3% (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Capítulo 05: Água - full transcript

Ezequiel's past is finally revealed.

Hello, Ezequiel.
You're not supposed to be here. You're leaving--
Please don't. I have something very important to tell you.
Last time I was here, this cube caught my attention
and I decided to run the fingerprints on it.
I assumed I would find your prints.
But instead they were small... the prints of a little boy.
I need to show you something.
Who is this boy, Ezequiel?
Who is he? Who is this boy?
Calm down, Ezequiel.
Don't be like this.
Calm down.
-It doesn't have to be a scandal-- -Get out.
I haven't submitted my report to the Council yet.
They still don't know, and they don't have to know.
What is that supposed to mean?
Imagine being confined to the Recovery and Treatment Center until you die. Awful.
You could...
continue the year as supervisor of the Process to the very end,
like you've always done.
Then you could resign. And after that...
they'll have to name a successor.
Naturally, I wouldn't be the Council's first choice.
They think I'm too young.
But your recommendation...
would go a long way.
are much worse than I thought.
Councilor Matheus told me...
that when he was Process Leader, he once caught you sitting in his chair,
just to see how it felt.
I don't remember that.
But it worked out well for you.
And it might just work out for me, too.
Who is this boy, Ezequiel? Who is he?
Who is he? Who is this boy?
Damn it!
-Relax, honey. -I can't do it.
Calm down. Relax.
I keep thinking about how Matheus' speeches
were filled with so many good ideas and references, with dates and quotes.
-It's my first speech-- -Yes, it is your first speech.
-I think you need to come with me. -Babe, I have to finish this.
I know. But you'll never get it when you're this tense.
-Where are you taking me? -It's a surprise. Come on.
Honey, you're taking me to the bathroom? What--
-Baby, I have to finish my speech. -Close your eyes.
-What? -Close your eyes.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Clear your mind.
Just keep your focus on your breathing.
Listen to the sound of the water.
Feel how fresh the water is.
Smell it.
You create your own merit.
Everything is going to work out.
Because you deserve it.
Now, take another breath.
Feel the water.
Can you feel it?
What did you say to me?
You create your own merit.
"You create your own merit."
And everything will work out.
Because you deserve it.
"Everything will work out.
Because you deserve it."
Never forget that.
Whoever said we couldn't have a sink in here... It's perfect.
A respectable Process Leader deserves a respectable room.
Will you help me with this?
Only three percent of you
will have the honor of going to the Offshore.
you create your own merit.
Everything will work out, because you deserve it.
That was beautiful. Congratulations.
I gave it my best.
-I'll see you later. -Where are you working today?
Well, well, Process Leader, you should know that.
What the...?
How many siblings?
What if I asked you to choose between you and your girlfriend? Why?
I'm sorry, you're eliminated.
You passed.
You passed. Eliminated.
How does it feel to be sitting there?
I guess to me it feels really amazing to be a part of it all.
Because we rarely get to be together.
The thing is, I have a small daughter.
But everything has been taken care of. She's staying with my mother.
And if everything works out, one day I'll see her again on the Offshore.
I'm sorry-- I'm sorry to say this, Talita, but you're eliminated.
Was it something I said?
No, not at all.
The Process thanks you for participating and asks you to remember--
No, ma'am! Please! Please, ma'am!
-What did I answer wrong? -Eliminated candidate, Booth 19.
Ma'am, no! For God's sake! Please! Any question you want!
I can answer it again! I can change my answer if you want!
Please, ma'am! No!
I can do it! Ask me anything, one more question!
I can give you any answer...
And then he said, "If this isn't normal,
then I've been doing it wrong for 20 years."
-Can I make an observation? -Yes.
Regarding this candidate...
and the reason for her elimination.
It's not clear to me.
It was clear to me. Reason for elimination number six:
Weak psychological construct.
Her desire to pass was weak. She had low self-esteem.
The polygraph didn't detect that during her application.
No oscillations on the curve--
It was very clear to me. I evaluated her.
Oh, sure.
It's just common for us to double-check and try to clear
any trace of subjectivity from an evaluation.
Yes, of course.
It was just so obvious to me. I had no doubt.
-Look, Julia, I'm just trying to-- -Guys, please.
I don't want to waste any more time on these evaluations.
We still have to prepare the doors test,
and it needs a lot of work. All right? Let's get to it.
Fine. As long as you're not doing this to get your wife off the hot seat.
My promotion has to be good for something, right?
So, let's get back to the tests.
Walmir had a good suggestion...
-It's almost over. -It is over.
Until next year.
Thank God.
How do you feel?
This year's three percent will make excellent additions to our society.
What, Julia? Why are you laughing?
Maybe you should save that speech for Matheus and the Council,
and just tell your devoted wife how you really feel.
How I really feel?
Now, I want you to close your eyes...
and taste it.
Can you guess the flavor?
-Wood. -Wood?
-What type of wood? -I don't know.
Take a deep breath and use your senses.
Now try this one.
Feel the wine's aroma in every corner of your mouth.
Honey, how many more glasses? Our ride to the Offshore leaves in--
-You think too much. -But we have a schedule--
Turn off that part of your mind and just feel. We're celebrating.
-Wait, this can't be-- -What? Tell me.
I taste... Brazilian grapes?
And what else?
Black pepper.
It looks like the Process Leader has just chosen the wine
that we will drink to celebrate the end of every year.
You're always teaching me.
This is my second year as Process Leader...
...and I am very happy to welcome you.
I imagine that you are all terribly nervous.
But if I may offer some advice:
Remember... you each create your own merit.
But I enjoyed conducting the interviews.
-I was comfortable there. -I know, honey, I know.
But I want you to watch over the overall Process. You understand?
-I have a small daughter. -You're eliminated.
I can answer...
Ezequiel, does this have something to with...
-with that candidate I eliminated? -Who?
From last year.
-Who? -Talita, Ezequiel.
Of course not, Julia! This is like a promotion.
You are going to be assisting the Process Leader. You understand?
You're going to help me manage everything. I want you close to me.
All the images from the control center are streamed here.
The external cameras.
The tests.
And the Inland cameras.
Wow, that's a lot of cameras.
I didn't realize we had so many on their side.
More every day.
After Cássia was appointed head of security, we expanded.
This is very important for census control, population analysis...
and naturally, to keep an eye on the Cause.
RK-712, Unit 2 has just targeted a group of suspects in the plaza.
Sons of bitches.
Approaching target area, 70 meters.
No, no, careful!
-Weapon down. Weapon down. -At 50 meters, turn left.
-Careful, there's a civilian. -Turn right.
A little further.
Do you have confirmation?
If they're rebels, I need to show Ezequiel.
-Turn right at the stairs. -Back me up!
-Approaching the plaza. -Don't run!
-Stop! -On the ground, on the ground!
Get down! Get down!
On the ground, on the ground!
Ezequiel, 247.
247, what happened?
-We just captured a unit from the Cause. -Zoom in.
Sir! A man's been shot.
A stray bullet.
This way!
And there's a child there, too.
-He's not with the Cause! -Calm down, ma'am, calm down.
Negative. Collateral damage. We have a casualty.
-Get him out of there now. -Now!
Three, two, one. Let's go!
Open the door.
Let's go.
-Where are they taking them? -Who? The body?
-No, the Cause members. -They're bringing them here.
The boy. I want to see the boy.
Zoom in.
They need your help downstairs.
There's an issue with an eliminated candidate.
Okay, I'm coming.
The agent showed me a totally random picture and said:
"Tell me what's wrong here."
Then he changed the picture and said the shadow was in the wrong place,
-but it wasn't-- -Silence, please. You've told me all this.
Listen! What happened to me was totally unfair.
Congratulations, you figured it out.
It's a really unfair Process, but you have to leave, because this unfair Process
-doesn't want you here. -You're admitting it was wrong?
I want to talk to the Process Leader.
Or anyone higher ranked than you.
The recommendations for your recovery include
not talking about or thinking about what happened during the Process.
The memories can be very painful.
The joy of having children is one of the most efficient methods--
I don't care! You have to take me back!
-I've told you a thousand times already! -No!
Enough! It's over for you!
Get out of here!
Easy for you to say. You have everything, bitch.
What did you say?
What did you say?
What did you say? Say it again!
You don't know anything about my life!
Ezequiel, Julia is a little stressed out, don't you think?
-Yes. -Have you thought about
giving her a little break from all the pressure?
Maybe she could spend some time in the Recovery and Treatment Center.
There's no shame in that.
There's no need for that, Matheus.
It's not uncommon for agents to get carried away now and then.
-You know that. -Yes, I know.
But what if she spent one month at the RTC?
No. Let me handle this, okay? I'll deal with it.
In addition to managing the entire Process?
Yes, Matheus. In addition to managing the entire Process.
Are you sure you don't want me there to give you some assistance?
I appreciate the offer, but it really isn't necessary.
Think about it.
I will.
He's right.
I lost it.
I shouldn't have struck the candidate.
-Does it bother you to be here? -No. Everything's fine.
They talked to me about it.
I won't be working with candidates for a while.
I was wondering...
if maybe you don't really want to be working here.
What do you mean?
I'm sure some of the departments on the Offshore
would kill to have you.
You know?
And if I went back, would you come with me?
Eventually, yes. But now that I'm the Process Leader...
I get it.
What is it?
You're trying to get rid of me.
It's the opposite of that. On the contrary--
I can come back.
Forget what I said.
I just want to understand what's going on.
-I want to help. Something is-- -There's nothing wrong.
-There is. -There's nothing wrong.
Trust me.
Come on. Let's go to bed.
-Come. -I think I'll stay up a little longer.
I need to study.
After what happened today,
I don't want to fall behind on my responsibilities.
I want a copy.
Julia? Are you coming?
On my way, darling.
Come on.
Let's celebrate the end of year two.
-Let's. -Let's.
-That's the wine we picked, right? -That's the one.
Was it hard to find?
A little-- Honey!
Step aside. You're barefoot.
Come on.
-Sorry, baby. -It's okay.
Don't cut your feet.
I am...
I'm sorry, babe. I'm...
-I don't know. -What's happening? Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Everything will be okay.
Three percent.
In a few days, only three percent of you...
will be in a select group heading to the Offshore.
Only the deserving three percent,
only the best among you will pass the Process.
It was quite different in the past...
Operation 247.
I expect you to give everything you have.
In all these years of sacrifice...
-Location. -...we now live in a perfect society
where there's justice for all
-and everyone has the same chance. -House address?
Remember, you create...
Where is the house?
-Everything will work out... -Address.
...because you deserve it.
Now, I think gratitude is in order, right? Repeat after me.
-What's the street number? -We are grateful for the chance...
for a better life. I welcome you all.
-Hi, honey. -Hi, babe.
What's going on?
I was watching your speech from here. It was great as always.
What are you doing?
Analyzing some candidate files to help the interviewers.
-In case they need it. -Oh, great.
-Are you okay? -I'm okay.
I'm gonna keep working. I have a meeting shortly.
I want to see the house.
Show me the front door?
Street sign?
Street number?
A name? Number? Sign?
Operation 247.
We need to talk.
The footage of the operation...
you watched it over 100 times.
You have to tell me, Julia.
Or you'll end up having to tell a specialist at the RTC.
This is not an investigation, okay?
I want you to share your problem with me.
You are my wife, the one I love.
I want you to be able to tell me anything.
That will never change.
I know.
But you have to promise me it will stay between us.
Of course.
I had a son.
Before the Process. Before I met you.
You had a son?
I have a son, Ezequiel.
Julia, what...?
He's the boy in the footage.
How is that not in your file?
I had no family, Ezequiel.
He was registered by my neighbor.
-And the father? -He doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter? What do you mean "doesn't matter"?
-He doesn't matter. -Doesn't matter?
He never wanted the boy.
When you have a baby before you are 20, the mother...
hardly even sees the baby.
They say it's better to not even name the child,
and wait and see if you get through the Process first.
So, I didn't name him.
But then, one night, it was just the two of us.
I was telling him a story that he used to love.
And I called him Augusto.
It's all right, Julia.
-It's not, Ezequiel. -It's all right.
The person taking care of him died, and it's our fault.
-"Collateral damage." -Julia...
I want to see him.
You know that's impossible.
He's all alone, Ezequiel.
In a few years, he will apply to the Process.
If he passes, you will meet again.
What if he doesn't?
Then he doesn't deserve to be missed at all.
Because he's one of them... not one of us.
-It doesn't work like that, Ezequiel. -Julia...
It doesn't.
What's going on?
You're not yourself.
We are not ourselves!
Can't you see that all of this is a big mistake?
-All of what? -Everyone we left behind!
My son who was left behind!
What you're saying makes no sense!
-It's a disease, it's not you. -He has to be with me.
He needs to be with me.
-This is all wrong. -You're not thinking straight.
I saw your Process on the Offshore. You love the Offshore as much as I do.
I want to see my son!
And who says he wants to see you?
You know that what you're asking is impossible.
This goes against everything we believe in. What you believe--
You don't know what I believe in!
You only see in me what you want to see, Ezequiel.
Do you really think you can change everyone's mind?
Sometimes you can, but not always!
I love you for who you are.
You don't know who I am, Ezequiel.
You thought you did, but here you go.
This is the real Julia.
I never thought I'd hear this coming from you.
I'm serious. What kind of job could I get over there?
Well, Ezequiel, you'd be qualified for many positions.
But this is so strange.
This is all you've ever worked for.
You became Process Leader.
You hold the most important position in our society.
You can't just walk away from that.
I know, Nair.
You need to think about this.
Are you going to throw it all away because of her?
Calm down, Cássia.
Look, you just have to listen to the audio recordings carefully.
I know I've heard that subject's name multiple times.
So, listen to the recordings very carefully, okay?
Audio. Operation 247.
Approaching target. Advancing via Coluna Street.
Straight ahead for 50 meters.
Coluna Street.
Straight ahead for 50 meters.
-Turn right at the stairs. -Turn right at the stairs.
Coluna Street.
Coluna Street.
Armore Plaza.
Straight ahead for 50 meters.
Turn right at the stairs.
-Arriving at the Armore Plaza. -Armore Plaza.
On the ground! On the ground!
Coluna Street.
Coluna Street. Straight ahead for 50 meters.
Turn right at the stairs. Armore Plaza.
Coluna Street. Straight ahead for 50 meters.
Turn right at the stairs.
Coluna Street. Straight ahead for 50 meters.
Turn right at the stairs.
Coluna Street. Straight ahead for 50 meters.
Turn right at the stairs.
Coluna Street. Straight ahead...
Have you seen Julia?
Close the gate!
Open it!
What are you doing?
Come with me, my love! Come with me, Ezequiel...
What are you trying to do to me?
Close the gate!
You're not going with her?
Do you think she'll be all right?
Of course. She'll be taken care of by the best professionals in the field.
Only nine percent of you...
make it...
Only nine percent of you make it-- have made it up here.
Consider yourselves privileged just...
for experiencing all of this.
And remember...
you create your own merit.
Everything will be okay, because you deserve it.
-Can we talk? -Yes.
My condolences.
I'm very sorry.
I know how you must be feeling.
Has everyone been made aware of the news?
A story of this magnitude, the first suicide on the Offshore...
It's a shame that this is how she'll be remembered.
I want you to know that I'm here, not only as your friend...
but also as a Council representative.
That being said, I would understand if you... left your post.
No one would judge you.
I'm staying.
I'm staying.
There's no one better than me to lead this... Process.
And if it's left up to me, this will never happen again.
Tell that to the Council.
Do you have more?
But I have a ring.
Do you want it?
It's a magic ring. You want it?
I have this ring.
Do you know who it belonged to?
Do you know what's inside?
All of your mom's memories.
You can only have it on the other side.
What side?
The Offshore.
When you pass and reach the other side...
you will know who your mother was.
Your mother...
she really wanted you to know that she...
that she really missed you.
That's a lie.
Go away!
Go away!