24 Hrs to Hell and Back (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Southern Kitchen - full transcript

Gordon and the team revamp a traditional Southern food restaurant located in Richmond, Va.

(suspenseful music)

RAMSAY: I'm Gordon Ramsay,
and I'm back

on America's roads
with my mobile kitchen,

heading to nine more
struggling restaurants.

This is not a kitchen.
This is a hellhole.

With these businesses
on the brink of collapse...

It's lined with rat [bleep].

- Smell it.
- (gags)

You haven't even got a stove.

(rock music)

I've got to work quickly,

so I'm giving myself
just 24 hours...

(crowd gasping)

To try and save
each one of them.

Have you seen behind there?
It's inches deep.

It's my third time
around the country,

and even though
my advance team tells them

it's a new renovation show,
people are suspicious.

So I've had to up
my disguise and decoy game...

And if these start lopsiding...

WOMAN: We'll help you out.

Just give me some pointers.


RAMSAY: So I can get
into these restaurants

and see what's really going on.

That's molding.
You have to be kidding me.

What I discovered
this time round

is more shocking than ever.

I'm amazed you're still open.

(crowd gasping)

If I have any hope
of saving these restaurants...

I got too much.

RAMSAY: I'll have to go
to hell and back...

- Okay?
- (crying)

RAMSAY: In 24 hours.

- This is my kitchen, Chef.
- What'd you say?

This is my kitchen.

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: I'm in
the Jackson Ward district

of Richmond, Virginia.

After the Civil War, this was
one of the first thriving

African-American communities
in the U. S.

This family-run restaurant
is located

at a very busy intersection,

just blocks away from
the Richmond Convention Center

and the Richmond Coliseum.

Yet they can't get
those customers

to walk through their door.

Owner Shane and her daughters,
Chelsea and Kelyn,

have invested all their money

into the Southern Kitchen

Now with a mountain of debt
and maxed out

on credit cards,

this tight-knit family
is facing bankruptcy.

♪ ♪

(upbeat music)

SHANE: My name
is Shane Roberts-Thomas,

and I'm the owner
of Southern Kitchen Restaurant.

Southern Kitchen
is truly a look back

at traditional Southern food:

fried okra, black-eyed peas
and stewed tomatoes,

macaroni and cheese,
shrimp and grits.


So how's everything?

- Delicious. Thank you.
- Good.

I was in sales and marketing
for about 20-some years.

And in 2008, I made
the decision to invest

in a restaurant business.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


If you can sell,

you should be able
to sell a restaurant.

Your own, right?

And you would think.
You know what I mean?

(uplifting music)

I originated
at a different location.

It was my first start
in the restaurant business.

But I just couldn't get it
off the ground correctly.

I don't really know why.
It just... it failed.

And I went bankrupt.

- Are you Shane's daughter?
- Yes, ma'am.

I've been working
in the education field

for almost ten years now.

And I left to come here.

I stay here because
this is her dream

and I want to see her succeed.

And so I probably invested

roughly in the $60,000 range,
give or take.

♪ ♪

Table 11 already
went out, right?

It is most definitely stressful

here at Southern Kitchen,
I will say that.

It is stressful
working for your mom.

- Come on, Kelyn.
- I was...

- What you daydreaming at now?
- They waiting on the bacon.

SHANE: Just put
the thing on there.

KELYN: This location
has made her more stressful.

I don't know if maybe
it's because of more people,

more space, more...

you know, more everything.

SHANE: I feel
a lot of pressure.

I am very concerned that
if this restaurant goes under,

Chelsea's got everything
to lose this time,

'cause everything
is in her name.

I am trying to finish 2A.

If you would let me just finish
what I'm doing, okay?

This is not 2A right here.
Mom, listen.

- This is...
- SHANE: 2A is right here.

CHELSEA: My experience
with the restaurant

is that it does take
a lot from our family

to make this place go and run.

Unfortunately, now that
the restaurant is here,

those relationships
are just not the same.

- I've already done that.
- Oh, okay. I didn't know.

I was trying to help you
while you're on the phone.

- That's all.
- Yes?

For me, family means everything.

They mean the world to me.
I would give my life for them.

RAMSAY: This is a unique
situation at Southern Kitchen.

For the first time
on 24 Hours to Hell and Back,

I'm meeting up
with one of the family members

before I go undercover.

Shane's mother says
her daughter's dream

has become
an absolute nightmare.

And sadly, it's tearing
the family apart.

(somber music)

♪ ♪

Good morning, Linda.
How are you, my darling?

- (wheezes)
- How are you?


Nice to see you.
Are you well?

- Mm-hmm.
- Come and sit down, please.

Thank you for coming
to meet me early.

I'm here to help you,
your daughter,

and your granddaughters.

Let's talk about your daughter.

How bad has her business
direction been in your eyes?

It's chaotic.

My family is being torn apart.

We were wishing that things
would go well for the kids.

And they don't have any life.

I don't even really
recognize them anymore.

That's so sad.
No restaurant is worth that.

I'm here to fix this place.

In many ways, this is
like an intervention.

So I'm gonna be tough on Shane,

and I need you to back me up
on that toughness.

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.

Right, I'll see you in there.

Now that I know
that Linda is ready

to help me give Shane
some tough love...

- WOMAN: Is that okay?
- RAMSAY: Yeah, absolutely.

I'll be going undercover

as a member of a weekly
book club.

(rock music)

Libby Lu,
ready for a ladies' lunch.

Trust me, this one's
gonna be a page-turner.

- So if these start lopsiding...
- We'll help you out.

Lift them up a little bit,
or just give me some pointers.


- RAMSAY: Shall we?
- ALL: Yes.

- RAMSAY: Let's go.
- WOMAN: Let's do it.

RAMSAY: All my bits
are freezing in this dress.


♪ ♪

TIM: Hello.
How are you all doing today?

- Hi, how are you?
- Oh, thank you so much.

TIM: Are we ready to order,
by any chance?

Libby's gonna have
blackened catfish,

and I'll have shrimp and grits.

I think I'll try
the salmon cakes.

I'd like the crab cakes.

- The meat loaf.
- TIM: Yes, ma'am.

I would like to have the
Southern fried pork chop.

- TIM: No problem.
- Thank you so much.

You got a buffalo shrimp, Q.

Dre, help him out.
Come on.

All right,
just give me a minute.

SHANE: Dre, you need to help
in this kitchen right now.

We're falling behind.

We need to get these tickets
out of here.

That's embarrassing.
Get out what we have.

There's a lot of noise coming
out of the kitchen as well.

- The owner yelling.
- SHANE: What time am I at?

I'm at, like,
25 minutes per ticket.

Ladies, shall we look
at our novels?

ALL: Yes.

- Take it away. You start.
- All right.

So, "She sits in front
of the refrigerator,

"waiting for him
to take out the honey,

pour it all over her body."

What kind of honey is it?

"The lights were lowered.

Her lower back quivered
with anticipation."

Oh, Lord.

"She asked to stroke
the masterpiece."


I feel like I'm auditioning
for Fifty Shades of Richmond.


TIM: I have
a blackened catfish.

The rest of the plates
are coming right up.

- Oh, thank you.
- Okay.

RAMSAY: We're a six-top.

We've been waiting
over half an hour

and we get one catfish.

(lounge music)

(bell ringing)

- TIM: I have crab cakes.
- Oh, yes, that's me.

- TIM: Shrimp and grits.
- Thank you.

TIM: Meat loaf, pork chop.

And salmon cakes
are coming right up.

So fifth entrée,
and we're still waiting.

What is going on
with the main course?

He's saying he's missing
a salmon cake.

- On which table?
- CHELSEA: Table three.

Somebody might have took it
to the wrong table.

The presentation is dreadful.

WOMAN 1: Look at the color.
It looks like a stew.

WOMAN 2: It look... it's bizarre.

What the hell is this parsley?

- WOMAN: Oh, my God.
- RAMSAY: What the hell?

- (laughter)
- WOMEN: Wow.

RAMSAY: Can you pass me
a parsley, please?

Here we are.
Thank you, Bree.

A sprig of parsley I get,

but a bush on every plate?


TIM: Okay, so I went
and caught the fish for you.

- Okay.
- Oh, thank you.

TIM: And we have it
on your plate.

- Thank you so much.
- No problem.

I appreciate you.

Oh, boy.
Look how dry that is.

The pork chop is so fried.
It's just way overcooked.

- May I taste the grits?
- Yeah.

- RAMSAY: That is bad.
- WOMAN: Is it?

It tastes like cough medicine.

WOMAN: Do you want to try
any of the salmon cake?

That looks like it's made
from a can, canned salmon.

They said on the menu
it's fresh caught wild.

Nowhere near it.


Excuse me.

(tense music)

♪ ♪


You okay?
You got this, okay?

- Yes, I got it. Yes.
- Yes?

Uh, ladies and gentlemen...

I'm so sorry to interrupt.

One minute to put
your knife and forks down.

Shane, could you get everybody
out the kitchen, please?

Would you mind?

What is happening?

♪ ♪

SHANE: All my staff,
I want out of the kitchen.

Everybody, come out
of the kitchen.

♪ ♪

Ladies and gentlemen...

♪ ♪


- Chef Ramsay.
- (laughs)

(patrons clamoring)


♪ ♪

First of all,

the food has been subpar.

I must have collected
a bag full of parsley

on every dish.

Shane, it is obvious

you have some big issues.

Now, I told this amazing lady

that I'm here to help

because this restaurant
is tearing the family apart.

Linda, what would you like
to say to your daughter?

Baby, you know
I love you more than anything.

(stirring music)

But Chef Ramsay and I are here
today standing strong together

to make our family strong again.

To take care of my baby at home,

I pray that Chef Ramsay and I,

today, will take care of
what needs to be taken care of

for this restaurant

for our family
and for our community,

and for everyone
that's involved.

