24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 8 - 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack Bauer and President Heller endure the unthinkable to thwart the terror attacks of Margot Al-Harazi. Meanwhile, Jordan faces a life-or-death struggle and Kate takes drastic measures to track down Margot before it's too late.

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I've hidden evidence
in our room.

Under the floorboards.

When the authorities arrive,

I will claim that you've been opposed
to this attack from the start

and that you've been held
here against your will.

Aunt Simone!

SIMONE: Grab your daughter

and leave London
right now.

What are you doing?

Calling the police.

No. Please.
I'm trying to protect you.

Protect me?
Protect me from what?

My mother.

No, no!
Yasmin, get out!


I'm so sorry.

SIMONE: Listen to me.
Somebody, help!

Yasmin, wait!


JACK: Simone, your instinct was
to protect your family members

from what your mother is
doing today.

Right now,
you're the only person

that can stop
this from happening.

Your mother's targeting
you with a drone. No!

They're evacuating. They may
have gotten Simone out already.

Fire anyway.


ADRIAN: (DISTORTED) You said you
were going to stop your analyst.

If he sees
those partitions,

he's going to know
that you're the source

of intel I've been
sending to China.

You've been well paid.
Sort it out.

Is there someone you can send me?
A cleaner?


We know about your wife's
history with Bauer.

I understand why
a man like you

would take actions
against a rival.

Leave my wife
out of this.

But if I'm not mistaken,

forging a president's

would be considered
an act of treason.

Bauer is in the field
on presidential order.

I couldn't get my hands
on him if I wanted to.

So what are you saying now?

Once Bauer serves
his purpose,

everyone gets
what they want.

I didn't think you were man
enough to make this call.

You gave me a deadline, asked
me to surrender myself to you.

Surrender yourself to me
on the terms I set out,

and you have my word
this will be over.

Nobody else will die.


DOCTOR: Patient is still unresponsive.
We need to intubate.

OR is ready, doctor.

How is she?

She took a turn for the worst
just before we got here.

Doctor? She's in a
critical condition.

Extradural hemorrhage.
That's swelling of the brain.

I know what it is.
We need to talk to her.

That won't be possible.
Not for a while.

We need to
induce a coma

and drill a hole in her skull
to reduce the pressure.

Okay. This girl is the
only chance we have

at finding her mother and preventing
another terrorist attack.

Perhaps that's so,

but it doesn't change
the prognosis.

Is there any way
to wake her up

after you drill the hole,

with adrenaline
or something?

A high dose of flumazenil might
wake her up for a few minutes,

but it'll also kill her. We
need to stabilize her first.

KATE: How long is
that gonna take?

An hour, maybe two.

Keep me posted.

Hurry. We don't have
much time.


We really should
get moving, Mother.

I just had a very
interesting call.

About Simone?

No word on Simone.

We just have to
assume the worst.

She's still alive
and may betray us.

That's why we have
to leave immediately.

The call was from
President Heller.

He said he'll
surrender himself

if we destroy the drones.

That's a lie.
It's a trick of some sort.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

When you posted
the video online,

you said he would never
agree to the demands.

I didn't think
he would.

Maybe I was wrong.

Well, even if he is serious, would
you actually destroy the drones?

We've been planning
this for so long.

If a murderer like Heller can
keep his word, then so can I.

We'll discuss it
on the way.


Here, give me
the device.


(PHONE runes)

Go ahead.

Jack, it's Kate.
Simone's not good.

The doctor's
inducing a coma.

He says if we try to
wake her, she'll die.

Yeah, but we're running out of time.
Yeah, I know.

What did the president
want to see you about?

I don't know yet.

Look, you need to push the
doctor, do you understand me?

We need Simone awake.
If she dies, so be it.

Is it done?

I'm not certain.

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

I don't think
my shot killed him,

but I'm sure
he's wounded.

The longer he's out there,

the more likely it is he'll
figure out what I've done,

and I cannot afford that

That means, neither can you.
Do you understand me?

Yeah. I understand.

Then make sure he's dead.



Go ahead, sir.

Mr. President.


I understand we're
running out of options.

We're not
giving up, sir.

But there's no real
reason to be optimistic.

The percentages are not in our favor, Mr.
President, I'm sorry.

Don't apologize, Jack.

You're the only one
that's even come close

to catching
Al-Harazi. Sit down.

I need you to do
something for me, Jack,

something you're not
gonna want to do.

Mr. President, I'll
do whatever you need.

A few minutes ago, I spoke
directly to Margot Al-Harazi.

This is a recording
of the relevant part.

My offer is simple.

I'll surrender
myself to you

at a time and place
of your choosing.

In return,

you agree to destroy
all of the stolen drones.

Dump them in the Channel,
off of Dover,

where we can verify
their destruction.

I don't believe
you're serious.

You claim to abhor the
shedding of innocent blood.

Prove it.

Shed mine.

Be at Wembley Stadium,
in the center of the pitch,

by 7:00 p.m. Alone.

HELLER: I'll be there.

I want you to swear on
the soul of your husband.

I swear on the
soul of my husband

I will destroy the drones

once you are dead.

We have an agreement.
I'll be there.

Sir, I won't presume
to lecture you,

but it is a matter of
national policy.

The United States does not
negotiate with terrorists.

This is not a national
policy issue.

This is my
letter of resignation,

effective in an hour.

That makes this a personal
decision, not an act of state.

Mr. President, there has
to be another way.

I'm listening, Jack.

What if she doesn't
keep her word?

Then the world will peg her
as a liar and a hypocrite.

It'll discredit her

and everything
she stands for.

Sir, I admire your willingness
to sacrifice yourself

in order to resolve
this situation.

But, no, I will not
be a part of this.

We are still
running the numbers,

there is still time and
there is still a chance

to stop this
from happening.

I'm sorry, Mr. President.


I've been diagnosed
with Alzheimer's.

I've known it
for six months.

And in another year,

I won't recognize
one face in the room.

It's just a matter
of time before

it becomes
public knowledge.

Then I will be
forced to retire.

Mr. President, this
isn't just about you.

I know it's not
just about me!

It's about those dead bodies
in the hospital parking lot.

it's about the thousands who will
die the next time she attacks!

And you and I both know
that she'll attack again.


Let me make it real
simple for you, Jack.

If you were standing
right here,

in these shoes,
in my position,

you would do the
exact same thing.

Face it, son, you and I are
the only chance they have.

What would you
need me to do?

I want you to get me to Wembley
Stadium in complete secrecy,

and I want you to
do it now.

Have you told Audrey?

In order for
this to work,

you would have to find one more
person that you could trust.

Why is that?

Because I would need
help from the inside

to get you past the Secret
Service and British Security.

Stay here.
Give me a minute.

Mr. President, Al-Harazi
will not keep her word.

Have you read
her files?

This is different,
it's personal.

She believes that you have killed
her husband. She blames you.

Exactly, it's personal.
She wants me.

Once she gets me,

she'll no longer have a reason
to destroy half of London.

As if she needs a reason.

Mark, I am the reason.
She said it on her video.

I believe her.

Listen, you've been a loyal
friend and supporter for years.

Don't deny me
this last service.


To facilitate your death?

Now, Mark,
we can't debate this.

Are you with me
or not?


Good. I wrote a letter
to the vice president.

I want you to deliver it
to him when I'm dead.

The transition should be
smooth, and if he asks you,

I am sure that you will serve
him faithfully, as you have me.



What's the status
on Simone?

It's the same.

Damn it, Hold you, you
need to push the doctor.

Jack, she's not gonna tell
us anything if she dies.

If she doesn't give us anything
now, it's not gonna matter.

Look, things have changed here.
What do you mean?


This needs to stay
between you and me.

I want your word.
Yeah, you have it.

President Heller's
agreed to comply

with Margot Al-Harazi's

I don't believe it. Well,
you'd better believe it.

He's arranged to turn
himself over to her

within the hour.
He's asked me to help.

The only way we can stop this from
happening is to find Margot fast.

So wake the bitch up.

We need to
wake her right now.

I told you,
she'll probably die.

Well, actually, you didn't
say probably before,

but that doesn't
matter right now,

so just give her anything that
you think will wake her up.

I'll have to ask
you to leave.

I'm gonna have to ask you to do what
I say and wake her up right now.

Who do you think you are?
Just do it.

If she dies, it's on your head.
Move quickly!



Okay, step away.

Simone, can you hear me?

Do you remember
who I am?

Do you remember being
in the car with me?

There were explosions.

We almost died.
Do you remember that?

Those were missiles sent from a
drone operated by your mother.

She tried to kill you.
Do you understand that?

You tried to save your
sister-in-law, but you couldn't.

But there are thousands of other
people that you can save.

Where is your mother?

Simone, I know what it's
like to be betrayed, okay?

Believe me,
I know the feeling,

but right now, you have
got to trust yourself.

Innocent lives are
in your hands.

Women, children, children
just like your niece,

just like Yasmin.

Come on, Simone, please.

10 Broadmoor, Hampton.

But she won't be there.

Where do you think she is?

I don't know.

You won't find her.

Is there anything else
you can give me?

Anything at all, please.

My husband, Naveed,

he hid a disk under
the floorboard upstairs.

That might provide a way
into the system... (GASPING)

DOCTOR: Seizing.


For God's sake,
stand aside.

Five milligrams midazolam, now.
MAN: Yes, Doctor.

This is Agent Morgan.

Send the nearest tac team
to 10 Broadmoor, Hampton.

Have them call me on the
way and I'll brief them.

Gentlemen, you two are the only
ones who know what's going on.

I want you to put aside your
differences and work together.

Time is short. Jack, call
me when you have a plan.

Yes, sir.

Never thought
this would happen?


We need to find a way
to trust one another.

The president gave
us a directive.

That's good enough
for me.


Tell me what you need.

Secret Service
protocols for the day.

The deployments
and names of every agent.

You'll have them.

British Security, too.

That's trickier, but
I'll do what I can.

I also need you to clear the
hallways back as far as possible.

I'll call a staff meeting.
Pull everyone in.

Okay, good.
Audrey, too.

Meetings gonna have to
take place in 15 minutes.

I'm gonna need a car and a
helicopter outside the perimeter.

Plus, the gate number and
codes for Wembley Stadium.

If I need anything else,
I'll call you.


She's never gonna
forgive me for this.


Yeah. Jack, Simone
gave us something.

Please tell me it's Margot's location.
No. The next best thing.

A disk that might get us
into Margot's system.

What do you
mean "might"?

We'll know soon enough. I
have a tac team on the way.

I still have to brief them and
I thought you'd want to know.

Okay, look, if it's
anything digital,

upload it to Chloe, tell her to
call me as soon as she gets it.


(SIGHS) Hey.

Preparing for the
staff meeting?

Yeah. We need to
make a plan

to help the British deal with
today's drone attack. (SIGHS)

You still have that
picture of you,

me and your mother
at the beach?

When I was little?

Yeah. Can I see it?


It's kind of like
my good luck charm.

When I was
a little girl,

I thought if I always
had this with me,

nothing bad could
ever happen.

Here we go.

You ready?
I'm ready.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God,
look at you and Mom.

Oh, my God.

You were great-looking then, too.


You okay, Dad?

I mean, apart from...

Apart from this being
the worst day of my life,

I'm doing great.



I'm sorry, I gotta
get back to work.

Yeah. Love you.
I love you, too.



Here's the Secret Service
detail for the next 30 minutes.

Thank you. What about the Brits?
I'm still working on it.

I'll send it to you along with
the location of the chopper

and the gate code for Wembley.
Thank you.

The staff meeting
starts in three minutes.

Everyone will be there.
The halls will be deserted.

Good work.


Mr. President, we need to leave
the premises in five minutes.

Meet me in your office now.
HELLER: I'll be there.

Thank you.

All right, good luck.

Thank you.
We're gonna need it.

Navarro. MAN: It's Agent
Reed on the line.

Agent Reed? Are you sure?
Yes, sir.

That's how he identified himself.
And it sounded like him.

Shall I put him through?

Yes, of course,
put him through.

Jordan, where are you?

I thought you'd be back by now.
Someone tried to kill me!

Are you all right?

No, I'm not all right! I
need someone to bring me in!

Who tried to kill you?
Did you...

Did you get
a good look at him?

No. But he's still
around somewhere.

You need to send
someone right now!

All right,
just calm down.

Okay. I'll send Erik.
Where are you?

I'm near the back alley,
behind the market,

on the south side
of the canal.

Next to a motorcycle
repair shop.

Listen to me,
stay where you are.

Don't move,
do you understand?

I understand.



He's in the back alley,
behind the market,

on the south side
of the canal.

You sure?

Yes. The south side.
I just talked to him.

Finish this. Now.

All systems go?

Yes, sir.

I'll spare you the details, Mr.

but it looks like we
might be able to access

Margot Al-Harazi's
computer files.

When did that happen?

A few moments ago. It's still a long
shot, but I'll keep you posted.

Well, I'm not counting on a Hail Mary.
No, sir.

Are you sure that
this part is necessary?

Unfortunately, yes,
Mr. President.

You know, the Secret
Service doesn't check on

the president's transponder
signal very often, Jack. Honest.

We can't afford to take that chance.
It's gotta come out.

This is gonna
hurt, sir.

I'm sorry, sir.

You've done enough damage
as a federal agent, Jack.

Thank God you didn't
become a surgeon.

Did you remember to
tell your staff

that you wanted to
remain undisturbed?

Yeah. In the office,
hard at work all evening.


If an agent wants to check for
a signal, that'll confirm it.


I'm waiting on Mr.
Boudreau to confirm

that everyone's attending
the staff meeting.

(PHONE runes)

That it?

Yes, sir.

Mr. President.

Are you absolutely
sure about this?

I'm sure, Jack.

JACK: Let's go.


Okay, Mr. President,
come on.

Straight through
the door.


My feed's breaking up.


Agent Harwell,
I believe.

Mr. President. ls
everything all right, sir?

Yeah, just getting
a little exercise.

I like to use
the stairs.

Of course, Mr. President,

but I think it
might be best...

Geez, Jack.

I gotta lock him
in the bathroom.



Mr. Boudreau said you wanted
a chopper with no pilot?

That's right. Good. So
I sent the pilot home.

Ron. Sir, can I
assume that you're...

Mr. President.

Great job. Thank you.
Keep this between us.

Yes, sir.



How long till
we get to Wembley?

About 10 minutes, sir.



Get up.

I said get up and put your
hands on top of your head!


That's right,
I got that one, too.

Now, I'm not gonna
ask you again.

Get up and put your hands
on top of your head.

I know Steve Navarro
sent you to kill me.

He's the only one
who knows where I am.

Just tell me why
and I'll let you go.

Do you even know
how to use that thing?

You don't want to find out.
Trust me.

Is the safety
on or off?

Careful, now.

You can't afford to
make a mistake.







This is tac team seven.

We're at the Al-Harazi house.
No sign of anyone so far.

MAN: Pull 'em.

Al-Harazi's gone,
just like you thought.

We're pulling the
floorboards now.

Tear the place apart
if you have to. Just hurry.

Sir, I think we
found something.

Agent Morgan, we just found a disk drive.
Is that what you're after?

That must be.
Send it to me right now,

but keep looking
just in case.

Roger that

Harris, come here. Upload this
back to station right now.


Where's Agent Reed?

He left about an hour ago.

He left? Where?

I don't know.
He didn't say.

Okay, the tac team at Hampton just
uploaded a disk. Do you have it?

Yeah. It's...


Okay, send it to
Chloe O'Brian, please.

O'Brien. Isn't she
the one who...

Yes. Just do it.
This is her contact.

Yes, ma'am.

Write her a cover
letter saying

I'll call her soon
and I'll brief her.

Thank you.


You've reached Jordan Reed. Please
leave a message. (VOICEMAIL BEEP)

We found the disk at Margot
Al-Harazi's old location.

Simone was right.
Anything useful?

I don't know.
I need Jordan to see

if he can get into
Margot's system,

but he's not here. Do
you know where he is?

He's not at
his workstation?

No, and Agent Leonard
said that

he took off about
an hour ago,

but I tried his cell
and he didn't pick up.

Well, it's not like him
to just take off.

Especially on
a day like today.

I'll get
security on it.

Any chance that we can find
Al-Harazi's new location?

Hamptons is outside
of the CCTV web

and she got
a 30-minute head start,

which means 500
square miles

of potential
hiding places.

Switching from passive
control to active on drones

one, two,

four, five and six.

We're back. Just like
we never even moved.

Good work, Ian.

Thanks, Mum.

We should be safe
here for a while.

Long enough, anyway. Prep our
nearest drone for the attack.

Position the others for
destruction once Heller is dead.

If you say so.

It just seems
like such a waste.

No. Let the world see
that justice was done

and that even a so-called
terrorist can keep her word.

Do you think Heller
can keep his?

We'll find out
soon enough.

There it is, sir.

Wembley Stadium.


Mr. President, hold on.

Chloe, go ahead.

Simone was right. The drive may
contain a way into Margot's system,

but there are firewalls
inside of firewalls.

Then we need to
get through them.

I'm aware of that, Jack.

But even if I do get in,
I have to find the subsystem

that controls the drone. Hey, love.
Buy you a pint?

And that'll have
firewalls, too.

How much time
are we looking at?

I don't know if I can do this,
not in the next few minutes.

I don't exactly have
what you would call

an ideal working situation
at the moment, Jack.

I'm doing the best I can.
I want you to know that.

Chloe, do what you can
and get back to me.

I'm sorry, Mr. President.
We gotta go.

(PHONE runes)

dealt with the analyst?

It's taken care of.

You're sure?

You don't need to worry about it.


What? Hold you, I'm
working as fast as I can.



I'm really busy right now.
So I gathered.

Did you think
I was Bauer?

Suppose you can't help yourself.
I have to go.

I found a new place.

We'll be safe there.
For a few weeks anyway.

Look, why don't
you come back?

I'm working on something.
Maybe later.

I'm doing something
really important right now.

You used to think what
we did was important.

I suppose Bauer
changed all that.

Nothing's changed. I still
believe in what we're doing.

I'm just helping Jack right now.
Goodbye, Adrian.

Mrs. Boudreau?

She's in with
the President, sir.

The President left strict
instructions not to be disturbed.

We didn't think it would apply
to her, and she insisted.


Just now.


You're not gonna
believe this.

You knew?

Mark, you knew?

Tell me that
it's not too late.

It is.

You helped him?

it's what he wanted.

Mark, you know
that he's not well.

I know. I know, but...
How could you help him?

How could you not tell me? I could've...
I could've changed his mind.

Believe me,
his mind was made up.

I could have tried.
At least I could've...

At least I could've
said goodbye.

I don't think he could
have borne that.

You might as well have killed
him with your bare hands.

That is not fair. Fair? Don't
talk to me about fair.

Mark, you are my husband.
You should have told me.

I will never trust you again.
No, never.

Your father was the
greatest man I ever knew.

It was a privilege
to serve him.

Today he asked
for one last service.

I hated doing it with
every fiber of my being.

But I'd do it again
if he asked me to.

And if you can't live
with that, then...

Then so be it.

You do what
you have to do.

But we will be
quiet about this.

Because that is the way
your father wanted it.

Do you understand me?


How will we know
when it's over?

We'll get a call.

Someone's with
him now?



Someone he trusts.

As he trusts me.



End of the road, Jack.

I gave you
a presidential pardon.

A pardon?


(SIGHS) All charges against you
from four years ago vanish,

as well as any charges that
might come up with today.

You can go
home again, Jack.

Mr. President, I'm not
looking for a pardon.

Especially not for this.

I think what
you're doing is wrong.

This is the right
way for me to go.

Yes, sir.


Any progress?
CHLOE: Some.

I isolated the
drone module

and managed to resolve the data
packet into three streams.

The one that actually controls the
drone is impenetrable, so far.

JACK: What about
the other two?

They seem
more vulnerable

but I still can't tell
what their function is.

I need more time.

How much?

Jack, we're out of time.

Mr. President.

CHLOE: Jack? Jack?


There it is.

IAN: The only question is
whether he's really there.

Let's find out. Move in.

My God.

He really is there.

Move in closer.

Facial recognition.

Are the missiles
ready to fire?


I'll do it.



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