3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Capítulo 09: Colar - full transcript

While Rafael, Fernando and Joana forge ahead with their plan, Michele discovers a shocking secret about the Offshore's past.

[waves crashing softly]

Good morning.

It's time to wake up...

I was dreaming.

We must get the project ready
for the investors. Come on.

No. Just 15 more minutes.

[Vitor chuckles]

You and your 15 minutes.

When I used to work,
study and take care of my father,

I only slept three hours.
I didn't have 15 minutes.

Come on. Wake up.

-Did you sleep like that?
-Me? No way.

You can't sleep much on a hard floor.

-[Laís] Come on, Mira.
-All right, I'm going.

Let's build our new world.

[birds singing]

[Vitor] Did it work?

Completely rehabilitated
and already reproducing by themselves.

-Let's go?


Welcome to our recently-finished
data room.

It is entirely solar-powered,

storing all the information
here in this glass tank.

In this amino acid-rich solution,
the data disk is biological.

It is not a binary system, but one based
on protein bonds, similar to DNA.

Thus, it can store a great deal,
even though it is so tiny.

Take this data, for example,

about the scientists
who are building the Offshore.

The personality algorithms will determine

which profiles make the best teams
for each project.

Our systems will optimize
the residents' activities

so that our society can achieve
maximum efficiency.

Everything is on schedule.

We expect to have everything ready
to welcome you in one year.

End recording.

[Samira] Good morning.

We've just recorded a video
about our new data room.

I want to show it to you.

we're experiencing an emergency.

The water table is drying out.

We drained too much water.
The ground depression has accelerated.

The city is sinking into a crater.

Thousands of people are on the streets.
We are on the brink of a civil war.

The Committee decided
to start the migration immediately.

But the Offshore will only be complete
in a year.

You don't know how serious this is.
Your mother and sister are terrified.

But we can't expedite the migration.
The Offshore can't sustain so many people.

I know.
Since there aren't resources for everyone,

those already there must leave.

You stay, of course. Our whole family.

But your friends and scientists--

The Offshore's supposed to be a utopia:

abundance, technology, sustainability.

How can you expect such a society

-if it starts with this injustice?

They've given everything they have
to this place.

This is not a request. The Offshore
belongs to the project sponsors, us.

You will arrange their evacuation
as soon as possible.

What is this place, André?



We can hide here until the searches stop.

You shouldn't have set me free.

Now they won't have you back
in the Offshore.

Fuck the Offshore.

I don't care about the Offshore.
I'm with you.

We'll get out of this together.

Do you remember here?

It's familiar.

I know I have been here.

Try to remember, André.

I know you're innocent.

What's going on?


What do you wanna show me so badly?

Remember I told you how hard it was
to find records of the foundation?

I've found a very old file

showing an underground site absent
on current maps.

-It's on the east of the island.
-An abandoned project?

The Founding Couple wouldn't leave
anything unfinished.

They must've had a reason to stop it.

It is the only inconsistency I've found.

I have analyzed every map, every project,
I saw every...

Forget about it.

Our goal is to create new things,

not dwell on the past.

Focus on the job.

Let me check it.

Then I'll focus.


[Olavo] The Committee decided
to start the migration.

Since there aren't resources for everyone,
those already there must leave.

The Offshore belongs to the sponsors.

You will arrange their evacuation
as soon as possible.

-Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

-They think they can do anything!
-They wanna come tomorrow.

They'll dry the Offshore out
to the last drop, just like the Inland.

-[Vitor] And kick us out!
-Calm down, guys!

-Calm down.
-Calm down?

You have your last name.
Your place is set.


That's true.

I've chosen to open this up to you!

It's clear whose side I'm on, isn't it?


I'm sorry.

We must be united...

more than ever.

We have always been unanimous.

Today's decision will change everything.

We must choose what we truly believe in.

I believe in the Offshore.

I only do
if it has competent people in it.

Exactly. Not with a bunch of rich morons.

That's it, then.

We'll refuse to leave. Fuck my father.

The Offshore is ours.

What if we cut the submarine power?

Hinder their trip.
Do you think it could work?

We are the Founding Trio.

We'll make it work, together.

[woman on implant] Good morning, Glória.
Tomorrow is the day of Process 105.

Take the day to hydrate
and prepare for it.

[Glória] I want to pass the Process
because I deserve a better life.

I want to pass the Process
because I deserve a better life.

I want to pass the Process
because I deserve a better life.

I cannot believe you did this to me.

Fernando, can you hear us?


[Rafael] Let's erase the candidate data
and end the Process.

The registration data is in two places:

a copy in the Inland,
and one in the Offshore.

I'll take the submarine tonight
so I can arrive at the Offshore at dawn.

We must delete both copies
at the same time,

or they'll warn the other side.

The Process building is well protected.
There are cameras in every hall.

It has to be a team effort. Together.

Fernando is there.

-But fucking locked up.
-[Rafael] To our advantage.

I'll give you something
to help you escape.

Silas had the spare ring. We have it now.

You'll use it to get out

and go to the power box
to stop the building power supply.

This will turn off all the cameras.

-I'll do it.
-[Joana] What about me?

You, Joana, will be in the east wing,

on the lower floors.

When the power is down,
you get in the room...

-And destroy all the data?

How does it work? Don't tell me
I'll have to press a button...

No, the data is stored
in a bio-technological disk.

I've never seen it,

but we must destroy it as much as we can,
no matter what.

I know it sounds crazy, and it is.

But we know the Process must end.

What we're doing here in this very room,
and what we'll do there...

will become part of history.
Fucking history.

People will talk about it for many years.

Do you understand?

You say that because you're scared, too.

Of course I'm scared.
I'm shitting my pants.

But I have nothing to lose.

All I have is the Cause.

All I have is this plan.

My best friend turned me in.

The least I can do is end a Process
that changes people.

[Rafael] What about you, Joana?

What do you say?

How will you put me in that shithole?

Joana, the vitamins are stored
at 14 degrees.

Humans can last 40 minutes in there.

I've set an alarm
so you don't stay in there too long.

Trust me, okay?

Good luck.

Transport drone ready.

Hey, hey, hey! This is a restricted area!

Uh, I came to see my cousin.
He was taken in and hasn't returned yet.

Inmates are not allowed visitors.

He's sick, sir.

I promised my grandma
I'd bring his medicine.

She makes it herself. It's herbal.

If he doesn't take it,
he can have a seizure and die.

Look at it.

[grunts] Jesus.

It looks like a communications room.

We've stopped the submarines.

-[Vitor sighs]
-[computer beeping]


Fuck, Samira.

Will you force me to invade the island,
shooting everyone?

We, the Founding Trio,
are against the early migration.

And you think cutting the submarine power
will stop me?

How long do you think
it'll take the other investors

to go there
with a shipful of armed soldiers?

Let's negotiate, then.

It's easier and cheaper for you
if we leave the island peacefully.

In exchange, you will finance
an Offshore unit in the Inland,

open to everyone.

Build an alternative.

We'll head that project

with our irrigation
and fertilization technology,

water filters, fusion engines,
everything we built here in the Offshore.

Will you really abandon your family?


I believe in something, Father.

It's just different
from what you believe in.

After we are settled there,

you do whatever you want in the Inland.

Be prepared to leave the Offshore
as soon as possible.

I am not leaving the Offshore.

Neither am I.

It'll be hard to start from square one,

but we can create something even better.

[Vitor laughs]

What's the matter?

[Vitor] Listen, Samira...

what you've offered doesn't work.

Okay? They will destroy everything.

Fuck, look at the past centuries.

-The average human is rotten.
-[Samira] I know, Vitor.

-But in a favorable situation--
-They'll consume everything!

Within a month, it'll be chaos again.

Things worked here
because of our selection.

What do you propose, then?

Because the other option is the investors
coming with an army to shoot us!

-My proposal doesn't sound...
-[Laís] I know the risk, Samira,

but we won't concede.

That's the point.
We must attack before being destroyed.

Attack what?

Sabotage the Inland.

[Olavo] Fuck, Samira.

Will you force me to invade the island,
shooting everyone?

We, the Founding Trio,
are against the early migration.


Do you really want your family
to die here?

[Samira] Early migration
will ruin our project.

Have you seen this before?

[Vitor] Which is a waste.

-[Vitor] We're the best scientists,

better prepared to be here.

I think it's coming back to me.

Need a hand, officer?

Thank you. I got it.

[Marcela] You know each other?

Marco is leading a support team
that will work with us for the next days.

Support team?


All help is welcome.

[device beeping]

Late for an appointment?

It's a medication reminder. [sniffles]


I have reason to believe
we'll be attacked today or tomorrow.

-Stay sharp.
-[Rafael] Sure.

Permission granted.

Open this fucking thing!

There are too many people passing by.
Hang on a little longer.

[Joana] Go fuck yourself!


Five minutes.

I don't know her.


I brought your medicine.

You always talk nonsense
when you don't take it.

-Drink it. Drink it.

I know what you're thinking.

I'm thinking, "Congratulations,
you surpassed your teacher."

Tell me, how many more points
did you get on your interview?

I'm not lying.

You did everything right, Glória,

even the faking part.

I can't teach you that.
That's pure talent.


it wasn't me!

You gotta make your own decisions,

since you want to pass the Process.

Agent! Get her out of here.

Go away.

[door closes]


What are you doing here?

I'm getting vitamins. The Commander
told me to give them to my men.

I mean, here at the Process building,

in this "support team." What's that?

the Process Security is a little soft.

Any bum can manage to subdue agents.

It's normal, right? Lack of street smarts.

So, they recruited a bunch
of unprepared civilians for the job?

I'm not just a civilian, Rafael.

Who do you think is running the militia?

But don't worry.

I'm not one to hold a grudge.

Especially considering
we're on the same side.


The last time we saw each other
was right here.

Yeah. But a lot happened since then.

And not everything healed.

You knew I was alive?

The Process footage is available
to all in the Offshore.

So, you looked for me in the footage?
That's cute.

-I missed you.
-Or did my mom tell you?

The Commander.

Marcela Álvares.

We don't use last names in the Offshore.

You know...

everything from the Inland is left behind.



Jo-- [gasps]

Fuck, your hand's so cold!

Put this on. Go.

They'll see my face.

That's just for you to cross the hall.

Then you'll hide
till we kick off our plan.

Some filthy hiding place, I'm sure.

-Do you really think Fernando is a threat?
-He's a troublemaker.

It's not like that, and you know it.
You guys have no proof.

You have no reason to keep him here.
Just let him go.

Don't you have anything better to do?

I'm not leaving until you let him go.

[chuckles] You'll miss your Process.

-Am I being vaccinated here?
-[Marta] There isn't room for all of them.

Figure it out.


Wait outside.

[Rafael] Fernando, Joana has infiltrated
the building. Stay sharp.

Sure thing.

[door opens]


[chuckles] I want a chair like that.

Shut up and lie down.
Fernando, you can go.

-That girl is waiting for you downstairs.
-Am I free to go? Now?

[chuckles] Aren't you lucky?

She's persistent. If she doesn't pass
the Process, you're all set.

-Come on, I don't have all--
-Whoa! What is that?

-I don't need your help.
-What the fuck? I'm trying to help you.

[Fernando] You're all the same,

thinking you're better than everyone.

I don't need your fucking pity.



Then stay, dickhead.

Sir, wai--

[Samira] Let's negotiate, then.

It's easier and cheaper for you
if we leave the island peacefully.

In exchange, you will finance
an Offshore unit in the Inland.

The third founder.

-[Samira] Build an alternative.
-She wanted to save the Inland.

[Samira] We'll head that project,

with our irrigation
and fertilization technology...

-Imagine how it would be.
-A tragedy.

--everything we built here...

We'd lose everything.

How so?

Talk to me.


[Olavo] How long do you think
it'll take the other investors

to go there
with a shipful of armed soldiers?

[Samira] Let's negotiate, then.

It's easier and cheaper for you
if we leave the island peacefully.

[Laís] Sabotage the Inland?

-What are you talking about?
-It's just like you said.

We must fight for what we believe in,

-sabotaging the Inland.
-I didn't mean that.

We need to strike the investors' power
at its root: the money.

Yes! Destroy those motherfuckers'
financial power.

Since the money is virtual,
the electricity is their weakness,

-Right, but how?

The plant!

I helped in the design of their software.

I have access.

Wait. If we overheat the turbine,
it will explode.

That will leaving the Inland powerless
without electronics.

And all the banking data
will be gone for good.


That's it! That's it!

That won't affect
only those motherfuckers.

It'll affect everyone.
How can hospitals work without power?

How can they pump water?
We'll wipe out an entire society.

Sacrifices must be made.

That's the opposite of our purpose.

We're here
to create a better world for all.

No. We're here to create a perfect world.

-By definition, it can't be for all.
-The Offshore is mankind's future.

-It must be preserved at all costs.
-Including Inland people's suffering?


I must show the Council these files.

This changes everything.

People need to know that.

I didn't agree with it.
This decision isn't unanimous.

You're not being rational.
Unanimity is not applicable here.

It's easy to preach idealism
considering where you come from.

If you were like us
and had lived a life like ours,

you wouldn't forgo a grain of what
you achieved. You grew up in a bubble.

You never starved,
nor slept on the floor.

[Laís] What do you remember
from the Inland? Your backyard pool?

All we remember is an open sewer.

-You've never felt the bad in the world.
-No, but I feel it now.

You say you're worried about mankind,
but you're worried about yourselves!

I'm not giving up on my project.

Our project!

We deserve to live in the paradise
we've created. What's wrong with that?

Sabotaging the Inland,
harming those we were supposed to help.

We will affect generations.

Do you know what you're really doing?

Putting your rich family in the Offshore.

Can't you see that, Samira?

-We're carrying our plan out.
-[Vitor] Listen, Samira.

If you don't want a guilty conscience,

here's what you do:
go sleep for 15 minutes. Go.

We'll handle this.

What's over there, André?


[keyboard clacking]

-[Vitor] Did you hack the plant system?

It's almost done.


-[Vitor] Drop the gun.
-Don't go down that route. Calm down.

-I don't want to hurt you guys.

-I just want to avoid all of this.
-[Vitor] Calm down.

-That's all.
-[Vitor] Calm down, Samira.

-Calm down.
-It's okay. It's okay.

-Can we talk?
-Don't come closer, Vitor.

[Vitor] Samira...

-We're one! Each one of us--
-Don't come closer.

Don't come--

[grunting and shouting]



The Couple hid this for a reason.

Which is obvious,
they murdered the third founder.

For the greater good here.

We've come from the same place.

The Offshore welcomed me.

I was 10 when they disappeared.

I raised you.

Do you think it was easy?

But I passed.

You passed.

We're worthy.
There's nothing wrong with this.

Nothing wrong with the Offshore
destroying the Inland,

ruining who knows how many lives?

Of unworthy people.

The worthy pass the Process
and come live here.

I know many Inland people who didn't pass.

Good people.


The Couple did what was needed.

They did what was right.

And so did I.

So, it's true.



I did what was needed.

I had to be cold-blooded.

You did things like that, too, didn't you?

I'm attaching the evidence.

It is the Offshore's duty
to immediately make amends to the Inland.

It's impossible to keep on living here
knowing we are responsible

for so many people's misery,

knowing what they did
to the third founder.



There's no turning back now.

What are we going to do?

[Laís] The turbine motion
has been reversed.

Start overheat.


All this shit began
with the Founding Couple.

Look at what this split has done to us.


Turned us into murderers!

Accelerating cycle.

Maximum speed.


Electromagnetic pulse in three...



[Laís] Plant explosion...

Now the pulse
that will destroy every electronic device.

[distant rumbling]

Is that it?



All we went through...

running after food,

living in fear...

You'll fight to make that go on?

Suffering makes people stronger.

It sets the worthy
apart from the unworthy.

It's done.


I'm sure we did what's best.

Would you have done it differently?

Would you let him risk everything
out of guilt?

[Marcela] I do not intend to tell anyone
what you told me.


And what's going to happen to me now?

I don't know.

It's the first time this happens here.

Technically, it's the second.


I'm going to help you.

You'll need to undergo treatment.

It's very simple.

Marcela shouldn't have arrested me
for that.

But I'll persuade her.

I'm much more useful to her
by her side than locked in that cube.

Are you crazy, André?

Do you want to help the one
who tried to destroy your life?

I'm just on the right side.

-Why can't you understand that?
-I don't understand it!

You believe in something rotten.

What about you?

You don't believe in anything.

You don't stand for anything.

I used to believe in you.

Is it time for the vaccination?

[Rafael] Shut up.

-Not on the butt.
-I told you to shut up!

-Never mind.
-Lay down.

That's the one?

Do you think it's funny to defy an agent?

I've asked you a question.
Do you think it's funny?

I want to see you spit on my face.

Come on, do it!

-Can I spit on it, too?
-I'm sorry!

Sorry? I'm telling you to. Spit!

-Do it! You piece of shit! I told you to!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

He is crazy, dude. [scoffs]

His own father turned him in.

My father? My father!


[grunting, shouting]



I've mapped the building
and assigned my men to their shifts.


Things are messy out there.


Anything to defend the Offshore.

Suffering is good.

It sets the strong apart from the weak.

It builds character.

That's the lesson the Couple left us.

-[radio beeps]
-I'm in position.

Now I only need
to wait in this wonderful place.

All right.

Rafael? Are you there?

I'm on my way to the Offshore.

Fernando, sorry if I hit you too hard.

[Fernando] Next time,
I'll really spit on you.

[computer beeps]

[Rafael] Fernando,
were you able to understand the map?

[Fernando] Yes. It's all good.

[Rafael] I'll tell you guys
when I get there

and delete the data at the same time.

Where are you going?