49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Why are you here?

What are you doing?

Mr. Kang hired me as a housekeeper.


He hired you?

And what are you doing here?


from the secretary's office.

The chairman's wife asked me

to give him this.

What is it?

It's beef bone soup.

Seems that lately even secretary
runs the errands.

I'll make sure he gets it.

Do you want to come in?


How did you know the password?


It's actually none of my business. Bye.

The chairman's wife told me.

He won't be back until 11 p.m.

I'll be going, then.

Seventh floor, going down.

That traitor!

Why does she keep boiling beef bone soup?

Mom's errand?

Your lies don't even surprise me anymore.

Actually, thank you.

I didn't want to cook for Min-ho anyway.

I'll just give him this.

-What's that?
-Oh, goodness!

What's this?

It's beef bone soup.

I didn't have anything like this.
Where did you get it?

Ms. Shin gave it to me.

-Shin In-jeong.

She just left. Didn't you see her?

Ms. Shin was here?

She even knows the password.


Aren't you going to get that?

What is that document?

Why would he bring it home?

In-jeong, what is it?

What's going on?

-Why is there--
-I'm glad you called.

The meeting just ended.

So it's over?

You are home, right? Come out.

I'll head out soon.
We'll have dinner together.

I must see what those documents are.

I'm heading out again. You can leave now.

What about these?

Just leave them. We'll talk tomorrow.

You go ahead. I'll put these away.

Don't make me repeat what I said.

Ms. Song, I said it's fine.

Maybe he left the documents at home.

Where are they?

Did he hide them somewhere?

Where could they be?

I can see you are very upset.

What happened?
Why was Song I-kyung at your place?

Is she really your housekeeper now?

You came? Why were you there?

It's dangerous to come over like that.

I wanted you to have a hearty meal.

But that's not the point!

How did you enter the place?

Did she open the door for you?

Did you open it yourself?

Are you out of your mind?

She used to work for Kang.

What if she tells someone?

So why was she there in the first place?

Didn't you say she was rude to you?

What were you thinking?


That's what I want to ask you.


Do you like her?

She's not even worth my attention.

So that's it?

That woman?

Are you suspecting me of something?

-I just don't get it.
-She's just a housekeeper.

I've been needing one,
and Kang just happened to fire her.

So I hired her.

It'll be better to have around
someone I know, than a total stranger.

Why didn't you tell me?

I've never told you
about all other housekeepers.

-She's different.

Like you said, she used to work for Kang.

This isn't like you.

I spent two years with Ji-hyeon.

Yet I always remained true to you.

Isn't that true? Answer me.

You are right.

Then this conversation is over.

I don't want us to argue
because of that woman.


I want you to fire her.

I have to give her at least a few days.

I am really occupied with
the Haemi-do project.

There's also the Hyeoksan project.

Please don't dwell on this. It's nothing.

At least I get some free time
with this job.

Oh, God!

That's what I call running.

It was you. You scared me to death.

A ghost shouldn't be scared of a ghost.

I didn't even call you. What's up?

Making sure my five-year mission
doesn't run into any problems.

Why exercise all of a sudden?

I'm training her body for her.

She lives on only one instant cup noodles
a day. That's not healthy at all!

So you are improving her health?

No one is watching out for her.

This is the only way I can repay her.

Eating healthy and exercising!

Shouldn't you be worrying about yourself?
How strange you are!

I can't force people to cry.

It's not really up to me.

Right! You don't even have people to meet.

Shin Ji-hyeon's friends are
all super busy, right?

They don't know how desperate I am.

Also they don't know this is me.

Otherwise they wouldn't be like this.

So instead of wasting your time,

you work at Minho's house, make money,
and find out who he is at the same time.

It serves two ends.
It's killing two birds with one stone.

What's good for the goose is
Good for the gander

You're killing two birds with one stone

You catch two pigeons with one bean

You really think it will work?

Have you ever...

done nothing
but think for four straight days?

No. I'm not a human,
so I don't need to think.

I realized how long a single day could be.

There are so many things
I can do in one day.

I learned to cherish my remaining 33 days.

Right on!

I'm going to use them to the fullest.

Okay, Ms. Optimist.

Just be careful not to cause any trouble.

Thanks for the advice.

I'm looking out for myself.

You're my last possible source of trouble
before I finish my term.

Bye. I'll call you later.

I'm a Scheduler, not your friend.

Like you said, she used to work for Kang.

This isn't like you.

I want you to fire her.

Here you go.

Did Ms. Song go home already?

Gone for good. She got fired.

I thought Kang was into her.

Why would he fire her?

She was flirting with Ji-hyeon's fiancé.

Boss caught her in the act.

She was flirting with Min-ho,
so she got fired.

Seems that lately even secretary
runs the errands.

Does Kang really care
so much about Ji-hyeon?

I thought he hated her.


It must be a hostess club.

Go see her if you are worried.

What? Who?

Here is this month's balance.

Weren't you thinking
that Ms. Song works at a bar?

She's sick. How could she do that?

So go see her. You have her address.

It's not really my concern.

No, it is just human nature.

Think about why your mother saved me.

I wasn't even her family.

I was just a young monk.

I knew nothing about the world.

Had it not been for your mother,

Hwa-jun and I wouldn't even be here.

You know I'm not like her.

You are still her son.

I'm going home.

I'm nothing like her.

Good job today, I-kyung.

You may feel a little stiff today.

It will get better in two or three days.

Americano, please.

You must think I'm a stalker.

I'm not, but I bet I look like one.

I was just going to pass by,

but I was just so happy to see you
working again.

That will be 4,000 won.



Back then, you did all you could.

It's not your fault,
so don't come here again.

I know. I always try my hardest.

When you first came to me,

I had been married for three months.

The happiest time in my life.

Then I met the unhappiest
person in the world.

In our third year of marriage,

I caused a traffic accident
dozing off on the wheel.

I watched as my wife died in front of me.

I survived unscathed.

Some pains, you just can't fathom
unless you experience them yourself.

I learned this on that day.

If you can't forget someone,

then just long for him.

That's what I did.

I bet she was mad at me,

but I missed her.

You have 32 days, 4 hours, and 59 minutes.



I'm so sick of you!


"Song I-kyung" and "Song I-su"?

Is that your brother?

Your hand is burned.

She is thick as two short planks.

From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I want the same wage
I got from the restaurant.

It was 4,320 won per hour.

Make it 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.,

with possible extra hours.

The standard wage rate offered
by agencies.

You asked me to decide
the working conditions.

I told you to think about it.
But I never said I'll accept it.

You asked me to work for you.

And you agreed.

I can't stay here all day.

I have things to do in the afternoon.

And I need someone
who can do the job properly.

I can do everything in four hours.

Did you steam the bathroom towels?

Why would I do that?

You must sterilize towels and underwear.
The same goes for kitchen dishcloth.

You must also wipe the floor,
the windowsills, and under the bed.

Did you do any of those?

What about ironing?
Grocery shopping and making dinner?

Those need to be washed by hand.

You mean wash them all by hand?

I know how to use the vacuum
and the washing machine.

I did iron your clothes.

I was also going to cook your dinner--

You are being ridiculous, Ms. Song.

I hired you because I felt bad for you.

But I don't need a housekeeper
who is rude to me.

So fire me.

I can't do that out of pity for you.

Because I did ask you first.

So do you want me to say I quit?

But I have to see those documents.

Fine. I quit.
I'm not going to work at your house.

Give me your ID.

No approval request for the Jinan factory
facility renewal?

Not yet.


Excuse me.

Seo-u stopped by yesterday
to paint Ji-hyeon's nails!

I see.

What's the matter with her?

She didn't even look at Ji-hyeon.

I don't know what's going on with her,
but she seems tired.

She's always been difficult to read.

You are being too harsh.

I've known her
since she was in middle school.

She wasn't like this
when she was in Jinan,

but she grew more and more
reclusive over the years.

She is different from Seo-u.

Yes, In-jeong.

-Where are--
-I'm in a meeting.

I'll call you later.


I'm from the chairman's office.

Is Mr. Kang out for lunch?

He canceled his afternoon schedule.
Because he wasn't feeling well.

He went home.



Is Kang in the office?



What brings you here?

I was on my way back
from the hospital for work.

How is Ji-hyeon? Is she okay?

What about your work?

You have that meeting
with the construction team tomorrow.

I'm out of that project.

But Mr. Kang believes you will do.

Are you really passing up on sector A?

I'm not joking about work.

Then you should have
wrapped things up properly.

You only talk to him
whenever he comes over.

-It just looks like you are complaining.

Have you ever visited him
at his office or his home

with an official refusal?

That sounds unnecessary.

I can talk to him when he's here.

I heard he took the rest of the day off
because of overwork.

-He got sick?
-If you are really going to decline,

at least hand over your plans.

-We need it for reference.
-So he's home right now?

Probably. I heard he went home to rest.

This is beyond strange.

Where is he hiding them?

Maybe he has a secret safe somewhere
like in the movies.

I bet he actually does.

Then it has to be here somewhere.

-You scared me!
-I didn't know you were here.

You didn't see me in the living room.
Where else would I be?

Did you forget something?

It's an ointment for your burn.

Apply this after sterilizing.

You came to give me this?

As if I would.

It's not that bad.

I said I don't need it!

I'm not okay with this!

You burned your hand.

So I can't make you clean and wash dishes.

Don't make a big deal about it.

I get it. Just let me go and give me that.

What's this smell?

-Be careful.
-Oh, it's hot!

Hey, did you know I was coming?


Is the exhaust hood broken?

What are you doing here?

What are you...

What is this?

What are you doing here, Song?

Why are you at Min-ho's place?

I work here.

Something wrong?

You fired her.

It was because of me, so I gave her a job.

So this is your new job?

Are you insane?

Calm down.

What the heck are you doing?

Come out right now!

Why are you so angry?

You are the one who fired me.

You know why I fired you!

This is the house of my friend's fiancé!

-What does that have to do with me?

So what? Why should I care?

I'll give you your job back, okay?

You need to quit this right now.

-I want to stay here.


I'm sorry Kang. I can't go.

There's something I must do.

-What did you just say?
-I'm staying.

So this is it?

After all that denial, this is it?

Look! That's so funny!

That hurts!

So funny!

This is so funny!

That really hurts!

Ma Su-jin! Gi Jun-hui!

What's wrong with you?

Mr. Oh...

He's actually scarier when he's silent.

Let me make this clear.

I'm not even slightly interested in
your friend's fiancé.

Why won't he leave?

No. I just don't like you.

I want to stay here.

What do you want for dinner?
I need money for the grocery.

-Let's eat out.

I can't let you cook with that burn.

You go ahead. I'll finish up and leave.

You are supposed to work until 6 p.m.,

with possible extension.

What does he want with me?

How have you been?

Mr. Kang! Long time no see!

I've been busy. Hope you've been well.

Of course. You can sit over there.

Two bowls, please.

Sure thing.

I've never been here before.

You must be a regular here.

My mother used to love this place.
I do too.

This was the only place
we could eat out at.

You must have come here with your fiancée.
Can you come here with another woman?

Not all females are women.

I don't want you to see me as one anyway.

Why didn't you go with Kang?

He was going to give you the job back.

It wasn't because of you anyway.

I don't believe in the pride of the poor.

I heard you begged Kang to hire you.

I am sick of seeing you doing this.

Calm down.

I have to be calm. I can't get fired here.

Do you think it shows your pride
to treat me like this?

You are just being rude.

I get it.

Use this to unlock the door.

Your payment today plus extra
for the extra hours.

I'll be on my way then.

I can drive you home.

I'm fine.

You want me to know my place?

So why give me a ride? Why buy me dinner?

Why take me to a place
where his mother used to take him?

He never brought me here.

A place of memory for him and his mother.

Why bring Song I-kyung here?

Get in. You don't look well.

I'll give you a ride.

It's an ointment for your burn.

Apply this after sterilizing.

What are you doing, Kang Min-ho?

Do you...

actually like Song I-kyung?

Do you actually like me?

This doesn't make any sense, does it?

Kang Min-ho actually likes me.

Wait, no.

Maybe it's you he likes.

Wait for me!

Hold on...

What's taking him so long?

You are a Scheduler. You can't be late.

Be thankful that I even showed up.

Be thankful?

Why did you call me here?

You told me you hate her room.

This place isn't that great either.

Spit it out.
I have to be at Hongdae Club Day.

Find me Song I-su.

What's "Song I-su"?

Is that a song title?

It's a person's name. Song I-su.

I think he's her brother.

Her brother?

Find out if he's still alive,

where he is and what he does.

I don't have to do that!

I'm a Scheduler, okay?

I'm not your personal assistant.

I just want to help her.

So help her yourself.

My time is precious.

I have a ton of stuff to do
in the remaining 33 days.

My personal schedule is full.

So you can't do it?

It's not that I can't. I just won't.

You are so heartless.


You used to be a human too.

When you were alive,

you must have loved someone too.

You must have.

Who knows? Maybe I never had the chance.

I died too early. I was 23.

You wouldn't understand.

Imagine you died at 23.

How would you feel?

I know how that feels.

It feels terrible.

No. I felt sad.

So unbearably sad.

I felt terrible.

You always got what you wanted in life.

You just felt bad
because you were betrayed.

Didn't you say you have
no memories of your life?

I have no memories.

But I still have my feelings.

Why do you think
I'm always trying to enjoy my job?

I'm living the life I could have lived.

I do feel sorry for you.

If you get it...

never tell me to waste my precious time
on someone like her.

Don't ever call me again in her presence.

So he's home right now?

Probably. I heard he went home to rest.

I should go see how he's doing.

I don't understand what happened.

He doesn't show any sign of anger.


When will you go to see Kang today?

It's his birthday.

Are you not going?

You already bought his present.

I can go with you. Just tell me when.

That doesn't mean I have to go.

I can give it to him later.


You don't even visit him on your own.

You may never get a chance
to give it to him.

Ji-hyeon always used to go with me.

She's not here, so I will go with you.

Stop being so upset.

We can't let her condition
ruin our friendship.

I feel bad celebrating his birthday
when Ji-hyeon is like that.

What if he has a girl he likes?

He's seeing someone?

He's not going to stay single forever.

What's the passcode?

How is the market study
on other spa resorts coming along?

It's almost done.

Hurry it up, please.

Hold on.


Mr. Shin is on his way to the office.

Right now? He didn't tell me.

We are leaving now.

Mr. Shin! I didn't know you were coming.

Send Mr. Song and the finance manager
to my office.




He wants to see Mr. Song
and the finance manager.

What happened?

Father, you are here.

How did you know I was here?

I heard you came in, so I came to see you.

What's going on?

Why are you reporting my schedule
to the Manager of Planning Department?

My apologies.

I was just going to leave to see Ji-hyeon.

If you are returning to the hospital,
let me drive you.

All right.

Carry on.

Take care, Mr. Shin.

Why did he show up all of a sudden?

He didn't even tell me.

What did he discuss with those two?

-Min-ho is with you.

We met at the office and came together.

Is everything okay at work?


You should...



What's wrong with him?

I wish I knew.

Maybe he ate something bad.


Just my lunch.

Stop being so stubborn and listen to me!

It's my life! Why should I listen to you?


Brain tumor?

Father has a brain tumor?

That fool...

See? People find out eventually.

Why didn't he tell us?

How bad is it exactly?

The tumor is right here
at the base of the skull.

It is quite big,
and is putting a pressure on his brain.

