3% (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Episode #4.6 - full transcript

[water drops]

[metal clattering]

[moans painfully]



[moans painfully]



It won't work.

[man] It won't work.

You won't be able to do it.

[suspenseful music playing]

[young André] You won't be able to do it.
Never will.

[somber music playing]

If you fall, you lose.

-You're at an advantage with those boots.
-[young André] No, I'm not.

-Yes, you are.
-[young André] No.

-Your balance is better.
-It will be way worse in the Process.

You will have to stand on one foot.

[indistinct chatter]



-You're losing your balance.
-You too.

You're shaking.

Nobody's perfect.

Let's play "Follow the Leader."

If you can't do what I just did,
I'll win and be the leader forever.

Can you do it? I doubt it.


[young André] I knew you could do it.

I was just teasing you.

-[young Michele] Now it's my turn.
-I don't think so.

-It's getting late.
-You always say that when it's my turn.

[young André] Mom and Dad will be worried.
Come on.

[indistinct chatter]


[sinister music playing]

[young Michele] It's so quiet in here.

[young André] Mom? Dad? Are you home?

They must be asleep.

-Stay here.
-[young Michele] Okay.





[sinister music intensifies]


They're not home.

We need to go live somewhere else.

What about Mom and Dad?

We'll meet them later.

[somber music playing]

[young Michele] André, is everything okay?


Nothing happened.

Nothing happened.

[Ariel] The candidates. Hm?

They've been asking a lot of questions,
waiting on the tests.

[Marta] André, there are three crowded
submarines waiting permission to dock.


-Close the gates.

[mechanical whirring]

Nobody comes in or out.

[guns cocking]

-But they are from the Offshore.
-They can only come in with my permission.


[water dropping]

[dramatic music playing]

[moans painfully]

Are you happy now?

[André] That's my order!


[Michele] If André put us here,
it's because he has a plan.

He was different before going
to the Other Side.

[dramatic music intensifies]



[people clamoring]

[suspenseful music playing]

Stop! You're not allowed to get off.

Lower your weapons! This is insane!

Go back!

-We're gonna shoot!
-[Verônica] Calm down!

You don't know what's going on.

Everything is contaminated.
We fled from the island. Look.

These are the orders. You'll wait here.

[Marcela] Lower your weapons immediately.

-Who gave you these orders?
-The Commander ordered the confinement.

I'm the Division Commander.


[sighs deeply]

Let me discuss this with him.

-[gun cocks]
-[Márcio] Not you!


Hey! They won't let us get off!

Don't you know what going on?

Welcome to the 97%.

-What do you think you're doing?
-What do you think you're doing?

-I'm taking charge of the situation.
-Are you crazy?

Open the gates,
and let the submarines dock.

The building will remain locked.

You answer to me, Marcela.
I don't answer to you.

André, now is not the time
for competition.

The situation is way worse
than you think.

So what are you doing here?

-Go back to the Offshore.
-The Offshore has been destroyed.

Forever! There's nothing we can do.

We can't go back there.

The radiation has spread.

I declare a state of emergency.

All rights are suspended
until further notice.


I know you have good intentions.

You're my right-hand man for a reason.

But you don't understand the situation.

We can't go back to the Offshore.

And we can't stay here either.

The food that used to come from there,
won't come anymore.

The water that used to come from there,
won't come anymore.

Everything changed.

Let me handle the situation!

I'm not your son.
I don't have to obey you.








-[gun cocks]
-[Paloma] I'm sorry, Marcela.

But officially…



Arrest her!


[somber music playing]


[Glória] Marcela!

What happened?




Is everyone back?

Where's Marco?

Wait. I need to know.

Where's Marco?

He won't be coming back.

[Glória] What do you mean?

He's your son.

I tried, Glória.

I swear I tried.


[footsteps approaching]




You burned down the Shell!

[moaning painfully]


[Michele moans]

And you destroyed the Offshore.




The pulse worked? [chuckles]

[Michele coughs]

It destroyed our power plant.

Radiation leaked.

They will all die.

What are you guys talking about?

It's over.

[somber music playing]

What the fuck is going on?

Open it!

-[Xavier] I told you.

The guy said the Offshore is gone.

This is impossible, Toledo.
The Offshore couldn't have been destroyed.

[Ariel] André!

The candidates want
to know what's going on.

Just a minute, Ariel.

-André, what needs to be done?
-I already gave the order.

-Our people are inside the submarine.
-What are you thinking?

You were in the Shell. You don't know
what happened to the Offshore.

I want to know your plan,
or are you leaving them locked in there?

They say the Offshore is contaminated.

Until we hear an official announcement
from inside the Process building,

-I don't believe it. It's a rumor.
-How can you be so sure?

It's just something I know.

It's the Offshore.
It can't just end like that!

-Is that it?
-I bet those idiots from the Shell

-made this up.

Half of them betrayed
the Founding Couple.

They joined the scum from the Shell
to take me down.

The other half was silent
and allowed the pulse to happen.

I need time to know who we can trust.

Don't let this rumor

get to the candidates. You hear me?

If the Process is over now…

like right now,

when we're about to pass…

I don't care, I'll fight for it!

That's right. Let's fight for it.

Let's fight for it.

Let's go!

[Ariel] Glória.

I just heard from the guards
that the Offshore is contaminated.

It's radiation.

I've just been selected.

I don't wanna go back
to the Inland, Glória.


I don't wanna go back to that place.

I think we're on the wrong side.

[sinister music playing]


We've always been on the wrong side.

Fernando was right.

Since our church days.

We can't comply
with this anymore, Ariel.

I can't do this anymore.

[soldiers approaching]

You're on the Other Side.

Don't you feel this too?

I don't know what to think.

Before everything was so simple.

It was.

[metal clatters]

[Pedro] Let's go!

Push it hard!

-[woman] Go! Go!
-[man] Go! Go!

-Come on!
-I'm trying!

-It doesn't look like it!
-I'm not strong!

I heard a noise. Go!

-Go! Go! Go!
-Come on! Go!




[Pedro] Come on, you guys!

[clamoring continues]

Let's go!

[suspenseful music playing]

[Isabela] Let's go!

-[officer] What are you doing?
-I demand to speak to André!

-[officer] He can't right now.
-He owes us an explanation.

-Come here.
-Take your hands off of me.

Attention. Send guards to the west wing.

[Márcio] No way.
We can't lose anyone here.

Send everyone to the submarines. Everyone!


We need back-up, damn it!

Calm down! People back there
are pushing us! Calm down!

-Calm down!
-Don't push!

[Márcio] Step back, or we'll shoot!

[guard] We are the majority!

Step back!

[clamoring intensifies]

[woman 1] Who do you think you are?

[man 1] Are you gonna push us?

[man 2] Don't push!

[gun fires]


It's urgent! André?

[eerie music playing]

-[man 3] Push!
-[woman 2] Calm down.

Come on. Let's go.

Get out of the way.

André, it's urgent!





[Márcio] André, it's important!
The culprits are in the submarines.

The culprits behind the pulse!

They brought them here…

[dramatic music playing]

[echoing] Traitor!

[indistinct screaming]


[Márcio] There's someone who really wants
to talk to you guys. Come on!

If you need to hit someone, hit me.

I'm a natural when it comes
to being a punching bag.

You're a natural when it comes
to making stupid jokes at the wrong time.

[footsteps approaching]

Are we drinking wine today?

-Where's the fifth one?
-None of your business.

Did they tell you what we've done?

[Elisa] André, the war is over.

And there were no winners.

Let us go, and everyone can move on.

[leather squeaking]

[sighs deeply]


You don't need
to prove anything to anyone.

Forget it, Elisa.
You're not convincing him.

André is too limited.

Don't provoke him, Rafael.

You can kill me right now,
and I'll die happy.

[Joana] Me too.

With a smile on my face.

[metal rattling]

[water dropping]

[louder rattling]

It won't work.

[rattling continues]


It was better being locked up
in the Shell, right?

What did you do to end up here?

[Marcela] Your brother…

He doesn't want people
to know what happened in the Offshore.

[door opens]

[footsteps approaching]





Joana. Joana.



Rafael! Natália! Elisa! Eli…

[breathing heavily]

Fucking assholes.

[Michele] Natália! Elisa!


[suspenseful music playing]

-[Michele] Xavier!

Xavier, look at me!

The four of you stood out in the Process.

Your will is relentless…

You really wanna go to the Offshore.

So, I have a unique opportunity for you.

[suspenseful music intensifies]

André will make them press the button.

[breathing heavily]

We knew the risk.

I just hope it's quick.


Don't press the button!

You don't have to do this! Don't press it!

[Naíra] But are they going to die?

These people on the other side
of the glass are the worst.

They tried to destroy the Offshore.

Destroy the dream of a whole world.

Because of that,
they don't deserve to live.

They're selfish because…

This can be the final proof
that you're part of the 3%.

All you have to do is press a button.

That's it.

-[Natália] Don't press it!
-[Rafael] He's deceiving you.

-[man] The Offshore is over!
-[Rafael] He's deceiving you!

-You don't have to do this.
-[man] It's gone.

-There is…
-[Rafael] They're not listening.

-He's lying.
-[woman] …no more Offshore.

-[Michele] Xavier! Xavier!


I hope you make the right decision.

-[Rafael] Don't do that! Look!
-[Elisa] Don't do that!

-[Rafael] No more Offshore!
-Don't do that!

Don't do it!

The Shell is over.

You don't have to do that! Please…

[sighs deeply]

Let's go.

Wait, guys. Are you sure?

You're not sure, Toledo?

Let's go.

-[Michele] Look at me!

Don't do this! It's not worth it!

Son of a…

You're not going anywhere. You hear me?


The Offshore is over!
The Offshore is…

I think she's shouting
that the Offshore is over.

I think so too. Look at her mouth.
That's what she's saying.

You believe them and not the Commander?

I would do anything to survive
if I was in their place.

Look at their situation.

People from the Shell are liars.



-You don't need to press it!


[Michele] No! Don't do that!

Listen to me!

Xavier, look at me! Here!

André, please. Don't do this!

Stop this! Look at what you're doing!

-This is terrible! Stop, André!

-Please! Stop…
-Why is it horrible?

We'll eliminate our enemies
and empower our allies.

-Don't press it! No!
-Don't press it!

-Don't press it!
-Listen to me.

[indistinct shouting]

[mouthing] The Offshore is gone!

I think that's what she's saying.
Read her lips.

I destroyed the Offshore!
I destroyed the Offshore!

Let's go!

Stop, André! Listen to me!

-The Offshore is over!

[André] The Offshore lives.

This is proof…

that the Offshore lives!

This is the Offshore!

[somber music playing]

No! Don't press that shit!





No, no, no, no!

[Isabela] What are you waiting for?

-Press this goddamn button!
-[Pedro] Press it!

[Isabela] Press it!

We already did.
Press it! You're the last one.

-It's the Offshore.
-Press the button!

-That's all you have to do.

Don't press it, Xavier! Don't do it!


[Joana] Don't do it, please!
Don't press it, Xavier! No--



[breathing heavily]


[door opens]

[door closes]

[sad music playing]


[André] I know it's not easy,

but you made the right decision.


And you were chosen.


Welcome to the 3%.

Fuck, we passed!

We did it, guys. We did it.

We passed.


[sad music intensifies]

[André] Let's go.

[Pedro] Toledo, are you coming?

The officers will leave them here?

They must have some kind
of procedure for this.

It's not our problem.

We must celebrate.

We passed the Process, damn it!


Come on, Toledo!


[sad music continues]

[metal clatters]

[Glória echoing] Michele. Michele!

Calm down. Calm down.


Come with me.

Trust me.

[metal clatters]

What's up, Toledo?

I know what you're doing. [chuckles]

You've just passed and are already helping
with the maintenance.

Working on your reputation…

You're smart, dude.
You look like a fool, but you're smart.


I'll help you.

You're too skinny.
You're gonna take forever.

-Where did you get that?
-A guard gave it to me.

He said we're gonna need it
to protect the building.

Get yours later. Don't drop the ball.

One, two, three. Go.

I think we can fit this one too.

Help me out.


One, two, three…



Did you hear that?

[Xavier] Hear what?

-[Pedro] This noise.
-[Xavier] What noise?

-Pedro, they are dead.



What the fuck, Xavier?

-Calm down. I'm sorry. Wait.
-What the fuck is this?

-What's happening here?

-Relax. Let me explain.
-[Pedro] What the fuck is this?

-[Xavier] I didn't want you involved…
-[Pedro bangs]

What the fuck? What's happening?

-[Xavier] Pedro, drop your gun.
-[Pedro] Holy shit!

-[Elisa coughs]
-[Pedro] Fuck!

-Calm down. Drop your gun.
-What's happening?

-I didn't want to involve you.
-What's happening?

Pedro, listen to me!

-Drop your gun!

-Let's talk! Listen to me!
-[Pedro] Shut up!


[dramatic music playing]


[both chuckle]

You're a genius.


Are you okay?

[chuckles] Why couldn't I make him fall
when I hit him?

Because she's more experienced
in this than you, Xavier.

[Elisa] What's happening?

Come here.

Why aren't we dead?

Glória told me what was gonna happen.

When André went for Michele,
we changed the voltage.

When he asked me
to prepare the test, I…

wanted to help you guys.


I knew you would pass out but not die.

I learned the hard way.

I passed the Process.


I'm glad you lowered the voltage, Ariel.

I was afraid I would press the button
and really kill Joana.

But it worked.

[chuckles] Everything went wrong,

but it turned out right.

[all laughing]



Careful, Natália.



-Are you leaving, too?
-There's nothing else for me here.

[Michele] Come on, guys.


[metal clattering]

-You're not coming?
-I wanna say something to the Inland.

But we are gonna tell everyone. Come on.

It's useless if we do it.

For people to believe, the announcement
has to come from here.

-[Xavier] I'm coming with you.
-No, Xavier. I'm going alone.

-More people will draw attention.
-Your brother is out of control.

He's not my brother anymore.

[somber music playing]

I'll see you down there.


[somber music intensifies]

[guns cocking]


you lost.

Your test failed.

They're all alive. They already ran away.

I'm the leader.

Leader of what?

The Offshore is gone.

It's over.

Keeping the gates closed won't change
what happened, André.

Why are you acting like this?

[exhales audibly]



[sobbing] Like when our parents died.

[soft music playing]



I saw they were dead.

You acted like everything was okay.

Like nothing happened.

You shouldn't have seen it.

[Michele] But I saw it.

I was protecting you. [sobbing]

You were not protecting me, André.

You were hiding the truth.

From me and from you.

[Michele sniffles]
Why are you acting like this?

Sooner or later,

people will know the truth.

You're the only one living
this dream, André.

It's not a dream.

The Founding Couple lives inside me.

-You're sick.
-[André] I'm not sick.

-The Founding Couple lives inside me.
-Get out of my way, André.

My chosen ones and I will rebuild
the Offshore.


The Founding Couple lives inside me.


Lower your weapon, Michele.

Lower your weapon.

I know you won't shoot me.

Lower your weapon.

You don't have the guts, Michele.

Lower your weapon.

-We both know you won't…
-[gun fires]




[André breathing heavily]



[dramatic music playing]

[breathing heavily]





This is an official announcement
from the Process building…



to you.

[sighs] The Offshore is gone. [laughs]

[dramatic music playing]

I know it's hard to hear,

but it's the truth.

The Offshore has been destroyed.

A pulse was detonated on the island,

and the radiation spread.


The so-called paradise
doesn't exist anymore.

Nobody will have
to go through the Process…

because it no longer exists.

Nobody will say what's right
or wrong anymore.


No more lies, no more manipulation.

I know it's scary,

but that's a good thing.

We're gonna have to decide on our own.


This is the last broadcast you'll hear.

Move on with your lives.

Be free.







[footsteps approaching]



[moans painfully]




[screaming, crying]

[soft music playing]

[knife clangs]

[breathing heavily]


We're very proud of you.