24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 8 - Day 8: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. - full transcript

While nuclear materials are en route to Kamistanis attempting a coup, Kayla confronts her father, Dana makes a decision, and Jack endures torture.

[ Jack Bauer]
Previously on 24.

Our security police have
completed their initial sweep
of the capital city.

Sixty-five known members of the
opposition have been arrested
and are being questioned.

[ Hassan ]
Have you learned anything?

- Were any of them
working with my brother?
- It's too early to tell.

Kayla, your father
is a great man,

but Farhad's betrayal
has changed him.

- [ Kayla ] What can we do?
- [ Knocking ]

The president says you may be
involved with his brother.

- Ηe's ordered me to detain you.
- I'll talk to him.

President Hassan's crackdown
isn't just a response
to the attempt on his life.

There are unsecured
nuclear materials in play.

C.T.U. is running
an undercover operation
to retrieve them as we speak.

l've got something.
lt's an N.Y.P.D.
evidence lockup.

A local vice group
just impounded 120,000.

l help you do this,
and you never call me again.

[ Chuckling ]
That's beautiful, man.
Absolutely beautiful.

lt's a cop.

You're gonna have
to slip past him.

- [ Policeman ]
I'm at the warehouse at-
- [ Kevin ] Nick!

Kevin, stop him!

l hear there are
materials for sale.

Talk straight.
What materials?

- Nuclear rods.
- Nobody deals
in nuclear rods. Nobody.

We have a problem.
Vladimir Laitanan
knows about the fuel rods.

Come on, Vladimir.
Push them harder.
Somebody knows something.

No one knows.
There's no one left to call.

Look, it's over!
What is wrong with you?

[ Screams ]

[ Gasping ]
Renee, stop. Stop.

- [ Jack ] They're Russian.
- [ Renee ] What are you doing?

l need to Iet them take me.

When C.Τ.U. gets here,
you tell them to start
tracking me from the air.

These people are gonna lead us
to everything we're looking for.

l'm unarmed. Don't shoot.
We can do business.

[ Cole ]
Where's Jack?

The Russians took him.

Ηe said that you'd be
monitoring him from the air.

- We haven't seen anything.
- [ Renee ] Where is he?

[ Jack Bauer] The following
takes place between
1 1:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

[ Chattering ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Kevin ]
Where the hell are you?

♪♪ [ Background: Loud Rock ]
Hey, Jenny girl!

You said you would call me
as soon as the two of you
got clear.

l'm sorry, sweetheart.
I forgot.

We-We got caught-
We got caught up
celebrating our score.

You put a police officer
in the hospital.

Hey, that wasn't me.
That was Nick.

Look, why do-
Why do you gotta
focus on the negative?

We're flush
a hundred and twenty grand.

Why don't you just
come down here,

have a drink,
celebrate with us?

We're at a club in Jersey City
called Starlight.

- All right?
We'll work out your cut.
- What cut?

l don't want anything
from you, Kevin.

We're done.

l want you to put my key
in my mailbox...

and get the hell
out of my life
like you promised.

[ People Laughing, Chattering ]

Yeah, that-
That's not gonna happen.

- What does that mean?
- This is a sweet operation
we got going here.

You getting the access codes
and- and us pulling the jobs.

W-W-Wait. We had a deal, Kevin.

You promised me
l do this one thing for you,
and then you leave me alone.

l-l know, and l- and I-
And I meant that, all right.

But things change, okay?

But we can get rich
off of this, Jenny.

You can't do this
to me, Kevin.

Jenny, please-

Look, bitch,
you're in this
up to your neck.

You want your boss,
you want your boyfriend...

finding out you're not
who you say you are?

You're gonna be
our golden goose, okay?

[ Beeps ]

- Hello?
- Dana. What are you doing?

We've got a situation.
You need to be on the floor.

I heard you,
I will be right there.

Who was that on the phone
just now?

Τhat's none
of your business.
Actually, it is.

When you start sneaking away
to make phone calls
or leave the office-

making me cover for you-
it becomes my business.

Now, who was that?

How the hell would you-
Are you spying on me?

Look, you want to step out on
your fiancé, it's fine with me.

God knows l've got no love
for the guy.

You have no idea
what you are talking about.
I am not cheating on Cole.

Whatever you want
to call it,

you'd better start telling
your boyfriend what's going on,
or I will.

Now, come on.

Our undercover operation
just went south.
What's happened?

Jack Bauer was grabbed
by an unknown group
of armed Russians.

We think they're the ones
in control of the nuclear rods.

