24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 3 - 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack figures out there's another player when he finds the dead body of Yates. Chloe is opening herself to Jack. Jack asks for the help of Chloe's friend, Adrian. However, Adrian has other intentions for Jack. President Heller goes on with the speech.

Wait, what?

You need to get
away from that vehicle!

Somethings taken
control of my drone!


The answer has to be
on my flight key, okay?

I've been setup.
I swear to God!

Nobody move!

Jack, what
are you doing?

Two weeks ago
I intercepted intel

framing an assassination
attempt on President Heller.

It's supposed to take place
in London here today.

The only hard name I could
pick out was Derrick Yates.

I tracked it to
this organization.

Your organization.

It's drones.

This system can commandeer
up to 10 U.S. drones.

This was you, yes?

After today, doomsday clock's
set at one minute to.

End of the world?

The American President's
gonna die on foreign soil.

An American drone
fired a missile

at one of our own armored
vehicles in Afghanistan.

Two of the dead
were British officers.

Make a formal request to speak
to Parliament in session.

These are practiced
legislators who want blood.

They're gonna
call you a murderer.

It's brutal. Especially
for someone who...

Who isn't at the top
of their game.

You don't think
that I'm up to this?

Can you name the other British
soldier killed in this attack?

What's his name?
Damn it, Mark.

You don't know what
Bauer did to Audrey.

I stood by her for three years.
And I brought her back.

As long as she lives, she'll
never hear the name Jack Bauer.

I can do this, okay?
I can find Bauer.

I'm asking you
to let me.

I reinstated her. I'm putting
her on this with you.

You don't really expect me
to be working...

I expect you to do your job
without questioning my orders.

We're getting out
of here!

Yates, freeze!

Bauer, put it down!

Don't let them go!

I'm trying to prevent an
attack on President Heller,

and you are getting
in my way.

I want you. Now.

Actually, wait till
I've finished...

It's me. I've got the
device, but there was a problem.

Someone came after us.

Are you sure you're not
being followed? Yes.

Come home as soon
as you can.

Mummy's waiting.

There it is.
The Vauxhall Griffin.


How long ago
did they enter?

Less than ten minutes.

Okay, I want you to
pull around the back.

Cover the other exit.

Be with you
in a minute, mate.

Thank you.

Chloe, Yates
has been killed.

No sign of a struggle,
up close and personal.

A professional did this.

Girl's no longer in the pub, so
she either double-crossed him

or we got
another player in this.

What about
the override device?

Not here.

You got any visual image
of her leaving the pub?

Negative. There's no
CCTV cameras

at the back door.
Damn it.

Okay, I'm on my way out.

No signs of her
leaving the pub.

Chloe, she was
wearing a wig.

She's changed
her appearance.

You're gonna have to
identify her by the case

that Yates was carrying
when he walked into the pub.

There's a subway stop, Kennington
Station, across the street.

Check the camera
at the entrance.

Jack, we got her.

She entered the Tube
station six minutes ago.

She's carrying
the device.

She boarded a train on the
Northern line, heading north.

What's the next stop?

ETA, four minutes.

We gotta make it in three.

Down here,
make a left at the light.

Stand clear of the doors.

You exchanged gunfire
with this man.

He takes on how many of you, but
you have no idea who he is?

That's a nasty rope burn.

This man do that to you?

I know you have
subdermal hemorrhaging.

Swelling's gonna continue until you're
not gonna be able to breathe anymore.


Tell me who this man is
and what he was doing here,

and I'll gel you to a doctor
while there's still time.

He was here for Yates.

- Donny...
- Shut it.

Keep your mouth shut, son.
She's playing you.

All right, you're in charge.
Who's Yates?

Yates? Probably
from Ireland, yeah?


We just detected calls
coming into the local police

about armed Americans shooting
up a housing project.

What the hell are you
and Kate doing?

We almost had Bauer.

We're trying to find out
why he was here.

You telling me
you're still on site?

Yes, sir.

Get the
hell out, now.

We are in the middle
of a diplomatic crisis.

The last thing we need
is for the Met to catch us

running an op
on British soil.

Agent Morgan's still questioning
the men Bauer was engaging.

As far as you're concerned,
Agent Ritter,

Kate Morgan isn't there.

She's not even
on the books.

This goes bad,
it's on you.

Uncuff us, and maybe
we can discuss a deal.

We'll release you
as soon as you tell me

who Yates is and what
this man wanted with him.

Come on,
stop wasting my time.

I don't know who you are,
and I don't really care.

But what I do know is that
you're not the police.

So why don't you both do us
all a favor and piss off?

Go on.


Local police are
on their way.

Navarro wants us out.

We can't do that, these men
are our only lead to Bauer.

Navarro doesn't care.

Cut 'em loose.
We're leaving.

Yes, sir.

Bad luck.

Leave him. He stays.

What are you doing?

Are you
out of your mind?

He's coming with us.
He knows something.

Well, he wasn't exactly in a
rush to speak, now was he?

Everybody has a weak spot.
We'll find his.

Navarro wants us out.
We have to pull out.

Navarro also wants us to find
Bauer, so grab his arms.


Well, then you'd better go because
I'm not leaving here without him.

Do you know what the police
will do if they find

CIA agents in
the middle of this?


Now approaching Waterloo.

Train's coming in.

Hurry. I'll follow you
on surface streets.

passengers heading to Warren Street.

There is a delay
on Track 2.

Arrival time from
the 3:00 train

will be delayed
by ten minutes.

Which car is she on?

She's in
the fifth from the front.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

This train
terminates at Neasden.

Next stop,
Chafing Cross.

Now approaching Charing Cross.

Put the case down,
or I will shoot.

Help me! That man,
he's trying to kill me!

She's lying.
Don't listen to her.

Leave that girl...

Jack, I'm here.

Chloe, she's made it to the second level.
See if you can pick her up.

I'm looking.

Chloe, tell me you got her.

She should be coming out
any second, Jack.

Come on. Where are you?

She must have found another exit, Jack.
Hold on.

Let's go.

Chloe, you got her?

Chloe, do you have her?

No. I don't see her.

I missed her.

Where are you?

I'm right in front of
Charing Cross station.

You missed her? How?

I just did, okay?

You made me help you find Yates.
We found him.

He's dead.
So just take me back.

Chloe, what the hell
is going on?

I missed her because, for a
second, I thought I saw them.

Saw who?

Morris and Prescott.

I froze.

I mean, obviously
I knew it couldn't be them.

You don't know.

Know what?

They're dead.


Morris was driving Prescott
home from soccer practice.

They stopped at a light, and
a truck slammed into them.

It was dark.

There was only
one witness,

and she just saw
a truck driving away.


Chloe, come here.

I am so sorry.

I was the one.

I was the one that always
took him to soccer practice.

It was supposed to be me.

But I had to work
late that night,

so I asked Morris
to do it.

It was supposed
to be me, Jack.

They were targeting me.

Chloe, why would someone
want to target you?

Because, Jack, I know what
happened the day you disappeared.

You can't bring back
the ones you lost.

Trust me.

But you can honor their
lives by helping others.

It's the only way forward.

You might not give
a damn about Heller,

but if these attacks happen,
innocent people will die.

A lot of them.

Now, Chloe, I don't want
to make you do anything.

But I need your help.


Help me stop these attacks
from happening.

Yes, Ron?

I looked into the protocol of
handing Bauer over to the Russians

once we catch him.

Rendition requires the
President's direct approval.

So, I went ahead and drafted
the executive order, which

he needs to sign.

Thanks, Ron.
I'll bring this to him.

But we need to keep
a tight loop around this.

Bring what to him?

My concerns about your father
handing over the drone pilot

to the British.

Let me know when Lieutenant
Tanner arrives at the embassy.

Of course.


I was coming to talk to you.

What you did to
my father was cruel.

Sweetheart, I understand...
Your job

was to prep him for his
speech before Parliament,

not prove that he's
incapable of giving it.

I was no harder on him than any
Member of Parliament will be.

You humiliated him
in front of me.

It was like you were
punishing the both of us

for disagreeing
with you.

That's not true.

He says he can do it.

Or is that his disease
affecting his judgment?

Look, even if your father
wasn't in a compromised state,

it would be a fool's errand
to try to convince Parliament

to extend that lease.

He has staked his entire
administration on getting this done.

And he will, but not here.
Not now.

Then when and how?

We go home,
we take a beat.

We do damage control.

We send supporters
on a media campaign,

and then we backchannel
the MPs we need to convert.

He won't go for it.

He might if
it comes from you.

Oh, God.

Look, honey, your father still
has the political capital

to make this happen.

But he will squander ii,
I promise you,

if he humiliates himself
in front of Parliament.

I'll talk to him.

Thank you.

Looks like Interpol has a
facial rec match. We got her.

Simone Al-Harazi.

Multiple EU warrants on
terrorism-related charges.

Wait a second.

Is she related to
Margot Al-Harazi?

Simone is her daughter.

Margot Al-Harazi,

the Yorkshire Widow.

Her first husband died when their
two children were three and five.

She radicalized
after she met

and married al-Qaeda commander
Muhammad Al-Harazi.

They launched numerous
attacks together,

most famously
the Cairo Market bombing.

English tourists died.

Muhammad was killed
in a U.S. drone strike

in Yemen three years ago.

Margot was with him.
She barely survived.

Three years ago. That means
Heller authorized the attack.

Damn it.

We need to go back
to Adrian.

What happened?

The American who was
after Yates tracked me.

I getaway.
But just barely.

And you have no idea who this
American is or what he wants?


But you're sure
he didn't follow you?


I'm sure.



Welcome home.

Hey, sis. You're back.

I'll take that


Yates has used a
nonstandard hardware bus.


I'll have to conform it to our
system before we get it online.

How long?

I'm not sure. An hour?
Maybe more.

Make it less.

The targeting's done?

It is.


What's wrong?

Naveed, you look like
you just swallowed a rat.

You haven't seen
your wife in three weeks.

Give her a proper kiss.

What happened?
Who did that to you?

Get that wound cleaned up.

You don't want it
getting infected.

I'll be up in a minute.


Listen to me.

This is very simple.

What I asked Simone to do with this
man Yates is disgusting to you,

but you're wrong to blame her.
Or me. Don't.

No, I don't blame you.

My husband often sent me on
operations which required my getting

close to other men.

But he always
got over it.


Because he understood I was only
doing what needed to be done.

We are fighting
a war, Naveed.

All that matters
is winning.

Simone has made
a sacrifice.

Let her be a wife to you.

It's what's best
for everyone.




I've been ringing you.

They were tracking
our cell phones.

We had to dump them.

Yates, where's he?

He's dead.

Why are you here?
I thought we were done.

Yates designed an override
device that can take control

of as many as 10 U.S. drones.

That device is now in the
hands of a known terrorist.

The new drones carry
six Hellfire missiles.

You have any idea what that could
do to a city like London?

It wouldn't be an issue if
your country hadn't decided

to fill the skies
with unmanned,

heavily armed
aircraft, would it?

What do you want?

Since we can't
find the device,

we need to prove
that the device exists.

As soon as I have that proof,

I'll deliver it
to the government.

Has anybody ever mentioned
your rather rude habit

of asking for favors accompanied
by the threat of a gun?

Here, I managed to get
a partial screen grab

of the override device.

It doesn't prove that
Tanner's drone was hijacked.

That's what
we need, Adrian.

You'll have to get me the
flight record of that drone

that was hijacked, I'm afraid,
and there's your proof.

If, in fact,
it was hijacked.

The drone pilot's
name is Tanner.

It's all over the news.

He's being handed over to the
Brits for their investigation.

The flight record
will be part of that.

They call it a flight key.

Where's Tanner now?

I've backdoored into
the State Department servers,

data-mining signal traffic.

Tanner's about to arrive at the U.S.
embassy in London,

where the handover
will lake place.

When we find the proof,
we have to deliver it

to President Heller
and President Heller alone.

I'm gonna need you
to build me an identity,

high-level clearance.

Enter it into the visitors
log at the embassy.

How quickly can
you get that done?

Quickly, if I have help.

Mr. Cross,


Let's do it.

Chloe, I'm gonna
need schematics

for the embassy
and a wireless comm unit.


I don't care
what you do to me,

'cause I'm telling
you nothing.

Do you hear me?

And I don't care
who you are.

Go right through
that tunnel.

What now?

You're wasting your time,
'cause I ain't no grass.

We're going to pull up here,
right by these doors.

Hook a look at your record,
Basher, and it seems

that you had problem with
the Tamil boys last year.

Something about
ripping them off

on a heroin deal and
killing one of them?

I don't know. You think
they've moved on?

Go on, Basher.
Get out.

Or you can just wait here for them
to come and get you out of the car.

All right, I'll tell
you what I know.

Just drive the car.

I need to hear it first.
Start talking.

Yates needed protection. He
was working on something big.

Something to do
with drones.


Yeah. Well, the cash
was massive. That's it.

Who was paying him?

I don't know.

That's not
good enough.

Look, I don't know
who was paying him,

but Yates kept talking on
about somebody named Tanner.

Tanner? That's it. Tanner.
That's all I know.

Now drive the car.

Drive the car.
All right, yeah, let's go.

- Drive the car!
- Go, go, go!

Go! Drive it. Drive!

Heller is a killer!

If they knew
who you were,

they'd tear you limb
from limb.

I shouldn't have
cut so deep.

You were

How do you think
this American

followed you
from Yates' flat

to the Tube?

I don't know.

It's strange.


you were careless.

He can't find us here.

We're safe.

He found you.

We have the opportunity
to change history.

With a plan
of this magnitude,

there is no margin
for error.


You can't ever let down
your guard, Simone.

If you think
you're safe,

remind yourself
that you are not.

No matter where you are.

Now you know that.

I've taught you that
already, haven't I?

You have.


All better.

According to DOD,
Tanner claims

that somebody else
took control

of his drone
and opened fire.

Is that even possible?

DOD doesn't seem
to think so,

and they haven't found anything
to support Tanner's claims.

There's something that makes all
of these pieces fit together.

What are we not seeing?

I don't know, but I got
to admit, you're sharp.

Sharp enough
to track Bauer.

Sharp enough to get
Basher to talk.

Look, if you don't mind
me saying,

and I mean no disrespect,
it makes me wonder

how you missed what
your husband was doing.

I ask myself the same
question every day.

It's Navarro.


I just debriefed members
of your tac team.

You actually assaulted and
kidnapped a U.K. citizen?

Sir, I had reason to believe
the man had information

that could lead us to Bauer.

My orders were for you
to immediately disengage.

The man gave us intel
that may link Bauer

to the drone attack
this morning.

What kind of link?

Do we think Bauer conspired
with the drone pilot,

helped him plan
the attack?

We don't know, but we're heading
to the embassy to question

the drone pilot,
Lieutenant Tanner.

All right, do it.

You let me know if you have any
problem getting access to him.

Get back to me as soon
as you know more.

Yes, sir.

He's on board?

Navarro wants to apprehend
Bauer as much as I do.

I didn't think
that was possible.

The number of demonstrators
outside the American embassy

has tripled since
the report was leaked

that Lieutenant Christopher Tanner, the
drone operator...

Come on in.

...responsible for
the friendly fire attack

was being
sequestered inside.

Thank you.



This will be President Heller's
first address to Parliament,

and the first...

They want blood.

I'm wondering
whose they want more,

Lieutenant Tanner's
or mine?

Dad, I want to talk to you

about your appearance
in front of Parliament.

Did Mark send you in here to
try to talk me out of this?

I was wondering what the hell
was taking him so long.

He's concerned.

I gather that.

We both are.

And going in front
of a bunch of

angry MPs might kill
any chance

that you still have
to make this happen.

If this base treaty is gonna
happen, it's gonna happen here

and it's gonna
happen right now.

So you tell your husband

that I appreciate
his concern,

but I am not going home
without that base.

Look, I know that he...

He can seem
controlling at times,

but he's just doing
what he thinks is best.

How are you and
Mark getting along?

We're good.


So, I'll let you, uh,
finish getting dressed.

Chloe, where are we at
with my credentials?

Embassy security is going to be on
edge with all these protesters.

Inserting into
the embassy log now.

Have you been able to
lock down a location on Tanner?

Not yet. We've confirmed his
records are on the flight key.

Okay, good. Get back to me
as soon as you find him.


What are you doing?

You're either with us
or against us!

All right.

I'm in the embassy
visitor log.

Ready to insert this.

You do realize that's not
a valid field code?

It's gonna get Bauer
flagged by security.

You'll get him arrested.

What are you doing?

My mother would be furious if
she knew you were drinking.

You know I love you.

Did you miss me?

Not now.

Come on.

We talked about this.

You knew what I had to do with
Yates to get the job done.

That's not what's
bothering me.

What is it, then?

I don't know
if I can do this.

I knew what
I signed up for,

and I understand what
we're trying to do here,

but the closer
and closer we get...

Last night, I woke up from a nightmare
where I killed all these people.

I saw women and children
lying in the streets,

blown away.


It's okay, darling.

It is natural to
be scared, Naveed.

You don't think this has been
difficult for me, as well?

It's no small thing
to kill a man.

To see the life
go out of him.

I didn't think
I could do it.

But I did.

And so will you.

Because what we're doing
is necessary and just.

You know it is.

We're going to get
through this together.

Just lie back.

Mr. President?

Handing over the pilot may have
stopped some of the bleeding

for a bit, but this
morning's incident means

that votes for this treaty are
going to be very hard to obtain.

Will they hear me out?

Well, some MPs have walked
out, but yes, they will.

But I recommend you
don't address them.

They're a surly bunch today.

It's gonna be a hell of a
challenge to sway their minds.

I'm with Churchill
on this one.

"Having enemies means you've
stood up for something."

What happened? You said you
were gonna talk him out of it.

I tried to.

it's not our call,
it's my father's.

Your father is in no
condition to make that call.

Well, he thinks he is, and
it's your job to support him.

Mark, you've got to stop making
everyone's decisions for them.

Is that what
you think I do?

Yeah, you do it to me, too.
It's like you keep me

in this little box, like
I'm some fragile keepsake.

I don't know,
maybe it's a habit

from all the time that you
spent taking care of me,

but I don't need
that anymore.

The house will move
to government business.

Call to order,
ladies and gentlemen.

Prime Minister,
you have the floor.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

In the light of this morning's
unfortunate events,

President Heller would
like to offer some words.

The President of
the United States.

Ladies and gentlemen...

What are you going to do
about today's incident?

I wish there were words that
could explain what happened...

There are words!
It was murder!

You can't control
your soldiers

- or your weapons!
- Hear, hear!

...on our soil
with blood, sir.

You're a murderer, sir.

You're supposed
to be our ally!

Women and children!

No more drones!

Step forward.

Reason for your visit?

Delivering classified
diplomatic documents.


Somethings not right.

There's a problem.

What's going on?

All the information was
uploaded on that file.

Adrian says everything
should check out.

The ID's not working.

Get out of there, Jack.
Get out.

I can't. I have to
get into the embassy.

He's on the move.
Call it in.

Jack, they're
sending security after you.

Stop right there!

Heller is a killer!

They're shooting at us!
They're shooting at us! Go!



They're shooting at us!

Move, move!



Move, move!