49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

Worried that Kang is onto her secret, Ji Hyun is more determined to take care of the Min Ho situation before her 49 days.

What are you doing?
I mean, what did you just do?

What? Did I do something?

You hugged me.

Did I?

I don't remember.
I must have been sleepwalking again.

Don't be so shocked. It's not a big deal.

You just looked so down.
I hugged you to cheer you up.

Never heard of a comfort hug?

You know I lived in the US
for about ten years.

Hugs are very common over there.

You've never lived there,
so you probably didn't know.

I don't think that was a comfort hug.

You said you are an orphan, right?

You said you have no one to talk to
or depend on.

I saw the way you were walking.
You just looked so lonely and tired.

Do you want to be that one person
who loves Song I-kyung?

What's with the serious glare?

Let's go.

You have a girlfriend.

In Korea, you can't just go around
hugging other women.

I never said I have a girlfriend.

You said there's someone you like.

Does that mean I have a girlfriend?

You gave her a huge bouquet,

but she's still not your girlfriend?
What have you been doing?

I didn't give it to her to ask her
to be my girlfriend.

So what was the bouquet for?

To cheer her up.

You just hugged me to cheer me up too.

What's wrong with that?

You just cheer up every woman around you.

Is that your hobby or something?

Not every woman.

What does that mean?


Prepare beef risotto, olio pasta,
margherita, and salad.

Make it quick, please.

Are we expecting someone?

No, they are for me.

Sure thing.

No bay leaves.

Got it.

What's going on between men?
And between women?

What is happening around here?


Here you go.

Do you want to finish off the rest,
Ms. Big-appetite?

Finish off what?

I do this sometimes to taste our items.

All I need is a taste of each.

Shouldn't waste the rest, though.

So you want me to eat these?

Yes, please dispose of the leftover.

You could have put it nicely.

I guess I can't let all these go to waste.
I have no choice but to eat.

A person...

must know what is important.

Ms. Song,
why are you eating that right now?

You asked me to take care of the leftover.

No, you are eating to live.
That's what a person does.

No one eats to die. We all eat to live.

Life is more important than anything.

I hear what you are saying,
but what exactly do you mean?

Eating delicious food, getting angry,

taking revenge, loving someone.

If you die, it won't do any good.

What's up with him?

Does he actually know my identity?

Didn't you say your days are limited?

You said you only had 48 days.

I'm not sure what condition it is,

but I want you to eat your fill
and cheer up.

Maybe he really knows.

I'm not sure what you are doing out there.

But surviving comes first.


Kang did what to Ms. Song?

What kind of nonsense is that?

I'm just telling you what I saw.

Are you sure it was them?
You must've been mistaken.


So that's the story behind the seal?

The day she hid that seal in my room

was the cleaning day.

That was supposed to be
Ji-hyeon's wedding day.

You went to the hospital that day.

She hid the seal here on her wedding day.

Those lying, cheating devils.

Are you going to just let them be?

I've already obtained a copy of
Haemi-do's registration.

I also asked a friend to look into
the situation between Shinga and HM.

Hey! Who cares about the company
at a time like this?

We need to save Ji-hyeon first.

Ji-hyeon knows that better than anyone.

But she continues to hang around Min-ho.

She must have a good reason.

As for the company,
why not just tell her father?

What could I possibly tell him?

He trusts Min-ho enough to
include him in his will.

He won't believe me without a proof.

I guess you're right.

We can't tell him about Ji-hyeon, either.

That will put her at risk.

Remember. I told you nothing.
You learned this all on your own.

I know that.

Possession by a spirit...

How is this possible?

It's like I'm dreaming or something.

See? It's not a dream.
Get yourself together.

This time don't do anything
you'll regret later.

The most urgent problem
is Mr. Shin's operation.


Cheer up, okay?


What were you two doing?

-Hwa-jun. You need to knock first.

I think I found something.

Take a look.

The only thing that can truly reflect
a person is the heart.

And the proof of the heart is in the eyes.

That's what Jun-hui said.


They say your eyes are
the window to your soul.

This is good.


I should write them down like this too.

You are blocking my sunlight.

Did you find out whether or not
Han Kang figured it out?

Why should I do that?

I'm scared to death right now.

Use your logic for once.

Your soul is in another person's body.
Does that make any sense?

He has been acting weird.

He was all suspicious before,
but now he is being really nice.

Maybe he just likes Song I-kyung.

Too bad for you.

You only got to experience true love
after you became a spirit.

It takes a little twist
to make romance fun.

You mean I don't have to worry about it?

Not unless you make it obvious.

Humans know they will all die someday.

But no one knows what happens after that.

-I do.
-Don't make me laugh.

So I won't remember any of this
even if I succeed?

Of course not.

If a 49-day traveler remembers everything,

everyone would know about me.

So many girls will kill themselves
just to see me.

Stop joking around.

If you remember all this, the boundary
between life and death will crumble.

There is no way we would allow that.

Humans have a big mouth.

So I won't remember anything?

The entire 49-day period?

That means I really can't let Min-ho
continue his plan.

If I return to life,

I would marry him,
totally unaware of his plan.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Have you ever received a call
from a person named Park Jeong-eun?

I heard she's Ji-hyeon's friend.

Park Jeong-eun?

I didn't know Ji-hyeon had such a friend.

So she never contacted you?

A woman named Park Jeong-eun
interviewed me.

It made me think of Ji-hyeon.

Park Jeong-eun?

Yesterday, she stopped by here
on her way back from Jinan.

She brought aejeotang for Ji-hyeon's dad.

Why was she there on the same day we were?


Hey, Seon-young, it's In-jeong.

You said a woman named Park Jeong-eun
contacted you. Do you have her number?

I'm not interested anymore.

Maybe I was being too simple,
just like I was in the past.

Maybe that's why he got tired of me.

Were you and In-jeong that inseparable?

Then even if I have to stay
at Min-ho's place as a spirit,

I really have to find out the password.

Excuse me. Please step aside
to get some water in the bucket.


We changed the soil in the pots.
They need lots of water.

You changed the soil?

You replaced the soil in the pots?

Wait, the boss told me not to
let you clean the restroom.


Hey, Pops. The door is open.

Sorry, it's me.

I have to leave now.
There is something I need to do.

-Come in.
-I'm sorry?

You're letting the cold air in.
Come talk to me inside.


Actually, I'm here to tell you
that I have to leave now.

Just sit. I won't bite.

I was just about to have a cup of tea.

Maybe he didn't change this one.

Do you like plants?

That's a big pot.

I heard you changed soils. Did you really
carry this all the way outside?

Are you crazy?

I can't risk my back for that.
My manhood depends on my back.

That pot will stay here
for at least a million years.

What was that just now about your back?

I'm a man too, Ms. Song I-kyung.

That doesn't mean I prey on women,
so please come sit down.

I actually have to leave now.

Just stay for a cup of tea.

This song...

It was my mother's favorite.

That's why he remembered it.

What's this?

-Let's go.
-To where?

You said you are leaving.

Yes, that's right, but...

Oh, the hand.

That was to cheer you up.

Kang did what to Ms. Song?

You will never know who I am.

I'm not interested anymore.

She came to talk to me
just hours before that.

I said you don't have to walk me out.

Just to the bus stop.
I could use the stroll.

I don't have time for a leisurely stroll.

I have to be somewhere. Bye.

-What's the hurry?

That was a bit dramatic.

I'm walking with you
to the bus stop because I need it.

It's not to walk you home or anything.

Ms. Song.

What are you doing here?

I have to talk to her about something.


He is here to see me, not you.

You should go in.

Looks like you are after Kang now.

You are right.
He should be a little bit easier.

Any woman who can recognize a real man

would go for Han Kang, not you.

-I used to be stupid.

I only let you sway me because
I couldn't recognize a real man.

Who are you? Have you been toying with me?

What are you to Kang?
Why were you with him in Jinan?

You planned to meet him.

Mr. Kang.

You shouldn't be asking me these
here right now.

This is neither the time or place.

You should have asked me these
when we were talking earlier today.

I would have answered you back then.

I knew you would still come to me.

I knew you would regret your actions.

You knew I would come?

You said I no longer interest you.

You were just complaining to yourself.

The bankruptcy, the will,
your fiancée's friend.

If I tell anyone about any of these,
it will be a big problem for you.

But you still want to withstand it,
enough to forget about that fact.

The things you and In-jeong have done.

I haven't told anyone yet.

That is my answer.

What does she want from Min-ho?

How can I help her if I don't know?

This is frustrating.

I have to give this back to you somehow.

What happened in Jinan?

You suddenly fell unconscious
and didn't even recognize me.

I have narcolepsy.


I randomly fall asleep.

Sometimes I wake up to a brief period of
hallucination and disorientation.

Narcolepsy. I've heard of it.

Is that why you didn't recognize me?

If it's that serious,
you should have told me.

To the man who left me on the ground

to leave with In-jeong?
I don't have to tell you anything.

The text you sent her was unnecessary.

It's exactly as I told her.

I just wanted to feel better about myself.

That was careless.

What happened between you two?

I'm not sure.

I'm not sure what I'm doing.

I want to go back to that restaurant.

The sujebi there was good,
but I didn't get to enjoy it.

You said you and your mother
used to eat there when you were poor.

Now that you are rich,
where do you two go to eat these days?

The last time we ate out together
was before I left to study abroad.

At that restaurant.

Before you left?

She's been in a hospital for years now.

For years?

So the one I met was a fake?

Which hospital?

I got drunk quicker than usual.

I never talk about my mother when sober.

It was definitely a six-digit code.

Use a special date related to someone
so that you don't forget the password.

Maybe it's the birthday
of his real mother.

I actually feel sorry for you too.

You have many things that you don't
want to talk about, just like me.

When will you tell me where you live?

When the time comes.

It is no use asking now, then.


Hey, lady.

Are you having love problems?

How about we discuss this over a drink?


Shin Ji-hyeon. You are keeping me from
successfully completing my term.

You are my worst troublemaker for sure.

No doubt.

Did I do something wrong again?

You are quite dynamic
for a traveler with only 20 days left.

Who do you think you are? Jason Bourne?

That's my dad's car.

He obviously wouldn't have sent
someone to follow you.

Mr. Cha, the driver, is Min-ho's
high school classmate.

Min-ho must have sent him.
What should we do?

We'll be Matt Damon and Franka Potente.


Thank you.

It wasn't for you.
I was just protecting Song I-kyung.

I guess you are right.

I've been causing her
all sorts of trouble.

I can't surprise her anymore like this.

So why be a spy all of a sudden?
That was pointless.

I have to open Min-ho's safe.

You think opening it
will solve all your problems?

I can reveal his true face to the world.

I can get my dad to have the operation
and save his company.

I can also protect the Haemi-do project.

Most importantly, if I ever
make it back to life,

he won't be able to trick me again.

But what about Shin Ji-hyeon?

Aren't you going to collect those tears?

I'm sure I'll find them somewhere.

Maybe I'll find three. Maybe one.
I don't know.

What do you mean?

The truth is that my fate
was sealed from the beginning.

These 49 days you gave me,

they are just a gift you give
to those who died prematurely.

Something like a final gift, right?

As for the tears,

seeking them was pointless from the start.

Without revealing my identity,

there is no way I can ask people
to love my soul.

And what about this?
It just filled up on its own.

"That's the truth, isn't it? Tell me."

I refuse to answer these questions.

You should stop talking about tears too.

Tears are something that matters at death.

Everything is already determined by then.

Okay, enough of this.

If we continue,
we'd be crossing the boundary.


Oh, I have a question.

When you were telling me about I-kyung
on my first day,

you told me she's from
Hansarang Orphanage, right?

Did I?

You are right. What about it?

I'm trying to find Song I-su
because you won't.

Finding him should be
the least of your worries.

Just think about keeping Min-ho
off your tracks.

Don't mess up Song I-kyung's life.

I get it. I'll be careful.

Having a hard time
forgetting Song I-kyung?

You don't usually get drunk like this.

I can't have you
just coming in to my place like this.

Why don't you change the password then?

You aren't here to tell me that.

The woman I told you about on the day
I failed to find the seal.

Park Jeong-eun. Remember that name?

I said she's Ji-hyeon's friend.

That woman appeared again,

doing strange things.

I'm sure she's the one who took the seal.

The way she goes around contacting
Ji-hyeon's friends is suspicious too.

On the day we went to Jinan,

she was also there.
It just doesn't feel right.

I think she's following us.

Has it occurred to you that
you may be overthinking it?

Please just look into this.

If you are that nervous, go study abroad
or something for a while.

Study abroad?

Just until I wrap things up here.

Or maybe it'd be beneficial for you
to consider a long-term program.

You want me to study abroad?

Are you trying to get rid of me?

You told me to wait because
there's nothing between you and Ms. Song.

So what's your plan once I'm gone?

That's not what I'm saying.

How can you do this to me?

Not once were you swayed during
the two years you spent with Ji-hyeon.

So why are you like this with her?

Yes, I like Song I-kyung.

-But it's not just because of her.

Think of our past two years.
For two years, we...

No. Think about the day
you suggested this plan.

It was the fifth of October, 2009.
It was my birthday.

Ever since that day
until the day of Ji-hyeon's accident,

all we ever talked about was our plan.

What do you mean?

All I heard from you was
what kind of person Ji-hyeon was.

Her favorite food, color, clothes,
hobbies, songs,

the movies that made her cry,

the personalities of her parents,

and their values.
Briefing was all you ever did.

I was to push Shinga to bankruptcy.

I sought out Hyeoksan
in order to make Haemi-do mine.

To formulate the perfect plan
Mr. Shin would never find out,

I never stopped thinking about it
and acting on it.

What about it?

It was for the both of us.

What we did in those two years
was a business.

It wasn't love.

No real conversations. No memories.

There was nothing in those two years.

We shared nothing together.

How do you expect me
to still have feelings for you?

You have...

no feelings for me?

I thought it was the same for you.


I honestly cannot control my heart.

Ever since Jinan, it's been getting
harder for me to leave her body.

Isn't there a way
for a spirit to get healthier?

I'll find Song I-su for you.
Please wait just a little longer.

Did you really take a leave
two nights ago?

Did something happen?

A leave?

You took a leave and didn't show up.

I did?

When I came in here, this one young man

told me that you took a leave.

Two nights ago?

That's when...

I thought it was just a dream.

So it wasn't.

Oh, this is bad.

How did I make such a stupid mistake?

How did I forget to transform?

Is this another penalty?

Ms. Song, where are you going right now?

I'm on my way to see I-su.

How can you expect me to stay the same?
People change.

But you are still I-su.

Then why can't you understand me?

I'm crying.

I've returned to the hotel, still crying.

It's Min-ho.

I'm happy because I just saw someone.


That man is entering a hotel room
with a woman.

I'm watching them while hiding,
and I am totally shocked.

That man...

Is he Song I-su?

No, he's not.

I don't know him.

Who is watching them? Is it you?

She looks like me, but...

she is not me.

Don't be scared, Ms. Song.

You are starting to interest me.




Be strong for me.

We were digging into the past
that you sealed away yourself.

It is possible that memories
from your previous life got mixed in.

My previous life?

No, it wasn't.

There is something...

strange going on inside me.

What do you mean?

Something strange?

Ms. Song, you have to tell me
what's going on.

What is it? What's going on?

I'm not sure.

I want to tell you...

but something tells me I shouldn't.

I can feel it.

You've been coming home late these days.

But that's good.

You are moving around more.

I didn't expect you here at this hour.

I want to design Sector A again.

Did you already find someone else?

If not, I want it back.

Why the sudden interest?

Back then, I just felt awkward
about this project because of Ji-hyeon.

You felt awkward?

Working for a family
that just suffered a misfortune

just didn't feel right.

But nothing changed since then.

Yes, but now that I know
about you and In-jeong,

I feel like this is the least I can do.


Is that a yes or no?

If you can do it, I'm all for it.

Then I'm on it.
Let me know of any meetings coming up.


I'm ready, Seon-young.

Four, nine, one, four, nine, four, nine.

Thank you. Bye.



I thought I should take you out for lunch.


Since yesterday,

I've been craving the pasta
that Ji-hyeon liked so much.

So go eat it.

Ji-hyeon used to say she wanted
to eat it with her mother.

So she wanted to eat it
with just her mother?

It would be nice if you could
come with us too.

Should I call your caregiver?

You know I don't like western food.

You go on ahead.


What brings you here?

Oh, it's you.

This is Kang's restaurant.

I just wanted her to try
Ji-hyeon's favorite pasta.

Please take your time.

No, I just want Ji-hyeon's favorite pasta.

I'll have the same.

I'll also prepare
Ji-hyeon's favorite salad.

Is Ms. Song in today?

I'm not sure.

The order is already in.

Where is Ms. Song?

She actually didn't check in yet.

It's her chance to see her mother.

Yes. I'm talking about Song I-su.

You grew up with him in the orphanage?

Do you know where he might be right now?

No clue?

I see. Thank you.



Where are you? Aren't you coming today?

I'm at the park right now.

Come quickly. Get here in five minutes.

-What's going on?
-You'll know when you get here.

What's going on?

I told you to hurry,
not burst your heart sprinting.

Bring them some water.

Oh, Jeong-eun.

You work here?

Yes. How have you been?

So you are Park Jeong-eun,
Ms. Song I-kyung?


Her name is Park Jeong-eun.

Park Jeong-eun?

What's going on? Why were you
pretending to be Park Jeong-eun?

Wait. Are you actually Park Jeong-eun
pretending to be Song I-kyung?

Which one is your real name?

Park Jeong-eun is my online nickname.

Online nickname?

Park Jeong-eun...

Who uses a fake name like that
as her nickname?

Okay, I'll let that slide for now.

You are Ji-hyeon's friend?

Why didn't you tell anyone?
No, why did you lie to everyone?

You aren't actually her friend, are you?

-I am really--
-She really is Ji-hyeon's friend.

I let her work here
because Ji-hyeon asked me to.

-You got a problem with that?

She said Park Jeong-eun is her nickname.

Song, keep Ji-hyeon's mother company.


What's wrong with you, Kang?

I was talking to her.

Yeah? What's wrong with you?

She is suspicious.
I have to check something with her.

You are the one who is suspicious here.

What's wrong with her
being Ji-hyeon's friend?

Why does it matter to you that
Song I-kyung is Park Jeong-eun?

Did you really let her in
because she's Ji-hyeon's friend?

What could be so important
that you have to use Ji-hyeon's mother?

What are you talking about?
Using Ji-hyeon's mother?

I know about you and Min-ho.

So seeing you act like this
is a bit too much.

No. You are just way too shameless.

Just go back in for now.

Never bother Ji-hyeon's mother again.

How did he find out?

She must have told Kang.

Why didn't I see this coming?

So you are here
because Ji-hyeon recommended you?


By the way, I wonder where In-jeong went.

There she is.

I'm sorry. That was an urgent call.

Let me give you a ride.
Back to the hospital, right?

-Shouldn't you go back to work?

Please let me drive you.
I actually have to meet a client there.


Ms. Song, please bring a cup of coffee
to my office.

No syrup.

Are you really Shin Ji-hyeon's friend?


Why didn't you tell me?

From what I heard just now,

you knew her from an online club, right?

It was a magic trick club.

So that's why you are so similar to her.

Why did you tell her
that you already knew about it?

I wasn't sure what was happening,
but it looked like you needed help.

What do you mean?

I told you before.
I owe a lot to Ji-hyeon.

One of them is...
Actually, you must know this too.

She can't stand the sight of injustice.

Whenever she sees the weak in trouble,
she just rushes in without thinking.

How does that mean he owes me?

Also, I don't really like In-jeong.

Why not?

I thought you already knew.

Min-ho and In-jeong are lovers.

How did he find that out?

You didn't know?

I knew that.

So everything is straight now.
You may leave.


That's the reason I helped you.

Hey, boss. Your guests are leaving.


I'll be right back.

In-jeong is going to tell Min-ho
about this right away.


Yes, this is Kang Min-ho.

I have to talk to you.
Can I see you right now?

I'm heading out for a meeting.

What's going on?

What time will you be done?

I'm not sure. Maybe around five.

I'll be at your apartment's entrance.



I'm back. Did you have lunch yet?

I told him not to come,
and now he visits daily.

In-jeong actually
took me to his restaurant.

I don't care. Why are you here today?

He has to tell you something.

We have nothing to talk about.

I know I have no right to say this,

but please, hear me out for Ji-hyeon.

Who do you think you are?

I was like her once.


When my mother passed away,
I didn't even know.

I found out about it after a whole year.

My mother had already died one year ago.

She thought it would be
better for me that way.

What are you trying to tell me?

She never told me anything.

Why she got divorced,

how she was doing,
or how much time she had left.

Even during her death,
she didn't tell me a thing.

She just sent me off to America.

I get what you are saying.
You can stop now.

She thought she was doing those for me,

but I still don't understand her
to this day.

If she was really thinking about me,
she should have told me.

How does that make you and Ji-hyeon alike?

It will be worse for Ji-hyeon.

If she wakes up

and finds out that you aren't there,
how would she feel?

What if she learns that you refused
the operation because of her?


Are you threatening me? What do you know?

What gives you the right?

Mr. Shin?

The wind sure feels nice.

The sky is so pretty.

Will I still be seeing you after 19 days?

I don't think that will happen.

No. I can do this. I'm sure of it.

What are you doing?

I was enjoying the wind and the sky.

Then how about we go for a drive?

We can't stay inside on a day like this.

I shouldn't tell you this in a car.

You are staring at it so much.

I had this one friend.

We never met in person.

But we knew each other's face.
We shared a lot of things.

You said you wanted to talk. Come, sit.

I'm talking to you right now.

I met this friend at an online club.

That was...

Shin Ji-hyeon.

Shin Ji-hyeon.

She is my friend.

When I found out you are Kang Min-ho,

I was happy at first
because you were her fiancé.

But after I found out about you
and In-jeong, I began to hate you.

And here we are now.

Hold on.

Hold on.

You are Ji-hyeon's friend?

My online nickname is Park Jeong-eun.

Park Jeong-eun?

Didn't In-jeong tell you?

So that was...



About that photo.
When I come back here next time,

I don't want to see your engagement photo
with Shin Ji-hyeon.

Please don't make me see it again.

Come in. I'm done talking anyway.

What were you talking about?

The same thing you are here to talk about.

-If you think I'm lying,

just ask Mr. Kang.

Why are you just standing there?

What did she say?

I heard everything.
I need some time to think.

She is Park Jeong-eun.

Park Jeong-eun is Song I-kyung.

So Song I-kyung is Ji-hyeon's friend.

I said I heard everything.

Doesn't something feel strange?

I have to think about this.
Please leave me alone.

-Just let me think alone.

It's all over.

I'm sure Min-ho won't let this slide.

If I can't approach him anymore,

I won't be able to find out anything.

Dad, what should I do?

Why did she come out so quickly?

Where is he going?

I must have scared her.

She will be really scared this time.

I have to wait at the entrance
before Min-ho comes back.

I'm sorry.

If I wait until you leave,

I won't be able to enter Min-ho's place.

I can't do this.

I'm glad I didn't leave.


Look at this, Hae-won.

I've been thinking about this all day.

Will you please pay attention?

I said I'm very grateful for this.

So why won't you tell me
why we are doing this?

You are starting to hurt my feelings.

I sense a storm approaching.


When did you get here?

Did you really know?

You mean Song I-kyung being
Ji-hyeon's friend?

Yeah, I knew it.

Ji-hyeon introduced me
to her a while back.

So why didn't you tell me?

Whenever I got close to her,

you got all angry saying
I'm Ji-hyeon's fiancé.

That is why I tried to stop you.

You could have just told me
she was Ji-hyeon's friend from the start.

It is because I trusted you.

I really thought you loved Ji-hyeon.

I shouldn't have had to say that
she was your fiancée's friend.

Then why did you just let her be?

You could just fire her.

You really don't know?

You know I like her.


like her.

You like Song I-kyung?

Yeah, I knew it.

Not Song I-kyung. It's Shin Ji-hyeon.

I'm going that way.

I won't be back for a few days. Stay safe.

Where is she going? Did something happen?

I'll be late.

Don't you have anywhere to go?

Don't you have anyone to talk to?

I want to meet people.

But I can't do that as Shin Ji-hyeon.
It makes me so lonely.

But you are lonely
because you have no one to see?

About Song I-su...

The orphanage doesn't know where he is.

I also called your school,
but they don't know who your friend is.

This is so frustrating.

I have to go now.

Don't stay here for too long.

It's dangerous here.

You have 18 days, 4 hours, and 29 minutes.

You have 17 days, 4 hours, and 29 minutes.

You have 16 days, 4 hours, and 29 minutes.


Don't do this to me.


At this point...

At this point...



What should I do?

Oh, no.


Please don't.

Why haven't I thought of this before?

She studied hotel tourism
at Haemyung College.

A graduation album should have
the contact information of the graduates.

Hotel tourism department...

She had such a bright smile back then.



This must be Song I-su.

They went to the same college?

But this man...

He looks too much like the Scheduler.

This is really urgent and important.

I'm arranging a song.
Just talk to me over the phone.

Arranging a song?

So you are in that practice room again?

Don't you dare come here.

I'm hanging up.

I told you not to come here.
You don't listen to me.

I have to show you something.

I found Song I-su.

You want me to find out where he is
and what he is doing? No way.

It's not that. Just look.

Look here.


What is this?

That's me.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung