49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

I found Song I-su.

You want me to find out where he is
and what he is doing?

No way.

It's not that. Just look.

Look here.


What is this?



It's you, isn't it?

You are Song I-su.

You are the man I-kyung loves.

You two were lovers.

Hold on.

It is too early in the morning
for this nonsense.

But you are him.

He does look like me.

So you are Song I-su.

"Song I-su"?


"Congratulations. It's Song I-kyung's
twentieth birthday."

"From I-su, who will still be with her
when she turns ninety-nine." and a heart.

You were lovers. Am I right?

You said you volunteered
to become a Scheduler

because you were really desperate
about something.

Maybe it was because of Song I-kyung.


loved this woman?

Nonsense. Nope. Never.

Just look at her condition.

You think I'd be doing this for five years
for someone like her?

I saw her crying while saying I-su's name.

Maybe she became like this because of you.

Think hard. Don't you remember anything?

Of course not.

Until the end of my term,

I'm not supposed to remember anything
from my life here. That's the rule.

But how did you find me?

Something is wrong here.

Maybe this face...

is a borrowed face.

You can do that?

I'm just saying how weird this is.

Then try appearing
in front of Song I-kyung.

You can make yourself visible, right?

You think our world is that easy, do you?

When a Scheduler is in front of
someone who knew him in life,

he automatically appears as someone else.

Otherwise, my acquaintances would think
I returned from the dead.

That'll mess everything up in this world.

Besides, there is no way I loved
someone like her.

You said you were on a desperate mission.

Maybe it's something else, like my parents

or even revenge, like you.

You were an orphan.

Stop denying everything.

Just try appearing in front of her.

Then you'll know whether she was
actually involved in your life or not.

Don't push me. I need to think about this.

Get out of here.

I said get out.

Can't remember?

That brat.

She became like this because of him.

I even showed him the card.
How does he not remember?

I felt sad.

It is unbearable.

What the heck is this?

Hello, Ma'am. It's me.

You might remember that
at the end of my service,

I get a wish granted.
Could you please tell me what...

Such a temper.

Yes, I know that.

But someone just recognized me.

Poor I-kyung.

She became like that because
she just couldn't let I-su go.

Even if I die,

no one will remember me like that.

No one except for my parents.

I spent three days at Min-ho's place.

I miss Kang.

He must have been so worried.

No one called in three days.

Kang must be angry, not worried.

What happened to Min-ho?

I went to the address
registered to Song I-kyung.

-She moved out three years ago.
-To where?

Her ID registration was expired.

I couldn't find her new address.

How can someone live unregistered?

She used to have a boyfriend,
but I think he died.

Ever since then, she stopped working

and just stayed home
until her security deposit ran out.

Her boyfriend died?

When I lost her in her neighborhood,
I think she noticed me.

She hasn't even checked in
at Heaven for two days.

Not even at Kang's restaurant?

I'll be there today again,

but it might be faster for you
just to ask him if she quit.

Okay. Good work.

After her boyfriend died,

she had given up on her life.

I met this friend at an online club.

That was Shin Ji-hyeon.

Ji-hyeon is too kind for her own good.
This must be why she cared about her.

Kang also said he was going easy on her.


You had three days.
I think you had enough time to think.

Did you give it some thought?

So what is your plan now?

Kang knows about our relationship.

He might tell Ji-hyeon's parents.

Don't worry about him. He's not that rash.

What about Song I-kyung?
She knows about our plan too.

She won't tell Ji-hyeon's parents either.

Did you already know this?

How did you know she knew about our plan?

It doesn't matter how I learned it.

She won't tell them. Don't worry.

Is it because she likes you?

Is that why she won't tell?

Song I-kyung doesn't like you.

The only reason she approached us

is because she has an ulterior motive.

If she was going to tell anyone,
she would've already done that.

She could have told Kang
or Ji-hyeon's parents.

Do you trust that woman?

She says she's Ji-hyeon's friend.

Actually, she might just be pretending
to be Ji-hyeon's friend.

Are you...

going to keep seeing her?

Talking to you like this
has given me an answer.


Look at me right now. That is your answer.


I'm sorry, In-jeong.

No, you can't do this. This isn't right.

You know how much you mean to me.

You know that better than anyone.

If I lose you right now,

you know I'll be ruined.

So why?

-I'm not sure either.
-So just stop it.

How can someone like you...

You can do anything
once you put your mind to it.

You do everything according to the plan.

When we first met, you said
you were leaving to America in six months.

That is why you didn't even
want to date me at first.

You told me not to worry about Ji-hyeon,

and you stayed true for two years.

But right now I just can't control myself.

You loved me.

I won't say I never did.

But what I'm feeling
right now is different.

I just can't turn back right now.
I can't do that.

-Is that it?
-Let's just take our time.

Can't we just let time take care of this?

No, we can't.

You said what we had for two years
was just a business.

Then here is my business proposal.

Stop seeing Song I-kyung.

Or I'll tell Mr. Shin everything.

Don't do this, In-jeong.

What do you have to gain from this?

What would I gain from doing nothing?

Hiding one's background
and lying to one's friend.

Emotions can do that to a person.

They are not something you can control.

You have no right to criticize mine.

Not for something I cannot control.

Then I really have to do something.

For you, it was just one month.

But I wasted...

four and a half years loving you.



Ms. Optimist?

That's Ji-hyeon's nickname.

Park Jeong-eun passed away last year.

Please refrain from posting
any more questions.

Passed away?


Park Jeong-eun...

died one year ago?

Then what about Song I-kyung?

Who is she?

Kang believes that

she is Ji-hyeon's friend.

Maybe she tricked Kang too.



I won't be coming in for a few days.
Something urgent came up.

It's been three days. Where is she?

I'm back.

How did it go?

I've asked all the temples and shamans
I could find in Gyeonggi Province.

None of them has heard of
this 49-day spirit.

I couldn't even ask
how to bring one back to life.

I'm sorry.

Don't say that.
You must be tired. Please have a seat.

Ji-hyeon still hasn't come to work.
Did you try visiting her?

I did, but Ji-hyeon wasn't there.

It was just Song I-kyung.

I was there every morning,

but Ji-hyeon never came out.

I think she went somewhere.

Where could she be?

Did you find out anything
about the Haemi-do project?

Haemi-do used to be divided
into three plots.

HM Development bought all of them.

The last plot was supposed to be paid for
using Ji-hyeon's land.

A man named Park Seung-jae
purchased the plot.

But I can't find this person.

The 890,000 square meters land here
used to belong to a company called Junse.

But the company closed down just about
six months after selling the land.

I don't know how these things work.

It only existed to sell the land
to HM Development.

I think it was a paper company.

Paper company?

It sold papers?

Like a ghost company.

Oh, a ghost company.

I'll have to dig a little deeper.

I already asked the friend
to hand me the information.

Thank goodness you are the one
looking into all this.

If it were me,
my head would have exploded.

I've been thinking hard about this.
The proof of one's heart must be money,

or gifts.

How else would you show your heart?
It's not like you can see it.

But he says that's not it.

He even promised a reward for this.
Why is this so important?

I'm not sure either.

You have to know this.

You and Mr. Oh are like one soul
in two bodies.

I know, right?

He also just took
an overnight trip to somewhere.

I don't even know anymore.

I'm back.

-How was your trip, I-kyung?

The boss told us you were on a trip.

Where did you go?

I'm sorry I didn't even ask you--

Did you take care of the urgent matter?

-I'm sorry?
-I can tell it didn't go well.

How did you know?

I can tell from your expression.

Did you eat something?


Let me just take this call.


Why can't you answer me?

Do you actually like Min-ho?

Why should I tell you that?

If you really like him,

I can let you have him.

But I'm guessing that won't be necessary.

You don't actually like him anyway.

