3 Below (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Truth Be Told - full transcript

Aja decides to tell Steve she's actually an alien, but her confession is cut short by a visit from the Zeron Brotherhood.

If this Omen-Blank
is as dangerous as you say,

we need the royals more than ever.

Let's hope my status can get us
a ship that can reach Earth.

On orders from King Morando,
I require a Taylon-Stryker.

The fastest in the fleet.

You are welcome to check with the king.

That won't be necessary.
We have a new security protocol.


Kleb. We've been detected.

Get to a Stryker! I'll distract them.

Commander Zadra?

I'm with the Resistance now.

The Kyron Bay
is initializing in 20 sectons.

The Kyron Bay is initializing
in 20 sectons.

Commander Zadra, halt!

By the order of the Resistance!

You held off Omen long enough
for me to get you a Stryker.

You shouldn't have come back.

- The royals trust you.
- Kleb.

I'll hold it back.
You bring our royals home.

♪ One, two, three below! ♪

Season 01 Episode 11
Episode Title: "Truth Be Told"

Baluba. If ya can't head home
till your parents regenerate,

you might as well enjoy
the happiest horvath in nine galaxies,

but go easy on the barium iced teas.
Trust me.

Or you could check out Pooplorth.
Don't let the name fool you.

White sand beaches, crystal lakes,
but freezing! Pack a parka.

Then there's always Durio, home of moi!

It's like Canada,
but built on a nuclear waste site,

so everything glows and smells.

Finally, Earth. Sure, it's class-D,

but can you name another planet
with a Stuart?

Plus, the best part, you're already here.

- Stuart...
- I know, I know,

but with your daxial array working,
you want to get going.

But I just want to give you
a few pointers.

We're not leaving right now.

The ship takes some time to recharge.

My royal is being vague
to protect your emotional state,

but we will be ready to launch
in 48 horvaths.

That's hardly any time at all! Mother!

Mother tells it like it is.

Why do you guys have to move?

It is too dangerous
to stay on the mud ball.

The Zeron Brotherhood
and that Birdie woman found us.

Seklos knows what hunter will come next.

So, we need a new planet to hide out on
until Mama and Papa wake up.

Then might I suggest Nuobus?

It's got a killer music scene,
advanced tech,

and some of the best skelteg gambling
in this star system.

- I'm looking at you, Aja.
- Why didn't you tell us that sooner?

Wait, let me see.

Wait your turn, Queen-in-waiting.

Sorry, not sure
if chess is a thing on Nuobus.

Varvatos Vex will not be going.

Just because they don't have chess?

Have you tried checkers?
Checkers are universal.

Varvatos must stay behind
and slaughter any hunters who reach Earth.

Morando cannot discover
that the royals have fled to a new planet.

You'll miss seeing
the king and queen wake up.

You've protected their children. Saved
their lives. They'll want to thank you.

Somehow, Varvatos doubts that.

Hang on, what's that supposed to mean?

I got it! It's mine now.

Fine. I'm late for my date anyway.

- Wait. What date?
- With Steve.

Ugh. How is Staja still a thing?
We leave in two delsons.

I cannot leave without saying goodbye.

He's been so kind to me.
He deserves to know.

Deserves to know what? Hey!

I'll be taking this.

It will help me break the news to Steve
that I'm moving.

Wait, Aja. You cannot show him that.

Why not? We're leaving soon anyway.

Exactly. So why take the risk now?

We are so close.

She's not actually going to tell him,
is she?

We need extra slices of lime.

And that's why Eli can't eat clams.

Sounds like you and Eli
shared a lot of lively adventures.


Our friendship really began

when I was taking out some trash
for my mom.

There was this weird, little, green
raccoon thing, and I was like, "Ew!"

But I was also like, "Cool." You know?

Because Eli's weird,

and I thought maybe
they might know each other.

- Good evening. Mind if I join?
- Yes!

What are you doing here?

Hey, that's mine.

I'm not sure I can trust you
with this soda. I have to protect it.

You can't tell me what to do.
If I want to share my soda, I can.

But if you share your soda,
then you also share my soda.

And I don't want to share my soda,
especially with Steve.

I ordered my own soda, butt-snack.

And a slice of lime.

- Brings out the flavor.
- It's not that, Steve. It's...

I'm sorry.

My little brother is an... Ouch!

I was going to say
"an annoying pain in the dorsal."

- The lime!
- Oops.

The lime!

Krel, stop playing with the lights!

That's not me.

Although, it would have been a good idea.

Oh, no.

Why is my burrito floating?

We need to run.

- Uh... What is happening?
- Ugh!

Oh, my...!

I got extra lime.

Oh, no.

This is not good.

And it gets worse.

Oh! This is a spaceship!

- Steve...
- This is a spaceship!

- I can explain.
- We've been abducted!

- We've been abducted!
- What?

Oh, it's just like in season 2, episode 17
of Earth Invaders.

I binge watched it all with Eli
during our last sleepover. Okay.

Not to worry, folks.
I know exactly what to do.

As Agent Muldoon always says,

"Beware of the probing."

- Who is he talking to?
- Aliens are cruel and nasty creatures.

They'll suck out your brains
through your face, okay?

And then they probe...

with their questions.

Do you hear the offensive stereotypes
your boyfriend is peddling?

Okay. Now the butt-snacks
can't read my mind.

We already looked.
There was not much to see.

There should be a button or a panel
that opens the door.

Or a code word.




One, two, three, four!

Pineapple! I did it! Ha, ha!

Follow me.

Aja and Krel Tarron.


Wait, what?

- And what is this?
- Palchuk.

Steven Q. Palchuk.

Throw him in the vivisection room.

- No probing!
- He could be useful yet.

- No! Stop!
- The Palchuk never surrenders!

Take this! Save yourselves.

Checkmate! Ha, ha!

Rookie mistake right there, Vex.
You feeling all right?

In truth,

Varvatos Vex did not invite
you all here for chess.

He is in need of advice.

Well then, shoot.

Varvatos Vex has heard you speak
of your children.

What did you do when they moved away?

He had a par-tay.

- He's joking.
- No, I'm not.

There was a conga line.

Fair enough. But after that?

Surely, you cannot expect Varvatos
to play chess all dels...

all day.

I know you, Vex.

You want those kids to stay home
so you can protect them.

Aja and Krel need to explore the world
and find their adventure.

That means
you've gotta sacrifice what you want

so they can have what they want.

Hello? Pawn sacrifice?

We've gone over this.

But what if Varvatos misses them?

Kids grow up, Vex,

and they leave home. That's natural.

Yes. But is it natural for them to leave
with the home?

Ring, ring, ring. My new Ecoline phone
just sing, sing, sings.

Now in two volumes, soft and loud!

- Huh? What'd she say?
- Someone is calling Varvatos.

Ah, that was one good conga line.

Conga line!

Varvatos Vex.

Your human form is much wrinklier
than we anticipated.

You look like a larvox.

Ha, ha, ha.

Enjoy that insult,
for it shall be your last.

Your death will be Varvatos' masterpiece.

Xerexes' maelstrom!

If you so much as lay a finger on them...

Bring us the cores
of the king and queen,

and we won't have to.

And you will let them go?

- Don't do it!
- Save our parents!

Bring the king and queen,
or bury the royal children.

The choice is yours.

Don't probe me, bro.

You'll never set foot
on Earth again.

I hate this!


Why is it shaped like that?

Of course they'd wanna experiment
on a specimen as fine as the Palchuk.


Oh, they really do abduct cows.

Just like in season 4, episode 10.

It's okay. Don't worry, Bessie the cow.

I'll rescue you, too.

Think, Palchuk. Think!



Uh... Moo.

Uh, cow. Cows make milk.


Swiss, cheddar, pepper jack!

Eli Pepperjack. Yeah!

Thanks, Bessie!

You're never gonna believe
what's happening!

You felt it, too?

That's like the second earthquake today.

I think something's going down with Jim
and his Troll buddies,

or Troll enemies.

What are you talking about?

Sorry, Steve!

Oh! I'm on my own.

Yeah. You're right, Bessie.

I have you, too. I'm sorry.

Steve, you're a genius.

Come on. Ha!


We'll get out of this room,
rescue Steve, find the cockpit,

and open the escape hatch,
all before Vex gets here. Easy.

- Take that ridiculous hat off.
- No. Steve said it could be useful.

It would save time
if we didn't have to save Steve.

Or if I had four arms.

In about 17 mekrons, I will.

Why didn't you renew your transduction
before your date?

'Cause I'm tired of hiding.

To be normal on Akiridion,
I had to hide that I was a royal.

To be normal on Earth,
I have to hide that I'm a royal

and an Akiridion.

For once, I just want to be me.

I know, I know. But it's too dangerous.

I want to tell one person,

and I thought Steve would understand.

I wanted him to like me,
no matter what form I'm in.

But apparently, he thinks anyone
not from this planet is a brain eater.

He'll come around.

Hey, I used to think all humans
were barely evolved amoebas.

And now I know they're somewhat evolved.

Aja! Steve was right.

His ridiculous hat could save us!

I can use the aluminum
to disrupt the ionic latch.

Go save Steve,
and I'll meet you in the cockpit.

And don't tell him he was right.

Varvatos hopes you can forgive him.



Varvatos Vex has been detected
on the premises.

Now, let's see if he cooperated.

Have you brought the cores?

Speak, you soolian.

Varvatos has the king and queen.

Ready the children.

Setting course to Akiridion-5.

The royal children, they're gone.

Find them and cut them down
to their cores.

I'll handle Vex.

Seklos. Vex, have you lost your mind?

Vivisection room. Vivisection room.

Why aren't there signs?

Steve, where are you?

His phone!


Come on, Bessie. Come on.

- Come on!
- Steve!


Did they hurt you?

The Palchuk remains intact and unprobed.

Are you okay?

If those nasty aliens
harmed a single brain cell,

I'll pummel those butt-snacks.

Quiet, you interrupting cow!

Bessie's very talkative.
Aren't you, Bessie?

- Yes, you are.
- You named it?

No time! We have to go, now.

You'll come quietly, or else.

This thing again? What is it?
Where did you get this?

I got it for my tenth birthday.
Now throw it!

Man, too many muscles.

- It's armed.
- So am I.

Yeah! Kick his butt!

Her butt? Its butt!

Kick its butt!


Hand over the cores, Varvatos.

Where are the royal children?

Held in the cockpit.

Now, I shall not ask again.

The king and queen, as you wish.

Your honesty will be
your downfall.

Stay away from my parents.

Krel, no! Leave this place!


You lied?

Varvatos promised a king and queen.


- This sucks!
- Literally!


No! No!



- Aja!
- Steve!

Can you land this thing?

I think the best we can hope for
is to crash gently.



You're a...

- You're an alien?
- Yep.

You can fly?

- Nope.
- What?


I didn't mean to...

So this isn't really the way
I wanted you to find out.

We're not all like the Zerons.

Wow. You are so beautiful.

- You're not frightened?
- I was!

But that was more about
almost becoming a pancake

and less about you being blue.

And did I also mention
I'm a Queen-in-waiting?


Have I told you
that I'm the king of all science?


- Is it me?
- No. It's a giant cat-probing thing!


Little brother!

Thanks for not crushing us.

I must admit, I have better aim
with spaceships than serrators.


That alien's probing days are over.

We need to talk about your use
of the word "alien."

- Varvatos Vex will slaughter any...
- Relax, Vex. He's okay.

Oh, great, the secret's out. Steve knows.

This is so cool.

You're not gonna memory-wipe me, are you?

No. We're going to suck your brains
through your ears.

We are? Most glorious.

- Guys!
- Kidding.

So, how come you're not blue?

Just give me a mekron. Jeez.

Steve, you have to promise
not to tell anyone about us.

Pinkie swear.

The color of the swear is irrelevant.

I am serious. You must promise.

It's the most serious Earth pact we have.

And then we crashed here,

far from Morando,

but also far from everything
we've ever known.

You're all so brave.

And I thought being
in the school play was scary.

You know, Steve, you are not such
a lumbering oaf after all.

Thanks. Neither are you, buddy.

Ha! That was never under consideration.

Well, hello, little... Ew! Ew!

When the kids leave,
you're more than welcome to stay with me.

- No.
- I know, I know. I'll get air fresheners.

Varvatos will join
the King and Queen-in-waiting.

His duty is to protect,

and he cannot do so from afar.

He will go wherever the royals go...

and deal with the consequences
when they come.

Varvatos Vex, where have you taken them?

I need to find the royal children.


We have their location.

A planet called "Urth."