24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 7 - Day 8: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. - full transcript

President Hassan's actions become paranoid and Dana's ex faces capture, while Renee and Jack kick open a hornet's nest among New York's Russian underworld.

President Hassan's security forces,
cracking down on the opposition...

...and they're not showing any signs
of letting up.

Rumours have already started...

...that the British are pulling out
as signatories to the accord.

Assemble the representatives.

I want to appeal to them myself
to stay the course.

One of the suspects
has family connections...

...to a member of our delegation here
at the UN.


Are you arresting me?
I demand to speak with President Hassan.

President Hassan
is the one who gave this order.

You sound upset.

I need to speak with
you about your father.

I have to go to the embassy now.
I'll meet you when I get back.

This has the address and schematic
of the evidence lock up.

This key card will get you access.

-How do we find the money?
-The evidence bins are numbered.

Do exactly what I tell you to do
and you'll be in and out.

No one will know you were there.

The authorities know
about the nuclear material.

Putting Oleg in a clinic
would lead them right to us.

No doctors.

The doctor said that Oleg could be treated.
He showed me how.

Who are you to question my judgement?

Never disobey an order from your father.

I'm sorry, my son.

Tell me about this buyer.

His name is Ernst Meier,
German arms dealer.

-What's he looking to buy?
-Weapons-grade uranium.

I'm gonna have to meet this Meier
and I need a good-faith payment up front.

I'm not gonna tell you again.
Leave me alone and let me get dressed.

Damn it, come here or the deal's off.

-That's right.

Where is the 5 million?

The money's in your account.

Drop the weapon. Now! Drop it!

-You think you can roll me for $5 million?

Let me talk to my man.

-Bring him back here.

He wants to see you.

Get up.

-Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Well, that went well.
Unanimous support for the treaty.

Well, nearly unanimous, anyway.

I have the distinct impression
I am running out of goodwill.

Maybe. But you bought yourself
some breathing room.

These people are up past their bedtimes.

I don't think we'll be hearing any more
grousing until tomorrow at the earliest.

Congratulations, Madam President.

-Thank you, I appreciated your support.

Now I hope you'll explain to me
what's really going on.

I thought I did.

You invoked national security, which,
with respect, is not an explanation.

It's saying 'Don't ask.'

Madam President,
our countries have a unique relationship...

...based on a trust developed
over nearly a century now.

Anything you say to me
is in the strictest confidence.

You may tell your prime minister
and no one else...

...that President Hassan's crackdown...

...isn't just a response
to the attempt on his life.

There are unsecured
nuclear materials in play.

Apparently, a faction inside his country
was so disturbed...

...by disarmament, they decided
to take matters into their own hands.

-Where are the materials?
-Here on our soil.

CTU is running an undercover operation
to retrieve them as we speak.

-Who is that?
-My guess is that it's my backup.

No calls till we get to Vladimir.

Does this look like a situation
where you get to make demands?

-It's Meier.
-I lost my sight line on you.

-I'm leaving the building.
-I understand.

Everything okay?

The money's been transferred to Vladimir's
account. We're going to his office.

-I'll follow with a backup team.
-That might not be necessary.

After what they pulled, you're sure
you're comfortable without backup?

There are other considerations.

-You mean they have Renee.
-That's right.

Okay, we'll stay back.

I'll let you know.

Who was that? Let them know what?

Shut up and drive.

Okay, I got them on traffic cam.

Is everything okay?

Jack seems to be in control.

Looks fine, all things considered.
Driver looks a little worried.

Who is this guy anyway?
Should I pass him on to Facial Recognition?

-I've gotta take this.

Yeah, sure, no biggie.

Just unsecured nuclear materials.


We're there, outside
the evidence building.

-You're in the side alley, right?

We parked out front
so everyone can see us.

-Come on, what do you think I am?
-Look, I need to walk you through this.

I know, we're ready.

Something came up,
I need you to hang on for a few minutes.

Here? We're kind of exposed, Jenny.

You'll be fine if you stay still.
We have a 30-minute window...

...before the next security pass.
I will be with you the second I can.

Arlo, Hastings wants us in his office
for a field update.

Can I ask you a hypothetical question?

If it's about Dana, it's not hypothetical.

If your fiance was cheating on you,
would you wanna know?

Hypothetically, who'd be asking? Some
creepy stalker who's about to get fired?

-I'm serious.
-So am I.

Just go upstairs,
it's none of your business.

Dana, Cole just called about Jack.

He's almost to Laitanan.
Hastings wants us in his office.

Pass me back the keys.

Slowly get out,
put your hands on the roof.

Let's go.

So this is how you do business?

I wire you the $5 million like we agreed...

...and then you try and take me out.

I did not think you were for real.

It was a misunderstanding, but it's past.

We are here.

As an act of good faith, Vladimir
has started calling his contacts...

...inquiring about the nuclear materials.

I don't care what he's done.
I wanna talk to you.

So talk.

I wanna talk to my partner alone, now.

Look, he's upset, understandably.
It'll be fine.


This is our chance.
We should take him out now.

No, we need him to do this deal.

Don't risk everything for a whore.

You ever talk about her like that again,
I'll kill you.

You understand?

-What the hell are you doing?
-I have authorization to pull you out.

No, that's not possible.

You've taken us this far,
I'm gonna finish it.

You can't.
He doesn't trust you, first of all.

The only reason he's agreeing
to continue this is me. I'm fine, really.

You want to make calls, let's go.

You don't have a say in this.
I am pulling you out.

No, look, it's not a big deal.

I know what he did to you six years ago,
and it is a big deal.

Jack, if we stop this now, then everything
that I have done is for nothing.

We're running out of time. Let's go.

We're almost there, it'll be worth it.

Kevin, are you there?


I thought you forgot about us.

-I wish I could.
-Come on, don't be like that.

Are we good to go?

Yes, move now.

Let's go.

There's a security panel next to the door.
Use the key card I gave you. The code...

...is 1668.


One, six...

Keep moving, it will stop in a second.

If you want the $120,000, you will
be out of there in less than 20 minutes.

Okay, which door is it?

It's the last one on the left.
The code is 4660.

It's like Christmas, with chain link.

Okay, how do we find the money?

It's in Section 3101.

-Down the aisle, left.

The code is 2824.

The last one on the left.

Three-one-zero-one. Do you see it?

Yup, it's right here.

-What the hell?
-Jen, what the hell's going on?

What number is it? Is it 3101?

Three-one-zero-one. This is 3110.

-Come on.
-What is wrong with you two?

Hey, it's called a mistake, all right?
Back off. So where is it?

is down the aisle on the left.

-Down here, down here.
-The code is 2824.

Two-eight-two-four. Two-eight-two-four.

Bin number's 4301.


Man, it's too many numbers.

Four-three-zero-one. Four-three-zero-one.

Boom, got it.

That's beautiful, man.

That's beautiful.

Just shut up and get out of there.

The next patrol
is in less than 15 minutes.

You've got the money.
Close the doors and leave.

-Fifteen minutes. We're leaving.
-Call me when you're clear.

I sure will, Jenny.

Let's go.

Not yet.

Check out some of this stuff.

Seriously, come on, man.
Patrol's on its way.

Yeah, 15 minutes.

Are you sure, then?

You haven't heard of anyone dealing
in these materials?

All right.

Thank you for your time.
I'm sorry to trouble you.

Nothing. They did not appreciate
being called so late.

Renee, cut me some bread.


You might wanna ease up on the drinking,
you've got some calls to make.

I drink what I want.

-Renee, where's the bread?


What is this?

It is too thin.

It should be thick.

Nice and thick.

There we are.

She's changed, you know?

Six years ago,
she thought she was too good for me.

Now she is much more friendly.

Maybe I should thank you.

All that time you were together
in Mexico City.

Come on.

I see how you look at her.
Don't tell me you didn't...

You wanna keep talking,
do it on the phone.

Otherwise, the nuclear materials
will be gone, and this deal will be dead.

Fine, but I don't like you breathing down
my neck. Lugo, get him out of here.

And I'm running out of my vodka.
Go get me some more.

Sit down.

I won't be long.

My younger son.

I wanted to bury him, Father Gregor.

Of course, but that will
take a little time.

The cemetery workers
need to prepare the grave...

No, you will do it now, out back.

My men will dig his grave.

-Sergei Petrovich, this isn't right.
-Then make it right.

Treat him like a soldier who
died on the battlefield

and must be buried there.

Is that how he died? In battle?

You just make it right.

Say all the prayers.

Where I end up, I don't care.

But this boy is with the angels.

My men will be with you soon.

Leave us.

Get up.

Look at me, Josef.

I want you to understand that everything
I've done, I've done for you...

...and for our family.

You killed my brother.

Because I loved him.

Because I couldn't bear to see him suffer.

Because there was no other way.

There's always another way.

Not when we are dealing
with nuclear materials.

We cannot risk the authorities finding out,
you know that.

You don't know why I'm doing this?

Because when I die...

...I want to leave you and your family
a worthy inheritance.

Wealth, respect, consequence.

Can you understand that?

One day you will.

As your son grows older, you will.

And you will understand
how much I love you...

...my only son.

Father Gregor is here to bury Oleg.

Will you help him?

He's my brother.

Thank you. Call when you are ready.

-What is it?
-Vladimir Laitanan.

