3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Capítulo 10: Sangue - full transcript

Last-minute setbacks force Fernando and Joana to improvise. As chaos erupts on the day of the Process, Michele concocts a plan of her own.

[Marcela] West wing, Sector 3.

South wing, Sector 9.

North wing, Sector 5.

Upper floors.

External team, anybody coming up?

[man] Negative, Commander. No one around.
No activity at the main entrance.

Increase security at the south entrance.

I don't want any unguarded entrances.

They're rats.
They won't get in through the front door.

Service sector, Underground Level 2.

Supply access, air vents, air ducts.

[Fernando] Joana?

-Can you hear me?
-It's time. Are you ready?

-I guess.
-You guess?

I'm ready.

Ready for what, dumb-ass?

Shh. Speak low, fucker.

You speak low, drunk-ass. Let me sleep.

-[Geraldo] He said "south entrance."
-[Márcio] No, Geraldo. Fuck. East. East.

-[Geraldo] Did you hear that?
-[Márcio] Yes. I'm no idiot.

[computer beeps]

What the fuck is this?


An idiot under whose orders?

Are you just going to stand there?


-What are you waiting for?
-Let's go.


Joana? Joana?

Can you hear me?

What's going on?

I did what I could, but it's real tricky.

I can't reach all the slates.

Are you sure it worked?

-Fuck, Fernando.

We must destroy the Process
and free everyone.

Fuck it, I'm leaving.


I'll take it from here.



-I found it. I found the data room.
-Destroy that shit already.

[Marco] Check all passages.

Was that a shot?


[Marco] Joana!

[Fernando] Joana?


-[Marco] Joana!
-[Fernando] Fucking answer.

[Marco] You go that way. You follow me.

-She's fucked. She got in the maze.
-Shouldn't we wait for Marcela?

I'm not fucking asking for help,

What's going on with the fucking system?

Let's go.

Do you need anything, Commander?

Come with me, fucker.

I'm stuck in a shitty maze.

Do you know how to get out?

-How would I?
-This shit changes.

Marco is behind me.
You have to erase the data.

-No, Joana. The plan was--
-The plan changed.

-You'll have to erase the data.
-No way.

-I could barely cut the power.
-I'll tell you how to get there.

[computer] Access denied.

Entrance allowed
only for Process personnel.

-"Shit" is an unknown command.

We're going to get lost here, boss.
The maze is changing.

What will we do?


[man 1] There she is. Let's get her!

-[man 2] Over there.




I'm here.

There are lots of faces in here.

Everyone from the Inland registered.

Everything is stored in a glass tank.
It's real creepy.

Erase data.

[computer] Access denied.


Shit. Fuck.

Solution at negative 62 degrees.

Joana, I can't do this.

Joana. Joana.
Can you hear me? Where are you?

I'm stuck somewhere in this fucking maze.

I'll never get out.

We're fucked, then.
I can't reach this shit. What do I do?

Calm down. Don't lose it.
You'll think of something.

We got this far for a reason.

-What if we didn't?
-At least we're trying.

Or would you rather give a speech?

-Will you talk or take action?

I don't know why I'm here.
I'm not with the Cause.

-I didn't take an oath.

You're bigger than the Cause.
Much bigger.

It's our chance to get even
with the 3 percent,

us, the 97 percent, who they've fucked,
every day, for a long time.

Now you can do something for us,
the fucked.

So, do it. Fuck this thing already!

-Contamination detected.
-[alarm beeping]


[alarm beeping]







[Joana] Fucking answer.

-Everything's red here.


Joana, the blood...

-You're bleeding? What happened?
-I don't know if I'll make it.

I'm getting dizzy.

Go on with it. Don't give up.

I'll leave this shit and help you.

[Marco] Hmm. No, you won't.


[Michele] You'll never open it that way.

Hang on. I'm coming.

[alarm buzzing]



I shouldn't have sent you.

Hold on, Fernando.

[computer] Total contamination.

We did it.

You did it.

I'm here to help.
I just want to remove the data--

Help? Like last time?
Do you know what you caused?

I did nothing against you.

-No? Are you sure?
-I didn't.

I found out some filth about the Offshore.


The Founders sabotaged the Inland,
and they weren't a couple.

-What do you mean?
-I'll explain later.

Can I help you open this door now?

Come on.

Don't you die on me.

That was our part of the deal.

Now it's with Rafael.

[Rafael] The Offshore backup data.

Now we have to destroy that.

Can't you shut this shit down
with your ring?

I think so.

I need to see if I have access.

[systems powering up]



How come?

What's going on?
We lost access to all the Process data.

I know. The Inland data is compromised.

"Also"? I'm referring
to the Offshore backup.



Good luck, son.

-Bye, Mom.
-All right. Good luck.

-It's time, Mom.
-I believe in you, son.

[man] Good luck.

[man 1] What is going on?

[man 2] Fucking open it!

-Ariel, shouldn't it be open?

[people shouting indistinctly]

Hey! It's time!

[man 3] Fucking open it! That's bullshit!

What's going on? What's going on?

You were chosen
to prevent situations like this.

The perimeter is secured.

-No one from the Cause broke in.
-What should we do?

How do we check who's really 20
and their backgrounds for the interview?

We can't carry out the Process.

-We don't have many options.
-No, we don't.

Think about what you're going to do,
and choose your words wisely.

I surrender, Cássia.
I want to talk to Nair.

-You won't talk to anyone.
-You'll regret it...

if you don't let me.


Fucking open it!

[all shouting]

[man] Open this shit!

Attention, Process 105 candidates.

Guys, listen.

We're in a crisis. Be brief.

That's why I'm here.
I can solve this problem.

I regret to inform you that the Process--

Wait, don't make a statement.
I'll try another solution.

What will I tell the candidates?

Nothing. Don't say anything.
Wait for instructions.

Candidates, we won't make a statement now.
Wait for further instructions.

-What's going on?

She said, "I regret to inform."
Could they have canceled the Process?

Fucking open it!

-Fucking open it!
-Open it!

[all shouting]

Candidates, any vandalism
will be added to your records.

-Wait for further instructions in order.
-"In order," my ass!

[all shouting]

Attention. All Division agents
to the south entrance immediately.

[all shouting]

[elevator bell dings]

[zipper unzips]


You may restrain the intruders
by all means necessary.


The Process data is encrypted.
I can fix this.

I can give it to you now,
but I have a few conditions.

Fuck, Márcio.
They're breaking into the building.

Fuck. Let's go.

It's our chance.
I'm getting you out of here.



We're going home.
We did it. Can you believe it?



We don't negotiate with criminals.

You're on thin ice, Counselor.

You don't know what you're doing.
People want the Process.

People are angry.

The credibility of the Process is at risk.

Every second matters.

The faster we fix this,
the better for everyone...

especially for you all.

I can give you the data,
but only after I get what I want.

[Nair] And what do you want, Michele?

[Nair] Attention. Attention, please.

Enough with the violence.

Process 105 will still start today.

Everything will be back to normal
before sundown.

We're not leaving
until the Process starts.

Be my guest.

After you do your part, I'll do mine.

See you at sundown.

-[all] For the Cause.
-Joana, don't you want to say something?

I do.

After so much fighting, resisting
here in the Inland day after day...

this is our first victory,
so we must celebrate.

It's more than a victory.

It's the first real blow
against the Process and the Offshore.

That must make us stronger...

for it's still little.

They owe us much,
and we will collect our debt.

This is a new beginning...

a new way to fight...

without oppression,
without going down to their level.

We beat the Process,
and no one had to die.

-For the Cause!
-[all] For the Cause!

-Hooray for Joana!
-[all] Hooray!

-Hooray for Fernando.
-[all] Hooray for Fernando!


[woman] Area 2 under control.

[man 1] Gate 7 under control.

[man 2] East wing, clear.

[man 3] Everyone is in the main hall.

There's suspicious activity in the maze.

I almost got her.


This was your second chance.

You are definitely unworthy.

You belong in the Inland.

If I see you here or even near here...

the Division will arrest you.

And how do I get out of here?

You're on your own.


Do you realize, Fernando? We did it.

-Are you still feeling sick?
-No. I was just thinking about--


-Your little girlfriend.
-Glória is my friend.

She really wanted the Process.

At least it's not Michele,
right, you rascal?

One day, Glória will be thankful.

-[Rafael] Joana, Fernando, are you there?
-Calling to congratulate us?

No. The Process will take place.

-What do you mean?
-It will take place?

Michele's fault.

Said she'd help me
and hit me from behind.


So, I almost died,
I almost gave my life for nothing, right?

For nothing!

-Fuck that.

You're either a fucking liar
or an idiot for believing Michele.

It was the only way, Joana.

[Joana] I knew you'd fuck it up.
Fernando almost died erasing the data.

Fuck, Rafael, whose side are you on?
Why did you screw up my plan?

Your plan, Joana?
You joined the Cause yesterday, girl.

My plan was to destroy the Process.
I did my part. Now you--

-I did what I could.
-Not much.

Fuck you. No one has sacrificed as much
for the Cause as I did.

I've lost count of all the shit I've done
to my family, my everyone,

and now I'm to blame for everything?

I'm screwed here.

Yeah, right.
Life in the Offshore is tough.

You don't know what I went through
as a mole.

-Poor thing.
-Shut up, Joana.

What do you know about other people?

Because you only think about yourself.

Where's Fernando, huh?
He's already gone, isn't he?

You're all alone again, right?
Of course, you are. That's your life.

No one can stand being near you.

Mind your own business, Rafael,
and wait for my orders.

Listen, boss.

I'll only follow your orders...

if I want to.

Do you really think
you have a choice, Rafael?

Your life is in our hands.

It's time.

The sun is setting.

Nair, where is the data?

It will arrive at any minute.
Keep the situation under control.

All agents to the main hall,
be heavily armed.

[guns cocking]

[door opens]


What are you doing here?

-Looking for you. I saw you were arrested.

-I have a proposition for you.
-Another one?

-How will you trick me now?
-I blackmailed them.

You tricked Rafael, I know.

Ending the Process
wouldn't make anyone's life better.

Come with me.

You'll understand.

[door alarm beeping]



Elisa, please, let me in. Please.


-What do you mean? I live here, too.
-This is not your home anymore.

That's the only home I have, Elisa.
Please, let's talk.

I don't want anything between us anymore.

[Ariel] Let's go, guys! Let's go!

If they won't start this Process,
we'll break in.

Come on! Come on!

Commander, they're moving closer.

Fire a warning shot.



[shell casing clanging]

[all] Let's go!

Let's go!

If they reach the formation,
you may shoot.

I made a deal with the Offshore.
That's why I stole the data.

What the fuck is that?

Seeds, water, fertilizers.

All we need to start from square one.

-Ariel, shit's gonna hit the fan.
-They lied to us.

Confirmation, Commander?

You may proceed.

Attention, candidates.

Process 105 will now begin.

[all cheering]

All done, Nair.
Process 105 data has been released.

We'll talk again next year.

[Marcela] What happened here today
will never happen again.

I believe we never needed fresh blood
as much as we do now.


The Cause is still trying to attack us...

but once again, we crushed their attempt
to ruin our dream.

That's what the Offshore is...

our dream.

A dream we build together...

holding hands...

looking forward...

I'll tell you all the truth, Elisa...

and you'll do whatever you deem best.

but never forgetting our past mistakes.

And this is your opportunity
to participate in this dream.

The 3 percent of you who are worthy.

Repeat after me:

"Thank you for the opportunity."

[all] "Thank you for the opportunity."

-[all] "Thank you for the opportunity."

-[Marcela] Louder.
-[all] "Thank you for the opportunity."

These boxes are full of fertilizers,
seeds, vaccines, medicine.

What will you do with them?

Create a new place from scratch.

See this necklace?

It belonged to the third Founder.

They were not a couple. They were a trio.

She was murdered
because she wanted to do it right.

Fuck that. The Process is taking place.
It's all the same.

We failed because of you.

Look at me.

I almost died to fuck up the Process.
For what?

For nothing?

For this.

A place that's neither Offshore
nor Inland.

It's a third place, an alternative.

I thought of calling it the Shell.

You will have a Process
to choose who's going there.

I don't know how it will work,
but we can always figure it out together.

I know I fucked up...

time after time.

I don't trust myself to do it on my own.

As for you...

you could be the founder
of a really good place.

Let's do it together?