24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 12 - 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. - full transcript

As the world teeters on a terror plot of mass proportions, Jack and the team reunite one last time to avert an imminent crisis. With no time left and the fate of free world on the line, Jack is faced with an unthinkable and grave decision.

We paid you
to develop the override.

Not for you to give it away
for the rest of the world.

You're working with Chang?
Are you insane?

Chang kidnapped Jack,
had him put

in a secret prison
outside of Beijing

and tortured him
for over a year.

When Audrey went to go look for
him, he did the same thing to her.

I really don't have
any use for you anymore.

Send it.

Fire order. We're to sink the
Chinese carrier, Shenyang.

Fire torpedoes one and two.

Mr, President, we know who issued the
false order that sank your carrier.

Cheng Zhi.

Cheng is dead.

We have reliable evidence that he's
alive and he's here in England.

Our carrier's sinking and the
deaths of thousands of crewmen

is a brazen act of war
that cannot go unanswered.

It's imperative that you find
Cheng and the override device,

so that we can show the Chinese
that we were not responsible.

Bauer is still in the picture. You
were supposed to have taken him out.

I sent a team
to recover him.

He's not gonna stop
until he finds me.

My people will
meet you at the dock.

You'll be out of the country
in less than an hour.

Bring her with us.

What's in her head
is extremely valuable.

You set me up for the Russians,
you son of a bitch. Why'?

I thought Bauer was a traitor!

I thought he was here
to assassinate you.

The Russians have been pushing us for
four years to turn him over to them.

I forged your signature
on the rendition order.

I am placing you
under arrest for treason.

Mr. President,
I can still use him.

I'm gonna need him
to set up a meet.

He's bleeding out.
Get me a towel now!

Where is Cheng? My country
has not forgotten.

They will not give up until you
pay for what you have done.

I have a contact at the Chinese
Embassy here in London.

Let me arrange a meeting
and I will bring evidence of

penetration of our systems
was out of our control.

Take this to your father
as quickly as possible.


Thank you.

My associate has
his weapon trained on you.

Sit back down on the bench
and don't move.

Maybe I'll allow you to live.


My God.

I told you, you may not
move from the bench.

But my friend is still alive.

Let me go see if
I can help her.

I won't run.

I give you my word.

I'm going to her to
see if I can help her.

Do not scream.

Do not communicate
with anyone in any way.

Why are you doing this?

What do you want?

You move
from the bench again,

my sniper
will kill you.


Stolnavich's e-mails all
look like they're personal.

To family,
different women.

Could it be in
some sort of code?

Stolnavich wouldn't have kept
something like that in the open,

even if it was coded.

I got e-mails from three
days ago using a false name

and arranging for
payments for a shipment.

Leaves tonight.

Cheng's got to
be that shipment.

He's leaving
on a freighter from the harbor

in less than 40 minutes.
Okay, I'll call it in.

I'll get Erik to send
a team there right now.

Oh, my God.

What is it?

This is Agent Morgan.

I'm gonna need a team
sent down to Southampton.

There's a time stamp. This was
taken less than a minute ago.

Hang up the phone.

Hang up the phone now.

I'll call back.


Stop tracking me.

As soon as I'm safely away,
I will set her free.

If you come near me
or anyone try to help her,

she dies instantly. Cheng,
please listen to me...

Those are my terms!

Is that clear?



It's over. It's over.
We can't go after him.

Getting to Cheng
is the only way

we're gonna stop
this war with China.

You're just
assuming that.

We don't know if we can get
the proof to President Wei!

Or even if he'll back
off when he gets it.

We're condemning
Audrey to death for nothing.

We don't have another choice.

She loves you.
Shut up!

Agent Morgan.

We can't involve the CIA.

Cheng will see them coming
from a mile away.

What's the alternative?

He's right, there isn't one.

I need to go after Audrey.

Jack, you're under a direct
order from the President

to go after Cheng.
You got to follow that

I can go after Audrey.

You really think
you can handle this?


Okay, I want you to contact
Audrey's office discreetly.

Find out where she was going. Whatever
you do, do not alert the CIA.

I want you to put
together a small team.

You take out that sniper.

You keep me posted
every step of the way.

I will.

Mr. President,

I'm Agent Erik Ritter,
acting head of station.

Your military advisers are
set up in our secure comm

and briefing
facilities upstairs.

Well, thank you,
Agent Ritter.

Have you heard
anything from Audrey?

I checked in with her Secret
Service detail 15 minutes ago.

She and Jiao Sim
were still talking.

What about Bauer?

Negative on Bauer, sir.

What's our status, Admiral?

The Chinese now have eight
amphibious landing groups

steaming toward
our bases in Okinawa.

The first Chinese carrier
to reach the 12-mile limit

will be in the next half hour.

At which point, the seventh fleet
has standing orders to engage.

Also, they've ordered their
nuclear armed submarines

to ascend to 300 feet...
Firing depth.

Sir, we need
your authorization

to escalate our own nuclear
readiness in response.

Put our subs and silos
on the highest alert.

See if you can get
President Wei on the line.

Hello, are you okay?

Are you all right, love?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Can I use
your phone' please?

Yes. Yes, of course.

- Who is this?
- Jack, it's me.

Chloe, where are you?

Cheng had me.
I jumped out of his truck.

Adrian's dead.

I know.

You got my message.

You know he used
the device

to launch the attack
on the Chinese carrier?

Yes, and if I
capture Cheng alive

and can prove his involvement
in today's attack,

we might be able to get China
to back down from war.

Do you know where he is?

He's leaving
on a cargo ship.

Belcheck's meeting
me down at the docks.

You can't
go in there blind.

I'm at Millswood, not far from the docks.
Come get me.

I'll run comm for you. I'll get
you satellites, schematics.

Chloe, I don't think
that's a good idea.

Jack, I know
you don't trust me.

Adrian lied to me.

The only thing I did wrong
was to believe him.

let me make this right.

Give me your cross streets.
I'll pick you up.

President Wei,
whenever you're ready.


Mr. President

Forgive me for being blunt.

You've got your navy
heading toward Okinawa,

which our seventh
fleet is ready to defend.

But it's in both our interests
to avoid a shooting war.

Especially with
both our countries

at a high-level of
nuclear readiness.

The destruction of our carrier

and the deaths of our soldiers
is a provocation.

Our military
must respond.

We have agents in the field in the
process of apprehending Cheng Zhi.

While that's happening,

I'm asking you,
as a gesture of good faith,

to halt your naval advance.

Our military's
official position

is that
Cheng is dead.

Myself and my
allies in the Politburo

must accept this is true,
unless proven otherwise.

You've made yourself clear,
Mr. President.

Let me make myself clear.

Once your forces
cross the 12-mile limit

outside of Okinawa...

We will fight.

Get your men on
board and out of sight.

We are scheduled to
depart in 15 minutes.

Is there a way
to expedite this?

That would draw scrutiny
neither of us want.

Chloe, get in.

What the hell happened?

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I got banged up
getting away from Cheng.

We don't have
a lot of time.

I'll explain everything
while we're driving.

Where is your
communications setup?

The trunk in the backseat

Chloe, I need to know
why you were with Adrian Cross

when you took
the override device.

Jack, I tried to get the device
from Adrian, but he had a gun.

We got back to the base
and Cheng was waiting.

Adrian wasn't who
I thought he was.

He manipulated me

and he used my knowledge
to create the device.

So, this is partly my fault.
That's why I need to help you.

I need to try to
make this right.

It's up to you.

At this point,

I think I'm the only
friend you have left.

Whether you want
to admit it or not.

The operation's simple.

Capture Cheng alive.

Why are you doing this alone?
Why not ask the CIA for help?

Because he's got Audrey
pinned down by a sniper.

He'll kill her if he sees any
operation moving against him.

Jack, I'm sorry.

It's not your fault, Chloe.

You need to let that go.

None of this is.

Audrey, this is Kate Morgan.

I'm working with Jack Bauer.
I'm here to help you.

It's really important that you
don't react to what I'm saying

because we don't
want the sniper to know

that you're in
communication with me.

Okay'? Nod if you
understand what I'm saying.

Okay, I need to know if you have
any idea where the sniper is.

Look down if the answer is no.

Listen, I know Cheng
doesn't want to kill you.

You're gonna have
to trust me on this.

I'm gonna need you
to draw the sniper's fire

so that I can locate
exactly where he is.

Nod if you're
still with me on this.

Okay, I'm gonna
count to three,

and on three, I need you
to make a sudden movement.

Okay, ready?




I got him. Stay put and just
know that I'm out here, okay?


What's your status?

I've located the sniper, but
I need to move into position

so I can lay down some
cover fire for Audrey to run.

Copy that. Get back to me as
soon as you've got her secured.

Got it.

Four of us
moving in is just gonna

attract too much attention.

I'm gonna run point.
The minute I have

a clean line of sight,
we move on my command.

Did you get everything?

There are too many places
for Cheng's men to hide.

That's what
I'm here for.

I should be able to
backdoor a satellite

and get their positions.

Cellular modems not giving me a signal.
I need to get online.

I can wire into that dish.

I need to reprogram
the transponders.

My comm is open.
I'll get back to you.

Cover me.

Chloe. Wait.

Thank you.
For everything.

And good luck. Go.

Audrey, I'm about
to move into position

where I can get
a clean shot on the sniper.

As soon as that happens, the
second that you hear gunfire,

I want you to run toward the
tree behind your left shoulder.

Okay, stand by.

Jack, I'm backdoored
into a satellite overhead.

Resolving the infrared.

Okay, I can see you and Belcheck.
You're clear. Go.

Stop, Jack. You have two
guards coming straight at you.

Ready? Now.

Jack, there's another guy
on top of the container.

Five o'clock.
Got it.

Turn here. Go.

Jack, you'll have to take out
two guards on the port side.

There are men on the bridge.
They're moving away.

You're good. Clear. Go.

Copy that.

Synchronized shot.

I've acquired target on the left,
you take target on the right.

On my count.
Three, two, one, fire.

Chloe, we're
on the boat.

Jack, you have a man at the top
of the stairs to your left,

there's another one on the container
directly in front of you.

I'm picking up about a dozen
other heat signatures

on the ship, mostly in pairs.

Copy that. What's the
status on Audrey?

I haven't heard anything.

Most of the men are in
a defensive formation

around the comm tower. That
must be where Cheng is.

Guide us in.

Sir. I've been running scans.
Someone in the immediate area

is downstreaming
with a local satellite.

Roll-call your men.

Whoever's linking
to the satellite,

can you cut the access
and the communication?

Yes, and I can redirect

their feed to my screen.
Do it.

Contact whoever's left.
Tell them to go find them. Go!

What are
they doing? No.

Oh, my God.

Cheng knows we're here.

Jack, I have to tell Kate.

- She needs to move now.
- Copy that.

Kate, it's Chloe.

They're onto us. You have
to get Audrey out of there

and get the CIA involved.

I'm about to move
into position, Chloe.

Chang's gonna order
the sniper to shoot!

Get Audrey
out of there now. Move.

Engage! Engage!

Go! Go! Go!

Okay, got him.

Get up there and
make sure he's dead.

Yes, Ma'am.

Audrey, are you okay?


Erik, it's Kate.

Where are you?

I'm at Malden Park
with Audrey Boudreau.

Inform Secret Service
that we have secured her

and we're taking
her back to the CIA.

Where's her current detail?
I'll explain everything later.

Right now you need to get a
team over to Southampton docks.

Jack was going in stealth
but right now he's in trouble

and he really needs your help.
He's trying

to stop this war.

I need tac teams
suited up in choppers, now!

Jack, Audrey's safe.

Thank God.

They've found my feed.
I've lost satellite,

and I'm trying to get it back...

Chloe. Chloe?

Jack? Jack, do you copy?

I've cut communications and taken
over their satellite feed.

These two signatures...

Must be Bauer and whoever
he has with him.

We're leaving now.

They're getting
ready to push off.

I need you to get down to the
engine room, do whatever you can

to stop, and I'll make my
way to the bridge. Go.

Is Jack closing in
on Cheng?

Yes. Cheng was using
you to get to Jack.

That's why Jack
sent me here.

Is Jack all right?

I don't know.

Audrey, get down!

Got two men down.

Oh, God. Audrey.

Call Erik, tell him we have a
second shooter. Give me that.

Get medical here
right now!

Oh, my God.

Stay with me.

Erik, we need medical now!
Audrey, help is on the way.

Audrey Boudreau's been hit.
Don't leave me now, okay.

Stay with me.

Cheng had
a second shooter.

Stay with me, Audrey. Come on.

Stay with me.

Oh, God.

Okay. Stay with me.
Stay with me.

Stay with me.

Audrey, will you stay with...

Oh, God.

Please, Audrey.

Okay, now, Audrey,

please stay with me. Stay with me, okay?
Stay with me!

Oh, God.


Air reconnaissance confirms.

The Chinese amphibious groups

are still on course
for our base in Okinawa.

Mr. President, I need
a go-ahead to engage

if the perimeter
is breached.

Anything from Jack?

I'm afraid not,
Mr. President.

Sir, our forces are
awaiting your orders.

I know that, Colonel.

Sir, I need a word.



I got to
fall back to reset.

Copy that.


Jack, it's Kate.

Yeah, go ahead.

Jack, I'm so sorry.

We lost Audrey.

What are you talking about?
You said she was safe.

I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

There was another shooter,
and he got her, Jack.

I'm... I'm so sorry.


Jack, can you hear me?

Jack, talk to me.

Engines. Shut them down.


You should have
stayed hidden like a rat.

You could have
died an old man.

The Chinese have breached the
perimeter, Mr. President.

Permission to engage.

Set weapon
postures red and tight.

You are cleared to engage
any positively-identified

Chinese air or
surface targets.

Mr. President,
if this should escalate,

we need to begin reviewing
the nuclear response scenario.

Begin the review.

Sir, I'm putting through
an urgent call from downstairs.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

I have Jack Bauer
on live comm link.

Hold that order.

Delay weapon posture red.

Putting it up
on the monitors.

This is Jack Bauer. I have
Cheng Zhi, and he is alive.

I repeat. I have Cheng
and he is alive.

Initiate facial recognition.

Copy that. Just connected
with the Chinese.

Just give me one second.

You're being recorded.
Tell them who you are.

Tell them who you are.

Do we have

Just a few
more seconds, sir.

Tell them who you are!

My name is Chang Zhi!

Did you get that?

Did you get that?

Got it.

That's facial recognition
and voice match. It's him.

Copy that.


Let's get
President Wei on the line.

This is for Audrey,
you son of a bitch.

Mr. President, did you receive
the file we just sent you'?

I'm looking at it now.

Then you can see that Cheng
is alive and in our custody.

This confirms
everything I've told you

about the sinking
of the Shenyang.

It was not my order.

We will need to
verify this recording.

Well, you can verify it all you
want, but in the meantime,

you need to turn
your ships around.

Your ships have crossed
our defensive perimeter.

If you don't turn them around,

I'm going to be
forced to respond.

All right.

I will instruct our
ships to withdraw,

but I need your assurance that
we will discuss reparations

for the loss of our carrier
and the soldiers aboard.

You have that.

And thank you, Mr. President

Sir, I...

Before we head back out,

I need to talk to you.


It's rather
sensitive, sir.

Maybe... Maybe you
want to sit back down.

I don't need to sit down.

What happened? Tell me.


It's Audrey.

She's dead.

She was shot by a sniper

during her meeting
with Jiao Sim.

It was
one of Cheng's men.

That's got to be a mistake.

She was at a covert meeting.

She had Secret Service detail with her.
That's impossible!

Every man on that detail
was killed as well.

I'm so sorry.
It's not a mistake.

We got confirmation
from the field

that your daughter
died ten minutes ago

from a gunshot wound.


Get a medic in here,
will you'?

We need a medic,
second floor conference room.

You okay?

Sir, you okay?
Okay. Go easy.


It's okay.

I haven't heard from her

since we charged the boat.


No. No.


This is Bauer.

Who is this?




I'll be there.
Just set it up.


It's my
after-action report.


What happened to Audrey,

it wasn't your fault.

Field work is not
an exact science.

There's no way
you could have

known that Cheng
had a second shooter.

Yeah, I realize that.

Per the President's orders,

these men are going to
escort you to Lakenheath.

Where a military transport will
take you back to the States.

How is the President?

The President is boarding
Air Force One as we speak.

James, you have
my deepest sympathy.

I can't even imagine
what you're going through.

Thank you, Alastair.

You've been
a good friend.

If there's anything
I can do, anything at all...

No, there's
nothing you can do.

Nothing anyone can do.

The day before we
left for London,

I was sitting in my office

looking at a picture on my
desk of a beautiful woman.

I kept staring at it.

It's been on my desk since

my first day in office.

And I knew that I
knew that woman.

But I couldn't
think of her name.

Ten seconds,
15 seconds go by, then, poof.

Pops into my head.

It was Audrey.

I'm so sorry.

I won't remember
anything that happens today.

I won't remember
anything that happens, period.

I won't remember that
I had a daughter that died

in such a horrible fashion.

Are you sure you
want to do this'?


She walks first!

Jack, you don't
have to do this.

It's time for you to go home.

You were right about
what you said earlier.

About being my best friend.

Thank you.

Look in on my
family when you can.


I've taken you
at your word.

But if you're lying to me,

if anything happens
to her or my family,

your entire world
will come apart,

and you will
never see it coming.

We just want you, Mr. Bauer.

That's all we ever wanted.

I would say you're
going to enjoy Moscow...

But you'd know I was lying.

Go to the car.