24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 4 - 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack Bauer takes hostages inside the embassy after being cornered by American troops, Heller makes contact with Jack after his speech to Parliament and Margot forces Naveed to pilot the drones and Kate takes matters into her own hands.

Somethings taken
control of my drone!

It's armed a missile
to attack!

Get to cover now, sir!

Sir, move, move!

No! No!

In the light of this
morning's unfortunate events,

President Heller would
like to offer some words.

Ladies and gentlemen...

What are you going to do
about today's incident?

I wish there were words that
could explain what happened...

There are words!
It was murder!

You can't control your
soldiers or your weapons!

Yates designed an override
device that can take control

of as many as 10 U.S. drones.

That device is now in the
hands of a known terrorist.

The new drones carry
six Hellfire missiles.

You have any idea what that could
do to a city like London?

Looks like Interpol has a
facial rec match. We got her.

Simone Al-Harazi.

Multiple EU warrants on
terrorism-related charges.

Is she related to
Margot Al-Harazi?

Yes. Why?

Because she was responsible for an attack
on a military housing complex in Iraq.

Most of the victims
were women and children.

Well, Simone
is her daughter.

It's no small thing
to kill a man.

To see the Hie
go out of him.

I didn't think
I could do it.

But I did.
And so will you.

Because what we're doing
is necessary and just.

We are fighting
a war, Naveed.

All that matters
is winning.

The drone pilot's
name is Tanner.

It's all over the news.

Tanner's about to arrive at the U.S.
embassy in London,

where the handover
will lake place.

I'm gonna need you to build me an
identity, high-level clearance.

Enter it into the visitors
log at the embassy.

How quickly can
you get that done?

The ID's not working.

Get out, Jack.
Get out of there now.

I can't. I have to get
into the embassy.

They're shooting at us!
They're shooting at us! Go!


Chloe, I'm inside
the embassy.

How? What's going on?

I created a diversion.

Bit of an understatement.

We've got a problem.

Agent Morgan and her
partner saw me outside.

How did they manage
to do that?

I'm not sure.
She's good.

I got to get in
and out of here

with the flight key
as quickly as possible.

Hold on.

Where am I going?

They're keeping Tanner on the
second floor, east wing, room 217.

You're gonna need
an access pass.

I got one.

This wouldn't have happened if Chell
didn't screw up his ID at the gate.

You wanted this to
happen, didn't you?

And who brought him
in here?

I just want him out.

People are gonna die.
Is that what you want?

And who would be
responsible for that?


I put this
group together,

at some risk to life and
liberty, all of us here,

to expose governments,
not to assist them

with the crises
they've created

by putting drones
in the skies.

Get out of my sight.

How will you get
Jack out of there?

I'm in the embassy
security camera system.

I've got
a building schematic.

I'm gonna talk him out.

The building is full
of U.S. Marines.

I didn't say it
was gonna be easy.

But I'm gonna do
everything I can.

I owe Jack.

I wouldn't be alive
if it weren't for him.

Then we have
that in common.

Your friend is lucky we
still might need his help.

Adrian was just doing
what he thought was right.

Right for who?

All Marines, we need
all hands to cover the embassy.

Heads up.

Captain Cordero,
Agents Ritter and Morgan.

We're in pursuit of
a dangerous fugitive

who escaped CIA
custody earlier today,

Jack Bauer, and he's
somewhere in this embassy.

Well, my priority right now
is to secure this building.

CIA business
will have to wait.

Captain, Bauer's the reason
that all of this happened.

He shot two protesters
to incite the crowd

and cover his entrance
into the embassy.

You're sure about that?
We saw him do it.

We have reason to believe that
he's here for Lieutenant Tanner,

the drone pilot, and we need
to get to him right now,

or God knows what
he's gonna do in there.

With me.

Lopez, Osborne,
your men, let's go.

Yes, sir.

Find out what
holding room Tanner is in,

call the officer
guarding him.

Patch me in.

Lieutenant Tanner?

Can I help you?


Diplomatic security.

I have orders to move you
and Lieutenant Tanner.

I wasn't informed
about this.

Security's just
been breached.

We have protesters in the building.

Sir, if you don't follow
me now, I cannot guarantee

the safety of you or the prisoner.

You stay rig ht there.

Don't be afraid.

My name is Jack Bauer.

I know your drone
was hijacked.

You know I'm innocent?

Yes, I do. The
technology that was used

to control your drone is gonna be
used in a massive terrorist attack

against civilians
later today.

The only way that I can stop
that attack from happening

is from the data
from your flight key.

Lieutenant, please,
where are they holding it?

Wait, how do I know whether
or not to believe you?

Son, right now, the point
is that I believe you.

From everything that I can
see, no one else does.

You want your
name cleared?

I'm your only shot.

It's on Captain Denovo.


Jack, Agent Morgan
and her partner,

they're headed your way
with Marine back-up,

Got the flight key.

Get out of there, Jack.
They're on your floor.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

You're gonna be fine.

Chloe, get me out of here.

The end of the hallway,
take a left.

That should lead you
to a rear stairwell.

Let's get a medic
up here right away.

This is Captain Cordero. Get
me a keypad override on 217.

Casualty down.
Room is clear.

Ah, he's gone.

Bauer was here.

All right, what did he do
and what did he take?

I have nothing
to say to you.

He took Tanner's flight key.

And he was wearing an
embassy security jacket,

and he has a pass.

Prepare to move. I want an
override on all security passes.

Lock down every door
and keypad now.

Go all the way down
to the basement, Jack.

A door leads to
the storage area.

From there, you'll have
access to the street level.

I got it.

Okay, I'm there.

Come on.

Come on.

Damn it.

Everything's locked down.
The key's useless.

Find me another way out.

Jack, I don't see
another way.

They've got more Marines
joining the search for you.

They're everywhere.

Hold on, hold on.

Every U.S. embassy has its own
shielded communication room.

I can use their system to upload
the data from the flight key.

That's not gonna help you
get out of the embassy, Jack.

I know. Just find me
the comms room.

Okay, but I don't think
you understand.

You're not getting
out of there.

It's over.

They're gonna
put you in prison.


Yates's override device is officially
interfaced with our system.

All we need to do now is get
its software talking to ours.

Oh, how long?

Well, I need to check each of the
10 guidance modules separately.

How long?

Naveed will be able
to take control

and pilot the drones
in less than an hour.

I missed you.

But it kept me sane knowing
that when all this is over,

we'll have time for
everything we've put on hold.


have a family.

Sounds wonderful, but it
doesn't change how I feel.

You have doubts.

I understand.

But you don't
have a choice.

Do you realize what my mother
will do to you if you refuse?

I'm not gonna
give her the chance.

What are you
talking about?


You and I, together.

You can't be serious.

Even if I agreed,
it's impossible.

My mother's people watch
who comes and goes.

We wouldn't get past
the front door.

Yasir makes a supply run every
other day between 5:00 and 5:30.

He's due for one later.

No one watches the back
gate while he's gone.

But that gate is locked.
I have keys.

And a car parked
down the road.

You've made up your mind.
You've planned this.

I could have left
a week ago,

but I waited for you.

Naveed, I love you,
so, please,

please just
go through with this

and then we can leave,

and we never have to be a part
of my mother's plans again.

You believe
she'll let you go?


I want to spend the rest
of my life with you.

But I'm leaving today, as soon
as Yasir goes on his run.

You're putting me
in a terrible position.

I know, and I'm sorry.

But you need
to make a choice.

Your mother or me.


I'll come.

You okay?


We got a flash that
the embassy's on lockdown.

What's going on there?

Bauer's here.
He shot two protesters

and forced his way inside the
embassy and he got to Tanner.

So they are
working together.

I'm not sure if that
makes sense anymore.

He didn't try to release
Tanner when he had the chance.

He just took
his flight key.

Level two clear.
We're moving down.

So Bauer wanted the flight
data to Tanner's drone. Why?

We're gonna ask Bauer
when we get to him,

but right now he's still
somewhere inside the embassy

and we're going
floor by floor.

All right,
keep me posted.

There's a fire door on your left.
Comm room is coming up on your right.

Got 'em.

Don't turn around. Open the door.

Get inside.

Everybody on their feet now!

Move slowly towards
the corner.

Sit on the ground
and don't move.

Chloe, I'm inside.

You need a terminal
with a USB port.

I got it. Plugging in
the flight key now.

Okay, go to a command line,
open a T-net window.

I'll give you a secure
IP address.

Hold on.

It's 2.718.281.828.

Done. How close
are the Marines?

Really close, Jack.

Chloe, no matter
what happens to me,

you get this evidence
to President Heller, okay?


Give me your word.

You have my word, Jack.

What the hell was that?

I don't know.

The data on the flight
key is encrypted.

It needs to be unlocked from his
end before it can be transmitted.

What do we need
to do then?


We could send you

a software program that will decrypt
it and then upload it to us.

You should be
receiving that now.

Son of a bitch. How long
is this gonna take?

I've no idea. It depends on the
level of encryption they've used.

Come on. Come on.

Jack, they're in the corridor,
right outside.

You have to buy more time.

Which direction
are they coming from?

Rounding the corner
on your left.

Can you see if the Marines
are wearing body armor?

Looks like it to me.

You, in the black jacket,
what's your name?

Jenny. Jenny, slowly
come towards me.

I need you to open the
door on my command.

It's all right, Jenny,
you're doing great.

Just put in the code.

Chloe, where are they?
They're on you, Jack.

Open the door now.

I've got hostages! Stay back!
Close the door now!


Cup of tea?

Yes, please.

You're trying to find the right
words to tell me something.

A problem.

It's that obvious?

It's Naveed, isn't it?

He says he can't
go through with it,

pilot the drones.

He has a plan to leave, and
I've said I'll go with him.

Just to give us time
to work out what to do.

Please don't hurt him.

And do you think
a stern talking-to

will get him
to change his mind?

No, but...

But what?

I love him.

And he's very lucky
that is the case.

This family has worked
too hard for too long

to let anything
or anyone get in its way.

Naveed may be
your husband,

but you must understand,
I will do

whatever's necessary to get
him to pilot those drones.

I wish there were words
that could bring back

the fathers
and husbands lost today

on both our sides.

My hope is that
you will hear me out,

so that we might find a way
to move forward together.

Moving forward together

begins with an understanding
of the threat that we face,

a determined enemy

sworn to destroy
our way of life.

Thousands of our citizens
killed in attacks

against our cities
and our infrastructure.

Thousands killed on the
battlefields of Afghanistan

and Iraq.

But we can prevail.

This is Mark Boudreau.

Sir, this is Head
of Station Navarro

calling to give you an update
on the Bauer situation.

Have you apprehended him?

Not exactly, sir.

Bauer has barricaded himself
inside the communications room

at the American
embassy. And...

He's taken hostages.

What? Why?

We're still trying to
get a complete picture,

but you gave me
specific instructions

to keep Bauer's presence
here in London a secret.

And I just wanted
to give you

advanced warning that that will
no longer be possible, obviously.

Agent Navarro, we'll talk
about my disappointment

with your
performance later.

But now, tell me,

have the Marines taken
control of the situation?

Yes, sir, they have. And I
assume it's only a matter

of time before
they send this up

the chain of command
to the President.

The President needs
to hear it from me.

I need to know
what you know.

Okay, the decryption program
is up and running, but slowly.

I can see that. Hang on a second, Jack.

You wrote this.
Can you speed it up?

No, trouble's on
his end. Look.

The terminal he's using only
has a single-core processor.

Really? Or are you just saying
that to screw over Jack again?

How do I know you're
telling the truth?

I'm doing this for you,
not for him.

Jack, there's nothing
we can do.

At this rate, it'll take 20 to 30
minutes to get the data unlocked

and transmitted to us.

This is Jack Bauer.
Who am I talking to?

My name is
Captain Kevin Cordero.

Mr. Bauer, I'm sure we'd both like
to find a way to end this situation

without loss of life,
yours or the hostages.

I'd like us to
work together...

Captain, the situation
is simple.

I have three hostages.

Keep your men back
and no one gets harmed.

Make a move on this room,
and I kill all three of them.

Are we clear?

Loud and clear.

We go in, I'm not giving
that son cf a bitch a chance

to fire on my men again.

I need them to
take me seriously.

I have no intention
of hurting any of you.

I understand
how difficult this is.

Please, just try and stay calm.

We didn't get to introduce
ourselves earlier.

I'm Agent Ritter, CIA.

This is Agent Morgan.

Look, we're not here to prove any
kind of case against you, Lieutenant.

We just want to talk
to you about Bauer.

And speaking of Bauer,

you should know
that right now,

he's three levels below us,

completely surrounded
by Marines.

So any help you were
expecting from him, don't.

Talk to us, Lieutenant.

What's the point?

No one but Bauer's believed
a word I've said all day.

What is your relationship
with Bauer?

I just met him today.

You expect us
to believe that?

Look, if you didn't know
Bauer before this,

then, uh, why did he go to
so much trouble to find you?

He said he knew I didn't
kill all those soldiers,

that my drone
was hijacked,

and someone was gonna
use the same technology

to launch
a full-scale attack.

So why did he need
your flight key?

He said it could help him
prove what happened.

And stop the attack.

Okay, thank you,

We should've
pushed him harder.

I think he told us
everything he knows.

Which wasn't much.

But you did...
You're buying that story?

Look, when Bauer cornered
me in the tower block, he said

that he was in London to stop
an attack on President Heller.

Meaning what?

You believe what
he told Tanner?

Even though there's not a single
piece of evidence to support it?

That's not what I'm saying.
What I'm saying is that

if there's even a chance that there's
gonna be some kind of an attack,

then we need
to know about it.

We have to talk to Bauer.

I would like to thank you, on
behalf of myself and my country,

for this opportunity to express
our gratitude and appreciation

for the special relationship

that binds our two
great nations together.

God bless
the United Kingdom.

And God bless the United
States of America.

Thank you.

You hear that?

You were fantastic.

Or they're
extremely polite.

It was perfect

Can I talk
to you privately?

Thank you.

What's going on?

There's a situation
at the embassy, sir.

Protesters broke through the
gates about a half an hour ago.

The Marines have reestablished
a perimeter, but...

it's turned into
a hostage situation.


Who's taken hostages?

Jack Bauer.


He fired into
the crowd of protesters,

shot two Marines,
and is threatening

to kill the embassy
employees he's holding.

Why in God's name
would Jack do this?

All I know is,
the CIA picked him up

several hours ago
on an operation,

but he escaped custody.

What... Is that when you
found out about this?

It was.

The fear was that he was
in London for your visit.

I was in the process of gathering
all the facts together for you

when he resurfaced
at the embassy.

What's the situation
on the ground right now?

to General Cobum,

the assault team
is ready to go in.

They're just waiting
for your go-ahead.

So they can kill him.
That's what you're saying?

It's not
a fait accompli.

I'm not making any decisions
till I talk to him.

To Bauer, sir?
I... I'm not sure that...


Make it happen, Mark.

Yes, sir.

I checked without
being obvious.

Yasir's going on his run,
we're good to go.

You told her.

It wasn't easy for her.

My daughter
loves you very much.

Trying to back out is a stain
on your honor, Naveed.

I will give you one
chance to rectify that

Tell me you'll pilot
the drones.

I won't murder innocents.

There are no innocents.

Not when they elect
murderers and collaborators

like Heller and Davies
to lead them.

That's nonsense.

And it's time someone here
stood up and said it.

This is wrong.

And if Simone ever got free
of you, she'd see that, too.

This isn't conscience.

This is cowardice.

If my husband were alive,
he'd be sickened by you.

Everything he sacrificed,
everything he stood for.

You will pilot
the drones.

I will not.

No matter what
you do to me.

I swear.

I believe you.


Come here, please.

Her left hand.

No. No!

Her left hand!

What are
you doing?

Whatever's necessary,
my love.


Do it.


Stop this!

Only you can
do that, Naveed.


Okay, all right!

- All right, just stop. Stop.
- No, no, please!


You'll do
what's necessary?

Yeah. Yeah, just stop
hurting her, please.


Captain Cordero, we just
need to talk to Bauer.

Not when he's
that unstable.

We don't know what could set him off.
Lives are at stake here.

If what Bauer told
Lieutenant Tanner is true,

then many more lives
will be at stake.

We just need to know
if there's any truth to it.

I'm not introducing any other
variables into this equation.

This conversation is over.

All right, this ceiling vent
here gives us direct access,

but the problem there is we have to drop
men down into the room one at a time.

We go in, we go in in
numbers, understood?

Yes, sir.

Look, I know you
don't want to hear this,

but he's probably right.

Bauer shot
those two Marines

square in the middle of
their vests, where he knew

the rounds
wouldn't penetrate.

That's what I call
someone in control.

What are you doing?

Going over Corderdo's head.


you with Navarro?

Putting you on speaker.
It's Kate.

Were you able to
debrief Tanner?

Yeah, we did, and Bauer
told Tanner that he has intel

about an imminent attack
using our own drones, but...

The Marine captain here
in charge is refusing

to let us talk to Bauer so we
can get a confirmation on this.

It's a military operation,
I can't overrule him.

But you know people who can.
You've been speaking

with the President's
Chief of Staff.

Who isn't very happy
with us right now

for losing Bauer
in the first place.

Sir, the President needs to
know about Bauer's claims.

Bauer will get his chance to
address the President directly.


President Heller will be reaching out
to Bauer personally at any moment

to see if he can
get him to surrender.

Well, can you patch us
in to the call?

I'll have Jordan
tie you and Erik in.

Is it possible that Bauer really
is trying to stop an attack?

You're talking about the man
who practically laid waste

to my station
this morning.

Just thinking...

If we'd listened to
what Kate said before,

we wouldn't have lost
Bauer in the first place.

What are you saying?

That it doesn't pay
to dismiss what she says.

I'm not dismissing her.
I'm remaining objective.

Which is something you're not
doing, for obvious reasons.

I'm not blind, Jordan.

You're letting your feelings
for her cloud your judgment.

Yes, sir.

Kate's not infallible.

Remember how wrong
she was about her husband.

Some mistakes you just
can't recover from.

The call from the
President's coming through.

Captain, I thought
we had an understanding.

Jack? It's me.

Mr. President.

To be honest with you, Jack,

I never thought I'd have
to hear your voice again.

I liked it that way.

Yes, sir.

I'm told you just shot two people
out in front of the embassy.

I barely
grazed them, sir.

How do you know that?

Because I pulled
the trigger.

- And now you're holding hostages.
- Kate.

Are you and Erik
getting this?


I'm sure you know that
there's some decisions

to be made here,
but before we do that,

I would like to see if you
and I could resolve this.

So tell me, why are you
here and what do you want?

Mr. President'
I'm here because I believe

the U.S. drone fleet is
vulnerable and will be used

in a terrorist attack
later today.

Explain that, Jack.

A hacker by the name
of Derrick Yates

created an override
device which can

take control of as many
as 10 U.S. drones.

I believe he was
the one who hijacked

Lieutenant Tanner's drone
and used it as a test flight

to prove to his buyers
that the device worked.

Shortly after that
I found him murdered.

Now I believe that the
device is in the hands

of Margot Al-Harazi,
a known terrorist.

Mr. President,
I promise you,

she will use this device
without mercy.

What are you doing
in that room, Jack?

Uploading data from Lieutenant
Tanner's flight key.

I'm working with people who
believe they can use this data

to prove that
the device exists.

Our plan was, as soon
as we had the evidence,

I would turn myself in
and present it to you.

Who are these people
you're working with?

Mr. President,
I can't say.

Sir, I need 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes and I can get
you the evidence you need.

And I promise I will hand
myself over without incident.

Why didn't you come
to me first, Jack?

With all due respect,
Mr. President,

it was your State Department
that labeled me a terrorist

and made me
a wanted man,

a man who was never even
offered an opportunity

to tell his side of the story.
Which, by the way, sir,

I felt I had earned.

So, no, I did not feel comfortable
going to talk to your people.

I knew that I had to either
arrive with the device

or evidence that
the device existed.

That would be the only way
they would believe me.

The only way you
would believe me.

All right, Jack. Stay by this phone.
I'll get back to you.

Sir. Whatever differences
we had,

I never lied to you.

I always told you
the truth.

I'm telling you the truth now,
and I suggest you believe it.

I hear you, Jack.

Chloe, did you gel that?

We don't have much time.

Could he be right?

Could this Lieutenant
Tanner's drone

have been hijacked?

We analyzed the data
on Tanner's flight key,

and found no evidence of that.
And, frankly,

the drone network was designed
to avoid exactly that scenario.

Well, nothing's impossible.

I mean,
the real question is,

why would Jack
make this up?

To cover up what
he's really doing.

Earlier today, he broke a former
associate out of CIA custody.

Chloe O'Brian.


She's a member of Adrian
Cross's group, Open Cell,

who liberated 30,000
secret government documents,

endangering the lives
of agents on the ground.

They are Jack's people.

The terrorist threat
is a cover

to buy him time lo upload
data to Open Cell.

He asked
for only 15 minutes?

Every second we hesitate
could cost lives.

Why don't we just
kill the upload?

We can't, sir. He's in
a secure comms room.

It's why he chose it.

And what if Jack is telling
the truth on this attack?

Are you willing
to take that risk?

Or risk even more
damage from Open Cell?

He's a designated

We don't negotiate
with terrorists.

With all due respect, sir,
this is a clear call.

Maybe a clear call
for you, Mark.

Not so for Audrey and I.

We know Jack Bauer.

You don't.

You're right.

All I've ever seen is the
damage he leaves in his wake.

Let's not forget
the killing spree

that he went on
four years ago,

when he nearly assassinated
the Russian president

And then he fled
the country,

because he didn't want to spend
the rest of his life in jail.

This is not the same man
you once knew.

Tell the Marines to go in
when they're ready.

I need to show
you something.

These drone attacks are
from a few years ago.

The latest drones carry even
more powerful missiles.

You hardly need
to convince me

that governments
shouldn't be

killing civilians
by remote control.

Imagine this happening
here in London

when Margot Al-Harazi
gets control of 10 drones.

Think of the people
that will die.

I'm not really seeing your
point. lam trying to help.

My point is that the Marines
think that Jack is a threat.

They're going to kill him,
along with any chance we have

of stopping this.

So if you can think of a better
way to convince the government

that Jack is
telling the truth,

then tell me now. Please.

I'm sorry.

Me, too.

What is it with you
and Bauer?

Why can't you
just let him go?

Bauer's already
shot two Marines,

so this is
a hair-trigger situation.

You even get a sense
that he is a threat,

and I will back up whatever
decision you have to make in there.

- Understood?
- Yes, sir.

The instant you get a shot,
take Bauer out.


What Bauer told the President today
explains everything that he's done.

Going after Yates
and the flight key.

Why did he break
Chloe O'Brian out?

He said Yates was a hacker.
Maybe she knew him.

Margot Al-Harazi's
details check out.

Shes believed to be hiding
somewhere in England.

Her husband was killed
in a drone attack.

The Marines are looking for any
excuse to take Bauer down,

and if that happens,
we're gonna lose

our best chance at
stopping this attack.

Kate, we'll do an all-agency sync
on what we know about Margot.

Last knowns, everything,

just in case she does
make some kind of move.

But that's all
we can do right now.

The President has spoken.


Come here.

Captain Cordero said
there was a ceiling vent

that drops right down
into the comms room,

and I'm pretty sure
this is the entrance.


You have to cover me.
I'm gonna go in.

You do that, and Bauer
will put a bullet in you.

Maybe, but I don't believe

that he actually wants
to kill anybody.

I'm just gonna try and
get him to surrender.

Oh, he wouldn't come
out for the President,

but he'll come out for you?

Look, if I can convince him
that I am on his side...

Kate. Kate, don't...

It's my risk to take.


you're angry,
and I understand.

You have a history
with Bauer.

Don't patronize me, Mark.

All I did was argue
the facts in there.

Yeah, because of
your personal agenda.

I'm not the one

who's letting their personal
feelings get in the way.

Oh, really?

Then why didn't you tell me that
Jack was in London when you first

found out? Like I said, I
was gathering the facts.

I don't believe that

I am telling you that
this is the wrong call.

Jack is telling the truth,
and that's based on

me knowing him better than
anyone else in that room.

That is my
measured opinion.

And God help us
if I'm right.

No, no, no.

No. Jack, they're
cutting the cameras.

I can hear them
getting ready.

Heller must have
given the order.

You need to surrender.
This is your only chance.

No. Then all of this would
have been for nothing.

I'm gonna hold them off
as long as I can.

Till the transmission
goes through.

they're gonna kill you.

Give yourself up.


When they blow the door' it's
going to sound like hell.

Just stay down and keep still.
You'll be safe.

I promise.

Cover your ears and keep
your heads down.


We're picking up another heat
signature approaching the room.

Show me.

It's Agent Morgan.

She's trying to get Bauer to turn
himself in. Give her that chance.

I have my orders, Agent.
I'm executing them.

Yeah, shoot first,
ask questions later?

Get him out of my sight.

Yes, sir. Let's go.

Shot fired.
Repeat, shot fired.

How long?

Sixty seconds.

Bauer, it's
Agent Morgan!

Hold your fire!
I'm unarmed.

Back off!

I heard your call
with the President.

He may not have
believed you, but I do.

I'm going to come down
into the room now.

I repeat, lam unarmed.

I can get you
out of here alive.

That's not the priority.

I know, the flight key is.

How much more time do you
have left on the upload?

Less than five minutes.

You don't have
that much time!

Those Marines are gonna
come through that door,

and they're gonna kill you.

But you do have
another option.

You can give me
the flight key,

and I can finish the upload for
you and get it out of here.

Why the hell
should I trust you?

Because I really
do believe you.

And 'cause you don't
have another play.

Listen to her, Jack.

Ready, sir.

On three, two, one.


Do not fire!
Do not fire!

I have Bauer
in my custody!

This is my prisoner.
Back off!

This is a CIA matter now.

He's in our custody.

Stand down.

Erik, I need your cuffs.
Get Navarro on the phone,

and tell him to
get us out of here.

Shut down everything,
all transmissions!

Secure the hostages!

It's all right.
Come on, let's go.

Get him to
a medic out there.

I said back off!

Back off.

This will be President
Heller's first address to Parliament

and the first foreign head of
state to address a joint session

since the Canadian
Prime Minister, Jay Gelnick,

almost two years ago.

According to Department
of Defense records,

pilot Christopher Tanner
is a 2011 graduate

of the United States
Air Force...

We are officially online.

Look at that.

Filtering for U.S. drones
operating over Europe.

Identify the 10 most heavily-armed
drones closest to London,

and Naveed will
take over the piloting.