3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Capítulo 02: Torradeira - full transcript

As Rafael races to score a spot on the Inland squad, flashbacks recap his first year in the Offshore. Fernando reluctantly coaches Process hopefuls.

[thud nearby]

-[Marcela] Location?
-Southwest, Quadrant 3.

-The Cause target ran this way.

This place is huge. How do I search it?

Work it out. I want him alive.

[clattering nearby]

Out, with hands on your head!

Or it will be worse!





[alarm wailing]


Nonsense! A pigeon out of nowhere?

There are pigeons in the real world.

-Commander, may I retake it?
-Maybe another day.

But the last squad goes
to the Inland today.

I won't send the unready
to be killed by the Cause.

-They're more active than ever.
-I'm ready, commander!

Can't you pull some strings?

Rafael, I don't know what Ezequiel
taught you in the Process.

I don't pull strings during training.

You obey me here.

-It's very important to me.
-Why do you want to go so much?



Chapter 02: Toaster


[Marcela over PA]
Attention, Security Division.

It's time to forcibly defend Process 105.

The selected agents will board
to the Inland this evening.


So, Michele,
are you ready to destroy all this?

Michele, can you please come with us?

[Ivana] Once you're there, the first thing
you must do is build a radio.

You have to make contact
with the Cause leadership. With us.

It will only work with all of these parts.




[alarm wailing]

How did you manage to do that?

Uh... I was stupid.

I didn't know how
your Offshore gadgets worked,

tried to heat up some food and...

this happened.

Don't worry. We're prepared for that.

There's always someone who
almost kills themselves their first week.

That's me.

There. You survived.

I'll bandage your hand for protection.

So, your job is to heal people.

Kind of. My main job is that one.

I update registrations,
and administer vaccinations and vitamins.


You may have vaccinated me in the Inland.

I'm not so sure. I would remember you.

Anything else?

Actually, yes, doctor.

It's just...
Can you see if a friend of mine is here?

-A friend?

We took the Process together,

but they took her when we arrived.
Maybe she was ill.

I see.

Process love.

All that adrenaline, that tension...

The youngsters mistake
a toothache for love.

But I don't speak from experience.

[both laughing]

That's not it.

Did you do that on purpose,
to try to find her?

No, of course not.

I'll look into it.

What's her name?


[computer chimes, then beeping]

-She isn't here. She's in the RTC.


Recovery and Treatment Center.
I can take you there,

since you can't stand another second
away from your sweetheart.

When will you get out?

Because I need your help, Michele.

They gave me instructions
to build a radio to contact them,

but the Offshore is too advanced.
I can't find the right components.

We shouldn't be talking about that.


I'm not with the Cause anymore.


They lied to me.

They said my brother was dead,

but he's right here.


I saw him.

He needs me.

I can't believe this.

Go on if you want.
I don't wanna get involved anymore.

-You said you couldn't work the radio.
-I can't believe that. It makes no sense.

-After all we went through?
-We deserve to live however we want to.

-So, I should give up, too?
-I'm just suggesting it.

You are free to choose, right?


[Antonio on radio] Brothers.

In six days, you will wake up

to the most sacred moment of your lives,

Process 105.

Those who get there

will forget all of their fears,
their doubts,

their promises to those left behind.

They will be truly free!

I bestow my joy
to the children of the Offshore.

[crowd] Amen!

[Antonio] Glória, please.

[all applauding]

[playing upbeat tune]

[all applauding]

Master Fernando!

"Master"? Trying to make me feel old?

-Oh. Aren't you 21, sir?
-I'm not a sir, your mother is.

You are all 20 years old. So what?

I'm only 19, honey.
At least until tomorrow.

You shouldn't talk either.
You made us listen to that torture.

-That's not even music.

See? Elders always complain
about the music of the youth!


[all laughing]

-Fernando, we want to ask for your help.
-Help with what?

You heard about the Preparation, right?

So, about that.

Could you train us?

Maybe rehearse an interview
or show us a test you did?

-If we don't ask, you won't tell us.
-I don't want to get involved.

But I wish you guys good luck.
May I, Ariel?


[Glória] Fernando!

Gee, would it kill you to help?

-That's not why I'm in the church.
-Then why?

To help with the broadcasting.

Mm. If not for me,
you'd still live in the sewers.

Did you forget I got you out of there?

You owe me that much.


-You really wanna know how the tests are?
-I do.

-Fine. I'll show you.

Thank you.

This really is from the Offshore.


The material I need for the detonator.

They're easy to find.

we can still come up with a better plan.


A plan that won't hurt people.

The Cause already tried that.

It didn't work.

We're still here, people still hate us and
our fucking infiltrators left us hanging.

You're not the type
to not have a conscience.

If it's to terminate the Process,
I can be like that.

I have to be like that.

Joana, I'm just so tired of failing.

Every day, I lose patients in my clinic
to a nail stuck in a foot,

to a cold, to a fever.

Out there,

on the Other Side,

a single drop of the cheapest medicine
would solve that. Over here...

What should I tell my patients?

"Sorry, but you will die.
You're on the wrong side."

And I'm the one...

without a conscience?


The Old Man understood that
when he wrote the letter.

I know.

But a bomb...

brings you down to their level.

If you have a better plan, tell me.
Otherwise, do what I told you.

Sorry, I'm busy...

looking for a better plan.

You'll see what you missed last week.

You need to see the wonders
of the Offshore.

[chattering and laughing]

Hey, you guys lost over there, get closer.

Today, you will go through a new Process,

but this one is all about getting laid,

or as it's vulgarly known, "the pro-sex."

-[all cheering]
-You liked that, huh?

My name's Álvaro,

but you can call me
"the Ezequiel of love."

Cheers! Let's get to work.

[all cheering]

-What's this?
-Relax. We'll see what you're into.

Eyes wide open.

These lenses register your pupil dilation.

Answer a few questions, okay?

What do you want,
a one-time thing or something serious?

Me? I don't know. It depends.

Depends on how life is going
at the moment.

Come on, Rafa, they all want to make out.

A one-time thing.


Do you like having options

or prefer the same dish every day?


I don't know. The same, yeah.

-What kind of sex do you prefer?
-What was that?






87 percent!

Looks like it.

You're new, right?
I saw you on the day you arrived.

-Ah. So, you were there?
-Everybody was.

-Sorry, I didn't see you.
-It's okay. Everybody is nervous then.

In my year, I could only pay attention
to a girl in front of me. Nowadays--

Sorry, I was on my way out.

Ah. It's cool.

-See you later.
-See you.



-Fancy seeing you around here.
-I know.

It didn't work out with your friend?

No, it didn't at all.

-Yeah. I told you so.
-What's up?

Oh, well.

How's the party?

A disaster.

[both laughing]

If you saw the guys I matched with,
you'd wanna die,

but at least there's booze.

There's always a bright side,

but I don't think this
ring-and-date thing works all that well.

It does for a lot of people.

Many couples came out of this shit,
but, you know--

It really didn't work for me, though.

I came to say hi, but I was leaving.


Since we're here...



That's a new rejection record!

[chuckles] Yes.

-What do you have against me?
-Me? Nothing.

So, why did we match up so badly?


Oh, I see. You're into weird shit
with secretions or something?

Secretions? Not at all.

-Yeah, I'm not into it.
-I'm not into it, either!

-Is that why?
-Gross! That's gross, doctor.

We should probably keep our distance,


With that affinity level,
we may cause a catastrophe.

-It might be dangerous.

Very dangerous.



Maybe not so far. It can be less.

Are you hungry? Have a seat.

What's wrong? Do you regret it?

No, of course not.

Well, I do.

[chuckles softly]

Sorry, I was just kidding.
Just an attempt at a joke.



What's that?

A very rare item.
A friend of mine got it for me.

No one else in the Offshore
has one of these.

The toasters here are too perfect.

Now this is the stuff.
Toasted borders, unburnt middle.

Plus some jelly...


Tastes like childhood, you know?

How about you? Do you like the Offshore?



I mean, of course I do.

It takes some time
for that whole "Process vibe" to go away.

Maybe that's it.
I just haven't got used to it yet.

-I feel like...
-Like you didn't deserve it.

But if you don't enjoy it,
no one will for you.

It's your duty.

The Inland people expect that from you.

You're right, Elisa.

I have to do what people expect me to.

I must go now.

-Me, too.
-Please stay.

[radio static]

I did it.

I did it!

Does anybody copy?

I passed the Process.

I'm here to do what has to be done.

[radio static]


-Calm down! It's me!
-I'm sorry!

Did I hurt you?

-What was that about?
-I'm sorry. It's just...

I was strangled
in today's simulation, so...

That's awful! Did it hurt?

No, it doesn't hurt at all.

It only hurts not having passed the test
and not going to the Inland.

Too bad. You wanted it so much.

All because of your ex-girlfriend?

My ex?


Do you mean Michele?

Don't give me that face.
You're staying, I'm going.

Some time apart will do us good.

I like missing you.

[door opens]

Hello, Mr. Interviewer.


Water helps me calm down.

First, tell me why
you want to go to the Offshore.

What do you mean, "why"? [chuckles]

Of course I want to.
It would be weird not to.

What do you intend to do
if you don't pass?

-I'm sure I'll pass.
-That wasn't my question.

I asked if you have a place to return to.

Do you have family?

Fernando, you know me. This is...

I'm not Fernando.

I'm Mr. Interviewer.

I have my dad, who sleeps 24/7,
and never leaves the house.

What about your mother?

My mom left us.


I don't know. She...

She's a bit crazy.

Do you remember
what she told you guys when she left?

That she wished for a better child,
with better chances to pass the Process.

"A better child."

How so?

She'd say my father was a bum,

a good-for-nothing,
and that I would be like him

just because he failed the Process
on the first day.

Don't you think she had a good reason
to say that?

To protect you maybe,
so you don't suffer in the Process?

She tried to kill me!

You didn't know that, did you?

She'd say that I wouldn't pass...

[voice breaking]
just because of my bloodline,

that I shouldn't even try,
that I was born rotten, defective.

Did I pass or not?

You asked me to be realistic.
That's what they will do.

Did I pass or not?

You passed, Glória.

I'll see you in the next phase.

[Ezequiel] Too many memories?

Welcome back, Michele.

Come on, we have a lot to do.

Can you hear me?

[radio static]

Can you hear me?

Although nobody responded, I hope you can.

It's an emergency!

Michele went to the Inland.

I don't know what she's up to,
but you can't trust her!

She defected after the first week.

I couldn't go to the Inland yet,
but I'm still trying. I swear!

I'm here and I'm still loyal to you,

-a loyal infiltrator--

What is that?

Is it a radio?

Yes, it is.

I built it with parts,
including one from your toaster. Sorry.


To talk to my family.

I wanted to tell them I'm okay, at least.

At least that.

But you can't talk to them by radio.

There's a frequency block around here.

I see.

Of course I knew that, Elisa,
but it became...

therapeutic, you know?

It's harmless.


If you want me to,
I'll destroy it right now.

Do you?

I have to finish packing.


Will you report me?

No. Don't worry.

[people chattering]

-What's the next test?
-We don't know. He just asked us that.

[Fernando] Guys!

Everybody ready?

[woman] Attention, Security Division.
We only have two hours to departure.

-What are you doing here?
-I'm here to re-do my test, commander.

Not happening.
I'm on my way to the Inland.

Let's re-do it so I can come along!

Do you regret
coming to the Offshore, Rafael?

Why are you eager to go to the Inland?

My girlfriend, Elisa, is going.

I want to come along
so I can protect her from those bastards.

We will protect her.

-Get up.
-I'll tell you the truth.

I care about what you think.
I care about what the Offshore thinks.

I want to prove that I didn't give up,
that I am capable

and will fulfill my mission at all costs!

Trust me.
I'm very good with second chances.

I'll recruit you if you break
the record time to catch him.

My record time.

[Fernando] I'll only explain it once.

You'll have three minutes
to make paper cubes.

The first three in each group
with the most will advance.

Paper cubes. Literally child's play.

This test is similar to the one
I went through in my Process.

You'll likely be tested in a similar way,
with a time constraint.

Many candidates are eliminated here,
so, stay sharp!

You have three minutes. Go!

Let's go!


-Calm down!
-[Glória] You'll rip off the box!

-Wait, guys!
-Calm down!


Here, here and here. Let's share.
Did everybody get theirs?

Scissors, cutter.
Did everybody get theirs?

Go, go, go!

Stay sharp, guys!

If you lose, you're out!

[Ariel] Fuck.


You have two minutes to catch him.

[Fernando] Come on, guys!


-[Fernando] Focus!
-Fuck! Shit.


[Glória exclaims]

-One minute and forty seconds! Hurry!

[Marcela] You've got 1.5 minutes
to capture the target.

[Fernando] Less than a minute, guys!

Only the top three will advance. Go!

I'll take a sip, okay?

Ten, nine, eight,

seven, six. Go!

Five, four, three,

-two, one.

-Time's up! Stop!
-No, no, no.

See what you've done!

I can't believe you!

-[Fernando] What's going on here?
-She ruined my cubes!

-It was an accident. Don't blame me.
-Traitor! You were my friend!

Glória! Put that down.

She did it on purpose.

I had the lead! Everybody saw it!
She was going to lose!

Is that true?

See? This cheater has to be eliminated!

Glória, you have the least cubes.

-You have been eliminated.

Are you kidding me?

The three of you passed.

Fernando. She cheated!

-She can't pass!
-May that serve as a lesson.

That's how the Process is!

Those willing to play dirty go farther.

Be careful not to be backstabbed.

Your time is almost done, Rafael.


What are you doing?

[man coughing]

I did it, right? [panting, then laughing]


Did I pass?

You can go pack.

[Rafael] Elisa!

Elisa, I did it! I passed!



No, no, no!

[man] Wake up!

Good evening.

-What the hell? Who are you?
-Don't you know?

-But I know who you are.
-Let me go. [grunts, yells]

Who's your superior?

-What do you mean?
-Who do you work for?

What are you talking about?

What's going on?

I'll ask you one more time.

Slowly and clearly so you can understand.

Let's go.

[quietly] To whom are you loyal?

Answer me. It's an easy one.


-To Marcela.
-What's that?

To Marcela!

She's my superior!


Tell me the truth!

Marcela! It's Marcela! She's my superior.

-What are you hiding?


[Rafael panting]

[man] Come on.

Get him on his feet.

You're making a mistake.
You're making a mistake!

You should've told us the truth.

Bring her.

[Rafael] No.

Admit that you're an infiltrator...

or we'll kill her.


No. She has nothing to do with that!

She doesn't!

No one knows anything,
so, someone must die.

She has nothing to do with it! Please!
She knows nothing! It's the truth!


Please! Please!



-[gun cocks]

I don't know anything!



No! No!



[alarm wailing]

[Marcela] Now, yes.

You can go home and pack.

It was a simulation.

You understand, right?

I have to make sure
that my soldiers really are mine,

not Ezequiel's infiltrators.

I liked your coldness.

We might get along, after all.

[breathing heavily]

[Elisa] How was it? Did you pass?

Are you okay?

I'm just happy I passed.

I'm here with you.

That's what you wanted.

You agreed to train us
in order to stop me.

Of course not, Glória.
You needed to know what can happen there.

I was eliminated in the first test.
Is that what will happen?


Don't say that.

You just can't be naive like I was.

I understand the frustration and doubt.
I felt the same.

Is that why you gave up?

I gave up by delusion.

[chuckles lightly]

Deep down,
I was disappointed with what I saw.

Look at me.

Not to discourage you, but be ready,
or you'll end up like me.

-Then tell me more of what you saw.
-Mm-mm. Mm-mm.

I want to know!

-Aren't you curious?
-You suck.

-I'll tell you just a little.

-Once we get there, we pass...

Ready, Rafael?

-Yes, ma'am.

So, that's the infamous Elisa.

He said he'd do anything for you.

I find it quite romantic.


-[Joana] Have you missed me, Fernando?
-How'd you get in here?

Don't you know me? I always find a way.

-Hadn't you died?
-I don't die easily.

Why are you here?

I'm here to ask you a question,
like one of the Process tests.

What kind of test?

If you had to stop this year's Process,
how would you?

Stop the Process? That's impossible.

That would be your answer?

-I thought you were smart.
-Forget it.

If it's for the Cause, I'm out!

-Where are you going?
-I'm leaving!

-Help me!
-I'm not helping the Cause!

I'm not interested.

The plan is already in place.

I just want a better plan!

-You know the 20-year-olds here, right?
-I do. So what?

The plan is a bomb.

They'll blow up the building
and the candidates.

What? I told you.
The Cause always screws up!

The only way we can stop it...

-is by finding an alternative.

You break in here to drop that bomb on me?

Are you gonna help me or not, Fernando?
We only have five days.