It's affecting his brain structures,
so no one can predict what will happen.

It's a very difficult and dangerous
location to operate on.

So you mean surgery is not possible?

The chances are very low,
but we have no choice but to do this.

But he just won't listen.


He was going to undergo the surgery
right after your wedding.

But ever since Ji-hyeon's accident,

he's been saying that he won't have it
until she wakes up.

Medically speaking,
there is no chance of Ji-hyeon waking up.

What happens
if he doesn't have a brain surgery?

He won't last long.




Over a million possible combinations
for a six-digit code?

A million?

That's 32,258 attempts a day!

Impossible! I need to find another way.

I only have 31 days left!


Seaweed soup?

It's his first birthday
since his return from the US.

We have to make him seaweed soup.

Of course, but...

you know seaweed soup is
the one thing I'm not good at.


Then I'll prepare the soup.

You just cook a few side dishes.

Got it!

-I-kyung! What brings you here?

What is it, pops?

It's time to eat.

Not hungry.

You have to eat. Get up.

Whose birthday is it?


It's my birthday?

You are too young to forget
your own birthday.

Be thankful for your birth!

How do you think I knew?

Did she even tell you about this?

-The mussels.

Did my mother tell you
to put mussels in seaweed soup?

-So how did you know?

Actually, Ms. Song brought the soup.

Song I-kyung?
How did she know it was my birthday?

She just said she made too much.

What? What is it now?

I brought some seaweed soup
with your lunch.

I said I don't want it.
Why would you come here?

It's your birthday.
You have to have seaweed soup.

Seaweed soup? Since when?

I don't want it!

You know I was too busy back then.

I even added mussels, your favorite!

Son! Eat it for me, please?


Go inside. I'll be going.



I'm going to make this cap disappear!

If anyone figures out where it went,

I'll buy you tteokbokki!

Place your bets!


Kang, you are not playing?

What are you, kids?

If you can't get it right, just admit it!

I know all about your dumb tricks!


All bets are off.

Han Kang! It's you and me, one-on-one!

A loser should do one thing
that a winner tells to do unconditionally.

-Oh, come on!

-Do it.
-Come on.

-I think he'll win.
-Not a chance!

Why? Are you scared?

Forget it then.

Who's scared? It's on!

Here I go!

Pay attention!

-No way!
-That was amazing!


Go ahead, Kang.

Arms down! It's in your sleeve!

Are you sure?

-So where is it?

You lost. Follow me.

-Follow her!
-Follow her!

-Follow her!
-Follow her!

-What's this?

I just thought
we should have lunch together.

Dig in.

You are not eating?

So you saw me?

-It's so good!
-Did you see us?

She's your mother. What are you, a kid?


Don't you dare throw that away!

I'll go around the whole neighborhood

posting your photo everywhere
to bring shame to you.

Do you think I'll eat this for threats?

Who do you think you are?

This is no threat.
You promised. You idiot!

-Stuck-up fool.
-What did you say?

Either eat this, or do my bidding.

-Turn around.

Turn around while I eat!

You got it!

I better not see any leftover!

I can't hear you eating, Kang!

Such a nosy girl!

You finished it?

Show me.

What's the matter, Kang?

Is this really from Song I-kyung?

Yes. Why?

You are the one who fired me.

I want to stay here.

This is crazy. What is up with this woman?

Are you mad because she brought this
from Mr. Kang's house?

That's not it.

This is exactly why she asked me
not to tell you.

She said that?

You know I can't lie.

What is it?

This is my mother's seaweed soup.


I'm not sure what I'm feeling right now.

Maybe it's Ji-hyeon. Maybe it's I-kyung.

I really don't know.

Hey, that's Kang!


Where is he going?





Ms. Song!

Ms. Song!

Song I-kyung!

Ms. Song!

What? What do you want?

I just need to ask you one thing.

Song, why are you really here?


I already told you--

If you really like Min-ho, just say it.

Then I'll never bother you again.

If not, then stop this nonsense!

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung