24 Hrs to Hell and Back (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Botto's Italian Line Restaurant - full transcript

Ramsay transforms Botto's in Swedesboro, N.J., with a renovation and a new menu.

(dramatic music)

I'm Gordon Ramsay,

and I'm back on America's roads

with my culinary command center

heading to nine more
struggling restaurants.

Let's go to the scariest place
in America.

With these businesses
on the brink of collapse...

Just smell that.
This is worse than the plague.

You're lucky you haven't
killed anybody!

I've got to work quickly,

so I'm giving myself
just 24 hours...

(gasps, groans)

To try and save
each one of them.

Did each member of staff
take a turn [bleep] in here?

Oh, my!

RAMSAY: It's my third time
around the country,

and even though
my advance team tells them

it's a new renovation show,

people are suspicious.

So I've had to up
my disguise and decoy game...

- Is that you?
- Yeah.

No way!
I couldn't even tell!

RAMSAY: So I can get into
these restaurants

and see what's really going on.

You are [bleep] kidding me!

What I discovered
this time around

is more shocking than ever.

[bleep] hell!

If I have any hope
of saving these restaurants...

I've got two months.

RAMSAY: I'll have to go
to hell and back...

in 24 hours.

Fancy one?

Come on, it's [bleep] delicious!

Nah, not me.

(rock music)

♪ ♪

I'm heading to Swedesboro,
New Jersey.

Just 25 miles outside

is the fastest growing community

in southern new Jersey.

But even with all
the new economic growth,

Botto's Italian Restaurant
is withering on the vine.

Guys, how we doing?
Welcome to Botto's.

My name is Robert Botto Jr.

I am 25% owner of Botto's
Italian Line Restaurant

and a retail market.

I have two brothers,
Vincent and Domenic,

that run
Botto's Sausage Company.

We are all 25% owners
of all the businesses.

I have special.

And myself and my brother
Henry, the head chef,

run this business here.

Super Friday (indistinct),
lamb chop, baked potato.

I'm Henry Botto.
I'm the executive chef.


I don't like
to call myself a chef.

I'm a fat guy who likes to cook

and knows how to make things
taste good.


This smells so delicious.

We opened up 1998.

Me being the youngest
of four brothers,

my father seemed it'd be
the right fit for me

to go into the kitchen,

and I've been cooking
ever since.


On the busy night,
it was Saturday night,

we used to do over 200 covers.

Hello, how are you?

Lucky man.
Five beautiful women.

What are you, a sheikh?

But when my father passed...

It became a struggle.

We getting more people in?

I'm not sure.

Me and Robert started
to butt heads a lot.

Why was that flounder
even in there?

That came from your store.

- No, it didn't!
- Yeah, [bleep].

That's left over
from the banquet.

Okay, the practice is out front.

Have to change it... I feel like
the practice is out back here.

And unfortunately, money comes
down to a lot of our fights.

Remember what I told you about
with the overtime back there?

And that goes back to the issue

of me looking at
the whole picture,

him looking at part
of the picture.

But you told me you need
a veal cut yesterday.

- No, I didn't.
- For sauté for today.

Fresh veal, yes.

Robert, he... he yells a lot.

- Why was the veal in there?
- Stop diverting blame.

He sometimes talks to me
like I'm 12,

like it's my first day here.

This is very important for us,

especially if it's
the first one there.

Oh, I totally understand that.

That's why I met
with the woman...

So you'll go there with a server

and a [indistinct]
in the morning.

For the past year,

I feel like
I've become complacent myself.

Because you don't wanna
try anymore

because it doesn't
mean anything.

What's the hours tomorrow?

The sausage factory funded
this restaurant for years,

to keep the doors open.

But right now,
we're about $850,000 in debt.

At the end of the day,
by the time the bills are paid,

there's nothing left over.

I feed my family
from this place.

I pay my bills with this place.
This is my life.

I mean,
if the restaurant had to close

it would... it would break
my heart.

(somber music)

(rock music)

With only 24 hours
to try and stop

Botto's Italian Line Restaurant

from buying the farm,

I needed to plow through
all the manure

to uncover the root
of the problems.

Now, as you know,
when people know I'm coming,

they do their best
to stay out of trouble,

so I'm going undercover.

Lorenzo, ready for dinner.

Let's go.

Who would've thought we'd
be riding in a [bleep] car

with Gordon Ramsay?

- Oh, God.
- Oh, my God.

I get car sick,
so don't drive too crazy.

- Oh, do you?
- No, I'm just kidding.

No, I promise.
Do you, really?

No, you can drive
however you want.

Oh, God!



Oh, del Padre, del Figlio,
e Spirito Santo.

Ladies, let's do this, yes?

Sorry about the driving.
We good?

WOMAN: We're good.

RAMSAY: In order to ensure
my new family and I

go unnoticed...

I'm sorry for the wait.

I've loaded the restaurant

with a wedding party
that includes Mary,

my head of culinary in disguise,

as well as a decoy
sitting next to her,

who's made up so badly,
people might think it's me.

JUDY: We're gonna leave that
with you.

You look like
a wine connoisseur, sir.

We're tucked away
in the corner here,

literally off the beaten track,

and so far,
we've gone unnoticed.

WOMAN: You are so right.

There is no attention over here.

Can I put any appetizers in
for you?

RAMSAY: Because Botto's
has such an enormous menu,

we're ordering
a variety of dishes.

The sundae gravy meatball.

- Can I get oysters?
- Absolutely.

RAMSAY: Including some
classic Italian staples.

WOMAN #2: I'm gonna do
the carbonara, please.

Flounder francaise, please.

- Piccata.
- The veal piccata?

Okay, I'll put those
right in for you.

Sundae gravy meatball!

Flounder, carbonara, veal.

What do you think of the décor?

The décor is drab.

It's like it's back
from the 1990s.

It reminds me, honestly,

of like a funeral home.

Look at all the pictures.

WOMAN #2: Very morbid.

the draped set is appalling.

ROBERT: Right behind you.

All right,
sundae gravy meatball.

- WOMAN #2: That's me.
- ROBERT: Okay.

And I take it the gentleman's
having the oysters, correct?

WOMAN #2: Thank you!

That looks horrendous.
What is that?

- WOMAN: A meatball.
- And it's so hard, right?

WOMAN: You can't even cut it.

Does that look like it's
been made fresh this morning?

No way.

It's not even hot inside, is it?

No, I think it's been frozen
and then recooked.

(electronic beeping)

I'm curious to see how
the oysters are.

They don't smell very fresh,
do they?

- There we go.
- Yeah.

(suspenseful music)



- [bleep]!
- Bad?

It turned.
It's got mushroom and salt.


Just so you know,
there's an urgent care

about a mile down the freeway.

RAMSAY: That's good.

How's the veal?

♪ ♪

- (chuckles)
- It's terrible!

There's different colors.

I've got light veal, dark veal.

I've got five slices
of veal on there.


Look at my flounder.

Look at the color of it.

- Why's it got...
- I know.

It's not fresh at all.
It smells horrible.

Please don't eat that.

- Ma'am?
- Can you get... excuse me.

Can you get our waitress?
This is awful.

It smells awful.
It's just really fishy.

Let me get Robert for you,
and we'll address this, okay?

Don't like it.
She said it's too fishy.

I'll talk with her then.

Ma'am, can we make you
something else?

No, that's okay.

Okay, the mahi mahi is a fish,

and it has a little bit more
of a stronger flavor.

- That was mahi mahi?
- That's what it was.

- I ordered flounder francaise.
- Flounder Francaise?

Would you like to try
the mahi mahi small piece?

- No, thank you.
- You sure?

- Positive.
- Okay, okay.

- I apologize.
- Okay. No, thanks.

I lost my appetite.

Can I wrap anything or take
some of this out of your way?

- Oh, no, thank you.
- I'm done, ma'am.

Thank you.
Oh, my God.

♪ ♪

Oh, boy.
I've seen enough.

(glass clinking)

(laughter, cheering)

(glasses clinking in unison)


What is it?

MARY: Hey, guys.

can I have your attention?

Can you grab
the back of the house?

I guess we're not serving 23.

♪ ♪

MARY: Gonna introduce you
to someone.

♪ ♪

I want to introduce you to him.

♪ ♪

Uh, excuse me.

♪ ♪

Ladies and gentlemen,
what we just experienced...

Has been shocking.


I have just witnessed one
of the most disgusting lunches

in the history
of Italian cuisine.

A meatball
that had been reheated,

bland and disgusting.

And even my oysters,

those should've been thrown
away a week ago.

we always try to be better.

No one's trying.
We've tasted "given up."

I'm amazed
that you're still open.

Now I'd like all of you
to get up

and follow me outside, please.

I wanna show you something.

What a mess.

- (rock music)
- RAMSAY: Let's go.

♪ ♪

And line up, please.
Let's go.

♪ ♪

This is Hell On Wheels,

one of the most
professional kitchens

anywhere on the planet,
and more importantly,

this is my epicenter.

I travel across the country
in this thing

with the most amazing team.

I wanna show you something
that is a true definition

of a restaurant
that has lost its love.

Take a look.

♪ ♪

(overlapping groans)


MAN: Oh, that's disgusting!

(fly buzzing)

MAN: How'd it get like that?

I got them in Wednesday.

I got chicken wings in, right?


Why are we... if you're not
talking about work, don't talk.

There's no drinks at our table.

Didn't I tell you earlier

to make sure people have drinks?

I haven't had a drink
in ten minutes.

What the [bleep]?

Gentlemen, what the [bleep]
was funny with that?

No, the...

I laughed at myself.

Disgusted over it.

But not as much
as your customers.

What has happened?

We've become stale.

RAMSAY: Stale?

The food or the staff?


Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm gonna ask a big favor.

I'd like to see all
of you back tomorrow evening,

24 hours from now.

Do I have that promise

from all of you to come back?

- Yes, Chef.
- Yes.

I've got 24 hours
to turn this place around,

and that time starts now.

♪ ♪

Staff, I wanna meet you all
back inside the restaurant,

and when I do see you back
in the restaurant,

someone speak up because
I'm losing my [bleep] patience.

Let's get it done.
Let's go to work.

I'm... I'm desperate
to hear a voice, somebody.

WOMAN: There's too much
of a divide, I think.

He's the front,
he's the kitchen.

They say they work together,

but I don't really think
it's working out.

But this is insane.

If it weren't backed up by the
market and the sausage factory,

we would've been gone.

- Can I say something?
- I'd like you to say something.

- As the owner here...
- Oh, you're the owner?

- Yeah, we are.
- Well, we're partners.

You don't even know your ass
from your elbow.

Well, Chef,
I gotta tell you one thing.

I got to argue with ya.

♪ ♪


- Can I say something?
- I'd like you to say something.

- As the owner here...
- Oh, you're the owner?

- Yeah, we are.
- Well, we're partners.

You don't even know your ass
from your elbow.

Well, Chef,
I gotta tell you one thing.

I got to argue with ya.

There were some issues today.
I'm not gonna deny that.

That's been happening for weeks.

I don't need
to convince anybody.

RAMSAY: Don't stand there
and [bleep] me

as if it's just
[bleep] happened.

You know you're not committed.

No, I'm... I'm committed.

I'm committed.

Yeah, there were some...
were there some issues today?

Yeah, there could've been
a couple of issues,

but that happens
in any restaurant.

I eat out all over the place.

Restaurant run on passion,
great cuisine, hospitality.

I saw nothing of that today.

How long have you been here?

25 years.

Are you proud of the food
that comes out of this kitchen?


- Truthfully?
- Yeah.

There's a little bit
of staleness.

If the food wasn't good,
I mean, I didn't cook it.

So it's Henry's fault?

Henry, is this
a better restaurant now

than it was five years ago?

I definitely don't think
it's worse.

You feel like a man
that's given up,

and it's depressing.

It's demoralizing.

And the food is so dated,
it's extraordinary.

The first thing I saw that menu,

there must be 80 items on there.

I'm afraid
if I cut my menu down,

I'm gonna piss customers off.

The first thing that goes up
when you cut your menu down

is the standard.

And the portion size.

I... I continuously yell
about that.

- Again...
- Continuously.

RAMSAY: Are you fit to run
a restaurant?

Am I fit to run a restaurant?


Yeah, I think I can run
a restaurant, yeah.

Judy, do you think
that Robert's fit

to run this restaurant?


Not the front of the house, no.

I think his heart's here,

but I think that he doesn't
focus on

what's wrong with
the restaurant.

I'm not too sure
if his heart is here

because if it was,
we'd be doing better.

It wasn't always like that.

Growing up, I heard things
about this place

that was astronomical
at how great it was.

It was the only spot
in South Georgia to come to.

It was top-notch food.

And what's the reputation now?

It's just another place.

This place reminds me
of a funeral parlor.

Look at... look at the drapes.

This was Dad's room.

The pictures,
this explains his life here.

God bless him.
He's gone.

I'm sorry to say, but he's gone.

We can't live in
the past off a reputation

that's been dwindling
for the last ten years.

I've got 24 hours to get
this place back on the map.

I need everybody's help.

When I say everybody's help,
I mean everybody's help.

- Theresa, hello.
- Hello.

We're so stuck
in this time warp,

we need to get the [bleep] out
of there quickly

before it's too late.

Let's go, guys, please?

Okay, everybody.
Let's clear this room.

Upstairs, downstairs.

Let's go.
Pictures first, please.

I don't want anything broken.
Let's go.

Botto's is not their father's
restaurant anymore,

which means it's time
to say arrivederci

to the dark and dated décor.

Chef, can I ask you a question?

There's a lot
of family keepsake here.

It'll be considered
with the remodel, right?

How long have those pictures
been up there?

They've been up there
20 years now.

We're... we're not
destroying them.

I wouldn't dream of that.

They're gonna be respected,
but they're coming down.

We need to move forward,

and we need to move
the restaurant forward.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

I need you and your brother
in the kitchen now.

Renovations are underway
in the dining room,

but I need to get to the bottom

of what's rotten
in this kitchen.

- What are these?
- They're homemade meatballs.

- And when were they done?
- Yesterday.

Just touch that on top of there.

It's [bleep] dry!

If I wasn't here, what
would you do with that now?

That just gets dumped
in the sauce.

No, that would get dumped
in the trash.

So one, two, three trays
are going in the trash?

What the [bleep] is that?

It was a chicken cordon bleu.

That would be
in our cold case in the deli.

So what were you gonna do
with that?

Sauce it and put it
in a takeout container.

RAMSAY: Oh, no.
Stop there.

I mean, [bleep].
You're not [bleep] serious.

Why is nothing covered or dated?

- What's that?
- Veal.

That's veal?

Look at the color of them

Layer after layer,
just [bleep] bad.

Hundreds of them!

The [bleep] whole place
is trash!

That walk-in is a disgrace.

Take me behind the line.

Oh, my God.
That is gross.

What is that?

Nacho cheese for a [bleep]
Italian restaurant.

Come down here, you.
Do you think I'm exaggerating?

I know what you're looking at.

All of you!
Come down!

Come on, then.
I [bleep] dare you now.

Go on!

Fancy one?

Come on, it's [bleep] delicious!

No, not me.

What a [bleep] disgrace.

(dramatic music)

What is that?

♪ ♪

Don't tell me it's the marinara.

♪ ♪

I just wish that Robert Sr.
was watching this,

and was standing in that corner.

He'd fire the lot of you.

♪ ♪

This looks like a [bleep].

- Who cleans?
- The kitchen staff.

When was the last time
the hood was cleaned?

We clean those filters
every other week.

Look at that dripping there.

Look at that.
What's in there?

[bleep], [bleep]!

RAMSAY: When was the last time
the hood was cleaned?

We clean those filters
every other week.

What's in there?
[bleep], [bleep]!

Oh, my God!

[bleep] hell!

The tray is full!

This place can go up in
a [bleep] heartbeat!

This grease right here

just started a fire
in your own kitchen.

You two don't give a [bleep]!

You don't [bleep] deserve this!

You should be [bleep] ashamed!

ROBERT: Throw it out.
Throw it out.


I mean,
what a dysfunctional family.

Two brothers butting heads,
nothing being accomplished.

Those two need to get
on the same page

and start being a little bit

for their own mistakes.

Less than 18 hours remain

to get Botto's back
in top shape.

Theresa, so getting
this place out of the 1990s

- and into the modern world.
- Yes.

Well, how do we lighten
this whole place up?

So down here,
we're adding greenery.

We're gonna do some
architectural details as well,

- as well as some awnings and...
- Yeah, nice.

There's gonna be party lights
stringing across.

I mean, the whole color
just needs to be light.

Oh, definitely a lot lighter.

and change that mood swing.

- Yes.
- Yes.

RAMSAY: While my design team

continues to work
on the renovations...

THERESA: We have all of these
screws that have to come down.

RAMSAY: I've called in one of
Henry and Robert's brothers,

Please, come in.

To find out if he's aware

of just how badly
this business has declined.

First of all,
it's nice to meet you.


I know that you have been

running the sausage factory
because that is a key part

of the overall plan.

Yes, sir.
Me and my brother Vince.

So if it wasn't for the success
of that sausage factory,

this place would've closed.

Yeah, yeah.

Have you ever had a look
behind the scenes?

We're four brothers.
Two are here, two are there.

We blindly trust each other
to do what's right.

I wanna show you something.

This is surveillance
that I've shot

over the last couple of weeks.


Get [bleep] underneath
the plastic.

Get the menus, [bleep].

Robert comes in
like a whirlwind,

and then starts barking out
all these orders

and has no idea
of the situation.

Emery, where's David at?

We need salads made.
He's not here.

Excuse me?

I said excuse you.

There are sounds
that are being made.

He, like, oversteps

when he doesn't realize
that it's okay.

There's no drinks at our table.

Did I tell you earlier to make
sure people have drinks?

Just yells a lot
and stresses you out.

So I got... like I got... I got
a mortgage statement.

I mean, what the [bleep]?

I haven't had a drink
in [bleep] ten minutes,

and I'm paying!

A lot of complaints that
I've heard from customers...

You like it here, bottoms?
If not, I'll kick your ass.

SHERRY: And we're losing
our customer base.


- Yeah.
- Yeah.

When you see that, does
that not make you pissed off?


Robert, he's overbearing,
overstepping his mark,

and pissing a lot of people off.

Yeah, yeah.

You're financing it.

How come you never
stood up to Robert?

Look, it's a wake-up call.

Robert has to be accountable

for every [bleep] dollar
he's losing.

And he will be.
Believe me.

I speak for me,
I speak for my brother Vince

who is not here.

We are going to hold
Robert accountable.

- The writing's on the wall.
- Mm-hmm.

And time's not your friend.

Having seen that footage,

I feel confident now
that Domenic has understood

the real problems here,

and they all lead
towards Robert.

Are we gonna put
any of the pictures up?

- The pictures need to go up?
- Some.

Okay, I'll look through
the pictures.

I'll talk to Gordon
and then see what he says.

- Okay.
- Okay.

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: As my renovations team
work through the night,

I'm gonna try to connect with
Henry on a chef-to-chef basis.

I said to you earlier,
this is my HQ.

This is the place that I'm
the happiest that I'll ever be.

Many chefs I know,
they are dying to be a chef,

and you inherited a restaurant.

You didn't beg for one.

Yeah 'cause I thought
I was gonna be in the front

of the house, and my dad
wanted me in the back.

How much have you missed
Dad's presence there?

Every day.

I mean, I was fortunate enough

that he paid my way
to go to college.

To study what?

Hotel and restaurant management.

So you got management skills
in the hospitality sector,

yet you got told
you got to be a chef.

It wasn't your choice.
So that explains a lot.

You've been shoe-horned
into something

you didn't really want to do.

It's been a long time.

Take a look at this,
will you, please?

First of all,

a modern delicious
Italian-styled meatball

with ground beef, pork,
and lamb in there.

Seasoned beautifully, roasted
and cooked in the sauce.

Next to that,
wild mushroom masala.

Sat on a bed of beautiful
pecorino polenta,

mozzarella on top,
garnished with some arugula.

Next to that
a classic spaghetti carbonara.

Lightly smoked pancetta
with a finished egg.

Simply done, super delicious.

After that,
we got the beautiful fresh cod.

It's seared, finished,
and topped with breadcrumbs

and served on a Tuscan cow.

After that,
a beautiful veal chop.

Topped with
a wonderful salsa verde,

and served with
some fingerling potatoes,

and some sautéed broccoli rabe.

- I'm hungry.
- You're hungry?

That's a good sign.

Right, I wanna cook veal chop.

Hardly any fat in there, okay?

So I've got a little bit
of butter, garlic and thyme,

and it's just gonna cook itself.

The flavor, okay?

From there, you just baste that.

A medium rare should be
about two minutes each side.

Tell me about your relationship
with Robert.

Robert has been running
the market since 1981 or 82.


A lot of the stuff you saw
that was overcooked

or made for no reason,

it all has to do
with his buying.

He buys too much, he has
his butcher's cut too much,

and then it doesn't sell,
it sits in the back,

and what happens?

How long has it been like this?

His whole life
because he's been controlling.

He's been the guy in charge.

Yeah, you guys are stuck
in the mud.

The standard's the same.
No one's elevated.

No one's tried
to make themselves better.

No one's tried
to make themselves better.

You know that deep down inside.

Now beautiful broccoli rabe.

Literally sautéed,
a little bit of...

just a touch of white wine
and then the potatoes.

Nothing complicated.
Nothing precooked.

As that starts to cool down,

I'm gonna spoon that
salsa verde over there.

Dig in, take a look at
the color of that there.

Look at that inside.

- Isn't that lovely?
- It's... it's delicious.

As it sits there,

it's gonna get better
and better and better.

Yeah, I could do it.

Right, the cut.
Just touch that.

My God, how firm that is.

So lightly salt it, into a pan.

So we're only gonna
turn it once.

A little touch of butter.

Pass me that brush, please.

Brush the top, be on a roll.

Okay, and then bring those
breadcrumbs over, please.

Do a light little season
over there.

Into the oven, two minutes.

So if you had to go to Robert
and tell him, "Enough's enough,

"we're in the [bleep]

I need a chance of running
this restaurant on my own."

What'd you think he'd say?

He'd say, "We're in it together.

You're not on your own."

But that's not working.


Let's be honest, he's had
the last 12 years to run it

whilst you'd be stuck
in the back.


I think what I'm trying to say

is that you've got the chance
to step out of that shadow

and become an individual.


And then my question to you...

Do you have the guts to stand
up to your big brother?


My question to you...

Do you have the guts to stand
up to your big brother?

♪ ♪

- I could do it.
- Can you?

It might take a wrestling match,

but I'll do it,

and I'll win
that wrestling match.

But you understand the magnitude

of the change that needs
to take place

to get this thing back
on the map.

I don't wanna go
to the same old tired Botto's.

I want people coming in fresh,

I want people coming in
enjoying themselves.

- You know it's tired, right?
- Absolutely.

- You know it's had its day.
- Yeah.

It has another day coming,

And I'm ready to bring that day.

I am ready to step up.

We need Robert to take
a step back

from the restaurant and take
care of the market.

You know, sometimes you got
to get knocked down to get up.

Now let me tell you what
we'll do throughout the night.

It's something you've
never done in 24 years,

and that's train your team.

Now these are a powerful team.

Mary heads up the culinary,
supported by Alex, Jaime.

Nice to meet you.
Thank you.

I'm ready to let my guys
in the kitchen do their job,

and let me make them accountable

and take it to that next level.

We're cooking fresh,

we're cooking
a modern Italian fare,

and we're restructuring
that whole setup.

- Okay?
- Love it.

Ladies, jump in.

I'll see you back at
the restaurant, yes?

Good luck, guys.

Listening to Henry
has really made it clear

those two brothers
can't continue

inside that restaurant together.

One needs to stay and step up;

one need to go
and leave him to it.

Robert, two seconds, please?

Let's go in the back.

The big question now is,

will Robert go down
without a fight?

This restaurant needs direction

because we're not
on the same page,

and because
you're the big brother,

whether you like it or not,

you're bringing
an overbearing pressure.

I've always told him
we need to work together.

Not what I say goes.

It's not about working together,

it's about hearing
the other person speak.

It's about letting people
do their jobs.

Let me run the staff in here;

let me make the decisions
in here.

Clearly there's a divide
going on here for power,

but the restaurant needs a face,

and what I've got
is two brothers

that are not clearly aligned,

and nobody's following suit

because you're both
butting heads publicly

in front of the staff
and in front of the customers.

We're two different
personalities up front.

That is obvious, right?

It's a control factor.
He doesn't want to let go.


Do you think Henry can run
that restaurant himself?

- Truthfully?
- Yeah, truthfully.

Open up, no [bleep].

Talk to me truthfully.

Listen, Gordon...

Uh, sure, sure.

I think he can, yeah,

but he has to stick to his guns.

I agree.
Tell him that.

You can't worry about
disappointing one person.

If you don't have something,
let them eat something else.

You need to make decisions.

You need to stand by
those convictions

and step up to the plate.

So it's time for baby brother
to sink or swim.

And you,
I want you to do me a favor.

I want you to go home.

I'll see you tomorrow night
for the relaunch.

- Done.
- Change is hard.

- Change is good.
- Change is crucial.

It's not or never.

- Understood.
- I'll see you back in there.

- I'll see you in the morning.
- Thank you.

Get out of here.

The pressure's on Henry now.

There's no two ways about that.

The clock's ticking'
we're running out of time.

Let's hope now that
that change of power

from Robert to Henry
really makes a difference.

If that can take place, then
we got a chance at success.

The painters want to start
in this corner.

- Okay.
- Sounds good.

So we have booths going
in here, tables here.

Okay, there.
So now we can flip it over.

I love the smell
of those barrels, by the way.

I know.
Me too.

This is so awesome.

I can't believe this
is actually happening.

For as long as I've been here,

I never thought
this would change.

If somebody like Chef Ramsay
didn't come in,

we'd never have
shaken him up like that.

I just hope maybe
they'll realize

how dedicated we all are.

RAMSAY: As dawn breaks,

there's still plenty
to do before we can relaunch.

(yawns) It's contagious.
Don't do that.

RAMSAY: I need to check in
with Mary to see if the chefs

have mastered their new menu.

How is it?
Didn't get a good sear on it?

I got a good sear on it,

but it's a little crusty
on this side.

RAMSAY: Uh, Mary,
I need you two seconds, please.

Uh, right.
How are they doing?

They have some bad habits
that they need to kick.

Bryan struggled a little bit

with the temperatures
on the veal.

How can you struggle
cooking a piece of veal?


And it may be
a simple small menu,

but they need to understand

it's all about the quality.

They think it's gonna
be a piece of cake.

When you come off a menu
with 95 items,

and then all of a sudden
you get down to 10 items,

they get cocky.

And touch that.
What is that?

- Rare.
- Raw.

We know we can't serve that
like that, yeah?

And how do you know
when it's cooked perfectly?

If you take that touch there
when you're feeling your pulse,

what does that resemble there?

That temperature there?

- It's medium rare.
- Medium rare, that's right.

And when you touch that
in there, what is that?

- It's under.
- That's way under.

I am a little nervous of Bryan
tonight running that kitchen

and running that line.

So I'm letting go some
of my control,

but with growth comes
new experiences,

and it's time for me to grow.

With a super small menu,

the quality across
every dish is paramount, yeah?


Okay is not good enough for me.

How is okay for you?

- Not for a relaunch.
- Not for a relaunch.

- I want the wow factor.
- Good.

I want them
to stand out tonight,

I want them to show
what they got.

I'll see you back there, yes?

- MARY: Yes, Chef.
- Yes, it may be a small menu,

but the standard
has to be tenfold.

It needs to be
in the premier league.

So right now, all the pressure
is on Henry's shoulders.

I would pop this back
in the oven another minute

to even it out.

So everything needs
to be zhuzhed.

There you go.

Thanks to my renovation team

and Botto's loyal staff,

the interior of the restaurant
is coming together.

I'm excited.
I'm so excited.

It's just amazing.
I can't stop staring at it.

You don't feel like
you're in a funeral anymore.

You don't.
It's awesome.

RAMSAY: And now, I have
a little surprise for Henry.

Hey, look.
Look upstairs.


(warm music)

♪ ♪

Look at that up there.

Isn't that awesome?


♪ ♪

Isn't that awesome?

It makes it all worth it.

Thank you.

RAMSAY: And my goodness, me,

look who's at the forefront
of that wall.

The man himself.

Your family and your legacy.

- Yeah?
- Absolutely.

Come on.

RAMSAY: It's the beginning
of a new generation

for Botto's Italian Line.

We revamped the restaurant's
old world charm

for the modern age.

Gone are the outdated portraits,

replaced with a design
that's cozy and rustic.

I feel like it's so big in here,

like there's so much room.

RAMSAY: By upgrading
the stuffy décor,

we've created a space
that's open and inviting,

fit for family
and friends alike.

And I love these lights.

I just think
that finished it off so pretty.

RAMSAY: Um, now, let's get
all the team in here.

Right, okay.

For me, this level of confusion
in terms of Robert and Henry...

we have one person
in control now,

- and that person is...
- Me.

We're gonna run this ship
in the right direction.

This is family here, okay?

Let's bring
that family feeling back.

Let's recharge this place,

and let's knock it out
of the park tonight.

Let's set sail.

I didn't think
I was gonna cry, but...

- We love you, Hen.
- We're here for you, man.

- Yup.
- We're here for you.

Robert will be here tonight,

but it's up to each
and every one of you

to prove that
he doesn't need to be here.


- 100% agree.
- Yes.

- Let's go, guys.
- Bring it in.

Bring it in.
Bring it in.

We got this, right?
We got this.

ALL: Five, four, three,
two, one...


- You guys ready to do this?
- MAN: Born ready, man.

Born ready.

WOMAN: Welcome back. (laughs)

- Gorgeous.
- It's beautiful.

First table's just arriving,

All right, first table in.

Welcome to the new Botto's.

Polenta's pretty big.

I think it's enough to share
the meatballs.

I don't know if you want
to do the two of them.

All right,
Italian meatball appetizer.

Ordering entrees:
spaghetti carbonara,

Atlantic cod.

- ALL: Heard.
- Meatball on the fire.

Meatball heard, Chef.

HENRY: Thank you.


RAMSAY: I've asked Domenic,

one of the brothers
that pays the bills here,

to come back in disguise...


RAMSAY: So he can judge
for himself

if Henry is up to the task
of running Botto's on his own.

I'm Henry Botto.
Welcome to Botto's.

Thank you for coming out.

Appreciate it.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Appreciate it.

RAMSAY: Right, let's go.

You're making me nervous

'cause you got that worried
look on your face.

24 years here.

- Yes.
- You grew up in this place,

so it's time to put back, right?

Absolutely, Chef.

How long for the meatball,

- Less than one minute.
- RAMSAY: Good, excellent.

And don't forget,
you got one in,

- put two in there, yes?
- Yes, sir.

Tammy, you've got an app up.

Order and a mushroom app.

Got a meatball, Natalie. 32.

MAN: You got it.
On three meatballs.

Palenta's up.

- Thank you so much.
- You are very welcome.

WOMAN: That is delicious.



Veal chop?

All right.

We're firing two veal chops.

- Two carbonara.
- Heard.

(smooth rock music)

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: He said two carbonara
is going with the two veal.

Have you fired that spaghetti?

- Nah, I just dropped it.
- (bleep)

We're gonna fire another
veal chop,

another cod, two carbonara.

Order one cod, one veal chop.

Different table.

Bryan, you've got the big,
long pickup.

- Yes.
- We're dropping the spaghetti,

so Josh, three minutes,
drop the spaghetti.

- Teamwork!
- Yes, Chef.

- I need to hear it from you.
- Yes, Chef.



- Oh, my God.
- Wow.

WOMAN: It looks amazing.

This'll be your table
this evening.

Oh, it will.

Thank you.
Oh, these look great.

They look comfortable.

I think it's gonna be tough
for Robert.

He always has to be
in everything.

HENRY: Still waiting for a
veal chop to go with this cod.

Gonna fire two carbonara cod
and a veal chop.

(tense music)

They're overcooked, Chef.

They're overcooked, yeah.

How come there's so many

Got backed up, Chef.

How long do I got on...

HENRY: Yeah, this one's
coming up first.

34's coming up first,
and then 12.

Yeah, we were the first
to order,

and we haven't gotten
our entrees yet.

And they're doing entrees

WOMAN: What's going on
with 35 and 36?

35, they're coming right up.
30's in the window.

Is table 34's food coming out?

- WOMAN: Right here.
- Okay.

Table 50 was on before that.
They've been here before them.

Aw, man!


- Really?
- Oh, yeah, bad. Big time.

Got another two minutes on that
first veal chop.

HENRY: We need to have ten
cooking right now.

I need seven on the fly.

- Are they ready?
- I've got one ready to go.

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: It's (bleep) raw, man.

I need seven on the fly.

- Are they ready?
- I've got one ready to go.

(tense music)

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: It's (bleep) raw, man.

It's cold in the middle.

Come on, guys.

HENRY: Re-fire.

RAMSAY: Look at that in there,
in the middle.

HENRY: Yeah.

RAMSAY: Come on.

HENRY: John, ETA on veal chops.

Three minutes, man.


They're not swamped or flooded,

they're just not
(bleep) talking.

- Right.
- And we're going forward,

not going backwards; right now
they're going backwards.

- Get them going forward please.
- Yes, Chef.

Let's go, fellas.
Let's go, let's go.

Talk to each other, fellas.
Everyone's too quiet.

Where you at on that veal,

Got a minute and a half
on two veal chops.

Josh, I need two carbonara
right away.

Yup, I'm plating carbonaras now.

Natalie, you got two carbonara
on the window.

WOMAN: It's taking our meal
extremely long.

- Let me go check the back.
- Like, really?

You have to let Henry
take care of the restaurant.

I hear you.

How long on two more veal chops?

- Coming up now, Chef.
- RAMSAY: Is that upstairs?

- Yes.
- It's the VIP tables upstairs,


HENRY: Come on, guys,
let's go.

Veal chop up.


Look at this.

Oh, what a difference.
Oh, my God.

WOMAN: Thank God.

All right, it finally came out!

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

How was everything so far?

Let me see.
The veal chop, cooked perfect.

But overall, I think
it's excellent, excellent.

(laughs) You're enjoying it.
That's good.

Guys, deep breaths, let's go.

We're in the thick right now,
all right?

How long on our two veal chops?

Got one veal chop coming up now.

Josh, you got a table ready
for three more carbonaras?


- And spaghetti cooking?
- Yes.

All my masters are filled.

Veal chops coming up right now.

Two veal chops for (indistinct).

Shelly, get over here.

Okay, ladies, here we go.
Veal chop.

WOMAN: Oh, wow.

- Carbonara.
- Beautiful, thank you.

You're welcome.

Never ate veal, and I'm like,
I want to venture out.

- This is awesome.
- Good.

I'm glad to hear.

Taste that.


That's so good.

Looking good, guys.
Looking good.

RAMSAY: Big push.
Last two tables, yes?

HENRY: Heard, Chef.

Where you at
with that veal chop, Jones?

- I'm ready to put my carbonara.
- BRYAN: Ten seconds.

Let's go.

Hello, sir.

Customer sat upstairs
having dinner

with a critic from "USA Today,"

an influential critic.

Can you explain exactly,
this man, who you are?

Yup. I'm your brother.

MAN: Ah!
I'd have never guessed.



So that was your brother
you just cooked for.

- Yeah.
- My big question:

are you gonna support him?

Absolutely... I mean,
you got a team behind you.

- Dad taught us.
- Right


- So let's (bleep) do it.
- Right.

- Do you want this?
- Absolutely.

I wouldn't have did it
if I didn't want it.

So Robert's out.

He's gotta stay out,
and I'm gonna make sure of it.

- We both are.
- This is your roof!

- I know.
- That's your roof. Right?

- I know.
- RAMSAY: Now...

- The critic enjoyed the food.
- Loved it.

Your brother enjoyed the food.

But you need to find that voice.

Step up... there's nothing
to be scared of.

And grab the bull by the horns.

- Definitely will.
- Okay.

And next time I come back,

I want to see you in charge.

Gordon Ramsay is a hell
of a man.

(warm music)

Thank you.

The passion he has
to help people

is immeasurable.

And keep him out of there,
will you?

- Hell yeah.
- Yeah?

Thank you, Chef.

He's given me the right tools to

continue my dad's legacy

and grow Botto's even bigger.

WOMAN: Oh, my God,
look at the wall!

- ROBERT: It looks good.
- Oh, you're gonna cry.

You love it.

Looks good.
They did a good job.

After seeing tonight,
the people smiling

and everybody being happy,

gives me the confidence
Henry's got it.

WOMAN: It looks like
a little bistro.


- My dad would be happy.
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

Tonight was tough.

But what was proven

is the fact that Henry
can run this place.

My only hope is

that Robert allows Henry
to hold the reins,

and then Botto's can thrive
once again

in this community.

♪ ♪

Chef Ramsay,
I got my wish come true.

We have a brand new dining room,

and the customers love it.

WOMAN: That's beautiful.

The sauce is a million times

I really like the polenta part.

HENRY: I think we just built
a new hot spot

in south Jersey to come to.

11 out of ten.

- Yeah.
- So you guys rock.

I must say, it's a good feeling
to walk in a restaurant

not having to worry
about anything anymore.

I can really concentrate
on what I'm good at,

the marketing.

BRYAN: I got a veal chop
coming up.

Bryan, Josh, and Alfie,
they're doing a great job

back in the kitchen.

They've taken a lot of strain

off my duties so I can expedite,

keep up with guest relations.

Thank you very much
for coming to Botto's.

Appreciate it.

How's everything so far, okay?

Gordon, I want to thank you
for coming in here

and helping us move forward.

Welcome to my family.

We're gonna be here
for a long time.

And I know my dad is proud.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

RAMSAY: Next time,
I'm at Seafarer's

in Manquin, Virginia...

Welcome to Hell.

(all coughing, hacking)

WOMAN: Let me out.
Let me out.

Where a feuding family...

MAN: What are you doing
for this family? Nothing.

I come in here every day!

You show up.
You show your face.

RAMSAY: Goes to war.

He's outside smoking pot.

RAMSAY: With combat
in the kitchen...

She's chased customers
out of the door

because they didn't leave
enough tip.


Oh, God.

RAMSAY: I'm gonna have
to dress for battle.