Are we tracking them?
We can't.

They took Bauer through
an underground access
behind the building.

Without aerial support,
the best my people could do...

was track 'em
to a drainage junction
near Avenue Y and Ocean.

They must have had
a vehicle standing by.

Jack's cell phone
was trashed at the scene.

There has to be something
at the site to help us
I.D. the vehicle.

Τire treads, transmission fluid,
oil residue?

No, there's nothing, sir.
Trail's gone cold.

What about Walker?
Didn't she get
a good look at these people?

l don't know, sir.

Frankly, she's pretty messed up
right now.

- Blaming herself
for Jack's circumstances.
- Well, she should.

She crippled this operation
when she murdered her contact.

Without Vladimir Laitanan,
we have no lead to finding
Bauer or the nuclear materials.

You get her back to C.Τ.U.
for debriefing.

- l want to know what
the hell happened.
- Yes, sir.

You might want to consider
running a psych eval on her
when we arrive.

Count on it.

You were supposed to be
coordinating with N.S.A.,
monitoring chatter.

I know. Something came up.
I had to take care of it.
What was so important?

[ Chloe ]
It's my fault, Mr. Hastings.

l asked Dana to recover
a data Iog I accidentaIly
deleted from Archives.

l didn't have clearance.
l'm uplinking
to N.S.A. servers now.

All right.
Just get on it.

Roll back any chatter
within the last 20 minutes.

Right now,
that's all we've got.

Let me know
if something turns up.

l need to brief
President Τaylor.
[ Sighs ]

Thank you.

You can thank me
by putting aside whatever
it is that's bothering you...

and helping me find Jack.

He's my friend,
and he's in trouble.

[ Speaking Russian ]

Take him down the hall.

Where is Vladimir?

So are his men.

The German said
they tried to rip him off.

Did he also say how he knows
about the fuel rods?

[ Gasping ]

Who are you?
Ernst Meier.

l've been looking for you
to make you an offer.

You know who I am?

All l know is that
there's a very powerful man
in the Russian syndicate...

who's been trafficking
weapons-grade uranium,
specifically U-235 fuel rods.

After the nasty business
with Laitanan,

these men brought me here,
so I'm just assuming
you're that man.

Where did you get
this information?

l represent a consortium
of private interests.

Τhey intercepted communiqués
within the lslamic Republic.

From whom?

Farhad Hassan
or someone in his camp.

ln either case, you're doing
business with the wrong people.

And who are these people-
the ones you work for?

l'm sure you can understand
I'm not at liberty to say.

[ Groans ]

You should be less concerned
about who I work for...

and more concerned
about the deal they're
willing to offer you.

l'm not interested
in your offer.

$250 million,
half of which is ready
to be wired to you immediately.

Τhe other half you will receive
upon final acquisition
of the fuel rods.

[ Gasps ]

You pose a very difficult
problem for me.

You show up out of nowhere,
knowing far too much
of my business,

yet l have never
heard of you.

You've never heard of me
because I'm good at what I do.

What l'm concerned about
is that you're a cop.

l just killed three people
back at that garage.

Vladimir Laitanan,
l stabbed in the eye.
You really think l'm a cop?

As a child, I saw K.G.B.
throw an entire family
off the roof of a building,

two of them
small children.

l know what cops
are capable of.

So l ask you again,
who do you work for?

l'm sorry.
I can't tell you that.

Dimitri, work on him until
he's ready to tell us everything.

[ Russian ]

No, we can make a deaI.

We can still make a deaI!

No! No!

[ Jack ]

You have buried
your brother's body?

lt's Oleg's necklace.

You gave it to him
at his confirmation.

You keep it...
to remind you of him.

I'm glad you're back.

We may have a problem.
What is it?

There is a man down the hall
who claims to be an arms broker.

Ηe knows about the nuclear rods.

How could he?

He says there was a leak
from Farhad's people,
but I wonder.

Until I know for certain
who and what this man is,

l've stopped the transport
of the rods.

They've been redirected
to a weigh station
off the Wantagh Parkway.

l'm sure Farhad
can't be happy about that.

l haven't told him yet.

Perhaps we should
tell him together.

Ηow long do you plan
to hold him off?

Τhat depends.
On what?

On how long it takes Dimitri
to break this guy.

[ Bodyguards
Speaking Russian ]

[ Current Buzzing ]

[ Gasping ]
Okay, Mr. Policeman.

l'm not a cop.
I swear to you.

Please don't do this.

Tell me what you know.

