49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

How about housekeeping?

You need money, right?

You can be my housekeeper.
I'll pay you for it.

You know how to clean. Can you cook?

How much will you pay me?

Will you pay in advance?

So you will work at my house?

That's what you asked me.

I'll do it.

I can start at 11:00 a.m.

How many hours each day?

Why are you accepting this?

You hate me for no reason.

I bet you've always been wealthy.

I work because I need money,

not because I like my employer.

Were you expecting me to decline?


Be here by 11 a.m. tomorrow.

Shouldn't you be at the office by then?

I can't give my keys to a stranger
on the first day.

Think about your working hours and wage.
Don't be late.


-Paradise studio apartment, unit 703!

Don't you worry, Min-ho.

I will be there.

Yes, Mr. Jeong.

I have his signature.

I know he is up to something.

I can snoop around
and work on a job at the same time.

So what if it's a housekeeping job?

We'll see, Song I-kyung.

We'll see how long your hateful eyes last.

You despise me.

No one has looked at me that way
until now.

So you want to reign over me.

That's the kind of person you are.

You can't stand others ignoring you.

I think she's really gone this time.

She really left.

I fired her.

Won't you regret it?

Why would I?

And why would you ask me that?

What's your point?

So you are totally fine?

Of course!

That's good.

What is?

You remember that man who asked you
to design a building for him?

Professor Oh from Seoyeong University.

-Did you--

He asked me if you are still busy,
so I told him you aren't.

Why did you say that?

You quit the Haemi-do project!

You turned down such a huge project.

Are you going to live
by selling wine and pasta?

Is that why you settled here
on your mom's property?

-That isn't really my plan.
-So why be angry?

An architect needs an architect's work.

He'll call you soon.



Maybe she's not here yet.

Maybe she left already!
But I'm only 15 minutes late!


Department of Instrumental Music.

Ji-seon, this is Park Jeong-eun,
Ji-hyeon's friend.

I'm at the cafe right now.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it.
My professor had me do something.

Is that so?

Then I can visit you at your school--

No, I'm too busy today.

It'll only take a minute.
It's for your friend.

It's nothing urgent, though.

I'll go see her when I'm free, okay?


Nothing urgent?

But it's urgent!

You'll come and see me when you are free?

When will that be?

After I die? At my funeral?

So hungry...

It hurts but I'm also hungry.

I'm not full yet.

7,000 WON

When I worked at Kang's restaurant,
I didn't need to pay for food.

The doctor warned me not to eat noodles.

What if she eats instant noodles again?

Another bowl of beef porridge please!

With lots of beef!

That's right. I need to eat and cheer up!


The sun will rise again tomorrow.

She has to rest to go to work.

She'll be so tired.

This building planning is
from another firm.

It's really not good.

The design is boring.

This is for a generic commercial shop.

I thought you wanted a gallery cafe.

This isn't even the right location.

I chose here because the land was cheaper.

I want the gallery cafe
on the first floor.

I'll rent out the upper four floors.

You want a five-story building here?

It will totally block the sun
for those houses.

How will you deal with that?

They will be gone in a few years anyway.

I will just offer them a little cash.

-By the way...

this is a redevelopment area.

The main road is coming in
right across here.

Then this design is perfect for you.

But I don't like it.

I don't design commercial shops.

Don't you have that design
that won an award in the US?

That's for an art gallery.

Doesn't matter.
You can just use the same facade.

For your fee...

-I'll double my offer.

Young man, are you going to do business
with a professor?

Fine. I'll triple it.

-Hey, Mr.

You are on your own. Never call me again!

Don't even think about
a five-story building here.

Why are you up so early?

It's not midnight yet.

I'm sorry I made you sick!

It's strange. I usually eat
two bowls of beef bone soup.

I'm not sure why I got sick.

How long was I sleeping?


What's wrong with her?

What a shameless jerk!

I was too sick to be there last night.

I won't be late tonight.

I'm sorry?

Where is she going
without changing her clothes?

