3 Below (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Moving Day - full transcript

Left vulnerable after Omen's attack, the royal heirs look to conceal their damaged ship but are soon confronted by the bounty hunter Magmatron.

Magma-Tron will crush House Tarron.

♪ One, two, three below ♪

Good evening, Arcadia Oaks!

It's been two weeks since that night.
You know the one.

The one we never talk about,
but I'm talking about it now. Yeah.

And everyone has been working hard
to finish repairs on our little town.

Good job, everybody.

Didn't I say Arcadia would never be
the same after the Battle of the Bands?

Gene, dude,
you owe me ten bucks, man!

I'm just kidding.

But seriously, am I?
Ten bucks, please, seriously.

Hopefully, that's the last
of the weirdness here in Arcadia.

Just remember folks,
what really happened that night

is our town's little secret.


- Ah!
- A thousand texts!

You sent me, like, a thousand texts!

Steve wasn't answering my calls.

- I have to tell someone.
- What, that your voice dropped?

I'm still waiting for mine to do that.
Why is it so dark in here?

Focus, Toby!

Okay, okay! Tell me what?

Something that's gonna rock
your world, Toby.

Things in this town
are not what they seem.


Was the huge ray of light shooting up
from the canals your first clue?

That's just the tip of the iceberg.
Check it.

Wow, dude, you've gotta get out more.

I've been putting
the pieces together for months.

Trolls, sure.

Wizards? Hmm, I've met a couple.

Wait. Aliens?

So you think there are, what,
aliens in Arcadia?

And more.

People aren't who they seem, Tobes. Look.

Okay, I get it!

You think Aja and Krel are aliens?

Aja and Krel are aliens!

And if I've learned anything
after six seasons of Earth Invaders,

they're not here to make friends.

I'm going to need you and your war hammer.

We're gonna set traps all around Arcadia.

We'll use my phone to notify us.

I just downloaded an app
called "Trap My Friends."

Hold on! Traps?

- You're not planning on killing them?
- No, no.

My traps are inescapable but very humane.

Or should I say... alien-ane?

Yeah, you really shouldn't.

We'll use candy as bait,
just like in Earth Invaders.

- Aliens can't resist Nougat Nummies.
- That's true.

No sentient being can resist the crunchy,
chocolatey goodness of a Nougat Nummy.

Stay focused.

The fate of Arcadia rests in our hands.

- We're gonna catch those aliens.
- Oh...

Ow! Toby, stop it!

Not only are we stuck on Earth,

we're stuck in the middle
of a stupid forest!

We only need to move the mothership
a few blocks.

Then you can fix her.

Then we can go home to Akiridion-Five.

More liquid propellant!

Welp, you're gonna need more horsepower
than my taco truck.

Every bounty hunter in the galaxy
knows where we are.

We're too exposed like this.

Well, think of it like camping.
It's a summer tradition here on Earth.

Well, I have my own tradition.

It's called "fixing the mothership,"
and it's starting to get old.

Commander Zadra to Akiridion-Five,
do you copy?

- Izita, can you...
- System rebooting.

- Re...
- Blasted reboot!

Ree-boot. Red boot.

Searching the web for "red boots."

No! Ugh!

Hey, hey, hey! Be gentle!

That's not gonna work.

Nothing works in this ship
since that blasted Omen tore through it.

I've been trying to contact
the Resistance, but Mother is...



General Morando has employed...

Ugh! Why do you keep looking
at Vex's logs?

- I... miss him.
- Well, I don't.

Varvatos saved our lives more than once!

- You should watch...
- No!

I don't ever want to see
that traitorous face again.

- Nor do I.
- I have to work on the repairs.

Excellent. I'll patrol the perimeter.

You and your sister
stay aboard the vessel.

What? We need to see our friends!

Friends? Your human friends
can't help protect you.

I can. You two must stay put.


Besides from what I've observed,

the local life-forms are rude
and lack basic hygiene.

I caught a furry one with a mask
going through our garbage.

Wait! Do you mean raccoons?

Aja, Aja!

Wherefore art thou, Aja?


Do you want me to get caught?

Oh, I don't know.

Do you want me to want you
to get caught?

Seeing as this is a stealth mission,
not really.

- Here, hold this.
- What is this?

Core scanner.

- So, where are we going?
- To find an old friend.

Uh, isn't this tech stuff
more Krel's wheelhouse?

Not that I'm looking to bring
a third wheel on our date or something.

My Vespa has two wheels, you know?

Enough about wheels.
Why am I talking about wheels?

This is where Varvatos crashed.

No cores detected.

But he's gotta be out there somewhere.

I'll find you, Varvatos.

The Palchuk is at your service.

- That was Steve!
- And isn't that Aja?

That alien has Steve!
She kidnapped him!

- I bet she brainwashed him!
- That wouldn't be hard.

New plan. We have to save Steve.

Do we, though?

It's a core! It might be Varvatos!
Go back!


- Ah, kleb!
- My tooth!

Krel? You snuck out of the house?

Honestly, Aja, it's not that hard.

- I just copied you.
- Like sister like brother, huh?

I see. Looking for the traitor?

What are you... Are you following me?

Yes! Because you know who's in trouble?

Our entire planet!

We need to focus on contacting
the Resistance

and getting back to Akiridion.

Whoa-ho-ho! A resistance.

That sounds so cool.

Varvatos saved our lives.

He stopped Omen
from taking Mama and Papa!


As the human girls say,
"speak to my fingers."

Kleb! Our transductions are fading.

Good! Then we have to go home.

Did you hear that?

It's probably just raccoons.

Raccoons! Right.

They can hear your stomach!

I told you I needed those Nummies.

- Now shush!
- You shush!

Shush, shush, shush...

Come on, we have to help Steve.

- Steve!
- Oh, hey, guys!

- Yeah!
- Get off of me, buttsnacks!

You're safe now, bro.

Pepperjack, don't use "bro."
You're not cool enough, bro.

Sorry, bro. I mean, Steve.


Stay away from our friend
you darn, dirty aliens!

What? We're not dirty.

And we're definitely not aliens!

Okay, yes, we're aliens.

There really are aliens in Arcadia!

For Arcadia!

Pepperjack, stop!

They're good aliens!

I mean "Akiridions."

Steve, you knew it?

Uh... well, yeah.

And you didn't tell me?

But we're Creepslayerz... with a Z.



What was that?

Hand over the royal cores
before I break your bones!


Take some of this!

Running will only
make your death more fun.

- Who the heck is this guy?
- No idea!

How do you not know him?

All aliens know each other!

That is completely offensive,
and complimentary,

that you think we would know

all 50 trillion life-forms
in the universe.

Fifty trillion?

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh!

I thought my running days were over!

I will crush you!


Bath time!

All right, you guys.

We got this.

You know what time it is?

It's hammer time!

Hey, that was my line!

Quick, behind Stuart Electronics!

Okay, guys, let's show him who's...

Guys? Guys? Oh, no.


I love to crush!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I hate this shortcut!


Hammer in your face!

Oh, that feels good!

You cannot escape Magma-Tron! You...



There's a spaceship
growing out of your house?

- You have a space-house?
- Shh!

That bounty hunter could have followed us.

Also our "spaceship" prefers
to be called "Mother."

Let's hope she knows how to stop
whatever that life-form was.


Coast is clear. No bounty hunter.

Even better,
Zadra doesn't know we're back.


- Whoa!
- So cool, so cool!

So cool, so cool, so cool!

Is it cool?
I mean, guess I'm just used to it.

You know, been here a million times now.



This is so cool!


Steve, how could you not tell me?

I just told you!

But what about
our Creepslayerz oath?

What Creepslayerz oath?
What are you talking about?

Exactly! We were supposed to write one.



- Self-destruct activated.
- Oh, no.

You will all die in five sectons.

Four, three, two, one...


I can manually access
Mother's database here.

Just takes a couple sectons to unlock.

Pulling up Commander Vex's logs.

No, not "logs."

Delson one.
Commander Vex reporting.

Or should Varvatos say "Nanny Vex"?

- Mother, get him off the screen!
- Next screen.

- No!
- Delson 17.

Varvatos met Nancy Domzalski...

My nana?

She captured my rook,
my queen, and my core.

She is how the hoomans
would say, "hot."

Hot? Ew! No, no, no!

She's not hot, she's Nana!

Oh, man, he's a really good fighter.

- Who is that?
- Nobody.

It's a long story.

Mother, any information on a bounty hunter
with a giant hammer-thing?

Searching, searching,
searching, searching...

She's still rebooting.

Your order for red boots has been shipped

and will arrive
in two to five business delsons.


Bounty hunter identified.

Magma-Tron hails from the planet Cindor.

Cindorites are an almost indestructible,
violent race of mechanized beings

known for their wanton disregard for life.

They are prone to quips,
ruthless cruelty,

and what humans refer to
as "trash talking."

Mother, any information
on how to defeat this guy?

Searching my database.

The only known weakness is...
wa... wa... wa...

System rebooting.

This is going to take forever!

One of the alien traps went off!
It caught something in the sewers!

It could be Magma-Tron!

Wait! Were you trying to trap us?

Yeah, but only because someone
never told me you guys were cool.

Ah, Steve!

We must stop Magma-Tron
before he hurts someone.

- Or us.
- Still happy Vex is gone?

Eli the Pepperjack, take us to the sewers.


The trap is just around this corner.

We'll take it from here.

- Whoa!
- Ha.


- What are you doing here?
- You know her?

None of my battlefield training
prepared me

for the temptations
of these delicious confections.

Yeah! The Nougat Nummies,
they worked!

I ordered you not to leave the ship
for your own protection.

Is there some cheat sheet we could get?

Like, how do we tell
who's a good alien or a bad alien?

Coming back!

Give up your cores, Tarrons,
before I rip them from your bodies.

That is clearly a bad alien.

A Cindorite?

My royals, run!

With Varvatos Vex off-planet,
no one can save you now.


You know where Varvatos is.
Where is he?

Not here to protect you.

We don't need that traitor to protect us.

Eeh, everything hurts.

Say good-bye to your teeth.


A little rusty since Jimbo left, huh?

Get me down, now!

- Yes, ma'am!
- You cannot outrun my wrath!

Making me work
for my nine billion crestons?

Good thing you're wanted alive... or dead!

A little bit higher, Steve.

A little... Ah!

I have a plan. Reset the trap.

You've seen Varvatos. Where is he?

Our serrators have no effect on him!

Because Cindorites are indestructible!


Say your final good-byes, Princess.


That's right, over here,
you craz-nut soolian.

What did you dare call me?

I will knock the skulls from your bodies.


- Creep...
- Slayerz!

And a Trollhunter!

I'll ask you one more time.

Where is Varvatos?

He's on Earth's moon,
rotting away in some prison cell.

Varvatos was captured?

He didn't leave us.

He was taken.

By whom?

Zeron Alpha.

Commander Vex is heading home
to Akiridion-Five for his execution.


You'll be reunited
with Varvatos in death.


It will all be over soon, Princess.

Grab the hammer!
Don't let him get his weapon!

Stop that!

Cut it out, Chompsky.

The only known weakness
is wa... wa... wa...


Guys, Magma-Tron's weakness is water!

No, no!

Zadra, let go of the hammer now!


That was awesome-sauce!

Yep! That's my girlfriend.

- And you are my friend, Pepperjack.
- Yes!

- Creep...
- Slayerz!

Best friends? Bros?

Yeah, okay, Pepperjack. Bros.

But you're still a buttsnack.

Sorry we snuck out.

And were nearly killed.

Again. You were right.

You were right as well.

If you hadn't left the ship,
I might have been killed.

And I see now
there aren't just enemies out there.

These humans can be our allies,
our friends.

This is pretty nice.

Has a lightweight thruster.

I can put this to good use.

- More to the left.
- You're not helping!

Who was that?
And what's in that chamber?

Red-red-red boots you ordered.

Red boots. Red boots...

I will keep these.

I mean, confiscate them
for further inspection.

This better work.

Your glitching is starting to get
more annoying than the Blanks.

And that is saying something.

Security protocols disabled.

Uh... Mother?

- Good evening, my royal.
- Aha!

It worked!
How do you feel, Mother?

I feel... Well, I feel... almost alive.

Would you perhaps feel like accessing
Varvatos' personal logs?

Are you sure you want
to view them, my royal?

Yes, I am sure.


Four-ninety-eight, 499, 500!

The princeling has become quite good
at this Earthly "moo-sic."


Varvatos Vex is feeling "the beat."

...tos was meant to slay,

to murder and...

Varvatos is like a feeble larvox.

His bones...

You would be proud of Aja.

A glorious victory, to be sure!

Commander's log. Delson 12.

The king-in-waiting continues to struggle
fitting in with the other hoomans.

It pains Varvatos
that they do not understand him.

Perhaps Varvatos can beat the children
into befriending Krel. Ha ha!

- As your commander...
- Exactly, commander!

You are not my papa!

And this is not my home!

Varvatos is trying his best, Mother,

but he swears battling larvoxen
is easier than raising teenagers.

Varvatos does not feel
like this is babysitting anymore.

Aja and Krel, they are like family now.

Spending time with Varvatos?

I want to hate him, Aja.

I want to hate him so much.

But he really loved us.

I know he did.

Varvatos would be here if he could.

We'll get him back.

We're going on a rescue mission...

to the moon.