3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Capítulo 08: Sapos - full transcript

Joana finds herself at the mercy of a figure from her past, Michele is led to a remote hiding place, and Marcela receives an unexpected invitation.

[Marco panting]

Let's see if you can escape now.
Try now, Joana! Go on!

You thought I was dead, didn't you?
That I forgot what you did to me?

You got everybody on my tail to kill me,
to end it all!

But no, I'm stronger.

Now you're the one to die.

Look at me. Look at me!
Look at the shit you made!

You're lucky you're still alive, Marco.


[Gisele] This side of your hip
is completely pulverized.


One kidney lost. Ruptured pancreas...

With luck, your body will last
about ten years on This Side.

Please, let me pass. I'm an Álvares.

I'm part of the elite.

[Gisele] I'm only giving you this
so you can get out of my sight.

[alarm beeping]

[gate grinding]



Gerson will call for your execution soon,
make an example of you.

Public execution.

Had I known you were a killer,
I'd have chosen you for my Process team.

Are you happy with your new team?


Look. Do you know what that is?

Do you know where Gerson is?

In the room, connecting
the registration reader to a battery.

He'll deliver an electric shock
to your ear,

and electrocute you
through your registration.

You entered the Process tampering with it,
you'll leave with some tampering, too.

-You know I am not to blame.
-For killing Gerson's son? Yeah, right.

-No, for your condition.
-But you are a murderer.

It was an accident,
while you chose what to do in the Process.

-They wanted me to do that.
-That's the problem, you see?

I do. Even after doing all they wanted,
I didn't pass!

They make you a monster and spit you out,
that's what they do.

I didn't shut the gate on you.

If you want revenge, I can help you!

So, you're also a Cause guinea pig?

-At least I know which side I'm on.
-Me, too.

On the wrong one.


-[woman] Here's your soup.
-Yeah, we're hungry.

I was over there, watching you feed him.

-[Larissa] He's just like his father.
-[laughs] Marco was like that, too.

[woman] Eat a lot so you'll grow strong
like Daddy.

[men chattering]

I want to see her head hanging
in the main street.

The new commander
is going to be better for us.

We're allowed to keep the flunkies in line
our own way.

Hey, Cripple.
You were spanking my prisoner, huh?

-More like she spanked him.
-[all laughing]

It's all we have left. Here.

Clean these up.
We have an execution to set up.

Let's go.


Why do you want to join?

For food and shelter.

The militia is no charity,
you hear, Cripple?

To get in the militia,
you'll have to earn it.

-Is this a test?

If the Process can have the best,
why can't I have the best of the worst?

-What are you?
-[all] The worst!

-What are you?
-[all] The worst!

You'll make a statement.

If it's true, I'll rip your head off.

If it's a lie, I'll strangle you.

How will you tell a truth from a lie?


I'll be able to see...

if you can think.

Go ahead.

I'm joining the militia.


-[Gerson] That's a lie.
-[man 1] It's a lie.

So, I'll have to strangle you.

It might be true!

He'd rather lose his head, big Gerson!


[shouts] Fuck!
Get this shithead out of here!

Get him out.

Your turn, Cripple. Say it.

You're going to strangle me.

If it's true,
you'll have to cut my head off,

which would turn it into a lie.

If it's a lie, you'll have to strangle me,

which would make it true.

A dumb-ass he is not.

[men chuckling]

But only the tough are useful here.

-I am tough.
-[all laughing]

If you're strong, Cripple, take me down.

If you take me down, you're in.

Go on. Come on.

[men laughing and cheering]

-Come on, Cripple!
-Go on, Cripple!

Run after me, Cripple. Run after me.

Come on.

[all shouting]

[man 1] Gimp!

Come on, Cripple. Go on! Come on!


[man 2] Come on, tough guy! Come on.

Go on, Cripple. Run back to Mommy's lap.

[man 3] Gimp! Get up, gimp!

-[man 4] Come on. You said you're tough.
-[man 3] Get up, Cripple. Get up, gimp!


[all yelling]

[all groaning]


-[man] Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!

Take that!

Son of a bitch!

[all laughing]

Come on. Come on.

You did it, Cripple. You brought me down.

Get a new one if you want to work for me.
From now on, you're Marco the Cripple!

-[man] Yeah!
-[all applauding]

Marco the Cripple!


I wouldn't do you that favor.

How did Gerson find me?


So, you flunk the Process,

feel outraged
and get under the Cause's wings.

You're interested.

To see you die of a shock in the ear?

No. In what I said. You agree with it.

The Cause will stop the Process.

In my jacket pocket,
there's a communicator.

Hello? Cause, over?
So, you want to save the world?

[radio static]

Then go fuck yourselves, shitheads.

[radio static]

Joana is going to die!


Do I look stupid?

-I wasn't raised to help the Cause.
-Nor to be a kiss-ass for the militia,

being humiliated, working like a maggot.

Would your mother, Mrs. Álvares,
rather have you be somebody or a nobody?

-You know nothing about my mother.
-I don't. I just imagine...

what she would feel seeing you like this.

Commander, do I have permission
to check rumors about the militia?

They are organizing a public execution.


Rafael, thank you very much
for your commitment.

I know it wasn't an easy choice to stay,

but I am sure Elisa will understand
once the Process is over.

I am just fulfilling my duty, Commander,

but it means a lot to hear that.


Cássia, any news on the fugitives?

I think we lost them.
Are we close to the hideout, André?


There's nothing there.


Calm down.

It's so strange to be alone.

I went to see you every day. Every day.

I saw myself every day, too.
In every direction.

One thousand eight hundred
twenty-six days. Five years.

I calculated how long it would take
for you to get here if you passed.

André, this place you're taking us to,
is it safe?

If no one knows it, how did you find it?

Eugênio and I...

Eugênio... your mentor?

Try to remember what happened. Tell me.

-I don't remember.
-Try harder, André. Tell me, please.


You can do it!

I remember the before,

but not the after.

I know what they did.

They must've erased the exact memories
necessary to prove your innocence!

You're innocent.
They stopped you from remembering that!

I can't prove anything!

I don't remember.

They stopped.
Let's try to reach them. Hurry.

Our registrations. They know where we are.
They must be tracking us.

Calm down.

-We help each other.

I trust you.

Rip it out, André!


Send the drones! Send the drones!

-[girl] Hi, doctor!

How are you, baby? How's that arm?

I thought it'd take ten years to heal!

Mommy kissed it better.

[chuckles] So cute. Great.
Tell her I said, "Hi."



-[electricity crackling]

She'll fry awhile before dying.

[electricity crackling]


[Rafael] Gerson!

I was sent by Commander Marcela.

Regarding your prisoner, Joana.
She's of interest to the Division.

I wasn't informed.

-She's connected to the Cause.
-She killed my son.

My sympathies, but orders are orders.

I must at least talk to her.
She might have important information.

I'll see about that with the Division.

I wouldn't do that.

We are one day away from the Process.
She's very busy, and you know her.

Irritating her can be dangerous.

Come on, then.

But listen...

I want to be there to watch her suffer.

Of course.

Come on.

Free me. Free me and come with me!
Let's fuck those shitheads up.

Let's stop the Process.

-Free me, and I'll tell you!

-You're bluffing.
-I'm not! It's the truth! Free me.

-The Process is a day away!
-Then release me, pronto.

Prove to your family you're not
a failure, that you chose the right side!

[Gerson] Wander!


I've checked the militia base.
It was a trifling matter,

just some internal conflict.

-You coming?
-Do you think

you convinced me to join the Cause?

-Why did you free me?
-We'll meet again.

At the Process, maybe.

Fernando, where are you? Can you hear me?

-Who is it?
-"Who is it," my ass! It's Joana.

You won't believe it. This radio seems
to communicate with the afterlife.

-I'd swear I heard Marco!
-Marco's alive, Fernando. Don't be stupid.

-Marco? From the Process?
-He released me.

Crazy. What about Rafael?


Rafael went to rescue you.
He's on our side, trying to help.

Go to the frog basement.
We still have a day. I'll tell him.

Where are you?

Detained at the Process.

-We'll get you out!
-Send Ágata, too.

Maybe she'll show up around here.
I'll wait here.

Go to the frog basement.
I'll ask Rafael to meet you there.

[both panting]

Is this it? Is this the place?

Is it, André?

[tablet beeping]

The drone's detecting movement
near the lake. Come on.


That's it. They haven't erased everything.

You remember things.
They didn't erase it all.

You remember you raised me,
taught me how to write.

Remember how I used to invert the letters?

You only need to remember
where that place is. That's it.

You can do it, André.

If they get us,
you're going back to the cube.

And so will I.



-Did you install that?
-The Founding Couple did.

It's a communications room.

You're almost recovering the memories.

Just try a little harder. You can do it.

I think I changed the optical reader,
but there's a password.

-What is it?
-I think I changed it, too.

It's numerical.
We can try a bunch of combinations

-until we enter the right one! And...
-No. It's kidnapping-proof.

-It'll lock down if typed incorrectly.
-Who'd kidnap the Founding Couple?

One of them.

They're coming.

[Cássia] This way.

André, just try. Any number!

A number you'd never forget!
Your height, the year of your Process.

André, help me out, please!

[children laughing]

You. It's related to you.

To me? Okay. "Two."
I'm your second sister.

"Fifteen" years old.
My age when... That's it!

"Five" years. The "five" years.
One, two... something...

-One, eight, two, six!
-That's it!

[André] But it's seven digits.

I don't know... I can't remember...

I can't remember. I don't know.

I want to know who it was and why.

Because if I find that out by myself,
it'll be much worse for you.

I was with you in the front room.


Not you, Cripple.

You stay.

I got myself thinking:


Because I thought you were promising,
you know?

Even though you're so fucked up.

Why did you do it? Just to piss me off?

Did your weakness make you feel sorry?

Tell me.

Tell me, Cripple!

You know what your problem is, Gerson?

You don't appreciate what's fucked up.

And everything is fucked up on This Side!

You underestimated me.

Shut up, you nasty gimp.
I gave you a chance!

No! I gave you a chance!

Now I'm taking it back!


[Marco panting]

Where's Gerson?

There's no more Gerson.

The Process leader, please.

[Marcela] This is her.

I'm the new militia leader.
I have vital information for you.

Where would you like to meet?

In my house...

the Álvares residence.

Marco! You didn't pass?

[Marco] This is my house!

Whoever wishes to stay
will have to follow my rules.

Cássia's coming. You remembered a lot.
You're almost there!

Whatever comes to mind. What does, André?

-I can't. You should try and think.
-Think of what, André?

A shared memory.

I remember teaching you how to write.


An inverted N.


[inaudible dialogue]



[Joana] Silas?


How did you get more fertilizer?

Did you exchange it for me?

You turned me over?

You have no idea how I feel.

I've spent my whole life
trying to be a strong man,

who'd place the fight
above all else, and I was!

But I'm just like you, Joana.

I suffer, too.

You sent me to my death,
and it is you who are suffering?

You're the one who betrayed me!

You acted behind my back.

You destroyed the anti-Process weapon.

Once you betray the Cause, Joana,
it's over,

-even if it eats me away inside.
-Yeah, right.

Deaths are part of the fight.

-You sound like Ezequiel's baby.

You didn't understand anything!

Ezequiel spent his whole life
thinking only about himself!

While I've been trying to fucking think
of everyone for years!

You're like everyone else,

incapable of making sacrifices
for the greater good.

You're trash.

That little speech of yours,

just like Ezequiel's.

I must be real stupid getting myself
into something like this again.

You really think you're fighting them?

You and they are the same shit.

The same!

Now what? What are you going to do?

[Rafael] Joana!


[grunting and yelling]

Joana, give me your hand!

Grab my hand, Joana!




Do others know of this place?

Just you and me...

among the living.

You made the right choice, Joana.

He was going to kill me,
and probably would have killed you next.

You saved my life. Can you see that?

What you've done was...

Thank you.

What does that make me?

Deep down, I wanted to kill him,
have my revenge.

You wanted to prove he was wrong!

-I'm afraid I did the opposite.
-He was wrong, Joana!

Look at me.

It's all up to us now.


I really wanted to see you.

I'm glad. I'm glad you came.

Is it nostalgia?

I miss you.

-I miss Ezequiel...
-I'm talking about the picture, Júlia.

You miss him, don't you?


I left my son behind in the Inland, too.

But I passed. That's how it's meant to be.

Do you think about him?

Not that much.

[sobbing] I can't.

I have to know, Marcela. [cries]

I feel such agony, such guilt,
such a desire...

to know about him, to go back there.

Do you think that'll ever go away?

I have to be honest with you.

I don't think it will.

I'm sorry.

But understanding the truth is part
of the treatment. I can't lie to you.

[sniffles] I know.

I'll come back tomorrow to see you.

People told me I shouldn't name him,

but I couldn't help it, Marcela.

The second I saw him...

I named him "Augusto."

Did you name your son?

Yes, I did.

In my family, we always name them.

What is it?


Marco Álvares.



I was surprised when I learned
you were the new Process leader.

I was surprised
when I learned you didn't pass.

What happened at the Process
was a mistake.

I'm not here to talk about that.
You said you had information.

[Marco] That's right.

It's about the Cause.

I got information from a member.
They plan to disrupt the Process.

-That threat's been neutralized.
-No, I learned this today.

Must be another plan.

I know it has to do with invading
the Process building. Sabotage.

And you called me here because...

I can help you stop her.

Them. Me and my militia.

We can help reinforce the Process
against the Cause.

And who said
the Process needs reinforcement?

They killed the previous leader.

I hope you're not proposing that
to me because...

-of our past.

Because there can never be too much help.

There can never be too many allies.

What do you want in exchange?

I want a shot at Process 105.


-You have got to be kidding.
-I'm on the wrong side!

I should have passed!
If it were another Process, I would've!

All I'm asking for is a second chance.

I'll help you, you help me.


I'll consider your proposition.


You better be worthy.