3% (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Episode #4.1 - full transcript

When a group from the Shell is invited to the Offshore, Joanna sees a chance for revenge. But soon she becomes distracted by unsettling memories.

Good morning.

Is this where the Process is taking place?

A souvenir from the Process.

You may enter.

Change your clothes,
store your belongings.

Just like old times.

Is this for real?

They're your size. Got a problem?

At least this one's new.
I've always wanted the red one.

You create your own merit.

Press the button.

Leave! Leave before I put you
on that chair!

-You're scum, Joana.

How can you live with yourself?

How do you sleep at night
after what you did?

You were chosen to enter
the Process with the bomb

that will be the final blow.

We'll pass together, you'll see.

Anything is worth it for the Offshore.

You're the family's traitor.

Did you steal my cube?

What would they do
if they knew you're not Rafael?

Are you an Álvares?

They always pass.


While you're under our care,

I give you my word
that you are not at risk.

I hope you extend the same courtesy

to Captain Marcela and our soldiers

that are held captive at your Shell.

I believe this diplomatic mission

will bring ultimate peace.

See you at the Offshore.

If they offer you shrimp, don't take it.

What's a shrimp?

Just don't take it.

Be quiet, Rafael.

I'm just breaking the ice.

Let's not forget why we're here.

Don't let them seduce you.

Impressive, huh?

We're not here to admire the scenery.

No, we're not.




Marco, emergency meeting.
We got a message.

-They answered!

-Did I hear right?
-We have three hours to decide.

We must gather everyone. Where's Joana? 

Are you going to take long?

It takes time to read a book.

You're just going to stare at me
while I read?

Let me read.

Come on, it's not comfortable here.

You don't fit in here, Joana.

Really? Are you saying I gained weight
because of all the food in the Shell?

-How long have you been there, Rafael?
-Emergency meeting.

We got an answer.

I anticipated the worst, but not this.

Nothing surprises me
when it comes to them.

Yeah, but inviting us to go there?
It's very weird.

The perfect place to kill us.

It's a diplomatic visit.
They want us to let Marcela go.

And something else we won't know
until we get there.

What part of that
don't you think is a trap?

They'll reprogram our minds.

Relax, Rafael.
Maybe they want to negotiate.

We have two hours. What do we say?

We have the upper hand.

The Shell is growing.
It's not worth the risk.

Or it's the complete opposite.

It is worth it
because they don't expect us to come,

let alone carry it out.

Carry what out?

The plan.

We've been studying it for months.

What do you mean, "the plan"?

It's our best shot.

It's better to get invited than to invade.

It's time to do to them
what the Founding Couple did to us.

The Pulse.

Let's destroy all their technology.

Cool, Joana.
But how are we going to take a generator

on a diplomatic visit
if everyone will be watching us?

By not taking the whole thing.

Just two parts. Let's go downstairs.

The first part is a plasma battery.

Here, hold it carefully, Joana.

Take a look.

This is the second part.

A superconducting turbine,
the generator's heart.

If it explodes,
it will generate the Pulse.

That's right.

Can we make the bomb
with just these two parts?

It's not a bomb, it won't kill anyone.

I'll take the plasma in my leg.

The only place they won't look
during the search.

What about the turbine?

The turbine won't fit.
It's not that simple.

What if half of us go,

and the other half stays
and sends the turbine?

The ARU fridges go from here
to the Offshore to get supplies.

We can hide the turbine in one of them.

Okay, let me get this straight.

We're gonna hide the plasma
inside Marco's leg,

and wait for the fridge with the turbine
while we pretend to negotiate?

Then attach the two and detonate?


How will we get out of there?

The Pulse will destroy all electronics,
including subs.

We could program it to explode
when we're on our way back.

Are you sure about this?

A lot of stuff in there is irreplaceable.

Medical equipment, labs,
vaccines, drugs...

Years and years of research will be lost.

What's fair isn't necessarily good
for both sides.

They'll have to make do,
start from scratch, like here.

I know, but these technologies
could help the Inland.

What matters is that people
will finally stop dreaming

about the Offshore
and focus on our reality here.

And the Shell will be able
to shelter everyone.

And fuck the Offshorers.

Well, I like that part.

Me too.

I think it's risky.

We have the Shell,
why should we attack the Offshore?

What's wrong? Isn't that how it works?

Everyone has an opinion,
why can't I share mine?

Sure, Glória, go ahead.

There's the Inland people, too.
They love the Offshore.

If they find out we attacked them,
they'll come and attack us, too.

-But no one will know.

For this plan to work,
no one else can know about it.

We must stick together.

Who's coming with me? Who's staying?

I'm coming. Who else?


I'm staying.

I don't want to leave the Shell.
Especially with Marcela here.

If the plan works,
we'll need a bigger structure.

I'll take care of that.

Fuck it, I'll go.

None of you seem to understand
the real danger here.

I'll go too.

I think you'd better stay.


I need your help here.
And the Shell people trust you.

I can go too, guys.

You'll be more useful here.

Okay, I'll go to minimize damage.

We're going to need a lot of stuff here
that can't be restored.

You may not be aware of it,
but not everything there is horrible.

I know.
That's why we're going to get there,

put the two parts together,
and detonate the Pulse.

Don't let them seduce you.

Welcome to the Offshore.

I hope you had a pleasant trip.

Nice to meet you. I'm Denise.

-This is Igor--
-Where's Nair?

She couldn't make it, but follow me.

I'm taking you to the Council Building,
this way.


Did you know I worked
on most of your Processes?

Do you remember?

I do. It's hard to forget.

It is.

Ezequiel's Process wasn't hard
on just the candidates.

I don't have good memories either.

Poor you.

Hi. How are you?

This is a welcome gift for our visitors.

You'll be treated well.

I'm Verônica.


This is a welcome gift for our visitors.

We don't have a leader here.

All decisions in the Offshore
are made by a Council

that represents our people's interests.


So all the horrible things
the Offshore does with the Inland

are decided collectively?

Make yourselves at home.

Just a moment.

I wouldn't drink that.

Do you think they would poison us now?

They had plenty of time
to kill us on the way here.

They've reprogrammed my mind,
so everything is possible.

All right.

Sorry to intrude,
but this is one of our best wines.

Sure you don't want some?


Is it just you?

I thought my sister was coming.

Is it just you?
I thought the Council was coming, too.

We came to talk to Nair.

Well, she invited you
because I asked her to.

I promise nothing's changed.

Your promises aren't worth shit.


I think it's the best you'll get.

Ever since Marcela was arrested,
I've been doing things my way.

Your way?

Did you kill the Council?

No, the Council still exists.

But they take too long,
so you should talk to me.

We'll get to an agreement fast.

What do you want?

First, I want Marcela and all the soldiers
back from the Shell.

It's important for the Offshore
that they are here. And well.

But more than that...

I want a peace treaty between us.

Peace? So you can sabotage
the Shell again, or for good?

No, that wasn't peace.

I'm talking about something serious.

A final treaty.

This won't take us anywhere.

I don't want more war, Rafael.

War made us do horrible things.

Almost unforgivable.

You know that very well.

I do too.

I've been a prisoner.

They've tried to alter my mind.

But to move on,
we must leave some things behind

and meet halfway.

So, can we say what we want now?

I'm dying to know.

The end of the Process.

It hasn't even started yet.

I don't mean this one,
I mean all of them.

Are you serious?

It's because of the Process
that people live a shitty life.

They don't build a better world
because of an illusion.


You can see it.

We brought you here for a reason,
the Offshore is real.

The Offshore victims are real.

If that's where our conversation
is headed, it'll never end.

I can't promise to end the Process,
nor do I want to.

Actually, one of my demands

is that the Shell endorses it.

Shitty negotiation.

Well, let's go.

You don't have to answer now.

Enjoy nature,
and we'll talk again tomorrow.


We also want the vaccines, the drugs,
and the equipment you have here.

Yeah, we could help you build
a healthcare center.

Whatever you need.

In time, and with our treaty,
everything will be possible.

No, we need it now. When we go back.

-Do you want to take drugs--
-Anything we can carry, now.

What's the rush?

-We don't plan--
-She's a doctor, she knows best.

Death waits for no one.


Denise could eventually take you
to the health center.

But, of course...

Of course...

only if our negotiation moves forward.

-But first I want...

to try to be optimistic
and propose a toast.

After all, just the fact
that we're gathered here

is already a win.


-Man, is it me or was it...

Iara? How are you?


I couldn't believe
when I heard you were here.

Yeah. How's everyone?

-Yeah, from the health center.

I thought maybe I would stop by.

How's everyone?

This is what we need to hide
in the ARU fridge tonight.

-Okay, what time do we leave?
-Not "we."

You're going alone.

Come on, Michele.

I trust you, everyone knows me.

I'd draw too much attention.


-Does it have to be tonight?
-It does.

Tomorrow, they'll try to get
into the health center to get this.

The less time they stay there,
the safer it is for them.

It's going to be fine.


Bigger than ours.

You mean bigger than mine, right?

Whose house is this?

One of the guards you kidnapped.

If you have any questions
or need anything,

you can talk to me or Denise.


There's a room upstairs if you want.

-We'll be fine down here.


I've never seen this before.


In one piece.

With a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Make sure those books aren't bugged.




Everything okay?
You were in there a long time.

-What did you call me?
-Your name.


It must've been a good shower.


Your face.

It looks like you're somewhere else.

Don't let the Offshore seduce you.

It's just a shower.

What are you thinking about?



You know what I'm thinking about?


That I'm tired of having sex
in the hammock.

It's not working.
I don't know how we're gonna do this.

Look, it's Michele. Michele!

-The greenhouse has an irrigation issue.

What issue?

The automated system's not working.
And the power went out a few times.

That's normal. The generator's broken,
so the power goes out.

-I know mechanics, I can help.
-No! That's okay.

I don't want anyone
in that generator, okay?

Xavier is taking care of it.


It won't work again any time soon.

Good morning, Founder.

Good morning, prisoner.

Why didn't you go with them?

To the Offshore.

Why didn't you go?

I thought you were one
of the leaders of the Shell.

Or was it more important
to take care of your little garden?

How about you?

You don't think it's important
to take care of the garden?

Or do you prefer it in your cell?

Should I start packing?

What did you say to her?

-Marcela, Glória, don't play dumb!

What did you say?

I didn't say anything.

When are you going to trust me?

How does she know
they went to the Offshore?

-Does she knows about the Pulse?
-How should I know?

Am I the only one here
who knows about the plan?

Have you asked Xavier?

You haven't, right?

I wanted to go.

You wanted me to fucking stay.

My conscience is clean.

-What are you looking for?

Like what?

I don't know, but there must be something.
Cameras, wiretaps...

Something that can get in our heads,
that type of thing.

Are you going to clean this mess?

Not until I'm sure
there's nothing weird here.

The only weird thing is you, Rafael.

How about you, Marco?
You're quite normal, huh?

You're all quiet, you're acting weird,
you're wearing new clothes.

Why did you take
the painting off the wall?

I was looking for a camera.

What is happening here?

This lunatic thinks someone is listening.

I'm positive someone is listening to us.

You guys have to be quiet.

Okay, Rafael.

So, tell me where
you think we can be safe.

It's too salty.

It won't stop moving.

I don't know if it was a good idea
to leave your legs on the sand.

Did you want me to sink
along with what's in them?

Is that why we...

What are we doing tomorrow?

We'll split up.

Elisa and I will go to the health center
for the turbine.

If it's there.

If Michele's able to send it over tonight.

It won't be very easy to access
the medical center.

From the way they look at me,
they'll slam the door in my face.

-We'll work something out.
-What about us?

-Distract André somehow.
-Okay, but...

what are we going to talk
to André about for two hours?

-Anything except what Elisa said.
-I said what I believe.

The more stuff we can take, the better.

But when you change strategies
without consulting the group,

-you could ruin the plan.
-I tried to access the medical center.

That's also part of the plan.

Did you even think about that?

Guys, enough.

No, Rafael. Both things are important.

But we have to focus on a plan.


Are you okay?

Did you swallow water?

I'm getting out.

Well, I guess the meeting is over.

Did something happen?

Like what?

You're acting weird.

Joana, we've talked about this many times.

I trust you, you trust me.

Spill it out.

There is something...

that is really weird.

What is it?

I once told you my name isn't Joana,

I never knew my real name.

I gave up finding out too, because...

But today...

I remembered something, I don't know.

You're going to think I'm crazy.

You can tell me anything.


I remembered,

maybe because of the water or the ocean,

but it was a memory
from when I was very little.

But it was real.

I heard a name.

My name.



You're kidding, right?

It sounds like your name.

Forget it.

You don't look like a Luana to me.

I'm serious.


Are you sure it was a memory?

Sometimes memories are malleable,
we get them confused with imagination.

I didn't imagine it, I remembered it.

The last thing I should be thinking about
is exactly what I am thinking about.

Is my mom here?

In the Offshore?

I never thought about that.

Me neither.

But I am now.

The best place for you
to find out is here.

Is it prettier than you thought?

No big deal.

Just makes me angry.

I was very impressed the first time.

It takes us so long to get here,
and then when we do...

it's like this place is everything
we've ever wanted.

I don't see any of that.

God damn it.

It's me.

You almost gave me a heart attack.

I'm here to help.

-Let's go.

Let's go.

That's the fridge
we need to put the turbine in.

Soon, the guards will change shift
and send it to the Offshore.

Hi. What took you so long, man?

How are you? Good?


Who is he?

He's from the church.

Let's go, Glória. This is our chance.

No, wait. We have to see this.

This is our chance.


What are you doing, kid?

-I'm gathering scrap metal.

-What are you stealing?
-Gathering scrap metal.

-The fridge is made of metal!
-Get up!

Get out of here! Out!

I'm sorry.

Hey, kid!

Take this shit too.

Damn it, Xavier! That was close!

What was that bottle?

Those kids up there threw it.

I got really scared too.


It's okay, we'll try tomorrow.

-The bottle...

Weird. Glória said it was some kids...

You think it was actually Glória?

It's possible.

Are you sure?

-Hurry up.
-Wait, don't you think...

Put pressure on it.

Hide this, Joana.

Let's go.

What are you doing here?

-An accident--
-You can't be here.

She's bleeding!

How did this happen?

On a machine I wasn't familiar with.

Let an Offshorer take care of it,
not a traitor.

I want Elisa.

I trust her.

This is where I met Rafael.

He used the same strategy,
and I fell for it. Hold it here.

Biggest mistake of your life.

Where is he?

The longer he takes, the better.

Something is wrong.

Good morning.

Well, I have some notes
from yesterday's meeting

and I think we should talk about them.

Where's André?

Yesterday you asked where Nair was,
now it's André?

I'm sorry, he can't be here,

but I'll let him know
everything we talk about, of course.

What about you?
Where's the rest of the group?

Yesterday you asked where Michele was,
now it's the rest of the group?

This is the research lab
and there's intensive care. Come.

What about here?

It's where you access biological data,
everyone's medical records.

-Yeah, who's passed the Process.

-All Inland citizens are listed here?
-Yeah. Why?


Come on.

Joana, stay here to stall Iara
if she comes back. I'll go with Elisa.

Come on.

FROM 70 TO 107




We have plenty of fertilizer.

You can never have enough.

You're right.

We would like a bigger supply
of fertilizer.


Item 38.


No. They're not authorized.
I'm sending backup now.

Come on.

-It's not here.
-Maybe they didn't send it.

Check that one.

They didn't send it.

Let's get out of here.


I was just showing her around.

André didn't authorize this.
You're trying to steal from the Offshore.

You can search me, I have nothing on me.

Where's the other one?

What other one?

The other woman that was with you.




You can't be here.

Where are you taking me?

-I was watching you.
-I did nothing wrong.

-You trespassed.
-You can't arrest me.

Come with me.

Hi, Joana. We've been waiting for you.

Subtitle translation by Jonathan Hemming