3% (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Capítulo 08: Botão - full transcript

It's me!
That room is empty.
Hello. Please...
Good morning. Ezequiel, right?
-Michele used to sleep here-- -She has been eliminated.
What? There must be a misunderstanding. She passed the individual test.
-She was at the feast-- -The candidate was eliminated.
We found inconsistencies with her registration.
She was taken to the gates a few minutes ago.
None of you noticed any odd behavior?
You didn't find anything off about her?
Let's not worry about it, Fernando. You're almost to the Offshore.
I'd like to quit.
What did you say?
I'd like to quit.
Have you lost your mind?
You made it this far. Very few do.
Why do you want to quit?
I'm sorry, but I want to leave now.
Then come with me.
-Fernando, are you sure about this? -Yes.
-Hi, Fernando. -Hey.
Congratulations. The test you created was very interesting.
-It's a pity you've been eliminated. -Yes, because I quit.
You've shown resistance to the Process since the Survival stage.
-But it was your own test that got you. -Look, I'm quitting because I want to.
Because Michele was eliminated. Wasn't she?
It's a shame your motivation to pass wasn't strong enough.
-Instructions for your recovery... -Where's Michele?
-I wanna talk to her. Wait! -Try not to reminisce
-or talk about what happened here. -Where is she? Where's Michele?
Where is she? Open up!
Get her out of there!
Get her out, right now!
What have they done to you?
You're dismissed.
No, please. No.
Cássia and I have suspected you from the start.
Your friend Bruna didn't really fit the profile.
Why do you want to kill me?
Why so much anger?
Why so much anger, Michele?
I'm here to protect you. I just want to talk to you.
You try to kill me, murder one of my agents...
César was very dear to us, Michele. If the other agents find out,
they'll want your head.
And me? What do you think I might want from you, Michele?
In exchange for not eliminating you right now?
Help me out, please.
Tell me...
why do you want to kill me?
Look, Michele, I'm not leaving until you give me an answer.
Tell me!
You... killed my brother.
You killed... my brother.
I killed your brother?
And you're seeking revenge? Is that it?
Go on.
I... I'd like to apologize.
I came very close. I did my best, but on my individual test--
Don't worry about it. You did your best.
And the Cause acknowledges that.
But the fight must go on and that's why you're here now.
Can you tell us if any of these agents...
made it to the last stage?
-Her? -I saw her going into an individual room.
Near the end.
I think she's still in.
Anyone else?
Yes... but I never would've guessed he was one of us, too.
Thank you, comrade.
We'll find you soon for your next mission.
For now, the fight goes on. For the Cause.
For the Cause.
Two! Can you believe it?
Yes. Finally, we did it!
Her... I recruited her.
She was a lot of trouble. A lot.
Jorge didn't trust her...
but it all worked out in the end.
She was confident.
Now, this boy, he wasn't in my group.
I don't know what to expect from him.
Dear candidates, now that you're almost to the Offshore...
...please come to the garden to go through Purification.
Let's go. Your friends are ready and waiting.
I'm sorry about César.
It's time to get on with your new lives.
-Welcome. -Thank you.
Come on, Joana! What are you waiting for?
Have you seen Fernando?
He and Michele haven't shown up, so I don't know.
Is there a problem?
I don't know what you said to Fernando,
but if it were up to me you wouldn't be here.
Yeah, but I am still here.
In fact, I'm in the Purification with you.
So, if we're gonna live in the same place,
if our families are gonna be neighbors, if my kids are gonna play with yours...
maybe you should start looking at me in a different light.
-Congratulations. -Thank you.
There's a lot to purify, but it's just a matter of time.
Ezequiel would like to have a word with you. Come with me?
Only me?
It's a routine chat.
Hello! Is anybody there?
You have to stay in your room until the transportation to Offshore!
Please, open the door! Please! I know I was wrong! I do!
-Calm down. You need to stay here. -Listen to me.
I need to ask the widow's forgiveness. You know her name? Luciana.
Ask her to come here. I need her forgiveness.
-Calm down. -Please! I know I was wrong!
Why do you think I killed your brother?
He was with the Cause.
Your brother, André Santana, was with the Cause?
That's unlikely.
But even more unlikely is that someone who was tortured and killed by me...
could pose for a photo on the Offshore in such a lively manner.
André Santana.
Doesn't he look a little older to you?
-I'd say... -That's not real.
...about five years after his "death."
Your brother was never with the Cause.
He went to the Offshore after the first Process I led five years ago.
-That's a lie. -That's the truth.
That's how they recruited you, right?
"Join the Cause to avenge the death of innocents and end segregation."
They trained you hard for five years.
They indoctrinated you, made you see things...
all in the name of a lie.
Who recruited you?
Tell me.
Was it the person who told you exactly how I tortured your brother?
How I killed him?
Because that is a recruitment technique made up by an old man.
A resentful and hateful old man...
who seeks everyone's pity from behind a wooden mask.
I know him well.
When we used to meet, he didn't always wear the hood.
I was with the Cause, Michele.
But, thankfully, I left that childish ideology...
a long time ago.
You believe you're fighting against the world's injustices
and that by destroying the Process, you will find equality.
But the truth is that there are no heroes or villains.
No inequality or injustice.
Because we know there is only one difference between people:
those who have merit and those who do not. Period.
This old man who destroyed your life... it's him I want.
Tell me where to find him...
and I'll consider letting you go.
I won't talk.
I won't... talk.
Don't try anything stupid, okay?
I'll leave you and your brother alone for a while.
-What, honey? -Come here.
-I can't even use the restroom anymore? -Come here, quick!
Stop filming me, I'm using the restroom. Can't I do that in peace? Stop, seriously.
Stop. Turn the camera off. Enough. Turn it off.
Come here!
Come here, quick!
-Turn it off. -I want to see my brother.
I want to see my brother!
You couldn't have involved me in this. Especially now!
Everything is being questioned. Corruption is all people worry about.
-Nair... -And those who think that you--
Calm down. I appreciate what you're doing, but I ask you to remain calm and trust me.
Trust you?
How, Ezequiel, when you leave during the Process
only to be seen with a child in the Inland?
-So, you know. -Of course I know.
You ask me to switch Aline's report and you think I won't look at it first?
Who do you think I am?
It's insane, Ezequiel. Helping Julia's son?
It... It was a moment of weakness.
I did what I did because of our friendship.
But that stops now. I'm not supporting you anymore.
-Nair... -Our communication ceases here.
Nair, you're the only one I trust.
-The only one! -Too bad I can't say the same.
They said you wanted to ask forgiveness.
Not exactly, but I need you to listen to me.
It wasn't me.
-I can't deal with you right now. -No, please. Why would I kill César?
Ezequiel... had to get rid of me. He fabricated this lie.
I swear. I swear!
I swear, it wasn't me! It wasn't me!
Aline, if you're going to keep lying, why did you call me here?
Because I know it's just as important to you as it is to me
to find out what really happened last night.
For Ezequiel and the Council, this was just a political issue.
They already dealt with it. By using me.
But you and I need to find out what really happened.
Close the door, please.
I'm sorry for my tardiness, my dear chosen ones.
Please, come closer.
You are here for the Purification ritual.
Purification serves to cleanse you of a great evil of society.
The vaccine will sterilize you.
-What? -I'm sure you must be wondering why.
So was I, over 20 years ago,
before I learned to look at the world the right way.
I'll never have children?
Not me. Not you. No one. None of us.
No way. There are no kids on the Offshore?
We don't have kids on the Offshore precisely because heredity...
was the biggest injustice that sustained the outrageous world we lived in.
That was the Founding Couple's biggest accomplishment.
Their greatest lesson.
They were the first to not bear children. And they taught us...
that the true path to building a superior society...
is merit.
And the only way to evaluate true merit...
is through the Process.
Because you will know for certain that you've earned these privileges.
You fought for them and deserve them.
So, there is no room for doubt, guilt, melancholy.
And now... it is my pleasure to be among you.
Among the future.
You... are the real children of the Offshore.
If anyone would like to quit now...
please inform Bernardo.
If you'd like to continue on...
simply follow this path... where you will undergo your Purification.
I hope you make the right decision.
-What the fuck? -He's right.
-Yes, he's right. -You don't care?
About not having kids? Being sterilized? What the hell?
I never wanted to have kids. Fuck it.
We can still have sex.
And not have to worry about it.
Later, guys.
Welcome to the three percent!
Ezequiel is dealing with some things and he'll be with you in a minute.
Am I the only one going through this confirmation?
I would look at it more like a privilege than an actual test.
I also had to go through this confirmation when I became head of security.
Ezequiel must have seen some special quality in you.
As he saw in me, at the time.
Trust him. He has his reasons.
Stop filming me, I'm using the restroom. Can't I do this in peace?
Stop it. Stop. I'm serious.
Stop. Turn that camera off. That's enough.
-I want to see my brother. -I can make that happen.
-I wanna see my brother, right now! -But first you have to do your part.
Think about it. That old son of a bitch put you in this situation.
Between you and me, who's the real killer?
I didn't kill your brother.
But you...
you must be feeling pretty guilty.
First Bruna, a totally innocent girl. Then, César.
Truth be told, Michele, those deaths weren't your fault. You were manipulated.
And I'm offering a chance for redemption.
Forgiveness for your murders.
Think carefully, Michele.
All you need to do is tell me how you'd meet with him...
if you were eliminated and had to return to the Inland.
That's all.
Welcome to the three percent!
Welcome to the three percent!
You came here to get revenge, which will never be a form of justice.
What I'm giving you right now is the opportunity to bring to justice
the real villain in this story.
Easy. Calm down, relax.
You made it this far, you can't give up now.
You have the chance for a better life on the Offshore.
Trust us. Go on.
You're going, too?
Free yourself. Come on, Michele.
Take advantage of this and free yourself.
Rafael, you can't just think of yourself.
-I want a better life for my children. -You know nothing about children.
Come on, come on, Michele!
Free yourself from this guilt! Free yourself, Michele.
It's about everyone's children, not just yours.
Come on, Michele, take this opportunity and free yourself!
If I was eliminated, I was supposed to meet him...
-If the four caps are grouped together... -If the four caps are grouped together...
...you'll find him.
Tell me where.
Welcome, Rafael.
Repeat after me: "I agree..."
I agree...
"...to sacrifice my reproductive ability..."
...to sacrifice my reproductive ability...
"...in the name of a fair society..."
...in the name of a fair society...
"...and to only enter the Offshore..."
...and to only enter the Offshore...
"...duly purified."
...duly purified.
Relax your arm.
Welcome to the three percent!
Welcome to the three percent, Michele.
Anyone else in my place would have killed you.
Why didn't you?
Michele, I've been in your shoes, exactly where you are.
And I only came this far
because I've been on both sides and chose the right one.
Only someone who's been through that can be certain of their convictions.
Someone like me. And like you.
I'm taking you to the Offshore.
I'll admit you into the Recovery and Treatment Center
and I will personally supervise your progress.
And every once in a while, I'll bring your brother.
Now, tell me... who else do you know?
-Just the old man. -And inside the Process?
Apart from you, is there any other infiltrator from the Cause?
I know there's someone else.
-Michele, you better tell me now. -There's no one else.
-You will regret this later. -There is no one else.
I wanted to leave a better world for my kids.
But Ezequiel's words made sense,
and I'll leave a better world for the children of the Offshore.
All right.
Hello, Joana.
-Hi. Is everything okay? -Yes.
Relax. Have a seat, please.
I just want to confirm your full abilities.
It's a test.
But it's only because I think you can be more than
just an ordinary citizen on the Offshore.
You've followed the path of a warrior,
and I see tremendous potential in you.
I resorted to this strategy because the Offshore is in great danger.
Our citizens must understand the difference between us...
and them.
This man... you know him, don't you?
He can't see you.
A criminal.
He extorts, steals...
When he came to the Process, he was eliminated on the first interview.
A model citizen from the Offshore...
cannot have inappropriate feelings toward them.
The 97 percent.
This button represents a clean break
from any ties with the Inland.
You just need to push it.
-What does it do? -It confirms you're one of us.
Someone special enough to work with me and who will improve the Offshore.
Will he die?
Remember what we talked about.
Now it's time to reap your reward
for all that you suffered in this filthy and corrupt world.
You deserve a better life.
He deserves to die.
Push the button, Joana.
Prove to yourself that you deserve a better life.
Push the button.
Push the button.
I'm not a killer.
We both know that's not true, don't we?
I was wrong, then. I'm ashamed to have bet on you.
You're weak. You're nothing.
I shouldn't have listened to you, Ezequiel.
You think you can change everyone's mind, but you can't.
Sometimes it may seem like it, but no.
You're nothing more than a piece of trash from the Inland.
-Trash? -Trash.
-I'm trash? -Yes.
Look at you. Telling me the Offshore was made for people like me.
No. It was made for people like you!
A sorry man who thinks he's better than everyone else.
But who's just an asshole! A piece of shit!
Who just has this shitty Process to play king with.
-Can't you see how ridiculous this is? -Get out.
There isn't an ounce of humanity left in you.
-Get out. -You are trash.
Get out! Before I put you in that chair! Go!
I'm leaving!
See you on the Offshore?
I don't think so.
You know very well candidates aren't allowed in here.
I'm not a candidate.
Joana, have you seen Michele? Do you know where she is? Did she pass?
She must have passed. The Process just wants the worst ones.
I thought you had passed, too, that everything had gone well.
-What happened? -No one on the Offshore
cares about anyone in the Inland.
That's how it's always been and that's how it will always be.
Until someone does something about it.
Let's go, Fernando. It'll be dark soon.
No, I'm staying. I have to wait for Michele. I won't leave without her.
That's not going to happen.
Let's go.
Come on.
This is for my aunt. She didn't believe in me, but I'm here.
I'm alive, right here. People don't seem excited, huh?
Let's party. Have a drink.
Is everyone there?
Zé... look who's heading down.
Wheels and that other girl.
They already made it back!
Hello! Welcome!
Just letting you know we're closing up for next year,
and the selected candidates are ready for transport.
And also, to ask you about Joana... I'm curious.
Excuse me.
-The Founding Couple is coming! -Amen!
They will return. Yes, they will return to show that the Process is the only way!
-Amen! -That justice rules in the world!
That the best is reserved only for the best!
And that our duty is to raise and send them to the Process!
-We must accept their superiority! -Amen!
Because only the Process can save our world!
And those who stand against it will perish in the cruelest of hells!
You think you can change everyone's mind!
But you can't.
Only three percent of you
will be part of a select group of heroes heading to the Offshore.
Only the deserving three percent.
Remember, you create your own merit.
No matter what happens...
you deserve this.