- [ Current Crackling ]
- [ Groaning ]

[ Beeping ]

♪♪ [ Background: Rock ]

We are exhausting
all efforts to ascertain
who took Bauer and where.

But until any progress
is made,

wejust have to hope that Jack
can find some way ofsalvaging
the operation on his end.

What even makes you think
he's still alive?

Only the fact
that he wasn't killed
at the point of abduction.

Mr. Hastings, l need
a realistic assessment.

What are the odds of finding and
securing these nucIear weapons
within the next few hours?

l can't answer that, ma'am,
but the longer we're
out of touch with Bauer,

the less likely our chances.

All right, Mr. Ηastings.
Continue to coordinate
with my office.

l want updates
every 30 minutes.

Yes, ma'am.
[ Button Clicks ]

l just spoke to General Wasim.
He's very worried.

Your brother's crackdowns
back home are intensifying.

Everyone's being arrested.

Our window of opportunity
is closing.

And why didn't the general
call me himselff?

Perhaps he's losing
confidence in your ability
to complete our mission.

This is my mission.
My plan!

Of course.
But we're running out of time.

lf your brother dismantles
our opposition forces,

we will no longer be able
to reconstitute
our nuclear program.

- He won't succeed.
- At this rate, he will.

Ηow much longer must we wait
for the delivery of the uranium?

Not long.

The rods should be arriving
to you within the hour.
Have your men ready.

[ Knocking ]
I'll call you back.

Yes? What is it?

Τhere is a man downstairs
who's shown up to outbid you
for the fuel rods.

ls this some feeble attempt
to renegotiate terms?
Not at all.

This man, Meier, claims
someone in your organization
tipped him off to our deal.

That's not possible.
He's lying.

At any rate, in light
of his sudden appearance,

l'm halting delivery of the rods
for the time being.

What? You can't do that.
It's already done.

l cannot take the risk
that we may be exposed.

The longer you delay,
the more time my brother
has to crush his enemies.

lf he manages to purge everyone
in the military who opposes him,
the uranium is worthless to me.

That's your concern.

Mine is to make certain
this Meier is not a policeman.

One of my men
is interrogating him now.

That could take hours,
even days.
Not days.

l can promise you that.

You promised
to assassinate my brother too.

Your failure to eliminate him
has put me under
enormous pressure.

And now, because of
your people's inability
to maintain secrecy,

you break our agreed timetable
to suit your needs.

Don't speak to my father
that way.

We've honored every agreement
we made with you...

and shed a lot of blood for it.

My father's allowed you to stay
here and hide from the feds...

at great personal risk
to our family.

Τell him to put the gun down.

No. We're not taking
any more of your demands.

Throw him out of here.

Let his own people shelter him
if he thinks we're such fools.

l'll drive him there myself
if that's what it takes.

lt would seem you have used up
our hospitality here.

Perhaps it's best you join your
men at the rendezvous point
to wait for delivery.

And when will that be?

When l think it's safe.
Not a moment before.

Make sure he gets
where he's going.

[ People Chattering ]

Still got men back at the scene
in case we missed something.

ln the meantime, l'll work out
the aerial sweep protocols
with Arlo.

What are you doing
to find Jack?

Everything we can,
Ms. Walker.
Come with me.

Ηave you checked all the-
the traffic cams, subway routes?

You have all this technology
working for you-

comm surveillance,
satellite tracking.

We're using everything
at our disposal.

Then how come
you haven't found him yet?
Why don't you have any leads?

The best lead we had
is dead.

l know about
your suicide attempt.

You should have been
honest with me.

O'Brian will take
your statement.

l want to know every detail
about every event...

leading up to the death
of Vladimir Laitanan.

When she's done,
take her to Medical.

l've ordered
a full psych evaluation.

Yes, sir.

Uh, you can write
your statement in here.

Hastings blames me
for what happened to Jack.

- And he's right.
- No, he's not.

Ηe shouldn't have said that.

The only reason that Jack was
even part of this operation
was because of me.

So whatever they're doing to him
right now, it's because of me.

l have to find him, Chloe.

Renee, l know
how you must feel.

Just- Just take
one thing at a time.

You have to deal
with what you did.

So write your statement.
I'll check back with you.


Do you have some time?
I need to talk to you.

Can it wait?
l need to review these protocols
before Arlo distributes them.

I've got it covered.
Go talk to your girlfriend.

What's up?
You all right?

No, I'm not.
I have a big problem.

And, uh, it's the reason why
l've been acting kind of weird
the past few days.


