24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 9 - 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack and Chloe have a plan in place to eliminate the terrorist threat before any more attacks rock London. With no time to spare, Jack and Kate pursue crucial leads in an attempt to gain the upper hand on the intense circumstances.

You said you
were going to stop your analyst.

If he sees
those partitions,

he's going to know
that you're the source

of Intel I've been
selling to China.

Is there someone
you can send me?

I'm just
a middleman here.

You've been well-paid.
Sort it out.

Steve Navarro
sent you to kill me.

He's the only one
who knows where I am.

We lost contact with six
Vanguard attack drones.

Take them.

We now believe that they're under
the control of Margot Al-Harazi.

Surrender yourself to me
on the terms I set out,

and you have my word
this will be over.

If a price has to be paid,
I'm the one who should pay it.

Mr. President, there has
to be another way.

I've been diagnosed
with Alzheimer's.

If you were standing
right here,

in these shoes,
in my position,

you would do the
exact same thing.

This is the right
way for me to go.

Mark, you knew?

Tell me that
it's not too late.

It is.

I will never trust you again.
No, never.

Your father was the
greatest man I ever knew.

Today he asked
for one last service.

I hated doing it.

But I'd do it again
if he asked me to.

Be at Wembley Stadium,
in the center of the pitch,

in one hour.

My God.

He really is there.

I'll do it.

Switch it off.


Your father was a...

Was a courageous
man and a dear friend.

To sacrifice
himself in such a way,

it was an act of bravery that
my nation will never forget.

Thank you, Prime Minister.

Well, let's just hope
Al-Harazi keeps her word.

News is still coming in

about an explosion at Wembley
Stadium just moments ago.

Eyewitnesses at the scene

are reporting that they saw
a missile hitting the stadium,

echoing events at St. Edward's
Hospital earlier today.

Why would Al-Harazi
fire a missile

into an empty
football stadium?

Because it wasn't empty.

Kate, what's wrong?

President Heller
was in the stadium.


He agreed to Margot's demands
to turn himself over.

He was the target.

That's impossible.

Secret Service
would never allow that.

Bauer broke him out
of the Presidential quarters

and delivered
him to Wembley.

This is real.

The President is dead.

The British Navy have
just reported an explosion

off the waters of Dover.

Suspected light aircraft.

Make that two.

Margot's statement said

that she would destroy the drones
if Heller turned himself in,

so she must be keeping
her end of the agreement.

Just the MLX drone left.

You're sure about this?

Heller kept his word.

So must we.

Sending it into a dive.

Mahmoud is looking down
on you from above, Mother.

He's looking
down on us all.

Family meant everything
to your stepfather.

When he came into our lives,
he gave us a purpose.

Something to believe in.

Something to fight for.

I only wish he was
alive to see this day.

Somethings not right.

That look he gives,
I'm going to enhance it.

What am I looking for?

He looks to the right like
he just spotted something,

and then,
a few seconds later.


That's a repeat

They must have
cloned the footage.

They found
a way into the feed.

They've tricked us.
Heller's still alive!

Well, get that
last drone back!

I'm trying!
Oh, for...

Hurry up!

I'm heading out.

Meet me at the helicopter.

It's all clear,
Mr. President.

We can go.

So Margot thought I was in the
field when the missile struck?

That was the plan, sir.

Why didn't you tell me
what you were doing?

Because you
wouldn't risk it.

Well, did it work?

We'll know soon enough.

If Margot destroys
the drones.

Go ahead.

The feed on five of the
drones showed them in a dive

and then went dead. The last
one's on course to join them.

So it worked?
Looks that way.

She bought it,
Mr. President.

Hang on.



Chloe, what the hell
is going on?

They changed the vector
on the last one.

It was heading
into a dive,

now it's going
back towards shore.

Son of a bitch.

What, Jack?

She's seen through it.
Jack, I'm sorry.

I told you I didn't
know if it would work.

Okay, I want you to send
the feed over to the RAF.

Maybe they can
intercept the last drone.

Doing it now.

Have you got
a location on her?

I've been trying
to trace the signal

being transmitted
from the override device.

The best I can come up with
is somewhere in East London.

