24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 11 - 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. - full transcript

Audrey pursues diplomatic channels to try to prevent a full-scale war. Meanwhile, Jack leads Kate and Mark on a mission to locate their target before it's too late and the world is changed forever.

Mr. President, I'm calling to alert you that
the override device used in today's attacks

was stolen
from our facility.

We believe that Adrian Cross and
his people are in possession of it.

It's important that you
understand that this device

can get past the basic

firewall security
most countries use

to protect their military
command and control systems.

How did you do this?

We paid you
to develop the override.

Not for you to give it away
for the rest of the world.

You're working with Chang?
Are you insane?

How do you know him?
He kidnapped Jack,

had him put in a secret
prison outside Beijing,

and tortured
him for over a year.

When Audrey went
to go look for him,

he did the same thing
to her.

And I really don't have
any use for you anymore.

No, no. No!

No! No!

We got a lock on
the override device.

We need to
move immediately.

We don't know how
long Adrian Cross

is going to stay put.

Erik, I want your tac teams
to hold their position.

We can't run the risk of them
being seen on satellite.

They'll be two
miles behind you.

The moment Jack Bauer showed up in
London, things changed for you.

What happened between Jack and
I, that was a long time ago.

Clearly you have not
resolved your feelings for him.

I can't talk to you
when you're like this.

I hope you're calling
to tell me you have Jack Bauer

ready to turn over to us.

He's using an encrypted
CIA comlink.

Your men will be able
to pinpoint his location.

I'm inside
the naval command server.

Draft the order.

It's a nuclear sub.

Send it.

- What is it, sir?
- Fire order.

We're to sink the Chinese
carrier, Shenyang.

Fire torpedoes one and two.

Oh, my God.

With Cross in possession
of the device,

the intelligent asset's primary
targets are likely those places

he's publicly
denounced in the past.

Now, we've stepped up
our security.

And we're deploying
Patriot missile batteries

at Cambridge
Naval Tracking Station

and the NSA depot at Emery.

Do we have
a problem, Admiral?

Sir, our KH-12 satellites are tracking
a massive series of explosions

aboard the Chinese
carrier Shenyang.

Was that our doing?

All we know is it started
below the waterline.

Yeah. Sir, DIA is patching
through live sat feed now.

We got to get out of here behind
that building. You ready?


Adrian Cross has
Russians working for him?

I don't think
this is Cross.

It's too sophisticated. They're
gonna try and flank us.

I'm gonna move to the front of the car.
You ready?


The American sub commander's
sending confirmation

of the Shenyang's sinking.
Should I reply?


Disconnect from
the Naval Command server.

If there's a vulnerability
with the software,

we don't want the transmission
of the order traced.

If you wanted to
use the override

to start a war between
the U.S. and China,

why attack
your own country?

China turned its back on me.
It's not my country anymore.

Sir. You need
to see this.

That closed-circuit camera's less
than a quarter mile from here.

Just up the road.

Freeze it.


How did he find us?

Did you search for
tracking devices?

They're both clean.

It's time to go.
Scramble the closed-circuits.

What do you want
to do about her?

Bring her with us.

What's in her head
is extremely valuable.

Get up.


You're trying my patience,
Ms. O'Brian.

Do not cause any more
trouble than you're worth.

Get going-

Aim for
the propane tanks.

I'm out.
I'm out, too.

Jack, backup is here.

Federal agents.

- Drop your weapons.
- Freeze.

Identify yourself.

Agent Morgan.

Keep your hands free.

I'm glad to see you.
We were ambushed.

I need a few magazines for an HK 30.
You got 'em?

I still got a clean signal.

Override device
hasn't moved.


I need your people
to get back on comm.

I'm going after
the device.

Looks like we were expected.
They were Russian.

I want to know
exactly who they are,

I want fingerprints
on everyone.

Lock down
the entire area, okay?

Let's lock it down.

Son of a bitch.

My God!

Adrian Cross is dead.

What about Chloe?

Don't know. The override
device is missing.

Whoever has it was smart enough
to take off the tracker.

Jack, this phone
is still recording.

You're trying
my patience, Ms. O'Brian.

Do not cause any more trouble
than you're worth. Get going.

Play it again.
Play it again.

You're trying
my patience, Ms. O'Brian.

Do not cause any more trouble
than you're worth. Get going.

Do you
recognize the voice?

I'll never forget it.

Bring your people in, I need
to talk to the President.

We turn now to breaking
news in the Mediterranean,

we're receiving live images

of a Chinese aircraft carrier

sinking off
the coast of Gibraltar.

Excuse me, Mr. President,
Jack Bauer is calling for you.

Admiral, I want
the Massachusetts

to initiate all
rescue efforts.

And bring General Coburn up to
speed when he gets to Euro Comm.

Yes, sir.
Patch him through.

You're on, sir.

Mr. President, I'm sorry about the noise.
Can you hear me?

Loud and clear.

Have you found Adrian Cross?

Does he still have
the override device?

Sir, Adrian Cross is dead and
the override device is gone,

but I know
who has it.

Mr. President, you're not gonna
believe this, but it's Cheng Zhi.

That's not possible.

I just heard
a recording of his voice

on a phone left
behind by Chloe O'Brian.

Jack, Cheng was
killed three years ago

trying to escape
from a Chinese prison.

Our sources in
China confirmed that.

Mr. President, I thought so, too.
But we were wrong.

Sir, this man
held me captive

and tortured me for
over a year and a half,

I would never forget his voice.
I promise you, it's him.

a short while ago,

one of our subs
executed a false order

to destroy a Chinese carrier.

I guess we can assume the
override device gave that order.

Oh, my God!

Whoever Cheng's working for

is trying to start
a military conflict

between China and the West.

What makes you think he's
working with someone else?

Because when we were en route
to apprehend Adrian Cross,

we were attacked and held back
by Russian operatives.

Yes, sir.

It's imperative that you find
Cheng and the override device,

so that we can
show the Chinese

that we were not responsible.

Understood, Mr. President.
I'll keep you apprised.

You all right?

He was dead.
Everyone said he was dead.

Excuse me,
Mr. President?

Do you want to go?
No, I'm...

You all right? I'm all right.
I'm all right.

We need to know where Cheng
went after using the override.

Satellite coverage
has been off-axis.

And I'm having trouble trying to
get into the local CCTV feed.


That's what I'm
trying to find out.

I somehow doubt this
isn't a coincidence.

Look, I know you're still trying
to get up on Jordan's system.

But we need you to
do this and do it now.

Fast. Before Cheng
manages to start a war.

I'm running some
purpose-built subroutines,

but it's gonna
take a moment.

Damn it.

Make sure you tell Bauer.

Mr. Bauer, all closed-circuit
cameras for a two-mile radius

have been scrambled
for several minutes.

Copy that.
What about satellite?

I'm scrolling through now,
but it was out of position.

So you're telling
us we've got nothing?

Not unless you can
tell me what vehicle

or vehicles that
Cheng is traveling in.

We were pinned down.
We didn't get a visual.

Jack, it's Erik.

Listen, our tac agents found a
tablet inside the Russians' van.

They were tracking you using the
transmitter code from your comlink.

How did they get that code?
It's encrypted.

Only this station and the
White House have access.

The White House?
Why the White House?

The President's
Chief of Staff,

Mark Boudreau,
he requested it.

Copy that.
Son of a bitch. Let's go.


It's done.

Yes, I'm watching
ii on television.

But Bauer is
still in the picture.

You were supposed to
have taken him out.

I sent a team
to recover him.

You should have
sent a bigger one.

He traced the override
device to my location.

Where is Bauer now?

I don't know. But he's not
gonna stop until he finds me.

We have history.

Get to the docks.

You'll be out of the country
in less than an hour.

You will be leaving on a cargo
ship under a Dutch flag.

My people will
meet you at the dock.

All right.

Dockside security was reinforced
after the drone attacks.

You will
need to be careful.

Yeah, I understand.
Just keep trying.

Still no sign of Cheng.

Looks like he made it outside the
CCTV network before it was restored.

What does Cheng
have to gain

by starting a war between
China and the United States?

Cheng was part
of the old guard.

Ten years ago,
when the political landscape

in China
really started to shift,

Cheng and a group of extremists
pushed for complete power.

He lost.
And he was imprisoned.

Up until today, the entire
intelligence community

thought he died there.

Somehow the Russians
must have got him out.

Right, so the Russians
are behind the attack

on the carrier.

That's a dangerous game,
even for them.

This might not be
official policy.

This could be an
off-book intelligence op.

Either way, U.S.
goes to war with China,

Russia has a freer hand
to expand into Eastern Europe.

Yeah, I get that.

What I don't get

is why the hell
is Mark Boudreau helping them.

We'll find out soon enough.

Audrey, you don't have to stay
here if you don't want to.

I want to.

We've got plenty of
people to cover things.

My father needs me,

and I'd like to think
that my country needs me, too.

Mark, please,
just let me do my job.

Okay. Okay.

- Thank you.
- Mr. President.

President Wei
is on the line now.

Mr. President.
President Heller.

I'm calling you about the attack
on your aircraft carrier.

The attack initiated
by an American sub.

It was a mistake,
Mr. President.

An accident.

It was not ordered by
me or by anyone else

in the American
chain of command.

You're telling me the captain
acted on his own initiative?

No, sir,
I'm not telling you that.

He received an order
he believed to be authentic.

But the order was issued
by someone who penetrated

our defense
communications network.

And do you know who is making
these so-called intrusions?

We know who issued the false
order that sank your carrier.

Someone we both know and have every
reason to distrust, Cheng Zhi.

That's nonsense.
Cheng is dead.

We thought so, too.

But we have reliable evidence that
he's alive and he's here in England.

We have evidence
of our own proving

that Cheng was killed three years
ago trying to escape from prison.

Suppose we produce Cheng and the
device I've told you about.

Would that satisfy you?

It's well-known
that you disapproved

of our carrier sailing
into the Mediterranean.

Its sinking and the deaths
of thousands of crewmen

is a brazen act of war
that cannot go unanswered.

Mr. President, believe me...

I'm a reasonable man,
Mr. President.

I do not want war.

But we will do
what you have forced us to do.

Whatever happens
today is on your head.

So if we could just
deliver Cheng to him,

show him the device,

maybe we could get
him to back down.

Then we have to
catch Cheng, and quickly.

I want you to use all
of our resources on it.

Stay in touch
with Jack Bauer.

Whatever he needs,
get him.


Mark, I want
a crisis management plan.

Their moves,
our counter moves.

I'm on it, Mr. President.


I know this is a long shot,

but I have a contact at the
Chinese Embassy here in London.

Who's that? Her
name is Jiao Sim.

We worked together on a trade agreement
in Beijing about a year ago,

but the point is,

her father
is on the politburo.

Let me arrange a meeting,

and I will bring evidence
about the drone attacks,

whatever I can
get my hands on

that indicates
the penetration of our systems

was out of our control.

It's not as good
as having Cheng.

But it will buy us
some time until we find him.

I know that she trusts me

and she'll take
what I say seriously.

All right, give it a try.

Mr. President.

Our satellites have detected

movement from the Chinese military.
What movement?

Six J-16s are being scrambled
from Datong Air Base

and three destroyers off the
China coast have weighed anchor.

Where do you
think they're headed?

Well, it's too
soon to tell, Mr. President,

but whatever their plan of action might
be, they're not wasting anytime.

White House switchboard.

This is a secure line.
This is Jack Bauer.

I need you to patch me through
to Audrey Boudreau.

Please hold, sir.
Thank you.


Audrey, it's Jack.

Look, I need to tell you...
Kill him.



Do what you have to first,
and then you kill him.

How do you
know about Cheng?

I was next to my
father when you called.

Look, I...

I need you to know that the
only reason I surfaced today

was to try
and protect your father.

For you.

Also because I think
he's a really good man.

But things have
gotten complicated.

Some things are gonna happen.

And I just don't want
you to hate me forever.

Jack, stop.

I could never hate you.

I never have.

Do what has to be done,
do you hear me, Jack?

I hear you.


I got to go.

The Chinese destroyers
are steaming at full speed.

The J-16s have been joined
by another squadron,

but they're
holding at 30,000 feet.

I'm still waiting for you to
tell me what their target is.

Sir, their vector
is consistent

with an attack
on our naval bases

on the Japanese
island of Okinawa.

Mr. President, if the Chinese
plan to attack Okinawa,

we have to stand
ready to respond in force.

Otherwise our defense of Japan,
South Korea and Taiwan...

I understand all
of that, Colonel.

It seems to me that we
are responding in force.

Sir, I believe our response
to be insufficient.

What does that mean?

May I suggest
raising the alert level

of our nuclear forces?

I think that's premature,

This conflict could
escalate very quickly.

We can't afford
to be unprepared.

I do not want to be
the first one

to threaten the use
of nuclear weapons.

Sir, we have warhead
superiority of 10 to one.

If push comes to shove,
the Chinese will blink.

What makes you think
they're gonna blink?

As I said, Mr. President,

we have nuclear
superiority of 10 to one.

We fired the first shot,
albeit unintentional.

Yes, we did, but, sir...

I think we should keep
the alert level where it is.

Yes, sir.

I'm sorry to interrupt, Mr. President.
Mr. Bauer said it was urgent.

Thought you were on
the hunt for Cheng.

I Was.

Mr. President,
I need to speak with you

and Mr. Boudreau
privately, please.

You set me up for the
Russians, you son of a bitch.

Jack, take it easy.

Mr. President, the
Russians that attacked me

were tracking me
using my comlink.

Mr. Boudreau here
gave it to them.

Mark, tell me
that's not true.

You tell him
the truth. Now!

I'm sorry.


You're working
for the Russians,

and you're
telling me you're sorry?

I am not working
for the Russians!

I thought Bauer was a traitor!

I thought he was
here to assassinate you.

The Russians
have been pushing us

for four years to
turn him over to them.

So, yes, I... I...

I forged your signature
on the rendition order.

I thought I was killing
two birds with one stone.

I can't believe
what you're telling me.

Sir, as long as Jack Bauer is free,
he is our political liability.

I was trying to
turn him into an asset.

I was doing my job.

Your job?

Mr. President,
don't be so naive.

My job is to keep
your hands clean.

That means mine get dirty.

I had no idea
Anatol Stolnavich

was working with Cheng.

Stolnavich's cover is that
of deputy foreign minister.

He's a covert intelligence
operator, you idiot!

If the U.S. goes to war with
China, who do you think benefits?


I am placing you
under arrest for treason.

Mr. President,
I can still use him.

Have you had personal
contact with Stolnavich?

He doesn't
return my phone calls,

but I do know where
his personal residence is.

Sir, I'm gonna need
him to setup a meet.

All right. Keep me posted.

Yes, sir.

Mr. President, I want
you to know, I thought...


I don't want to
hear any more, nothing.

Where does he live?

In a heavily-guarded
compound there.

Gonna have to figure out
something on the way. Move.

We're having some difficulty

acquiring the updated schematics
for the Stolnavich residence.

An old one's better
than nothing at all.

Just send it through.

All right,
Gavin's sending it now.

What kind of intel do you have
on their security detail?

So, what we know is that
there's one guard at the main gate.

But we have no idea
how many in total.

To get you inside, we need to
know the name of the alarm system

Stolnavich is using before Gavin can
disable it or take control of it.

Copy that.
We'll get it for you.

Get back to you when we're on site.

his is a wireless comm unit.

I want you to put
it in your right ear.

You'll be able
to hear everything

that Agent
Morgan and myself say.

We'll also be
able to hear you.

Agent Morgan,
can I have the camera?

Turn to me.

Okay, when you
approach the house,

I need you to stand
directly in front of

the security panel.

It's the only way that we're
going to be able to identify

what kind of
security system they have.

Okay? You're set.

What if he
doesn't go for this?

You make him go for it.

You persuade him.

You're good at that.

What happens when
the bullets start to fly?

You're gonna want
to try and stay low.

Look, as soon as we enter the
house, it's gonna happen very fast.

Stolnavich is
gonna want to get to

a more secure
area of the house.

Anything you can do to
slow him down will help us.

Look, I understand
that you hate me

because of what
I tried to do to you,

and that's fair enough.

But what I did,

I thought was
the best for the President

and for this country.

I'll do whatever it
takes to make it right.


Camera's online.

Haven't you finished?
We'll be there in half an hour.

I'm still trying
to add this truck

to the manifest
at port security.

You're taking too long.

Perhaps she'd
have better luck.

I can do this.
I just need a few minutes.

Tell me, how do you
intend to keep port authority

from inspecting the cargo?

Customs have the manpower to only
inspect 2% of all shipping containers.

Do you need any help?

You'd better move this truck.
There's no stopping here.

Yes, sir.

Mr. President, the Chinese fighter
squadron has cleared their airspace.

They're moving to support their
fleet steaming toward Okinawa.

Our own squadron
is shadowing them.

Any shots fired?

Not yet, sir.

You hear anything
from Jack or my daughter?

No, sir. That was Prime
Minister Davies' office.

What did he want?

Well, the Prime Minster finally got
through to President Wei in China.

He was hoping to help convince him
regarding the override device.


Unfortunately, he had no more
luck than you did, sir.

Damn it!

Hey. I'll get them.

We're good.
We're good.

Let me get
these things, okay?

Hey, you want
some water?

No, I'm good. Yeah.
You sure?

Throw 'em in there.



Mr. President?

I'm getting confirmation of two SC-19
missiles launched by the Chinese.

Where are they headed?

It's unclear, sir. We're trying to
ascertain their trajectories right now.

What's happening?
Where are all the visuals?

Sir, it appears
the missiles have taken out

two of our
surveillance satellites.

We'll get AWACs into
position as soon as we can.

Sort it out.

Mr. President,
we need to think about

moving you to
a more secure location.

And under
the circumstances,

I recommend we raise the
alert level to DEFCON three.


Raise the level.

Gavin, Erik, we're on site.
Do you copy?

Yeah, we copy.

We're ready to go.

Okay, this is it.

Good luck.

I need to speak to
Stolnavich right away.

The Deputy Minister
isn't receiving visitors.

Just tell him
it's Mark Boudreau.


He can't
see you right now.

No, he's got to. Please,
just give me the phone.

Give me the phone, actually, I'll talk
to him, just for a second. Please?

What are you doing here?

You've got to
give me asylum.


Heller found out that
I forged his signature.

There's a warrant
out for my arrest.

You got to help me out.

I cannot go to prison.

This is
no concern of mine.

Come on...

Listen to me,

I am the White House Chief of
Staff, think of what I know.

Think of the intelligence
briefings I've attended.

I could be a huge asset to you.
To your country.

If you truly wish asylum, then go
to our embassy in the morning.

I will not last till morning!

I told you,
they're following me!

Your embassy is being watched.

If I turn myself over to you,

think of what a
hero you'll be in Moscow.


Come on.


Okay, he's in.

Erik, are you
receiving the images?

We are. The security panel should
be just outside the front door.

Copy that.

Mark, I need you to move
closer to the security panel.

Got it.

We're dealing with
a Panbeck 3200 series.

Motion sensors,
remote viewing.

This is pretty high-end stuff
for a home security setup.

Can you disable it remotely?

No. Best I can do
is jam the signal.

Working on it now.

Okay, Mark. I need to see
their security personnel.

Got it. Thank you.


Follow me.


If I am to sponsor this,
it would be best for you

to share a bit of
the classified intelligence

you say you possess.

First, we nail down
the details of my defection.


Sell it to him.

I'll need money. First of all.

It always
comes down to money.

Let's go. Gavin, we're
moving into position.

I'm still trying to make sure I
have the right signal address

before I try and jam
the security system.

And if you don't?

Then I set off the alarm
and inform the police.

I'm working
as fast as I can.

Got it.

Ready to jam the security
system on your signal.

Gavin, I want you
to open the gate.

Stand by for the front door
on my command.

Got it.

Signal is jammed.


Ready to
breach the door.

On my move.


He's down! You okay?

Yeah. I'm okay.

He's bleeding out.
Get me a towel now!

Where is Cheng?

Where is Cheng?

My country has not forgotten.

They will not give up until you
pay for what you have done.

You son of a bitch.
Where is Cheng?

I'm losing him!


Come on,
you son of a bitch.

He's done. He's gone.

It's okay. Thank you.

Sorry, ma'am.

Jiao. Thank you for
coming on short notice.

I'm sorry it's under such
unfortunate circumstances.

All the more reason we need
to trust one another. Please.

The order that sank your
carrier did not come from us.

It was executed
by Cheng Zhi.

Everyone knows
Cheng Zhi is dead.

Unless you can
prove otherwise.

We can't prove it,
not now at least.

But what I can
tell you is this...

Earlier today,
we discovered a device

that has
the capability of hijacking

and controlling
our drone fleet.

That's what caused
the attacks in London.

We were able to get
a partial view of the device.

Our analyst assessed it.

This contains a redacted copy
of their findings.

I'm not qualified to judge
such technical matters.

I understand this.

But can you take
this to your father,

have him analyze it
and decide whether

or not to pass it
on to the politburo?

We are hoping
that this evidence

plus Cheng,
if we can capture him,

will be enough evidence
to prove to the President

that the attacks
were not our doing.

I can't speak officially,

but if there's
enough evidence,

including proof that
Cheng is still alive,

I believe President Wei

will be able to resist
the hard-liners in the party

and back away
from retaliation.


Take this to your father
as quickly as possible.

Yes, I will.



Thank you.


My associate has
his weapon trained on you.

Sit back down on the bench
and don't move.

And maybe I'll allow you to live.