3% (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Capítulo 02: Moedas - full transcript

Fernando's medical exam yields a stunning discovery; a logic puzzle stokes tensions in the group; Aline tries to find out what Ezequiel is hiding.

Why do I think I'm ready for the Process?

Well, I'm smart, I can do math.

I can recite the alphabet backwards.

I can draw well, I know carpentry,

and I'm ready for the Offshore, I swear.

You're very good, Fernando.

But I dare you to guess
what number I'm thinking.

Hmm... Most people guess five or seven.

You look like someone who would pick five.

Do you really believe that?

Congratulations! That is correct.

Now you can go to the Offshore.

Whoo-hoo! I passed! I passed!
I'm going to the Offshore!

I'm going! Finally!

-I passed! I'm going to the Offshore!

I passed! I passed!


The medical examination
is a mandatory step

for the evaluation of a future citizen
of the Offshore.

To remain in the Process,

-you must be assessed as fit.

Candidate, follow directions
to your next test.

Candidate, follow directions
to your next test.

Do you have a problem?

No, no. It's just...

You're the one who made
the cube out of cubes, right?

Yeah. How did you hear about that?

People are talking about
"the guy who saved the girl."

"The cripple is a genius!
He made a cube out of cubes."

-Congratulations, man, you're famous!

That's my cube! What the hell?

This is the kind of person
he's letting through.

He says it's to fight the Cause,
but it's destroying our side.

This video is not enough.

But he almost drowned an agent.

Those are not crimes, Aline.

To overthrow Ezequiel,

you have to find something
more compromising.


follow directions to your next test.


I just want to make sure there's
no misunderstanding between us.

No. Everything is quite clear.

Candidate, follow directions
to your next test.

She seemed cool.

I'm telling you,
that girl is with the Cause.

- No way.
- She's with the Cause.

- You guys really think so?
- No way, she's cool.

Dude, listen to me. She's with the Cause.

Michele, you know her, don't you?


-She went missing.
-Do you know where she is?

She was probably eliminated. That's all.

-Yeah, I think she was.
-No, I saw her after the cube test.

If she is with the Cause,
I hope she's dead.

I don't get those people.

- They're a bunch of fuckers.
- They're ungrateful.

The Offshore offers salvation
for everyone and they despise it.

It's absurd.

Candidate, follow directions
to your next test.


I saw the agent taking you
and Bruna away.

If you want to talk later, I'll be here.

- Fernando?
- Yeah.

Come with me.

They're taking him.

Do you feel anything?

From here on up.

Lie on your stomach.

-Do you feel anything?
-A lot of pain in my back.

And now?

I said I don't feel anything.

And now?

The effect will only last a few minutes.

But our medicine is advanced.

With the full treatment,
you could walk again.

But first, you have to pass.

Hey. You guys, too?

I was told to come to room four.
This is it.

-Yes, that's it.
-Is this the guy?

Aah. I love you, too, man.

Well, if it's a cheating test, we're set.

Fernando, how did your exam go?

- I'll tell you later.
- You can go in.


Do you think all the houses
on the Offshore are like this?


What happened to the woman in navy blue?

Analyze the scene and find out.

When you've come to a conclusion,
press the button and state your answer.

I think she choked, right?

Wow, you figured that out all by yourself?

Shut up, Rafael.

Room 7: Francisco, Gabriel,
Ana, Oswaldo, Clara,

Wagner, Mariana and Pedro.

You've all been eliminated.

I guess they had the wrong answer.

The answer is here,
we just need to look carefully.

They have vaccine scars.

They are definitely from the Offshore.

Fuck. How are we gonna solve this shit?

More than half the candidates
are eliminated in this test.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.

So, most candidates
lack basic deduction capabilities?

No, induction.

To go from a collective
to a single perspective is deduction.

From the single to the collective
is induction.

Do they know they're being monitored?


-They should know, but they don't.

MAY 31

The 31st is the Founders' Festival.

What's this?

This is horrible.

This rug...

I thought they had good taste
on the Offshore.

-Sorry, guys. My bad.
-You broke it, you idiot!

Careful! Every detail
could be part of the solution.

If the solution had to do with that,
we just failed.

I said I was sorry.

Guys, calm down.

It's not Teo's fault. He was born stupid.

Go fuck yourself.

Just leave it, Marco.

-Giving up?
-I'm not getting yelled at. Fuck that.

Room 9: Cecilia, Beatriz, Eduardo,
Vitor, Caio, Helena, and Artur.

You've been eliminated.

Are you okay, Fernando? What's wrong?

Stop, Ágata!

I wanted to see
what kind of meat it was.

-I already said not to touch it.
-It's best we don't.

I just wanted to try it.

-If it tastes different, I want to--
-Don't touch that food! Trust me.

I know what happened here.

She was poisoned.

By the hostess.

Hold on. The hostess?

-This one?

It's two couples.

One are the hosts, the other are guests.

-How do you know?
-Two things.

Their rings and their shoes.

The woman in blue and her husband's
shoes are dirty with mud.

They don't live here,
they just came for dinner.

Wait, you said she was poisoned.

Pay attention. Both men are getting up
to help the woman in blue.

But she's only staring at one man.

This one.

She's reaching for his hand.

When you're desperate,
it's natural to reach out

to the person who's closest to you.

But in this case, it's not her husband.

It's her lover.

They're having an affair.

The hostess found out...

and poisoned the other woman's food
out of revenge.

Yeah... only the woman in blue
had sauce on her plate.

Exactly. That's where the hostess
put all the poison.

So that's what was on her desk.

This is probably the formula
for the poison.

It makes perfect sense.

Just take a close look
at the hostess' facial expression.

Look at her, she looks like a murderer.

While the two men are getting up
to help the other woman,

she avoids looking directly
at the woman who's suffering.

That's it.

Fuck, Mr. Wheels.

And I thought the cube
made out of cubes was genius.


You killed it, man.

Good one. We didn't have to do anything.

I guess everyone agrees, right?
I'm gonna press the button.

No. Wait!

Wait for what, Rafael?

-That answer is completely wrong.

Here we go, Rafael.

Do you really think
the Process would show us a scene

of adultery and murder
that happened on the Offshore?

You're all idiots.

-Do you have a better idea, genius?

She wasn't poisoned.

She's allergic to silver.


What do you mean?

-Allergic to silver?

Everyone at the table has a metal object.

All three are wearing watches.
A metal necklace.

Everyone except for her.

Even her ring is made of glass
or something.

Her necklace is made of wood.

She's wearing a ring made of wood.

But not the silverware.
They're made of silver.

She didn't notice and started eating.

And now her allergies
are blocking her airway.

But only the woman in blue had sauce.

So what? Maybe she's the only one
who likes sauce.

What's wrong with that?

And that's not even true.

Look at the hostess' napkin.

-Holy shit.
-Check it out.

I don't think she'd eat her own poison.

There's your guy.

-My guy?

You allowed him to pass the cube test
in quite an unorthodox way.

And you think I'm protecting him?

No, I'm just kidding.

Then why is she staring at the other
woman's husband and not her own?

That's easy. In fact, you should've
figured that out on your own.

He's a doctor.

Those formulas over there
aren't for poison.

They're medical formulas or something.

All right, he might be a doctor,
but the woman in blue is dying

and the hostess is right there,
not worried at all.

If she didn't poison her on purpose,
how do you explain that, Rafael?

She's blind.

That's why she's not looking
at the woman who's choking.

She really is blind.

-Let me see that, Marco.

Not everyone would assume
there are people with special needs

on the Offshore.

How did you know that, Joana?

His desk has a lamp on it.

Hers doesn't.

That, my friends, is how you solve a case.

Without any sauce.


The woman in blue is choking
because she's allergic to silver.

The hostess is blind.
Her husband is a doctor.

Uh... And this rug is hideous.

Does anyone in the group
have a different theory?

No, it's unanimous.

-Your answer is correct.

But that doesn't mean
everyone made it through.

Candidate Teo, you've been eliminated.

What? What are you talking about?

-Follow me, please.
-What? We got it right.

I passed, too! He's the one
who came up with the wrong answer.

He did, but he also helped the group.

-You did nothing.
-I did.

I examined everything.
Just because I broke something?

What did you all do?
Do you think this is fair?

The Process is supposed to be fair.

The guidelines to overcoming
the trauma of elimination

will be given to you
when you return your uniform.

Fuck all of you.

We thank you for your participation.

So? What did you think?

-I would have done well on this test.
-I agree.

Aline, I'd like to ask a favor.

The incident with the mole
from the Cause

has delayed our schedule.

We're behind on tomorrow's tests.

I was wondering if you could monitor
the next test with Álvaro.

-Is that okay?

No worries.

Monitoring will be done from here, okay?

Let me give you a hand.

It's stuck.

Give it to me.

-Told you.

I told you.

What's up?

No need to thank me.

I know I saved everyone, even you,
from your brilliant idea.

-It worked.

But it was a great story.

The sauce, the betrayed woman,
the murderer...

But that's okay. That's what I'm here for.

Fuck you, Rafael.

I'm serious.

This time it was me.

Maybe next time, it'll be you.

I mean, I wouldn't bet on it.
But who knows?

-Makes you thirsty, huh?

Good thing we did well on this test.

- It was a hard one.
- Yeah.

Well... I'm gonna go.



That was a close one, huh?

Good thing we were in a smart group.

I'm soaked. I was helping a girl
with her water bottle.

Are you coming or what?

Are you okay?

I'd like to be alone.

Sometimes when we wanna be alone,
all we really need is someone to talk to.

I could walk again.


-I don't know. Maybe.
-What did you say?

The doctor tested a treatment
from the Offshore and I felt my legs.

I can't believe it, Fernando.
That's incredible. It's wonderful.

-You can walk again--
-Michele, why are you so happy?

It took me years to accept
that I would never walk again.

But I did it.

I've spent my entire life
in this wheelchair.

This is who I am.

And now they tell me
that everything can change?

That I don't have to be myself?

That all the effort I've put in up to now
was for nothing?

Fuck walking, Michele.

That's not why I came to the Process.

I came here because I can pass.
End of story.

...already did the qualifications.

Ezequiel also asked us to run
the analysis of group K.

Álvaro, how long until the next test?

About five minutes.

I'll go freshen up. Be right back.


What's this?


this test is simple.

You have 15 minutes to decide
which one of you should be eliminated.

There are a total of six coins
for seven of you.

When the time is up, only those holding
a coin will make it through.

After 15 minutes,
if you haven't come to a decision,

you will all be eliminated.

How do we base our decision?

However you want.

The remaining candidates
will take the next test as a group.

So choose wisely.

Good luck.

How are we gonna decide?

How are you gonna decide?

I'm in.

No way. No one is in.

-Return the coins, Rafael.
-Why the fuck would I do that?

Because it's not fair.
We have to choose the criteria together.

-You can't just take a coin.
-I think it's very fair.

The test is to take a coin. I took it.

You took three coins,
you motherfucker. I saw you.

Yes, that's true.


There. You can fight for those.
But not for mine. Mine is right here.

Rafael, stop being ridiculous.

-How old are you, two?
-You think this is about who's first?

I do. Come on, guys.

Where did you grow up?

Where I grew up,
we'd just take that from you.

Oh, yeah?

I'm waiting.

Let go. Let go!

Let go.

Let go.

What was that for, Marco?

All you had to do was ask nicely.

Go on, Joana.


Now we decide who goes.

-Unrestricted access. Councilor Matheus.

User Ezequiel. Last camera modifications.

View camera.

Camera 5970. Live.



-Camera 5971. Live.




you have ten minutes remaining.

I vote for Rafael.

I'm so shocked.

It's the obvious choice.

-You walked in and took the coins.

On the cubes test, you cheated.

In other words,
you shouldn't even be here.

You're all forgetting one thing.

If it weren't for me,
none of you would be here.

So bash me all you want.
Be pissed off at me.

Just don't forget
that the next test is a group test.


You really want to go in without me?


I vote...

for Joana.

-I despise Rafael.

-But Joana doesn't seem to care.

Everyone is putting in all this work
and she's just standing there.

Sorry, but if you don't believe
in the Process,

-you don't deserve to be here.

As usual, you're wrong.

Joana is worth much more
than a lot of you combined.

-Why are you defending her?
-You knew her before.

-No, no.
-You're together.

Of course not!
I'm sticking up for the group, not her.

I want Joana in our group
on the next test.

-It's simple.
-Are you sure that's all?

There's one thing here
everyone can see.

But no one has the guts to say it.

I vote for Fernando.

And it's not even because you almost
got us all eliminated.

It's because of the...

-the obvious reason.

You're sitting on it, Fernando.

You have no chance of finishing
the Process in that chair.

Shut up, Rafael.

We just saw a blind woman
on the Offshore.

-That's no reason to--
-We saw a doll.

Besides, she might have become blind
after the Process.

Or do you believe a blind person
could pass these tests?

What if the next test is physical?

What happens to our group?

Fernando, you're going to be eliminated.

I'm sorry to say it, but you are,
sooner or later.


The Process will see beyond that.
They'll see that I can do it.

I know you believe that.

That you need to believe it.
It's a beautiful story, man.

But it's not true.

And it's completely unfair
if everyone here is in jeopardy

so you can stay in the Process
a little longer.

You're not gonna say anything?

Even he knows I'm right.

Does anyone have anything else to say?


Because the Process is more
than just a selection.

Much more.

The Offshore offers salvation.

And the Process is purification.

Because life on the Offshore
is just, true, superior.


But in order to be deserving of it,
you must believe.

Have faith in the Founding Couple.

Have faith in the Process.

And above all things,
have faith in yourselves.

Now, let's close our eyes and picture...

picture yourselves going to the Offshore.


There we go.

There. Try it out.


This life sucks.

Hey! Fernando!

You're gonna start feeling sorry
for yourself now?

Fernando, look at me.

What's the most important thing in life?

-Making it through the Process.

And the Process doesn't care
if you're in a wheelchair,

or if you came flying or jumping.

You must have faith in the Process.

Son, this chair makes you stronger.

It's your secret weapon.

Candidates, you have
five minutes remaining.

I guess we're ready to vote.

-Who thinks that Fernando--?
-I want to talk.

Do you know why I took so long
at the physical today?

They gave me a shot.

A treatment from the Offshore,
and I could feel my legs.

The doctor said that if I make it through
to the Offshore, I will walk again.

Do you know what that means?

And the doctor believes I can last
the entire Process.

So, please, guys...

don't take that away from me.

Fernando is right.

We barely know one another.

And it's not fair to judge each other.

- Even if that person is Rafael.
- So, what do we do?

We have to vote someone out.

- We draw names.
- Draw names?

All this to draw names?

-It's fair.

-Let luck decide.
-So, you're off the hook. Right?

I'm in.

I don't want to eliminate anyone.

You know what you are? Cowards.

-Drawing names sounds good.

-Ágata, can I have your scarf?


Candidates, you have
three minutes remaining.

The most important moment of our lives

decided by a fucking torn-up scarf.

That's great! Just great!

You have two minutes remaining.

Whoever picks the shortest strip
is eliminated.


I passed! Goddamn!

You have one minute remaining.


Great idea on the draw. Awesome.


Ten, nine, eight, seven...

six, five, four...

-That's it.

-That's it.
-...two, one.

-Have you made a decision?

Good luck on the Inland.


Fuck, where's the coin?

Where's the coin?

Where's the coin?
Hold on, she stole it! She has the coin!

Hold up, Joana! Tell him we drew names!

Joana! Get back here, you motherfucker!

Hold on! She has the coin! We drew names!

Joana! Joana, tell him we drew names!


Shit! Joana!

-Instructions for your recovery include...

-Try to not reminisce...

...or comment on the events
of the Process.

Memories can be very painful.

The joy of having children

is one of the most efficient methods
to deal with frustration.

What's with the faces?

What? It doesn't even look
like you passed.

-Be quiet.

Shut up.

You know what this is?
People who can't enjoy life.

What can you do, right, Fernando?
What can you do?

Is there any food around here?

-These tests make me hungry.


-Where's Lucas?
-He didn't have a coin.


You tried.


What are you hiding, Ezequiel?

-Camera 5986. Live.



-Camera 5977. Live.


Hey, what's up?

This damn chair is stuck again.

Easy! You passed.
Isn't that what you wanted?

Sure! I wanted the pity vote
after a pathetic speech

in front of everyone.

"Oh, I really wanna walk again!"
Come on, Michele.

That's exactly what I didn't want.

Since I was a kid,
I've been telling myself:

"I'm going to pass, I can pass.
I'm good enough."

Everyone doubted me, Michele.

But then...

But then, what?

What if he's right?

Who are you talking about?



I had to rely on Rafael earlier.

I had to rely on everyone's pity today.

I don't know how much further I can go.

Come on, Fernando.
Of course you're gonna go far.

You're not pitiful. You're strong.

It's not your fault.

This place is to blame.

They make us do horrible things in here.

Michele, what are you talking about?

-The Process is not to blame.
-Then who is?

I am!

-I was weak.
-You had vision.

You did what you had to do.
You used their pity to pass.

The people who made you do it
are the ones to blame.

I get it.

You're just saying that
to make me feel better.

I can tell.

Shut up.

Hello, Ezequiel.

How was the coin test?

It went well.

-Were you able to plan tomorrow's test?

- We're back on schedule.
- Excellent.


I checked all the files.

He heads out regularly to the Inland,
once a week,

and he erases the security footage.
He edits the images.

Good, Aline. That's the way!

You need to send me all those images.

I will. But his face is never visible.
What can we do?

We need proof.

You need to find out
what Ezequiel is hiding.