24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 10 - 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack captures Navarro. Kate finds out her husband was framed for Navarro's crimes. Adrian and Chloe are taken hostage by Cheng Zhi who forces Chloe to fix the Override device and Mark surrenders Jack's locations to the Russians.

I looked into the protocol of
handing Bauer over to the Russians.

Rendition requires the
President's direct approval.

He needs to sign.

How soon can we expect
to take custody of Jack Bauer?

Is there some reason you are uncomfortable
involving President Heller?

Chloe, I've got
the override device.

I want you to
take a look at it.

I'm not coming.

Margot's dead, and it's not
my problem anymore.

Thank you.
For what?

Another chance.

I know that this
was about Adam.

Her own husband selling
secrets to the Chinese?

And she didn't know?

You said you were
going to stop your analyst

from retrieving the deleted
partitions from Adam Morgan's files.

If he sees
those partitions,

he's going to know
that you're the source

of Intel I've been
selling to China.

Is there someone you can
send me? A cleaner?

I'm just
a middleman here.

You've been well-paid.
Sort it out.

They found Jordan, Steve.
He's dead.

What happened?

I'm not sure, but they said
that they found two bodies.

Two bodies?

If it's the operative I sent to kill
him, he can be traced back to me.

I need money, paperwork
and safe transport.

I understand the override
device is on its way to you.

Bring it to me.

And you have
everything you ask for.

General Coburn's sending over
a DOD tech to analyze it.

What we're
dealing with here...

Unlimited access to
any defense system out there.

I'm going to find
out who this guy is.

I'm going to run his fingerprints
through the database,

see if I can find a match.

- We have a hit.
- Who was he associated with?

Steve Navarro.

Kate, it's Jack.

I need your help.
What's going on?

The operative that killed your
agent was sent by Navarro.

What are you talking about?

Navarro and the killer were in
the same covert unit together.

He was his handler.

Well, why would Navarro
want Jordan killed?

Before I could confront him, he
took off with the override device.

Kate, this thing is more
dangerous than we thought.

It's not restricted to drones. It can
access multiple weapons systems.

Even those from
other countries.

Oh, my God.

I'm in pursuit now. I need you
to send a tac team unit.

Use satellite and closed circuit
television, lock into my phone.

Get back to me.

Do you have it?

I'm almost
at Finsbury square.

Meet me at
Liverpool Street station.

How will I
recognize you?

Don't worry, I'll find you.

Once it's in my hands,
of course,

the car will arrive,

and all the arrangements
have been made

to take you safely
out of the country.

And once I hand
over the device,

how will I know you're going to
keep your end of the bargain?

Well, not keep up
your end of the bargain,

and spend
the rest of your life

in federal penitentiary,
if you like.

That is, if you can
avoid the death penalty.

It's your choice.

I'll be there
in five minutes.

What's going on?

I'm taking
the override back.

Yates' device?

My device.

You told me that
Yates designed it.

Yates engineered certain aspects
of it, but I designed it.

He stole it from me.

And modified it for
the US drone system,

just so he could sell it to
terrorists and line his own pockets.

Never gave
a damn about the fact

that it could be
worth far more.

What are you
talking about?

Far more than killing
hundreds of innocent people?

We're going to save lives, Chloe.
Millions of them.


We're going to break into
the world's arsenals,

and exploit the vulnerability
in their firewalls.

We're going to share that information
with every nation on Earth.

How effective could a
country's weapons systems be

if its adversaries could
take control of them?

Not very.

Right, so, one stroke

and technological
warfare is obsolete.

Adrian, the override
is locked up at CIA.

How do you expect to
get it out of there?

It's out already. Navarro will
be in momentarily to deliver ii.

He and I did some
business together.

He provided me
with classified files,

some of which I then brokered
to the Chinese intelligence.

Operations cost, Chloe.
Even ours.

Chinese were
willing to pay.

They assumed they were
exploiting me, I was using them.

It's all part of the same fight.
Better world.

What you would have wanted
for Morris and Prescott.

Have some faith in me.

We're so close.

Come on.

You're with me?

Go ahead. Gavin Leonard,
West London Station.

Agent Morgan instructed me
to call you.

What do you got?

Agent Navarro
locked out our access

to CCTV cameras.

I'm not sure how long it's going
to take me to get us back in.

Okay, I want you to
switch over to satellite,

get a fix on my location,

get the tac team
over here now.

Will do.

I'm approaching the west side
of the station.

There should
be a blue construction wall

just ahead of you
on the left.

I see it.

Okay, I'm there.
I'm at the wall.

You'll find an envelope
in the cement mixer.

I see it.

Okay, I've got it.

Good. Drop the device through
the slot directly behind you

through the
construction wall.

Drop it now.

Okay, it's done.
Where's my car?

Where the hell is my car?

Talk to me,
you son of a bitch!

Don't you move!

Drop your weapon!

On the ground now!

Interlock your fingers
behind your head.

Get down!

Where is it? Where is the
override device?

'Cuff him.

Hands behind your back.

Come on.

Damn it!

Out of the way.
Out of the way, move!

Out of the way, move!

Police emergency,
out of the way! Move!


Yeah, it's Jack.
I need you to track a train

Liverpool Street Station,

heading westbound now.

Someone triggered the emergency
brake three minutes ago

on the Circle line
before the next station.

Two people on the train
got off in the tunnel.

Where there's no closed circuit television.
This was planned.

They're gone. Thanks.

Go ahead.
Jack, it's Kate.

You've got me and
Agent Ritter on speaker.

We're back at CIA.
What's your status?

We got Navarro.

But he handed off the override
device to Adrian Cross

before I could get to him.

What does Adrian Cross
have to do with any of this?

I don't know yet.

I'll put out an all-agencies
search on him now.

You can try, but
Adrian Cross has spent

the last decade
eluding authorities.

Kate, Chloe O'Brian
was with him.

Jack, are you sure?

Positive, I saw her.

I tried calling,
but the line's dead.

That doesn't make any sense, Chloe's
been helping us all day long.

If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't
have gotten to Margot in time.

I know.

You think
O'Brian was playing us?

Biding her time until
we got the device back

so she could
give it to Cross?

My gut says no,
but I can't be sure.

I'm coming in
with Navarro now.


You're the ranking now.

Can I have
everyone's attention, please.

As some of you
may already know,

Station Chief Navarro has been
taken into custody as a suspect

in the murder of
analyst Jordan Reed.

And for the theft of the override
device used in today's attacks.

As senior agent, I'm assuming
the duties of Station Head

for the time being.

Recovering this device
is our number one priority.

I'll be issuing protocols and
responsibilities shortly. Thanks.

Let's get back to work.

I need you to get into
Jordan's system and see

if he was working on anything
specifically to do with Navarro.

Something worth
killing him for?


Dad, you can't mix alcohol with
your medication...

Just the one.

I was asked to tell you that Air
Force One is on the tarmac,

and it's fueled and ready.


You know, I came over here to keep
our drone bases in Diego Garcia.

And now I'm going
back with nothing.

Except a slew of British and
American lives on my conscience.

You are not responsible
for what Al-Harazi did.

You were willing to give up
your life to save others, Dad.

Do not blame yourself
for anything.

I think I'll leave that one
up to the historians.

We should tell the Secret Service
that I'm ready to go home.

Putin a call to
the Vice President,

tell him that I'm getting ready
to make the announcement,

and that he should prepare
himself to take over.

Dad, um...

We've already
talked about this.

Yeah, he's gonna be at Andrews...

Mark, please!

Agent Ritter is calling
from the West London Station.

He needs to speak
to you immediately.

Well, put him on.

Agent Ritter,
you're on with the President.

Mr. President,
I'm calling to alert you

that the override device
used in today's attacks

was stolen
from our facility.

We believe that Adrian Cross and
his people are in possession of it.

How did that happen?

Agent Ritter, where is your
Station Chief Navarro?

Agent Navarro is
responsible for the theft.


Jack Bauer just
apprehended him.

Mr. President, it's important that
you understand that this device

seems to be far more
dangerous than we realized.

How's that?

The tech that
the DOD sent over

was assaulted by Navarro before
he could complete his analysis,

but it seems from his notes that
this device can get past the basic

firewall security
most countries use

to protect their military
command and control systems.

Where's Bauer now?

He's transporting Navarro
back here for interrogation.

When he gets back, give
him everything he needs.

And keep me posted.

Yes, sir.

I want a full report
from DOD

and any counter measures
that they can think of.

Yes, sir.

And, Mark, tell Air Force One
to stand down.

We're not going anywhere
till we figure this out.

Got it.

Agent Morgan,
I think I found something.

That connects to Navarro?


Before Jordan left, he was running
some data restoration protocol.

What was he
trying to recover?

Some files that
Navarro was working on

sometime last year
and then deleted.

Those files, they
contain classified material

that was supposedly leaked to
the Chinese by your husband.

The intel originated
from Navarro.

You're telling me
Navarro was the one

who sold the intel
to the Chinese,

but he made it look
like my husband did it?

He set my husband up.

Is that right?


- Son of a bitch!
- Kate! Kate, hold on.

Kate! Do you understand
what he did?

I get it, I get it, I know. But
this is not the time or place.

- Go to your office.
- I can't do that.

Go. Now.
That's an order.

What's that about?

I'm still finding out what
else Navarro was into.

Looks like he was the one who
sold secrets to the Chinese,

and set Kate's husband up
to take the fall.

I'm getting authorization to have
him sent down to special activities

for enhanced interrogation.

That's not gonna work.

Navarro was in covert ops.

He's been trained to resist
those exact same techniques.

What do you suggest?

Let me talk to him.


He views you and
everybody else here

as a subordinate.

He will not be
afraid of you.

But he knows my history.


Okay, you can talk to him. Soon
as he's set up in interrogation.

But if you cross the line,
I'm pulling you.

Just so we're clear,
I wasn't asking.

That was me
being courteous.


I don't need you
to say anything.

I know.

At least your husband's
name has been cleared.

It's too late
for that, Jack.

My husband got a life sentence,
and a month into it,

he hung himself all because
of that son of a bitch

who I thought was my friend.

I'm sorry.

I have to
interrogate Navarro.

We need to find
the override device.

You need to decide whether or
not you want to stay here.

Nobody would fault you
if you chose to step aside,

especially me.

Okay. The readings
are coming in...

Respiration and thermal
elevated, as you'd expect.

It's gonna be
hard to get a reading

until we get him
settled into a baseline.

I don't need biometrics.

As long as you
remember the ground rules.


I'd like to observe.

I'm fine.

Take off the restraints,
give us the room.

You know the drill, but I'm gonna
lay it out for you anyways.

The CIA knows
you had Agent Reed murdered.

And you've been selling
secrets to the Chinese,

and had Agent Morgan's
husband framed for it,

who was also
a federal agent.

I am an eye witness to you
stealing the override device

and handing it over
to Adrian Cross,

knowing its full potential as
a weapon of mass destruction.

There is only
one outcome here,

and that is
the death penalty.

Unless, of course,
you cooperate.

Help us find it.

Then I'm pretty sure
I can get them

to take that off the table.

The truth is I never knew I
was dealing with Adrian Cross.

He kept all of our
interactions anonymous.

But I do know how
you can find him,

and the override,
if you move quickly.

In return,
I want full immunity.

Signed by
the President. Period.

No negotiations.
End of discussion.

Nobody here is going to
give him immunity, right?

And before you
bother to object,

remember we are talking about
a weapon of mass destruction.

Aren't we, Jack?

I'm going to ask you
one last time nicely.

Where's the override device?

Come on now.
You and I both know

they're not going
to let you hurt me.

Agent Ritter is
acting Head of Station,

and there's no way he's going
to let you screw up his career.

Let's face it, Jack.

Anything you say or do

between now and me
getting that immunity

is just a waste of time.

Tick took.

Well, I can assure you full
immunity is not on the table.

But your hand is.

Where is the
override device?

Clear this room!

Get him out of here!

Get off!

Medic! Get a medic in here.


You're not going to
get away with this.

Not after what
you did to Adam!

Go! Put a guard on him.
Take him down to the medical.

Yes, sir.
No one near him.

You cannot make
a deal with this man.


Listen to me, Kate.
Listen to me.

If Navarro really does know how
to find the override device,

then I have to make
the case for immunity

in return for information that might
lead to recovery of the device.

The rest is up
to the President.

The President wants an immunity
agreement drawn up for Steve Navarro.

That's hard to understand
after what he did.

You don't have to understand, just draft
it out for him as soon as possible.


The AG needs to
sign off on it too

so set up a link to
the Justice Department.

You want me to patch it through
to the office or the cell?


Uh, the office.
Thanks, Ron.

You got it.

I'm sorry that I snapped at you
when I was with my father.


Mark, look,
I know that he put you

in an impossible situation

ordering you not to
tell me that he was

turning himself
over to Al-Harazi.

But that's not what this
is really about, is it?

The distance between us?

What do you mean?

The moment Jack Bauer showed up in
London, things changed for you.

That's the truth.

Admit it.


What happened between Jack and
I, that was a long time ago.

That may be true,
but clearly you've not

resolved your
feelings for him.

Why are you going there?

Because I'm tired
of dancing around like this.

I want to know
where we stand.

I made a commitment
to our marriage

and I intend to honor it.

Well, I'm glad
that I'm an obligation

that you're taking seriously.

That's not what I meant.

What did you mean?

I can't talk to you
when you're like this.


It's Mark Boudreau.

Put him on the phone.

It's him.

I hope you're calling
to tell me you have Jack Bauer

ready to turn over to us.

Not exactly.

Moscow will be
very sorry to hear

that they'll be letting
your State Department know

you forged
your President's signature

on Bauer's rendition order.

I suspect prison may be
in your future, my friend.

Look, I don't have
Bauer but

I can tell you how
to find him.

Go on.

He's in the field.

He's using
an encrypted CIA comlink.

I have the transmission code.

Your men will be able
to pinpoint his location.

That would be satisfactory.

My aide will text you
on a secure channel.

Upload the code to him there.

Needless to say, my involvement
in this remains between us.

If we successfully

acquire Bauer,

no one will ever need to know.

Adrian? Do you have it?

Yes. ls everything ready?

Yeah, we should be
fully operational in about

15 to 20 minutes.

Right, Chloe and I
should see you then.

Have you told her

Speak to you shortly.


Adrian, I gotta go pee.
Sorry. Yes?

All right, all right.


Wait, wait!

No, wait, wait!
Don't go!

Give me that. Just give me that.
Just give me that.

Why do you insist
on disappointing me?

What is wrong with you?

You can't actually
think this would work.

I would've thought, of all people,
you might have understood.

Distributing weapons
to everyone?

Get in the car.

Just get in the car.

Are you
asking me or telling me?

I think you know
the answer to that.

How about giving me
something for the pain?

I've been instructed
not to.


Get your hands up
right now.

Kate, what are you doing?

You, shut up.
Get your hands up.

Turn around, right now. Turn
around, get against the wall, now.

On your knees.
You too. On your knees.

Kate, you don't have to
do this.

Son of a bitch.

You framed my husband.
He's dead because of you.

Just think about
what you're doing.

You've got a long
career ahead of you.

Do you understand that,
when Adam was arrested,

I blamed myself for not
knowing he was a spy.

And, all the while, you stood by
me pretending to be my friend.

Kate, if you kill me, the CIA will
never get their hands on that device.

I don't give
a damn about that!

Easy, Kate!

Bauer, get her off of me!
Kate, put the weapon down.

Back off, Bauer. This has
got nothing to do with you.

We need him alive to
know what he knows.

He doesn't know anything.
He's playing us.

That's not true. Bauer!

Agent Morgan, put it down!

He's got no idea where the device is.
He's lying

just like he lied about everything else!
No, I'm not!

I put a tracker on the device.
I can tell you where it is.

You lying bastard!
Please, put the weapon down

and let him talk! I can
give you the trackers code.

I don't believe you.

I'm going
to put a bullet in your head.

Kate, Kate!
Put the weapon down!

Three, eight,
four, six, nine, romeo.

Three, alpha,
four, six, nine, romeo.

That's the code.
I'm telling you the truth.

Did you get that?


Running the trace now.

Seems to be legit.

It's already triangulating
within a four mile area.

Copy that. He's logging
onto the override device.

It worked.

You're done.

You're going to be executed
for murder and for treason.

And I'm going to
be thereto watch.

What the hell's going on?

Agent Morgan broke Navarro. We got
a lock on the override device.

We need to
move immediately.

We don't know how
long Adrian Cross

is going to stay put.


Weapon systems in the Middle East may
also be vulnerable to the override.

The Chinese carrier making its
way into the Mediterranean

is fraying a lot of nerves.

What's your recommendation?
Should we alert NATO?

Sir, I'd be very wary about
broadcasting the existence

of a device that can access
our defense systems.

It would be
extremely destabilizing.

Sorry, I'm late. Here's that
immunity agreement you asked for.

Not going to be necessary.

They managed to
get Navarro to talk.

That's good news.
What did he tell them?

He installed a tracker
on the override device.

We're not
taking anything for granted.

We're just praying that Jack

and the lac teams

can locate it
and locate it quickly.

Bauer's involved
in the operation?

Yeah, he's leading it.

All right, General,
what are we doing

to protect ourselves
against this?

All branches
of the military are on

system-wide security alert.

Gavin, we're
approximately five miles

from the outer perimeter
of the search grid.

Do you have a location?

It's taking
a while to lock in.

Something must be
blocking the signal.

Can you
do something about it?

Try and compensate. Send you
approximate coordinates.

Still going to be
a large search radius.

Work fast.

Tactical one, do you copy?

Tactical one. Over.

We can't enter
as a convoy.

Adrian Cross's people will see
us coming from a mile away.

I want you to enter
the grid from the south.

Teams two and three from the
east and west, respectively.

Copy that.

You okay?

The last time I saw my
husband, he was in custody.

We were going to go over
his appeal.

He was really happy
to see me until he realized

that I no longer
believed him.

I'll never forget
the look in his eye.

I know that was the moment

that he decided to
take his own life.

Not because
he was convicted,

but because I had
deserted him.

How am I supposed
to live with that?

You just do.

Four years ago, my partner...

My friend was killed.

And I took as much revenge as

any man could possibly take.

Cost me everything I had.
What was left of my family.


Somehow, I thought it would

ease the pain, but it doesn't.

And, somewhere in your heart,
you have to really accept that.

And then you can
begin to forgive yourself.

I've moved everyone here.

This way.

It used to be a college tech lab.
Budget cuts.

They're all going to be
very happy to see you.

Do they know what you're planning
on doing with the device?

Yes, yes.


Chloe? Chloe?
Chloe, we've got to go.


Chloe, come on. We've got to go.
Come on.

Stay rig ht there.


Take the device.

How did you do this?

What, this?

I didn't do this, you did.

When you tried
to deceive us.

Look, we've paid you
to develop the override.

Not for you to give it away
to the rest of the world.

Your government would have
got what it paid for.

He doesn't work
for the Chinese government.

Ms. O'Brian. You are
along way from home.

You're working with Chang?

Are you insane?

How do you know him?

He was with
Chinese intelligence,

head of security at the Chinese
consulate in Los Angeles.

His own country
had him arrested.

He's supposed to be
rotting in prison.

He kidnapped Jack, had him put in
a secret prison outside Beijing,

and tortured him
for over a year.

When Audrey Heller went
to go look for him,

he did the same thing
to her.

The device has been altered.

What have you done?

Yates has modified it

so that it focuses on
the US drones' core.

Well, you will restore it
to the original state.

Look, I don't have the expertise
for that sort of thing.

All right?

I believe you.

But I'm sure
you can manage.


I'm not going to help you.


And the next one
is in his brain.

Okay, okay, stop.
I'll help you.

Come on, answer the phone.

This is Anatol Stolnavic.
Please leave a message.

this is my third message.

Call off your men.
Do not apprehend Bauer.

Call me as soon
as you get this.

Gavin, this is Bauer,

do you have a lock
on that location yet?

Affirmative. Two-story building,
four ground entrances.

I'm showing satellite uplinks,

several T1 trunk lines.
You're less than three minutes out.

Copy that. Send the address
over to Agent Morgan.

Don't wait too long
for calling in backup.

I know you have a history
with Chloe O'Brian.

My priority is
the override device.

Stay focused on your job.
Stop worrying about me.

How much longer?

I don't know.

If you're stalling or trying to doing
anything to compromise this device...

I'm working on
the buffer configurations.

If it was easy,
you wouldn't have me doing it.

It'll be done when it's done.

What are you planning
on doing anyway?

Don't concern
yourself with that.

Just focus on
the task at hand.

Get up.

We're good.
I can handle it from here.

What about
the virus she planted?

Deleting it now.

Your screen was
mirrored by his.

I knew you were going
to sabotage the device.

You needed me to access
the firmware interface.

Thank you for opening the door, Ms.

We're not going to
get out of this alive.

Don't say that

There's something I...

Should tell you about.

Your husband and your son...


About a year ago, I came
across some documents that

disproved what you had
been led to believe about

that car accident...

Their deaths.

What do you mean?

It was an accident, Chloe.

No one was
trying to kill you.

No one was responsible for
what happened to your family.

Why would you
keep that from me?

I didn't want you to leave.

I was going to tell you
eventually, no matter what.

The truth is always best.

What truth?

The truth when you
decide to tell it?

Look around, Adrian.

All your work
has led to this.

Please, don't ask me to
regret all I've stood for.

I don't.

I'm inside
the naval command server.

Draft the order.

What order?

We're almost done here.

And I really don't have
any use for you anymore.

No, no. No!

No! No, no, no! No!

Erik, I want your tac teams
to hold their position.

We can't run the risk of them
being seen on satellite.

They'll be two
miles behind you.

All teams will be standing
by for your signal.

What the hell was that?

Bauer? Kate, come in.

You okay?

We got two shooters
in the truck, you ready?


Move up! Move up!

It's a nuclear sub.

Yes, it is.

What are you
arming it to do?


Send it.

Sir, incoming
tactical action message.

Let's do it.

What is it, sir?

Fire order. We're to sink the
Chinese carrier, Shenyang.

Could this be a drill?

It's confirmed.

Direct from
Strategic Command.

This is the captain.

Flood torpedo tubes one and two.
Make ready for launch.

Yes, sir.

Sonar. Give me
a solution on the Shenyang.

Bearing, one,
eight, five, seven miles.

Course, zero,
three, zero, at 12 knots.

All tubes report ready.

Fire torpedoes one and two.

Oh, my God.