24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 5 - 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. - full transcript

An unlikely duo joins forces to forestall an impending attack. The terrorist reveals her demands. The President orders a military lockdown, but it may be too late.

You don't know what
Bauer did to Audrey.

I stood by her for three
years, and I brought her back.

As long as she lives,

she'll never hear
the name Jack Bauer.

Somethings taken
control of my drone!

Get to cover now, sir!
Sir, move, move!

No! No!

Bauer's here.
He shot two protesters

and forced his way inside the
embassy, and he got to Tanner.

Don't be afraid.

My name is Jack Bauer.

The technology
that was used

to control your drone is gonna be
used in a massive terrorist attack

against civilians
later today.

The only way that I can stop
that attack from happening

is from the data
from your flight key.

Bauer has barricaded himself
inside the communications room

at the American Embassy.

I've got hostages! Stay back!
Close the door now!

Who's taken hostages?

Jack Bauer.

Mr. President, a hacker by
the name of Derrick Yates

created an override
device which can

take control of as many
as 10 US. drones.

Now I believe that the
device is in the hands

of Margot At-Harazi,
a known terrorist.

Last night, I woke up from a nightmare
where I killed all these people.

He says he can't
go through with it.

You will pilot the drones.

I will not.

No matter what
you do to me.

I believe you.

Her left hand.

No. No!

Do it.

Those Marines are gonna
come through that door,

and they're gonna kill you.

You can give me
the flight key,

and I can finish the upload for
you and get it out of here.

Why the hell
should I trust you?

Because I really
do believe you.

Do not fire!
I have Bauer in my custody!

This is a CIA matter now.

You had no right to interfere
with this operation.

This embassy is under my
jurisdiction, not the CIA's.

If I hadn't stepped in,
Bauer would be dead.

Well, he should be. Son of a
bitch shot two of my men.

And he managed
not to wound either of them.

He is not trying to hurt anyone.
He's trying to stop an attack.

Save that for your superiors,
Agent Morgan,

because this is
going up the chain,

and you might as well
start clearing out your desk.

Yeah, well, it's not gonna be
the first time today.

Sir, Bauer's clean.
The flight key isn't on him.

You stay right here.

Don't move.

Where is it?

Bauer, you took it
from the evidence pouch.

You told the President you
were trying to download it.

Tell me where it is.

You know where he put it?

No. It must have got lost during
your little battle charge.

Get her out of here!

I know the way.

It's Bauer's weapon.
Got it.

O'Brian, this is Agent Morgan.
Do you copy?

Yes. I heard everything you said to Jack.
Is he okay?

Yeah, but he's in custody. He's
with the Marines right now.

Well, at least he's alive.

Listen, I have the flight key.

What do you need me to do to
get you the rest of this data?

Get to a computer
with a 4G network,

I'll walk you
through the rest.

Okay, copy that.
I'll call you when I'm ready.

I can't believe
you're in one piece.

What the hell
happened in there?

I managed to stop
them from killing Bauer.

No more drones!
No more drones!

You still think Bauer did all
this to stop a terrorist attack?

Yes. And if Margot Al-Harazi
really has the technology

to steal 10 U.S. drones,
then we have to move fast,

or a lot of people
are going to die.

Assuming you're right, what
are we going to do about it?

Nobody believes
this is happening.

That's why we
have to find proof

that Tanner's
drone was hijacked.

Using this.

Tanner's flight key?
Tell me you didn't steal it.

Bauer gave it to me. He wasn't able
to finish uploading it to O'Brian

before the Marines came in.

Chloe O'Brian?

Yes. He's using her

to analyze
the flight key data.

This is crazy.

Well, things are
about to get a lot crazier

if we don't stop this attack,
so let's move.

Okay, O'Brian,
I'm at a computer.

Okay, insert the flight key
into the USB port.

It's done. Go ahead.

The encryption program will

automatically restore the link
and resume the upload.

Okay, it's uploading again. Two
minutes before we can get it all.

How long after that before you find
proof that the drone was hijacked?

I don't know for sure
that we will get it,

but if we do, will you be able
to get it to the right people?

Yeah, don't worry
about that.

Just get me what I need
to convince people

that this attack is going to
happen, and I'll do the rest.

I know you're in pain,
and I know you're confused.

But the one thing I don't want
you to do is blame yourself.

This was not your fault.

It was mine.

If I'd known what your
husband was planning,

I would have acted sooner...

And this wouldn't
have been necessary.

Forgive me.

How is she?

She'll recover,
no thanks to you.

A mother should never
have to see her daughter

go through
something like that.

Just please
don't hurt her again.

I'll do whatever you want.

I know you will.

Where are we?

So far, I've set up data-links
with four of the drones.

Once all 10 are listening, we'll
transmit the override code.

When will they be ours?

Five minutes.

If there is any kind of
redemption for you, Naveed,

it begins now.

We're more than halfway
through this flight key data.

I still don't see
anything suspicious, Chloe.

Well, look harder. Jack's headed
back to jail because of you.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

You don't need to
keep reminding me.

Yes, I do.

I'm thinking every day
for the rest of your life.

Go back. Go back.

Stop. There.

Well done, Yates.

You don't see it?

If I saw it,
I wouldn't have said "What?"

What he's done is,
he's split the override code

into these discreet
segments here,

and he's embedded them in the
drones transponder signal.

Almost impossible to spot.
Unless you're me.

There's your override code.

Agent Morgan?

Go ahead.
We've got the override code.

This proves that
Tanner's drone was hijacked.

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

I'm making
the screen grabs now.

I'm highlighting them
so any decent programmer

will be able to understand
what he's looking at.

Okay, forward them
to my phone.

On it.

They get something?

We're about to find out.


Jordan, it's me.

Are you all right?

Yeah. Put Navarro on.
You both need to see this.

Sir, it's Kate.

Kate, where are you?

I'm on my way back
with Erik.

I just forwarded some screen
grabs to Jordan's station.

Screen grabs of what?

- Data off of Tanner's flight key from his drone.
- Got 'em.

Okay, tell me what you see.

Looks like an override code.

What is that? What are
we talking about here?

Steve, this is proof that Margot
Al-Harazi commandeered Tanner's drone

and used it to
kill those soldiers.

Whoa, whoa! Slow down.
Are you sure?

Yes, which means there's
going to be another attack.

Steve, you have got
to alert the President.

Hold on.

Listen to me. lam putting
my ass on the line.

You can't have any
doubts about this.

I am.

I'm sure.
Tanner's drone was hacked.

get me President Heller.

Yes, sir.

According to Department
of Defense records...

It's confirmed, sir.

The embassy is now secure,
and the hostages are safe.

And you're sure Jack's okay?

He's been taken into custody.


This is Agent Navarro. I need
to speak to the President.

It concerns Jack Bauer.

What's going on?

I'd prefer to tell the President directly.
It's urgent.

Mr. President,
Agent Navarro on the line.

He says it's urgent.

Put him on your speaker.

You're on with the President

Go ahead, Navarro.

Mr. President, one of my field
operatives, Kate Morgan,

has just recovered evidence
that corroborates

what Jack Bauer
told you moments ago.

Say that again.

Sir, it's best
if you hear it from her.


Mr. President, the drone attack
this morning was in fact

a terrorist strike orchestrated
by Margot Al-Harazi.

She's in possession of a
device that can override

our drone fleets control
and command systems,

and she intends
on using it again

to launch a series
of further attacks.

How do you know this?

Data recovered from
Tanner's flight key.

Our data analyst has reviewed the
evidence and believes it to be genuine.

I stand by his assessment.

With all respect, we'll need
to make our own assessment.

Mr. President, Jack Bauer
was telling the truth.

We need to take immediate
action or a lot of people

are going to die.

Ground the drones, General.
All of 'em, worldwide.

Execute Stage 4 UAV recall.

Code Alpha, Echo, Charlie.

They're altering course.

Someone knows what we're doing.
Transmit the override.

But we haven't
completed all the links.

You won't get all 10 drones.

Didn't you hear what I said?

Don't test my patience,

They're responding' sir.


Mr. President, with that
drone fleet on the ground...

Not now, General. Let's do
one thing at a time. Yeah?


EU COM Actual. Update.

Are you retransmitting?

One of the drones from Carrier Air
Wing Seven is not responding, sir.

There's another one.

And another one.
What's going on, General?

Talk to me.


They're doing everything
they can, Mr. President.

Six of the drones are
no longer responding.

We've lost them, sir.

Sir, the missing drones
are RQ-29 Vanguards.

They're a first strike weapon,
used to take out air defenses.

Just tell me how much
damage they can do.

They each carry a payload
of six laser-guided missiles,

most of which could take
out half a city block.

If used on a public space,
office buildings, schools...

Casualties could run into
the tens of thousands.

And if a nuclear power
facility is targeted,

that number increases tenfold.

Do we have any idea
where the drones are headed?

Based on the last vectors,

the majority appear
to be headed here.

Toward London.

They could begin entering British
airspace within an hour.

Can't we shoot them down
before they get here?

The Vanguards are equipped with
the latest in stealth technology,

the most advanced protective
system ever developed.

They cannot be
tracked by radar,

and they have
no infrared signature.

So what you're
telling me is that

we've created an aircraft
that cant be detected,

even by us.

We're throwing everything
we've got at them.

Fighter groups equipped
with AWACS support

are already in the air,

Aegis ships are being
vectored to the area.

If necessary, we'll fall
back on visual confirmation,

but since we're talking
700,000 cubic miles...

Damn it.

I want to talk to Bauer.

Let's find out what else
he knows about all of this.

He's already on his way.

I assumed you'd
want to talk to him.

He'll be here any minute.


I argued against Bauer.

I feel responsible.

Not now, Mark.

We're both operating from
the same set of facts.

What we have to do
is we have to warn

the British of
what they're facing.

I'll set up a meeting
with the Prime Minister.

Keep it as small
a circle as possible.

Excuse me, sir.


You were right. I...

I wasn't arguing the facts.

I let my personal feelings
about Bauer cloud my judgment.

And I let your father down.

Mark, I...

I know, in some ways, you were
still trying to protect me.

But you can't blame yourself
for what happened.

My father needs you, Mark.

Now more than ever.

I'm... I've got to go set
up this meeting. I'm sorry.

We believe these drones
were hijacked by Margot Al-Harazi

and that she is somewhere
inside this country,

probably working with
her son and her daughter.

We need to find
these people and fast.

So go back into your sources,
no matter how cold,

correlate with foreign intel
and interagency data grids.

Briefing packets will be
in your inboxes shortly.

Get up to speed.

Welcome back.

I'm gonna start re-interviewing
our London assets.

I know it's
along shot, but...

We need to talk.

What's going on?

Kate, uh,

I have to take
you off the roster.

Come on.

Captain Cordero with the
embassy marine detachment,

he filed a complaint about your
actions during the standoff.

It got back to division,
who couldn't understand

why an agent who had already
been transferred stateside

was still in the field.

Well, I hope you
explained it to them.

I tried, believe me.

I argued that
your involvement

had already mitigated
the current threat.

Well, lei me call
someone at division...

You'd be wasting your breath.

It's over.

You need to go
back into your office

and fill out
an after-action report.

Kate, you proved
what you needed to prove.

What did I need to prove?

I know that this
was about Adam.

About you somehow trying to
find a way to make up for

what your husband did
against this country.

To feel good about what
you accomplished today.


I'm sorry.

You're going to get
through this. I promise.

What is it?

You need to see this.

This was just posted anonymously
on the interagency server.

It's also popping up
on jihadist websites.

Two years ago...
Put it up.

A missile fired
from a U. S. drone

destroyed a meeting hall
in Ghundi Kala.

The U. S. claimed they were
targeting my husband,

who was part of the legitimate
struggle against the occupying force,

but who they called
a terrorist.

What the U.S. government
failed to report

was that 23 people
were killed,

including six
innocent children.

I know I was
spared for a purpose.

I demand justice from the man
responsible for this slaughter,

President James Heller.

Unlike my enemies, I care
for the lives of innocents,

but unless President Heller
surrenders himself to me

in three hours at
a place of my choosing,

thousands of people in London
will die in his stead.

That drone attack
she's talking about,

I want everything
you have on it.

Yes, sir.

Thousands of people in London
will die in his stead.

Are we gonna stick around
with these things on the way?

No, we're leaving, but not
because of the drones.

Look, Bauer's in custody.

We've done everything
you've asked us to do.

I need to know
will you allow us to leave?

Pack it up.

There might be more
we can do.

Chloe, it's time to go.

People are gonna die.

That's not our fight.

That's not what we do.
It's time to go. Now.


Why? We've been in
contact with Bauer,

we've been in
contact with the CIA.

Everything's compromised.

Or have you forgotten the
government is still after us?

Those people who did what they
did to you in the black site.

Do you remember that?

I remember.

Now, look, I know what I did
to Bauer was wrong.

I was protecting us here,
everything we've built.

This is six years.

It's important. We're not
going to lose it.

This is the DOD
footage of the drone strike

that killed Margot
Al-Harazi's husband.

We believe that this
is Margot Al-Harazi

crawling away
from the wreckage.

God knows how she survived.

There were
children there.

So she was telling the truth.

Despite her claims, the
majority of the people killed

were members of a radical
sect led by her husband.

Well, why wasn't I told that
there were civilian casualties?

We were in the middle of
a fight to secure funding

for the drone program.

We needed to focus
on the achieved objective,

which was killing her husband.

So you covered it up?

Even from me? I thought that
the burden of specifics

would distract you
from the goal at hand.

So you didn't think that you
could trust me with the truth,

that if I knew that
we had killed civilians

somehow I wouldn't lobby
as hard as you thought.

I was protecting you.

That's why you hired me.

"No military action
is purely surgical.

"And when the fight begins,
collateral damage is always a factor,

"but our U.S. drone program

"lets us hit our enemies with the
fewest civilian casualties.“

Those are your words,
Mr. President.

That's what you believe.
And until I hear otherwise,

I'm going to do everything I
can to further that policy.

Dad, maybe Mark
made the right call.

Let's not forget
who the enemy is.

I know who the enemy is.

We've just given our enemy
a moral victory.

A moral victory?

Margot Al-Harazi does not
think for one second

that I'm gonna give myself up.

When that deadline comes
around in three hours

and she starts
bombing civilians,

she's going to be able
to blame it on me.

And half the world
is going to agree with her.

Sir, they're bringing
Mr. Bauer now.

Thank you.

We're fine. Give us the room.

I'm gonna get right
to the point, Jack.

We've confirmed
that Margot Al-Harazi

has six U.S. drones
under her control.

We believe they're
headed for London.

So I was right.

She just made a video in which she
said she would forgo the attacks

if I would surrender to her
within three hours.

Is there anything that you can tell
me that will help us catch her?

There is a man,
an underground arms dealer.

He's done business
with Al-Harazi for years.

She trusts him.

Even now, I still
think he can contact her.

Give us his name
and we'll pick him up.

Sir, this man has done time in some
of the worst prisons in the world.

Because he didn't talk.

Even if you captured him
alive, you wouldn't be able

to break him in time to stop
these attacks from happening.

The best way for us to get
the information you need

is for me to reestablish
contact with him

and try and
acquire it by stealth.

You want me to put
you back in the field?

Until she's captured, yes.

That's a big ask, Jack,

even under the circumstances.

The Russians are still
crying for your head.

They find out that we have you
and then we let you go?

I'll have a larger crisis
than I have now.

Mr. President,
I give you my word

that I will surrender myself
to the authorities

as soon as the threat
has been neutralized.

I can't do it, Jack.

Just give us the guy's name
and his location,

and our guys
will go pick him up.

I can't. I'm sorry, sir.

I'm not gonna let you blow
the only lead that we've got

because you're worried about
what the Russians will do.

You want to
capture Margot Al-Harazi,

you're gonna have
to do it my way.

You've been in exile
for four years, Jack.

Haven't you learned anything?

Mr. President, I hope
you consider my request.

While you still have time.

Sir, I was asked
to let you know

that the Prime Minister
is on his way.

Think about it, Jack.

Are we still on schedule?

The first drone will
reach London in 14 minutes.


I want to see Simone.


I just want to be
with her, Margot.

I'm her husband
and I love her.


We have a little time.

Ian can monitor
the flight paths.

It's all right.



Let me have a look.

You need to get to a doctor.

I never thought my mother
would go this far.

The video that
your mother sent out,

I made sure it was traceable.

And I've hidden evidence in our
room that will prove what I did.

Under the floorboards.

When the authorities arrive,

I will claim that you've been opposed
to this attack from the start

and that you've been held here
against your will.

Remember that, okay?

I love you, Simone.

I promise.

All right? I promise I will
get you through this, okay?

Gear up.

What's going on?

A possible hit on
the Al-Harazi tape.

Any update?

The back-trace program was being
bounced from proxy to proxy,

but it suddenly
spat out an IP address.

I don't know if I'm really
that good or that lucky,

but I'll take it.


There it is.

Looks like a large estate.

Ritter, finish prepping the team.
We're leaving here in three.

We're leaving?

Yeah, I'm going with.
I'm running point.

You have a problem with that?

No, sir.

Good. I'll notify the
President we have a lead.

Let's go, people.

It's okay, Tom.

You shouldn't be here.

I just...

I just wanted to tell you...

I just... I wanted to tell
you that we have a lead

on Al-Harazi's location,

and there's an operation
already in progress.

That's good news.

I don't even
know where to begin.

Me neither.

You're married.

Are you happy?

Is he good to you?

I know that I should
have defended you more

when I heard
all those things...

Audrey, no.


Everything they said

is true.

It was complicated,

but I killed those people.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

You should go.

You need to go.
You need to go now.

Audrey, you need to go.

You need to go now.


Thank you for coming,

Well, first of all,
I just want to assure you

we take these Al-Harazi
tapes very seriously.

That's good to know.

The first question we have
to answer, of course,

is whether or not she can
actually carry out these threats.

She can.

That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

Twenty-five minutes ago,
we lost contact

with six Vanguard
attack drones

operating over
the North Atlantic.

We now believe that they're under
the control of Margot Al-Harazi,

who intends to use them
against targets in London.

I don't understand,
Mr. President.

How is this possible?

We're in the dark of
how she pulled it off.

We're still trying
to sort that out.

You asked for my support for the
drone base in Diego Garcia.

I gave you that support, at the
cost of serious political capital.

I know that.

And this is
the news you bring me?

That those drones are
in the hands of a terrorist?

And that British citizens
are going to die?

We pray that's
not going to happen.

And how are you
going to stop it?

We think we've
located Al-Harazi.

Our local station chief, Agent
Navarro, is personally leading a raid

on where we think
she's hiding out.

We're setting up a feed

so that we can monitor the
operation as it unfolds.

Your E.T.A. is eight minutes.

Copy that.
You have satellite yet?

Coming up now.

You should be leading
this mission, not Navarro.

He's gonna take the credit
when you're the one

who figured out
what was going on.

It's not right.

Give me a second.

Agent Morgan?

Have you seen
the Al-Harazi tape?

Of course.
Everyone's seen it.

It's all over the Internet.

Are you any closer
to finding Margot?

That's why I'm calling.

A copy of the tape was deposited
onto our interagency server.

And our data analyst was able to
backtrace it to an IP address.

He was?
You should give him a raise.

Well, something about it
just seems too easy.

Yeah, I agree. She spends her
whole life dedicated to planning

that attack, and then makes
a dumb mistake like this?

Look, we already
have a team on the way,

but I was hoping that you could
take a look at the tape.

I'd need to see the original.

That means access
to your network.

Well, don't you
already have access?

We're good,
but we're not that good.

I can tell you how
to open a socket.

Are you there?

Okay, walk me through it.

They're not coming,

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You're a terrible
liar, Naveed.

Ian detected what
you did to the video.

You switched off one of the security
buffers so they could find us.

Simone didn't have anything
to do with this, Margot.

Don't hurt her, please.

Simone will never pay
for your sins again.

You still need me
to pilot the drones.

Ian's a quick learner.
He's been watching you.

He thinks he can take over.

We'll soon find out.

Take him out of here.

The Americans should reach the
other house in about five minutes.

No one gets
out of there alive.

I'll be ready for them.

What are you doing? What are you doing?
We're leaving.

I just spoke
with Agent Morgan.

I'm going to help her
with the Al-Harazi tape.

Chloe, it was one thing
to help Bauer.

We had no choice.

I'm not joining the CIA,
but I am gonna help her,

so, I'm not going anywhere.


Listen, I have to do this.

She wants to stay.
She stays.

It's none of your business,
is it?

I know many people like you.
Do you?

You act like you are one
thing, but you're not.

Take your comrades and
your computers and go.

I can't believe
you're doing this.

I have to do this.

I don't want you to go.

Please stay and help me.

I love you, Chloe.

All right, we're on site.

Copy. You're clear to proceed.

All right, B Team,
advance to target.

Two minutes until
we're in firing range.

Go up there.

Clear. Proceeding upstairs.

Give me a sec.

Go ahead.

Margot's tape had
a missing security buffer.

We know. We were able to
trace the IP to an address.

We have a team
there right now.

No, the IP address is wrong.
Someone inserted a redirect.

Your team's
headed into a trap.

Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.

I'm staring at
the code right now.

Steve, it's a set-up.
You need to get the team

out of there right now.
What? Say again?

The IP address that Jordan found
was put there on purpose.

How do you know that?
Doesn't matter right now.

Steve, your team is in danger.

Get out of there right now!

This is Navarro.
Abort the operation.

I repeat, abort the operation.

What's going on?
Why are they pulling out?

We're in position.

Take them.

Move! Move!

Chandler's squad.
Where the hell are they?


Steve? Steve, do you copy?



Ian has proved himself,

I think you know
what that means.

Please, Margot, don't do this.

I treated you like a son.

Trusted you with my daughter.

Put my faith in you.

I couldn't do it, Margot.

I couldn't murder
all those people.


You have no idea.

You didn't watch the person
you love burn to death.

It doesn't justify
any of this, Margot.

Please, Margot.
Margot, don't kill me.

Please. Margot' please.

If you love Simone,
you have to know

that she wouldn't
want you to do this.

Ask her.




I think you have your answer.