24 Hrs to Hell and Back (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Seafarer's Family Restaurant - full transcript

(dramatic music)

I'm Gordon Ramsay,

and I'm back on America's roads

with my culinary command center

heading to nine more
struggling restaurants.

Let's go to the scariest place
in America.

With these businesses
on the brink of collapse...

It's lined with rat [bleep].
This is worse than the plague.

You haven't even got a stove.

I've got to work quickly,

so I'm giving myself
just 24 hours...

(gasps, groans)

To try and save
each one of them.

Did each member of staff
take a turn [bleep] in here?

Oh, my!

RAMSAY: It's my third time
around the country,

and even though
my advance team tells them

it's a new renovation show,

people are suspicious.

So I've had to up
my disguise and decoy game.

- Is that you?
- Yeah.

No way!
I couldn't even tell!

RAMSAY: So I can get into
these restaurants

and see what's really going on.

You are [bleep] kidding me!

RAMSAY: What I discovered
this time around

is more shocking than ever.

I'm amazed you're still open.

(people clamoring)

RAMSAY: If I have any hope
of saving these restaurants...

This is my kitchen, Chef!

RAMSAY: I'll have to go
to hell and back...

You okay?
In 24 hours.

You show your face!

You don't get an award for that!

You don't even get a pin
on your shirt for that!

(rock music)


I've just arrived
in Manquin, Virginia,

30 minutes away from Richmond,

and just an hour's drive
from the beach.

Here the locals and tourists

from nearby cities
and shorelines

love fishing, great outdoors,
war reenactments,

and, of course, fantastic food.

Seafarer's sits on
the busy Route 360,

a very popular thoroughfare
that cuts through

the heart
of the King William County.

even with a very busy highway

in their front yard,

Seafarer's has failed
to make themselves

a roadside attraction.

The Halterman family dreamed

of building this
business into a legacy,

but trust me, instead of that,

this restaurant
is tearing the family apart.

- How are you doing?
- All right.

My name is Amber Halterman.

I am one of the owners
of Seafarer's restaurant.

We're a family restaurant;
we love our customers.

The owners of Seafarer's
are my parents, 40%,

myself, 40% owner,

and my sister Autumn, 20% owner.

Hi, how are y'all doing?
My name is Autumn.

Seafarer's opened in 2012.

It was a lifelong dream
of my dad's.

Two of my children work here
at Seafarer's.

They want a dozen
shooting points.

We only got five left.

Can I get the menu out
of your way? Thank you.

AMBER: The day-to-day
person at Seafarer's

was supposed to be my father,
but he is unwell.

I would say the restaurant
was kind of thrown in

my mom, my sister, and my lap.

Freaking day in freaking Hades.

I never wanted to be
a restaurant owner.

What in heck is going on here?

I was in insurance prior
to my accident.

I was in a car accident,

and I was not able to walk
without any aid

for about two years.

My parents helped me
though all that,

so I felt compelled
to contribute

to the business about $47,000,

my settlement
from my car accident.

- Was that mine?
- Yes.

I didn't have any money
to put into the restaurant,

but I have put my sweat;
I have put my time.

What's Autumn doing?


My aunt Autumn doesn't help
with anything.

I'm not cleaning her crap up
that she didn't clean up.

My aunt shows up,
makes her money,

and leaves.

I do not wanna be here, Logan.

You don't deserve to work here!

You don't deserve a place
in all this!

BOTH: And you do?

- Yes, he does!
- Okay, fatass, take up for him.

You always do.

"Okay, fatass?"

- You always do.
- Are you kidding me?

Autumn is very disrespectful
towards my mother.

All I get done is put down,
and criticized,

and "You don't know
what you're doing"

and "You don't know how
to run a business,"

and blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah.

You know, if I didn't have you,
no one would have my back.

LOGAN: It's well-known
that Mom's in charge,

but Autumn is always trying
to speak above her.

As a mother,
when my girls are struggling

with one another,

it really tears me apart
at times.

AUTUMN: I'm five years older
than Amber,

but my parents let Amber run...
run the restaurant.

I'm leaving.

AMBER: Autumn,
I was here all day yesterday.

Nope, I did stuff all day.

It doesn't seem fair.

I got no room
for any of this [bleep].

My son Logan is 20 years old,

and he is my lead cook
right now.

LOGAN: No one taught me
how to cook on the line.

I just figure it out
as I go along.

Hey, as soon as you got space,
drop these, okay?

I got it.
They're together?

Yeah, just leave it right here.

Logan has a brilliant mind.

He could be doing anything.

Hey, can you drop me six
number one crabs?

He also has substance abuse

I am in a way better place now.

That's another thing I'm
grateful for this restaurant

'cause it had a lot to do
with my recovery.

At the end of the day, I wish
the best for this place.

And I want it to succeed,

and I wanna be there
when we're at the top.

It's been slow for hours.

We've lost about $40,000
since July of this year.

It's affecting not only
my physical health

but my emotional.

I put my heart and soul
in this place.

If this restaurant
was to go under,

I couldn't look at my family.

This business provides
our livelihood.

Everyone's lifesavings
is in this business.

Now as you know,
when people know I'm coming,

they do their best
to stay out of trouble.

So in order to catch

one of the most
dysfunctional families

I've ever heard about off-guard,

I'm going in undercover
with a local group

of Revolutionary war reenactors.

Soldier Chester Buford
ready for battle.

Now everyone at Seafarer's

knows they're candidates
for a renovation show.

So as an additional diversion,

I'm sending in my friend,
Rock Harper,

to pose as the show's expert
to take the scent off me.

- Who's that?
- Hello.

We are your team of experts.

I'm Chef Rock Harper,
and this is my team.

- Okay.
- The experts are here.

- Can you go out there?
- Okay, I'm coming.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- I'm Amber.
- How are you?

- Good.
- RAMSAY: Thanks to Rock,

these Yanks will have no clue
that the British are coming.

After you, brother.

Sitting on a busy route means
this seafood restaurant

should be swimming in cash,

but thanks to its cliché décor,

rock-hard booths,
and ancient display counter,

Seafarer's is just drowning
in bad taste.

Now, the first impressions when
we walk in here: the smell.

Oh, my God!

It kind of permeates
through the air.


- Logan.
- Yup!

Something's wrong in here.

- Yeah, it's warm.
- Logan, it's warm.

Yeah, I know.

Are you kidding me right now?


All right, crabs,
don't let me down.

What can I get for you?

How about a dozen oysters?

I think for the table, I'll
order a dozen steamed crabs.

Uh, blackened ahi tuna?

- Can I get the deviled eggs?
- Deviled eggs, okay.

We don't got
the normal seasoning either.

Alex has been using this one.

All right, I'm gonna
put a little bit

of red pepper on it then.

Um, this is for the crab dip.

And where's the crab from?

I have no idea.

Hey Phil,
this fish is still raw.

- It's still raw?
- Yeah, look.


So we got crabs.

And here's a bucket
for your shells.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

(suspenseful music)

Go have a cracker.

RAMSAY: All that [bleep]
seasoning there, look.

I mean, it just ruins the crab.

No, that's... that's a no-no.

♪ ♪

MAN: Tastes fishy.

All righty.
Deviled eggs.

Deviled egg.

♪ ♪

Those deviled eggs
were made days ago.

They're not fresh.
Oh, my God.

What did King George think
of the American colonists?

He probably thought about
the colonies the same way

that we think about this food.

- Revolting.
- (chuckles)

I've seen enough.


Now that's Rock.
He's my decoy.

Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me.

I'm gonna need everyone
to shut it down.

Join me in the dining room,

May I have your attention,

That is one of
the most atrocious meals

I've ever had.

I couldn't agree more.

♪ ♪


All of you stop eating.

Forks down because that
was shocking.

The minute you walk through
those doors,

there is a horrendous smell.

Madame and sir, again, you too.

Can you follow me
two seconds, please?

Is he taking people
in our kitchen?


AMBER: Logan,
why don't you come over here?

Y'all left me on my own,
so you're all on y'all's own.

We did not leave you
on your own!

RAMSEY: Follow me through.

Oh, God.


(tense music)


Oh, my!
Oh, oh!

RAMSEY: Are you kidding me?

Catch of the day, hepatitis B.

Oh, that's very unappetizing.

I'm just gonna crawl under
this case.

♪ ♪

This is what your food
was cooked in today.

(people groaning)

Logan, talk to me.

♪ ♪

You're supposed to be
the bloody head chef!

♪ ♪


Logan, talk to me.

You're supposed to be
the bloody head chef!

I'm not the head chef.
I don't get listened to.

♪ ♪

You should be embarrassed.

We need help.

Ladies and gentlemen,
my apologies.

All of you, follow me.

- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.

♪ ♪

Come on over, please.

This is Hell On Wheels.

It has this state of the art

the most amazing team in there.

What you're about to witness,
in my mind, is appalling.

Please take a look at this.

Hey, you can't have the seafood
sitting out this long.

You can't just leave it out
like this.

We've had it
for almost two weeks.

I know that.

(overlapping groans)

Flies, dead crab.

Well, now
they have flies on them.

They've been having flies
on them for weeks.

(clamoring, groans)

(tense music)

♪ ♪

Ugh, they're terrible!

