24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 9 - Day 8: 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. - full transcript

The White House wants a fall guy, Jack tries to protect that person, Dana goes after her ex, Cole follows her, and CTU gets help from an unlikely source.

[ Jack Bauer]
Previously on 24.

- No! No!
- Renee!

[ Yells ]

Vladimir attacked you
and you defended yourself-
that's what happened.

l don't know.
I do.

lf anybody else wants to
ask you questions about that,

l'll be right there with you
to answer them.

You were implying
something about Dana,
and I want to know what it is.

I think she went
to meet some guy.

- Take a look at this.
- You think you can find her?

You promised me
I do this one thing for you,

and then
you'd leave me alone.

That's not gonna happen.
This is a sweet operation
that we got going here.

You know,
you getting the access codes
and us pulling the jobs.

You can't do this to me,

- [ Chattering ]
- I'll be there in a second!

You know who l am?

All I know is that
there's a very powerful man
in the Russian syndicate...

who's been trafficking
weapons-grade uranium.

- Who do you work for?
- I'm not at liberty to say.

Dimitri, work on him
until he's ready
to tell us everything.

[ Electricity Crackling ]
[ Screaming, Groaning ]

- [ Gunshots ]
- [ Yelling ]

lt's over.
You know that, right?

You want to know
where the rods are?
I will tell you.

But l want full immunity.

- Command, are you seeing this?
- Where the hell are the rods?

[ Cole ] We've picked up
trace radiation signatures.
The rods were here.

l told you. Τhey were there.
l had two of my men
guarding them.

[ Hastings ]
We found their bodies.
Both shot.

[ Whispers ]

l wasn't sure I believed,
Josef, that you would
betray your father.

You were upset that he was
holding up delivery of the rods.
Now l've gotten them for you.

When will you get here?
Less than five minutes.

Just have my money ready.

[ Jack Bauer]
The following takes place
between 12:00 a.m. and 1:00 a.m.

[ Engine Off ]

They're clear.

[ Line Ringing ]

C.T.U. O'Brian.
Chloe, it's Jack.

Do you have Hastings there?

- Are you ready
to trace the call?
- We're ready.

As soon as Bazhaev
gets his son on the phone,
we can begin to triangulate.

Okay, hoId on.

[ Beeping ]

[ CeIl Phone Ringing ]

Farhad, where are you?
You're late.

Josef, it's me, your father.
Don't hang up.
Stay on the line. Please.

l know
you have the rods.

I wanted you to know.

The police know too.
They are here.

You told the police?
Of course not.

lt was Vladimir's buyer-
he's a federal agent.

Josef, just so we're up front,
l'm here with your father.
My name is Jack Bauer.

l work with C.Τ.U.

- Well, do what you want
with him. l don't care.
- Maybe you don't.

But your father
cares about you.

Ηe negotiated immunity
for you.

All you need to do is
bring the fuel rods in...

and you can put the rest
of this behind you.

lt's the only way
you'll be safe.

Did my father tell you
about my other brother?
What he did to him?

- Oleg was dying. You know that.
- Yeah, we could have saved him.

He would be alive
if not for
your precious deal.

You are right.
Maybe you are right.
I don't know.

But that does not bring
Oleg back, and l cannot bear
to lose another son.

Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.

No, you won't be.
You won't be anything.

lt's over.
Federal agents are here
going through everything.

The entire city
is under guard.

lf you don't bring the rods in,
they will hunt you down.

Τhey will kill you, Josef.
I won't be able to protect you.

l don't want to see you hurt.

lf I hand over the rods,
how does this work?

Tell us where you are
and we'll bring you in.

Oh, just like that?
After everything
we've done?

Yes, I told you.
They have given us immunity.

Please, Josef, please.

This is
your last chance.

Are you there?
Yes, I'm here.

You need to bring him in now
before Farhad gets there.

Josef, did you hear that?

You need to move.

All right, l'm on my way.
l'll call you from the road to
let you know where to meet me.

Careful with the rods.

- [ Gunshot ]
- Sounded like shots fired.

- You need to help him!
- Where is he?

- l don't know.
- Chloe, did you get a trace
on that call?

Not exactly, but it looks like
he was in Central Queens
near Flushing Meadow Park.

l want units combing that area.
Jack, bring your suspect
back to C.T.U.

Copy that.
Get him ready
for transport now.

ls he dead?

