49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 18 - Episode #1.18 - full transcript

I am not giving up until she is gone.

No. I cannot give up.


Please do not say those things

to Ji-hyeon.

Ms. Song.

Just for a moment.

Are you Ji-hyeon?

Please tell Ji-hyeon.

When she wakes up,

she must tell me everything...

that she wants to say right now.

I want to hear them all.


tell her not to leave
without saying goodbye...

not to leave me like my mother did.

This woman...

She is not possessed right now.

I came back after getting rid of her.

What is wrong with me playing her part?


Thank you.

If I could exchange my life with yours,

I would do it.

I would be following I-su, and you...

would be able to stay with Mr. Han.

Please don't say something like that.

I-su is coming back to see you.

He is not someone...

who can return to me.

Are you letting me use your body
because you gave up on your life?

I thought...

it was because you cared about me too.

I do care about you...

but it is also true that I have given up.

I do not want to leave Kang behind...

but you want to leave with I-su.

Why does it have to be like this?


If I really were Shin Ji-hyeon,

I would follow you forever.

What makes you think
she can only possess Song I-kyung?

Maybe she can enter other people.

Maybe even without a body,
she can roam around as a spirit.


I am too scared.

Can you please come to my place?

This is too cruel.

Thank you for coming.

I am scared to death because of Ji-hyeon.

I was worried you might not come.

You were right.

Ji-hyeon is back.

She was not Song I-kyung.

See? I told you.


Song I-kyung is Shin Ji-hyeon.

Shin Ji-hyeon is Song I-kyung.


She said she would follow me forever.

She said she can go around as a spirit
without Song I-kyung's body.

She even appears in my dreams.
I am really scared now.

So stop her from scaring you.


Pull off her respirator.


What are you saying?

She is not a ghost.

She can move around like that
because her body is still alive.

Like you said, she is out
to take revenge on us.


She wants to push us over the edge.

It will never end.


Mr. Shin knows everything,
so I can't go back to the hospital.

-You do it.
-Are you insane?

So are you just going to let Ji-hyeon
haunt you for the rest of your life?

But still, how can I...

I cannot just...

let this go on forever.


You started this.

So end it yourself.

I have four days left.

Were you looking at the calendar
the whole night?

Why did you get up so early?

Because I sleep day and night.

By the way...

what happened when I was
in your body yesterday...

Do you remember everything?

Why are you smiling?

I remember what happened last night.

I am sorry, but I could not help it.

Please do not say things like that.

It's too embarrassing to see him.


I think you smiled just now.

After giving you control over my body,

I think I just sleep during the day.
I cannot remember much.

But just like we did at Min-ho's place,

I can stay awake when we plan it.

Aren't you scared of me anymore?

People see me as a ghost,

but you are not treating me like one.

Sometimes, I even forget
that I am a spirit.

When I-su comes to see me,

he won't be human either.

That too.

When I first mentioned him,

you never asked me what happened to him,

why he is coming back,
and things like that.

I know why he is coming back.
There is nothing to ask.

You do?

Even I don't know the details.

He is coming to take me with him.

To take you with him?


I think he is calling for you, Ji-hyeon.

-What could it be

this early in the morning?

Good morning, Song.

Where are your manners?
Aren't you going to greet me back?

-Let's go.
-To where?

Grocery shopping.
I need someone to carry them.

-Which one looks better?
-They are both just spinach.

You should have ones with short stalks
and large leaves.

The darker the base, the better.

-This one, please.

You know about these things?

I lived alone in America.

How do you think I kept up
my beauty and health?

Are you possessed by Kang Min-ho?

What a narcissist.

I was going to make you a royal breakfast.
But just forget it.

You were going to make me breakfast?

Are your ears going bad too?

I said I was going to. But forget it.

I saw a tteokbokki stand on the way here.

I can just have that.

Will you let me finish?

First, I was going to.
Then I decided not to.

But then I changed my mind again.

Why is this so good?

Maybe it is because
I started my day early.

You're making excuses.

I know you always eat like a champion.

It is not because I want to eat a lot.

This body needs a lot of food.

It has been so poorly fed until now.
Probably way low on vitamins and minerals.

That was probably just an excuse.
This is really good.

Buying fresh groceries
early in the morning,

having breakfast together,

working hard through the day.

It would be nice if a married couple
ran such a restaurant together.

What are you doing today?


Nonsense. On a nice day like this?

Get yourself a couple of boutique clothes
and some high heels to go with them.

But just one handbag, okay?

Just kidding. Don't even think about it.

That was your payment, calculated
down to the minute.

Go eat something delicious.

I am going to the hospital today
to see Ji-hyeon's father.

Why? Is something wrong
at his company again?

No. Nothing like that.

Using everything I gathered so far,

I am going to have the prosecution
investigate Min-ho and Hyeoksan.

I am going to submit a petition.

I didn't know you could
submit a petition for that.

Why didn't I think of that?

The bankruptcy plot failed.

Mr. Shin will be discharged soon.

So don't worry about the company,
Use your time wisely.

You bet I will.
I am going to have so much fun.

The secret safe and the fake account.
Forget everything.

I will.


I could die right now and
stand tall in front of Ji-hyeon.

We saved her company.
I am so proud of myself.

It sure took a while,

but we saved it. I have no more regrets.

No more regrets?

You are worried about Haemi-do?
What do you mean?

Instead of selling Ji-hyeon's land,

we took a loan from JC
to pay for the Haemi-do site.

The payment date for that
is one week from today.

What happens if you fail
to meet the deadline?

We have to hand over
20 percent of our share.

In other words, they get
Haemi-do's management rights

And it will...

probably go into Min-ho's hands.

I assume that is part of their agreement.

We barely stopped the bankruptcy.

Where will you find seven billion won?

If we win the Hanoi contract tomorrow,
I might be able to work something out.


I better be in the office today.

You are back, Mr. Shin.

Is everyone here?

Yes. They are waiting for you inside.

-Get back to work now.

We need to talk.

I am not sure what Min-ho is planning,

but tell him to confess everything
and stop right now.


I cannot stop him.

So please don't ask me
to do something like that.

Min-ho can be heartless to Ji-hyeon,

but you were her friend.

And yet I still did this to her.

Kang Min-ho never gives up,

and I cannot leave him.

As long as he stays in this company,
so will I.

Wherever he goes,
I will follow until the end.

I have no other choice.

It is too late.

Nothing is ever too late.

Not until you die.

I will ask you one last time.

Your plan has already been discovered.

Why have you not called me
to an emergency meeting?

Bring me your resignation.

You have no evidence
to support your demand.

So I can't fire you without evidence...

and you won't leave because
this is going to be your company anyway?

I will not ask you
how you could do this to me,

nor why you betrayed me.

I trusted you...

as a human being. That was my fault.

I will pay the price.

Is it just you, or do you have company?

I want her to take my order.


She is pretty, isn't she?

My Song I-kyung...



When I was alive,
it didn't matter what I did.

The attention just came naturally.

-Why are you here?
-What do you think?

I came to see your face.

My face?

Stop treating me like Song I-kyung.

What do you expect me to do?

I can only see her sleeping at night
because it is always you during the day.

Oh, actually, at night too.

That was pretty intense last night.

I warned you.

Stop getting intimate in I-kyung's body.

I had her permission.

It was her idea.

Probably just to make you stop whining.

By the way, was your desperate wish
taking I-kyung with you?

What do you mean?

She thinks you are here
to take her with you.

Besides, you act like it too.

You try to control her
as if she is still your girl.


thinks that?

Is that really why you volunteered
to become a Scheduler?

I am leaving.

Why isn't Kang back?

He said he will be back
after visiting the hospital.

You got a call from Han Kang.

The call you have been waiting for.

Why aren't you coming yet?

You can't?

Ji-hyeon's father was discharged today.

I sent him home. I will be
staying at Ji-hyeon's side today.

So you will stay at the hospital
through the night?

You want to take the money and leave.

We talked about this before.

You already heard my answer.

Why make me repeat myself?

The situation has changed.

He found out.

I didn't get into this mess for money.

Kang is no fool, and neither is Mr. Shin.

Taking over the company won't be the end.


Yes. Talk to me.



Kang took Ji-hyeon's parents home.

Who does he think he is?
Why is he taking care of everything?

This is not like you at all.

This is no time to get all worked up
over Kang.

What do you mean?

Ji-hyeon and I-kyung,
the two women you love,

are both with Kang.
Is that making you angry?

Is it because Mr. Kang is doing something
you can't do?

-Two women?
-Am I wrong?

You are not confused about
which one you loved.

It looks like you loved them both.

Do you want to beg Ji-hyeon
in I-kyung's body for forgiveness

and ask her to marry you again?

Are you afraid she will say no?


The thought of Ji-hyeon
bothers me like crazy.

As long as Ji-hyeon is Song I-kyung,

as long as she coexists with Song I-kyung,

I cannot do anything.

As long as Ji-hyeon lives,
there is no place for you at my side.

Whether you are really In-jeong

or Ji-hyeon in In-jeong's body,

I can't even be sure of that.

As long as Ji-hyeon lives,
there is no place for you at my side.

Shin In-jeong.

Are you still coming here?

Shin In-jeong.


What's the matter?

What are you trying to do?

Shin In-jeong.

Are you insane?


How can you do this?



Are you even human?

How can you even do this?

Do you want to do this?
You want to do this?

What did she do wrong?

What did she ever do to you two?

You two are not even human.


Or I might kill you.

I said leave.

What is it so early in the morning?

I'm here to tell you something about you.


You are just a shameless bastard.

"The gods have done you wrong,
so you do the same to others."

"You are challenging the gods
that gave you a miserable life."

They are just the lies you hide behind,
as you are doing worse than your father.


Do you know why you are shameless?

You had a mother who supported you
so you could get your MBA.

Don't talk about my mother.

I will tell you what kind of woman
your mother is, based on what you told me.

She beat you that you wanted to make money
and forced you to study.

Stop it!

So that you don't become like your father.

Even though he took a penny out of her

and gambled his life away,
you are even dirtier than he was.

I said stop.


There is a woman who loves you,

and you loved her once.

But you made her take the life
of her own friend.

You trampled on the sacrifice of your mom
who told you not to be like your father.

Your gamble is even filthier than
your father's.

Worse yet, you have the ability
to succeed on your own.

These are the reasons why
you are a shameless bastard.

You are a shame to your mother.

Once Ji-hyeon is gone,
how will you deal with me?

My body, my soul, my abilities.

I will use everything
to haunt you forever.

I see something finally stirred you up.

Is this Ji-hyeon's doing?

Stop your bluffing.

It won't work on me.

Park Seung-jae, who used to own
the Haemi-do plot,

is a former driver
of Director Jeong of JC.

Seo In-u, the CEO of Junse,

is the brother-in-law of the lawyer
of Mr. Oh, the CEO of Hyeoksan.

-You are certain?
-Yes, it's from your friend.

He told me to tell you quickly.

Along with the photos Jun-hui took,
these all make sense.

Good. With this much evidence,

they will definitely investigate
once we submit the petition.

You may never get to see her again.

Please send her your message.

-Oh no.
-My gosh...


What is this?

About Shin Ji-hyeon...

What kind of friend was she?

She was so nice, it was annoying.

But that's all just arrogance.

Knowing how much her friends love her

could motivate her to live.

No tears from you, I guess?

So this is what you have been up to.

You already tried everything.

Now it is strange to look at like that.


I want to help Ji-hyeon live.

I want to help her live.

I want her to live.

Same here.

What can we do?

I feel so sorry for her.

I feel so sorry.

Just once,

I want to be Ji-hyeon
in front of Han Kang.

I want to hear him call my name.

I want to say his name.

I will die in three days.

But I can't die like this.
This is not fair.

I understand your feelings.

You see him,
but you cannot say you know him.

You cannot tell him that it is you.

I don't know why I had to regain
my memories

and be in so much agony either.

I am serious.

Can I please see him as Ji-hyeon?

I will give up my three days left

for just three hours as Shin Ji-hyeon.
Can I do that?

No. Have you lost all your confidence?

But even if I return to life,

I won't have my memories from the 49 days.

That means I will lose all these emotions.

Of course.

How is that fair?

What about Kang, Min-ho, and In-jeong?
They get to keep their memories.

They do not matter.

Lots of people claim to have seen ghosts.

They are everywhere.

So they can tell me, right?

So what? You will just think
they are talking nonsense.

What am I doing, then?

The 49 days are just
a chance for you to regain your life.

They are not an extension of your life.

I know 49-day travelers like you.

Those who just focus on romance.

These 49 days...

This is too cruel.

The Hanoi contract went to Hyeoksan.

What do you mean?

They are going for the construction
in Ho Chi Minh City.

You said they gave up on Hanoi.

You confirmed their bidding
for the Ho Chi Minh construction.

It was Mr. Kang who confirmed it.

What is the matter, Kang?
Did something happen?

I'm sorry about the other day.
I must have hurt your feelings.

I have no right to complain, though.

I just wanted to confirm that
Ji-hyeon was loved in this world.

I wanted to show that to her.

What do you mean?

I mean what I said.
Ji-hyeon loved you two.

But In-jeong wants her dead. And you...

You speak as if she is still alive.

So you think Ji-hyeon is dead?

Does she mean nothing to you already?

That is not what I meant.
But the doctor says it is hopeless.

Right. Medically speaking, she is dead.

But even if she dies...

we still share a bond with her.

Yes Ma'am, this is Kang.

We are in big trouble, Kang.

The contract went to Hyeoksan.


All right. I will head to the hospital
right away.

Where are you going all by yourself?

I'm having fun like I said.

Now that I finally have time,
you are busy.

That petition turned out to be
a lot of work.

Are you worried that
I might be wasting my time?

Let's go.

You don't have enough time
to go to America.

Just try calling him.

My father is a businessman.

He will not just commit to an investment
just because his son called.

Even if I talk to him and beg him
in person, he may still refuse.

But we only have five days left.

If I leave tomorrow and return
in two days, we'll still have two.

Saving her father's company
is her last wish.

I can't let Min-ho stab her
in the back until the last minute.

What if you fail?

The Haemi-do project was planned
by Min-ho.

I can do this.

I know this is urgent, but

you are actually going to America
to secure investment?

This is our only chance right now.

You cannot fall here.

Kang is doing so much for us,

but I don't see In-jeong anywhere.

Dear, go talk to Seo-u,

and check on In-jeong.

It is under my name, but it is yours.

The password is your birthday.


are you giving me this?

You are scared of Ji-hyeon.
Just stay abroad for a while.

When this is over, I will let you know.

I cannot do this.

You know I cannot leave alone.

You wanted to take the money and run.

If you stay with me,
you might go insane too.

Min-ho. No.

I don't need this money.
I never said I wanted money.

You scum.

Actually, no.

I was the one
who couldn't smell your stench.

This is my fault.

Leave, Min-ho.

Please, sit.

Unbelievable. Right under my nose.

I won't even ask how you could do this.

You sold out your man to your friend.

I have nothing to say to you.

Yes. I knew it.

I knew you had a wicked heart
from the beginning.

You are right.

I knew it too.

I knew you never liked me.

But I still had to live in your house.

That was quite difficult.


Do you think
you didn't make me uncomfortable?

Whenever your friends and family
came over,

you made me greet
every single one of them.

You were just...

enjoying being
the most generous person in the world.

I did it because I considered you
my family.


On the day I got kidnapped,

you said something. Do you remember?

"Oh, no. Our Ji-hyeon.

They must have mistaken you for Ji-hyeon.

Thank heavens Ji-hyeon came home early."

Not once did you ask if I was okay.

That was... At that time...

It is the instinct of parents
to worry about my child first.

Is that why you did this to us?

Yes. That is why.

You despised me,
and Ji-hyeon hurt my pride.

I'll see your life falling to the bottom.

Why did you even let me stay?

If you despised me that much,
you could have just said no.

Why did you pretend to be generous?

You should have rejected me.

I have nothing but debt to Kang.

I want to do something for him.

What did you do for I-su?


made some rice rolls
and took him out on a picnic.

I-su loved my rice rolls.

We just lied down there,

reading books and listening to music.

That sounds wonderful.

I never went on a date like that.

But where can I cook in secret?

I will be back, Ji-hyeon.

Stay safe.

You have 2 days, 4 hours, and 29 minutes.

Are you leaving already?

I will stop by the prosecutors' office
and go to the airport.

At least say goodbye to Ji-hyeon.

If I tell her, she will ask
why I am going to America.

What if she finds out?

Her remaining days
will become a nightmare.

What should I tell her if she asks?

Please just come up with something.

Tell her I will be back soon.


Mr. Oh, if the boss asks for me,

please tell him I'm out
taking care of something.

Thank you for not asking.

Oh, goodness.

You ran away to Kang's place
to escape from me,

but here you are,
in the tiger's den yourself.

This is your strength.

Believing that you are a great man.

It is also your flaw.

Thinking that you are so important

that you don't care about others.

You are Ji-hyeon,

but not when you are with me. Why is that?

You already know the answer to that,
don't you?

I brought it.

You are here already.

Excuse me...

Here is the agreement.

What agreement?

What's up with that guy?

He told me to draw up an agreement
under your name, and now he just leaves?


Do not interfere in human affairs.

Get that through your head.

What's with that outfit?

Always mind your dignity and pride
as a Scheduler.

Yes, Sir.


This is your notification
to download your schedule.

It comes once every ten days.

Who do we have here?


A full schedule until the very last day.


And the last soul I will be
guiding to the elevator is...

Mr. Oh. Where is the boss?

His phone was off.


He flew to America.

What are you...

He got an urgent call from his father.

No worries. He will be back in two days.

Two days?





When you return...

I will no longer be here.

When you return...

I won't be here.




He told me not to leave
without saying goodbye.

He told me not to leave like his mother.

If he is coming back in two days,
you may still see him.

I can't.

By the time he comes back...

I will no longer be here.

In two days...

you will be gone too, Ji-hyeon.

Do you...

need me for anything today?

If not, I am going out for a bit.

Are you really
living for that spirit right now?

I know it is hard for you to understand,

How is that possible?

You told me the other day.

There are kinds of pain that
you must experience to understand.

This is the same.

You won't understand
why I decided to do this.

So you didn't trust me.

Is it because I told you to leave?

From your perspective, telling me to leave
was the right choice.


thought I had finally become your friend.

I guess I was wrong.

I only saw things from my perspective.

I just wanted you
to get over this whole episode.

I know.

That is why I came to say goodbye.

Thank you for everything.

Are you going somewhere?

Yes. To wherever it might be.

Traveler Shin Ji-hyeon.

No need to comfort me.

I am not here to comfort you.

I am officially here to wrap up
your 49-day travel.

So listen well.

Traveler Shin Ji-hyeon. As of midnight,

you have 16 hours and 55 minutes.

Tomorrow, at 4:55 p.m.,

on the hour of your accident,
your 49-day travel will end.

Leaving behind a letter or anything
that may reveal the universal secret

is strictly forbidden.

Not even a letter?

Any letter under your name
will be destroyed.

As your Scheduler,

I will officially visit you again
five minutes prior to your journey's end.

That is all.

Good luck.

Serves you right.

Say what you must and leave.

Ji-hyeon's mother came to me

and asked me about you and Min-ho,
so I told her.

At least she couldn't kill me.

You have been lying here like this
since yesterday?

So is it over between you and Min-ho?

You lost your man and your friends.

Too bad, Shin In-jeong.

Min-ho and I...

We are not over yet.

Kang still talks about Ji-hyeon
as if she is still alive.

When you told me that he likes Ji-hyeon...

I felt sad. I was wondering why.

Then I realized that I was seeing her
as a dead person already...

even though our bonds
still remain after her death.

We three...

What happened to us?

You look so pretty.


Thank you for everything.

Ms. Park.

Help me pick a cake.

The prettiest, tastiest one here.

Is it a special day?

It is Ji-hyeon's parents' anniversary.

You are a better friend than I am.

-Wrap this one up.

How much is it?

This one is on me.

No way.

I am Ji-hyeon's friend too.

I am supposed to be the closer friend.

We are totally best friends.

I know.

She said you are her favorite person
right after her parents.

She did?

She said you were like the shade
of a huge tree.

You may not have realized it,

but she really did like you a lot.

Hearing that makes me miss her.

Ji-hyeon used to sing for us
every year on our anniversary.

That is why I...

brought this CD instead.

Please push me out now.

He must be so happy

He must be so very happy

Whoever is with that woman

I envy him so much

At your lightless window

I was waiting today

As I watch myself standing

I sadly turn around

Some parents are good like yours...

while others abandon their child.

Maybe you were not abandoned.

Maybe they just lost you.

Ever since my brother was born...

I was just a nuisance.

I still remember.

Oh, no...

That must be why...

I got I-su instead of parents.

I told you to wait for me.
Why did you leave alone?

The others keep making fun of me.

They say I am dating my brother.

So tell them you are.


They'll tease you no matter what you say.

We are not siblings and that's a fact.

So nothing wrong with us dating.

Song I-su.

I'm not saying we should actually date.

But if they make fun of you
either way, you might as well.

This is all because
you named me like this.

Fine. When I grow up
and make tons of money,

I will find your real name for you.

Come here.



Hey, what is this?

You said you are my mom...

and my dad,

and my brother, and my friend.

Of course. I am Song I-su.
I can be anything for you.

And you lost that man.
That is why you became like this.


I am truly sorry.

I am sorry.

Hey, what is this?

You have to leave those good parents...

because of me.

I am sorry.


I knew I could not kill myself,

but I wanted to die so badly.

For five years since I-su left,

I tried slitting my own wrist.

I tried taking pills.

I tried hanging myself.

That was not just your fault.

The thing is...

I just would not die.

When I slit my wrist,

the landlady showed up.

The pills, I just threw them back up.

When I hanged myself,

the rope broke.

That's why I was there.

That was the day I-su died.

I am...

truly sorry.

If you are sorry...

please live your life to the fullest.

Whenever things get tough...

remember how desperately I wanted to live.

Keep your chin up and live well.

This is my special service
on your last day.

You have 7 hours and 55 minutes.
What do you want to do?

I will take you wherever you want to go.

There is nothing I want to do.

You can call the elevator now.


I will be nervous in the last moments.

That is not how I want this to end.

I want to leave now.



Thank you for everything.

Save your goodbye

for the elevator.

What do you mean?

Are you...

telling me to...

give up on Ji-hyeon?

I know what is happening
at Il-sik's company.


has no chance medically.

Please do not be surprised.

I am cleaning your place
to show you my gratitude.

And please do not be scared.

I won't be back.

Let me tell you who I was.

I was a soul who grew attached to you
without you even knowing.

A poor soul. That was me.


Stop living on instant noodle.

I really want you to eat properly.

All right.

Time to say goodbye.

Call the elevator...

before I change my mind.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung

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