49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

Why are you denying it? Look at this.

Still no?

Me and this woman? Impossible.

I said she's nothing to me.

Just because you said nothing,

it doesn't mean nothing.

Just because you said nothing,

it doesn't mean nothing.

I'm telling you. That's not true, I-kyung.

Song I-kyung. That's not true.

Why can't you believe me?



Song I-kyung.

Look at you.

Look at you...

What happened to you?


Hey. I am not her.

I am Shin Ji-hyeon, not Song I-kyung.

I am Shin Ji-hyeon, remember?

Did your memories come back?

Do you remember her now?


This photo...

What is this?

You don't know this?

This was in I-kyung's locker.

So this isn't why you broke up?

I have never seen this photo before.

Just because you said nothing,

it doesn't mean nothing.

That was why I-kyung...

That was why she...


I understand your passion for music.

You don't really understand me.

When I came out, you had no choice.

You promised.

We went to the same college.

We worked at the same place.

Whatever we do,

we were supposed to find things
we can do together.

Until the day we can finally build Iwolae.

That was our dream.

Still that old thing?

Do I have to give up my dreams
just to make you feel better?

Is that what you call love?

So you really want to make music?

Don't you want to play with girls?

I knew that was it.

The girls that come here
are nothing to me. I told you.

Nothing to you?

They are all just friends
of my band members.

How many times did I tell you?

Just because you said nothing...

it doesn't mean nothing.

What do you mean?

Get to the point.

I want you to tell me yourself.

I want your honest answer.

Right now, to you,

what am I?

Let's just stop this. I am sick of it.

I am sick of you. Got it?

Just thinking of marrying you
is already suffocating me.

I have done this for 18 years now.

Being with no one else but you
for the next 30, 40 years

is dreadful.


Song I-kyung. Why can't you change?

At five, ten, nineteen, and twenty three,
why are you exactly the same?

Hey, there she is.

She looks like a mess.

Go apologize to her.
We will be away for two weeks.

It will take more than just a few words.

Start the car.

Let's go.


Song I-kyung,
try to last 15 days without me.

For two weeks, I performed at night...

and worked at a construction site
during the day.

Can I engrave letters on it?

Of course. What would you like?

"S LOVE K" please.


Oh, no...

Then why did you take this picture?

I loved having fun,
but I was never a scumbag.

She took this while I was asleep.

Hey, Shin Ji-hyeon, hurry back
and give I-kyung her body back.

I have to tell her.

This is not right.

Something is wrong.

This cannot be.

What is it?

How did I regain my memories?

This is not possible.

Ma'am. How could you have let this happen?

How could you let her live like this
for five years?

-What's wrong?
-I am being summoned.

You go on ahead.

Be careful.

Can someone's heart ever be
truly understood by another?

She never thought about it
from my perspective.

Her kindness ignored my own feelings...

actually made me miserable.

I asked Min-ho first.

To bring Ji-hyeon down
to the same position I was in.

To love sincerely,
does my perspective come first?

Or should be from the other perspective?

To me, it was love.

But In-jeong saw it as contempt.

To I-su, it was love.

But I-kyung saw it as betrayal.

If one's heart can't be seen,
how can it be shown to others?

This is bad.

She is definitely on to you for sure.

Definitely on to me?

Just be glad that she is
not actually dead yet.

Otherwise, she would have clung to you
and harassed you all your life.

You mean she has a grudge on me?

Is that why she won't
return to her own body?

She has been all over the place,
causing quite a bit of trouble.

Have you not noticed?

So did Ji-hyeon really do that?

What have you done so much wrong to her?

Then what should I do?

Unless she can occupy several bodies,

you need to separate her from her host.





You still have the record
of the pick-up point?

May I have the address?

Please don't leave, Hwa-jun.

Where will you go without me?

The bond between us has broken.

We cannot live like this.

Why do you not believe in my love?

Let me go.

Please don't go, Hwa-jun.

Even when I know how upset you are,

I cannot tell you what it is.

How do you think I feel?


Are you crying?

Oh, no. I have never seen you cry before.

What's wrong, you two?

Kang. I think Hae-won really loves me.

Look how he is crying.

Oh, no. Please don't cry.

I'm sorry, Hae-won.

-Please don't cry.
-Don't cry.

I was wrong, Hae-won.


Your habits, gestures, expressions.

You are Shin Ji-hyeon.

What is going on? What happened to you?

You are Ji-hyeon.

Shin Ji-hyeon.

It was definitely shaped like a tear drop.


The proof of true love? Tear?

That's it.


-The tears just now.
-I think it's tears.

-You think so too?
-After seeing Hae-won's tears,

all my doubts melted away.

You are the best, Auntie.

Oh, my.

So this is how it feels to be hugged
by a tall man with wide shoulders.

Tears make sense.

I really loved my third boyfriend.

When he died in a car accident,
even though I almost never cry,

tears just flowed out uncontrollably.


Su-jin, you get a bonus leave this month.

Good for you, Su-jin.

What is this?

Can I leave this with you for a while?

Follow me.

What is that? That wasn't there before.

Why are you...

What are you staring at?

That is a pretty necklace.

It looks unique.

Where did you buy it?

I didn't buy it. I just got it somewhere.

I am pretty sure it was empty
the last time I looked at it.

But something is in it now.

It looks like a tear drop.

So when did it change?

Why do you want to know?

What? I can't even ask you
when your necklace changed?

The last one was empty.

This one is different.

This is just...

a very common question.

So when did it change?


The day I handed in my resignation.

The day you quit?

What is it?

Is that my tear?

What's wrong?

On that day...

I was so upset that you quit,

I went to Ji-hyeon's room and cried.

You cried?


So it was you?

It really is a tear.

Why are you crying?

Because I'm grateful.

Because I'm so thankful.

Ms. Song, stop crying
and get back to work.

With Jun-hui away, we are short-handed.

Yes, I better do that.

-Ms. Park.

It's been a while, Ms. Song.

Kang, I have something to tell you.

I was just leaving.

What is it?

Did you know about Min-ho and In-jeong?

It was Kang.

It was Han Kang.

I ordered the Jinan factory
to begin operating.

Send out the promissory notes.

Now that Mr. Shin is back,
and his will is useless,

you want me to hurry?

We are late, but I thought
Hyeoksan wanted to hurry this up.

You were going to do this anyway.

Don't try to stop the plan again.

That won't happen.

Okay. Got it.

Now that Mr. Shin woke up,
shouldn't we tell him everything?

He's still in the intensive care unit.

JC is a company registered in America.

I better ask my father to look into it.

You are going to call your father?

My pride does not matter right now.

How should I help?

You are tracking Min-ho
and hunting for tears too.

You and Auntie gave me
the most important hint.

You showed me how I can save Ji-hyeon.

Hwa-jun was brilliant, wasn't she?

Hey, the two of us can do that part.

Collecting tears of true love.

Can you do that without
telling Auntie about Ji-hyeon?

No worries. She really believes in me now.

You really met a wonderful woman.

So have you.

Ji-hyeon is such a pure woman.

Why would Min-ho do that to her?

Considering how he grew up,

I can understand his anger.

It must have been so hard.

His story was heartbreaking.

But this is still wrong.

I was abandoned at a temple as a baby too.

Jun-hui had to take care of her siblings
as well as his sick parents.

He took a leave from college
to earn money.

Min-ho wasn't like this
when I met him in America.

His mother gave him
a chance to study MBA in America.

So he never wasted a minute of his life.

That's why I liked him.

Where is his mother now?

I am not sure. I heard she was ill.

I asked him after returning to Korea,
but he never told me.

I have to give Ji-hyeon a ride.

Kang. Is the real Song I-kyung okay?

She seemed okay when I saw her. Why?

This has been going on for a while.

I am just worried that
she must have noticed something.

I'm also worried about that.

But we can't just tell her either.

We may have to tell her eventually.

I think you should get to know her now.


Hey, Song I-kyung.

Where are you right now?

What is it?

You are at Kang's, right?

Come down here right now.

Mr. Kang Min-ho.

Where are you going?

Min-ho is at the parking lot.
Give me a moment.

Just stop this. I am not sure
why you are doing this,

but what can you possibly do here?

What can you accomplish by seeing Min-ho?

You are Song I-kyung.

Because I am Song I-kyung...

there must be something I can do.

Still, just stop.

I cannot watch this anymore.

Please just trust me.

I will not just sit here and do nothing.

I will go send him away.

I will be back.

What is it?

Song I-kyung.

Why are you still working here?

I told you to quit.

Did I not tell you?
I am not planning on quitting.

Why not?

There is someone I like here.


So do not contact me again.

I never want to see you again.


You like him?


What was I to you?

I thought you liked me.
You said it yourself.

No, not even for a single moment.

I may have been confused at one point.

Just like you are confused right now.

Why did you come into my life?


Don't even think about seeing her again.

And never come back here again.

Let's go.

Was it Ji-hyeon?

In America, you told me

there was a woman you wanted to find
when you returned to Korea.

Was that Ji-hyeon?

There was a time when
we talked about these things.

Are you angry?

Can you please listen to me for once?

I really was just going to send him away.

I went to tell him that
I won't see him anymore.


Can you please listen to me for once?

I told him never to call me again.

Good. You should have done that sooner.


Never walk around alone at night anymore.

I can give you rides.

I am really fine.

-There you go again.

If you give me rides,
it is actually good for me.

We can't see each other much longer,
and we are both busy during the day.

I will die soon, remember?

Why is it only now that I realize
your true feelings for me?


The Scheduler got his memory back.

He remembers you now.

You are...

Am I allowed to tell her this?

I know why you are living like this.

Song I-su told me.

What is she doing?

Can she hear me?



I cannot give you any details right now...

but you have

someone who truly loves you.

To Song I-su,

you were a very precious person.

How does she know about I-su?

After I-su abandoned me...

I could no longer trust anyone.


am not wanted by anyone.

I'm sorry.

Are you okay?

I am fine.

Can I take your order?

Americano, please.

Thank you.

I'm going to enjoy it.

She has no memory of me.

How did it go?
What did your senior tell you?

What was your desperate wish?

Meeting I-kyung...

as myself.

Just as I thought.

So can you go see her now?

No. I am not even allowed
to act like I know her.

I cannot reveal myself to her
before my term is up.

I cannot even interfere in her life.

Then why did they allow you
to get your memory back?

They said it's your fault.

Because I kept meeting with you
in I-kyung's body.

I'm sorry.

I am always the trouble.

I have to meet her and tell her something.

So for the rest of your days here,

be careful not to cause any more trouble.

If you cause any harm to my I-kyung...

you die.

I understand.

I am always trying.

I hope she gets to clear up
the misunderstanding soon.

What are you doing here at this hour?

I brought some hangover soup just in case.

You really were drinking.

You need rice too, right?

It reeks of alcohol.

What are you doing?

This is not how Kang Min-ho's home
should smell.

Go take a shower.
I'll have the breakfast ready.

Why are you doing this?

I am the only one who can do this
for you right now.

You know she is Ji-hyeon,

but you cannot feel it.
That's why she is troubling you.

Still, I cannot leave you.

Even if she were Song I-kyung,
and not Ji-hyeon,

you would not have gone to her.

Because of me.


But do not tell me
that she is not Ji-hyeon.

I already checked everything.

-That does not matter.

Ji-hyeon came to us
pretending to be Song I-kyung.

She came to you knowing everything.
That is what matters.

Besides, Kang also knows

that Song I-kyung is Ji-hyeon.

He does?

Ji-hyeon is in someone else's body.

We cannot let her stay in our lives
like that forever.

You are up.

I prepared some soup. Let's eat.

We need to split.

-I do not want to live with you anymore.

I want you to leave.

You can move in Min-ho's house, right?


I bet you asked me to move to Seoul
so you can leave Ji-hyeon's house.


Let me tell you why I did it.

You two met five years ago, right?

How could you do this to her?

Do you know how I felt when I saw you
right after Ji-hyeon's accident?

I thought I was the bad one.

I was sad and devastated too,

but you just seemed
to have lost the whole world.

I could not even imagine
Ji-hyeon leaving us.

So I was afraid to even cry.

But when I saw
how utterly destroyed you were,

I thought you were her true friend,

and that I was not.

I even felt guilty.

But that was all just a show?

That is not true.

Do you feel guilty? Don't make me laugh.

You don't have a conscience.
You betrayed your best friend.

You are right to be angry with me.

We only have each other now.

Please don't get mad at me
and just hear me out.


What do fish and guests have in common?

They both start to stink after three days.

So it was hard for you to stay
at Ji-hyeon's house?

You think taking care of you
was easy for her family?

You are right.

I did it because I was jealous.

But Ji-hyeon...

She gets everything even in death.

What do you mean?


Do you know that Kang likes Ji-hyeon?


He came back to Korea to find Ji-hyeon.

-As for Song I-kyung,

she is Ji-hyeon's friend.

That is why he is taking care of her too,
in place of Ji-hyeon.

How about you?

Do you still...

like Ji-hyeon no matter what?

Shin In-jeong. Stop lying.


If I had 13 days left...

I would have said

"thank you" to my wife,

and sent her a bouquet of flowers
or something.

I also would have seen my mother's face
for one last time.

And to my kids...

I would have left them a letter.

It's still not too late.

I don't have enough time.



If this is Kang's tear...

then Seo-u must not have cried yet.

Ms. Park, how have you been?

I heard you were Ji-hyeon's friend.


Oh, that...

Why did you not tell me anything?
You tricked me.

That makes me feel bad.

Who told her?

Was it In-jeong?

Why did she tell her?
She doesn't even believe it.

Once the cerebral edema heals,

he should be able to check out in a week.

Thank you.

It's good to have you back, dear.

Thank you for coming back to us.

Thank you.


I saw her.

She must have appeared to save her father.

Ji-hyeon, I just talked to your dad.

He is well on his way to recovery.

All that sleeping actually
did wonders for her skin.

You are surprisingly cheeky, aren't you?

Seeing Ji-hyeon just automatically
turns on my humor switch.

Her dad is the same, too.

Ma'am, how do you make seaweed soup?

Why do you ask?

I am suddenly craving seaweed soup,

but I have never made it before.

Actually, it is Ji-hyeon's birthday today.

I brought some here.

May I please have one, I mean, two bowls?

I'm here.

Come in.

Tell me what happened at the hospital.

I will if you come in.


I ended up making too much seaweed soup.

Please take care of the extra.

Why seaweed soup?

You know today is Children's Day?

In America, they eat seaweed soup
on Children's Day.

You have never lived there
so I guess you wouldn't know.

I bet this is not actually
for Children's Day,

but for Shin Ji-hyeon's birthday.

This soup...

It tastes just like Ji-hyeon's mother's
seaweed soup.

Happy birthday, Ji-hyeon.

Thank you, Kang.

If Ji-hyeon knew about this,
she would be really grateful.

Hey, Song I-kyung.
We should just drop the titles.

You are a year older than I am, right?

You are not old enough
to be called my senior,

so let's just talk like friends.

Okay. It is just one year,
so I will let you slide.

How was Ji-hyeon's father?

He is wide awake.

He is just waiting for the edema to heal.


I should go see him at night.

I cannot take you that late.

I have to sleep.

When Ji-hyeon wakes up,

I better tell her to be
really good to Han Kang.

Shin Ji-hyeon...

I really hope she wakes up.

There he is.

You cannot just move into a room
when someone is still living there.

I really do need this room.

I heard she didn't even sign a lease.

That is true, but...

I can pay rent or deposit,
whatever you prefer.

We will match your deposit offer.
If you want rent, we will pay triple.


If you evict her immediately,
I will pay you extra.

Excuse me, Mr. Kang Min-ho,

I told you not to call me again.

So you won't come out?

Then should I just enter your room?

My room?

I am in Malli-dong right now,
right in front of the house.

You suddenly called. What is it, Kang?

You know today is Ji-hyeon's birthday.

Ji-hyeon's birthday?

How do you know her birthday?

After I returned to Korea,

we celebrated Min-ho's girlfriend's

It was at my restaurant.
That was also our reunion, remember?

You remember that date?

It is very close to the anniversary
of my mother's passing.

So why did you come to me
on Ji-hyeon's birthday?

I figured we should do something
memorable for her.

The news of In-jeong and Min-ho

must have hurt you the most.

Since when did you care for
Ji-hyeon so much?

That was fast.

How did you know about this place?

Did you think I couldn't even find out
the address of the woman I like?

I'm hurt.

Did you follow me?

Get on. Let's have dinner.

I told you I am not seeing you anymore.

Then I guess I should just
become a secret helper.

What do you mean?

Just like you did for me.

You entered my home with the excuse
of returning my key. Remember?

I don't have a key to your room.

But I can still enter it.

Let's talk over dinner.

Let's eat.

What if he comes to the house every day?

Are you not eating?

Why the long face?

I was not expecting to come here again.

You know this place means a lot to me.

I do not just bring anyone here.

You and In-jeong were the only ones.

No other women.

But I thought you never liked sujebi,


I see you are enjoying it now.

What are you talking about?

First, congratulations on not dying.

But what happened?

Why are you going around like this?

You should find a way to return
to your body as soon as possible.

Mr. Kang Min-ho.

I thought I was just Min-ho to you.

What are you doing? I am Song I-kyung.

You are Shin Ji-hyeon
inside Song I-kyung's body.

Were you seeing me as Song I-kyung,
or as Shin Ji-hyeon?

I am Song I-kyung.

So of course as Song I-kyung.

What is this?

Here is what I noticed so far.

For some reason, you have to
live as Song I-kyung.

I am Song I-kyung.

Then keep playing her part and sit down.

If you run,

you are just telling me
that you are Shin Ji-hyeon.

How ridiculous.

I just don't want to look
at your creepy face anymore.

I figured as much.

After all, you know who I really am now.

I said no. Stop with this nonsense.


There is a reason why you can't
admit that you are Shin Ji-hyeon, right?

Why did you approach me?



But you cannot just open up
everything to him.

Until your 49 days are up,

you must not reveal your identity.


Kang Min-ho figured it out.

He figured out that I'm Shin Ji-hyeon.

What happened? I thought you got smarter.

Just do as you did with Han Kang.
Pretend you're not.

But Kang and Min-ho are different.

Circumstances are different too.

So why stick your nose into everything?

I told you not to focus on things
that happened after you died.

Why are you yelling at me?
I am scared enough already.


Because I do not want to see you.

You look just like I-kyung to me.

But you are not her.

Yet you stare at me with those eyes.
What am I to do?

What do you want from me?

Why are you angry at me?
I am a victim too.

I never wanted to borrow her body.

I wasn't even supposed to die.

This is all because of that woman
who tried to kill herself.

With each passing day,
I grow more and more anxious.

Who is it?


The one who tried to kill herself
and did this to me.

You should have kept your eyes
on the road. It is your fault too.

Had it not been for the accident,
the bike would not have crashed.

If it weren't for that bike,
I would not be in a coma.

-Who is it?
-You don't need to know that.

She ruined my life.

What punishment did she get?

Something, I guess.

You guess?



You are acting strange.

What's up with those answers?

I beat him up every chance I get.

This is the guy who put me in a coma.


Was it her?

Hey, Shin Ji-hyeon.

It was her?

It was her all along?

You put me in the body
of the woman who may have caused my death?

Hey, stop. Don't hit I-kyung.

That's not your head.
You are hitting my girl.

I'm sorry.

As you know,

I'm a mess right now.

Do you even know
how I am feeling right now?