Why did you approach him
when you don't even like him?

What are you plotting?

I don't have to tell you that either.

I know you are not actually
Ji-hyeon's friend.

When did you get to know her?

Why did you interview her friends?

And why didn't you show any of them
to Ji-hyeon?

Why didn't you contact Seo-u?

Why didn't you interview me?

You are not her friend.

She didn't know any of these
when she fell into the coma.

What makes you think she didn't?

This proves that you aren't
actually Ji-hyeon's friend.

She was pure enough to let me
completely fool her.

If she were capable of keeping
a secret friend like you,

she wouldn't have fallen for my lies.

You know about our plan,
but you won't tell anyone?

That must mean you love Kang Min-ho,

but my gut feeling says otherwise.

If you really are Ji-hyeon's friend,

you have obvious reasons to hate me.

But the way you are holding on to Min-ho

with those eyes of contempt
just doesn't make sense.

A lot of things in this world
just don't make sense.

So why did you do it?

She trusted you.

She was completely open with you.

Why did you do this to her?

She wasn't trying to be anything.

That is just how she was.

What do you mean?

Didn't she tell you about me?

She said the heavens have denied
her siblings, but instead,

it gave her Shin In-jeong and Park Seo-u.

She said you two were worth everything.


She would have given you anything.

That's why I did it.

I had nothing to give to her.

I couldn't offer her everything
all the time like she did.

I wanted her to be in my shoes.

What does that mean?

At least you are dumb like Ji-hyeon was.

And you aren't even her friend.

Why were you pretending to be her friend?

Can you tell me why?


Instead of wasting your time on me,

you should worry about Kang Min-ho.

Kang Min-ho teamed up with
Hyeoksan Industry

to take over Haemi-do and your company.

So please retract your will.

And please have the operation
and get your health back.

I'm sorry I can't be there for you, Dad.

I'm sorry, Mom.

The operation...

So she knew about the brain tumor.

How did she find that out?

Thank you for everything.

It's my permanent resignation.

I'm going somewhere for good.


When I was wandering alone
through an endless desert,

you became my oasis, Mr. Han.

Thank you for everything.

In my last days here,
you were my only friend.

Your friend, whom you called Song I-kyung.

She was going to reveal
everything to her father.

This was her will.

-Is your boss here?
-He should be in his office.

Where is he?



So she is quitting?


is Ji-hyeon's handwriting.


Shin In-jeong.

I came to talk to you,
but you weren't there.

I'm in a hurry. Come back later.


Happy eighteenth birthday, In-jeong.

Your friend, whom you call Ji-hyeon.

Congratulations to my friend In-jeong
for getting into a college.

Your friend, whom you call Ji-hyeon.

How is this possible?

What am I even thinking?

You just don't know when to give up.

What is it today?

I'm actually here to ask you something.

About what?

Mr. Shin.

Do you think Ji-hyeon is dead?

Why, you!

She is not dead.
Of course she is not dead.

But with her in a coma like that,

where do you think
her heart and soul would be?

Dear, what is wrong with this guy?

Maybe her soul can't return
to her body yet.

She may be wandering around somewhere.

What are you getting at?

What else could it be?

She may be in here watching you
right now as we speak.

I think it is possible.

If I were Ji-hyeon,

I would rather choose to die.


I can't even talk to my father,

who is refusing to be treated
just to wait for my return.

But if I die,

then my father would finally
accept the operation.

First you threaten me,
and now you are trying to scare me?

I, too, am worried that
your operation might go wrong.

But being stubborn is not the answer.

You just can't go on like this.

Did you have feelings for Ji-hyeon?


isn't my type.

So why?

Why do you care so obsessively?

I will...

tell you after your operation.










He knows Song I-kyung is my friend,

and he still wants to see me?

I see you are well.

Because I still don't know if I'm here
for punishment or award.

You were Ji-hyeon's friend.

She helped you get hired
at Kang's restaurant.

You told Kang everything.

Is that all?

Anything else you lied about?