I have to go see Dad!

Hey! Where have you been?

No instant noodles, okay?

I'll fill us up with porridge
until you get better.

I'll take my medicine too!

Sleeping again?

She must be exhausted.

I'm not taking it, so...

please don't feel bad.


don't feel bad about me not taking it.

I'm really fine.

Your loyalty to that friend,

that's good enough for me.

Why do I keep thinking about it?

You have 38 days,

-3 hours, and 29 minutes.
-Oh, no!

Come on! You should be sleeping again!

I have to be at Min-ho's place!

Absence without notice?

She got fired from the store
because of me?

That's right!

Fired for missing just one shift!
How heartless!

So what now?

I'm late for work!

This is all your fault.

I get 14 hours a day.
That was the agreement.

This is why I hate humans.

So shameless!

Her body belongs to her!

You are just a borrower!

I know that.

I gave you 14 hours because
it worked with her schedule.

You are just a 49-day traveler.

The host's personal life takes priority.

Yes, I know that!

-You do?

So I can't go anywhere
unless she falls asleep?

-That's not fair!

How dare you yell at me!

I told you not to cause her any trouble!

Who had to eat like a pig
and get her fired?

Was it me?

I'm sorry.

Human or spirit, you reap what you sow.

I get it!

-If you really understand,

then I suggest you just wait
till she gets ahold of herself.


Oh, no! What should I do!

Her body clock is really off now.

You can't be sure when she'll fall asleep.

So don't wander off.

Be here by 11 a.m. tomorrow.

Shouldn't you be at the office by then?

Did you just arrive?

I was at the hospital
for Mr. Shin's signature.

Working hard, I see.

You didn't have lunch yet, right?

Let me just take these documents
to the director.

Let's have lunch together.

We are at work.

But we are alone.

The security camera doesn't record sound.

Let's just behave as before.

What's the matter with you?

Mom, this is my third year!

I don't have time to tutor anyone.

I never asked you for a cent.

Tell my dear brother it's his problem!

Hey, come here.

Get her in the car.

Come here.

Hurry up!

Move it!


Stop the car!

Shut up!

Just stay quiet. You want us to get rough?

We scored good!

Get us out of here
before that guy calls the cops.

Shut up!

Come here!

Come on out!

Are you okay?

Aren't you hurt?

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not one of them.

I understand you don't want
your parents to know.

But don't be out so late at night.

This neighborhood is deserted at night.

You live around here?

I sometimes come here to hike.

It's a good way to keep myself
in shape at no cost.

I think it's warm enough now.

Thank you.


Clean yourself up.

You got blood on your lips.

Thank you.

Go on, now.

How can I reach you to return the favor?

How about we go with names first?

I'm Shin In-jeong.

Shin In-jeong?

Can I see your phone?

You should go in now.

Excuse me.

What should I save you as?

Kang Min-ho.


I knew it.

I was right.

This is why I was being strict.

I knew you'd start getting soft.

What can I do for you, Mr. Kang?

Please don't look at me
with such sad eyes.

It hurts my heart.

I'm going to wrap up the revised contract
with Mr. Jeong today.

In three to four days,

we'll be done
registering the Haemi-do site.

You know what that means.

I do.

Finally we will be together
with nothing to worry about.

You came here to tell me that?

Just bear with me for a little longer.
We are almost there.

Hey, Mr. Shin.

Are you sure you don't want the operation?

I can't, even if I wanted to.

The longer you wait,
the more dangerous it becomes.

That operation.

You can't even guarantee it'll work.
Don't scare me.

If you go on like this,

I'll have to tell your wife.


You have no right!

Keep your mouth shut.

Ji-hyeon is all she has left.

There is no hope for your daughter.

So don't expect anything in vain.

Think about saving yourself for your wife!

What did you just say?

Listen to me!

What are you?

A God?

Who do you think you are?

You want me to give up my own child?

I'm your friend!

See? You need this operation!

It's because you upset me!

What did Dr. Cho say?

Nothing new.

