3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript



- So shitty, huh?
- What?

That we're here for work
and not vacation.

True that.



Topology, check.

Level curves adjusted.

The project has been updated.

There it is, guys,
the future right in front of us.

And it's even well planned.

- To the Offshore.
- To the Offshore.

No. To us!

The Founding Trio.

To the Founding Trio!

The Founding Couple
wishes you a good day, Michele.

- The sky's clear. Temperature: 73 degrees.
- Close!

And stop playing this fucking music.



Keep quiet, huh, little Joana?

Choose a bath-salt scent.

- Whichever.
- Hibiscus, lavender, marigold.


- Hibiscus, lavender, marigold.
- Marigold.

Choose steam scent:
aquaforte, pearl, oak.

Warning: your belonging level is low.


Tip of the day: greet people, smile.

Deactivate tip of the day.


Stop that!

Get out of the way! That's mine!

Inland residents...

the chance for a better life approaches
for the 20-year-olds.

Offshore citizens, we're finalizing the
preparations for this year's Process.

Our society has a lot to gain
from the new 3 percent worthy.

This will be the greatest opportunity
of your life.

We wait for all of you with open arms.

There are only seven days
until Process 105.

If that shit really happens!




- What do you like to do?
- Run around.

- Run around?
- Yes.

And how old are you?

- Nine.
- Nine?!

And this big already?

I'm not sure if this will heal
before your Process.

Just kidding!

You'll be running around
in less than a week.

Have you ever seen this? No?

Look! Watch closely. Look!

That's right.

There! It's done.

Ready to leave? Let's go.

Let's go with Mommy.

- For you.
- Please, don't. Save it for her.

- You can pay me next time.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

See you.

What is it?
Here for a consultation as well?

Here's what you asked me.


Don't you have more discreet clothes?
Gerson will find you in no time.

- Yeah, I came here for the tip.
- Talk already!

You know why I came here.

Come with me. Help me find them.

- The Cause is the solution...
- I'm out.

After our situation in the Process,
we gotta stop it.

Joana! Cause, Process, militia,
church, it's all the same!

All they want is to indoctrinate us.

What will you do with your life?
Be like the others?

Resigned, thinking you're the problem?

- Deep in shit, depressed?
- I'm not depressed!

I'm in a depressing position.
It's different!

We gotta do something. They care.

They care about no one!

The Cause doesn't care about us!
Everyone's disposable.

When you see it, it'll be too late.

Either way, how would you find them?

I'll find a way.

The Cause isn't that discreet.

I will catch them anytime.

You're the killer
of Gerson's son, aren't you?

Think you can hide
from the militia in here?

What have you given me?

Ezequiel sent you, didn't he?

You went far in the Process.

That's not why I'm here!

Tell me the truth.

Tell me the truth!

I quit the Process!

That fucking Process
everyone wants to pass,

they're all rotten, and they fuck over
people on This Side!

I chose not to go to the Offshore!

I didn't press that fucking button!

I have to join the Cause!


After 20 shitty years of life,
I have to do something!

How far are you willing to go?

- As far as I have to!
- Even death?

I'd rather die trying to change things
than keep on hiding!

Easier said than done.

Am I in?

Let's say you earned
yourself a chance...

that I might not kill you.

The locals called those frogs "kaliloo."

They release a substance
composed of a very harmful alkaloid.

In ancient times, they'd use it
on arrows, but we distill it

and condense it into capsules...

used for our own protection,
when we're captured,

or to get rid of unwanted people
without leaving a trace.

I need six capsules.

Three from each of you.
You have 30 minutes.

Be careful with those frogs.

Skin contact isn't very pleasant.



Joana! Help!

I'm falling!


Boy, oh, boy, that's your problem.



I only made one.

So, the result is clear.
You both failed.

- I made the three you asked!
- This isn't the Process.

Individualism has no place here.

The Cause needed six capsules,
and it only got four.

Who's to blame?

Who only thought of herself?

- Couldn't you tell us before?
- You should've known it.

Do you think I'd be alive
if I relied on others?

I never had help nor helped anyone.

The worst is, I did think
I saw something different about you.

But no, Ivana's right.

You don't deserve to be with us.

- This is ridiculous.
- Ridiculous?

We've been in this for years!

We know exactly whom we can trust!

Then fuck you!
Fuck you and your little frog friends.

By the way,

this map with this picture next to it,

I bet you don't know where it's located.

I do.


What's in there?

Something important, which we've
been searching for almost a year.

How do you know it?

I remember this symbol.

I used to hide there when I was little.

From who? Your folks?

I never even knew them.

I'm an orphan, too.

I was taken in by an orphanage
when I was ten.

That's where the Cause was born.

Without them,
who knows what would be of me?

I might've turned out like you.


Selfish, lonely...


Thank you.

I don't tend to recruit people
who've done the Process.

They better join before turning 20.

I don't even know how old I am.
My birth wasn't registered.

What about your name?

"Joana" was on my fake
birth certificate.

But now I really am Joana.
I grew fond of it.

We're here, the place of your treasure.


How do you know this is it?

Holy shit!


I mean, fuck.

Now what? Did you bring a shovel?

It isn't in the ground.

Now what? Did you bring wings?


What's wrong? Fear of heights?

What are we looking for?

A letter from the Old Man,
the founder of the Cause.

If he were to be captured,

we should find it and read
his final words, the fate of the Cause.

- You're gonna show me, right?
- You're not in yet.

Fuck, Silas.

Is everything okay?

I don't know what to say
at times like these.

Nothing. Don't say anything.

I know what we have to do
to stop Process 105.

And I know the part
you're going to play.

For the Old Man's plan to work,

I gotta steal something from
Gerson's house, the militia leader.

- You've been there before, right?
- If Gerson catches me...

I knew you would put your life
above the Cause.

Then at least draw me a map.

- I'll steal it myself.
- What's in there that you need so much?

None of your business.

If you draw the map,
you're in the Cause.

I'll go.


Hi, Michele.

Still traumatized by the Inland?

Grabbing food
like you won't eat for a month.

Oh, a friendly face.

Did you forget? We're all friends here.

- Wanna sit with me?
- No, I've got company.

I'm eating by myself.

That won't improve your level!


Former candidates of Process 104,
welcome to the Offshore.

Ready to destroy all this?

Michele, can you please come with us?


Not hungry?

Let me guess.
You didn't enjoy the view.

I can get you another room.

I want to see my brother.

You will, as soon as you're released.

As soon as they brainwash me?

They're just routine evaluations.

To adjust the maladjusted.

Please, Ezequiel, let me see him.

He doesn't even know I'm here!

Or should the Council know
you passed a Cause agent?

A former agent.

Until you prove it to me,
you'll remain stuck in here.

Please, Ezequiel. No.

The belonging levels.

For the third year in a row,
Ezequiel's choices have critical scores.

You're distorting the data.

Our current average is 89.3 percent.

Only one citizen, who recently arrived,

has been pushing it below 90 percent.

- Michele?
- Yes.

Given her brother's situation,
that's understandable, isn't it?

I'd say "unacceptable."

Another questionable choice.

Given her levels,
Michele should be committed again.

My fellow members of the Council,
do not worry.

I released Michele from RTC.

Michele is under my responsibility.

It's such a nice day.





It must've gotten in with the food.

The mosquito.

It's the only explanation
for how it got in there.

Or it was arrested without any proof,
like my brother.

The first murderer
in the history of the Offshore.

Nobody knew how to proceed.

Ezequiel, I passed the tests.

I've been released from rehab.

What else do I need to do
to get my brother out of there?

I want you to come up with a test
for the Process.


I did the same in my first year.

I'm sure you have the same potential.

We're different from the others.
We're special.

Which is why we must
make certain choices.

But if you make the wrong choice...

things may get quite dangerous.



How are you today?

I'm fine.

What's your name again?


I'm the one who put you here in the RTC.

Thank you, Ezequiel.

What did you do to her?

They tried to wipe the Cause
from her brain.

It was all over her mind, apparently.

I don't want any doubts about you.

I don't want
to wipe anything from your brain.

I am integrating.

- I just don't want to help the Process.
- You will present a test.

I have a plan for you.


Marcela, right?

You visited the RTC again today.

Your 219th visit this year,
if I'm not mistaken.

So, I'm being monitored.

And I worry about...

I was the main investigator
of the incident,

when your brother was accu...

He's innocent.


I talked to him
minutes after the incident.

His hands and his face were covered
in Eugênio's blood.

- He never confessed.
- He never denied it, either.

I looked him straight in the eye,
and asked him to deny it...

or explain it.

- I know that...
- You don't know anything!


I'm on your side...

but you must understand your family ties
no longer hold meaning here.

You have to let go...

You wouldn't want us
to start questioning your presence here.


I'm moving on.

If you'll excuse me,
I have to plan a test for Ezequiel.

That's the second influence
that worries me.

After all,
Ezequiel brought Andr? here, right?

Hi, Michele.

I was going to ask what you're up to,

but I see it's another secret.

There are no secrets between us.


Do you believe in the Founding Couple?

- You think they're made up?
- I mean, in their philosophy.

Speaking like that,
you still sound like a revolutionary.

I'd be forced to tell the authorities.

No need, Rafael. I'm even
creating a test for the Process.

If I go to the Inland,
it's not because of the Cause.


I might go back, too,
as a Security Division agent.

Your "assimilated" front
is quite convincing. Congratulations.

And if this is your cover,

your outcast image is so obvious
no one will think it's a front.

Got something to show me?


- Tell me what I should look for.
- It's a chemical element, a fertilizer.

It's be in a silver-plated bag.

It'll be our first step
in destroying the Process.


There's Gerson.

It's time. They usually stay out
for ten minutes or so, collecting.


- Don't die like an idiot.
- Isn't that what you Cause people do?

Do you trust her?

More than your moles
who haven't made any contact yet.

I gotta steal something
from Gerson's house.

You've been there before, right?

You're the killer
of Gerson's son, aren't you?


Raid the place.
Find who set off the alarm. Stay sharp.

Two that way, two this way.

Go, go!

There was a break-in.

I'll find out right away.




Time to evaluate your test,

your chance
to show that you're contributing.

How did it get done so quickly?

Shall we begin?

I know what do to. Want me to show you?

Of course not. That's no fun.

The most obvious strategy
to find a way out of a maze...

is to turn to one direction,
say, to the right,

and keep turning in the same direction

for as long as it may take.

To the right.

It always leads you to the exit.

To the right.

The walls move.

On to the second strategy, then?
The Tr?maux's algorithm.

Attentive to the bifurcations
so we don't go back the same way.

This way! Let's find that bitch!

This way! Come on!

Where are you, murderer?

Block the exits!

Look over there.

- What are you doing here? Are you crazy?
- No one's ever helped you, right?

- You can't say that anymore.
- Then come sooner next time.

- Is that what you're looking for?
- Over here!

This way.


What was that?

You shot the generator, idiot!

Give this to me.


Back to square one.

If any movement pattern is sensed,
they block the way...

which means that the only way out

is by constantly shifting strategies...

like an indecisive person.


like an adaptable person.

My inspiration was the Founding Couple.

Is that what you were thinking about?

So, you're on the Couple's side.

And the fact that this glass

is exactly the same as
your brother's cell...

is mere coincidence.



- No way out through here!
- What is that for?

Come here.

- Joana...
- Tell me. I am in the Cause now.

- This fertilizer is explosive.
- That's what I thought.

What's going on here?

This wasn't part of
my project, Ezequiel!

I might have made a few modifications.

Get me out of here!

Before I do that,
answer one simple question.

Whose side are you on?

I'm with the Offshore.

I'm with the Offshore.

I think you're not looking at yourself
hard enough.

How do you feel
about the Offshore, Michele?

I don't know.

What do you want me to say?

That the food is good?

It's shitty to be in this place!

I hate the Cause...

and I hate this fucking place!

I'm not on either side.

Is that a crime?

Are you going to leave me stuck here?

Huh, Ezequiel?

Why don't you just kill me?

All I ask of you is a little honesty,

You'll come with me to the Inland
to apply this test.

You will have
an important role in the Process.

The submarine leaves tomorrow morning.

Fellow members of the Council,

the Cause stole
dangerous chemicals tonight.

That clearly puts the Process at risk.

Dear Marcela,

I appreciate your concern,

but as the Process leader, I shall
stay alert to any Cause activity.

- Alert?
- Alert.

Ezequiel passed
the first murderer in the Offshore.

There's no relation between his Process

and what happened to him in here.

He almost passed the young woman
with the Cause...

She was eliminated in the Process.

- Not to mention Júlia.
- A little bit of respect.

- Júlia was a very dear friend of mine.
- And my wife.

I think the pattern is clear:

wherever he goes, tragedy follows suit.

Marcela, what do you propose?

What I've been saying for months:

the Offshore must place soldiers
on the Inland's streets,

assert itself, strike,

not wait to be attacked.

Dear Council members,
that would guarantee us a riot.

Our young candidates must take the test

out of desire to join us, not fear.

The Offshore must show its strength.

That wasn't the Founding
Couple's intent.

There's so much you don't know
about the Founding Couple.


Be specific.

What do you suggest doing
to defend this year's Process?

We're leaving in one week.
I must have full authority,

command the Security Division
and eliminate any Cause threats...

with the Council's blessing, of course.

- Very well.
- "Very well," Nair?

I'll be back when the Process is over,
okay, Andr??

I'll get you out of there.

- Are you going, too?
- If I'm selected for the squad.

Good luck.

To both of us.


It fucking worked!

Sit down, I'll do something
about that bullet wound.

Now that I'm officially in the Cause,
tell me the plan.

Blow up the Process
with a fertilizer bomb?


I thought your secret
was to kiss it better.

I charge extra for kisses.

Did you call me?

Yes. Have a seat.

- Is it about the test?
- No.

It's more important than that.

- She was in the Process. Joana, right?
- Yes.

She is now a terrorist for the Cause

and stole a fertilizer produced
in the Offshore,

- rich in explosive elements.
- Why are you telling me this?

Because it will be your mission
in the Inland, Michele.

Who better than you...

to restore contact with them,

infiltrate the Cause
and sabotage their plan?

So, tell me...

how will we manage to plant the bomb?

The Process is only six days away.

We won't do it before the Process,
but during it.

No. I won't do it.

If they find out what I did
to the Old Man... I deserted them.

They'll kill me.

They won't kill you.

And don't forget,

being on my side
gives you a few advantages.


We already have young volunteers.
We're still figuring that out,

but they'll infiltrate the Process

and set off the bomb
during Ezequiel's speech.

- But, Silas, we would kill...
- Joana!

If we blow up an empty building,
they'll just rebuild it.

Exploding it with all of them inside
will instill fear.

That fear will end the Process
once and for all!

I won't do anything for you.

It's not for me.

Don't you wanna see your brother?

If you do what I ask...

I'll find a way to
release Andr? for good.

They're innocent.

There are only two sides here:
be for the Process or be against it.

You are like me, Michele.

You've been in the Cause
and the Offshore.

Choose your side.

That's what the Old Man made clear,

and it's the way we're stopping
Process 105!

Contact Joana, find the bomb.

Process 105 will be
the most important one in history.

We have six days left.

For the Cause!

Subtitle translation by Joao Neto