No. That's all.

Would you believe me anyway?

Do you trust people's words?

You even know how to steal
a woman's heart.

I finally found out
why you make me comfortable.

You read me well.
You are very much like me.

We are both twisted.

Quit working at Kang's restaurant.

You want me to leave Heaven?

Were you going to keep working there
while seeing me?

I haven't thought about it.
I wasn't sure if I would see you again.

I will find you another job.
Quit that job tomorrow.

Why don't we talk over some sujebi?

I'm hungry.

Do you really want the sujebi
from that restaurant?

You didn't even let me
enjoy it that day, remember?

How many people did you bring here?

Your mother, In-jeong, me, and Ji-hyeon?

Oh, wait. You said you never
brought Ji-hyeon here.

This isn't like you.

Dwelling on the past is tacky.

I guess so.

Then how about the most important
person in your life?

Can we talk about your mother?

How old is she?

She is 60.

She is quite young.

She'll be celebrating her 60th birthday
next year?

When is her birthday?

Why the sudden interest in my mother?

She made you what you are today.

What is she like?

To raise me,

she sacrificed everything.
That's my mother.

Shouldn't you ask for my birthday first?

Ji-hyeon told me
all sorts of things, remember?

What about your birthday?

You didn't answer my question.

I asked when your mother's birthday is.

So, to women you don't take seriously,

you don't give out personal information?

In that case, I won't ask further.

January tenth.

Must've been a cold day.

Song I-kyung's birthday is
November 8th, 1984.

Whom did you spend your birthday with?

This isn't like you.

Dwelling on the past.

January 10th, and she's 60.

She's 60 this year,
so she must have been born in 1952.

Please follow that bus.

This is I-kyung's bag.

I better patch it up tomorrow.

I hope you've been feeling better
while I was away.

Today, I finally...


About Song I-su...

He really is dead.

You've lived like this for five years
just because you couldn't let him go?

Something happened between you two, right?

Why else would he have volunteered
to become a Scheduler?

Hold on just a little longer.

I'll make sure...

he comes to you.

I hope I get to return to life,

so that I can see you again.

Then I'd make sure
you won't be lonely again.

He's been doing that for a while.

This makes my Scheduler style look bad.

One large caffè mocha,

topped with extra whipped cream.

That will be 5,300 won.

Excuse me, you have to pay first.

I know.

Just a moment, please.

No, this is wrong.

Shouldn't she be at least that hot
to be my girlfriend?

Actually, they aren't really
my type either.

Yeah. How about that one?

Maybe not.

Did I really love her?

I can't even imagine.

Here's your caffè mocha.

She doesn't recognize me.

Maybe she really was a part of my life.

You have 15 days, 4 hours, and 29 minutes.

My letter.

Where is it?

It must have slipped out.

Oh, no.

Where did I drop it?


What if someone actually
deliver it to Dad?

If I reveal myself,

don't I die immediately?

Someone found this and left it
in the nurse's office.

What is this?

Dad, it's me, Ji-hyeon.

This is from Ji-hyeon.


Our Ji-hyeon?

Ow. It's hot.

I told you never to reveal yourself.

Ms. Shin Ji-hyeon.

Is this...

the end for me?

Will I die now?

Traveler Shin Ji-hyeon.

Your 49-day travel has ended prematurely.

Come with me to the elevator,
Shin Ji-hyeon.


She may be in here watching you
right now as we speak.

If I die,

then my father would finally
accept the operation.


Was that really...

your doing?


On the day that I visited,

you said a woman named Park Jeong-eun
left as I came in, right?

-Are you sure?
-I told you, yes.

But I didn't see her on my way in.

How is that possible?

Maybe she hid somewhere.

What did she talk about
with Ji-hyeon's mother?

I'm not sure, but apparently
she was very close to Ji-hyeon.

She even knew that Ji-hyeon's mother
doesn't like beef bone soup.

She hid herself to avoid me.

She knew where everything was
in Ji-hyeon's room.

Even food Ji-hyeon's mother doesn't eat.

She even has the same handwriting.

Why does it...

feel like she is Ji-hyeon?

Why are you going through the album
in front of her? That's bad luck.

Dear, I...

To be honest...

I'm thankful that Ji-hyeon is
still breathing like this.

Even in this state,

I wish she would stay with us forever.


We will do that.

I can't promise for myself,

but I'll make sure she stays with you
for a long time.

But you better keep your promise.

What do you mean?

Our Ji-hyeon...

No matter how long she lies there,
be it five years or ten years,

you have to protect her until the end.

I will have the operation.
I don't want to disappoint Ji-hyeon.


That's great. Yes.

Thank you very much
for letting me know, Ma'am.

Did Mr. Shin decide to have the operation?

He did.

That's great.
We better let Ji-hyeon know right now.

But what should we do with this?

If she realizes she lost this,
she'll be scared to death.

Just tell her to come over quickly.



Did you receive any letter by any chance?

A letter?

Did Mr. Shin go somewhere?

He went to speak to Dr. Cho.

He decided to have the operation.


Did he, really?

That's great.

What a relief!

What changed his mind?

You know that friend of Ji-hyeon?

The owner of the restaurant you work at?
It's all thanks to him.

My boss? Han Kang?

He came here several times
to persuade Ji-hyeon's dad.

He really knows how to move someone.

Han Kang persuaded Ji-hyeon's father?

I actually think he liked Ji-hyeon.

And there's more.

Look at those flowers.
They are pink roses.

He always brought fresh roses
so they wouldn't wither.

Those roses...

Take the call.

Hurry. Take the call.

Take the call.


Hurry. Take the call.


An emergency at the restaurant.
Come right now.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Just now...

did you tell Park Jeong-eun
about the operation?

Yes. She was so happy
that I almost felt grateful to her.


What happened?

You are right here.

Why do I feel your presence
from Song I-kyung?

What happened?

Go get changed first.

What? Okay.

I don't have time for this.

I have to make sure
no one brings the letter to the hospital.

My cell phone.

Why was he going through my bag?

This is...


Kang must have read it.

What do you mean, she hasn't come out?
I saw her go out.

She never came out.


Ms. Song.

What should I do now?
I think someone found out.

I think Han Kang read my letter.

No, he read it for sure.

That letter was...

meant for my father,
in case I die prematurely,

or fail to revive after 49 days.

It warns him not to trust Min-ho.
I was carrying it with me.

I think Han Kang read it.

Your necklace is intact.

Why is this all right?
Why didn't it break?

It's over if I tell someone
that I'm Shin Ji-hyeon.

Maybe he found out
even before he read your letter.


That is why the necklace didn't break.

If people find out
before you give them hints,

then it is not your fault.

Is that possible?

They can do that?

According to the Traveler Conference,
11 percent of travelers experienced this.

Someone close figuring it out.

So I won't get dragged away just yet?

But you still can't open up
everything to Han Kang.

Until the end of your 49-day travel,
you can never reveal yourself.

I get it.

But if he knew everything already,
why didn't he say so?

If you are done here, go.

Did your memories of Song I-kyung return?

I won't recall anything
until the end of my service term.

Why are you such a troublemaker?

Why did you have to do something
so pointless to stir me up like that?

Did I stir you up?

But didn't you say you aren't familiar
with human emotions?

I'm getting close to feeling them now.

It's because I'm nearing
the end of my term.

Then you should try harder
to remember her as soon as you can.

The reason why you feel uneasy around her

must be because your heart aches for her.

I don't care.

Are you Ji-hyeon?

You are Ji-hyeon.

You appeared in my dream

and told me that you are Shin Ji-hyeon
while asking for help.

I actually sleepwalk sometimes.

What's wrong with liking
someone who's engaged?

She really is Ji-hyeon's friend.

You usually eat a ton,
but you haven't eaten anything yet.

That's why you fainted.

Han Kang...

You knew, and still pretended you didn't.

Not a girlfriend.
She's just a girl that I like.

You just cheer up

every woman around you.
Is that your hobby or something?

Not every woman.

So it wasn't Song I-kyung?

It was me?

Han Kang likes me?

Oh, my.

I think I'm going crazy.

So this is how it feels
to not be able to say anything.

I can't just ask her
though I know everything.

I can't tell her I know either.

Where is she?

What's going on? Did something happen?

You... Can you just...

If you are going out,
checking out from outside,

or leaving for an extended period of time,
can you at least let me know?

You always just run out
like a crazy woman.

Am I wrong?

No, you are right.

I ran out like a crazy woman, didn't I?

That is not the point.

So is everything okay?

Are you all right?

That's good. Let's go in.

What about the emergency?

Oh, that's...

You remember my friend, Ji-hyeon?

Her father decided to have the operation.

I know.

You do? How?

I stopped by at the hospital.

Thank you.

For what?

Ji-hyeon's father...

You talked him into it.

I'm just saying it on behalf of Ji-hyeon.

She is also my friend, you know?

She sure is lucky.

She has got two people
who claim to be her friends.

Hey, Boss.

I went there like you asked.

You monkey-brain.

How many times do I have to tell you?

Watch your mouth.

Just come back in.

What are they so secretive about?

Who? What does this person look like?

Anyway, thank you for the heads-up.

Okay. Take care.

Someone's been sniffing around
our Haemi-do purchase deal.

This is Song I-kyung's address.

Good work.

That's for you.

-Go to Haemi-do.

Talk to Mr. Choi and Mr. Lee
from the real estate office.

All right.


Stop what? What is it that you know?

I know what you are doing
to Mr. Shin's company.

I want you to stop.

I will be specific about what I mean.

Even if Mr. Shin's operation fails,

you must decline what is in his will.

Stop everything related to Haemi-do
that you've done under Shinga.

Give it up.


You give up. You can't stop me.

-I don't know how you found out,

or how much you know. I don't care.

With Ji-hyeon out of the picture,
you should be on my side.

You really don't know me, do you?

Even if Mr. Shin's operation succeeds,

he won't be able to work in his condition.

It is still not your company.

This wasn't about Mr. Shin's brain tumor.

You were with Hyeoksan from the start.

So it was you.

How long have you been--

I can't believe this is you.

Why did you do this?

Have Ji-hyeon's parents
ever wronged you in any way?

Or are you just that greedy?

None of them has ever done
anything wrong to me.

It's not the money either.

So why?

Why are you doing this to people
who didn't do anything wrong to you?

Why try to take what's theirs?

I'm just trying to change my own life.


Mr. Shin and Ji-hyeon
were just extremely unlucky.

Just like I was when I was born.

So you are just letting out your anger
from your poor childhood

on Ji-hyeon's family?

Letting out my anger?

What would a rich boy like you know?

You just had rich parents.
What do you know?

Don't blame your environment.

Not everyone gets to be born
to a perfect family.

That decision belongs
to the higher power, not us.

So the condition I was born into
was nothing but my luck?

That's easy for you to say.

You live in the past, Kang.

You have childhood wounds from your mother

that you are still trying to patch up.

That's why you can waste
your brilliant skills away in a wine bar.

Although you are tied to your past,

your present life isn't bad either.
You were born rich.

Don't talk nonsense.


Even from when I was barely old enough
to look around at the world,

I started each day by getting beaten.

Even at four, I never had any food.

I still had to suck on my mother's milk,

I was so hungry that I bit her nipple off.
Have you ever experienced that hunger?

We ended up in the worst of the slums.

While my mother made a living
doing anything she could find,

my dad gambled away everything she earned.

He drank all day,

and left his wife with nothing but debt.
I had to live as his son.

Do you know how that feels?

When I was 13, my dad fell ill and died.

That was the happiest day of my life.

My mother and I ran away at night.
We didn't even bury his body.

And we cried with joy.

I thought, "At least no one
will hit me anymore."

But guess what was waiting for me.

Unbearable hunger and shame to death.

People's contempt, neglect, and glare.

My mom who barely graduated
from middle school

managed to escape to the city
with little money in her 40s.

She still had to feed and raise
her 13-year-old son. Can you imagine?

Frostbites during winters,

and heat rashes during summers.

That's how she made a room for sleep,

fed and raised me.


I asked countless times.

"Why do we have to live like this?"

"What did we ever do wrong?"

No one could answer me.

Ji-hyeon's family didn't do that to you.

I told you already.

They were simply unlucky,
just like we were.

But why take that out
on an innocent family?

Worse yet, you stole Ji-hyeon's heart.

Have you ever felt sorry for her?

Why should I have?

Then who am I supposed to blame?

To the higher power?

To God, to Buddha,
or to whoever is out there.

If they ruined my life,

why can't I do the same
to other human beings?

At least they were born lucky.
They still got to enjoy their lives.


What I'm fighting is neither
Shin Il-sik nor Shin Ji-hyeon.

I'm fighting the very same destiny
that ruined my life.

The very same destiny that
gave me so much shame.

I wanted to change it with my own hands.

No, that's wrong.

No matter how hard your childhood was,

this isn't right.

You've never lived like I did.

Don't judge me by the standards
of this society.


you won't stop, is that it?

I have no reason to.

Then we've got a problem.

I have to stop you.

Try it.

Fine. I will.

Your past...

It breaks my heart...

but you are harming innocent people.

I can't make them pay for your past.

Look, Seo-u.

Looks like Ji-hyeon wrote this.


What is this? A letter she wrote?

What is the matter with you?

What's wrong with you these days?

Something's up, isn't it?


Do you think ghosts exist?

No, do you think spirits exist?

Do you believe in those?

Do you think a spirit can possess
someone else's body?

That's what a possession is.

Isn't that what we call haunting?


What are you doing here?

I need you to do something for me.

You told me not to come in
without permission.

You are shaking. Did something happen?




Have you really gone insane?
Why are you doing this?

I think I'm going crazy too.

So I want you to check it for me.

You think Song I-kyung is Ji-hyeon?
Does that make any sense?

That's why I want you to check it for me.

Min-ho, this isn't about jealousy.

I know your heart changed,
but you know me.

Remember what kind of person I am.

But still--

Just imagine Song I-kyung is Ji-hyeon,
and see how they match up.

Think about the things I told you. Please?

Just please look into this for me.

Ms. Song.

I stopped by on my way to Daejeon.
Someone I know there passed away.

I see.

Why haven't you been coming
to our hypnosis sessions?


What's wrong?

It's nothing.

I've been sick.

It was hard enough to get you started.
We can't stop halfway.

Besides, strange things have been--

I should go in.

Ms. Song...

Oh, no.

The password is incorrect.

The password is incorrect.

He changed the password?

I thought I finally figured out
the safe's password.


Yes, this is Song I-kyung.

Where are you? Let's have lunch together.


Just imagine Song I-kyung is Ji-hyeon,
and see how they match up.

What am I even doing?

Get in.

-What is it?
-It's nothing. Let's go.

I thought we were going to have pasta.
Why is he buying me shoes?

That looks pretty good. What do you think?

They are both fine.

I'll go with these.

How do I figure out the door's password?

No need to pack them.
She'll put them on right now.

No, I'll wear what I came in.

Throw them away. I brought you here
because those are hideous.

Those aren't mine.

But these are my favorite.

What is it?

I don't like them.

Min-ho, what's wrong?

It's these shoes, right?

You can go now.

A strange woman was sitting here.

Song I-kyung...

Why was she sitting there?

I'm not sure.

I think Song I-kyung is Ji-hyeon.

Song I-kyung just went inside the house.


Song I-kyung.

Yes, Mr. Kang Min-ho?

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung