3% (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Capítulo 03: Corredor - full transcript

A nerve-wracking trip through a dark tunnel leaves Joana haunted by a vision from her past. Ezequiel receives an unexpected visitor.

Do you know who this belongs to?

Do you?

Answer me!

It's mine.

I don't think Gerson would agree.
Do you know Gerson?

I don't think she's met Gerson.

Do you know what we do...

to people who try to steal from Gerson?

On the ground!

Let's go.


-Let go!
-Oh, being so brave. Go on.

I know what we're gonna do with you.

Let her go.

Next time you'll know better, bitch.

Let's go!


Listen to me.

You need to be careful.

Aline was sent by Councilor Matheus.

-So, they're coming after me.
-They all share the same ideas.

Increased transparency, an easier Process.

If they find one shred of evidence
against you...

my vote will count for nothing.

I have nothing to hide.

I wonder how long
they're gonna make us wait.

Until we die from anxiety.

Oh, damn.

My bad, it's a close match.

Yeah. We're doing our own test
to see who can get it in the pipe.

Knock it off
before you get us all in trouble.

Where's your competitive spirit?

-Let us try.
-It's our turn.

Step behind the line.

Watch out for the...

-The chair.

-My turn.

Here's the deal:
if Fernando gets it in on the first try,

I'll give him my spot on the Offshore.

-Then watch closely, douchebag.
-Go on.


-Ow, fuck!
-Suck it!



Now you have to give me your spot.

That's if you even pass.

Think you're pretty tough, don't you?

I have great aim,
but I'm not a great person.

Watch yourself.

Come in, Cássia.

Oh, it's you.

The next test just started.
May I watch it with you?

-Of course.
-Thank you.


They were eliminated.

Did you see she pissed herself?

What happened?

-Do you think they wash these clothes?
-That's what you're worried about?

Hello, candidates.

I hope you're happy
with the people in your group.

After all, you did choose which candidate
to eliminate in the last test, right?

More or less.

-What's the test?
-It's simple.

All you have to do
is cross the tunnel as a group.

-Let's go.

Sorry, we just have to cross the tunnel?
That's all?

What's inside? An alligator?


You have five minutes.

-How long is the tunnel?
-Good luck.

Let's just move forward as a group.

Come on, follow me.


do you hear that hissing noise?

Why did you kill Bruna?

-What did you say?
-I didn't say anything, Michele.

Guys, hold on.

Less than a minute in
and the chicks are losing it.

Guys, listen up.

This is just a dark tunnel. That's all.

Let's stick together.


If you touch me again, I'll turn you in.

Fucking cheater.

Slow and steady, guys.

At this rate, we'll never make it across.
I'll go first. Excuse me.

There's no "other side of the tunnel."
They're gonna kill us!

What is this test about?
What's the concept?

We release an odorless gas into the tunnel

which has a profound effect
on the brain's occipital lobe.

-Hence the hallucinations.

In order to be worthy of joining us,

they have to leave fear
and paranoia behind.

We have to move faster.

-You're no good, Joana.
-You shouldn't have stolen from Gerson.

We need to get across
before something bad happens.

-You're no good, Joana.
-How can you live with yourself?

How can you sleep at night
after what you did?

If you go back,
Gerson will kill you, Joana.

-His most precious thing.
-You're a murderer.


How can you sleep at night
knowing what you've done?

You are a horrible person.

It won't change what you did.

Let me out of here!

I crossed the tunnel! I need to get out!

This is a group test, candidate.
You only pass if the entire group passes.

You're no good, Joana.
You are a horrible person.

...will kill you.

His most precious thing.

Running away won't change anything.
You're a murderer!

You are a horrible person.

-Joana, where were you?
-Negotiating your surrender, Rafael.

-Come with me.

That's a lie.

There's a traitor in our group.

There's a traitor in the group.
There's a traitor here.

Hello, Michele.

What's wrong?
Isn't this what you came for?

To kill me? I deserve it.

You killed him.

You're no good, Joana.
You're a horrible person.

It's some kind of gas!

Who are you?

What you're hearing or seeing,
it's the gas!

You're an embarrassment to your family.

-We have to keep moving!
-I don't think he's an Álvares.

-Shut up!
-You can argue at the other end.

Let's go!


Come on, Ágata, let's go!

She's gonna kill us. She's gonna kill us.

Only one left.

Running away won't change
what you've done. You're a murderer!

-Come on!
-Keep your hands off me.

-Come with me!
-Don't touch me!

Do you know what we do
with traitors around here?

I just did what I had to do!

Rafael, you need to stop
breathing the gas.

-Murderer. You're a murderer!

Shut up!

Rafael... forget what you're seeing
and what you're hearing,

and come with me.

Let's go! Trust me! Let's get out of here.

Now, guys! Come on!


The effects of the hormones in the gas
will wear off soon.

You will now be directed to the dorms.
This way, please.

Ágata, it's over. Come with me.

Cássia, I want you to find out everything
you can about this candidate, okay?

I'm not sure about this test.

I don't know if it's selecting
who we need for the Offshore.

What about these plants, huh?

Who picked these for you?

Why couldn't I have picked them myself?

Of course.

Your office...
you have no pictures in here.

No, I don't.

Not even of Julia, your wife?


Do you have any other comments?

This is where you'll be sleeping.

I can't believe I lost it in there.

I swear it won't happen again.

Lucky for us it was you and not Lucas.
Or we'd be gone.

What about you?

What did you see?


Right. You don't have to trust me.

Just go it alone.

They're making us sleep
in the engine room.

Because where you slept before
was so much better.

Ágata, relax. The test is over.

-It's over.

She's been like this since the test.

It's nothing to worry about.

Give her time.

The effects will wear off
after a good night's sleep.

-No, I think she's having--
-We've done this test before.

If she passed, she has to stay.

But wait!
You're not going to do anything?

Don't worry. He's an Offshore agent.

-He knows what he's doing.
-I don't know.

Maybe the gas is still wearing off,
but I feel kind of...

I know. It was horrible.

Michele, what did you see?

I thought I heard you say something
about your brother.

Okay. I'm sorry.
I don't mean to pry or anything.

I just want you to know--

-I'm sorry.

All eliminated candidates
have been escorted out.


Except one who tried to sneak back
through the gate.

Really? That's funny.

Where was Aline going
with those questions?

-She's just trying to throw me off.
-Know what I was thinking?

Imagine if they put you, me, Aline,
and the Council members in the tunnel.

Think we would pass?

We're not here
to discuss hypotheses, okay?

It's no wonder Aline is intrigued
by your personality, you know?

Cássia, I have a Process to run.

I don't have time to joke around
or answer Aline's questions.

Of course you passed.
Marco was leading your group.

Who? Pretty boy over here?

He totally lost it.

You're telling me
Marco didn't lead you guys through?

It was Joana.

And he was the last one out.
Almost fucked everyone over.

So what? Maybe it's because
I have a lot going on in my head.

-It's called being profound.


Do you think it'll be worth it?



Of course.
Anything is better than this hellhole.

Where do you want your kids
to grow up?

Inland? Or the Offshore?

-You want to have kids?
-Sure I do. Why not?

Those poor kids.

No one really knows
what it's like over there.

If there's a lot of green,
surrounded by nature.

They're advanced. If they don't
need plants, they won't have them.

The Offshore has a gigantic greenhouse.
They harvest everything they plant.

When I was younger,
I pictured a place in the clouds.

I know the greenhouse is for real.

My grandma was a second cousin
to the Founding Couple.

You know a lot of people
claim that, right?

She's the one who started building
the underground railroad!

Sure, the tunnel... No.

What do you mean?
It runs between the lake--

Between the dried-up lake
and the landfill.


I know. It's run by militia.

Oh, yeah?

Is that what you hallucinated about?

No. I didn't see anything.

So, you're immune to the gas?

Either that or you have nothing
in your head to hallucinate about.

No fears, no regrets, no guilt?

-What about that guy we killed yesterday?
-The one we beat to death.

And now they wanna fuck up my house?

The place where I raise my son?
Are they crazy?

Let's go sort this shit out.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to...



Stop, Ágata! Let her go!

She's gonna kill us all! In the middle
of the night while we're sleeping!

-She won't, Ágata. Trust me!
-She will!

Everything is okay.

-It's okay.

Everything is fine. Trust me.

Trust me. It's okay.

Cássia, I'm already fixing the alarm.

No, it went off by accident.

I'll call you back.

What are you doing here?

I'm hungry.

Come here.

Wash your hands.

Wash them like you mean it.

That's it.

Dry them quickly.


Eat with your hands.

I'm eating with my hands, too.

Hey... Augusto.

You were waiting for me, weren't you?

I couldn't go see you
because things are difficult here.

Someone has been watching me.
I'm being watched.

Do you understand?

Listen to me.

I might not be able to see you
as often as before.

Things have changed around here.

Answer me. Do you understand?

I understand.

Are you still hungry?


Do you want my plate?


I have a gift for you.



Hey! What's going on?

Help me.

-I fucked up.

You fucked up...

What happened? Tell me.

Do you still work with registrations?

You were never registered?

No. When there's no one
to take care of you,

no one registers you either.


it can be done, but it's not...

it's not that simple.

I mean, it's not just,
"Take this, implant it, and done."

They're going to kill me, Valéria.

Or worse.

Come. Come with me.

Lie down.

I'm gonna show you
how it all goes down.

Look at this. This is a piece of liver.

The registration is right here.

The registration needs to stay in contact
with living cells, otherwise it turns off.


are you gonna tell me what's happening,

or are you gonna keep me in the dark?


Flip over on your side.

It's going to be quick
and it won't hurt too much.

Just a little.

So many want
to go through the Process

and you're trying to use it
so you can disappear.


The name of the registration's owner.
The poor soul who died.

No! You have to stay and rest
for at least a few hours.

Thank you, Valéria.

-Gerson's son was killed.
-It was that girl.

The lonely one.

Know what we do to people
who steal from Gerson?

There's a reward.
Do you know where she is?

-Didn't you know her, Valéria?
-No, I don't know her.

-You're a murderer.

-How long was I--?
-Was it you?

-Who killed his son.

Gerson's already set a bounty
for the man who killed his son.

Or woman.

I didn't mean to get you involved.

How could you do that? He was a child.

I won't tell anyone that you helped me.

I will know that I helped you! Get it?

Now I know who you truly are.

It was an accident.

Get out.

Get out of here!

Right now!

Ágata fell sleep.

The gas took a toll on her. Poor thing.

Are you feeling better?

You don't have to talk to me.

I just saved your life.
But what's a life, right?

"Thanks, Rafael."
"No problem, Joana. You're welcome."

I saw a kid. During the test.

Then he was here in the corridor.

Maybe the gas had a delayed effect on you.

I know what I saw.

I know what I did.

You're not a bad person, Joana.

What do you think you know about me?

I don't really know... anything.

But I feel it.

You saved me in that test.

I think that you blackmailed
your way into an alliance.

But after today, I think we could...
extend that alliance.

What do you think?

Joana, I know you won't turn me in.

Especially since I can turn you in, too.


we may have gotten where we are
doing things the wrong way...

but I believe we're doing
the right thing now.

In our own way.

I don't know what you did
or what you saw in the tunnel.

I don't give a fuck.

I don't wanna know.

I know, I feel...

that you're a good person.

You're the only one who doubts that.



Stay here. Be quiet.

I saw your light was on. May I come in?

Of course.

I didn't realize you were having dinner.

Yes, once in a while I get hungry.

Did you have company?

Is that your final question
or are you just getting started?


-let's put an end to this.
-There's no interrogation.

I know very well why you are here

and who sent you.

The Council.

Oh, the Council.

I know exactly...

who from the Council sent you.

And why.

The good thing about our society,
the beauty of it...

is that each one of us made it
through the Process.

You simply check anyone's ID
and their registration

to find out exactly who they are.

And there's no room for lies.
Or secrets.

-But for now, I'll let you relax.
-Thank you.

And, please, just one last question.

Is it common for anyone to leave
the building during the Process?

No. That doesn't happen.


Good night, Ezequiel.

I have to get you out of here right now.

Where is it?


I meant what I said, okay?

You can never come here again.



You should be sleeping.

I can't.

Are you worried?

Thinking about stupid stuff.

Not that.

For a minute,
I could see myself on the Offshore.

That's not stupid.

And you were there with me.

We're here to pass the Process.

-We can't get distracted.
-Yes, of course.

-Do you understand?
-Yes. I was gonna say the same thing.

Not that I didn't like it.

It was probably just the gas talking.
It probably made us a little high.

Totally. It was probably the gas.


-Good night.
-Good night.

What's up?

Thank you.

What's up, Joana?

How long has it been? Is it daytime yet?

-This wall wasn't here before.
-Are you sure?

Yes. We came in through here yesterday.

Wake up!

Everyone, wake up!

Listen, they blocked the exit.
We're trapped in here.


Is anybody out there?