[ Farhad ]
We need to hurry. The boat
is waiting for us at the port.

- The port may not be
the right thing.
- What do you mean?

The authorities know our plan.
We need a new one.

[ Speaking Foreign Language ]

[ Feedback ]
Did you get that?

Yes, Jack.
We're trying to get an l.D.
off the voice print.

So far no luck
locking down a location.

Copy that.
We're on our way back now.

We need to hurry.
Take the van
and get the rods-

We've got a match for the voice
at the end of the call-
Farhad Hassan.

So he got his fuel rods.

- Any l.D.
on the other man we heard?
- No, sir.

Mr. Hastings,
Rob Weiss for you.

Tell him
I'll be right with him.

Give me an E.Τ.A.
on Bazhaev.
[ Chloe ] Yes, sir.

We'll start the interrogation
as soon as he gets here.

[ Cell Phone Rings ]

Jack, it's Chloe.
Hastings wants your E.T.A.

Ηe's anxious
to interrogate Bazhaev.
I'm about 1 5 minutes out.

But l wouldn't count on
getting anything from him.

lf Bazhaev could've told me how
to get to the people that just
killed his son, he would've.

Jack, l heard about
what you went through.

Are you okay?

Yeah, l'm fine.

- Ηow's Renee?
- Pretty worried about you.

Τhey've still got her
in Medical.

Could you patch me
through to her?

Ηold on.

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]

Renee, l have Jack.

- Jack.
- How are you?

Uh, fine. I'm fine.
What about you?

We had a line
on the fuel rods
and we lost it.

So what's the plan now?
It's Hastings' call.

l'm bringing the prisoner back
to C.T.U., then I'm out.

Τhey ask you about what
happened, about Vladimir?
Uh, yes, Chloe did.

Chloe did the debrief?

Yeah. l mean, l wouldn't-
l wouldn't really call it
a debrief.

We talked, uh, mostly,
and, uh, then I wrote
a statement.

- And you explained
how you acted in self-defense?
- Yes, like we agreed.

Τhat's how it happened.
Renee, you've got to
stick with that.

Yes, l'm gonna try.

l know this is hard for you,
but you did nothing wrong...

and you need to start
believing that.

[ Exhales ]

Jack, l don't-
l don't know how to say this,
so I'm just gonna say it,

'cause I need to make sure
that I'm not misunderstanding,
but when you say "I have you"-

l meant it
like it sounded.

So now what do we do?

We'Il figure it out.


l'll be there
in about 1 5 minutes.

Rob, it's Brian.
I just got a flash
from your office...

how this immunity situation
the president authorized
played out.

lt's not good, Brian.
Really not.

As I understand it, Bazhaev's
son swiped the rods from
his father before we got there.

Τhat's correct.
And now the son is dead.

Do we know
who has the rods now?

it's Farhad Hassan.

And where is he?
We're looking.

Meaning you have no idea.

Brian, I pushed the president
to resurrect C.T.U.
with you at the helm.

Now, you tell me you can
do thejob, I believe you.
I can do the job.

Good to hear it.

'Cause when things get this
colossally screwed up, people
look for someone to blame.

So what are you saying?
I'm saying I don't want
that person to be you.

l put you there.
You're my guy.

lf you fail, I faiI,

and that cannot happen.

Are we on
the same page here?

- So, what have you
got in mind?
- Renee Walker.

She killed
one of our main leads.
Isn't that correct?

- He was a psychopath.
She was defending herself.
- She stabbed him 1 5 times.

What are you saying,
it was murder?

I'm saying
that's for lawyers to decide.

We're talking about a woman
who put her life on the line
when she didn't have to.

l'm sure that will
weigh in her favor.

You know what
a conviction would mean-
she'd go away for years.

Someone has to pay for this,
Brian, so you telI me-
Who do you want that to be?

I'm sending someone over
from Justice- Kristin Smith.

She'll take care
of everything.

- What do you need from me?
- Just open the door
and get out of the way.

[ Beeping ]

We did a sweep, sir.
No trace of any
hazardous materials.

Fine. Finish up.
Get back to base.
Yes, sir.

[ Cell Phone
Ringing ]

- Arlo?
- Yeah.

Find Dana yet?
I think so. I'm dragging the G.P.S.
coordinates off her phone.

All right,
send them to my P.D.A.

Are you sure that's a good idea?
l mean, there could be
a reasonable explanation why-

Ηey, you're the one
who stuck his nose in all this.
Just do it.

[ Exhales ]

are on your phone.

Look, l'm sending everyone
back to C.Τ.U.
What are you going to do?

l'll be there within the hour.
lf Ηastings asks, just tell him
I'm following up a lead.

l know Dana means a lot to you,
but do you realIy think this
is worth going AWOL over?

She's my fiancée, Arlo.

Jim, l'm taking
your vehicle.

Find Owen, have him
take SWAΤ back to C.Τ.U.
Say I'll be right behind them.

No problem, sir.

[ Engine Starts ]

♪♪ [ Rock, Faint ]

[ Engine Off ]

[ Chattering ]
♪ You best believe it♪

♪ I command you
to walk away♪

♪♪ [ Continues ]

ls Dana back yet?

l don't think so, sir.
Do you need her for something?

Do l need her for something?

Yes, Arlo,
she's my chief data analyst.
I need her to do her job.

You track her down,
and you let me know
when you find her.

Mr. Hastings, Kristin Smith
from the Justice Department
is here to see you.

Thank you.

Ms. Smith.
Mr. Hastings.

Did Rob Weiss brief you?
He did.

l have to interview
a Renee Walker. I read her
statement on the way over.

Did it appear to you
that she's guilty of murder?

Mr. Weiss warned me
you might have issues with this.

With hanging
a brave woman out to dry?
Yes, l do.

There are major discrepancies
between her statement
and the forensic evidence.

All l'm asking her to do
is to set the record straight.

l feel it would be prudent
to restrict surveillance access
to this interview.


But l would also like a video
record of it in the event
of legal proceedings.

Can l ask you
to provide that?

Right this way, please.

This is a transcript
of your statement.

You should review it
before you sign it.

- How far out
did Jack say he was?
- Fifteen minutes.

This is Kristin Smith
from Justice.

- She needs to talk to Renee,
so if you'll excuse us, Chloe.
- Talk to her about what?

Now, ChIoe.

Τhank you, Mr. Hastings.

What is she talking to her
about? She was about to
sign her statement.

- I already debriefed her.
- Kristin just needs to
fill in a few details.

- l already filled
in the details.
- You are protective of Renee.

I respect that.
Then let me sit in
on the interview.

Why? Was your debrief
not a fulI and honest
statement of the facts?

We have nuclear materials
in the hands of terrorists.

l need you back at your desk
focused on that.

Yes, sir.

- What is this place?
- A staging area.

lt belongs to a businessman
who supports our cause.
I don't want to delay too long.

We need to find another way
to get the nuclear rods
out of the country.

You heard what the American said
to Bazhaev's son. They already
know what we're trying to do.

Which is why we need
to move quickly.

The Americans
are not stupid, Farhad.

If we go near any airfield
or hardor now,

their radiological detectors
will spot us.

[ Engine Off ]

Who are these men, Samir?

These are men
l have recruited.
Our men.

- What are they doing here?
- They are going to
unload the rods.

- We need to get rid of the van.
- And then what?

You should rest.

l don't need to rest.
l need to know
what we're doing.

We can't get the rods
out of the country,

so Iet's use them.

Use them?

As a weapon.
A radiological bomb.

We'll show the Americans
how strong we are.

Show them how strong we are?
Are you out of your mind?

lf we use the rods
against the Americans,
they will destroy our country.

They'll bomb us, invade.

And if we do nothing,
they'll invade us anyway.

That's what this peace treaty
with your brother is all about.

They're trying to turn us
into another corrupt
Mid-East regime...

with your brother
as dictator kept in power
by American guns and money.

lsn't that what
we came together to prevent?

ls there no other way?

America will
always be our enemy.

Remember, my friend-

even a giant
can be toppled
by a single stone.

We need to make them fear us.

Then I'm with you.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Beeping ]

So you said in your statement
that you killed Vladimir
Laitanan in self-defense.

ls that correct?
Yes. That's why
it's in my statement.

What l didn't see in
the statement was any mention
of your history with Laitanan.

You did have a history
with him.

l worked an undercover operation
with the F.B.I. six years ago.

- Vladimir Laitanan
was the target.
- Mm-hmm.

And during the course
of that operation,
you had to get close to him.

He became obsessed with you.

He tried to rape you.

But you were able
to stop him.

l fought him.

Put me in the hospital
with two broken ribs.
I'm sure that's in there too.

You were able to fight off
a stronger, violent man.

That's impressive.

But this time
when he attacked you,

you didn't
fight him off.

l couldn't.
Ηe had his hands around my neck
trying to strangle me.

l understand.

You thought
he was going to kill you.
You were in fear for your life.

So what happened next?

Uh, he was choking me.

l grabbed a knife
and I stabbed him.

ln self-defense?


You stabbed him
in self-defense...

1 5 times.

Fifteen times.

The first blow alone
could have stopped him.

But you didn't stop.

Look at me, Renee.

You were an investigator
for the F.B.I.

By all accounts,
one of the best they had.

Put yourself
on my side of the table.
Look at what I'm looking at.

There's a dead body.

On the one hand,
l have your statement saying
you acted in self-defense.

On the other,
I have these-

evidence of a sustained
and furious assauIt
with clear intent to kill.

Now, as an investigator
you know which version
is true, don't you?

l acted in self-defense.

Let me tell you
what l think happened.

You used
an operation...

of unparalleled

to seek revenge against
a target without any regard
for the final outcome.

l'm telling you,
he attacked me first.

Ms. Walker, I am well aware
of your sacrifice
in service to this country,

but I do not think that
it is fair or right that C.T.U.
should be taken down...

because you used
this operation...

to seek out
your own personal vendetta
against Vladimir Laitanan.

l looked at your file.

This isn't the first time
you lost control.

You almost killed
Alan Wilson.

That's why you got fired
by the F.B.l., isn't it?


l can see what this
is doing to you, Renee.

lt is tearing you up

Let it out.
Tell me the truth.

You killed
Vladimir Laitanan...

because the thought of him
touching you again
was intolerable.

Do the right thing here.

Τhat's what happened,
isn't it, Renee?

ls that right, Renee?

[ Guards Chattering ]

Put him into holding.
No phone calls.
No communication.

- l would like to see
my son's body.
- We haven't found him yet.

What's wrong?
It's about Renee. She's
being questioned again.

l thought you said you already
compIeted the debrief.
I did. Hastings ordered it.

Ηe called in some woman
from the Justice Department.

- Where's Renee now?
- She's in Medical.

Can you get eyes
in that room?

He cut off all access.
What is going on?

Τhey're setting her up
to take the faIl
for the failure of this mission.

Sorry, sir.
No one's-

[ Groaning, Choking ]

[ Grunts ]

- Τhey're setting you up.
Don't say another word.
- It's too late.

What do you think you're doing?
Get out of here now.

How dare you?

After everything
she sacrificed.

After everything
she's lost.

- Have you no decency?
- Jack.

- [ Gasps ]
- This is over.

Ηands in the air.
Do it now!

Son, you better put that down
or you're going to get hurt.

lt's all right.

[ Crackling ]
[ Screams ]

Ma'am, hands in the air.

[ Groaning ]

Do you have what you need
to turn the rods
into a bomb?

We're gathering

Must be difficult
at such short notice.

Explosives, no.


We're working on it.

l might know somebody.

A professor in the city
with expertise
in electronics.

You sure he can be trusted?
He will help.

He will do
whatever l ask.

But still,
l wilI bring this up
very carefully.

l need to talk to him
in private.

Very well.
There's a phone
in the office.

Ali will take you.

[ Engine Starts ]

What is the target?
Is that decided?

So many targets in New York.

lt will be hard to choose.

[ Groans ]

[ Grunting ]

Samir! Over here!

[ Shouting ln Foreign Language ]

[ Men Shouting, Faint ]

lt was Farhad.
He escaped.

Find him! Now!

[ Shouts In Foreign Language ]

[ Beeping ]

Cuffs off.

Give us the room.

Sit down, Jack.

l'lI stand.

So, this is the new C.Τ.U.-
you hang your own.

lf you mean Renee Walker,
we're just asking
some questions.

Standard procedure.
Standard procedure is a debrief,
which Chloe completed.

But instead, you've got some
hack from Justice in there...

trying to initiate
a criminal prosecution.

- We're just trying to
establish the facts.
- You're trying to save your ass!

l was there
when you asked her for her help.

And she gave it to you,
and we acquired the target.

And this is
how you pay her back.

l'm not going
to let you do this.
I'll call the White House first.

The White House knows.
Rob Weiss sent that woman
over here.

Sorry. Maybe l wasn't clear.
I meant l'd call the president.

Well, good luck with that, Jack,
because l think the president
takes murder pretty seriously.

My recollection?
She prosecuted
her own daughter.

Now, I'm not asking.

Sit down.

- Sorry to interrupt.
- We're busy, Chloe.

l don't mean to intrude,
but I've got Farhad Hassan
on the line.

- Farhad Hassan?
- l didn't believe it either,
but the voice prints match.

- Can you tell where he is?
- No. Ηe's on a secure line.
Can I just put him through?

[ Beeps ]

Mr. Hassan.
This is Brian Ηastings,
director of C.T.U.

[ Men Shouting ]
There are people
chasing me.

They have the rods
you're looking for.
I thought you had the rods.

No. No more.
They turned against me.

- Τhey have their own plan-
an attack on New York.
- An attack on New York?

- When, exactly?
- Soon. Very soon.

- Who are these people?
- Τhey are I.R.K. operatives
working in this country.

- Okay, l need names.
- Just get me out of here.

I'll tell you
everything I know.
We'll get you out, Mr. Hassan.

l give you my word.
Now, where are you?

Forest Hills.

Uh, some kind
of boat warehouse.

Ηurry. l'm injured.
They're hunting me.

- Ηold on
and keep this line open.
- What do you want me to do?

Pinpoint his location
and get me Cole.

l can't.
What do you mean,
you can't?

Ηis team came back, he didn't.
Owen said he was
following a lead.

- Fine. Get me Owen. Tell him
he's gonna be leading the team.
- Owen? Are you sure?

Just do it, Chloe.

[ Exhales ]

They're going to
take you down
and process you.

l want you
out of this building.


♪♪ [ Rock, Faint ]

[ Door Rattling ]

♪♪ [ Continues ]

Ηey, hey, come on.
What's the hurry?
What's the hurry?

What's the hurry?
Your friend's
a total freak show.

l know, but come on.
Look, don't go.
I'll make it up to you.

Okay? Come on.
At least let me give you
a ride back into town.

We'Il waIk.

Night, ladies!

♪♪ [ Continues ]
[ Chuckling ]

[ Sighs ]
Gonna take a leak.

All right.

[ Laughing ]

♪♪ [ Continues ]

- Cole, what are you doing here?
- You're asking me that?
We're in the middle of an operation.

You can't
just abandon your post.
I can explain.

You can explain later.
Right now, I'm taking you
back to C.T.U.

We can deal with our
personal probIems after we've
secured the nuclear materials.

- lt's not what you think.
- Yeah? What do I think?

- l am not sleeping with him.
- Save it. I saw the pictures.

What pictures?
Just get in.

- l am not leaving!
- Why the hell not?

Because if l leave,
this will never end.
What will never end?

You do not understand.

Then make me understand,
damn it!

I don't think that l can.


♪♪ [ Continues, Faint ]

We don't have a lot of time,
so you better start talking.

My name is not Dana Walsh.

lt's Jenny Scott.

[ Beeping ]

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]

- Yes?
- You find Farhad?

Still looking.
I injured him badly.

Ηe won't get far.
We don't know who
he might have contacted.

l'll be traveling
with the rods
to a secure location.

Do you want me
to come in?

You stay here
and you find him.

[ Shouting ln Foreign Language ]

[ Men Chattering ]

lt's a six-acre warehouse
complex in Forest Hills.

Farhad is somewhere
in one of these buildings.
The rods must be there too.

Drones are airborne,
but I won't have eyes
for another 12 minutes.

What about the police?
They're redirecting their
resources, but it's a big area.

- lt's gonna take a while
to cordon off.
- You wanted to see me, sir?

ln the absence of Agent Ortiz,
l assume you're ready to
take charge of the operation.

Yes, sir.
Three units standing by.
All right. l'll walk you out.

There's a lot of pressure
on you, Agent Owen.
I can handle it, sir.

All right,
what's the attack grid?

Our working theory's that
the nuclear materials are still
in the proximity of Farhad.

Teams Alpha and Bravo
are tasked with locating
and securing the rods.

What about Τeam Charlie?
They're responsible
for the actual evac, sir.

lt's a standard
urban search-and-rescue-
we're in, we're out.

There's nothing standard
about it.

Wait here.


You've got something to say,
say it.

Τhink about it.

Τhe people chasing Farhad
already know they've
got a security problem,

so most likely by the time
your men get there those
fuel rods will be long gone.

And you're down to one team
covering Farhad?

What if they
run into resistance?
What if they do?

You start shooting people that
have a higher intel value than
the man you're going to save.

Agent Owen knows the priority
is to take all hostiles alive.

Under fire,
no assignment's
more difficult.

Agent Owen
has my full confidence.


lf that were true,
you wouldn't be standing
here talking to me.

You offering
to bring in Farhad?


if you drop
the criminaI investigation
against Renee Walker.

Look, l know you don't
want to prosecute her.

l can be your out.

l hear what you're saying,
but I can't help you, Jack.

l've sat
in that chair before.

The chair
you're sitting in now.

l know what it's like.
Τhere's a lot of demands on you,
many of them unreasonable.

But the people that last here,
the ones that mattered,

they knew when to say no.

lt's the White House.
You don't say no.

You are the head of C.Τ.U.
You've got a lot more juice
than you think.

Especially with
a nuclear weapon in play.

lf we do this, Jack,
it's not for
one rescue operation.

lt's till this whole thing
is over and done.

You want Renee freed up,
you're not in and out anymore.

l want you in with both feet.


I found an N.Y.P.D. evidence
warehouse in Queens...

with $1 20,000
from a drug bust
just sitting there.

lt was only a matter of
getting them in and out
between patrols.

Wait, you actually
committed a robbery?

Put yourself
in my place, Cole.

Kevin was going to tell Ηastings
l'm a convicted felon.
He was going to ruin my life.

What would you
have done?
Not this.

Kevin promised
that if I went along...

he would never
bother me again.

Let me guess.
Ηe didn't keep his end
of the bargain.

That's why you're here,
isn't it?

What do you mean?

What's in your hand?

You were going
to kill them.

l don't know
what l was going to do.

You were going to shoot them
in cold blood.

Cole, listen to me.

l was wrong.
l see that now,
but I was scared.

l thought that
I was doing this for us.

For us?
Are you out of your mind?

l love you, Cole.

Don't say another word.

Not one more word.

Cole, where are you going?

Stay in the truck.

Cole, don't do this.

Cole. Please, I am begging you.
This is my problem, not yours.

Stay back.

[ Mutters ]

Hey, hey!

Yeah, go for it. That way,
I only have to deal with
one ofyou losers.

l think you got
the wrong address, pal.

Oh, do I?
Somehow I don't think so.

- Maybe you should just tell us
what it is you want.
- You should shut up and listen.

Cole, please, come on.
Let's just get out of here.

l thought
you looked familiar.

Looky here, Nick.

It's soldier boy.

No kidding.

You know, it's a shame
that you and I can't go
grab a beer sometime.

You know,
just the two of us.

l'm sure we'd have
a lot to talk about.

l said shut up.

Now, the way I see it,
you guys have two choices.

One, you go back to prison
for grand larceny
and aggravated assault.

l go back to prison,
she goes back to prison.

My guess is, she's prepared
to live with that.

Choice number two-
I let you walk.

You keep your 100 grand,
or what's left of it,

and you go back to
wherever it is
you came from.

- Τhat's it?
- That's it.

But if I ever see you
in this city again,

if I even hear about you
crossing the state line,

I'll skip the formalities
and kill you myself.

Do we have a deal or not?


We got a deal.

Better be sure.

l don't want to see
either one of you ever again.

[ Kevin Exhales ]

Ηey, what are you doing?

- Going after him.
- Whoa, whoa. Why?

We get rid of him,
we're right back
in business with her.

Come on, man.
We got what we came for.

We got more.

Let's just-
Let's not push our luck.

All right?
Come on. All right?

We're just getting started.

[ Sighs ]

We're done.


You got me?

[ Groaning ]
[ Knife Penetrating ]

What you did back there,
I'll never forget it.

- Let's just get back to C.Τ.U.
- Cole, I'm serious.

Thank you.


[ Groaning ]


[ Gunshots ]

[ Groans ]

[ Coughs, Whimpers ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Whimpering ]

l-l'm sorry.

[ Whimpering ]
I shouldn't have come back.

[ Sputtering, Groaning ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Crickets Chirping ]