49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 17 - Episode #1.17 - full transcript



Where are you?


I need to know where a taxi is headed.

Do you even know where she was headed?

Seoul Station, please.

Seoul Station.

My wife is terminally ill,
and she just left to die alone.

That's why she also left her phone.

If she jumps out of the cab
knowing that I'm after her,

are you going to take responsibility?

This is a matter of life and death.
Please help.


This is the only help
I'm allowed to give you.

Thank you.


Please bring I-kyung back.

Ms. Song I-kyung.

I am sorry for scaring you,
but I'm really desperate.

I must ask you something.

My name is Han Kang.


I saw you take a taxi
in front of the house.

There is someone I must find.

I need you...

I am not sure how I can explain this,

but I need you in order to find her.

I know.


I know what you are talking about
and who you are looking for.

You do? How?

She is not here. She did not come with me.

Then where is she?

I do not know.

I left because of her.

No. Ji-hyeon cannot come back to life
without you, Ms. Song.

I cannot find her,
and she cannot come to me.

You know this.

What a strange man.

Why should I let a ghost control my body?

I am sorry.

I am sorry I got angry at you.

I just...

I just wanted to live so badly.

Just ten more days.

Please let me stay for just ten more days.

If you do not help me...

I cannot do anything.

I am just going to die.

What is it?

Is Ji-hyeon here?

Is she here?

After ten days,

I might die.

But give me just ten days...

Please give me just ten days...

I might still have a chance.

If not, please just give me one more day.

Let me see my parents one last time.

And let me just say

my last farewell to this friend, please.

She even had such a handsome admirer.

Why was she living like this?

An admirer?

After she left, this one man came
looking for her and raised a fuss.

But he did not see her?

She had already left for good.

So when are you moving in?

I will clean this place up myself.
You may leave.


So you can see her

and hear her voices?

It was not always like this.

But today, yes.

You must have been scared.


Your friend's memories and feelings
were still inside me.

The situation she is in,
the things she went through.

I know about them to some degree.

You mean Ji-hyeon shares
her memories with you?

Not all of them.

If Min-ho knew you didn't go to Busan,

he might come after you again.

Are you sure it is safe to go back?

He even leased out your room.

Let your friend tell you
the details later.

How is Ji-hyeon right now?

Is she better?

Please tell him I am okay.

She says she is okay.

Congratulations on making it back safely.

The relationship between I-kyung and me
has been exposed to Kang.

What should I do now?

Just do as you have been doing.

He seems to know what he is doing.

But I-kyung...

She can see me and hear me now.

It is rare, but it is possible.

Some souls are easier to communicate with.

She's just too pure.

Do not walk around
in the daylight anymore.

You cannot endure much sunlight now.

We will talk more later.

I feel too nervous being here.

Ms. Ji-hyeon, right?

Just Ji-hyeon, please.

First of all, I am sorry.

I caused your accident.

I was the one who wanted to die.

I was too reckless.

It was not entirely your fault.

I was reaching down to grab my phone.

Had I not unfastened the seat belt,

this would not have happened.

Is that why you came to me?

Not at all.

I cannot tell you the details
because they are classified...

but I was sent to you.

You said you have ten days, right?


As a way of paying my debt to you,

I will let you use

those ten days just for you.

Just for me?

What is taking them so long?

Sorry for making you wait.

I am so glad to see you.

So am I.

No more formalities, Song.

We decided to talk like friends now,

No, I will just...

I might make a mistake
if I become too comfortable.

Okay. Let's do it your way.

But first, let's shake hands.

Thank you.

So what is the plan?

I have to do something at home today.
I will be at the restaurant tomorrow.

You are staying here?


Okay. You must be tired today.

I will talk to the landlady
to clear up this mess.

Go get some rest.

No, you do not have to do that.

I can do it myself. You should go now.

Take care of it how?

Just go now.

You go in first.

I want to see you go first.

Promise to call me tomorrow morning.

I will come and pick you up.

Thank you, Kang.

You are here.

I-kyung actually--

I know.

You do?

So can I do as she says?

Apparently it's up to the host.

What a terrible host protection system!

Oh, right. You are on the host's side.

Stop adding things without asking.

No, that is not entirely true.

I need you to complete
your journey successfully

so that I can finish my term successfully
and get my wish.

This is not just because of I-kyung.

You brought I-kyung back
safe and sound, so thank you.

Right. Whether I live or die
probably does not even matter to you.

It does not actually matter to me,
but I still care.

I guess friendship stays around
even after death.

So I can do as I-kyung suggested, right?

You can show your gratitude
by buying her bottom sirloin triangle.

I cannot spend more than 50,000 won.

She has no seasonings at home
so I have to buy all these.

What are you, a kid? Put it back.


Let's just treat ourselves today, okay?

What are you doing?
It's me, Shin Ji-hyeon.

Oh, right. Seriously though.

I think my senior is using me to test
the limits of a Scheduler's patience.

By the way...

Shin Ji-hyeon, you are...

just outright dating Han Kang now?

You better not get too intimate
in I-kyung's body.

Holding hands is the limit.

What's with that glare?
You want to get intimate with him?

As long as I-kyung says yes,
it's okay, right?


As I was spending my time with you,

the thing I wanted most
was for you to eat properly.

Sorry, but I threw away
your instant noodles.

Thank you so much for today.

Try the spinach too.

Sorry the soup is a little salty.

That's okay.

Go ahead. Dig in.

I have been getting your stomach
accustomed to food.

Song I-su taught me these side dishes.

Please don't be shocked.

You mentioned I-su before too.

How do you...

know I-su?

He has been waiting for five years
to see you again.

What are you...

I-su died five years ago.

You may not understand
because you are still alive.

But just like how I'm in front of you,

strange things can happen
in the world beyond this one.

You pretended to like spinach,

but that was just to make I-su eat it too.

You liked sausages,
but they were too expensive for you.

That's why he pretended to like them.

One, two, three, four.

All right.

We earned our own tuition and expenses

when we were in college.


worked to pay my tuition as well.

He rarely got any sleep.

But he still always packed our lunch.


You have to stop this, I-su.

I told you I can pack our lunch.

I know that your boarding house
is filled with filthy guys.

I will never let you cook in there.

You can use that time
to get some more sleep.

I can sleep all I want after I die.

Then quit working at that club.

I'm getting a scholarship
starting next semester.

I am not quitting
until we get our own room.

The tips are great.
I won't find another place like that.

I also get free guitar lessons
from the guys in the band.

What if you suddenly fall sick?

Never going to happen.

I am I-su, remember?

So good.

Did you really...

meet I-su?

That photo you saw...

it was taken without him knowing.

You didn't approve of
his music career, but...


This is all I can tell you.

You can hear the rest
when you meet him later.

Can I really...

meet him?

I am not sure when the exact date is,

but it won't be long.

Until then,

he cannot show himself to you.

Please just wait a little longer.

What do you mean, she never left?

That can't be. I checked it myself.

I even saw Kang in front of her house.


So you turned around on your way?

I did not expect it to follow me that far.

That is why I had to get off.

Are you sure that
the spirit did not follow you?

I made sure it could not.

I'm sorry you were leaving,

I was glad you could do
your old job again.

May I please speak to Ms. Song?

Please stop by at the clinic
when you are done.


What happened?

I came back after getting rid of her.

She followed me to the train.

To the train?

Can she do that
without borrowing your body?

Could you see this spirit?

I cannot see it exactly,
but I can feel it.

You say you lost her. How do I trust you?

I will be working during the day
from tomorrow.

Come see for yourself at night.

Where will you work during the day?

-At Heaven.
-Kang's restaurant?

Did he ask you to work there?

He will believe that
I am working there as Shin Ji-hyeon.

-Ms. Song--
-It is because I slept during the day,

that she was able to use my body.

I am too scared to work at night now.

So you will just play Ji-hyeon's part?

His name is Han Kang, right?

He can never be certain
that it is Shin Ji-hyeon inside my body.

She is not allowed to reveal herself.

Shin Ji-hyeon.

Do you take me for a fool?

Did you think you could trick me
by just speaking like Song?

Do you really think
that I am Shin Ji-hyeon?

We have been sharing the same body.
I have many of her memories.

But still, this makes no sense.

Why are you going to work
at Heaven of all places?

You expect me to believe you?

Why should I make you believe me?

She used my body without permission.

You have no idea how much trouble
it has caused me.

I need a place to work immediately.

What's wrong with me playing her part?

You can work at the place
I arranged for you.

Who are you to tell me where I should go?

I did not leave
because I was scared of you.

I left because I was scared
of Shin Ji-hyeon.

You were scared of her?

The accident she was in...

She said I caused it.

She blamed me for it.

I was so scared.

Then you showed and threatened me too.

That is why I left,

but she ended up following me.

She even saw the memo
with the address you gave me.

That's why I returned after losing her.

If you are suspicious, check it yourself.

If you want to find her, do it yourself.

I want my room back.

And never show up

and threaten me to leave again.

So Ji-hyeon was pretending to be you.

What do you mean?

You two really are similar.

Those eyes.

They were yours.

The suspense is killing me.

I did not ask her for this.

She suggested this.

Of course she did.

Shin Ji-hyeon would never have
thought of this.

She said this was the only way
I'd accept it.

Min-ho really fell for it.

It is a big relief that
the real Song I-kyung is helping us.

But I am still nervous.

We have no idea what Min-ho would do
if he finds out.

I hope Mr. Shin gets better soon
so we can tell him about Min-ho.

Who could it be at this hour?


Yes, Father.

You looked into JC Consulting?

Okay, I will check my email.

Thank you.

What is it?

He actually said thank you to me.

Of course. He feels guilty.

He is grateful that you even
asked something from him.

He says that JC Consulting
is not a proper company.



Yes? What is it at this hour?

Shinga's bankruptcy?

Why all these promissory notes
all of a sudden?

We took care of the ones from today,

but the ones for tomorrow
and the day after are simply too much.

We have no way of paying for those.

What is Mr. Kang doing?

He is trying to secure more cash,
but he has not called yet.

Her legal seal?

Why did she need it?

To sell her land.

That money was supposed to
pay for the Haemi-do site purchase.

You have 9 days, 4 hours, and 29 minutes.

-Song. Song I-kyung.

Oh, no. The room smells stuffy.

One minute.

I am sorry to barge in,
but I have something urgent to tell you.

What is it?

Please don't be shocked.

I believe Ji-hyeon asked you
to keep this seal safe for her.

Am I right?

Her father's company
desperately needs this right now.

I need your help.

Is it going bankrupt?


With your help, I can stop it.

What do you...

What do you want me to do?

I cannot tell Ji-hyeon's father
about this.

I have been asking around everywhere,

but I can't even secure
one tenth of the amount.

That is why I am here.
There is a way to prevent the bankruptcy.

A way to prevent the bankruptcy?

On the day of Ji-hyeon's accident,

she asked me to keep this seal safe.

What do you mean?

Why did she leave this to you?

Using her land,
you can take out enough loan

to prevent this bankruptcy.

But you cannot tell Min-ho
or to anyone at the company.

What do you mean?


The fact that we took out a loan
with Ji-hyeon's land as the collateral

must be kept secret from everyone.

I understand.

We absolutely need the money
by the day after tomorrow, okay?

If we complete the documents today,
there will be no problem.




What about you, Jun-hui?

The problem is...

I stood watch for three days.

She goes to work to Heaven in the morning,
and stays home after she returns.

So she was right.

If there's nothing more to do today,

I will go help In-jeong pack up her stuff.

She is emptying her desk today, right?
Please do.

Yes, Mr. Jeong.

The company settled promissory note?
What do you mean?

That is impossible.

We are talking almost four billion won.

Did Ji-hyeon's mother really
get that much money?

She must have borrowed it somewhere.

She has no such connections.

That is great news, Ma'am.

I did nothing.

I will visit Mr. Shin soon
with everything I have found so far.

Okay. Please take care.

How did it go?

They paid off all the notes.

You better not get too intimate
in I-kyung's body.

You did it.

Thank you.

Okay, Song I-kyung.

What will you do for me in return?

You are thankful, but you cannot hug me.

I get that part,
so what can you do for me?

What is this all of a sudden?

Aren't you supposed to be
the older one here?

It's not like I want to be older.

You actually feel more like
the older one here.

She can speak, but she cannot tell you.

She can see,

but she cannot say she did.

That is how Song I-kyung is.

So what do you want me to do?

I am sorry.


Just stop.

I understand.

I understood everything,
and saw everything.

You can stop now.

You were at the cafe the other day.

Come in.

Go on. Look around.

You are here to look for Shin Ji-hyeon,
aren't you?

What do you want from us?

That is no way to talk to a stranger.

I know you took out the loan
using Shin Ji-hyeon's land.

I was right.

You had the seal all along.

Why is everyone agonizing over
whether I am Ji-hyeon or I-kyung?

Are you that guilty?

You know what kind of man Kang Min-ho is.

You won this round,

but this is not the end.

What is it that you want?

So what if I am Shin Ji-hyeon?

Or what if I am Song I-kyung?

You know everything already.
Why won't you just tell me?

Are you taking revenge on us?

Stop this and just tell me what you want.

If I really were Shin Ji-hyeon,

I would follow you forever.

What makes you think
she can only possess Song I-kyung?

Maybe she can enter other people.
Maybe even without a body,

she can roam around as a spirit.

If Shin Ji-hyeon does ever return...

it will probably be...

because of you.


while I was in the intensive care unit,

the company came back from
the brink of bankruptcy?

Everything went well.
You do not have to worry anymore.

Mr. Shin, about HM's joint-stock company,

how is JC Consulting involved in this?

A long-time business partner,

who worked as a branch manager
at a securities company introduced me.

May I ask his name?

Why do you want to know that?

I had Jin-young on alert by her house
for three days.

No one entered that place
except Song I-kyung.

Maybe Ji-hyeon fully controls
Song I-kyung's body now.

She definitely felt like Ji-hyeon.

Do you think
I can't even tell the two apart?

You failed before.

You didn't know she was Ji-hyeon
and fell for her.

It was not Ji-hyeon that I liked.

I am not blaming you...

but I am scared.

We cannot see Ji-hyeon,

but she is watching us.
Doesn't it scare you?

But what can she possibly do?

She found the seal before we did,

and saved Shinga from bankruptcy.

There must be more plans to her
than what we can see.

What do you mean?

The money that was used
to pay off the notes

was loaned using Ji-hyeon's land.

Why didn't you tell me sooner?


Our things are outside.

What is going on?

Not our things. Just mine.

I did not even touch anything you bought.

What do you mean?

I am running away
because I am scared of you.

You were behind Shinga's bankruptcy.

From this moment on, we are finished.

I know what I did was wrong.

Oh, you do?

It's not like I never regretted it.
I did it countless times.

Too bad for you. Regrets always come late.

I could not stop him.


lied to him first.

When the life in Seoul
was driving me to the edge,

I met Min-ho.

I fell in love at first sight.

I liked him so much...

I did not want to look miserable
in front of him.

I told him my father was...

Shin Il-sik.

Shin In-jeong.

When my anger toward Ji-hyeon

teamed up with that lie,

it drove me to do something irreversible.

You like Kang.

You must understand my feelings.

No matter how much I like a guy,

I would never betray a friend
just to be with him.

We only have each other now, Seo-u.

I cannot stop Min-ho now,

but as for Ji-hyeon's parents,

I won't make them too miserable.

Not too miserable?

Can't you see what I mean?

I have no other choice right now.

So move in with Kang Min-ho
who left you with no other choice.

Why are you whining
without moving into his house?

In-jeong is right.

This is not over yet.

I just cannot leave like this.

You said you wanted to live.

But all you do is worry about
your father's company.

It's because everything is my fault.

Had I been more considerate
toward In-jeong's feelings,

had I been just a little more discerning,

had I been able to see through
Min-ho's lies,

none of this would have happened
to my parents.


So that must be what it is like
to have a family.

Even as you face death...

you can't just think about yourself.

I am sorry.

Mr. Han Kang.

Don't you think about him?

He is a great man.

You two...

seem to like each other.

If it were me...

if I had known how much time
we had left...

I would have looked at his face more...

loved him more...

been nicer to him...

and just...

done more for him.

That would have made me
more desperate to live...

and even sadder.

That's what I am scared of.

I have no hope of returning to life.

I will just be hurting Kang more.

So you left In-jeong's place?
Where are you now?

I'm living with one of my coworkers
for now.

I left all my stuff
with the moving company.

Aren't you uncomfortable?

That doesn't matter right now.

I can't stand living
in the same space with her.

Ji-hyeon is really lucky
to have a friend like you.

I hope she wakes up soon,
if only for your sake.

So you really liked her a lot, didn't you?

What if...

like the doctor said,

Ji-hyeon never wakes up?

How long will it take you
to notice another woman?

What do you mean?

What if there is another woman
who likes you?

How long would she have to wait?

Song I-kyung's birthday is
November 8th, 1984.

She is unavailable.
Seriously. She is not available.

Maybe something happened to her.

I better go check her place.


Why don't you try that
location tracking stuff?

Does it work when her phone is off?

The location of the phone
with the number 010-491-4949 is

Paradise Studio Apartment, unit 703.

The one who lives here is

Kang Min-ho.

Use a special date related to someone
so that you don't forget the password.

I asked your mother's birthday.

When is her birthday?

January tenth.

Five, two,

zero, one, one, zero.

Why is there nothing?

I saw him take out the documents
from this safe.

Shin Ji-hyeon.

You have fooled me well until now.

Do you still think I am Shin Ji-hyeon?

How would Song I-kyung
have entered my home?

Why would she be in my room?

I told you. I still have
Shin Ji-hyeon's memories left.

I was just curious.
I kept thinking of this place.

Let me tell you why you are Shin Ji-hyeon.

I am Song I-kyung.

Shin Ji-hyeon would never
like Kang Min-ho.

Yet you showed interest.

That's not all.

You worked as my housekeeper.

You even broke in using my key.

Why would you do that?

You expected me not to notice these,
and broke into my home again.

That proves that you are Shin Ji-hyeon.

Ji-hyeon is way too simple.

She can only see things
from her own perspective.

And you loved her.

It was not Shin Ji-hyeon that I loved.

So was it me?

Stop playing with me.

If you loved her
while she was in Song I-kyung's body,

then you loved Shin Ji-hyeon.


you can't even tell whether or not
I am the woman you loved.

It is driving me insane too.

It drives me crazy that
I do not even know whom I loved.


No matter how much you try...

Shinga Industry will fall.

Haemi-do will be mine.

I will at least have those,

as the price for my insanity.

You still love her, I see.

Come in.

Who are these men?

Is it her?

This is strange.

I do not sense any other souls in her.

What do you mean?

There is no one else.

This woman...

She is not possessed right now.

That is impossible. Please try again.

Let me inspect your home.

Here she is.

Ms. Song.

Park Min-ho.

Ms. Song.

Stay quiet.


I received a report of illegal detention.

I need to inspect the place.

It really is a cop.

I know you are in there, Min-ho. Open up.

What is the matter, officer...

Don't get angry with me.
She is the one who broke in.

I left something here.

There was no cop outside.


What were you doing, Song?
You need to be more careful.

Watch your mouth, man.

Why are you angry with I-kyung?

Why were you at Min-ho's place? What for?

It's me, Song I-kyung.

Everyone knows you are Song I-kyung.

I am sorry.

Your friend is right next to me.

Oh, boy...

It's still daytime. Why is Ms. Song...

I didn't know you could
walk around together like that.

This was my idea.

You should have told me first.

Does it look like she had the time?

Why were you there?

I think there were some documents
in his safe.

His safe?

Thank you for telling him for me.

So that was it.

That was why you have been
seeing Min-ho all this time.

I am sorry I could not tell you.

So you broke into his place
and ended up getting caught?


What happened?

Jin-young told me that
Ji-hyeon wasn't in I-kyung's body.

Is that true?

She is playing with me.

What do you mean?

Song I-kyung and Shin Ji-hyeon
are the same.

Who was it...

that I loved?

It seems that a lot has been going on
at the company recently.

So you have heard.

Not just the bankruptcy.

We have defective products.

And Jinan factory equipment replacement,

I gave you clear orders.

And the money we were supposed to
use to repay the Haemi-do loan?

It never came through.

So you have recovered enough to
look into these issues.


I am getting strange ideas here.

They are not strange at all.

Your suspicions are correct, Mr. Shin.


But you are too late.

You said the seal couldn't be found.

Now they used that land
to stop the bankruptcy.

You are the one who delayed the plan.

What now?

The seal was merely found by accident.

Mr. Kang.

You speak with eloquence, but...

you haven't actually
delivered anything, you know?

We had a deal.

We were supposed to receive Shinga.

The order has simply changed a bit.

After I get Haemi-do,
you will have your Shinga.

If you are planning to betray us
after taking Haemi-do...

your death will not be pretty.

Do not threaten me.

I'm not one to die like that.

Because now...

I really can't let Shinga stand.

Let's go.

Welcome, I-kyung.

I changed the bed sheet and blanket.

Make yourself at home.

Thank you.

Bring her stuff into her room
and come down for dinner.

Thanks. Let's go.

Is Ji-hyeon here yet?

She is on her way.


I am in the room now.

She is here.

She is on the sofa.

Shin Ji-hyeon. Are you okay?

I am sorry I got into trouble again.

She says she is sorry
for making you worry today.

If you were going to do
something like that,

you should have told me through Ms. Song.

She did not tell me about this either.

I am sorry. I brought you here
because of Ji-hyeon.

Please, join us for dinner first.

I am fine.

Please come down.
We will be waiting for you.

Are you okay?

How did you come up here?
I did not see you.

I have a guardian angel.

Hey, I am a Grim Reaper, remember?

I mean, a Scheduler.

You should go eat.

The pasta here is excellent.

So is the pizza.

Please eat for both of us.

Min-ho found out everything,
so I had to bring you in here.

I hope you make yourself at home.

It feels somewhat familiar here.

I have not had a chance
to properly thank you yet.

Thank you so much
for giving Ji-hyeon a chance.

Thank you so much.

I saw how desperate she was.

I wanted to die so much.

But this life that
I wished to throw away...

was actually someone's desperate wish.

Still, you are doing so much for her.
I know it must be difficult.

It is nothing compared to what I owe her.

You owe her?

It's okay. Forget it.

You don't have to tell me anything.

Thank you for saving us back
at Min-ho's place.

I wasn't trying to save you.

I know that was for I-kyung,

but you saved me too.

Thank you.

If you really are...

please don't make me see I-kyung's face.

Were you punished again?

When a 49-day traveler endangers the host,
I can intervene.

I was following that rule.

A Scheduler only acts
within its legal boundaries.

It is bad enough that I got
my memories back. I'm growing impatient.

I cannot risk another penalty.

By the way...

will I continue to grow weaker like this?

It is not just during the daytime.

You are approaching
the end of the 49 days.

It will get worse.

I am so anxious I can't sleep.

Having trouble sleeping?

Sorry I messed up your sleep schedule.

No, it's not that.

I have been sleeping well recently
thanks to you.

I just need some fresh air.
Will you join me?

I'm sorry I'm too weak.

Please do not wander off far.
It is dangerous.

After today, she will have six days left.

Time sure flies.

Nothing is working out.

Is something wrong?

Ji-hyeon wants you to go in
and get some sleep.


Just staying with you at your place

is putting her mind at ease.

I'm doing this not because of her,
but Minho.

Just lock the doors
and it will be fine, she said.

Is she asleep?

Can she sleep?

I envy her.

I'm sorry?

But try not to get too attached.


does not have many days left.

What do you mean?

I've been through this.

The more you love and trust someone,

the harder it is after that person leaves.

Ms. Song.

Why are you speaking
like Ji-hyeon is going to die?

She herself...

doesn't believe that she will live.

That is not true.

They say God created the world
in just seven days.

So why should she lose hope?

The more you do so,
the harder it becomes for her.

You two were not meant to be in this life.

Lose the false hope.

Ms. Song. I'm grateful to you,

but you are making me angry.
Let's just stop.

Please go back in.

I mean, for you two--

I said I don't need it.

I am not giving up until she is gone.

No. I cannot give up.


Please do not say those things

to Ji-hyeon.

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