You are still massaging her?

She's been lying here for too long.

Her limbs are stiff.

What did he tell you?

That praise from Ji-hyeon has
really perked you up, hasn't it?

What did Dr. Cho say?

Stop changing the subject.

Was it something bad?

I've been here too long.

He told me I should return to work.

I've been saying the same thing!

I'll go and check in the afternoons
how things are in the company.

You trust your friend more than your wife?

That's your dad, Ji-hyeon.

By the way,

what about Min-ho?

What about him?

The engagement.

We're not even sure
when we'll be able to hold the wedding.

Shouldn't we bring it up first?

He cares about Ji-hyeon as much as we do.

He even said he'd quit his job
just to stay here.

I had to stop him myself.


He comes in to see her every day.

I guess heaven was jealous of her.

That must be it.

The purchase was already complete,

but we couldn't even register it.

I'm sorry about that.

At least the problem is solved now.

It's done.

-Check it.

Once the registration is done,
your part in this is over, Mr. Kang.

Our turn to get busy.

Is everything on schedule?

We finished preparing a long time ago
to pop it up before your wedding.




It looks good.

Start the registration process.

Will do.

A son of rich parents, obviously!

What are you doing here?

What's with this cheesy song?

You fired Ms. Song.


So she's not coming back?

I said I fired her.

Is it bothering you?

No, I'm glad.
At least you won't suspect me again.

I'm sorry if I--

Forget it. Let's talk business.


Sector A is the most important part
of the Haemi-do Resort.

It needs to be unique.

That's why I need your unique creativity.

Nothing can be ordinary here.

-If you care so much about Ji-hyeon,

take this job.

I'll see you at the meeting next week.

Sit down.

-Leaving so soon?
-I'm in a hurry.

It looks like you two are drifting apart.

I know. He was always there for me
when we were in the US.

Maybe I was being too sensitive.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

You are not a monk anymore.

Stop it with these spiritual messages.

Some people are just straightforward.

Some have twists and turns.

Kang Min-ho...

Why did you really come here?

Let's say you borrow her body.

Then what if she wakes up outside?

She just fell asleep.
She can't wake up that easily.

If she finds out about you,

she won't let you use her body.

Song I-kyung.

Stop living like this!

You are wasting your beauty!

It's been five years for you.

You can't live like this for that long!

I know something happened to her.

I hate you for remembering those times.

What happened to you?

Maybe she's got an album somewhere.

What's happening?

Oh, goodness!

You said you'd pay up today.
Why did you run from me?

You just ran away from me!

What's the matter?

What happened to me?

What if she finds out?

Oh, no!

I'm sick of this.

What did you just say?

I'm so sick of this!

I'm so sick of this!

What are you doing?

What are you trying to do?


You can't die!



What is it?

You have to come right now!

She's going to die.

She's going to kill herself!

You have to stop her!


-Leave her.

It's her decision.

We don't have the right to interfere.

Don't say that! Please come here.


I'm working right now.

I can't go there even if I wanted to.

What's wrong with Song I-kyung?

Please stop!

Don't do it!

It's all my fault! So, please...


Ms. Song!

Ms. Song!

What's going on in there?

Someone's at the door!

Someone is here for you!

Ms. Song!

Ms. Song!

I'll break down the door!

Ms. Song!

Ms. Song!

Ms. Song!

Ms. Song!

Ms. Song!

Who do you think you are?

You weren't at the store.
So I couldn't check on you.

I thought I should return this to you.

It looked like something important to you.

Why are you doing this to me, doctor?

I have to make sure that you are okay.

Are you okay?


it's still intact.


please take this.

Call me any time if you need anything.

Please just take it.

Can't you at least do that for me?


Thank you.

Thank you for not killing yourself.

You know what?

I don't know why you want to die so much,

but I really envy you.

See, you...

You don't know how precious your body is.

You have a body you can touch.

You are warm.

You have a voice others can hear.

You have people to hear your voice.

You can look at someone

and exchange smiles.


Be strong for me,

so that I can return to life!


so that I can at least try something!

You have 37 days, 3 hours, and 29 minutes.

You have 36 days, 3 hours, and 29 minutes.

You have 35 days, 3 hours, and 29 minutes.



You have 34 days, 3 hours, and 29 minutes.


Can you please do something with her?

I've been locked in here for four days!

I only have 34 days left!

I can't influence someone's heart.

That's against the universal order.

You folks are so cruel.

I wasn't even supposed to die!

With each passing day,
I feel like my heart is shriveling up.

Please, help me!

Hold on. Let me check with my senior.

Yes, it's me.

Remember what happened to Shin Ji-hyeon
from my last report?

It's been four days.

In a case like this...

can I initiate Plan Number Three?



Here you go. Enjoy!

Come again!


Large Café Mocha. Load it up with
whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

One moment, please.

What an ominous place! What's up here?

Do you run all the shifts here?

No part-timers at night?

What a rude jerk.

I'm not a rude jerk, okay?

You better hire someone
for the night shift.

Your mother passed away three months ago.

How did you know that?

Your dog died last month.

You are next!

Sorry about that.

I'm next? What do you mean?

Can I just get my coffee?


Of course!

Hey, mister!


It must be a female part-timer.

She can't be older than 30.

Nobody big.

And never pick someone who smiles a lot!

Make it through this rough patch
and you'll live long.




Out of instant noodles?

-A pack of ten, like the usual?

You can't live on just instant noodles.


Just a moment.


FROM 1 A.M. TO 8 A.M.

AGE 28 TO 29





-Are you looking for--

-Can you start tonight?

Can you?

Thank you so much.

It's a shorter shift, from 1 to 8 a.m.

The rest is yours. Use it wisely.

Of course. I'll be more careful.

Those four days made you think, right?

That was all I could do.

I also have one more request.

What is it now?

You women spirits...

The more we do for you, the more you ask!

It's not what you think.

Can you look into her past?

Song I-kyung?

I just want to know
why she is living like that.

That's out of my jurisdiction.

A Scheduler only works for
those who moved on from this world.

If she has any family or relatives,
I want to find them for her.

Don't be nosy. Worry about yourself!

I know. I'll work harder, too.

But during the last few days,

she looked so lonely.

What a wasted life!

You have 33 days, 4 hours, and 59 minutes.

Good. You are home.

Sorry I'm late.


I was expecting you five days ago.

I had a good reason I couldn't come.

I also had no way of reaching you.


If you found someone else, I can go.

You were fired because of me. So come in.

That's my room. That's the bathroom.


I don't see much work here.
You won't need me every day.

-That's not your call.
-Cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

I don't need a whole day.

Let me see your ID first.

My ID?

Your ID card or driver's license.

I don't carry them around.

I can't trust someone
when all I have is just a name.

How do I know if it is even a real name?

Do you keep a lot of valuables here?

To someone who lives
from hand-to-mouth, yes.

You want me to come back with my ID?

Give me your cell phone.

You want my cell phone?

Can we talk about the conditions now?

You told me to think about it.

I'm busy right now.
We'll talk when I return.

-When will you be back?
-I'll be back by 11 p.m.

You want me to wait until 11 p.m.?

I may return sooner.

Can't I just shut the door and leave?

I haven't decided
whether to keep you or not.

You are a housekeeper, remember?

So you want to lock me up here all day?

But each day is so valuable to me!

If you can't agree to that, then go.

I don't want to hurry home for the help
who just turned up without notice.

Fine, I'll be waiting then.

How dare you!



Min-ho is a careful man.

He wouldn't have anything important
just lying around.

But there must be something here.

Why aren't you at work?

What are you doing?

You said you got today off, so I did too.

Let's go see Ji-hyeon together.


Let's have her parents go home and rest.

Let's stay with her today.

I can't. I've got an appointment.

Appointment? With whom?

You don't have to know.

What time then?

I can't stop by at the hospital.

You are seeing someone, aren't you?

You are! I knew it!

You've been acting strangely recently.
All that daydreaming and sighing...

I thought it was because of Ji-hyeon.
So who is it?

I'll tell you later.

No, come on!

Who is he? What does he do?

I'll tell you later.

You bad...

Then can we just see her for a moment?

We should tell her about your man.

She'll be up with joy in no time.

Don't be stupid.

Why? Remember Min-ho's friend
from the engagement?

-She was trying to--
-Stop talking about Ji-hyeon!

What's the matter with you, In-jeong?

Our lives don't revolve around Ji-hyeon.

She's all you talk about.

I wish you would stop.

But you know how close we are.

What if she never wakes up?

Will you continue to visit her
two or three times a week?

Just because of her,

will you stop doing anything fun in life?
Are you going to live alone forever?

It hasn't even been that long!

It's only a matter of time.

I don't know about you,

but I'm moving on.

What? 2006?

They were together even back then?

This is even before he went to the US.

Kang Min-ho and Shin In-jeong...

You two really are...


Fine, I'll be waiting then.

He's still using my birthday number?

What is it?

What do you want?

Come on! Stretch!

What am I, a kid?
Why are you treating me like a kid?

Nor are you a bean sprout!

You need sunlight!
You've been holed up for three days!

I do it once in a while.

I said stretch!

My goodness!

Stretch out!

That's it!

To your left! That's right!

Stretch it! Three, four, five...

What are you doing?

Well, look who it is!

Mr. Oh! How have you been?

How long has it been?

It's been a long time.
I feel like I'm back home!

Why are you here again?

You haven't paid me for my last day.

Did you even work that day?

I didn't.

But I'm not here to beg you for work.

So why are you here?

Mr. Han, what do I look like to you?

-Do I look like your employee?
-Mr. Han?

Well, you aren't my boss anymore.

I'm a customer who wants pasta!

A paying customer!

Say, "my apologies, dear customer."


That's okay.

I know he's grumpy.

So you got a new job!

I did.

Tell me if you are still looking for work.

I can ask around.

No, I really have a new job.

I get paid more, and I can leave freely.

I just have one person to handle.

But you look tired.

I'm really fine.

I meant your heart.

It's true I feel more at home here.

-Don't take her money.

You'll be back, right?

Of course! I might end up coming
every three days for the pasta.

I paid.

I said don't take her money!

I'm no freeloader.
Why don't you take my money?

I can't take your money.

You fired me. Stop pretending to care.

Let me be clear with you.

I'm not interested whatsoever
in your friend's fiancé.

How is your health?

Is your new job really okay?

That's good, then.

I'll be going now.

It must be a hostess club!

Pays a lot, free to leave whenever,

only deals with one customer,

and no work during the daytime!

You may be right.

Poor I-kyung.

Hostess club?

Oh, the poor thing.

Song I-kyung!


I know you are worried about
Song I-kyung, not me.

Still, thank you.

I'm so glad to have someone like you.

Where is she?

Don't do that.

You are making me want to return to you.

I know you are worried.

Hostess club? Is she crazy?

Song I-kyung!

I'll be back by 11 p.m.

You want me to wait until 11 p.m.?


The list of suppliers
that Hyeoksan Industry is in contact with,

along with trends.

Good work, but listen, Jin-young.

You can't come in here
during working hours.

You are Mr. Shin's driver.

I'm sorry.


What is it?

Is something going on at work?

No, I'm just a little busy. What is it?

We have our dinner tonight
to celebrate the registration.

Did you forget?

It's not that.

Fine, I'll be waiting then.

Min-ho? Hello?

Sorry, I was in a meeting until now.

So far? You said you'd pick me up at six.

We have some issues with
the authorization process for Haemi-do.

I don't think I can make it tonight.

Did it have to be today?

What will you eat then?

Just a sandwich again?

I'll move the reservation to tomorrow.

He doesn't even let me leave.

He wants me to use
what he has in the fridge?

There's nothing to cook with.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung