3% (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Capítulo 04: Portão - full transcript

Trapped in the dorms without food or water, the candidates race to find a solution. A sudden change in the test brings out a new side of Marco.

-[gate creaking]

[Marco] I didn't find anything.
No agents, no exit, nothing.

What about food?

Fuck, I'm hungry.

What time is breakfast?
I'm no good without breakfast.

That doesn't do anything. I already tried.

I already tried, Marco.



-How could your family stand you?

The question is,
how could I stand them. Trust me.

[woman] Marco!


Marco, come eat.

A little more...

-Take some more.

What are you talking about, boy?
You are the one who needs to eat.

You need to bulk up.

Show the Process that you're better
than those bums out there.

Your birthday present.

-You already got me a present.
-This one isn't from me.

When your parents left me
to take care of you,

they gave me this letter.

They told me to give it to you
on your 20th birthday.

It's your last birthday here.

Soon, your picture will be
up on the wall with theirs.

You'll be on the Offshore, Marco.

Go get everyone.

I know what we need to do
to get out of here.


[theme music playing]


-How are we doing?

Six hours in.

It looks like Marco figured out the panel.

-[Álvaro] Confirming expectations.
-Really? Interesting.

Are we really supposed
to just wait around?

-And for how long?
-I don't know.

Being stuck here as a couple
like you two can't be that bad.

-[girl chuckles]

-I don't know what you're talking about.
-It's the Process. This must be a test.

Yeah, but what kind of test?
Do they want us to wait? Escape...?

If the Process locked me up here,
I'm happy to stay.

So if the Process told you
to eat shit, you would?

If it smelled good
and it came from the Offshore...

-Gross! Are you serious?

Hey. Let's go up front.
Marco's calling everyone.

I knew he'd figure it out.

Here's the deal.
This screen shows 64 zeros and ones.

The same number of levers in this dorm.

Eight rooms, eight levers,
eight times eight.

These numbers are instructions.

-Instructions for what?
-To do handstands.

We need to form groups.

Who's got a good memory?

[silent counting]

We'll need a group of eight memorizers.

Each one will memorize a line
and take it to the corresponding room.

zero-zero-zero-one. Go!

Pullers will be waiting in each room.

When they get the sequence,
they'll move the levers.

"Zero" means up, "one" means down.

It's not easy. They are very hard to pull.

Go! Zero-one-one, zero-one-one,

Zero-zero-one, zero-zero-one

[Marco] We have to do this
in all eight rooms, at the same time.

And we need to finish before
a new sequence pops up on the screen.

Go! Go!

Everyone together! Run!



Got it!

[Marco] It's a strategy test.

Everyone has to do their part.
Everyone has to participate.

That's what the Process wants.

-[woman] Go, go, go!
-Let's go! Focus!

Everyone together! Go!

[Marco] Run, go! Go!

-[all cheering]


-Yeah, Marco!
-[excited chatter]

Open it, open it!

Yeah, Marco! It worked!

Ah, they did it on their first try.

Marco is clearly the leader.

He took on the leadership role
and organized the group without conflict.

Not that this makes a difference,
but he's my favorite candidate.

[Ezequiel] It's a good start.

I want to see what their plan is
for the division.

Water... and food!

So, we're gonna be stuck in this hole.

It looks like it.
I was expecting a key or something.

Magrão, go check on the gate.

[Magrão struggles against gate]

-[woman] Oh, no.
-At least we're not gonna starve.

But look at the size of that.
It's not enough to feed a bird.

So, who gets the first kit?

I solved the problem,
organized everyone and I'm hungry.

Anyone disagree?

I disagree.

If we hadn't pulled the levers,
there wouldn't be any food.

Yeah. What about us? If we hadn't
memorized it all correctly,

-the levers would be useless.
-That makes sense...

Hold on! Those levers are heavy.

[all shouting]

Silence! Silence!


-Put your finger down.
-Shut up.

-Let's do it alphabetically.
-Alphabetically? No way! Shut up.

Why are you whining?
Just because your name starts with "R"?

Guys, look, everyone's role is crucial.
That's why the test exists.

Alphabetical order is fair.

Everyone will get their turn.

It's better than wasting time arguing.

Fine, Michele. Alphabetically it is.

Ágata, you're first.

-[Magrão] Hurry, I wanna eat.
-[Marco] Okay, guys! Take your places.

The faster we do this,
the sooner we'll eat.

Let's go! Quickly!

Ágata, memorize it.

[Marco] Let's go! Let's go!

[computer voice] Ezequiel's room.
Access granted by Councilor Matheus.

User Ezequiel, confirm fingerprint.


[device beeping]


-[footsteps in hallway]
-[door beeps]

Aline, stop.

You owe Ezequiel an explanation.

Don't say anything.

Just follow me.

Let's go, let's go! [clapping]
Focus! Everyone together!

Let's go!


-One-zero-one-one zero-zero-zero-one.

Go! Quickly!

[Marco] Go! That's it!

Quickly! Quickly!


-One-zero-zero-zero-one, go!

[Marco] Let's go! Let's go! Focus!


Work together!


The other one is zero-zero-one-one
zero-one-zero-zero. Go.

Go, go, go, go!

[Álvaro] Vanessa!


Poor Vanessa...
she was the last one to eat.

She's so skinny,
she must be about to faint.

I think it's time we open the gate.

How many candidates have been eliminated?

None. Marco brought them together,
they were organized until the end.

Everyone did their part
with very little conflict.

In my opinion, Ezequiel, everyone passed.

No. [sighs]

Otávio? Let's make a few changes.

[all panting]

Did the food drop?

Do you think it broke?

And people still say
the Process is perfect.

Enough of this.

Sonia, where are you going?


What are you doing?

[Marco] Let's go, let's go! Focus! Focus!

-Stop! Stop, Marco!
-[Marco] Quickly, go!

What are you doing? Go back to the room.

It's no use. It stopped working.

We're tired. Someone must have
missed a number. Go back.

Ten times in a row?

I don't think so.
They stopped sending us food.

You don't know that. We can't stop.

Dude, don't you get it? This is useless.

It's true. We're just wasting energy.

-It's probably night already.
-But the lights are still on.

What difference does it make?
There are no windows.

Lights on or off, I wanna sleep.

-Yeah, let's go.
-Let's get some rest.

-We'll see if it's working later.
-Yeah, let's rest.

No, you don't understand.

We can't stop.
This is a test. We can't give up!

I'm sure about that.

We can't give up! This is a...
This is a test! It's a test!

Bunch of wimps.

[Ágata repeating numbers softly]

Ágata, what are you doing?



Ágata, stop. There's no one here.
Come on.

[shrieks] No!


[continues counting]


Now, Otávio. Everything we've got.

[mechanical creaking]


[overlapping chatter]

What's going on?

So many!

I knew the Process wouldn't let us starve!

-Pass it down!

-[chatter, cheering]
-Easy, guys! Easy, easy, easy.

-[Michele] Guys, hold on!
-[Fernando] Careful with my wheelchair!

Let's get organized! I'm serious.

I'm going to count the packets
and we'll split everything equally.

[all shouting]

If we get organized, everyone will eat.
Do you wanna leave a friend without food?

-[man] I'm starving.
-Come on, guys. Give it back.

[low murmurs]

-[Magrão] No, no...
-Magrão, please.

-[overlapping chatter]
-[man] Give it back. Give it back.

[Michele] Try not to kick the food.

Give me some room here, let's go.

I'm putting water on this side

and food on that side.


-I'm not questioning you, but--
-Go ahead and ask.

I just want to understand
what's behind this change.

I want to see how they deal
with a different situation.

You get it?

[Álvaro] Uh-huh.

[stammers] Different situation...

[Michele] Three packets per person.

Guys, let's get in line, please.
Everyone on this side.

That's it. Joana, here.

Ágata... Take Ágata with you.

What? You're not eating, big guy?

Then can I take your share?

I'll take that as a yes.

Let me ask you something.

-Really? You want to ask me?

You're a pain in the ass
but you're not stupid.

-Why did they send so much at once?

-Because we're not leaving anytime soon.
-Yeah, the test has changed.

We have to find a way to get out of here.

That's now the goal.

[gate creaking]

We're gonna need a lever.

I'm gonna round up some strong people
to help us out.


This water tastes weird.

It's probably from the Offshore.

If it's from there,
it's the weird taste of purity.

-[Rafael] Hey!
-Excuse us. How are you?

What are you doing?

Relax. We're just gonna
borrow a few things.

This is fucking hard.

[Marco] Everybody together.
One, two... Go!

[gate creaking]

-It's not working.

-Shut up.
-One, two, three, go!

Aline has entered my room and went through
my things without my permission.

Ezequiel, keep in mind that Aline
has the Council's authority.

Matheus, keep in mind that a spy
has no authority.

Think about what you're saying.

I'm thinking very clearly, Nair.

And if you have an issue with me,
Matheus, you come here yourself.

Don't ever send your minions to spy on me,
do you understand?

-You're crossing a line.
-You've already crossed it, Matheus.

Excuse me. As much as this may bother you,
I have a Process to lead.

-[Matheus] Ezequiel! Don't you dare!

-Don't you dare!

Now, go, go!

-Come on, come on!

Open it wider! Wider!

Open it wider! Wider!

Open it wider!

Wedge it! Wedge the gate!

Wider! Go, go!

Come on, come on!

-Brace it!

-[all] Yeah!
-Hell, yes!

Let's get out of this fucking place, bro.

Who wants to do the honors?

[gate creaks]

So? Anyone?

-I don't think I can fit.
-Me neither.

[drops metal lever]

[man] So?

There's another gate.

We'll make the opening bigger,
then open the other gate.

No, it won't work. It looks like a safe.

It's impossible to open.
We're not supposed to get out.

-We're stuck here.
-[Magrão] Now what?

I'm hungry.

-My food is gone too.
-You ate all your food. For real?

Yes, for real.
Working hard makes you hungry.


So, let's go get some more.

What's up?

We're working on the gate
and you're doing nothing.

It's only fair that you
share your food and water.

What's that?

You want to take our food?

Yes. That's exactly what we want.


In your dreams.

You were trying to open that gate
because you're all idiots.

-That's not my problem.
-Sure it is.

This is a social test, remember?
Everyone has their role.

-If you won't help, your food will.
-Fuck you, Marco.

You think you're better than me
just because you're playing boss?

You can't tell me what to do,
you piece of shit.

[Magrão] Sit down! Sit down!

-[Marco grunting]

Let go! Let me go! [grunts]

Marco, let him go!

Marco! Enough, man! Enough!

I'll let go when he cooperates.


It's there. Over there.

What about you guys?
Don't you want to contribute?

Take everything! Let's go!

-Got everything?

It's gonna be okay.

We'll open the gate
and forget all about this.

Why did you do that, Marco?
We're not gonna get that gate open.

-That plan is over.

Don't you get it?
Only three percent will pass.

The rest will be left behind.

That's the idea behind the Process
and this test is no different.

You know I'm right.
You stole the cube in the first test.

You did what you had to do.

I was stupid and it took me
too long to understand.

We're not here to share.
They want to find the elite.

[soft chuckle]
I'm an Álvares. I'm part of the elite.

Smile, Marco.

Got it.
It'll look great on the wall.

-Larissa, did you get what I asked for?
-Right here.

Don't take too long.
You don't wanna be late for the Process.

Just like my parents left me a letter,

and my grandparents left them one, too,

I leave you this letter... my son.

-For my son.
-Of course.

[Marco] We never met, but you carry
the name and the history of this family.

You are an Álvares. And being one of us
means that we are superior.

We are the elite and we deserve
to pass the Process.

[Larissa] Take care.

I have only one piece of advice for you:

-take what's rightfully yours.
-[overlapping chatter]

Hand it over. Give it to me.

[indistinct chatter]

Let's go!

Go! Go! Go, go, go!

[woman sobbing]

And the truth comes out.

[Marco] Shut up.

-Let's open the gate, Ezequiel.

Go, go, go!

Go, go!

-This way.
-Let's go!

[Marco] Go, go, go!

-Fuck! A little warning?
-Shut up.

Did you see that?

I knew shit was gonna hit the fan.

They're gonna steal everyone's food.

-We need to do something.
-You do whatever you want.

-I'm getting out of here.
-Getting out? Where to?

All I know is I'm starving.

I didn't come here for this shit.
Our side has enough of that already.

[Marco] Go! Let's go!

Come on!

Go back! Go back to your room!

Marco and that son of a bitch Rafael
ganged up.

They're stealing water and food
from everyone.

We have to defend ourselves.

[Marco] Go, go, let's go!

-This is your new home. Let's go!
-[indistinct chatter]

Juliano, if anyone tries to get out...

What are you doing, man?

Maintaining control
in case anyone tries anything stupid.

Let's go!

[Magrão] Let's fucking do this!

Ezequiel, the situation
is getting out of hand.

I want to see how this plays out.

-[Marco] It's over there. Go get it.
-[chaotic chatter]

Aline, how could you have
let them catch you?

You should've been more careful.

But I'm starting to get somewhere.

I had to spend political capital
to keep you there.

Matheus, I'm really very close
to succeeding.

I don't want "close."

I want you to accomplish your mission,

do you understand?



[alert beeping]


Don't do anything, okay?


[woman] Give me a beam.
Do you have an extra beam, Fernando?

It's loose.

-Hand me a piece of wood.
-[Fernando] Here you go.

Tie it, tie it! Tie it, Camila. That's it.

It's closed. Over here, are we good?

-Tie it down there.
-Is there any wood left?

[Magrão in distance]
Give up your food. Come on.

-[Fernando] Go, go, go! Close it.
-Go, go!

The official test is only the first part.

It's meant to analyze
how they organize tasks and resources.

The candidates pull the levers
and the food drops.

If that's the test, then we passed.

Yes, but there's a problem.

People assume that their work
will always be compensated,

that resources are endless...

and that the world is fair.

But you know very well
that the world isn't fair, right, Joana?

And it's at times like these
that people show their true colors.

[gasping, grunting]

Tell me where the food is.
Where's the food?

Where's the food?

Where is it?

What are you hiding there?

I'm gonna ask you one more time.

-What are you hiding there?



[panting, gasping]

No! [screams]

Goddamn. That's not very nice.



I'm sorry.

That's not enough!

We had to make an example
out of someone.

Don't you understand?
This is a microsociety.

There are those who rule
and those who obey!

It's the natural order of the world.

Help me out here!

[Marco] Go!

-The girl's dead, Marco. She's dead.
-She shouldn't have hidden food.

-The Process wants us to keep control.
-No, you asshole. That's what you want!


[man] What the fuck is going on here?

[Marco] Run, Rafael. Run.

You're dead, motherfucker!

[Marco in distance] Motherfucker!

-[panting] Michele! Michele, let me in.

Lower your voice.
You'll draw them this way.

-They're gonna kill me.
-We're not letting you in.

-They're gonna kill me!
-Get out of here!

It's a trick! Don't open it for him.

-No, no! It's not a trick!
-Don't open it!

-No! It's not!
-Rafael, lower your voice! Leave!


Come on.

-Don't let him in! No! Michele!
-[Michele] He's coming in!

-Close it!

[Michele] Open up, quick!

-Hold on! Easy!
-Come on, come on!

[all shouting]

Motherfuckers! You're gonna die!

You're not going to do anything?
Can't you stop the test?

-I can't.
-Why not?

Because you are the ones
who did this, Joana.

You let it come to this.

If anyone is going to stop the test,
it has to be one of you.

You, perhaps?


Orphan. Abandoned.

You had to learn everything on your own.

You never had anything.
Yet, you survived.

You probably fucked up
and had to run away.

I know, Joana. You suffered,
but that has made you stronger.

More prepared.

You could show that you are worthy
of the Offshore and--

The Offshore wasn't meant
for people like me.

The Offshore was meant exactly
for people like you, Joana.

[all shouting]

[Ezequiel] What do you know
about the Founding Couple?

They built the Offshore.

They came from poverty, Joana.

Discredited, treated like garbage.

But they seized the opportunity to become
people of the greatest importance.

-I'm not hurting anyone.

-I'm not hurting anyone.

But they have no problem
hurting you or me. Take this shit!

Why is the Process doing this to us?


[Ezequiel] Are you hungry?

If you eat, you'll be eliminated.

-It wouldn't be fair to the others.

What if I don't?

You finish the test.

Make a difference in there,

and prove to yourself
that you deserve better.

Like them.

Now! Go, go!

[overlapping shouts]

Hold on! Hold on!

You're all fucked!

[all shouting]

[shouting continues in distance]

-[Joana grunts]
-[body thuds]

[overlapping shouts]

Hold it! Hold it there!

[Joana] They're over here!

[overlapping shouts]

What the hell?


[all shouting, screaming]

[Magrão] Motherfucker! Let go of me!

Stop! Stop! That's enough. Enough!

It's over.

You can come out. Come on.

[siren wailing]

[metal creaking]

-It's open. The gate is open!
-[all cheering]

-[Rafael] Go.
-[Fernando] Thank you.






-[device beeps]
-[alarm wailing]

[gates creaking]


-[bones cracking]

[scream echoes]

What did he say to you?

Rafael. What did he say
for you to let him in?

Nothing. I just believed him.

[Rafael] Today, little brother,
the drinks are on me. [chuckles]

[brother sighs]

So? Are you ready?

No. [chuckles]

Twenty years. When you're a kid,
it seems like it will take forever.

And then, out of nowhere,
your Process is next week.

-You're screwed. Totally screwed.

I don't know if I'm going to pass,
but I wanna make it far, like you did.

-What's wrong?
-I didn't get far at all.

I was eliminated right off the bat.
On the first day.

But that was a year ago.

It's done.

Now it's your turn.

Yes. It's my turn.

-You will do great, Rafael.
-Thanks, Tiago.

-Hey... hey.

Are you okay? Come on.

Easy. There you go.

I'm okay. I just need to
lie down for a bit. [groans]

[soft snoring]

I'm sorry, Rafael.


I found a way to join the Process again.

A new registration.

Ivana, you can trust me.

This time, I won't disappoint the Cause.

[Ezequiel] Welcome to the garden.

Only nine percent of all candidates
get this far.

Consider yourselves privileged.

[drumming theme music plays]

Subtitle translation by João Neto