3% (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Capítulo 08: Onda - full transcript

The truth about the sabotage finally comes to light as Marcela prepares to take over the Shell -- and carry out a secret personal mission.

[André] As we've talked before,
the operation is simple.

First, we'll search the place.

We think there might still be
extremists there.

We have to be very careful...

This operation scares me.

We can't have any sign of violence.

Don't worry, Nair.

I'm taking a smaller team.
No shots will be fired.

The Offshore needs to have a peaceful,
helpful image to the outside.

People from the Shell want us
to bring order to the chaos.

Operation authorized?


It wasn't me, Joana.

[Rafael shouts]

[Joana] So, how do you explain this?
Do you have a twin brother?

No. I helped you get in here.

No, you asked Elisa to risk herself.

I was so stupid.

The Cause failed, and you ran to Marcela.

Just like you, isn't it?

I know it's hard to defend myself,
but I swear.

I swear I didn't do anything.

I slept all night before the storm.
Tell her.


You got up that night.

I remember, Tiago.

You got up, kicked something,
and made a noise.

[objects clattering]


Where are you going?


I know it wasn't me.

It wasn't me, and we don't have much time
to find out why...

it was me... [chuckles]

You're right. We really don't have time.

You two, help me take Rafael upstairs.

This traitor will confess to everyone

he helped the Offshore
fuck this whole thing up.




How is he?

Still no progress.

- Did you bring what I asked?
- Yes, here.

Excuse me.

[computers beeping]

I didn't sleep again.

There's a song...

stuck in my head.

♪ Sleep tight ♪

♪ My future
My baby ♪

♪ You're bound to go beyond ♪

♪ [both] Sleep tight ♪

♪ My future
My baby ♪

♪ The Offshore is yours, as well ♪

♪ Pretty soon ♪

♪ The Process will come ♪

♪ Remember me ♪

♪ Come live with us ♪

♪ Who ♪

♪ Comes from within us ♪

♪ Deserves the dream... ♪

[man coughs]


I was supposed
to have met my grandson here.

Maybe that's why
this disease is taking me.

My grandson didn't pass.

My great-grandson won't even go
through the Process.

And to think
it was my daughter who let this happen.

I'll work this out, Dad.

I'm going to the Shell now.

Everything will go back to normal.

Your great-grandson will go
through the Process and will pass.

I wish I could believe you,

but I don't want to die fooling myself.

My former Commander,
he trained me when I was young.

I came to get this
since we need to register everyone again.

[André] You must be looking forward
to re-registering your grandson.

It must be hard
to forget family ties in this situation.

You think I don't know why
you're in a hurry?

What are you talking about?

You can't wait to see your little sister
and show her who's winning.

Hate is also a family tie.

making me confess is a terrible plan.

They'd kill me. Nothing would change.

So, you want me to kill you?

It doesn't make sense.

I was controlled by the Offshore.
That's it.

How? They're far away, and you're here.

The implant.

I had the implant by then.

- They could have sent something...
- Don't move.

I just wanted to get
into the radio room system.

Natália monitored every transmission.
She may have intercepted something.


Xavier, take a look.

See if what he's saying makes any sense.

Transmission records... Here.


Honestly, I don't know
why I'm wasting my time with you.

Because deep down,
you know I didn't do this.

- Give me that.
- Here. I found a transmission.

Day 522 of the Shell.

The day of the storm, at 2 a.m.

That's it.

That's it for sure, Joana.

It's marked as "inaudible."

It's at full volume.

There's nothing there.

- Rafael, sit down.
- Tiago.

[Joana] Rafael.


- Tiago, Tiago. Wake up.
- [Joana] Rafael.

Tiago, wake up.

Tiago, wake up.

Tiago, wake up.



You'll say you got my gun.

- No, I won't.
- It's the only way.

- I won't do this.
- It's the only way they'll believe.

I won't do this.

I don't want to be tortured.

There has to be another way, Ivana.

I fought to put you on the Other Side.

And I made it.

Go on.

I can't do this, Ivana.

- For the Cause.
- No, no, no.


That little soldier tricked me
with Ivana's death.

But we'll use this for our programming.

There has to be another way, Ivana.

I knew there was another way.
I didn't do it.

You did it, Ivana. You pulled the trigger.

I didn't do it. You pulled the trigger.

There had to be another way.

I'm sorry, Ivana.

You died in vain.

The Cause is over. You died in vain.

When the time comes,

you'll follow my orders.

Like you've always done.

Then your guilt will go away.

You'll just need to follow my orders,

and everything will be better.

Is that it? Will it work, Commander?

Once my soldier...

always my soldier.


Tomorrow you come back here,
and tell me everything again.

As if it were the first time.


[Rafael] Elisa.

Exactly as you predicted.

Now we just wait for him
to get to the Shell.

- They got us.
- What?

I'll explain later. Run.

[Marcela] Find a saw.

Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

[Rafael groaning and panting]

Find a saw.

Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

[heavy breathing]

Find a saw.

Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

Find a saw.

Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

Find a saw.

Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

[indistinct voices echoing]

Tiago... Tiago, wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Tiago, wake up.

[Rafael shouts]

What's going on?

They messed with your head.


He passed out when it started
and woke up when it turned off.

[Artur] But there was nothing there.

Not at this speed.

Xavier, speed up this sound wave.

[garbled dialogue]

[distorted] Cut the reeling cable.

[Marcela] Find a saw.
Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

Find a saw. Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

Find a saw. Head to the collector.

They played this in my implant.

I was programmed to sabotage the Shell.

It's all my fault.

[engines whirring]


Someone should take this sign down later.

I want to thank you, Marcela.

You were the only one
who saw my potential and trusted me.

- If it weren't for you...
- Thank you, Glória.

Do the Shell residents wish us

to come in?


You are welcome here.

Feel very welcome.

Come in.

[André] Let's go.

Come, come.

We brought food.

I brought water for you.

What's your name?

Robson, dear.

I brought seeds

and saplings to plant.


Water for you. Food.

And a brand-new collector.

That's it, eat all you want.

Enjoy, dear.

What's your name?

[Xavier] Can't you see what I see?

They sabotaged the Shell,
but they never thought we'd hear this.

We have to show everyone.

We need to figure out how.

People are hungry, thirsty.

They won't believe this.

Especially coming from me and Rafael.

[Xavier] We'll tell them, right, Artur?

Right, the kid and the Shell clown.

[Rafael] No.

This has to come from someone they trust,
Glória or Marco.

People will follow
if someone turns against the Offshore.

It makes sense.

Too bad it's not going to work.

Come on.

- Go.
- Look who turned themselves in.

We came to show you something.

Look what your Commander did.

[Marcela] Find a saw.

Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

Find a saw. Head to the collector.

I found it in the desert.

It was cut with a saw.

Marcela controlled me.

She programmed me
to sabotage the collector.

Marco, tell everyone,
the Offshore sabotaged the Shell.

We shouldn't get involved.

Marcela may have done this
to overthrow Michele.

They've fucked everyone,
and they're going to be the saviors?

We can't fight the ones in power, Joana.

Marco, I know you fought
to build this place.

I saw how much you wanted to change.

And now you'll just hand the Shell
over to the Offshore,

who wanted to sabotage us?


You'll rise
from under your mother's shadow.

You might be used
to being treated like trash by her,

but I know you don't want that
for your son.

Let me see.

Joana, if you need me,
you have to trust me.

Lock them up with Michele.

Fuck, Marco.

We found proof of sabotage. Do your job.

- [Rafael] Shit.
- For your son.

[Rafael] Let me go.

Go on.


Nice bandage. Who's done it?

I did it myself.


[Natália] Are you okay?


Now we need to get out of here.

I was looking for you.

You're turning me in
to the Offshore, right?

I saw the splint on Rafael's leg.

Congratulations. Good job.

Let's go.

Did you catch Rafael?


[both grunting]

[Wander groans]


[Glória] They don't care about the Shell.
We're the leaders now.

I know, Glória. Don't worry.
I destroyed the recording.


Go ahead.

- I'll check on Maurício.
- Okay.

♪ [Marcela] Sleep tight ♪

♪ My future, my baby ♪

♪ You are bound to go beyond ♪

♪ Sleep tight ♪

♪ My future, my baby ♪

♪ The Offshore is yours, as well ♪

♪ Pretty soon ♪

♪ The Process will come ♪

♪ Remember me ♪

♪ Come live with us ♪

Do you remember this song?

I've never sung it to Maurício.

♪ Who ♪

♪ Comes from within us ♪

♪ Deserves the dream ♪

♪ Of a wealthy life ♪



[Marco] His name is not Leonardo.

After all your mistakes,
I had to change it.

And it's only fair
he has your grandfather's name.

Everything will be exactly like it was.

[Marcela] Good morning, Shell residents.

The most important message
I have to give you is:



After all,

you've had the courage
to see this revolution through.

Because that's how

this will go down in history.


You're not just rebels.

You're revolutionaries.

[all cheering]

And you've made the right choice.

You demanded the right people
to take over this place.

Right now,

the Shell has a future.


a gift from the Offshore to you.

But it's important to point out

that this place will never be better
than the Offshore.


No one here has the merits...

André, Marco will do something stupid.


The sabotage.

He knows.

[Marcela] Wise words...

Someone's coming.

Easy, easy.

The trapdoor is that way.

Rafael. Wait for him.

Faster, guys.

I'm holding you back.
I can't escape. I'm hiding here.


- [man] Stop right there!
- Go!

[man] Stop right there!

[Joana] Run.


They'll have to trust you.




[guns cocking]

He doesn't have it. Come on.

All we demand from you

is that you reinsert your implant.

This way you'll never be hungry

or thirsty again.

[powering up]

Open the door, Joana.

Break it down.

Let's go.

Shoot to kill.


The Shell will be a training center
for the Process.

[gunshots nearby]

You'll take classes

on the philosophy
of the Founding Couple...




[Joana] Come on. Fuck.

- Come on.
- Push.


You'll never go through the tragedy...

[speaker feedback]

What's this?

[Marcela over PA] Find a saw.
Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

- Turn that off.
- Find a saw.

Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

[Joana over PA] This is Joana.

You hear Marcela in the recording.

She programmed a Shell resident
to sabotage us.

That's why we lost the collector.

That's a lie. This is absurd.

[Marcela] Cut the reeling cable.

Find a saw. Head to the collector.

Cut the reeling cable.

How can the Offshore explain that?

If you're so superior,
why did you have to sabotage us?

You're screwed, Marcela. It's over.

- Go away.
- Traitor.

[all shouting]


The Offshore gave us everything we needed.

Water, food... We have everything.

[Joana] The Offshore wants us to beg.

They want us to depend on them.

They want us to think we're not worthy.

Let's show them
we're more than they think.

Hey, everyone.

We already have food and water.
We don't need them anymore.


[all shouting]

Maintain position.

Maintain position.

[crowd shouting]

[man] Come on, they're coming.

Let's get out of here.

- There.
- Get her.


Fucking traitor.

Calm down.

[grunting and shouting]

[Rafael yelling]

I'm going to kill you, asshole.

That will teach her that only I am allowed
to call you asshole.

Go ahead.

- Where are you going?
- Can't leave through there.

- The trapdoor.
- I need to get something first.

We need to get out now.

Don't move.

You gonna kill me?

You wanted people
to be inferior to you so badly

that you had to sabotage us.

Deep down, you knew you were wrong.

To preserve your Founding Couple,

you had to lie to yourself,
deceive, manipulate...

You're blinded by your ideology, André.

So are you.

Just like Samira.

We're the same.
We're just on opposite sides.

You really are a weak link.

At least I'm not running away.

[door closes]


Guys, I need help.
I locked Marcela in here.



Guys, I need help. I trapped Marcela.

Fuck! Help! I trapped Marcela.

I trapped Marcela. Holy shit.

Come on, let's go.

- What's going on?
- I trapped Marcela.

Is that true?

Told you I'd make you laugh someday.

[Rafael] Let's get in.

Drop the gun, Marcela.

[shouts] Now!

If you take one more step, I'll shoot.

[Marco] She won't do that.

She's not killing the last Álvares.

Memorize that face.

He'll never go to the Offshore.


[door slams and lock clicks]


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What's up?

You need to change those bandages,

wash it every 12 hours,
or it'll get infected.

At least we'll get to see each other.

Every 12 hours.


You manage containers pretty well.

That's all you came to say?

I'm here to apologize.

I said people were stupid, but...

I was the stupid one,
for letting you leave.

You're not saying anything?

I'm opening up here.

This isn't easy for me.

Hi, Ricardo. Is that for Marcela?

- Yes.
- Good.


A little spice for the saboteur.

[door slams]


[Nair] We don't know
if she's alive or dead.

Marcela didn't come back with the troops.

Enough, Nair.

[guns cocking]

It's time we retire the Council.

Now it's war.

We need a plan to present to the Assembly.

We need to figure out
how to build our defense.

They'll surely attack.

Or we could strike first.

Attack the Offshore?

She's joking, right?

I also thought it was impossible,

but look at us now.

The Shell is up again.

We know how the Offshore works.

Its strong and weak points.

And we have Marcela.

We can use her as leverage.

We can take the generator to the Offshore
and blow it up there.

Finish off their technology.

Like the Founding Couple did
to the Inland.

I've already disagreed with you once.
I won't do it again.

If you all agree, I'm with you.

It's time to destroy the Offshore.

[theme song playing]