I couldn't serve those eggs
to anyone.

I've been serving them all day.

They're really bad.

RAMSAY: Autumn,
a partner in the business,

why are we behaving
as bad as that?

I don't have any say-so.

You're part responsible.

She is in control.

Amber's in control?

She doesn't take my advice.

You served spoiled deviled eggs
and that is Amber's fault?

It's all of our faults.

Uh, patrons and my guests,

no one is paying
for lunch today.

I'm taking care of that.

But what I would like

is all of you to give me
a second chance.

Could you all come back
in 24 hours from now,

back for dinner, please?

- Yes.
- Yes, sir.

Members of staff,
24 hours starts now.

Get on your cell phones
and talk to the family

'cause you're not going home;
you're staying here with me.

Hey, babe.

Hey, so, um, I don't think I'm
allowed to leave for 24 hours.

I'm gonna be here for 24 hours.

It's... it's not good.

What I just saw today
was absolutely nuts.

It was shameful, disgusting too.

If they don't make changes,
no doubt they'll be closed.


Based on that experience,

how did we find ourselves
in this situation?

Our father's an alcoholic
and is no help.

- I'm being honest.
- Right.

He bought this restaurant
thinking he was about to die.

- It was kind of like a...
- Family legacy.

And yet none of you knew
how to run it.

It was thrown in our laps, Chef.

None of us had real training.

Things aren't properly done
on a regular basis.

We've been winging it
for seven years.

No one's ever sat down with me
and taught me food costs.

I learned it on my own,
what I know.

I can understand that you were
a novice seven years ago,

but you still can push yourself.

I need to be a better boss.

I know I'm not good at it.

Logan, you're 20, right?

I wouldn't dream of throwing
any of my 20-year-olds

in a mess like this.

What keeps you here?

I have a little dream.
I can see this going further.

I'm trying to help out
my family.

I'm trying to get us
to a better spot.

I'm trying to make a dream.

Logan will go way and beyond.

I wanted to step up
and make a change.

I really did.

And Logan, in your mind,

who is the biggest problem
in the restaurant?

It's Autumn.

Like, I can't account for
anything Autumn's ever made.

I'm not a cook, Logan!

It's not being a cook, but you
own part of the restaurant.

Part-owner of a restaurant,

you're supposed to know
all aspects of the restaurant.

- Can I speak up?
- Yes, please.

He's outside smoking pot.

Okay, I was gonna try
to keep this stuff back.

- I'm not ashamed of me...
- Smoking pot!

It's legal
in how many states now?

Stop trying to throw
my [bleep] put there.

What about you?

What are you doing
for this family?

You're taking advantage!

- I come in here every day.
- You show up!

You show your face!

You don't get an award for that!

I didn't say I get an award!

You don't even get a pin
on your shirt for that!

But I'm 20% owner!

In the beginning,
you said you didn't want

anything to do with this place.

You told us how
you wished it burned down.


How you're gonna laugh at us
when it failed.

- Bullcrap!
- Your auntie said that to you?

As soon as she saw the cash
they made

at the end of the night,
she said, "I'm on board."


So they know how crazy
you are for your tips.

No, I'm not.

She's chased customers out
of the door

because they didn't
leave enough tip.


Is that right?

You chase customers down?

- Yes, I... I...
- Oh, my God.

When there's days I need
to work and she'll tell me,

"You're not working tomorrow.
Cut it out.

Philip's working,"
and take my spot from me.

But why is your auntie putting
Phil in front of you?

Because they're
in a relationship.

Oh, God!


Is that right, Phil?

Kinda, yeah.

Sleeping with a line cook,

getting these hours in front
of your own family's...

that is a huge conflict
of interest.

This is my third time back.
I had quit three times.

The only reason I'm back
this time...

Phil, to be honest,
I know why you're back.

Oh, God, oh, God,
oh, God, oh, God...

If it was up to me,
I wouldn't even be back.

If you don't want to be here...

- Right.
- Do everybody a favor and go.

Thank you.

♪ ♪

You don't want to say goodbye
to your girlfriend?

See ya!

How long has this relationship
with your sister been toxic?

Our whole lives.

Then why are you
in business together?

Because we're family.

That is not
a good enough reason.

Everything's put in this.
There is no plan B.

This has to work.

This is all we have.

It's holding up
three households.

Amber, there are a lot
of problems to fix,

and I've got less than
24 hours to do it.

So I'm gonna bring in
my renovation team.

Ladies, welcome.
Good to see you.

This is Theresa and Veronica.

They know how to fix
a restaurant

and put it back on the map.

I need all of you helping out.

All right, well,
let's start clearing this out.

We have tables
and chairs to go out,

booths to go out.

Let's clear the restaurant.

This is one of the most

dysfunctional families ever,

and their dining room
reflects this.

We're gonna open up this area.
A counter that big.

The space we get back when this
[bleep] monstrosity is gone.

I'm excited to see it go.

So we can create a warmer

and more inviting space.

And eventually they come up.

We can get a sledgehammer
in here.

While my renovation team

the front of the house...

Whoops, going out!

I've got to get to work on

one of the most
disgusting kitchens

I've ever smelled...

Now explain to me
how this mess works.

Or seen.

When was the last time
this was pulled out?


It's never been pulled out?

Not completely.

Have you seen behind there?

Cheese and crackers!

It's inches deep!

That's disgusting.

RAMSAY: That doesn't look like
it's been cleaned

for seven years since
you took over this place.

When was the last time this
place was gutted out, Logan?

We've never deep cleaned
this place.

You're the only one
telling me the truth.

Oh, my God!

What in the [bleep] is that?

Did each member of staff
take your turn

and [bleep] in here?

That's homemade banana pudding,

Homemade what?!

What are you thinking?

- Oh!
- [bleep]!

Oh, come on.

How much were you charging
for this?

- $6.
- $6?

And does it come with a diaper?

Everywhere is this kitchen
is just laced with flies.

And look, even the [bleep]
flies are dying.

- Poor bastards.
- (fly buzzing)

Any more fridges anywhere?

- The walk-ins.
- The walk-in.

Let's go to the [bleep]
scariest place in America.

Welcome to Hell.

Oh, my God.


My God, the smell is disgusting.

What is that under there?

Look at this.
Come in here.

The temperature in here
is not even cold.

That's... that's rotted.

Even if you steam these,
they're gone,

they're weeks old,
they're... they're dead.

It's dead.

It's dead.


AMBER: Let me out.
Let me out.



My God.

They're weeks old, they're dead.

What you got are shellfish
that are half dead.

They start decaying,

and the bacteria
they're carrying multiplies.

You need to count
your lucky stars

that you haven't killed
somebody yet.

I'm gonna ask you
to do something

you've never done
in seven years,

all of you.

Clean your [bleep] kitchen.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, Chef.


(somber music)

That stinks.


That has to be the worst walk-in

refrigeration unit
on the planet.

Yeah, that's dead in there too.

I feel for Logan.

Barely 20 years of age,
standing behind the line,

and not knowing what to do.

What do you wanna do with the...

all the extra decorations
in the bag?

Chuck 'em?

I can't fix it overnight.

It takes chefs years
to master shellfish,

so I'm gonna spend
some quality time with Logan,

go back to basics,

and try to build him
from the ground up.


- Logan, come over, bud.
- Hello.

Take me back to how
you got into that job

because shouldn't you
be at college?

Yeah, everything got put
on pause for the restaurant,

for my mom.

It kinda hit a point
where she was bawling down.

I just... I mean, I just see her
break down crying, you know,

in the car rides home, at home.

It was... it was the dark days.

And when did
the drug taking start?

I was 16 years old

when I started going
to the hard stuff.

Heroin, crack, everything.

What was that part
that drove you there?


you know, it's kind of like
feeling alone in this world.

- Mm-hmm, so it was an escape.
- It was an escape.

A lonely place, but a place
that you felt comfortable in.

A place I felt good.

What was the turning point?
How did you get off that?

You know, there's a few things.

One thing that really hit me
is I realized

the people I was out with,

if something bad were
to happen to me,

if I were to go under,

if I needed medical attention,

they would kick me to the curb.

They'd have left me to die.

You know, I just kind of seen
that behavior before.

- You realized that at the time?
- Mm-hmm.

I went to my mom.

I opened up to her.
I was honest.

So that makes sense as to why
you're so supportive to Mom.

Yeah, she backed me up.

How long have you been clean?

Um, from the hard stuff,

I've got to be honest,
the beginning of this year.

- You're weeks away from a year.
- Yeah.

You still have to be careful
with the soft stuff

'cause that's nine times out
of ten where it starts.


You know,
I would like to get 100% sober.

I would like to keep
my life going

'cause at this point,

those things are
just weighing me down.

I think the weird thing for you
is that you've

got this responsibility
on your shoulders,

yet you've never
been taught properly.

What I'm gonna do now is go back

to some of the basics
with you and then work up.

Then when we got both feet
on there, we climb again,

but we're gonna transform
that restaurant

into a all-day eatery.

Low food cost, easy to store,
and a much faster turnover.

So for me, this kind of menu

minimizes waste.

You took over somebody else's

and now it's time
to recreate something

for the Halterman family,
something new.

I've said to my mom
plenty of times

we're not river people,
we're not seafood people.

I've been saying
to change up the...

change it up,
change up the plans.

This is great.
This is great.

Right, crab cakes, okay?

Beautifully done fresh crab,

a little nice corn succotash.

Next to that,
a beautifully marinated

grilled chicken Cobb salad.

Can be done with shrimp as well,

depending what
the customer wants.

Next to that,
a big staple locally.

It's a corned beef hash
with a poached egg

and grilled sourdough bread.

Next to that,
an all-American burger.

Sesame seed bun, cheddar cheese,

beautiful pickles, and it's
topped with caramelized onions.

Steak and egg.

So we have
a beautiful porterhouse

with fried eggs
served with home fries.

- Okay?
- Yes, sir.

Right, T-bone.

The most important thing here,

our fat there needs to render,

Mop up all that seasoning,

get that pan nice and hot.

Cast iron.

I started using cast iron
in the restaurant.

I have my one little
cast iron pan.

And you bought that yourself?

I don't know,
I just wanted to start

cooking food the right way.

I love that.
The most important thing now,

a little bit of butter in there.

It's gonna make the fat
caramelize even better.

Some thyme,
a little bit of rosemary,

and then some garlic.

Quick question: do you think
Autumn should stay or go?

- Truthfully.
- Mmm.

Tough one.

I would say...
I would honestly say go.

I would honestly say go.
But, um...

I respect your honesty.

'Cause even if today... even
if she's like, you know,

she sees the light,
and she's like,

"You know, I'm gonna change.
I'm gonna do this better."

- You know she won't?
- Yeah, it's just hard.

It's hard to forgive something
like that in an instant.

Even if my mom's been [bleep]
up for seven years,

at least she was trying.

- Committed.
- You know?

That fat has rendered down.

- See?
- Yeah.

You can do that by just
holding it on the pan for...

That's right,
and let the pan do the work.

He's only 20 years of age,

and already that guy
has lived a lifetime.

I'm hoping now he absorbs
and steps behind that line

and bounces back strong.

Dig into the steak.

That's so good!

Um, Gina and John?

Come up, please.
You good?

Come through.
Gina, come through, my lady.

- Mary, say hi to Logan.
- Hello.

- Jamie and Alex.
- Nice to meet you.

They're gonna train you

throughout the night,
dish by dish,

and we're gonna get up to speed
with everything.

- Yup.
- Excited?

- Yeah!
- Let's go, guys.

- Good luck.
- All right, here we go.

Salt and pepper
both sides liberally

'cause it's a steak.

This family has been
severely wounded,

but if I can empower Logan,

we may have some direction.

- Amber?
- Yes.

Let's have two minutes
together, please, over there.

(suspenseful music)

Oh, man.
How are you feeling?

- Tired, but good.
- Tired?

- Tough day, right?
- Tough day.

Restaurants are tough things
to operate.


And if there's one thing
that's going on

inside your restaurant,

it's that it's been run by
too many people.

'Cause you can't use
a restaurant

to mend a broken relationship.

It doesn't work,

and the pressure it puts
on Logan standing there,

and his angst,
and his frustration.

You know, he was talking
about his aunt,

how bad for the business she is.

Give me an insight
to Autumn's strengths.

What is she good at?


What does she walk through
the door with?

What does she bring
to the business?

♪ ♪


Give me an insight
to Autumn's strengths.

What does she walk through
the door with?

What does she bring
to the business?

I don't know.


You can't think of one thing?

I can see
you're getting emotional

because there's no contribution.

Turning up for work?
Big deal.

I don't think there's
many people in that business

that could work with your sister

or who want to work with her.

You have to stop letting her

bring you
and your children down.


(melancholy music)

Hey, come on.

It's so important to talk.


You have an amazing son
and an amazing daughter.


It's time to look after
each other,

and sometimes that means
letting others go.

Think about it, okay?

- Okay.
- Come here.

You okay?

I'm gonna think about
new beginnings.

The past is gone.

We're gonna start fresh,

and I'm not gonna let anyone
stand in the way of that.

RAMSAY: The hardest part
of Seafarer's renovation

is removing the old
to make way for the new.

I don't know how much
I can help, but I can push.

Oh, thank God
it's leaving the building.

As a new day starts,

I'm excited to see the progress

and lend a hand.

- Ah, this is amazing.
- Hi!

That 3D wall is beautiful, huh?

- Thank you, yeah.
- Right, the center of the pass.

You want to create
some atmosphere in there.

So when we're sat here,
we can feel that.

- I think we should take it out.
- Yeah.

All right.

It's a little sticky.

All right, and last one.

- RAMSAY: Yeah, nice.
- There we go.

- What do you think?
- Yeah.

Now it feels like
an open plan kitchen.

Oh, it totally does.

Why were they always
shutting it off?

I have no idea.

With progress continuing

on the front of house...

Uh, Autumn, take a seat,
my darling.

I now need to deal with
what I believe

is Seafarer's biggest problem.

- How are you?
- I'm... I'm good.

- I'm okay.
- Yeah.

My goal, Autumn, is to get
this restaurant successful.

I want it to be.
I want it to be successful.

Would that restaurant run,
Autumn, better without you?

I don't think...
I don't think so, no.

I just feel like I'm,
like, ostracized.

Amber's in control
of everything.

I know she was put to be the...
whatever, the head manager.

Do you think you could run the
restaurant better than Amber?

Yes, I... yes, I can.

I spent a lot of time here,

but I'm not included
in anything.

But there are issues there way
beyond the restaurant.

You know that.

Yeah, it started out
at our childhood.

And my dad, he always gave me
the brunt of everything.

So she wasn't anywhere near
as hurt as much as you were.

Oh, no, sir.

I'm... I'm sorry about that,

but it's almost like
you're venting

and using the restaurant
to get back at your family.

♪ ♪

How about this?

We relaunch that restaurant,

you take a sabbatical,

and we get your 20% investment
coming on a monthly basis.

- How would that make you feel?
- No, I don't wanna take...

no... no... no, sir.
I don't...

You, your sister, and your mom

need to decide a way forward.

I'd have to think about it,
I guess.


Autumn is clearly reluctant

to step away
from the restaurant,

and at the end of the day,

I can't be the one to make
that decision for this family.

But right now, I have to make
sure Logan

and his kitchen staff
have a firm grasp

of this simplified menu.

- Logan, we good?
- Yes, sir.

Yeah, don't forget that paprika.

Mary, we good?
What's your one big concern?

Um, maybe being overwhelmed.

By what?

Just new stuff just getting
thrown into it.

Continue cooking.
Mary, let's catch up please.

- What's going on?
- They're just not confident.

They're nervous about
the new menu.

It's a lot of hand-holding.

- Cobb salad, burger.
- I know.

Logan is scared
to do everything.

He goes,
"Can I season the steak?"

- "Can I season everything?"
- What?

"Can I do this now?"
It's like, "Yes, go for it.

It's now your time to do it."

We're running out of time.

Relaunch is literally
hours away.

There is a spark in Logan,
let's make that clear,

but he's gonna need
a lot more training,

a lot more mentorship.

So fingers crossed.

(upbeat music)

Now get your other pan on.

That's the color
we're looking for.

And that's it.

♪ ♪

THERESA: Oh, my gosh.
One more!

With the physical work done,

it's time to surprise
the Halterman family

with not only
a new restaurant, but...

- Looks great!
- RAMSAY: A new name.

You guys ready to go inside?

ALL: Yes!

Let's go.

- Oh, wow!
- Oh, my God!

RAMSAY: Welcome
to Halterman's Eatery,

an all-American
family restaurant.

First of all,
that wonderful sun blast

highlighting Halterman's Eatery.

I've got to change my name,
Chef Ramsay.

You're gonna change your name?

I was Mama Seafarer,
so I've got to change my name.

- Mama Halterman.
- Mama Halterman.

Now that broken down,
smelly fish counter

that was leaking
all over the floor has gone.

We've got a countertop

for when you got single diners
hopping in.

Now I have stocked it
from top to bottom

with state-of-the-art equipment.

Brand-new chopping boards,
amazing sets of knives.

We've got beautiful
new tables, new chairs,

and more importantly,

with those booths gone,

this whole thing
has opened up a lot more.


It's warm, it's inviting,

and it feels happy.

it's gorgeous.

I... I'm speechless.

It's amazing.
I love it.

It's nice.
It's a new beginning.

RAMSAY: Now, Amber,

we've installed a POS system

which is state-of-the-art.

This will allow you
to calculate the sales,

monitor it remotely,
information you need

on an hourly, a daily,
a weekly basis.

Now, Kali and Logan,

why don't you head into
the kitchen

and go and get changed.


I'll be there in a minute.

Uh, ladies,
before those doors open,

we need to get on the same page.

So who is gonna run this,

and how is it gonna run
going forward?

Take a seat and talk it out,

- Okay.
- Good, thank you.

I'll be back in a moment.

Oh, my goodness.


- Wow.
- (clears throat)

That's gonna be so weird
not having seafood here.

Oh, my gosh.

Why did he say
seven days a week?

We have no day to celebrate
anything anymore?

I guess we won't ever
celebrate anything.

New beginning.

Oh, well.

(dramatic music)

Why don't you speak up?


Why did he say
seven days a week?

We have no day to celebrate
anything anymore?

Oh, well.

Why don't you speak up?

Autumn, are you kidding me?

Why are you gonna be like this?

It's just negative, negative
for seven years.

You're choking on it.

All the animosity, and all
the tension, the hatred.

No more!

You're my sister.
I love you.

- I'm left high and dry.
- Family is the most important.

But you've got to take the time

to get over your past hurts
and get some help.

We want you
to take time for you.

And we're gonna set you up
so you can take that time.

To give you a break.

(somber music)

If that's what everybody wants,
you can do it without me.

Just take a step back,

and let us get it off
the ground.

So I'm not gonna
be here anymore.

Autumn, no one says you're
not gonna be a part...

It's... it's fine.
It's fine.

- You're still a stake owner.
- It's fine.

Do you want the help?
Do you want to be happy?



I didn't think
this would happen.

I was totally
just shocked beyond...

Beyond words.

Amber, what have you decided?

I've decided that
to move forward,

Autumn has to take a step back.

Never easy,
these kinds of decisions,

but we can't depend on
the restaurant launch

to bring you back together.

Change is extremely hard,

but sometimes you have
to do things

that you don't necessarily
wanna do,

but you had to do it
for the greater good.

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: With Autumn out
of the way for service,

it's coming down to the wire,

and the team has
to come together

if we're gonna have
a successful relaunch.

All of you in the dining room.
Let's go.

I'd like to introduce you
to our new owner,

who's running the place.

Oh, gosh.

New beginning.
Autumn has left.

- Finally.
- Oh, yeah.

- Finally.
- Finally.

- RAMSAY: Why is that?
- Negativity, I guess.


All of this would've been
for nothing if she stayed.

- Let's do this!
- Bring it in, people.

- Come on, come on.
- Bring it in...

I love y'all!

RAMSAY: With a lot of pain
and hard work behind us,

now the real test begins.

Let's go, guys.

Hi, good evening.
How are y'all doing?

- And can we go right over here?
- Welcome back.

It's nice to see some familiar
faces for Halterman's debut.

Good evening.
Sorry for interrupting.

Including my decoy
from yesterday, Rock.

We have a dramatic change,

Fresh, vibrant, love it.

And the smell is gone.

We'll have a chat after service.

There's a potential favor
I may need.


How many?

- Three, please.
- Three? Three for table.

You follow me, please.

RAMSAY: Tonight's relaunch is
a chance for Amber

to give her namesake
restaurant a friendly face.

- Major changes.
- Good.

Yes, thank you.
Thank you.

- Here you go, sir.
- Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

We've been though... we've
been through hell and back.

- I mean, we really have.
- I believe it.

RAMSAY: And with Amber
establishing herself...

Y'all enjoy.

RAMSAY: There's still
a long service ahead

with young head chef Logan

after his first day
of real training.

Who's taking charge?

- Um...
- Logan.

I'll take charge.
I'll take charge.


Do you have any questions
about the menu

or ready to order?

So the crab cakes,
pretty good, yeah?

They're very good.

So order one, crab cake,

one grilled chicken Cobb,

one corn beef hash,
one all-American burger,

one steak and eggs,
and one buttermilk pancakes.

(suspenseful music)

Give me time.


No answer.

Logan, are you listening?

♪ ♪

No answer.

- Doggone it all.
- Gina, can I have the burger?

- Give me a time.
- Up, Chef.

- Logan, Gina.
- Yes, sir.

Come here.

Just touch that burger.
Touch it.

It's [bleep].

Look, it's way overcooked.

- Yes, sir.
- I'm not gonna serve it.

I've got one coming out now,

- Come on, please?
- How it going back there?

It looks like there's
no food coming out.

Oh, no.

- Logan, don't panic!
- Yes, sir.

All right, I need...

four more eggs.

Let's go.
Let's go.

All right, I need a, um...

Try and come together,
please, Logan.

Yes, sir.

I'll put these up here.

Oh, man.

Oh, boy.

I'm getting overcooked burgers,
like hockey pucks,

and eggs that are running
all over the [bleep] place.

So stop right there.

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: Oh, man.

Oh, boy.

I'm getting overcooked burgers,
like hockey pucks,

and eggs that are running
all over the [bleep] place.

So stop right there.

Logan, please, just get me
a fresh egg on there.

Let's go.

♪ ♪


So we're busy,
kitchen's starting off slow,

Logan's panicking.

He is?

He's got that fear in him
during it,

and part of problem is the kind
of pressure thrown on him.

So step back there,
encourage him a little bit.

Breathe, breathe.
You got this.

You got this.
You got this.

You're doing great.

Now Logan, can I have a time,
please, for steak and eggs?

I've got a steak and egg
coming up right now.

- Quick, come on, Logan.
- Here we go.

Thank you.

Beautifully cooked, that steak.

That egg looks lovely,
by the way.

- Yes?
- Thank you.

It's an all-new menu, it's an
all-new form of communication.

And it's been extremely rough,

but it's powerful
to pull through it,

and still end up getting
all the food out.

- Now, Logan.
- Yes, sir?

Lift it up and take over, yes?

All right, all right, all right.

We take a breath,
we clean down, we go again.

I need a burger urgently,

That's you, Gina.
Go ahead and start another.

GINA: It's gonna be ready in
about two minutes, Logan.

LOGAN: It's all gonna
come out at once.

We got it, we got it.

Yeah, we're gonna be all right.

How long for the burger?

Coming up, Chef!

Let's go, please, Gina.

Burger and fries up.

- So what is it this time?
- About medium rare.

Say a [bleep] prayer.
Gina's medium rare.

(suspenseful music)

♪ ♪

It's medium rare.
Thank you.

Pickup, please.
My apologies.

Right, now you've got
your mojo back.

- Yes, sir.
- Finally, some orders, yes?

♪ ♪

Very nice.

Logan, you're on your own
right now, yeah?

You're holding the reins.

You know,
the kitchen's in harmony,

Logan's finally talking,
but more importantly,

we're sending quality food.

- We have some steak and eggs.
- All right!

Everything good?

Good, good.

This is so good.

I think this is possible
the best steak I've ever had.

This is a complete change.

Now that this has happened,

and our last name
is on the business,

I truly feel like it
is our legacy.

- Logan.
- Yup.

Now we found our stride.
Keep it going, yes?

- Well done.
- Yes, sir.

Let's go.

I'm very grateful.

I do feel unified as a family.

Logan, he has got the potential,

and he's got the passion.

I'm very, very proud of him.

May I borrow you for one minute
in the kitchen?

Yes, of course.
Excuse me.

Thank you, Rock.

♪ ♪

Right, this is Rock.

He's a phenomenal chef,

and he cares about local family
businesses in this community,

and he's prepared to pop in
from time to time,

not just to help you,
but to help Mom,

and oversee this business
as a mentor.

- Thank you.
- Absolutely.

- Thank you.
- You're most welcome.

You can call on me.

I know what you've done for me.
You've changed my life.

And I'm happy to do that.

That's a... that's a circle
of energy.

So we believe in you,
you've got great potential.

I know you love the place,
so I'm happy to be here.

AMBER: Having Rock as
a mentor for Logan and I,

I'm speechless.

I know I'm gonna be
calling upon him.

We've cleared out the animosity.

- Yes.
- We've spruced the place up.

We stick together
in this industry.

- Yeah.
- Yes?

- Thank you.
- I appreciate you, Chef.

- Thank you so much.
- We'll make you proud.

Excellent, see you soon, yes?


Halterman's is officially open.

Amber is in charge, and we've
cleared out the negativity.

The saving grace for me
is that you've got

a young 20-year-old kid there
that was relieved

when he found out that his
auntie was no longer on them,

attacking his mom,

and he can now cook
his heart out.

Fingers crossed.
This place will rise.

Right now, the only way is up.

(horn honks)

(upbeat music)

- Hi, Chef.
- Hey, Ramsay.

Just giving you an update

on how things are going.

Things have been great
ever since you left.

Y'all doing okay?

Y'all enjoy.

Having our last name
on the business

really makes you feel more
like a family.

Customers love the new decor.

There you go, sweetie.

We got a burger.

Kali and Logan
are doing fantastic.

There's a new pep in their step.

Flip that real quick,
flip that, John.

That looks way better!

I cannot put into words
how it feels

to see my son thriving
and sober.

My son is back there.
You see him?

He is kicking ass
and taking names.

We're making a lot of progress.

You'd be really proud.

All right, yeah, perfect.

Thank you so much for coming

and transforming
this restaurant,

helping me and my mom,
my sister.

You the man.
You the man.

(tense music)

RAMSAY: Next time,
I'm at Southern Kitchen

in Richmond, Virginia.

This is my kitchen, Chef!

- What'd you say?
- This is my kitchen!

RAMSAY: Where tensions
are at an all-time high.

We all sinking each other down.

So you're saying the staff
are lazy?


It's the most emotional...

Yes, sir.

You can have
a weekend together, okay?

And sexist...

If these start lob-siding,

just give me some pointers.

Episode of the year.

She asked to stroke
the masterpiece.