

hurts much more than
not knowing the other's intentions.

Your one minute is up.

I guess it's time, then.


Thank you for everything.

Goodbye, Kang.

What is this?

It's my permanent resignation.

I'm leaving for good.

Leaving? To where?

To a better place. Somewhere far away.

A better place?

It's about a job.


Is being with Min-ho the better place?

-You think I didn't know?

I'm not going to Min-ho.

You lie like you breathe.

I'm not leaving to work for him.

So are you leaving to live with him?

You should've just told me from the start
that you like him.

Why cause all this confusion?

What are you anyway?

You said you were never close to Ji-hyeon.

So why care about her fiancé?

I'm talking about you, not my friend.

So you really can't stand her
to be with Min-ho?

What are you exactly?

Do you live only for money?

How many personalities do you have?
How many hearts?

You are just toying with everyone
using your many faces.

What were you doing last night?

Who was that woman I met last night?


What is it that you want to know?

Are you that curious about
Song I-kyung's life?

She's an orphan.

She has no one to talk to,
and no one to depend on.

No one truly loves her.
Is that good enough?

Goodbye, you petty jerk.

Get out of here.
Never show your face here again.

I dare you to come back.

He could have just...

said "goodbye."

That was our last conversation.

He could have just...

smiled for me.

Where are her parents?

They both went home.

I see.

Ji-hyeon, you've had a hard time.

Hang in there just a little longer.

I'll return to you soon.

We'll go together.

I even let you write that will of yours.

You do this one thing for me.

Not possible. But I'll do everything else.

What else can you do if not the surgery?

Without it, you'll just die.

What? I know he has a brain tumor.

If he doesn't have surgery, he will die?

Do you ever think about me?

I said I'm not going to die.

Not until Ji-hyeon wakes up.

Five months?

Three years?

Ten years? She may not wake up even then.

You are refusing the operation
because of me?

Mi-ok, please understand.


can't have that operation
while my daughter is in bed like that.


She's lying there like that...

So how can I...

I didn't make any promises
and couldn't say goodbye.

If she dies,

I want to be with her in last moments.

If she returns,

I want to be the first to hold her.

So how do you expect me to...

risk all that just to save myself?

I'm not having it.

I'm not having that surgery.

Hey, Kang.

What's this?

This is a strange place to hide something.

You pulled a stunt.

-What is that?
-It's a seal.

A seal? I never hid anything in there.

"Shin Ji-hyeon"?

This is Ji-hyeon's seal.



please let me live.

Dear God,

please let me live.

I have to live.

I want to live.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung