49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript


Song I-kyung.

Yes, Mr. Kang Min-ho?

What are you doing here?

Who are you?


Look at me, Song I-kyung.

Look at me.

Hey, do you know me?

Who are you?

What's going on here?

Ms. Song, what's wrong?

Do you know Ms. Song?

Who are you? What's going on?

I need to talk to Ms. Song.

It seems that she does not want to.

What do you want?

It's nothing.

Who is that woman?

Is she Shin Ji-hyeon?

Is she Song I-kyung?

What happened?

Who was that man?

Do you know him?

Do you know him or not?

I don't know him.

But when he called my name,

I spoke out his name without realizing.

How do you know his name
if you don't know him?

He seemed to know you.

Can you remember where you met him?

I saw him in a hypnosis session.

He gave me a bad feeling.

Under hypnosis?

Ms. Song, do you remember
seeing me last night?

I saw you last night?

We met in front of your house,
but you didn't recognize me.

You weren't dressed like
your usual self either.

I think you are

suffering from
Dissociative Identity Disorder.

After a severe mental trauma,

one can create another personality--

So I have multiple personalities?

There must be another person inside you.

It's not like that.

I think you took his death
harder than I expected.

The death of someone close
is a common cause.

It's nothing like that, Doctor.

There is someone living with me.

There really is.

-This place feels strange. Let's go.

-Let's go.

I said I'm okay.

If what you say is true,
this is even more serious.

It means you are possessed.
Aren't you scared?

You said you even felt it enter your body.

A ghost...

That's not how it felt.

I'm not sure what it is...

but I feel pity.

I feel sorry for it.

At the same time,

I could feel that it was
worried about me too.

Ms. Song.

It was the first time since I-su's death

that I felt something like this.

The feeling of someone...

truly caring about me.

Are you saying that you are
being comforted by a ghost?


All you know is that someone I loved
suddenly died in an accident.

Five years ago, you just sat through
the sessions without telling me much.

When I was five, in February,

my mother abandoned me
in front of Chuncheon Station.

She said we were going on a trip.

She took my favorite backpack

and stuffed it with my stuff.

She disappeared after saying
she had to change my brother's diaper.

She never came back.

You were five. You didn't know your name?

I was called by my nickname.

She wasn't coming back, either.

On my first day at the orphanage,

I was crying in the corner.

This kid came up to me
and offered me a chocolate.

From this moment on, you are Song I-kyung.

I'm Song I-su.


He was abandoned as an infant.

The orphanage was like his home.

The pain of being abandoned...

I-su helped me forget it.

We were both abandoned in February.

That's why we were named I-su and I-kyung.

He was my sibling...

my older brother...

my friend...

That is how we spent 18 years together.

But that I-su...

abandoned me.


he died fifteen days later.

I wasn't ready to let him go.

I had things I wanted to say to him.

I still had a question to ask him,

but I-su left.

I abandoned you?

When my mother abandoned me,

I-su helped me get over it.

But when I-su abandoned me,

I lost my faith in everyone.


am not wanted by anyone.

What is this?

I'm crying.

That is not true.

And even if it were,

you can't depend on a ghost
to comfort you.

But still...

I did.

You never thought about
leaving that house?

I was scared, but at the same time,

that woman...

she was so desperate.

I thought she is really sincere.

Ms. Song.

What if that man finds out?

He shouldn't be talking with I-kyung.

Why haven't you been coming
to our hypnosis sessions?

Why was she getting hypnosis therapy?

Is it because of me?

I'm so worried.

Why do I feel so weak?

I told you to change the password,
but I didn't know you'd actually do it.

Why were you just standing here?

How did it go?

She's not Song I-kyung, is she?

Is she Ji-hyeon?


Of course not. That can't be true.

How did you check? Did you try
comparing her with Ji-hyeon?

The way she eats, her handwriting,
her habits?

Did you try visiting her house?

I said no. She is not her, so leave.


There is no way Song I-kyung
is Shin Ji-hyeon.

This was foolish to begin with.

Just tell me how you checked.

Mr. Shin's operation is tomorrow.

I have to get some sleep before leaving.

When I come back here next time,

I don't want to see your engagement photo
with Shin Ji-hyeon.

You can't possibly be Song I-kyung.

That can't be true.

That can't be true.

That can't be true!

You have 13 days, 4 hours, and 29 minutes.

You didn't go to the therapy today?

That's a relief.

What's the matter?

Did he tell you something?


My dad is having an operation today.

Can you please go to bed early?

Thank goodness.

Thank you.

Thank you.

"You. What are you doing here?"

Isn't it obvious?

Actually, I'm not on my way
to the restaurant.

Neither am I.

Ji-hyeon's father's operation is today.

I didn't want to go alone.
We should go together.

You are going to the hospital?

Let's hurry to the hospital first.

That way we can see him
before the whole crowd arrives.

You know you are too much sometimes.

Like bursting out in tears
at inconvenient time and places.

It can look really silly to people.

"Who does she think she is?
She's not even his daughter."

You are just asking for nasty talk.

What if In-jeong bursts out in anger

and tells everyone that you are dating
Ji-hyeon's fiancé?

So you should talk to him
when no one else is around.

I'm not dating Kang Min-ho.

I know you are pretending,
but I wish you'd quit it soon anyway.

Thank you for remembering
the operation date and coming to see us.

It was nothing.

Good luck with the operation, Mr. Shin.

It's good to see that Ji-hyeon
got herself all these true friends.

She takes after you.

You like people,
and you always trust them.

When Ji-hyeon wakes up,

please come visit us more.

I will visit often to see you.

And please look after her mother as well.


Excuse me.

Can I give you a hug?

I'll see you later.

Okay, stop. He will be okay.

Why are you crying?

Afraid your father might not make it?

I mean...

Stop crying as if Ji-hyeon's father
is going to die soon.

You can't be crying here.
Let's go outside, okay?

I'll be here during the operation.

Go wait at my restaurant.

It will take around six or seven hours.

I will call you when it's over.

Well, this is unpleasant.

What are you doing with my girl?

You should have told me
if you were coming here.

She probably wasn't expecting you here.

If I shouldn't be here,
neither should she.

Are you going back to Heaven?
Let's go. I'll give you a ride.

Do you really want to do this
on a day like this?

Why did you bring her here
on a day like this?

Take me to the restaurant.

This is crazy.

What is she trying to find out?

How long is she going to do that?

What did you do after work last night?

Why do you ask?

Have you never dated?

I thought we were in a relationship.

I went to bed early. I was tired.

You forgot about the operation and slept.

So why cry at the hospital?

It was a final farewell.

Didn't you feel bad when you saw Ji-hyeon?

I did, but I still have to do what I must.

That is how people like us are, right?

I said I'll tell you later.

I can't wait anymore.

You asked me to think about
one's true heart,

but you aren't being true to me right now.

Do you really not trust me?

You are making it difficult.

You are always discussing
something with Kang in secret.

Sometimes you just leave,

but never tell me why.

Stop it!

This is the anniversary
of Kang's mother's death.

It is?

Did you just yell at me?

This is the one day
I can't take this from you.

You know how much we are indebted
to Kang's mother.

I know. I really am grateful at heart.

Keeping it in your heart isn't enough.

She told us to skip all ceremonies
and rites in her will.

But there are still things we must do.

Hae-won, wait for me.

You can't go with him.
Even Jun-hui is absent today.

Stay here and work.

Your mother passed away on this day.

Han Kang...

You still chose to be there for my dad.

I'm counting on you. I'll be going now.

I'll be waiting.

My work was a lot easier thanks to you.

And Seo-u...

Save your words for me.

Tell me after the operation.

I have nothing to say to you.

Good. We spoke so much last night
that I'm sick of it.

And you, hooligan.

Yes, Mr. Shin.

Thank you.

I'll be waiting for you here.


Your dad...

will do as you wish.

I can't stand this.
He is going to be okay, right?

I'll excuse myself. I've got work to do.

I'll be right back too.

In-jeong, let's stay here, okay?

I have things to do too.
I'll be back later.

Hey, Kang. Who could be so important
in this hospital

that the CEO of New World has to
brief you in the lobby?

I'm sorry.

I'm almost certain that this Haemi-do
deal is a double contract.

Compared to what was in the contract
signed by Mr. Shin,

the price jumped way too much
when HM actually purchased it.

And about that Junse Company
and Park Seung-jae,

he signed a double contract
under a false name.

He probably pocketed the difference
for his own profit.

Can we secure any evidence?

Either find the seller
behind the double contract,

or track the flow of money.
Neither will be easy.

That is why I'm asking for your help.

We need the contract itself
or any written agreement with Hyeoksan.

But how will we find them?


So you've been doing extra work
running errands for Kang these days.

-Excuse me?
-To your tuition,

you took a leave from the school
and started working for Kang, right?

Does he pay you enough to cover all that?

I'm not sure I understand.

You were studying business administration
as an honor student at Sagu, right?

How about joining us at HM Development
after graduation?

HM Development?

If you pass a warm-up test, of course.

Just help me out.

You're a good team player.

What do you mean?

What a perfect couple.

It doesn't matter who is watching.

Whether it's Ji-hyeon's best friend
or her fiancé,

at least one of you is
always playing your role.

You know about our relationship.

Why didn't you tell Ji-hyeon's parents?

They are barely hanging in there.

How could I tell them this?

Hey, lady.

That tear...

How did you get it?

So this actually works.

Are you a 49-day traveler?

I thought I was the only one in Seoul.


I'm from Daejeon.

I came here after hearing that
a friend of mine was in this hospital.

But that punk...

He died just an hour ago.

-Oh, my...
-If he was going to die anyway,

he could have at least...

shed a tear for me.

Is tomorrow your last day?

And you still haven't gotten
a single drop?

I used to be a chairman of a company.

I worked at a construction site

but I made time for all my friends
whenever I could.

"Lee Seung-bok.

My name is Lee Seung-bok.
Do you know Lee Seung-bok?"

Don't trust people.

They are all scumbags.

Did you hurt your face while working?

You mean this bastard?

I beat this guy up whenever I can.

This is the guy who put me in a coma.

He jumped on me from behind,
and hit me with a rock like this.

Hey, Mister.

At least you got one.

It must give you hope, right?

How many days do you have?

I have 13 days left.

That means...

you should be getting tired

and discouraged now.

You should've started experiencing
the spirit symptoms by now.

Those are called spirit symptoms?

Leaving the host's body
is more difficult now,

and you feel weak in your spirit form.

It is only going to get worse.

If I had 13 days left,

I would have said "thank you" to my wife,

and sent her a bouquet of flowers
or something.

I also would have seen my mother's face
for one last time.

And to my kids,

I would have left them a letter.

It's still not too late.

Even if I take the KTX train,

I will only have about two hours left.

Will I even be able to see their faces?

I'll miss my train.

Clean yourself up before you go see them.

Thank you.

I know how hard it is to make a living
in someone else's body.

This whole 49-day thing...

It's way too cruel.


Excuse me. Do you know the woman
you were just talking to?

How do you know her?

Why do you ask that?

If you need money,
I can give you quite a bit.

How much can you give me?

As much as I can.

That is, if you can tell me
who that woman actually is.

Can you save me first?

If you do that, I'll give you

my seven-story building in Daejeon.

I'll give you the whole building.


The tumor removal was a success.

Will he be okay now?

We can't be sure just yet.

We have to monitor him overnight
in the intensive care unit.

Once he regains consciousness,
then we can rest easy.

We are counting on you, Doctor.

So once he wakes up, he will be okay?

The tumor was removed successfully.

Thank goodness.

You haven't eaten yet, right?

Let's go eat somewhere,
and then see him at the hospital.

No, we should go.

Today is the anniversary
of your mother's passing, right?

We don't do any ceremonies for her.

I can take care of it later.

Here you go, Mother.

Have a glass of wine
that you used to like.

Have I ever told you
how determined my mother was?

She didn't leave me a single picture.

Just this piano.

She always...

played this piano when she was drunk.

When I was little,

my father often traveled to the US
because of his business.

One day, mother opened a wine bar here.

She sometimes drank with other men.

As a young boy,

I thought she was an easy woman,
selling her smiles and drinks.

Father was supporting us well.

I couldn't understand
why she was doing that.

I didn't know that she was lonely.

I didn't even know what loneliness was
back then.

And then they got divorced.

Obviously, I thought it was
because of her.

I thought she was cheating on my father
with some guy she met here.

After the divorce, I lost contact
with my father.

I thought that was her doing as well.

But then this mother of mine

decided to take me with her to Jinan
because she wanted to rest now.

She said she needed her son.

I thought that was funny.

She had no right to demand my presence.

In Jinan, I caused all sorts of trouble.

I frequently left home.

I never even looked her in the eyes.

I never talked nicely to her.

As her face grew darker and darker,

I thought it was
because of the strong sun.

She had a terminal pancreatic cancer.

They say the pain is unbearable.

I had no idea
she was dying from the inside.

I just thought...

it was because of the scorching sun.

Even then...

she never told me anything.

After sending me to America,

she just died alone.

In America, I learned the truth.

There I had a step brother.
He was well over ten.

What a cruel mother, right?

Did she just have to make me the bad guy?

You know that is not what she meant.

The last image of me that my mother saw

was a twisted kid
who always yelled at her.

I bet she regretted ever having me.
That's probably how it was.

That's not true, Kang.

She left you this piano.

She probably wanted to leave
her everything to you.

Whenever she was lonely and tired,
this piano was what comforted her.

This piano contains her breath.
It is your mother herself.

Why didn't she leave me any photos?


Because you'd do
exactly what you are doing right now.

If you had her photos to look at,
you'd feel guilty forever.

That sounds reasonable.

Not just reasonable. That's exactly it.

That was comforting.

Ms. Song herself actually said
she was possessed?

She said she felt like
another woman was entering her body.

Another woman?

How about a little conversation
while we eat?

Then let me ask you a question.

Go ahead.

You said you owe a lot
to Shin Ji-hyeon, right?

What are they?

Didn't you say you were
really close to her?

Didn't she tell you?

She didn't.

She didn't seem to think
that you owed her anything.

I tried to go to my father
without telling my mother.

I stole some of her money
to buy my plane ticket.

I was scheduled to fly in a week.

That's when she dragged me down to Jinan.

A plane ticket? To America?

But three days after my transfer,

I sprained my leg thanks to Ji-hyeon.

Hey, new kid.

Can you help me fetch my bike?

I missed my flight because some bossy girl
decided to get involved in my life.

I was so annoyed that

I glared at her and bothered her
every time I saw her.

But she was so simple and optimistic,

everything she did was funny.

Teasing her was just so much fun.

Is that why you were so mean to me?

Thanks to her,
I lost interest in leaving Jinan.

But then one day, she cheated me
using a magic trick.

She forced me to eat my seaweed soup.

I better not see a drop of leftover.

You were furious that day.

I was so grateful, though.

I threw that soup on the ground,
but I felt so bad about it.

My mother brought it all the way
from home because it was my birthday.

If it weren't for Ji-hyeon,

I would never have tasted my mother's
last birthday seaweed soup.

I would have become even worse son.

Is that all you owe her?

Shin Ji-hyeon would probably just laugh.

But the biggest debt I owe her was
leaving without apologizing to her.

During the cherry blossom festival,
I raised a huge fuss over nothing.

I hated lying and misleading others
because of my mother's influence.

I hated it with passion back then.

Go. Leave!

Will you please give this to her?

You are her friend, right?

I want you to give this to her later.

I even added mussels, your favorite.

Please just eat it for me.

-I'm leaving.



Give it to me, Ma'am.

I'll make sure he eats it.


My name is Shin Ji-hyeon.
I'm Kang's friend.

Did Kang really eat the soup?

To the last drop.

I may have tricked him into it.

But not the bad kind.

You made him bend. Impressive.

What is this, Ma'am?

My father bought it for me as a gift
when I was going to college.

I don't have a daughter, you see?

I was saving this
for Kang's first girlfriend.

Oh, I'm not his girlfriend.

I meant, a friend who is a girl.

You are his friend, right?

Not quite yet.

Didn't you say you were?

Kang doesn't really like me.

He is actually not that bad.

He is just too pure.

He is just acting like a bad boy
because he is furious at me.

But still, he shouldn't have done that
to his mother.

-Shin Ji-hyeon, right?

Aren't you hungry?

Do you like toast?

I like all kinds of food.

Why are you staring at it like that?
It's not even yours.

Your mother gave this to me.

It's almost 11 p.m. We better hurry.

Why were you standing outside
Kang's restaurant?

You said she's Song I-kyung, not Ji-hyeon.

So why did you just
left her there with Kang?

It's because you are suspicious as well.

If she really is Ji-hyeon,

and she already knows everything about us,

we should at least find out
why she hasn't told anyone.

Are you...

actually wishing that she's not Ji-hyeon?

Is that why you aren't looking into this?

It's because you can't let her be
Ji-hyeon, right?

If Ji-hyeon really is
occupying Song's body,

it would mean that
you actually love Ji-hyeon.

Ji-hyeon would never be able to
pretend to love someone.

Is that why she can't be Ji-hyeon?

So does that mean
Song I-kyung did love you?

I'll look into it more, so just leave.


Song I-kyung never loved you.

Neither did Ji-hyeon.

She just believed that she loved you.

Because she believed that you loved her.
Because you were her man of destiny.

She didn't love you back then,

so why do you think she'll love you now?

I said she's not Ji-hyeon.

That's exactly why she can't be.

She's not the Ji-hyeon I know.
So she can't be her.

See you later.

She seems fine.

Maybe she hasn't noticed anything yet.


What are you doing?

You have to come back to us.


Please come back soon.

Why aren't you returning to us?

Where are you? What are you doing?









He woke up.

My dad woke up.

Thank you, Dad.

Thank you, Dad.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, Dad.

Traveler Shin Ji-hyeon,
what are you doing?

The bus stopped running,
so I'm walking home.

My dad...

He survived.

I told you. A person's life and death
are beyond human control.


You knew that my dad wouldn't die
in surgery?

How would I know that?

You are really mean.

I was so worried he wouldn't
have the operation because of me.

Do you know how much time
and energy I spent on this?

You could have given me a hint.

I didn't know either.

I could only predict his fate because

the schedule I downloaded yesterday

didn't have his name.

-Your schedule?
-That's right.

I operate based on the death schedule
I download once every ten days.

In other words, I'm the lowest-ranking
Scheduler there is.

That's right.

When I first met you,

you told me that everyone is born
with a predetermined life span.

Get on. I'm here to give you a ride
because buses stopped running.

Just one of the ways I enjoy my job.

Following the styles of this world.

So who decides each person's life span?

You determine your own life.

How you lived your previous life
determines your life span here.

And how you live your life here
determines your next life span.

At least that's what I was told.

So that's how it was.

What about you, then?

I guess I was pretty terrible
in my previous life.


I'm sorry for bringing this up again.

I hope your next life is
a long and happy one.

I don't think that's going to happen.

Why not?

I think I was pretty bad here too.

What do you mean? Who told you that?

Someone did.


My dad made it.

I won't force myself to see Min-ho again.

Kang read my letter.

He'll probably tell my dad
when he wakes up.

So when I wake up,

I'll no longer have to marry Min-ho.

I only have 12 days left.

The two remaining tears...

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get them,

but I'm still going to do
what I can help you.

If I don't pay you back somehow,

when my 12 days are up,

I'm sure I'll regret it
like that other man.

Dad is going to be okay,
so don't worry about him, Ji-hyeon.

That's right. It's your turn now.

You go and get some rest too, Seo-u.

Thank you for staying.


What's with her these days?


Take it here.

It's from Kang Min-ho.
Why are you going into your room?

I said take it here.

Have you seen In-jeong's boyfriend?

We've been together for five years.

You two...

The man you are seeing...

Is he Min-ho?


You filthy traitor. You aren't even human.

How can you do this to Ji-hyeon?

You traitor. You scum.

Don't you even remember
how much she provided for you?

She is the one who made it possible

for you to stay in Seoul for college.

She let you stay with her so you could
finish your school and get a job.

And now you are scared
after stabbing her in the back?

Is that why you've been seeing her
as a ghost?

If I were Ji-hyeon,

I wouldn't be able to
close my eyes either.

That's great.

I knew he would make it.

Yes. Okay.

I better tell Ji-hyeon.

Hey. Han Kang.

I was just going to call you.

Ji-hyeon's father--

I know already.

You know?

Come on. I told you to sit down.

Ms. Song.

Hey. Don't you dare call me like that?

I told you before, Han Kang.

Song I-kyung is one year older
than you are.

In Korea, you respect your elders.

You shouldn't abuse my name like that.

Did you really know that
Ji-hyeon's father woke up?

Why else would I be
showing my appreciation

by cooking up your favorite breakfast?

-What's this?
-Oldies but goodies.

Sugar toast with strawberry milk.

I heard some men like this kind of reward.

These are for kids...

These were my favorites.

Did Ji-hyeon ever say she met my mother?

I think she said something like that.

She's just full of surprises, isn't she?

If you like it, I can do this again.

I'm busy today so I'm leaving now.

Happy because your father survived?

You mean, Ji-hyeon's father.

Why did she have to correct me?

She works at a cafe at night
and at Heaven during the day.

She has almost no time to sleep.

Okay. You don't have to monitor
Song I-kyung anymore.

All right.


It's been a while, Mr. Jeong.

It's time for us to begin.

Memory loss?

I suffered a huge mental trauma,

and lost certain parts of my memory.

So that's why you didn't recognize me.

I'm actually here to learn
a few things about myself.

Were we close?

You were friendly to everyone.

But no one was particularly close.

As soon as your shift was over,

you always went out with I-su.

You know Song I-su?

Everyone here knows about you two.

Did he work here too?

You two started at the same time,

but he quit after about six months.

He wanted to be a singer.

I see.

After breaking up with him, you seemed
to have lost all purpose in life.

When he died, you fell unconscious.

You quit right after and never returned.

That's terrible...

I was the one who cleaned out your desk.

I think we still have your stuff
somewhere in storage.

May I have those back?

What kind of horrible trauma
can cause someone to just quit life?

You got a call from Shin In-jeong.

It's Shin In-jeong.

I said it's Shin In-jeong.

Seo-u beat me.

She found out about me and Min-ho.

It's typical of Seo-u.

Everyone close to me found out.

It's actually nice that
I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Nice? You actually look miserable.

You and Min-ho are finished.
Too bad you got beaten for nothing.

We are not finished.

Not unless you marry him.

Are you going to marry him?

Last time we talked,

you wanted to know
why I did this to Ji-hyeon.

I'm here to tell you why.

Why all of a sudden?

During my college years,
I stayed at Ji-hyeon's house.

My father caused an accident
while driving without a license,

so I couldn't afford to attend
a college in Seoul.

I was so angry that I came over
to Ji-hyeon's house and told her about it.

And then, without even asking me,

in the middle of the dinner,

she asked her parents
to let me live with her.

I was so thankful that I almost cried.

Ji-hyeon told you about this, right?

You were the smartest girl at school.

She said that you had to give up college
in Seoul because of money

and it broke her heart.

She was a kind soul.

There's more.

During our first winter break,

I worked part time at the bakery
that Seo-u is managing right now.

We were preparing for an outdoor
promotional event,

but I got quite sick.

I asked Ji-hyeon to tell my boss
that I couldn't go to work.

But being the kind friend that she is,
she actually covered my shift for me.

She skipped her piano lesson

that cost her 250,000 won per hour.

Maybe she was worried
that you might lose your job.

But to Ji-hyeon's mother,
it must have been shocking.

She skipped a lesson worth 500,000 won
to cover for a 30,000 won shift.

When her mother got angry at her,

she could have just asked for forgiveness.

But her friend was just
too precious to her.

She argued back saying
she did the right thing.

She couldn't let In-jeong lose her job.

That's why her mother had no choice

call me behind her back.

But she couldn't have known that.

She was just too purehearted.

We sometimes went on group dates.

She always told people that
I was her best friend,

and I was living at her house.

When my boyfriend came
near the house to pick me up,

she actually followed us,
saying she was bored.

She never asked me, of course.

He soon began contacting Ji-hyeon,
and that's how we broke up.

But Ji-hyeon never figured that out.

She never suspects anyone.


are you telling me this now?

When she got new clothes,
she came into my room wearing them.

"How do I look?", "It's pretty."

"Do you want it?

Come on, In-jeong.
I can just buy another one.

I can give it to you. I won't miss it.

You know I'm not greedy."

But that is just how she felt.

Did that hurt your feelings?


felt miserable because of her.

Her blind acts of kindness

actually made me miserable.

I didn't need them,

but she just had to keep on giving.

She never thought about it
from my perspective.

Her kindness ignored my own feelings.

Her brightness annoyed me.

One day, I started wondering.

If she had to work day and night
while earning scholarship like I did,

would she still be able to smile?

If she didn't have a rich father,

would she still have gotten into
her school with her grades?

If she had a father like mine,

would she still be the tteokbokki-loving,

kindhearted, pure girl?

I wondered if she'd be the same
Ji-hyeon without her wealth.

If her rich father

were to become powerless like mine,
how would she react? I wanted to know.

"You two should wear my wedding dress.

You will have to rent one anyway."

It was Ji-hyeon herself who established
our relative positions.

Yet she denies this.
That's the funny part.

That's why I asked Min-ho first.

To bring Ji-hyeon down

to the same position I was in.

That's impossible. In-jeong is...

Ji-hyeon said it herself, right?

She could give me anything.

Then why not her father's company?

Why not her fiancé?

If you see her later,

please tell her what I said.


her love for you

was real.

So was mine.

My love for Ji-hyeon

was real.

That still doesn't give her the right.

She can't trample on me like this.

What's this?

This guy was a player.

Even when he had I-kyung...

This sad Scheduler is listening to music.

Call me later.

Hey, Song I-su. How could you?

You broke up with her
because you cheated on her.

What's wrong with people?

Why do they all cheat on others?

How can you stab someone
in the back like that?

What are you talking about?


Who are these people?

Is that me?

You were right.

I don't think your desperate wish
was about Song I-kyung.

I think it was about her.


-No, this is wrong.
-What is?

It's definitely you with another girl.

You dumped I-kyung because of her.

Judging from how I-kyung is living
even to this day,

maybe you were with this woman
even when you died.

-How come?

I have the proof right here.

Besides, you told me you couldn't
remember anything.

Even without my memories,
I can tell this is wrong.

Why are you denying it? Look at this.

Still no?

Me and this woman? Impossible.

I said she's nothing to me.

Just because you said nothing,

it doesn't mean nothing.

Just because you said nothing,

it doesn't mean nothing.

I'm telling you. That's not true, I-kyung.

Song I-kyung. That's not true.

Why can't you believe me?




Song I-kyung.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung

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