49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript


You are starting to interest me.

You are not just playing around.

You pretend to know me.

You act all shocked and surprised.

You even ignore me and laugh at me.

You are such a trickster.


you seem to be having a bad day, but--

You succeeded in getting my attention.

But this stops now.

I'm not going to fall for your tricks.

Never look at me like that again.

Mr. Kang.

What's going on?

I made a mistake. My apologies, sir.

Ms. Shin, what brings you here?

I stopped by to grab something to eat
on my way home.

Hey, Kang.

Nice timing. You come in too, Min-ho.

We still need to talk.

I just came out to make a call.

Let's go inside.

Those traitors!

How could they come here together?

I bet they are anxious
because they can't sell off my land.

You can't tell anyone
that you are Shin Ji-hyeon.

That's not all.

You may not even think about it.

What do you mean?

It doesn't matter whom you talk to.

Not even a single hint.

Leading them on is also prohibited.

I need to be more careful.

What do you mean you won't do it?

You know me.
I can't do something that I don't like.

-Hey, listen--
-Haemi-do project has its own architects.

Let them do this one.

I know there are other architects.

But, Kang.

Why did you change your mind
all of a sudden?

Because I got bored.

Do you do business for fun?

Is business like toys where you throw them
out when you get bored with them?

Well, that's me.
Min-ho, you know how I am.

-But still--
-I'll give you all the sketches I've done.

-Use them as a reference.

Come with me.

What happened between you and that server?

I told you. She was being rude.

Just how rude was she?

You don't easily get worked up like that.

You are always kind to everyone.

But you are different
when you talk to her.

It seemed really serious.

It was nothing.

Didn't you learn how to treat a customer

when you said you worked at a hotel
and majored in hospitality management?

Why are you being rude to my customer?

You told me not to be kind to him.
He's your friend's fiancé, right?

I didn't say you could be rude to him!
I said no flirting!

I never flirted with him!

That's how you seemed
when you first saw him!

Please take him home safely!

Why were you so nice to him
that night anyway?

I was just stupid back then.

He just reminded me of someone.

It won't happen again.

Why is...

How come you are always so extreme?

I know, right?

Never let this happen again.

Min-ho is my guest,
and the fiancé of my friend.

You hate me so much.
Why do you really care about my fiancé?

What? Why are you looking at me
like that again?

That friend. Were you two close?

That's none of your business.
Go do your job!

Why isn't Kang coming?

Why did you come? You couldn't just wait?

I was too anxious!

I couldn't wait.
I had to at least see your face.

Watch your words.

I'll head out first.

-You are leaving?
-I said I'm busy today.

We'll talk tomorrow.

No need to bother. Take these.

No, we are not done talking yet.

Ms. Shin, I'll see you tomorrow.

Can you give me a ride home?

I'm not feeling well.
I don't think I can walk much.

-See you, Kang.
-See you.

The planning of Sector A
needs to be done by you.


That was new.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

No one would doubt it
just because you're giving me a ride.

It's a five-minute walk.

Besides, you've never done this before.

Like I said, I'm not feeling well.

Just tell me what happened.

What did you tell Mr. Shin?

How did you resolve this?

We'll talk on the way.

So that's how you did it.

Mr. Shin...

He won't declare Ji-hyeon incompetent.

Because it makes him admit

his daughter is beyond recovery.

We just overcame a huge obstacle.
You don't seem happy.

It'll take a month, maybe even two.

Our plan will be delayed by that much.

We've been waiting for two years.
Can't you wait another month or two?

Well, those two years were awful.

We always stayed in a car or a hotel room.

I hate it.

Why does it matter where we meet?

It's important that we can talk easily
without minding others.

I can' remember

the last time I felt comfortable
being in your house.

Soon we'll be together every day.

Mr. Shin will need some more time
before he can let Ji-hyeon go.

Mr. Jeong wants to

drive Shinga Industry to bankruptcy.
Is that what you want?

If everything went as planned,

we would have resolved this
before the wedding

and I would have quit my job by now.

Once the Haemi-do site mess is over,
I want you to leave the company.

You want me to quit?

Just go with the original plan.

I'll take care of everything. Okay?

We should go now. I have stuff to review.

I've got a truckload of papers to prepare.


We were so happy.

Was she lying to me even back then?


When did you stop being my friend?

As for me,

you were always my friend.

Wait! That's it!

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Shin Ji-hyeon! Oh, you!

Only if you had been this smart before...


I'm busy! What is it?

This phone! The one you gave me!

Can I use it in this world?

What? You haven't used it?

You idiot! I'm hanging up!