In-jeong says

it was my fault that she betrayed me.

And Min-ho found out my identity.

Fear is gripping my heart.

I only have 11 days left,

but I am not even sure if I can make it.
It is driving me crazy.

I can only talk about this
with my Scheduler.

You were the only friend I had.

But now you don't want to see me
because I'm in your lover's body.

Then it turns out...

I-kyung may be responsible for my death.

I didn't even know.

I even grew attached to her.

Even when the woman I love is
in front of me,

I cannot even talk to her.
You wouldn't know the pain.

Why wouldn't I?

I love someone too.
You are not the only one.

I cannot say anything to Kang either.

My emotions are Shin Ji-hyeon's.

But if I express these emotions
as Ji-hyeon,

I might die.


Are you crying?

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

I am Shin Ji-hyeon.


From now on, unless I call for you,

never come into her room again.

It doesn't matter what I do
to Song I-kyung.

I warned you.

I want to, but I won't.

Why did it have to be I-kyung's body?

Why did it have to be you?

Why were you...

So that was not your
first suicide attempt?

"How much pain were you
carrying in your heart

to have attempted suicide?"

"What would happen to me if you die?"

I felt sorry for you, and I was so scared.

But I was just begging to the woman
who did this to me?

I begged you to live on.

To the person that may
have caused my death.

I had that accident because of you.

You did this to me.

I just want to live so much.

Do you realize the fear
I live in each day?

Why did you do it?

Was I-su that important?

Why are you doing this?

Hey, lady.


I decided to lease this room,
so I need you to move out.


You found this place from a newspaper ad.

We never signed anything.
Also your security deposit is all used up.

This is all so sudden--

I will give you one week.

Oh, no.

I am so sorry.


What should I do?

Ms. Song I-kyung.

You remember me, right?

Your boss said it's okay.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

I am sorry I scared you like that
the other night.

Ms. Song.

My name is Kang Min-ho.


State your business.

You used to work at a hotel, right?

There is a new guest house complex
in Busan.

Please move there.
I already secured your position.

Why should I?

Otherwise things could get dangerous.

I have nothing to fear.

I have much to fear.

If you continue to let her use your body,

it will cause me great harm and danger.

If that happens, out of fear,

I might be pushed to put you at risk.

The address is in there,

along with the contact details
of our personnel.

I will decide
whether I want to move or not.

You better decide quickly.

If you refuse, I will have to prepare
for an appropriate response.

Why is she not coming back?

She sensed my anger.

She talked to me.

Is she too scared to come back?

With those conditions,
you should definitely consider moving.

Not definitely.

You say you do not need any more
treatment and if that is true,

then you should go.

What do you mean?

I did not believe it at first.

But the people from the other life
started appearing in your life one by one.

No matter how sorry you feel
for that other soul,

two souls cannot occupy a single body.

What if it wants to keep
sharing your body forever?

What would you do then?

-Song I-kyung.
-Are you okay?

Americano, please.

I want you to leave.


I want you to leave.

Why do you say that?

I'm sorry.


Are you really leaving now?


What about your stuff?
Is someone coming to clean them up?

You can get rid of them.

I think she is going somewhere.

What should I do?

There is nothing we can do.

This is all your fault.

-I can see that

I-kyung is in danger and running.

Yet I cannot do anything to help her.

Just like you, this is all my fault.

What do you mean?

I cannot help you.

If I make one more mistake,

I might lose my chance to talk to her.

I might not even get to
appear in front of her

but go straight to the elevator.

Don't say that. Help me.

Help me, please?

I cannot let another mistake
waste my five years.

As long as I-kyung is alive,

I will never break another rule.



Hey. Where are you going?



Where is she going?

The phone is off.
Please leave a message...

Where is Ms. Song I-kyung?

You mean the lady that lived here?
She just left.

Left? To where?

Why so suddenly?

She left because the room got taken.

Do you know where she went?

I am not sure.



Who are you calling for?
There is no one else here.

Shin Ji-hyeon. Ji-hyeon.





Where are you?


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