3% (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Capítulo 04: Submarino - full transcript

Forced to resort to plan B, Joana and the others flee to an underground hideout, where Natália wrestles with a difficult decision.

Right. This is how it's supposed to be.

It's too tight, I can't breathe.

If it's loose, they'll notice
and won't let you in the building.

This is just a prototype,
so here's what you need to do,

find a bigger uniform
so you can wear it on top of this.

Go straight to the main lobby.

-When Ezequiel starts the speech--
-I know.


Are you sure you wanna do this?

I have nothing to lose.

I made up my mind.

I made up my mind after
my sister killed herself.

What are those animals?


Do they mean anything?

It's better if you don't know.


The less you know, the safer you'll be.

Whatever you tell me today will die
with me in the Process building.

What do you want to know?


How the Cause was founded.

Nobody knows.

At least not here in the Inland.

So only the Offshore knows?

Like the ducks.

They've been extinct here
for over a century,

but some believe they exist there.

If they are extinct here,
who painted that?

The Cause's founder.

All I know is that her name was Tânia.



Where are you taking me?



[ominous music playing]

If I didn't show it to you,
you would think I was lying.



[sobbing intensifies]

What have you done?

I didn't do anything.

You guys did.

People from the Shell started the fire.

Those people…

are not worth it.

Now can you see that you were wrong,
and I am right?

-Don't you get it--
-You're a monster.

This is your last chance
to choose the right side.

I already chose the right side.

The Shell is the Inland's hope
for the future.

No, the Process is.

Joana, you have to see this.

I borrowed it from our new friends.



My sister's dream was to come here

to see the end of the stories
she used to read.

They are all here.

[soft music playing]

It's hard not knowing how stories begin…

or how they end.

Are you talking about books or real life?


When I decided to avenge my sister
by destroying the Process,

I got obsessed with the Cause.

But I never had enough information
to put the pieces together.

Until now.

Twentieth Process?

Just before Silas got killed, Joana,

he told me who
the Cause's founder is, Tânia.

This is the only thing I found linked
to that name.

Candidate Tânia, you have been eliminated.

I deserve more than they do.
I'm the Founding Couple's daughter.

Mom! Mom!

[crying] What sort of test is this
compared to our lives?

Someone forgot to delete this.

[agent] Stop, put your hands up!

Hands up!

You two as well! Come down!

Hurry, I don't have all day!

Come on! I don't have all day!

What's going on?

What's going on?

[gun cocking]

You accused me of manipulating you, Joana.

But it was the other way around.

What are you talking about?

About the electromagnetic pulse.

We have Michele's turbine.

No, no.

That was the original plan,
but then we became your allies.

What about our agreement?
You never considered ending the Process.

It's not a decision
that can be made overnight.

It's over 100 years of history.

It's a shitty history, can't you see?

We just want the Offshore
to leave the Inland alone.

No, Joana!

You're the one who can't see.

The Inland only exists
because of the Offshore.

Arrest them!

Bend your fucking knee.

Kneel. Kneel.

Everyone, kneel down.

You're all friendly again.

You're under arrest
for conspiring against the Offshore.

-Okay, so just tell--
-Shut up!

[suspenseful music playing]

-[high-pitched tone rings]


-Plan B!
-Go! Run!

-[Joana] Go!
-[Marco] Run!

-[Joana] Plan B!
-[Marco] Run!

I don't mean to be a nag,
but they might find us.

We need a plan B.


Maybe we could run away. I don't know.


There's nowhere to go. It's an island.

There's a place.

I think it's the only option.
From there, you escape on a submarine.

It's hard to get there.
Only a few people know the place.

It's a secret place.

Well, pretty much secret.

How so? Who else knows this place?

Just me and André.

[crows caw]

Let's split up,
so they can't catch all of us.

They won't catch anyone.

They don't know where we're going,
but we have to go.

You know what the worst part is?

We had already given up on our plan
when they found out.

[Rafael] They probably have Michele.

We have no idea what's happening
in the Shell right now.

Where are we?

It's hard to know with all the trees.

We're halfway there,
about half an hour to go.



[Elisa] Okay.

Once we reach the clearing,
we have to find the hatch to the west.

Under a leafy trunk.

We all remember that.
But where do we go now?

West, that way.

I'm glad someone was expecting a plan B.

So that's it?

We came all the way here for nothing?

I can't believe you're all happy
to go back home without doing anything!


Marco, no one is happy.

But we're in survival mode right now,
so let's keep walking.

At least we tried.

We didn't do shit.

[breathing heavily]

This is where I leave you.

This is your future.

Come on! Go!

[footsteps ascending]

[sinister music playing]

[door opens]

[door closes]

[ominous music playing]


What are you doing here?

Uh, Commander Marcela
assigned me a room here,

but I'm lost.

It's not here.


I'll take her.



[Glória chuckles]

You didn't answer.
What are you doing here?

[inhales deeply]

I passed the Process.

Marcela passed me, one year later.

I can't even explain it.

Wel-- Welcome then.


I'm not the same person you once knew.


I was the one who let Marcela go.

I betrayed my friends.

I burned down the Shell.

I let Marcela go.


-Do you have any idea--



You did what you had to do.

Just like everyone else.

So much has happened.

Tell me it's worth it.

We're here together now, aren't we?

[sighs deeply]

[suspenseful music playing]

[birds chirping]

-[Marco] There!
-We found it!


-No one forgets about the backwards N.

She only mentioned it about 20 times.


This way.

[powers up]


[Natália] Is this where it all started?

And it's where it's going to end.

Let's change the password
before André sends someone.

-Let's try to find the Trio's submarine.
-I'll watch the entrance.


-There, done.
-[Elisa] Nice.





Michele actually did take the necklace
from a skeleton.

Let's keep looking.

[engine revving]



What is it, André?

Those amateurs lost them.

-But I know where they are going.

There is only one place
where people disappear in the Offshore.

-[Marcela] I'm sending a team there now.

There's a lot of the Trio's stuff there.

I've killed Eugênio to keep
the Offshore's secrets.

André, those idiots want to destroy
the Offshore anyway.

-I'm sending a team there.



Are you trying to force me
to shoot everyone on the island?

We, the Founding Trio,
are against an early migration.

Early migration can ruin the project…

It's Samira.

[speaking indistinctly]

The Founding Trio.

I had never seen their faces.

[Marco] Look. It looks like a door.



Michele didn't give us this password.

Excuse me.

[bangs loudly]

[dramatic music playing]


[Rafael laughing]


[Marco] Do you think it still works?

Let's hope Michele's plan wasn't
for us to live here.

I don't know if it works,
but it's over 100 years old.

It might be a different technology
than ours.

[rattles, squeaks]




[stops whirling]

-Do you need another password?
-No, just fuel.

-What sort of fuel?
-I don't know.

-Isn't it like the Shell's generator?
-[Rafael] It's similar.

And it's an outdated technology.

[panting] The submarine is there,
but it's old and it has no power.

And now what?


Shit. I've been walking around
with this plasma on my leg for days.

[gasps] Holy shit, Marco!

[both laugh]

[Elisa] So we'll be able to go back?



The submarine's engine is similar
to the Shell's generator.

It has a superconducting turbine
like the one Michele was gonna send us.

What are you trying to say, Joana?

What if…

we use this submarine

to set the electromagnetic pulse,

which is what we came to do
in this shitty island?

Instead of going back to the Inland
after those asshole played us!

That's what I'm talking about, Joana!

-Of course you would say that, Joana.
-It's possible, right?

I don't know,
I need to research it, but…

I like the idea.

We don't have time to do any research.

-We have to get out of here.
-Nobody knows about this place.

André does. They must be on their way.

It's not about being possible.
But if we use the submarine for that,

we won't be able to go home.

Fuck it!

What do you mean?

Plan B is to run away.
That's not why we came.

[chuckles] But, Joana…

[somber music playing]

-I never liked the plan, Natália.

Now you know how I've been feeling
for months.

Staying here isn't an option.
They won't arrest us if we get caught.

They will kill us.

I'd rather die doing something
than run away with fear.

Marco, you have a son.
You can't just think about yourself.


Rafael, I was also willing
to sacrifice myself for something bigger.

Not that long ago, I would have died
for the Cause, for my sister's memory.

But now?

I won't anymore.

The world's gotten worse.

Why did you change your mind?

Before I had nothing to lose.

Now I do.

I know.

But we can't think just about ourselves.

You're just caught up in the moment.

[breathes heavily]

I was going to sacrifice myself
once before.

I was ready to do it.

You can't call me selfish.

We need to think before we do anything.

And you're forgetting about the Shell.

There are people there that need me.
We have to go back.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We can't miss it.

If you're afraid to stay here,

we can try to contact the Shell
and ask for help.

How exactly? A smoke signal?

-Isn't this a communication room?
-It was. A hundred years ago.

If they were able to contact
the Inland before,

this equipment has enough range
to communicate with the Shell.

If I'm right,

we'll be able to find
the frequency around here.

[high frequency buzzes]


-[Natália] Weird.
-Try a different one.

[higher frequency buzzes]

[radio waves buzz]

Wait, I found something.

[signal buzzes]

Is this a recording?

No, Joana.

It's me.

Commander Marcela, on my way
to the Offshore as we speak.

How did you escape?

You have ten minutes
to surrender before the guards get there.

Otherwise, you'll regret this.

[glass shatters]

If she's not in the Shell,
it can only mean one thing.


Why can't I find the Shell's frequency?

Because there's no more signal.

Check the cameras in the Process building.

No. Another camera.


[all breathing heavily]

[somber music playing]


Is that the Shell?

They burned down the Shell?



No, no.

They probably all got away, Marco. [gasps]

It can't be.

Is it over?

[somber music intensifies]


[inhales deeply] They destroyed our home.

Let's destroy theirs.

[drums playing]


[agent] Let's go.




-They changed the password.

Hand me the blowtorch.




It's a strong hatch.
It will take them a while.

Let's vote.

We all have to agree.

I choose The Pulse.

We have to do this for everyone.

My son included.

Destroying the Offshore
has always been my mission.

We have to do this for the Inlanders

and for us.

Let's do this together.

[excited laughing]

What the hell, Elisa?

The technology will be lost.

They burned down the Shell.

How many people were in there?

People under my care.

[somber music playing]

[inhales] Let's blow this shit up.

Now it's up to you.

We're the majority. Let's blow it up
and give them hell.

No. We all need to agree.

We were divided once.

Let's not make the same mistake.

[Marco] Okay.


Come on, Natália.

Look where we are.


This is where they used The Pulse on us.

And you want us to do the same?

-That has always been the plan.
-There was more to it.

We're just improvising now.

Can't you see? The Shell is gone.

We have nothing.

You know how much data they have here.

If we do this, they will…

Everything will be lost.

You'll never have the chance
to find out where you're from.

The chance came and went.

Verônica is not my mother.

She just used me.

I don't think I'll ever know my story.

About my mom.

But if there's a chance,

this chance is here.

I got seduced by the Offshore, Natália.

And so did you, can't you see?

The Offshore gives us
what we are looking for.

A mother that never existed.

A sister who's long gone.

No. [chuckles]

What about Tânia?

The Cause's origins?

If the Founding Couple's daughter
put herself at risk to fight,

it's our responsibility to finish
what she started.

We're gonna wipe out our history.


We're gonna make history.


[dramatic music playing]

[Marco] Be careful.

I will.


Can you move the submarine
to the central square?

[Natália] Yes.

What's The Pulse's range?

A few miles.

In every direction.


Do you know what you're doing, Rafael?

This turbine is similar to the Shell's.
It overheats.

If I remove the heat spreader…

It overheats.

Need the plasma?

[upbeat music playing]


Our battery is smaller.

I'll figure it out.

Do you know what you're doing?

[sighs] I hope so.


[exhales sharply]


[Rafael screams]

-Fuck! Fuck!
-[Elisa laughing]

[all] We did it! [all laughing]



We don't have much time.

There's just one thing…

Who will take the submarine
to the square to set The Pulse?

I will.

This is a control room.
No one needs to die. I'll do it from here.

Hurry up.

[suspenseful music playing]


[high-pitched tone rings]



[engine whirring]

[engine revving]

[beeping continues]

[high-pitched tone rings]

[gun firing]

[faster beeping]

[high-pitched tone continues]

[gun firing]

[gun firing]

[ringing stops]



-Can't it go faster?
-No! Not too fast.

It's already overloaded. Take it easy.

It can't explode before it gets there.


[gasps] Let's go.

-What's that?
-[Rafael] It's overheating.

-Is it close?

-Almost there.
-In the middle of the Offshore.

[warning blares]

It's losing signal.

-Go! Go!
-Don't stop! They're almost here!

Go, Natália!

-It overheated!
-What do we do now?


-Screw it! Bring it back up!
-[alarm blaring]

Are you sure?

-Come on!
-Bring it back up, Natália!

-Come on!

[alarm blaring in slow motion]

[gun cocks]


[somber music playing]

[accelerated beeping]




[ominous music playing]

[whirling, rattling]

[high-pitched tone rings]