So this wasn't just for Schedulers!


I'm a friend of Shin Ji-hyeon.

Did you hear about her accident?

I'd like to talk to you
about it in person.

I'll be at the gallery tomorrow. Okay.


So it was you! What about my rent?

What's wrong with her? Hey!

-I told her to come back in the morning!





Oh, no!

Oh, no!


What's going on?

You're asking me what's going on?

You said you'd pay rent today.
Why did you run from me?

-I did?
-You just ran away from me!

I was sleeping here the whole time.

Am I wrong?

Doesn't matter!
You told me to come back today! Pay up!

I didn't tell you to come today.

You told me yesterday! Remember?

You were here yesterday?

Is she going crazy
working all those night shifts?

My gosh...

Anyway, pay your rent!

You are four days late!

Give me a moment.

Maybe she found out!


This is a message
from the 49-day control center.

This isn't an emergency.

Please stop hitting that emergency button.

What the heck?

If this isn't an emergency,
I don't know what it is!

Oh, come on!

I don't think she noticed.

Thank goodness.

Just how rude was she?

You don't easily get worked up like that.

I'd say you are attracted to her.


Good morning!

Morning? It's 11 a.m.

But the weather is great, isn't it?

I need your signature right here,
next to my check-in time.

What is this?

Whenever I check in, go out,

return, or check out,

I have to record the exact time.
You'll need it to add up my hours.


Thank you, Boss!

How about you don't call me boss?

But you are. What else would I call you?

Mr. Han Kang, maybe?

Just Han Kang?

Han Kang?

Han Kang! Can't I call you that?

You lived in the U.S.
Don't they do that over there?

Jenny, John, Brad, Kang! Hey, Kang!

I must have gone crazy for a moment
because the weather is so nice.

I'll go do my job.


What was that notebook about?

I'm a freelance part-timer now.

Freelance part-timer?

I'm going to have to come
in and out of here frequently.

I know Ji-hyeon really loved her mother.

She told me you are the sweetest
and kindest woman in the world.

She wanted to become a mother
just like you.



It's heavy. Honey!

I knew this would happen!

You said you were going to cook trotter,
but I knew you wouldn't.

-Pig trotters?
-You see, I lied to him.

I said I'm cooking pig trotters
because of a diet.

I knew he wouldn't let me
make beef bone soup.

You shouldn't have carried this alone!

What if your arms get all muscular?

Beef bone soup? That means...

That means we have to eat
beef bone soup all week.

You should eat it once in a while
to keep healthy.

He rarely eats fish
and still doesn't eat meat.

Hey, I smell beef bone soup!

So you don't like beef bone soup either?

I can live on beef bone soup
for a whole month!


I also have my own sour radish kimchi
that's too sour for others to eat.

Oh, my goodness!
We have the exact same taste!

That's amazing!

Ji-hyeon, Mom's here.

Dear, you didn't have lunch yet, right?

We'll let your dad have lunch first, okay?

Beef bone soup is only good
when it's still hot.


Beef bone soup?

You both love beef bone soup.

Mi-ok, look at me.

My head is as clear as ever.

One of Ji-hyeon's friends stopped by.

And you know what?

She told me that Ji-hyeon wanted
to be a mom just like me.

Did you say Ji-hyeon's friend?

Yes. That's what she told me.

You two have always been so close.

I thought she didn't care much about me.

That's nonsense.

Well, that's what I thought.
But it turns out I was wrong.

Our Ji-hyeon...

She said she wanted
to be a mom just like me.

Is that what she said?

You didn't know either, did you?

I was a pretty good mother, you see?

Is that why you came here?
To tell me that?

I guess you couldn't come empty-handed.

That explains the soup, right?



In all my life...

this was the first time...

someone said she wanted to be like me.

Good for you.

I've never

heard anyone say that to me.

She cared about me so much.

I can't just lie on my bed all day.

What if she thinks I gave up on her?

Who gives up on her own child?

That's right.

I'm going to take care of her from now on.

If there really is a God,
he must have a shred of conscience.

He will not take the life of
our only child, right?

-It's so good.

Want some more?

Yes! Do you have more rice?

We only have enough left
for Su-jin and Jun-hui.

I didn't eat directly from the bowl.

Are you done?

I'm done. Jun-hui! Coffee!



You made it for Mr. Oh,
but I ate it all. I'm sorry.

As long as you enjoyed it,
it's all good, right?

Of course!

You must have been hungry.

I'm a big eater.

I think I was a beggar in my past life.

Those kinds of customers are the worst!
Don't bring the kid.

Or keep an eye on him if you did.

Be careful!

You're still eating?

I'm done!

I knew something was going to happen!

I'm on it!

Are you hurt? Stop crying!

I told you not to run!

-Can you give us some tissues?

Here you go.

Fine! Cry!

When you dropped the tissue, it got hurt!
But look!

We better fix it up! Squeeze, squeeze!

You have to press it tightly.

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!

Open your hand.

Just hold it in there.

Here's some magic powder.

Open it up!


A nice, clean tissue for a nice boy!

Guess which hand.

-A candy!

You are good!

Look closely.

You tear it like this.

And that's how you do it, okay?

Try it!

Do it again.

I already did it many times!

-Now you try it!
-Why should I?

Then why join this club?

Joining a club is mandatory, that's why.

We do a fundraiser
at every cherry blossom festival.

It's really important!

You want me to sell stuff?

Or you can learn tarot reading.

Why should I?

Fine! You dirty freeloader!

You liked that?

Come here, let's have a cup of coffee.


You know magic tricks?

You were showing one to that kid.

I learned it from a friend.

-Hey, Mr. Oh.

Doesn't Song I-kyung
remind you of someone?

Hey, Jun is the only one for me!

She reminds me of Shin Ji-hyeon!


I suppose they are kind of similar.

She's easy-going and happy.

-A big eater, too.
-Says things three times.

Eats pasta with chopsticks.

Hates bay leaves
and fidgets with her fingernails.

And now, magic tricks.

-And the way she talks!

The way she talks.

She just feels like her.

Even feels like her?

Showing her the things she likes
can positively affect her brainwaves.

That's why I'm interviewing her friends.

That makes sense.

I heard you became friends
when she first moved to Seoul.

I sat next to her at school.

The same senior-year class, too.

So will you let me interview you?

You must have a lot of memories of her.

What did you thank her most?

Like when you were grateful to her.

Wasn't this just about giving her
a friendly message?

Knowing how much her friends love her

could motivate her to live.

I'd like something really tearful.

Something tearful?

Remember when I carried you?

In my senior year of high school,
I fainted during the night self-study.

My parents were away in the countryside.

Yeah! That one!

Ji-hyeon stayed with me
all night at the hospital.

Leave her a message
thinking back to that night!


thank you so much for that night.

I should be there for you.

I'm sorry I'm not.

Come on, girl. Cry for me!

If you wake up, I'll buy you
anything you want to eat!

I don't need food! I need your tears!

Come back to us, okay?

I'm done.


Is there anything else?


No tears from you, I guess?

I usually don't cry.
It's not like she's dead.

So you'll only cry if I die?

We are done here, right?

It's not easy to do that for a friend.
Besides, she was in the senior year.

That's true.

But she chose easy subjects.
She didn't have to study much.

She wasn't particularly smart, either.

By the way, how's her fiancé doing?

It sounds like he would have to
call the wedding off.

It's natural to break off the engagement.

She was telling everyone
how he was her destiny.

Does Min-ho even visit her?

Liar! I saw you cry
while reading a comic book!

I'm in a coma and all you care is
what happened to the wedding?

Maybe it's because I'm not dead yet.

That's better.

I should massage her legs.

If she's lying in bed for a long time,
her legs will become stiff.

You should go home now.

You are pushing yourself too hard.


Ji-hyeon, I'll go home and eat.

After recharging my batteries,
I'll be back tomorrow.

No, you won't.

You should return to work now.

Min-ho can't handle everything.

You can't just stay here forever.

It's my business.
I don't want your advice.

I know what I'm doing. Go on!

-Listen to me--
-I said leave!

-I mean--
-Here. Go on, now.

Are you here to see Ji-hyeon?

Yes, ma'am.

Could you stay with her for a bit?

Let's go.

Shin Ji-hyeon. It's been a while.

I brought you these.

Washed-out roses. Your favorite.

That's right. You are here.

You are right here.

So why do I see you in her?

I think I'm going insane.

You are fighting for your life here.

Why did I think she was you?

"That makes no sense! You idiot!"

Say it to me!

Seo-u! It's me!

What's going on? Did something happen?



You like that one?
You got the same one last time too.

Yes! It's so good!

My friend used to come and buy
a whole bunch of bread once a week.

They were for the janitors
and the guards at her dad's company.

And for herself, too.

She sure loved bread.
That one, especially.

Was she close to you?

I was actually just thinking about her.

She must have been a special friend.

I almost thought you were thinking
about a lover.

It wasn't anything weird!


That's not what I meant.

She must have been a good friend.

Otherwise, you wouldn't
think about her like that.

I envy her.

Happy shopping.


Han Kang! Hey, Boss!

How can you just go
when I was calling you?

What do you want?

You saw me and just drove by!

-Did you really not see me?

Where were you?

What's up with him?

Maybe I'm late again.

No, that's not it.

What are you doing here?

I got you some bread.

No thanks.

Then save it for later--

I don't want it. Take it back.

I bought enough for everyone.

Mr. Oh, Su-jin, Jun-hui, even the chef.

I said I don't want it!

Are you done here? Then get out.

Is it...

Is it because I left without permission
for the time to return?

You are a freelancer. I don't care!

Just come and go as you like!

Just get the manager's signature
from now on and get out.

What happened to you?

Did I do something wrong
I don't know about?

You can just tell me.

Ms. Song. I'm not your friend.

I'm your boss. You are my employee!

I told you to go, but why not leaving?

And one more thing.

Don't come into my office
without my permission. Got it?

Do you not have a mouth?
Or can't you talk?

Are you going to answer me or what?

No wonder the customers are angry at you.

I understand.

That was mean. What's up with him?

He was fine a while ago.

Maybe it's because of Min-ho.

I know he likes this one.

Why is he like that all of a sudden?

What are you up to? Did you have dinner?


I'm working. Enjoy your dinner.



Hello, it's me. The driver.

I'm on my way to you. Mrs. Shin sent me.

Ji-hyeon's mother?

I'll be going now.

Mr. Cha!

What about Mr. Kang?

Where is Min-ho?

He's at home right now.

The driver is outside.

Go buy some beef leg bones and abalone.


In-jeong, what's up?

Did you have dinner yet?
Let's eat together.

Why am I so sleepy?


We meet again.

Go inside, please.

Ms. Song.

You look awfully tired. Go home now.

We don't have much customers
so go get some rest.

You don't look well.

Can I?

I'll see you tomorrow.

I don't think Kang is here.

He's in the office. You should go see him.

I'm fine. He must be busy.

What are you getting?

Kang's probably hungry too.
Ask him to join us.

Should we?

That lady outside. Is she a good server?

The manager seems to care for her a lot.

It's mostly because of Mr. Han.

What do you mean?

I think he likes her!

Kang does?

She's been late, absent without leave
and going out without permission.

But he lets her slide every time!

Now he's letting her work as a freelancer.

She can come and go as she pleases.

That's not like him.

You know Ji-hyeon's fiancé, right?

She's really rude to him, too!

You mean, Mr. Kang?

I'm not feeling well.

So can you please come get it?

Get what?

The 49,000 won I borrowed.

I owe you, remember?

You told me to pay it back
before the 49th day.

Come get it.

You bring it to me!

You who borrowed it should bring it.
Why should the person who lent it, go?

I'm totally in the zone right now!
I have to complete this.

So you come to me!

Once I leave this body,

I can't touch anything, remember?

You can touch whatever you owe me.

All right?

See you later!

Okay, that's it.

That was nothing.

You sure have many interests.

Dancing, coffee, motorcycle,
and now guitar.

You idiot! The guitar's just a tool!
What's important is the song.

I'm a singer-songwriter.

I know what that is!

I actually wanted to be a singer.

Everyone says that nowadays.

Hey, you!

You didn't even hit the right note here.

-That's how you do it.
-You weren't kidding!

So why didn't you become a singer?

My dad didn't like it.

Finding me a good husband was
his life goal.

And that was Kang Min-ho?

-I know, right?
-Worst mistake ever!

Don't tease me!

I tried to collect some tears today,

but I ended up feeling so pathetic.

All 49-day travelers go through that.


You saw it at the funeral!

Humans are complex creatures.

Those who die on schedule
and don't have to go their own funeral,

they are the lucky ones.

You're scaring me!

At least you are not stuck
being a Scheduler.

Consider yourself lucky.

At least you have a chance.

A chance to return to life.

So how did you become a Scheduler?

I volunteered.

People volunteer to become a Scheduler?
Why did you do it?

I don't know.

But I think I was really desperate
for something when I died.

That's why I volunteered.

If I do my job well for five years,

I get to accomplish that something.

That's my purpose.

What were you desperate for?

I don't remember!
That's why I'm focusing on my job!

Otherwise I'd be on it right now!

That makes sense.

Poor thing. You look so young.

Look who's talking! Where's my money?


Excuse me, what happened
to Ms. Song I-kyung?

I don't know.

You don't know?

She just didn't show up.

Where is she?

This actually is an emergency!

I was just with you! What is it now?

Song I-kyung is missing!


I think she's sick.

Get her to the hospital!

You do it! I can't even carry her!

I don't have to carry her!
You can enter her body!


Move it!

I don't feel well.

I feel dizzy and nauseous.

You made her sick. So take responsibility!

I didn't make her sick!

I'll see if you say that when you return
from the hospital and report to me.

I have to go alone?

I'm a Scheduler, not your guardian.

I have two appointments today.

Just take a taxi.

Maybe I was too harsh on her.

Kang, do you know Ms. Song's phone number?

She didn't even call?

She wouldn't quit without telling us.

Maybe something's wrong.

What did you eat yesterday?

Two bowls of beef bone soup
and rice for lunch.

A bowl and a half of rice.

A bread for snack, pasta for dinner,

and some ramen noodle at night.

Did you throw up?


Did I?


So he'll lend us the money
to pay for the plot

in exchange for a 20-percent share?

So he wants control over
the Haemi-do project.

He knows we are desperate.

But it is better than
taking out a private loan.

What should we do?

-Just a moment.

Dad is probably in the room.

The restaurant!

You are a freelancer. I don't care!

Just come and go as you like!

I bet he's really mad.

I have to go see Ji-seon at three too!

I better take the medicine first.

Get in.

You don't look well.
I can give you a ride.

No thanks.

I'm going to the restaurant anyway.

I'm on my way to see Kang.

Isn't that where you are going?

I said no.

Why not?

-I don't want to.
-Is that so?

Why don't you want to?

Is it because I was mad at you?
Because I misunderstood you?

Or did Kang yell at you because of me?

No. I just don't like you.

I'm not at work now, so I'll be blunt.

I don't like you, okay?

Why is that?

Do I need a reason?

You don't need a reason
for liking someone.

You can also hate for no reason.

You wouldn't know.

You always need a reason to like someone.

Same for disliking someone.
That's you, isn't it?

I don't like you either. Just get in!

Didn't you hear me? I don't like you!

I don't care if you are Song I-kyung.
I can't leave a sick person behind.

The fact that you hate me

doesn't matter now.
You don't matter to me like that.

That's my fiancée.

Your fiancée.

You knew I was engaged.

She looks dumb.

What did you say?

I bet she's naive to a fault.

I can tell.

You have a nasty way of speaking.

She's a pure and kind woman.

Pure and kind?

You mean easy. That's why you tricked me?


Yes, Mr. Jeong.

I have his signature.

I'll call you when I return to the office.

"Thank you."

I think I deserve it.

Why should I thank you?

You forced me to get in.

Forced you?

Why is Song I-kyung
getting out of your car?

Why are you so upset?

What's wrong with that?

Where did you find her?
Why are you with her?

I don't have to tell you anything.

You are Ji-hyeon's fiancé.

Ji-hyeon is fighting for her life!
What are you even doing?

What are you, her brother?

This is because of Song I-kyung, isn't it?

-Don't be ridiculous!
-So what's wrong with you?

You hated Ji-hyeon anyway!

I did, but you loved her!

This isn't about Ji-hyeon!

You even quit her father's project.

-It's her, isn't it?

No, it's about you.

Why pry into my emotions?

Did you really give up on Ji-hyeon?

No, you are just making things up
thinking I have something to do with her.

She's nothing to me, okay?

I don't care about her, you understand?


-Tell Song I-kyung to come see me!

Yes sir.

I'm sorry for being late and not calling
you. I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

I'm sick of repeating myself.
Let's make sure this is the last time.

You are fired.

I even let you work freely,
and you've been seeing Min-ho?

I said he's my friend's fiancé!

No, it was just a coincidence!

I don't care.

I can't let you near him.

He's engaged to my friend,

and it's my duty to protect that friend.


Is this all for me?

I can no longer forgive you.

-I'm through with you.

I am not interested in him. At all!

I don't care if you take it or not.

Never show up here again.


not taking this money.
You know that, right?

Are you threatening me?

I'm not taking it, so...

please don't feel bad.

Don't feel bad about me not taking it.

I'm really fine.

Stop it.

Your loyalty to that friend,

that's good enough for me.

Tell Song I-kyung to come see me!

He fired her!


Thank you for everything.


I heard you got fired.

Probably because of me.

You want me to go talk to him?


What now? I'm sure you'll need a job.

Stop talking to me.

How about housekeeping?

You need money, right?

You can be my housekeeper.
I'll pay you for it.

You know how to clean. Can you cook?

How much will you pay me?

Will you pay in advance?

So you will work at my house?

That's what you asked me.

I'll do it.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung