3% (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Episode #4.5 - full transcript

[soft ringing]

[birds chirping]



[indistinct clamoring]



Commander Marcela speaking. Do you copy?

Is there anyone in the Council?

[groans angrily]


[Verônica] Commander Marcela?

Commander Marcela?

-Commander Marcela?
-It's useless.

Nothing works on this island anymore.

What you've done

is unforgivable.

Who said we want forgiveness?

Come. You, too.

-I need my cane.
-You can't have it.

Let me go and give me my cane.
I can't walk through the woods.

Do you think I'm stupid?

I watched your Process.
I know the kind of person you are.

-[chains rattling]
-You're the worst kind.




[alarm buzzing]

[breathing heavily]

[glass shatters]



We need you for the next test.

I can't right now.

-Give them the cubes.
-What do you mean, André?

-I thought you wouldn't do it this year.
-Do as I say.

We lost communication with the Offshore.

The employees are worried.
Did something happen?


Everything is under control.

[Marcela] Everything is under control.

I'm here to make sure
everything will be resolved.

-What is that submarine?

-Nothing works.
-Calm down. I need you to remain calm.

Calm down, please!

We're figuring it out.

Calm down!

What happened in the Offshore

was a terrorist attack.

Because of an illegitimate
and incompetent leadership.

The criminals came from the Inland,

and they should've never come here.


But don't worry.

This little blow isn't enough

to destroy a society like ours.

We are the elite.

[dramatic music playing]

[snapping fingers]

[snapping fingers]


[chuckling softly]

[indistinct chattering]

[soft music playing]

[birds chirping]


You took too long.

The food got cold.

I got lost coming here.

The island seems small, but it's huge.

You passed the Process,
but you can't interpret a map?

I'm just kidding.

Come, the food is still warm.

[sad music playing]

I've missed you so much, Dad.


[utensils clinking]

I know you must've eaten a lot already,

but it's time to catch up.


[Leonardo] How was your first day
in the Offshore?

It was good. It was great.

I explored a part of the island.

The lakes.

The Council.

That building is amazing.

It's my favorite.

I'm the infrastructure director, you know?

We don't get the news in the Inland.


As an Álvares, you need to know.

Our family has important jobs here.
It's a matter of leadership.

An Álvares proves themselves with ability.

Have you thought about
what you want to do?


I really like painting, Dad.

Offshore has too many artists already.

You need a responsible position.

This will ensure your prestige.


can work with you.

You can't be anyone's subordinate.
Not even mine.

Here, we are the elite inside the elite.

[somber music playing]

This sounds a lot like
what I wrote my son.

Just like you wrote me, Dad.

Do you remember?


I left him in the Inland.

He was crying when I left.

[choking] I told him I was gonna get food
and be right back.




Lunch is over.

And, please,

only come back when you learn how
to be a part of this family.

An Álvares never cries
for what they left behind.


[melancholy music playing]

[people clamoring]

[Marcela] Carla, what's happening?

Fire in section three.

All turbines burnt down,
and the main reactor melted.

[exhales] They can't be fixed.

-And the breakdown is leaking--

Yeah. Excuse me.


We'll never save the Offshore, Nair.


I'm worried about the people.

How can we keep them safe
from the radiation?

We can't.

Soon, the radiation
will contaminate everyone.

I was away only for a few months.

A few months.

And you threw away
over 100 years of progress.

André deceived the Council

while you were imprisoned, Commander.

What did you want me to do?

But things were already going wrong.

Since Ezequiel's time.


And it was my fault.

It was my Council that allowed

all these atrocities.

How long do we have?

A week. Two, tops.

After that, the consequences
of the radiation will be lethal.

We need to get the people organized,
so we can leave.

But, Nair…

It wasn't just your fault.

I should've never considered
negotiating with the Shell.

I should've come in shooting.

[Natália laughing]

What's so funny?

I'm picturing us being free
from this shit.

And I'm picturing the Offshore's
people's stupid faces.

It's way funnier. Trust me.

No need to picture it.
There's one right here.

-You know what's happening to you, right?
-It doesn't matter.

What matters is what we did.

[Marco grunts in pain]

You can't do anything without technology.

Frying eggs, brushing your teeth…

They'll have to take cold showers
just like the Inland.

[Igor] Shut up, everyone!

You won't be laughing when I hand you
over to André in the Inland.

What submarine are you taking us in,
you idiot?

The pulse destroyed everything here.

But I would love to see André's face.

Marco, what about Marcela?
Can you imagine?


[drums playing]


You finally regretted it
and came to release your mother?


I just came to see your misfortune.

Victory is sweetest
when you've known defeat.

My victory…

and your defeat.


I'm thinking how sweet it will be
when I leave here.

Feels bad being abandoned, right?
I grew up like that.

Knowing my mom wasn't there,
and that I would only see her again…

if I was good enough.

Did you know I only met my father
when I got to the Offshore?

You complain about me… [chuckles]

but he's a lot worse.

Is or was?

Is he alive?



[moans painfully]


-[Bernardo] Get up.
-I can't.

-[moans painfully]
-Can't you see he can't?

You can either release me or carry me.


Untie him, or we'll never make it.

[breathing heavily]

[Verônica] You stay behind with him.

Come on.

-[Bernardo] Come on.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

Help me stand up, please.

[groans in pain]


-[guns cocking]

-[Igor] Let him go!
-You have nowhere to go.

-[Igor] Let him go.

-Let him go.
-Let him go.

Don't shoot.

-[gun shot]




Damn it.

Should I go after him?

No need. He won't survive by himself.

Come on. Move.

Go, go, go, go!

[birds chirping]

[melancholy music playing]

[cubes rattling]


-Holy shit, Toledo! You're a ninja.

Why did it take so long?
We're finally doing it.

-Can you guys shut up?

You'll be eliminated.

-André wants focused people. Concentrate.
-Shut the fuck up!

Five seconds, guys. Five seconds.

-Fuck, shut up.

-I'm done! [laughs]


-[alarm blares]

-I'm done.
-It's too late, you'll be eliminated.

-Shut up!

-Bye, honey!
-Shut up.

-You're out! Bye! Officer!
-[Isabela] Hold on.

Calm down.

Calm down my ass. Where's the officer?


[somber music playing]

Anybody there?

Anybody there?

[indistinct chattering]

André… André, what's going on?

Go back to your offices.
The Process will continue.

There's something weird going on.

It could be another test.

[Xavier] Shush. I think I hear something.

-[Isabela] I don't hear anything.
-Electromagnetic pulse in the Offshore.

-I think the Offshore was attacked.
-Shut up, Toledo! Bite your tongue!

-I don't know. It's possible.
-What are you talking about?

What if the Offshore was attacked?

What if it was destroyed?

No, no, no, no, no.

It would be the worst.

We're about to pass,
and the Offshore is destroyed.

No fucking way. Move.

-Open this fucking door!
-[Isabela] There's no one.

We wanna know what's happening.

-Open it!
-[Isabela] Open this fucking door already!

-Glória, can't talk right now.

-Something is happening.
-I know what's happening.

The Offshore was destroyed.

[Marco breathing heavily]


[sinister music playing]

Do you recognize me?

You're the boy from the painting.

How do you feel?

My back hurts.

My knees hurt…

-Part of being old.
-About the Offshore being destroyed?

Don't you see what's happening?

Back in the 70th Process,
we went without power for two days.


No. It won't come back on this time.

I set off a pulse on the island.

The same thing the Founding Couple
did 100 years ago in the Inland.

Now you're screwed just like we are.

What about now?

How do you feel?

What are you doing here?

-[gun cocks]
-I came to kill you.

Then pull the trigger.

What do you want me to say?

-That you're an Álvares?
-I'm not an Álvares anymore!

Then what do you want?
That I beg for my life?

Or that I say you're a good boy?

You've destroyed the Offshore.


Help me out.


[melancholy music playing]

[light clinking]



Put it in here.

[sizzling intensifies]


-They're not answering.
-That's what I'm saying, Ariel.


Three submarines in the Process building
and 2 in the Offshore.

The ones in the Offshore are gone.
Nothing that was in the pulse range works.

We need to send
these submarines there now.

[suspenseful music playing]

-What is it, Ariel?
-I don't know.

-Shouldn't we tell André?
-Don't you think he already knows?

He just didn't tell anyone.

I'm sending these three.

-Do you think he wanted to kill himself?
-Marco? Yeah, right.

Whatever he's doing,
it won't be for anyone's sake.

-[people clamoring]
-[Rafael] Look.

These are the people who can't brush
their teeth with a regular toothbrush.


[sinister music playing]

-What's going on here?

-We're evacuating the island.
-Where are we going?

-Did we do this?
-[Rafael] No.

-No, it can't be.

-No, our pulse wasn't nuclear.
-Look at the smoke.

It must've damaged the plant.

[people shouting]

Marcela! We're going to the submarine!
You coming?

Organize the retreat!


-Have you seen Leonardo?
-No, I was with the prisoners.

-Did you arrest all five?
-Four. One ran away.

[dramatic music playing]


[brush strokes]



[violin playing]

[Leonardo] Very good.

I knew you'd choose a promising path.

A career in the military
can guarantee growth.

Maybe you can be the Process leader
in the future.

A position that has a lot of prestige
here in the Offshore.

I'd rather have one goal at a time.

Too bad things don't move forward
when you're too distracted.

Oh… [chuckles]

I'm exploring new styles.

It's more in tune with who I am now.

What's going on here?

Have a seat.

-Do you know who he is, Dad?
-Have a seat, Marcela.

-I need to tell you something--
-Have a seat, Marcela.

The three of us eating together…

It never happened before.
We can't miss this opportunity.

[utensils clinking]

Eat, you'll enjoy it.

After so many months as a prisoner.

I was trying to save my grandson.

Our family.

Did it work?

Judging by the way you look…
What did they offer you to eat? Garbage?

Food there is better than here.

There. [chuckles]



Try it.

I helped him cook.


Dad, hear me out.

We need to leave now.

The radiation is spreading.
I don't know if someone told you.

But something really bad happened. [sighs]


Nothing. Keep going.

Go on with what?

You were saying something
really bad happened.

A bunch of scum

set off a pulse in the Offshore.



Don't give the boy what he wants.

Look how happy he looks
to see you like this.

Victory is sweetest
when you've known defeat.

[chuckles] Mm.

Let's make a toast.


This lunch is to celebrate

the end of the Álvares family.

This fucking family is over.

Without the Offshore, there's no point
talking about the Álvares.

The three of us witnessing the end.

-And Maurício free from this idea.

I changed his registry.

Too bad the registry
is fucking useless now.

-Because the Process is over.
-Our family still stands regardless.

With me, your grandfather,
and your children.

I told you, Maurício is in the Inland

-and will never come here.
-What about the other one?

Glória's baby.

[somber music playing]


I'm not surprised she didn't tell you.

It doesn't matter. Nothing you say…

Don't try to shake me. I won. It's over.

It's the end of the Álvares!


You changed the whole world,

but you'll never be able
to change who you are.

I saw your footage in the Process.

I saw what you did.

You attacked helpless people.


I disapprove, but…

to each their own.

-Marcela is also very aggressive.
-To those who deserve it.

That was your fault.

-You instilled that in my mind.
-But Larissa raised you.

But I always knew who I should follow.
Those pictures on the wall!

Most people eliminated in the Process
don't even complain.

They know they don't deserve it.


But you…

You didn't pass,

but didn't give up.


You almost died,

but didn't give up.

Because you knew about your destiny
as an Álvares.


Destiny doesn't exist.

How did you feel when you set foot here
for the first time?

You felt something special.


Not because this place is beautiful.

But because this is your place.

And you'll never feel
the same anywhere else.


we need to leave now.

The submarines are leaving.
It's our only chance to get out.

I'm not going to the Inland.


we're gonna die here.

The radiation will contaminate everyone.
We can't stop this without technology.

You don't wanna die like this.

[Leonardo] You don't know
how I want to die.

-And it's not in a dirty alley.
-Your health is improving.

You need to care.

You can't stay here.

What's in it for me in the Inland?


And you.


We're a family wherever we are.

We're a family here.



Come with me.


[Marcela] What do you mean?

I'm going to stay.

What do you mean?

I'm not going back to the Inland.

I've done everything I had to do.

Your… your children?

[chuckles sadly]

They are better off without me.

[choking] I was never a real father.

It's better if they don't know me,
so they don't follow the family curse.

There's no love.

Only duties.

And delusion.

-[crying] That has to die.

It's okay… [choking]

that you think it has to die.

But you…

You don't have to die.

Can't you see you're doing

exactly what an Álvares would do?


By leaving your son in the Inland,
you're not doing anything different.


[exhales] But that's who I am.

[sighs] I know it's wrong.

It sucks.

But he's right.

Come with me.

As cruel as it sounds,
I'll only feel at peace here.


Sometimes that's
what a family is, Marcela.

A new generation,

but the same mistakes.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

It doesn't.

It's who I am.

And it's who you are too.

Stay here. [breaking]

Stay here.


Stay with us, Mom.


I'm more than that.

You're more than that.
We're more than that.

[breathing heavily]

Forget this Álvares bullshit,

-and come with me.
-I've tried. It's impossible.

[inhales] It's impossible.



You're under arrest.

Come with me.

Come with me! You're under arrest!

Come with me.

Come with me.


[somber music playing]





I'm gonna stay.

[exhales deeply]



[water gurgling]

[soft music playing]

[wind blowing]



[breathing heavily]

[Álvaro] How do you think
it will be on the other side?

I think…

I'll be happy.

I'll be with my family…

at peace, safe,


-But how?
-[Álvaro] Hmm.

If there's a ton of trees, or flying cars,

steel buildings, that kind of stuff,
I don't know.

But I know I'll be surprised.

[vocalizing continues]










[breathing heavily]

["Forget" by Eevee playing]