CHELSEA: (crying)

♪ ♪

(soft music)

I pray that Chef Ramsay and I,

today, will take care of
what needs to be taken care of

for this restaurant

for our family
and for our community

and for everyone
that's involved.

- RAMSAY: Linda, thank you.
- (crying)

RAMSAY: Now, I want to show you

how this place
is really running.

Ladies and gentlemen,
all of you, follow me, please.

(rock music)

♪ ♪

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

This is Hell on Wheels.

This is my epicenter,
a state-of-the-art kitchen

that travels
across the country with me.

Inside it, I've got the most
amazing team of experts

that are incredible
at their job.

I want you all to take a look

at what has been going on
inside Southern Kitchen.

What you're about to see
is not pleasant.

(bright music)

- (items clattering)
- SHANE: Break it, you buy it.

- This is a...
- (items clattering)

- SHANE: My God.
- (bell ringing)

Table five,
those sides need to go.

(bell ringing)

KELYN: And the bell
keeps ringing. I can't.

SHANE: So we have no peppers
for the lemon pepper.

No corn bread, no turkey wings,

no baked chicken.

I mean, we don't have
toilet paper either, so...

- SHANE: Oh, my God. This is...
- (laughs)

I'm a Tasmanian devil.

You better move fast, Jahad.

Today is not the day
to be moving slow

like you normally do.

You be slacking.
I'ma be honest with you.

- Dre.
- DRE: Yes?

You're the executive chef
as I tell you every day,

and you stay downstairs
and cook all day.

CHELSEA: Ma, you need
to calm down.

You say that all the time.

I'm sick of that.

RAMSAY: I'm lost for words.

We need some work, Chef Ramsay.

RAMSAY: Shane, talk to me.
What's happened?

I'm very stressed out.
It's a lot.

We can't use stress as
an excuse to behave like that.

I was shocked at my food today.

The pork chop on my table
was so overcooked,

we couldn't even slice it.

When I think of the South

and I think of what
this place stands for,

I was heartbroken.

Ladies and gentlemen,
based on today's experience,

who would come back
to that restaurant?

(tense music)


Shane, not one hand raised.

CHELSEA: I disagree.

I don't know why they're not
raising their hands.

Why do you disagree?
I'm keen to hear.

'Cause they come back.

You're saying, miss,
that there's no issues

and the food's exceptional.

You need to sit down
and eat dinner, young lady.

- Isn't your name on the lease?
- Yes, okay.

So you have a lot to lose here.

And whether you like it
or not, young lady,

we have problems.

Customers, my apologies
on behalf of Southern Kitchen.

There's no check for lunch.
Lunch is on me.

But what I am gonna ask you
is to come back.

I've got 24 hours.

And that time starts now.

Every member of staff,
get on your cell phone.

Tell the family
you're not coming home.

- Linda, thank you very much.
- Thank you, Chef.

I need time to walk
with your daughter

and your granddaughters.
I appreciate it, thank you.

♪ ♪

What you thinking?
What you wanna do?

No, Ma.
This is you, you know?

- This is...
- It's all a bad call.

It's not my call, anything.

This is all what
you wanted to do.

If we're gonna fix what's wrong

with the restaurant
and want to keep it...

we are in debt.

I understand.
I already know all of that.

This is a lot.

This is a lot.

We want the help.
It's not that we don't want it.

But it's just
a tough pill to swallow.

All right. Okay.

It's hard to hear things
about something

that you've worked so hard for.

♪ ♪

(exhales heavily)

Shane, can I ask a favor?

Can I catch up with the staff?

And would you mind going
downstairs to the office

and I'll catch up
with you later?

♪ ♪

I would like to make
one thing incredibly clear.

I'm here to help.

All I wanna know
inside my businesses,

how can we be better?

Now, I'd like to hear from you.

Tim, what's wrong
with Southern Kitchen?

Communication here
is the biggest issue.

We need to all be
on the same page as a team.

But where does that
miscommunication come from?

It's between Chelsea,
Shane, and Kelyn.

They argue a lot when
they get into the kitchen.

It's just me, my mom,
and my sister

pretty much
trying to do everything.

You also have
to take accountability

and responsibility too.

You can't just throw it all
on the ownership.

TIM: In defense
of the waiters,

I was asking where my plate
was, and then it was a,

"Your plate is coming.
Don't worry about your plate.

Stop asking about your plate."

They're sending food out
on different tickets,

so the waiters don't know
which plate to grab.

I didn't see Shane
in the dining room at all.

Is she always in the kitchen?

Most of the time, yeah.

But she's not a chef.

Yeah, I try to get her
out of the kitchen.

They try to get her
out of the kitchen,

but then they don't
do it properly

when she's not back there.

And what I hear right now,

yeah, okay, there's a little bit

of miscommunication
that may happen.

But you're also


It's communication as a team.
We're a team.

We all sinking each other down.

It ain't just Kelyn,
Shane, and Chelsea.

