3% (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Capítulo 01: Areia - full transcript

Just as Joana tours Michele's new desert sanctuary, known as the Shell, a massive sandstorm moves in and wreaks havoc.



Did you find it?


I'll keep them attached.
Pull the lever now.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

We can't stop now. Let's keep going.

We'd better put off the opening.
The wires won't handle it.

We're not doing that.

I know what I did wrong.
Trust me. Pull the lever.

Are you sure about this?

Just do it.

Guys, check this out.

I told you.

That's the light of damnation.

A den of lies. Of failures.

They got that place
by blackmailing the Offshore.


And whoever goes there...

shall know true suffering.


That thing's
going to fuck up our domain, Marco.

Anyone who even tries getting there
is getting their ass kicked.

We've just turned on
the lights in the Shell.

We're monitoring reaction in the Inland.

One enemy just wasn't enough.




Beans coming through.



Help me out here.

You're new here?

I had that same face when I got in.
I won't call it "stupid."

What's your name?

Doesn't matter.

You're right.

Everyone is welcome here.

I can see that.

My name is Xavier.

I know everything around here.

I'll show you any place.

The farm, the room, the lookout...

Show me the Shell's generator.

The generator? Boring. Are you hungry?

You look hungry.

Follow me.

Ta-da! Our supply room.

Take this.

Good, huh?

A little too sweet for me.

Sour does seem to be more your type.

Amazing, isn't it?

That's the Gardrone, a gardening drone.

Hence, "Gardrone." Got it?

I named it myself.

Don't take it personal.

You can stop with the jokes.
You'll never make me laugh.

Challenge accepted.

You don't have that in the Inland.
It comes from the collector.

That big curtain, I mean.

It condenses water
to supply the whole building.

There was nothing here before.
Only desert and rocks.

There's a whole lot of sweat
going into that mango.

Do you know how the Shell was founded?

These walls were made out of desert sand.
Thermal insulation technology.

And we throw parties almost every night.

Of course, there are some problems.

In my dorm room,
there's this guy who snores all night.

He's the only one who sleeps. Clueless.

But if that's our only problem,
life's good.

Inland problems were quite different.

It's peaceful here.


This way.

You called me?

The Process building
and the Division are communicating.

More than usual.

I'm trying to intercept the frequency.

Attention, all units.

Five minutes to takeoff.

Hurry up. You heard the commander.

Come on.

You think they're coming here?

Michele said they might try to attack us.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Everyone working, even Gardrone.

That's Marco.

He moves kind of funny.
His leg is different.

I don't know how to say this...

He was the militia leader.
Can't be trusted.

Maybe he was.
Everyone gets here unstable and angry.

But in time, the community grows stronger.

Marco is one of our hardest workers.

Everybody's friendly on a full stomach.

Nobody is forced to work.
Everybody helps the way they can.

Almost everybody.

I must be hallucinating.

Never thought I'd see you here.

Never thought I'd see you like this.

- You guys know each other?
- What's up, Xavier?

Were you badmouthing me again?

- Yep.
- No, I wasn't.

Of course not.

Just showing her around the Shell.

You want to see the generator?

Keep an eye on her, Xavier.

She's trouble.

So this is Offshore tech.

Told you it was boring.

Okay, but how does it work?

You blabbed nonstop about the Gardrone.

- But this...
- I don't know much about this.

Michele can explain it to you.

I'll introduce you. Come on.

Don't be scared. The Founder is nice.

I can imagine.

If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here.

I'm a Toledo.

The unluckiest family ever.
We've never passed the Process.

Parents, uncles, cousins,
even second cousins...

It's the Toledo curse.

I'm 20 years old.

I came here,
Michele showed me around the place,

and that was it.

You're 20, and you gave up on the Process?


I love the Shell.

I've got a frequency.

Attention, Division.

To the Process building.
Head to the Process building.

- What's going on?
- I don't know.

I've been going on and on about myself.
Tell me about you.

I know people love badmouthing the Shell
in the Inland,

but now that you've seen it,
what do you think?

Will you stay?

I admit it's better than expected.

Welcome, Joana.

But I wasn't expecting much.

Hey, have you guys seen this?

- Open the main channel.
- We need to talk.

Open the channel. Now.


Everyone, head to the central atrium.
Right now.

Drop what you're doing and head there.

A sandstorm is coming.

- That's why the Division took off.
- They knew about it.

Come on. To the atrium.

What do I do, Michele?

Get people to the atrium.

Let's go, guys. Quickly!

Come, Alice.

Be careful!

Let's go.


Son, I'm here. Don't worry.

Is everyone here?

Close the door.

Help me.

My brother's still outside.

Michele, open the door.
My brother is out there.

Michele, please. Open the door.

Go, Michele. Quick.

Come in.

Tiago, come in.

Come here.


Take my hand. Come on.

Come on.

Bad weather, huh?

Now we just have to wait
for the storm to pass.

It'll be all right.

I'm so glad you came.

But did you need to bring the storm along?

Has anyone reeled in the collector?

The storm's going to rip it to pieces.


What do you mean, "error"?


What's going on? Why won't it budge?

Help me, Xavier.


Watch out.

Come here, please.

Take care of her.

Let me see it.

Okay. Take a deep breath.

We're gathering everyone in the atrium.

- Rafael.
- I'm busy.

I'm going to speak at the assembly.

Still busy.

Why aren't you helping?


You've never wanted my help before.

You chose to knock me out
and create this place.

I did what I had to do,

for everybody's sake, okay?

For everybody's sake,
or for your own sake?

I've lost my brother.

I left the Offshore.

I lost Fernando.

All so I could create
what Samira had dreamed up.

Too bad there was no storm
in Samira's dream.

I've heard people saying
this is the end of the Shell.

It is not.

If we stick together,
the Shell will survive.

And what about food?

What will we do about it?

We've seen what happened
to the plantation.

We can replant it.

What about the water, Marco?
The collector's gone.

We can replant with the water we have,

and in the meantime rebuild the collector.

It might take some time,
but our supply is intact.

With some rationing,
we'll make it through to the next harvest.

- Then things will be normal again.
- Yes.

Either way, everybody will have to work.

Why are you giving me that look?

Because we can't tolerate parasites.

Am I a parasite?

- No, I am.
- You're to say who's who?

You just lay around all day. Shut up.

Is that it?

What's the point of fighting now?
This isn't helping.

I know how you feel.

You're angry.

It feels like it's over
and things won't get better.

I know how it feels.

Many of you haven't met him.



You're going to die, you son of a bitch.

He was supposed
to be here with me right now.

Fernando died trying to bring people here.

He believed there could be a better place
in the Inland.

His death has taught me...

that this Shell here isn't a building.

It's the people...

who are here inside it.

It's us.

The people in the Offshore...

say that the 97 percent are rotten,

but we'll prove them wrong.

We'll prove
that everybody here is worth it.

All our decisions here
are made as a group.

So I need to know.

Are you in favor
of rebuilding the Shell...

rationing our supplies?

All those in favor,

raise their hands.

I've never seen so many patients
in one day.

I know.

So if it wasn't for me,
the Shell would be doomed.

Clearly, you only came back
to the Inland to see me.

Seven years without me.

Must've been tough in the Offshore.

How did I survive?

I can imagine.

Tiago, forget it.
They used to date before the Process.

Shut up, Artur.

Looking for something?

Just wondering if you're okay.

I'm fine.

I can't help but think
you're only here because of me.

That it's my fault.

If I could go back,

- I'd do everything differently.
- Rafael...

Stop thinking about that.

Not a word.

I said nothing.

Is it really broken?

More than half of it.

It'll be a while until it's back
to its full capacity.

And this generator powered everything?
Even the defense system?

Who told you that?

Your number one tour guide.

Did you tell Xavier
why you only came to the Shell now?

I got sick of the Inland.


Do you believe what people are saying?

About the Founding Trio?
That they sabotaged the Inland?

It's quite possible.

So they blew up the Inland's power plant,
just to protect the Offshore?


After all, everyone thought

that the electromagnetic pulse was due
to our incompetence.

An "accident."

And can we recreate this pulse
to use it on them?

With Inland's tech?

Of course not.

But with the Shell...


I don't know
what kind of generator they have.


Our tour continues tomorrow morning, okay?

I'll show you the supply room, kitchen,

the garden, and the playground.

It's all sand now. Got it?

Nice try.

A sample of the original material.

Try all possible materials
until we find the best condenser.


Can I have seconds?


You can raise it now, Natália.

Good job, Founder.

There's not enough water.

They'll dry out.

Maybe I could spit on them.

Just a little.

It's no use.

The collector uses nanotechnology
that only the Offshore has.

I had time to close the doors
and windows and gather everybody.

- I should've thought of the collector.
- You prioritized the people.

I had to think about everything.

I didn't think about our future.

You tried thinking about someone else
for a change.

Well, we've got to keep trying.

We need a solution
before our supplies run out.

Stupid lucky draw.



My bad luck got me the night shift.

You have my sympathies.

I just need to stand here?

Supply room, meet Xavier.

Xavier, supply room.


It was during the Process.

I wasn't looking. Just glanced at it
because it was right there.


Aren't you going to try your Process?

Afraid of losing your leg, too?


You know my family, the Toledo?

None has ever passed.

And they just accept it, like you?

Not really.

With every generation,
the pressure is higher.

And I'm the youngest.

Maybe I came here so I didn't have to see
the look on my family's face,

like they already knew I'd fail.

I don't want that.

I know the feeling.

But my family is the opposite of yours.

What? Are you an Álvares?

Used to be.

But don't tell anyone.

Who would have thought?

An Álvares and a Toledo together.

The best and the worst.

Not together. It's your shift, Toledo.

Good luck.

Thank you.


Anybody there?

Shit. It just had to happen on my shift.
Such bad luck.

Who's there?

Please be nobody.


Hey. Get me out.

Get me out.

Anybody there?




You won't believe this.

- Who was it?
- It was too fast, and...

Did you see anybody?

I didn't. I swear, Michele.

I'm sorry. It was all my fault.

It wasn't your fault. It was the thief's.

How much did they take?

Guys. That's right.

They won't be able to feed us all.

Starting with the watchman,
who should've watched the supply.

They locked me in.

Nobody is that stupid, Xavier.

Sorry to disappoint you, buddy, but I am.

It's the truth.

So tell us how you're going to fix
this fucking mess you've made.

- We're waiting.
- Leave him alone.

The food we have left
can feed us for a week.

We'll end up worse than the Inland.

People lost their hope after the storm.

Some took advantage of it
to save themselves.

I used to think like those bastards.

I have a list of the 20 people
who disappeared last night.

They're probably in the Inland by now.

Wanna go after them?

I can gather some guys.
We'll get the food back.

Are you listening?

We have to do something.

Guys, guys. Let's face reality.

No food means
we'll need to get rid of some people.

And I think I speak for most of us

when I say Rafael should go.

He's a leech, does nothing.

Yeah, vote noted, lady.
Too bad this isn't an election.

- Stop adding fuel to the fire.
- I'm not doing anything.

Rafael, who do you think you're fooling?

I saw you leave the supply room
carrying grains.

Is that so, Otávio?

Then prove it.

Why would they do that?

Michele, you need to be practical.

People are waiting
for a solution from you.

I wonder if there is one.

- Michele, get up.
- Michele.

We need you in the atrium.

- You don't deserve to be here.
- Get him out.

He's trying to kick me out
for personal reasons.

It's not that.

Those who don't contribute should leave.

Those who eat the most should go.

He goes to the infirmary more than Marco,
who doesn't have both his legs.

Why is that, Otávio?

You want Elisa?

What if I do?

I was with her in the Offshore.
Where were you, loser?

Calm down, guys.

- Cut that out.
- I'll beat you up, you drunk.

You're an asshole.

Stop it. Stop this right now.

There's a sign outside
saying "everyone is welcome."

No one's going to be kicked out,
unless the Founder says so.

Fine, Michele. So, what do we do now?

Get back to work.
There's a lot left to rebuild.

Later we'll reunite,
and I'll have a solution.

You're the boss, Founder.


- Michele, wait.
- I'm not banning people. We don't do that.

I know it isn't a good idea...

You're advocating for the Process.

But there's no other choice.

We were raised to believe in it.
We don't know anything else.

Shut up.

I feel like I'm back in the Process.

Everybody hates you.

What do you think Michele will do?

She thinks she's the third Founder.

She forgets people are only good
in theory.

In real life, it's every man for himself.

The Process depends on who carries it out.

Which is why I believe in this.

I trust you.

But I don't want to do it.

You're the only one who can take it over.

I'll think of another solution.

Hi, Michele.


The sign says "everyone is welcome,"

so I walked in.

Did you run away?

We can be together again.

Come with me.

Quite a sandstorm, huh?

Do you know
why the Process is so important?

Because people only show
their true colors under pressure.

This applies
to the people you've taken in here.


You've been spying on me?

We're neighbors,
and the rumors spread fast.

Implants don't lie.

We know how many people are in there.


I believe in the Shell,

and I'm here to help.

If well managed, it can be used

to train young men and women
for the Process.

Instead of lying to them
about the Founding Couple.

Trio, you mean.

You keep idolizing Samira.

But she didn't do anything. She just died.

She was naive.

Unlike you, Michele.

- You came all this way to lecture me?
- No.

I came here to make you an offer.

The Offshore has the technology
and resources to resupply the Shell.

If you accept our help...

You'll take over the Shell.

What if I say no?

The Division will kill everybody here?

And make you a martyr?

People need to know

you failed on your very first storm

because you were incompetent.


you'd really let your ego
destroy everything you've built?

If you really care for those people,

this is your only choice.

It's what everyone in there wants.

They'll have water and food.

They'll be safe.

They'll be controlled by you.

Think it over.

Use this to contact me.

I've thought it through.

There's only one option for us.

I really didn't want to do this,

but I've decided to carry out a Selection.

A Selection to decide who stays
and who leaves the Shell.

That's never been my intention,
but as a Founder,

I have to do this right now.

I need to drastically reduce
the number of people here.

I'll carry out tests
to decide who gets to stay.

It's a temporary measure.

Those who stay will help me
rebuild the Shell

so we can take everyone back in.

How many will stay?

The Shell can only house ten percent.

How is it going to work?

My mom needs meds.

- What about my daughter?
- How long?

It's a sacrifice we need to make together.

It's either that, or the Shell dies.

Do you have any other suggestion?

Can I count on your support?

Once this collective decision's made,

I'll be announcing the first test.

To stay in the Shell,
you'll have to rip off your implant.

Sever the ties with the Offshore for good.

They implanted it on us.

It's their direct channel to us.

They speak straight into our minds.

Will I be considered a criminal
by the Division?

What if I lose mine?
What if I have a child?

- Will I be able to register the kid?
- Or go to the Process.

I understand how you feel.

You're free to leave now.

But you either believe in the Shell
or the Offshore.


It's either that or leaving?

What do you mean?

You hate here, always whine about it.

I know,
but here I'm safe from the Division.

And you make your own choices.

I don't know if I want to lose my chance
in the Process.

Trust me, Artur.

The Offshore isn't all that.

I'll help you. We'll pass together.

Marco, I've talked to Michele.

People who need intensive care
get to bypass the Selection.

I could put you on that list.

I don't want charity, Elisa.

I'm here to prove that I'm capable.
I'll pass the Selection.


I came here to escape from the Process,
not to do a different one.

I know, Xavier.

I do prefer the Shell,

but what if I rip off my implant
and get eliminated in here?

I'll be left with nothing?

I want to carry out a fair Selection.

I want the Shell to go back
to what it used to be.

But I can't promise you I know...

what's really going to happen.

So if you want to leave, I'll understand.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I didn't do it for you.

I did it for Gardrone.

It's okay. I understand.

I hope you'll come back.

Drawing blood in the first test, Founder?

If you want to leave, I'll understand.

And miss the chance of watching you fail?

No way.

I'm staying until the very end.

Give that back, Joana.

I was forced to do this Selection.

"People only show
their true colors under pressure."


Subtitle translation by Iara Regina Brazil