Listen, if you're calling off
the engagement, you couldn't
have picked a worse day.

No. No, l would
never do that.

Good. [ Chuckles ]
So, what's bothering you?

There are things about my past
that I haven't told you.

l'm listening.

Hey. l'm sure l haven't told you
everything about my past either.

Listen, l don't care
what happened
before I met you.

All that matters is now
and what we have
to look forward to.

l think that's all
that matters too.

So, what are you
so worried about?

l don't want to lose you.

l'm not going anywhere.

Excuse me. Agent Ortiz,
Mr. Hastings needs
to see you in his office.

Τell him l'll be there
as soon as l can.
No. Go.

Hastings can wait.
So can this.

Talking to you has helped.

l think l know
what l need to do now.

You sure?


Maybe later, you tell me
what this is all about?

[ Chuckling ]

[ Groaning ]

Who do you work for?

[ Groaning ]

Who else knows
about the fuel rods?

- [ Gasping ]
- Everybody has a limit.

Don't worry. l'll find yours.

You're working with the police.
Admit it.

Tell me.
The pain will stop.

Who else knows?

[ Gasping ]

l swear to you.
I'm not a cop.

Please. l'm just-
I'm just a businessman.

- Please stop.
- Who do you work for?

l'm an independent contractor.

l couldn't even tell you
if l wanted. Please.

We'Il see.

[ Screaming ]

[ Scoffs ]
Wake up.

l said wake up.

- [ Current Crackling ]
- [ Screaming ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Panting, Straining ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Kick Τhuds ]

[ Intercom Beeps ]

l told you l didn't want
to be disturbed.

[ Man ] Your daughter
is still demanding
to see you, Mr. President.

She refuses to leave.

Very well.
Send her in.

[ Door Opens ]

Kayla, my love.

l'm in the middle of a crisis,
so unless it's an emergency-

lt is an emergency.

We need to talk about you
having Tarin arrested.

Tarin has been taken
to the embassy...

to help clarify
a few questions,
strictly routine.

I know you believe
he's been working against you.

What l don't understand is why.

Ηe refused to follow my orders.

You asked him
to arrest the family
of one of your delegates,

a man
you considered a friend.

this is a matter of state.
It doesn't concern you.

lt doesn't make sense.
Τarin was in the car
with you.

lf the assassination attempt
was successful, he would
have been killed too.

Τhe world is full of men
willing to die for their cause.

l know you consider Tarin
a friend.

And your loyalty is commendable,
but, trust me,
I have my reasons.

We are more than friends.

We're in love,
and have been
for almost a year.

You've been carrying on
with this man behind my back?

You say that to me,
after driving mother away
with your infidelity?

Please, Father, don't let
Uncle Farhad's betrayal...

turn you against everyone
who cares about you.

l can't think
of a better way...

to completely
infiltrate my life
and influence my judgment...

than getting close
to my daughter.

lt's not like that.

You're not to see
that man again, ever.

I am done with
this conversation.

l need to get back to my work.

What's happening to you?

[ Door Opens ]

[ Door Closes ]

[ Grunts ]
[ Kick Thuds ]

- [ Coughing ]
- [ Grunting ]

[ Choking, Gasping ]

[ Bones Crack ]

Come on.

[ Mutters ]

[ Bazhaev ]
I am holding the rods...

until Meier comes clean
about how he knew
of the transfer.

If what Meier said is true
about the leak in Farhad's team,

it will be dangerous for us.

So we must unload the rods,
finish this.

Let them be someone else's
bloody headache now.

And we erase any evidence.

Once Dimitri is finished
and I'm satisfied
the German is telling the truth,

I'm going to want to hand off
the rods to Farhad tonight.

[ Footsteps ]

[ Chattering ]

Keep your men out of sight,
along the perimeter.

Mikhail and his man
will stay with the cargo.

[ Fuse Box Clatters ]

[ Bodyguards Speaking Russian ]

Check to see if the rest
of the street lost power.

- Just us.
- It's Meier.

Cover the exits.

[ Russian ]

- [ Guard ] Check the fuse box.
- [ Guard #2 ] Okay.

[ Bodyguards Speaking Russian ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Hushed ]
Come on.

[ Phone Rings ]
C.T.U. O'Brian.

Chloe. It's Jack.
Jack, everyone's been looking
for you. Where are you?

l need you to trace this call
and send a tac team immediately.

- Jack? Jack?
- Chloe, just trace the call.

[ Bodyguards
Speaking Russian ]

[ Russian ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Ηastings ]
We're sure N.Y.P.D.'s got
the perimeter locked down?

The restaurant and everything
in a block radius is secure.

Our response team
will be there soon.

Where's Dana?
She logged out of the building
about 1 5 minutes ago.

Something about fixing
a faulty relay at our
1 7th Street station.

- Why didn't she just have I.P.
Maintenance take care of it?
- Good question.

She had to manually reboot
the firmware herself.

That's what she said anyway.

Where are we
with this man Bazhaev?
It's coming through right now.

I've cross-accessed
interagency servers,
also Interpol and F.S.B.

I'm relaying intel as it
comes in to our response team
and to Jack.

Good. Put it up on-screen.

Okay, people.
We've l.D.'d the suspect
we have in custody.

His name is Sergei
Petrovich Bazhaev,

Ukrainian national,
61 years of age.

Now, we believe
he knows the location
of the unsecured nuclear rods.

Tactical is on its way
to transport him back here
for interrogation.

Agent Ortiz will coordinate
operations from here.

ls it true?
They found Jack?

Yeah. He's okay.

[ Sighs ]

lf you're finished
with your statement,
I need to take you to Medical.

No. No. l want to be here
when Jack gets back.

l'll let him know
where to find you.
Come on.

Mr. Bauer, this should
hold you for now.

But you'll to have to go
to the hospital.

Excuse me, sir. They uploaded
the suspect's file right now.

Ηow far out is C.Τ.U.?
They're about
five minutes out.

lt's all right.
I got it. Thanks.

l need to speak
with this man alone.

l knew you were a cop.

l should have
trusted my instincts
and killed you on the spot.

Well, you can add it
to your list of regrets.

C.T.U.'s already acquired
a great deal of intel
on you, Mr. Bazhaev.

lt's over.
You know that, right?

You're finished.

At the very least,
we've got you
on kidnapping and murder,

and that's before C.Τ.U.
rips this place apart...

and uncovers the rest
of your criminal activity.

Lucky for you, though,
l'm only interested
in one thing,

and that's the acquisition
of those fuel rods.

So, if you were
to cooperate,

help me out there,

that would go a long way
to reducing...

what is clearly gonna be
a very long prison sentence.

That offer extends to
both of your sons too-
Josef and Oleg.

Oleg is dead.
He was exposed to the rods.

Became ill
with radiation poisoning.

He was suffering,

and l shot him,

as if he was
just a sick dog.

l murdered my own son...

for nothing.

[ Crying ]

You want to know
where the rods are?

l will tell you,
but I want full immunity-

not just for me,
but for my other son, Josef.

l don't think l can
make that happen.

Then we have nothing
to talk about.

l'll see what I can do.

[ Cell Phone Beeping ]

[ Phone Rings ]
C.T.U. O'Brian.

Chloe, it's Jack.
l need to speak
with Hastings.

l think he's
in the middIe of a briefing
with President Taylor.

Even better. See if you
can patch me in, okay?


Mr. Hastings,
it's Farhad Hassan
I'm worried about.

Ηow do we know he hasn't
acquired the rods already?

Based on the intel we have,
the transfer hasn't
taken place yet.

[ Woman On lntercom ]
Madam President,
excuse the interruption.

Jack Bauer's on the line.
He wishes to be conferenced in.
Put him through.

Jack, it's President Τaylor.
You're on with Mr. Hastings
and my chief of staff.

C.T.U.'s been
keeping me apprised
of your involvement in this.

l'm sorry that it's taken
this long for us to speak.

l understand. Please
forgive me for getting
straight to the point.

But the man that we have
in custody, Sergei Bazhaev,
is willing to cooperate.

Ηe said he would hand over the
fuel rods in exchange for full
immunity for him and his son.

ls that all?
Why don't we give him
a parade down Broadway too?

Jack, you've been dealing
with this man.

ls there no other way to get
the location of the nuclear
materials out of him?

lt says in his files
that he did 1 2 years
in a Russian labor camp.

ln the time frame that we have,
we're not gonna break him,
Madam President.

- l can see it in his eyes.
- Mr. Ηastings,
what is your assessment?

Well, at first blush, l'd say
an immunity deal is premature.

But under the circumstances,
l'll defer to Jack's judgment
on this.

Gentlemen, l have a peace deal
that's going to fall apart
at any moment...

unless I can show
President Hassan...

that we have stopped his brother
from smuggling those fuel rods
out of the country.

Make the deal, Jack.

Madam President, he's going
to want this in writing.
He'll get it.

But in the interests
of expediency,
put him on the phone with me.

Yes, ma'am.

The president
of the United States
wants to talk to you.

You want to tell me
what's going on?
What are you talking about?

You were implying
something about Dana.
I want to know what it is.

When she came over before and
said she had to talk to you,
what did she tell you?

Nothing. She said
she had a problem,
but she'd handle it.

- That's it?
- Arlo, if you know something-

Okay, look, it's none
of my business,

and I didn't want to be
the one to tell you this,

but I think she went
to meet some guy.

[ Scoffs ]
You're out of your mind.

Τake a look at this.

[ Keyboard Clacking ]

Who is he?

l checked with the gate.
They said his name's Kevin Wade.

ldentified himself as a friend.

Okay, so he's a friend.

[ Keyboard Clacking ]

Cole. Bazhaev's
given up the location
of the nuclear rods.

l've already scrambled
a NEST team.

Meet your tactical unit
at the helipad.

The coordinates will be
relayed to you en route.
Yes, sir.

You think you can find her?

l could if all the drones
weren't already committed.

What about a cell trace?

Just do it.

[ Keyboard Clacking ]

♪♪ [ Background: Rock ]
[ Ringing ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Laughing, Chattering ]

l don't know where you are
or what you're doing, Dana,

but I need you to call me
as soon as you get this.

lt's important.
I love you.

[ Beeps ]

Thank you, sir.

Don't worry about it.

[ Beeping ]

[ Security Guards Chattering ]

Miss Kayla, no.
Get out of my way, Nabeel.

- l want to see him.
- Your father forbids it.

- l'm sorry.
l'm just doing my job.
- A job that Tarin gave you.

Ηe brought you into
my father's security detail,
and this is how you repay him?

You're his friend, Nabeel.
You know he's innocent.

What would you have me do?

Just let me speak to him.
A few minutes is all l ask.

l can't let you in now.

Tarin's going to be ready
for transport to our embassy
in an hour.

l will find a moment
you can see him before then.

Thank you, Nabeel.

Now go before
we're both in trouble.

Cole, the NESΤ team's E.Τ.A.
is two minutes from target site.

Now, the HAZMAΤ crew will wait
for your signal to move in.

Be advised the truck
with the fuel rods is being
guarded by two armed hostiles.

Command, we have an immunity
deal with their boss.

Why haven't they been ordered
to stand down?

Well, Jack's understanding is
that these men are hard cases.

They won't roll over easily.

- We cannot take the risk that
they'll flee with the rods.
- Understood.

Now, when you secure
the nuclear materials,

you will transport them
to Fort Hamilton.

We're clearing
that air corridor
as we speak.

Command, we see the truck,
but there's no sign of hostiles.

the weigh station now.
Stand by.

Set us down there.

[Agent Shouts ]

- Right now! There!
- Go! Go!

[ Shouting Continues ]

- Picking up trace radiation.
Thirty millirads. It's safe.
- [ Rapid Clicking ]

[Agent ]
Go! Go! Move in.

We're clear.

- Command, are you seeing this?
- I am.

Where the hell are the rods?

We picked up trace
radiation signatures.
The rods were here.

Right now all we have
are two bodies, both shot.

Hey, Agent Ortiz.

[ No AudibIe Dialogue ]

[ Laughing ]

Come on, man, you can
have a good time.

lt's okay. It's okay
to laugh once in a while.
You can be a happy person.

[ Cell Phone Rings ]

- This is Bauer.
- It's Hastings.

Our team's at the truck stop.
The nuclear rods are not there.

What? Ηold on.
Say that again.

- [ Beeps ]
- l said the rods
are not there.

That's not possible.
Did your men go
to the right place?

They went exactly
where you sent them.

Now stop playing games
and tell us where
the rods are.

l told you. Τhey were there.

l had two of my men
guarding them.

[ Hastings ] We found
their bodies, both shot.
And there was something else-

some kind of necklace hanging on
the inside of the truck's door,

like someone wanted
to send a message.

- What kind of a necklace?
- A gold cross.

What does that mean?


- l have the fuel rods.
- Really?

l wasn't sure I believed,
Josef, that you would
betray your father.

You were upset that he was
holding up delivery of the rods.
Now l've gotten them for you.

lt won't take him long
to realize what's happened,
so let's get this done fast.

You're worried he'll discover
you've replaced him
as our partner.

No. I want my father to know.

ln fact, I made sure he will.

- When will you get here?
- Less than five minutes.

Just have my money ready.

[ Beeping ]

[ Crickets Chirping ]