You're all not communicating.

You're too busy in the serving
station talking and laughing

or too busy at the
hostess station chopping it up.

Chelsea, are you saying
that the staff are lazy?


(suspenseful music)

They can be.

And then they can
come in here sometimes

and they can work
their tails off.

But we've all gotten
too comfortable.

We've known these kids
for a long time.

Six, seven years.
They're like our family.

And that's how we treat them.

And because we
treat them like that,

sometimes I feel like
they get a little lax.

But they're here to work.

♪ ♪

Are they?


(tense music)

We've known these kids
for a long time.

They're like our family.

And because we
treat them like that,

sometimes I feel like
they get a little lax.

But they're here to work.

Are they?

I know when it's
a lot of playing going on.

Everybody's getting
too comfortable,

and then when you say something
to them, it becomes a problem.

MAN: You know,
I come here to work.

And I come here to make sure
the work I'm doing

is a direct reflection of the
establishment I'm working for.

TIM: It seems in order for us
to have an effective team,

we need to all be
on the same page.

Owners need to be able
to communicate

in order for our teams
to follow.

Teams need leaders,

and leaders need structures.

It sounds like there's no
structure in here whatsoever.

Amal, can you go and get me
Shane, please, from downstairs?

Denzell, would you describe
this environment

as a positive work environment?

- No.

- It's not positive at all.
- Why not?

Oh, sometimes you come in,

you don't even wanna come in.

Sometimes you ready like,

"All right, we're gonna
get screamed at today."

RAMSAY: Tough when you
got no direction,

no leadership, and you're
frazzled on a daily basis.

Shane, in your mind,
what's wrong with the place?

People aren't
taking the job seriously.

And they don't see it
as their livelihood

'cause they've been
with me so long.

We've always made payroll.

Whether I had
to borrow from my mom,

whether I had to get it
from a credit card,

we've always paid them.

And I gave them money
when their families were down,

loaned them money.

So it has become
a thing of disrespect

towards me and my family.

And then when I saw her
screaming and hollering

about it, it's like,
"What's wrong with her now?

She done lost her mind."

Any member of staff that
is being rude, disrespectful,

why are you employing them?

They need to work, you know?

So I don't want to harm
anybody's life, you know?

You're running a restaurant,
not a charity.

I've got so many problems
to deal with.

But I am gonna start
with my renovation team

'cause the clock is ticking.

Nice to see you.
This is Teresa.

Whatever this lady
asks you to do, do.

- Is that clear?
- ALL: Yes, sir.

Roll your sleeves up
and let's go.

Okay, we're gonna
clear everything out.

Chairs, tables, everything
goes out the restaurant.

- It's like a corporate office.
- Yeah, yeah.

It needs warmth
and energy quickly, yes?


RAMSAY: While my renovation
team gets to work...

Let's go, guys.

I need to meet
with the kitchen staff

to see why Shane
is micromanaging them.

- How you feeling?
- Great.

- Ready to learn?
- Yes, sir.

You got 30 years of experience.


Why do you let Shane
walk all over you?

Why is that?

Yeah, but it's
your kitchen, though.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- It's failing massively.

You need to take charge.

You need to own
that space, okay?

- Yeah.
- Repeat after me, Dre.

- This is my kitchen.
- This is my kitchen.

- No, [bleep] louder.
- (laughs)

RAMSAY: Look him in the eyes

like we just stepped
into a cage.

- This is my kitchen, Chef.
- This is my kitchen!

- This is my kitchen!
- Much better.

Then step up and run it.

Now, these are the dishes
that we are relaunching

Southern Kitchen
tomorrow night with.

Over here, we have a beautiful
Dungeness crab hush puppy

served with
a smoked garlic aioli.

Next to that, we got
a shrimp and grit cakes.

Andouille sausage gravy
with some crispy cheddar.

Entrées, chicken pot pie,
a beautiful braised dark meat

served with beautiful peas

mixed in a stunning
tarragon short crust pastry.

Next to that, you got
a pan-seared pork chop

served with a bacon jam,
braised collard greens,

and the most amazing
black-eyed peas.

And then finally,

you've got that beautiful
crispy skin salmon

served with some braised sprouts

and some lovely,
fragrant herb rice.

- Now, spot the difference?
- Yeah.

DENZELL: Everything
on the plate, you can eat.

It's no useless garnish.

Now, salmon, I filleted
the salmon for you.

And I'm scoring the skin; it
keeps the fish nice and flat.

And if it stays nice and flat,
it cooks evenly.

Season the salmon nicely
inside those little cracks.

Lay away from you, as always,
into the pan... lay away.

And kiss it underneath.
Turn that over.

- See the color on the skin?
- ALL: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Once I've seared the bottom,

into the oven for four minutes.

Now taste that sauce
there, please.

Taste, taste, taste.
The Crystal Hot Sauce, right?

It tastes like it got, like,
some type of citrus in it?

That's right.
I finished with lemon.

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh.

So you guys have a palate.

Gonna check my salmon.

Skin side down,
still nice and crispy.

On the middle of the plate,
herb rice.

And there's a beautiful
beurre blanc.

And there we have
a beautiful, crispy salmon.

I want you guys to cook
at a different level.

Dig in, please.

- How's that salmon?
- Real good.

- DENZELL: It's very good.
- DRE: Mm-hmm.

DENZELL: It's nice and flaky.

Man, that's amazing, man.

- You like it?
- Absolutely.


Now, this lady's been
with me for ten years.

- Listen to her.
- Yes.

- Okay?
- Yes, Chef.

- Now, whose kitchen is it?
- It's my kitchen, Chef.

- I can't hear you.
- This is my kitchen, Chef.

I'm a little bit deaf.

I haven't changed my batteries
in my hearing aid.

- What'd you say?
- This is my kitchen!

- Why are you shouting at me?
- (laughter)

I'm hoping these three chefs
now can step up.

They've been almost sidetracked,

so we need
to empower the kitchen.

Gordon's food is everything...
Look at it.

It just looks better.

It just brings you in
to eat with your eyes.

They are the engine room.

They're the heartbeat
of that restaurant.

Get this thing set,
we have a chance.

I'm dedicated to do whatever
it takes to step my game up.

I'ma make Gordon and Shane
proud of Andre's.

With time ticking down,

the renovation is moving
full steam ahead,

and everyone is working
well into the night.

let's spend two minutes.

The team are down
at Hell on Wheels.

Let's go downstairs.

Chelsea is not only
financing this restaurant.

She's legally responsible
for the restaurant's debt.

You've put every dollar
you've ever earned,

maxed out on the credit cards.

What pressure do you have
on your shoulders now

as a 28-year-old
that you didn't have

nine months ago
when you signed that lease?

I feel a lot
of financial pressure

for myself and my family
because I did leave my job,

although teachers
don't make the best money.

One day, I would like
to have a day care center.

If I'm honest, I don't know
if you really want to be here

deep down inside.

Do you?

If I had to be honest,

no, this wouldn't
have been my choice.

This ultimately is
my mom's dream.

But I'm her firstborn,

and we've always been two peas
in a pod, as they say.

And because I am her rock,
she's my rock.

I do come in here even though
it does take me away

from what I love to do.

Why have you put all that money
into this business

when it's not even your passion?

Are you scared of Mum?

I believe in her.

You believe in her
because you love her.

It doesn't mean to say
she's doing it right.

Have you given your mum

a three-month,
a six-month commitment

before you get out
of this restaurant

and continue
with your day care center?

♪ ♪

- I can't.
- Why not?

- It's not letting Mum down.
- To me, it feels like that.

She's everything.
She's everything.

(somber music)

She means the world to me.


- RAMSAY: Coming up...
- Why not take the chance?

Is she gonna work for somebody
for the rest of her life?

Can I answer that?
Can I answer that?

- You just asked me a question.
- You can answer it.

- We all started somewhere.
- Can I answer that question?

Go ahead, answer it.

Have you given your mum

a three-month,
a six-month commitment

before you get out
of this restaurant

and continue
with your day care center?

(tense music)

- I can't.
- Why not?

- It's not letting Mum down.
- To me, it feels like that.

She's everything.
She's everything.

♪ ♪

She means the world to me.

This restaurant's only open
because of you.

I'm not trying to get
between you and your mum.

If this was your dream,
I would say, "Go for it, girl.

Put everything
you've got into it."

Mum needs to stop

and change direction completely.

Otherwise, no matter what I do,
it's not gonna work.

♪ ♪

Give me two seconds, okay?

Thank you.

I want to bring Kelyn
to the conversation

to find out
if she has the passion

for her mum's restaurant...

- Kelyn, let's go downstairs.
- Okay.

RAMSAY: Or if she's just
going through the motions

like her sister
in order to please her mum.

Fast track five years
when you're big sister's age.

What's the dream?

- I have no idea.
- No idea.

I've been with her so long

that I don't know anything else.

Have you ever sat down
and told her

that this is not your dream?

Me and her have had
discussions multiple times.

But the customers always say,

"Your daughter
is so much like you.

I see her running the place."

And of course, it gets in her
head that I am the next person

because they see
a lot of potential in me.

Kelyn, it is gonna
be okay in the end.

I promise.

I want this business to succeed.

But under no circumstances

can it be at the expense
of you two girls.

There comes a time when
you have to flee the nest.

And you have to think
of yourselves.

I am not gonna reposition
this restaurant

whilst you two follow your mum
into the abyss.


- Thank you.
- Come here.

(relaxed music)

It's now so clear
that they've been burdened

by their mother's ambition.

And the shock for me
is that both these girls

have no ambition to ever
run or work in a restaurant.

They're doing it for their mum.

It doesn't feel
like that right now,

but it's gonna be all right.

She is gonna be okay.

(rock music)

RAMSAY: With the staff working
late through the night

and into the next morning,

the renovation is
coming together beautifully.

- Jump up.
- Yes.

There we go.

♪ ♪

- Great.
- Nice.

And that plays in
with the jazz theme.

Really good.
I love the blinds.

TERESA: Yeah, SelectBlinds
gave us nice roller shades

to replace the sheers,
which were a little sloppy.

And I think the smart thing,
with this partition

in the center of the dining
room with that keyboard

from the piano,
breaks it up now.

So you got this nice intimate

sort of 35-, 40-seat restaurant.

TERESA: Oh, exactly.

RAMSAY: While things
are looking good

with the renovation,

the change in the décor
won't mean a thing

if the kitchen staff
isn't up to the task.

Hi, guys.
Mary, we good?

- Yes, Chef, we're great.
- Yes?

How you feeling?

- Good, how you feeling?
- Feeling good, Chef.

Quick question.
Whose kitchen is it?

Your kitchen.

Mary, let's have a chat.

- Two minutes, yes?
- MARY: Sure.

How have they been?

They actually did
a pretty good job.

Once they did it
a couple of times,

they got better and
a little bit more confident.

So they just have
to work faster.

It looks like they really care
about what they're doing,

- which is great.
- Good.

Fingers crossed
they'll keep their momentum.

- Good. Well done.
- Yup.

I'll see you
back at the restaurant, okay?

They've come together now

more in the last 12 hours

than they have
in the last 12 weeks,

which is good to see.

Now it's about Shane
ensuring trust,

trust in the kitchen,
trust in the dining room.

Ah, there you are.

(dramatic music)

Let's talk about
the business failing, shall we?

Why would you ask your daughter
to sign those papers...


Knowing full well that
the chances of success

- are even shorter...
- No, they're not.

- Because of no experience?
- No, they're not.

So why still have her work in
school for the rest of her life

for $50,000 a year
and be nothing?

- Why not take the chance?
- Should I answer that?

Why not take the chance?

So she gonna work for somebody
for the rest of her life?

Can I answer that?

Her mama gonna
always come through.

- So for me...
- Can I answer that?

- You just asked me a question.
- You can answer it.

You can answer it.
You started somewhere.

I started somewhere.

- We all started somewhere.
- I'd like to answer that.

I'm sure you didn't have...

- Can I answer that question?
- Go ahead, answer it.

Chelsea's passion
is not running a restaurant.

(solemn music)

She wants to get
a day care center.

She has no long-term interest
in this restaurant.

It's your dream.

She signed that lease

because she didn't have
the guts to stand up to you.

If this doesn't work,
you're taking her down.

I will not fail.
I will not take her down.

I won't; no matter
what sacrifice I have to make,

I won't do it.

I am going to make this happen.

With or without anyone's help,
I'm gonna be okay.

- It's not looking good.
- Yes, it is.

It's looking good for the fact
that we are still trying

and we have not given up.

If we give up now,
what will we do?

I'm not asking you
to give up, Shane.

I'm just asking you
to be reasonable

and stop being so stubborn
and blinded by the obvious.

You are bringing
your daughters down

and you've put them at risk.

And over the last 18 months,
all you've done

is butt heads, fight and scream,

and upset each other.

No restaurant is worth that.

It's one thing for you
to risk all this.


But your two daughters
sat in the back seat.

I'm telling you I think
you're being unfair.

♪ ♪

You're taking advantage
of the unconditional love

that your two amazing
daughters show you.

I'm sorry.

♪ ♪

Shane is acting defensive

because she can't see
her own problems.

She's gonna hit
a brick wall soon.

I don't know when,
but something's gonna click,

and she'll understand
that she is the driving force

behind this mess

and the responsibility
lies with her,

not her daughters.

I'm getting news that Shane

is leaving the restaurant
right now.

One thing you never do
is jump ship.

Where is she?

PRODUCER: She's in her car
with her mother.

Oh, my God.
Let's go.

♪ ♪

What's wrong?


(tense music)

What's wrong?

I have the upmost respect
for you, Gordon,

so I mean, I'm not
gonna disrespect you.

But it's not
about disrespecting anybody.

This whole process is about
rebuilding this restaurant

and giving you an infrastructure

in order to go forward on.

SHANE: I don't want to ever,
anyone in life

to think that I would
do something to my children.

I would never.
I would die right this minute.

Yeah, I said to you
that this is your passion.

It is.

It's my passion to create
a legacy for my children.

But because they don't share
that long-term goal,

it doesn't mean that they can't
help you short-term.

- Right.
- And so...

That was always the hope, that
they would help me short-term

so I could get on my feet

and then I could
do things for them

to be able to have a good life.

But let's get this place
back on the map, then.

I'm amazed you wanna
throw the towel in now.

But tell me what's wrong.
Tell me what you're...

I mean, I feel like
you've given up on us.

- You know, you feel like...
- I've given up on you?

- Yes.
- Oh, that's unfair.

I know damn well
that you're not gonna like

everything I'm doing;
I get that.

It's not about
rubbing your face in it.

It's about helping you.

You're saying, "Shane, I don't
know about this for you."

You know what I'm saying?
(stammering) You made it...

"You done took the kids under."

I'm trying to separate
the family from the business

because there's two
different things going on here.

We have a family that's hurting

and a business
that's struggling.

If I get the business
back up to speed,

then the family
don't have to hurt.

And if you think
that's been unfair...

That's true.
It's true.

I'm sorry, but there's two
different things in here.

And with 38 restaurants
and five kids of my own,

I'm not gonna bring them
into my business.

- Right.
- I have to separate it.

So if Chelsea's there
for the next 18 months...

You're right.

There needs to be a path set.

And if you don't think
that's valid,

then I'm out of here.

- No, I do.
- I'm sorry.

And I'm not rubbing
your face in it.

- It's hard to hear.
- I know it's hard to hear.

I'm really sorry.
I'm really sorry.

Come here.
Come out of there.

(somber music)

♪ ♪

Come on.

♪ ♪

We're gonna do this.
Okay, come on.

- Hey.
- You're a great man.

We're gonna do this.

I'm not gonna let
that family struggle.

And I'm trying
to separate the issues

- so you can go on holiday.
- Yes, sir.

- You can have a vacation.
- Yes, sir.

You can have
a weekend together, okay?


Gran, come here, please.
Come on.

Come on.
We are gonna save this family.

We are gonna save
this restaurant, okay?

- SHANE: I'm sorry, Ma.
- Okay?

- I'm here to help.
- I ask for help

out loud so many times.

I'm gonna help.

I'm gonna help you, but I also
want to protect the family.

- Yes, sir.
- I'm really sorry.

- Let me help you.
- Okay, yes, sir.

Come on.

SHANE: I've come
to the realization now

that I need to separate
my family from this business.

I need to have some timelines
as to when I can get

my daughters in a different
place in their life

and let them go on and be
the powerful and amazing women

that they're gonna be.

With emotions running high

and the relaunch
quickly approaching,

it's time to show Shane
and her family

the changes that I believe
will bring some joy back

to Southern Kitchen.

Welcome to Southern Kitchen.

Ladies, take a look.

Oh, my goodness!

Oh, that is so nice.

Look at the jazz players
in the back.

Oh, my gosh.

It is warm.
Oh, my goodness, me.

- LINDA: I love you.
- RAMSAY: It is so beautiful.

Thank you so much.

It looks so nice.

Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my goodness.

RAMSAY: Gone is the drab
corporate office look.

We've given Southern Kitchen

an atmosphere of warmth
and comfort

and added some musical décor
to bring some fun and energy

to the restaurant.

And I've stocked the kitchen

with the most
state-of-the-art equipment.

This looks completely different.

It looks so nice.

I'm going to introduce to you

the most state-of-the-art
reservation system.

It's set up by TouchBistro.

This has a built-in P&L.

You can tap into each
and every server,

and you can identify
who's made what,

what's selling and what's not.


Now, we have
a fired-up kitchen staff,

we have a beautiful dining room,

and a very close-knit
mother-daughter bond.

- Come on. Come on.
- (crying)

How are you feeling?

Well, I feel like I could
never repay you in life.

The biggest thing today
that you taught me

is family first.

I want to look at you both today

and tell you all

I have appreciated everything
you two have done for me.

You've done more than any
children could ever have done

for their mother.

I want you guys
to find your life now.

It's time for you two
to find your voice in life

and to become
what you want to become.

It's time for you two to fly.


(hopeful music)

(all crying)

(stirring music)

Now, madam, we're minutes away

- from opening.
- Yes, yes.

RAMSAY: Customers lining up
out the door.

- You okay?
- Yes.

- You got this.
- Thank you.

RAMSAY: Now it's time
for the real test...

- DRE: Let's do this.
- DENZELL: Mm-hmm.

RAMSAY: As yesterday's
diners are back

and looking to be impressed.

- Nice to see you again.
- Welcome.

- You guys can follow me.
- Please.

Here you go, ladies.

TIM: Did we want to put any
appetizers in, by any chance?


I think I'm gonna try
both of them

'cause they sound so good.

If you have any other questions,

- I'll be back around, okay?
- Thank you so much.

On order, guys... stand by...

- Ready, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.

One hush puppy,
one shrimp and grit

followed by one hush puppy,

one shrimp and grit again, yes?

I really want Dre and his chef

to get off to a great start

to show Shane that she doesn't
need to micromanage them

during services.

Service, please.

No, I'm refusing
to use that [bleep].


Refusing to use
that [bleep] bell.


Bells are for churches.

KELYN: I have
the shrimp and grits.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

(upbeat music)

- It's so good.
- Mm-hmm.

WOMAN: It's delicious.

You guys doing okay over here?

- BOTH: Yes, thank you.
- Okay. You're welcome.

Hey, they're loving the food.
We're moving good.

- Keep it going, yes?
- Heard, Chef.

RAMSAY: With appetizers
going out smoothly...

I will drop this off
for you guys.

RAMSAY: We're off
to a very good start.

Excuse me.
Dropped in.

I was gonna ask about the
hush puppies, but they've gone.

Oh, my God.

Yeah, we were
fighting over that.

That's a happy problem.

♪ ♪

If Dre and his staff...

- DRE: Ready to plate?
- DENZELL: Yeah.

RAMSAY: Can continue
their great start

without Shane's interference...

Y'all enjoying
yourselves so far?

RAMSAY: We're gonna have
a very successful relaunch.

Four salmon ready to plate.

All right,
we need to plate, then.

DENZELL: Yes, Chef.
Coming right now.

- Table 12.
- Table 12.

- You guys enjoy.
- Thank you.

14 minutes for our first
entrée, that's incredible.

Good job, good job,
good job, everybody.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

(suspenseful music)

♪ ♪

How we doing back here, guys?

Doing good.

How you feeling, Denzell?
You good?

- DENZELL: I'm feeling good.
- SHANE: All right, baby.

Very proud of you all.
This is what we do.

We do it every day, all day.
It is an amazing team.

Y'all know I wanna jump in.

No, Shane.
This is my kitchen.

- SHANE: Okay.
- DRE: Pork chop is up.

RAMSAY: With Dre taking
command of his kitchen,

plates are going out
at a steady pace.

All right, I have two
of the crispy salmon.

- Yes, thank you.
- Those are really good.

The salmon was moist.
It was delicious.

I'm bringing my coworkers,
I'm bringing my friends,

and we are definitely
coming back to eat again.

Entrées... how was the pork chop?

- Oh, my God.
- Delicious.

Y'all enjoying
yourselves so far?

- We are.
- All right. All right.

Ladies, my time is done.

(melancholic music)

The most important thing for me
walking through those doors

is that the family are together.

- Thank you, Chef Ramsay.
- That strength is important.

This is a family
that is full of love.

And we have a system here now

to get this place to become
the talk of the town.

LINDA: Thank you, thank you.

That's what I would wish, okay?

- Family first.
- Family first.

- Let's say it all together.
- One, two, three.

- ALL: Family first.
- (laughter)


Thank you, thank you,
Chef Ramsay.

You have an amazing mum.

Thank you.

Love you all.
Come here, you.

LINDA: Thank you so much.

Can't wait to see
your day care center

in five years' time.

And I can't wait to see
what you're gonna be doing

in five years' time.

- LINDA: Thank you, thank you.
- RAMSAY: God bless.

- Thank you.
- Okay? Take care.

Oh, my God.
Gordon Ramsay.

- Thank you, Chef Ramsay.
- We love you!

- Yay, thank you.
- We love you!

He's given breath
and the life back

into a very torn family.

Thank you, thank you.
(blows kisses)

I feel a lot more confident

that my mom is gonna be okay.

I'm just very, very grateful.

I appreciate him for coming in

to help us open our eyes
to see some things.

- LINDA: Oh, my gosh.
- (laughs)

When I first arrived here,

I met a lady that was
taking advantage of the

unconditional love that her
daughters were showing her

because she didn't understand

that you can't bring
your family into your dream.

Tonight this restaurant launched

without the family
butting heads.

And for the first time ever,
Shane has a structure,

a system that works,
a kitchen that's empowered,

and a dining room that can run.

If this continues
along these lines,

that will allow the girls to
live and fulfill their dream.

(uplifting music)

♪ ♪

Hi, Chef Ramsay.

We miss you so much.

It's been packed.

Packed, packed, packed
every day.

DENZELL: Pork chop is up.

I mean, give me,
like, three minutes.

Cooking has improved
beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Dre is confident.

And Chelsea only comes
three days a week now.

I give them the weekends
sometimes to relax

and enjoy theirself.

So Mommy's here a lot
by herself.


But I didn't want you to leave
and think I didn't care

about the things you said to me.

You put your work in,

so I didn't want your work
to go in vain.

Y'all enjoying
yourselves so far?

Very much, yes.

SHANE: Thank y'all for coming
to Southern Kitchen.

MAN: Absolutely.

I took Christmas,

took my babies off
to an amazing vacation.

And we relaxed.
We laughed. We had fun.

I owe it all to you.

You said, "Family first, Shane.

The restaurant is amazing,

but never forget
that you have a family first."

♪ ♪

(tense music)

RAMSAY: Next time,
I'm going to California...

Like, quickly.
We gotta get this in.

I can't do this any quicker.

We fight about the restaurant
all the time.

Where a suburban gastropub...

What are you doing in here?

Is tearing a family apart.

We are in a very delicate spot
in our marriage.

RAMSAY: With the help
of football legend

Rob Gronkowski...

- Rob, can we get a selfie?
- Hey, ladies.

Yeah, why not?

RAMSAY: I will try to save
not only their restaurant...

You need to man up and get
your priorities straight.

But their family as well.

I'm living my biggest fear.

Save your marriage.

♪ ♪

(fire crackling)