I'll start heading
in that direction.

Get back to me
when you find her.

You should've let me
take the hit, Jack.

I was prepared
to die back there.

Mr. President, if there was
a chance to save your life,

I was gonna take it.

Five drones are down.
She has one left.

Which is capable of killing
thousands of people.

Not if we get
to her first.

Sir, where we were an hour ago,
I consider this a success.

This your guy?


Hey, take me to
the President's quarters.

Sir, we can't do that.

Margot AI-Harazi
knows you're alive.

You need to stay dark.

I listened to
you before, Jack.

I'm not listening
to you again.

Mr. President, please.

Get in the car and let me
do what I know how to do.

No phones.

She might be running
a voice recognition scan.

I'll get back to you
as soon as we're clear.

Got it.

Hand me your phone,
I'll call the Secret Service.

They'll come
and pick me up.

Jack said no phones.

I am the President of the
United States of America

and I just gave
you an order.

I am not American citizen.

This is not America.


Kate, this is Jack.

I need you to
patch me through

to General Coburn
in the President's quarters.

I need the President's entire
staff to be able to hear me.

You got it. It's Bauer.

He wants the President's
staff in on this call.

Despite the Prime Minister's
advice to stay indoors,

an unprecedented
number of people

are queuing for
trains out of London.

Well, nothing causes a panic

like telling people to
remain calm, does it?

CIA is patching us into
a call with Jack Bauer.

Put him on speaker.

You have everyone, Jack.

Thank you. ls Audrey there?

Yes, Jack, I'm here.

Audrey, your father's
still alive.


What are you saying?

I was with him
just a moment ago.

He's fine, he's safe.

We managed to get Margot
At-Harazi to believe

that the President was on the
field when the missile struck.

Her end of the deal was to
ditch the drones into the sea.

She took five of them down
till she saw through it.

She pulled the sixth
one out of a dive,

now it's headed
back to London.

Mr. Bauer,
this is the Prime Minister.

Do we know
Al-Harazi's target?

No, sir, I'm sorry.

Can this last
drone be stopped?

Chloe O'Brian's sending

the video feed from the
drone over to you now.

She's also sent it
to the RAF.

Hopefully they'll be
able to intercept it

before it gets
back to the city.

I'll liaise with
a Chief of Defense staff.

Jack, where's
the President now?

We can have Secret
Service bring him in.

No, that's not safe. She'll be
monitoring Secret Service movement.

The President's agreed
to stay with one of my men

until this is over.

This is Navarro with CIA.

We're getting
the drone feed now.

Yeah, we're
seeing it, too.

Jack, what do you
need from us?


Look, if we can't intercept
this drone, our only other play

is to get to Al-Harazi before
she targets those missiles.

Chloe O'Brian's
narrowed down her location

to somewhere in the East End.
I'm on my way there now.

All right, Kate and
Erik will head out

there and rendezvous
with you.

Anything else we
can do from this end?

Have your tech guys
contact Chloe O'Brian.

Give her whatever
support she needs.

She can't do this
on her own.

We're on it.


I'm still here.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Can you help Chloe
trace the signal?

I can try.

I'm still getting up to speed with
how Jordan set up his system.


This is not like Jordan to leave
in the middle of a crisis.

Let me worry
about Jordan.

You and Erik get
out to the East End,

provide Bauer with backup.

I'll have a tac team follow.


Got him!

Time codes confirm it.
Heller's alive.

Who's that with him?

His name's Bauer, ex-CTU.

How long until the drone
is back in range of London?

maybe fifteen minutes.

Assuming they don't
shoot it down first.

What, is that likely?

They've hacked
into our feed, Mother.

They can see
everything we can.

If they're quick, they can
even track our signal.

We're expecting company.

We'll be ready for them.

I should've known I couldn't
trust a liar like Heller.

I can still track him from
after he left the stadium.

We can get him.


I want him alive.

I want him to see
what happens next

as a direct result
of his cowardice.

Set a course for
Waterloo Station.

Shall I lock in
the targeting coordinates?

Not yet.

Not until it's too late
to do anything about it.

Every life lost will
be on his conscience.

Chloe, it's Jack. I'm
circling over the East End.

Have you got a fix on
Al-Harazi's position?

The signal from
the device is pinging

off three
different cell towers.

The best I can do is measure the
time lapse between each tower.

That only gives me
an approximate location

somewhere in Hackney.

Damn it,
we need more than that!

Jack, let me try something.
I'll get back to you.

Copy that.

I was wondering if I'd
ever hear from you again.

Margot still has control
of one of the drones.

It's heading towards London.

I need you to
help me to stop it.

Chloe, we've been over this.

Even if I wanted to
help your friend Jack,

there's really
nothing you or I can do.

Actually there is.

And you wouldn't
be helping Jack.

You'd be helping me.

I think there's a way
to locate the device.

I'm monitoring
the tracer's signal.

I've narrowed down the location
to somewhere in East London.

But I can't
pinpoint it exactly.

Do you have a way to do that?


I have been trying out
this new GPS spoofer.

Hacks straight into
the Navstar satellite.

And there's no
reason why I can't

modify that to
find the signal.

I'll send you the data.

I already have your laptop
mirrored in the background.

Got everything I need.

It's working.

Might send a few
motorists the wrong way,

but we can assure
it's for a good cause.

Got it.

Let me know
what happens.


Jack, we've narrowed down the signal
to an office block in Dalston.

"Tundel House."

Kate, did you get that?

Yeah, I know it.
We're not far.

What floor is she on?

If you want a more
exact location,

you need to
cut out the noise.

What are you
talking about, "noise?"

Phones, Wi-Fi, satellite TV,
those all create interference.

So if we cut off
the electricity

to the building,
can you do it?

Yeah, I guess,
if she's running

an uninterrupted
power supply.

There's got to be a dedicated
electrical junction

that serves the building.
Find it.

We're approaching
the building now.

Get ready. Margot may
have set up a perimeter.

we're taking fire!

Half a dozen
guards at the entrance!

They're here.

There's a gated-off area
at the south entrance.

This might be what you need.

Kate, I need you to take out
that electrical junction box

so Chloe can get an exact
fix on Margot's location.

Yeah, I see it!

I'm gonna make my approach
and land on the roof.

The drone is
closing in on London.

Erik, I need a grenade.

Got it.

Can you get
us closer?

Go. Go, go, go, go!

They're coming in.

Do we still have
control of the drone?

The override device
is running on backup power.

We'll be within range of London
in the next five minutes.

Lock in the coordinates
for Waterloo Station.

Power just
came on. Did you get it?

Fifth floor,
middle suite, Jack.


Kate, are you
inside the building yet?


Jack, backup's just arrived.

We got a fixed location.
She's on the fifth floor.

I'm taking heavy fire.

I got to find a new way in.

Jack, they've started
the targeting protocol.

You don't have long.

They're locking in a target.

Where is that?

This is the Prime Minister.

I need an immediate evacuation
of Waterloo Station.

Jack, the drone is
set to hit Waterloo Station.

It's three minutes
outside of targeting range.

Engage fire.
Moving back upstairs.

Cover me.

Targeting complete.

If we're going to go,
it has to be now.

We don't leave
until it's done.

The coordinates
are locked in.

I've programmed
the missiles so they'll fire

as soon as they're within range.
We don't have to be here.

Well, I want to be sure.


But you don't need me.

Sit down, Ian.

Your stepfather
stood for a cause.

He didn't back down,
he didn't run away.

He was prepared to die
for what he believed in,

and so should we.

You're right.

We succeed or die together.

For Mahmoud.

I love you.

No matter what happens.

Remember that


How long do they have?

About 30 seconds.

They're not gonna
make it out in time.

I got Margot
Al-Harazi in custody

and the override device.
What now?

The missile's launched.

You can divert it, Jack.
It's laser-guided.

Look for a targeting inlay.

You can use that to redirect
the drone's trajectory.

He did it.

Hundreds of people died today
because of you and Heller.

You think you've won,

but this is all
on your head.

The only death tonight
on my head is yours.

So, what's your name?


Belcheck what?


Just one word,
like Madonna.

We have POTUS.
Repeat, we have POTUS.

Hands above your head!



show this man respect

He's with me.

Let him go.

I thought I'd lost you.

I'm so sorry I put
you through this.

That was a damn
foolish thing to do, Jim.

But I understand
your reasons.

On behalf of
a very grateful nation,

I thank you.

I'm sure if the
circumstances were reversed,

you would've done
the same thing, Alastair.


I put you in a bad spot.
I'm sorry, my friend.

Oh, like everyone else, I'm just
happy you're safe, Mr. President.

Have we heard from Jack yet?

CIA has confirmed Ian and
Margot Al-Harazi are dead

and Bauer is in possession
of the override device.

Get Jack on that
phone for me.

Straightaway, sir.

I want every hard drive,
I want every terminal.

Everything goes with us.

Yes, sir.

- This is Bauer.
- Jack, it's me.

I'm safely in the office,

and I have you
to thank for it.

I want to thank you
for looking after me.

Mr. President,
it was my honor.

Sir, we're getting ready to head
back with the override device.

We need to get
this thing analyzed,

know what we're
really dealing with.

I'll send someone
to meet you there.

Thank you, General.

You're with me.

Good work.

I'll see you back there.

Agent Morgan.

Hi, Kate, it's me.

I've got something for you.

Thought you were through
supplying me with information.

This is different

I'm at a motorcycle
repair shop in Camden Lock.

I'm stood next to
two dead bodies,

and I believe one
of them to be yours.

What do you mean?

We found State Department
credentials on him.

Jordan Reed?

What's wrong?

You there, Kate?

Uh, yeah, I'm here.

Do you know this guy?

What happened?

Looks like they
were both shot.

There's no ID on
the second body.

All right, I'll be
there as soon as I can.

Morgan, what's wrong?

It's about Jordan.

Someone finally
hear from him?

He's dead.



I don't know the details.
I have to go to Camden

and find out
what's going on.

I'm coming with you.


I just got a call from
one of my police contacts.

They found Jordan, Steve.
He's dead.


Jordan's dead?

Kate, what happened?

I don't know, but they
found his body in Camden.

Erik and I are gonna go over there
and find out what's going on.

What was he doing
out there?

I'm not sure, but they said
that they found two bodies.

Two bodies?
What... Who was he with?

I don't know.
I'm gonna go find out.

I'll call you when I
have more information.


What's this about Jordan?

Not right now, Gavin.

I was just phoning you.

I have a problem.

The police just found
the body of the analyst

that was digging around
Adam Morgan's files.

They found another
body along with it.

If it's the operative I sent to kill
him, he can be traced back to me.

I'm just the middleman in all
of this, remember? As I said.

You once told me, if I
needed to get out of here,

that you would help me.
Well, I'm asking now.

I need money, paperwork
and safe transport.

I'll need something
in return.

What is it?

I understand the override
device is on its way to you.

What do you know
about that?

Just bring it to me.

No, all of the drones
have already been grounded.

That device is
completely useless.

What do you want with it?

Again, best you don't know.

Bring it to me.

And I'll make sure you have
everything you asked for.

Look, that thing's
gonna be on lockdown

as soon as it arrives here.

I can't just walk
outwith it.

You're in charge,
you'll find a way.

Ring me when you have it.

CIA One,
this is Jack Bauer.

We are less than
five minutes out.

Device is in hand.

Lads, can we have a minute?

This your guy?

That's Jordan Reed.

Morgan, you okay?

What happened?

Got bloodstains
over here and here.

Looks like that
wrench was used as well.

You can tell from the trauma
wounds on the guy's skull.

There's a blood trail
outside, as well.

I'd say Jordan was
shot somewhere else,

they both ended up
in here, struggled,

he somehow got the gun, but
he died from the knife wound.

They killed each other?

Well, both weapons
are accounted for.

I don't think we're
looking for anyone else.

So who is he?

I don't know.
There's no ID on the body.

There isn't even any
labels on his clothes.

Sorry, I've got
to take this.


What was Jordan into?


Nothing that I know about.

Give me your phone.

What are you doing?

I'm going to run his fingerprints
through the database,

see if I can find a match.

I want to find
out who this guy is

and why he
wanted to kill Jordan.

Jack, where are you?

Just getting back
to the CIA station.

I've got the override device. I
want you to take a look at it.


Chloe, can you hear me?


Yeah, I heard you,
Jack. I...

I'm not coming.

Margot's dead, and it's
not my problem anymore.

Chloe, what's going on?
Where are you?


It was good to
see you today.

Like old times.

I hope you get back to
see your family soon.

Chloe? Chloe?

ADRIAN; You all right?


Thank you.

For what?

Another chance.

Is that it?

General Coburn's sending over
a DOD tech to analyze it.

He just got here.

This needs to be locked
down in a secure room.

Any possible breach needs to
be identified and addressed

before a single drone is put
back in service, understood?

Mariana, take this
gentleman to the tech room.

Give him any
assistance he may need.

Thank you.

When are you expecting
Agent Morgan back?

She's out in the field.

One of our agents
was killed.


Jordan Reed,
our comm chief.

They found his
body over in Camden.

He'd been away from the station
for a couple of hours.

What were
the circumstances?

We're trying to
establish the details.

He didn't tell
anyone where he was going.

Do you think this is connected
to Al-Harazi and the device?

I don't know. Until we get an
update from Kate and Erik,

we just don't know.

Son of a bitch.

JACK; This is Jack.

What the hell happened?

We're still trying
to put the pieces together,

but the guy that Jordan shot
didn't have any ID on him,

so Erik's running a
fingerprint scan right now.

You didn't tell me
there was another body.

We're getting the news
same time as you, Jack.

Scan threw back an O Code.

Jack, did you get that?

Yeah. An O Code means that
he was a covert operative.

His identity is protected.

Kate, your man was
taken out by a professional.

It doesn't make any sense.

Jordan was a techie.
He didn't have anything

to do with this
kind of stuff.

Can you find out who
this operative was, Jack?

Send me over the fingerprint
scan, I'll see what I can do.

Okay, I'm on it.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna send the scan over to
an old CIA contact I had at Langley.

If anyone can break
the O Code, he can.

We can take care
of that here.

Good. You have your man
do it, I'll have mine.

We'll see who
gets it done first.

Come on.

How long do you
think that'll take?

If he agrees to
do it, not long.

Excuse me.

Hey, it's Jack. Did you manage
to get anything off that print?

No, it's still running.

Didn't get anything
from the main database,

but if he's covert ops,
like you suspect,

then that's not surprising.

I'm in the secure
database now,

so let's see if
we can get a match.

I'll get back to
you when I get a hit.


What can you tell us?

All military defense systems
use a common architecture.

They basically work off
a 2048-bit encryption.

What we're dealing
with here...

This looks like it was designed
to break through the firewall.

To do what?

Worst case scenario?
Anything you want.

Unlimited access to any
defense system out there.

This isn't just
about drones.

I'm sorry.
I have to take this.


I wanted to call

and thank you


Audrey, a lot of people are
involved in stopping those drones.

That's not what
I'm talking about.

I know that he was willing
to sacrifice himself,

and I know that you would
never let that happen.

And that means
a lotto me.

I'm not ready to lose him.

Hold on one second.

Audrey, I got to
take this call.

Oh, right.

I'll find you as
soon as I can, okay?

Of course.


Talk to me.

We have a hit.

Hold on,
I want to log on.

Okay, go. Who is he?

James Harman.

That mean anything to you?

No, nothing.

Covert ops.

Top level assassin.

Deep in the program

until a failed mission in
Cairo a few years ago.

Who was he associated with?
Find me his handlers.

Uh, four reporting seniors.

Russell Whittaker, Floyd
Birmann, Roland Spaeth,

Steve Navarro.

Oh, my God.

We've got a report of a
possible security breach.

I need you to
lock this area down.

No one comes through here,
you understand?

Yes, sir.

Shut it.

Make a sound,
and I will kill you.

Be right back.

Have you got it?
Yeah, I have it.

Is there a problem?

I need to know
why you want it.

Do you want to leave
the country, or not?

Where do we meet?

Finsbury Square.

Call me when you're there.

So, where are we going?

I have to meet a friend.