He says it's important.

Vladimir, what do you want?

Sergei Petrovich.

I apologize for calling you
out of the blue like this, sir.

-Your family is well?
-I said, what do you want?

I have a business proposition.

Call in business time,
not in the middle of the night.

No, no, no, this can't wait.

I hear there are materials for sale.

Expensive materials, dangerous ones.

Talk straight. What materials?

Nuclear rods.

Highly enriched uranium.

So why are you calling me?

If anyone has the organization
to pull off such a deal, it's you.

-I'm flattered.
-I have a buyer here, a German.

He's willing to pay
a great deal of money for them.

Double any offer you have.

Then he is as stupid as you are.

Are you out of your mind?

Nobody deals in nuclear rods, nobody.

I'm sorry. A misunderstanding.

Don't call me again.

He had no idea what I was talking about.

All right, then we call the next person.

You're not listening.

He says nobody sells these things.

You're close to the biggest
deal of your life,

Vladimir, he's just jealous
he's not in on it.

Come here. Come here.

Look, look, look. Later.


Once you've made more calls.

Come on.

Okay. Okay, okay, okay.

We have a problem.

Vladimir Laitanan
knows about the fuel rods.

What are you going to do?

-Mr. President, it's Allison Taylor.

We were scheduled
to resume our discussions.

I'm late, I know. I apologize.
The events of this evening...

The events make it more important
than ever...

...that we complete our work
on this treaty.

Mr. President,
I need to know your intentions.

-My intentions?
-The crackdown on your countrymen.

I've been informed that you've
even arrested your own delegation.

That's an internal matter.

No, sir, it is not.

Less than an hour ago, I assured
delegates from two dozen countries...

...that you were still our best hope
for peace.

I personally guaranteed them
you'd observe...

...the letter and spirit
of this agreement we're signing.

-And I will.
-Do I have your word on that?

Madam President, within
the next few hours, the arrests will stop.

I'm taking measures to assure that.

And the delegate you've taken
into custody?

Will be released or charged.
You have my word.

Thank you.

How do you think he sounded?

Not like himself.

-Did he talk?
-No, sir.

Jamot denies all knowledge
of the plot against you.

-How forceful was the interrogation?

I did it myself.

I don't believe he's involved
with your brother in any way.

You know Jamot has connections
with extremists.

A cousin in the opposition party, sir.
That's all.

If he won't talk,
we have to force the issue.

He has a wife and children back home,
is that correct?

A boy, 9. A girl, 7.

Have the Security Services arrest them.

Apply whatever pressure's necessary
to make Jamot talk.

You have something to say?

Yes, sir. I do.

You rallied us around you on the promise
that you would put an end to such tactics.

Mr. President, I will do everything
humanly possible to find your brother,

but please...

...do not ask me to violate the principles
that you and I both stand for.

Thank you, Tarin.

With my wife gone, I have no one
to speak the truth to me any more.

Check everyone's computer
and phone records again.

-See to it that nothing was overlooked.
-Of course, sir.

Let's go.

Nabeel can stay and pack up these files.

Forget the files.


Call the Security Services...

...and have them round up
Jamot's wife and children as I asked.

I don't understand.
You just told Tarin that...

I gave you a direct order.

Do you obey it or not?

Yes, sir.

-I will call Security Services.

And find Tarin's records in that mess.

He might have his own reasons
for not wanting Jamot to talk.

Nick. Nick, come on. We gotta move, man.
There's gonna be a patrol here any minute.

Come on.

-Give me the money.

The money, dumb ass!

-We're gonna split this.
-I ain't gonna ask you again.

You can't be serious.

Son of a bitch, man. Knock it off.

Come on, man, let's go. Jackass.

I told you we should have gone.

Such an idiot.

I received a call from the Hazmat Lab
at Fort Hamilton.

They analysed the traces of uranium
found on Hassan's assassin.

-Did they identify where it came from?
-Sample's small...

...but the uranium is of Soviet origin.

-They're recalibrating their tests now.
-Great. Keep me informed, Chloe.

-Kevin, are you out of there?
-No, not exactly.

You told me you left there 20 minutes ago.

Okay, well, we didn't.
Okay, now somebody's here.

-You idiot.
-Yeah, fine, all right? Just hurry.

Somebody's in the hallway.

I can't believe you let this happen.
If you get caught, I am dead.

Hey, we all are, all right?
So just find us a way out of here.

Hang on.

Stay calm.

It's a cop. He's in the hallway
right outside the room you're in.

There's another exit.

In the corner right behind you.

Hey, hey, hey.
Come on, come on, come on.

My God, what have you done?

Damn it. It's locked.

He's coming inside right now.

You're gonna have to slip past him.

Go out the door you came in.

Control, this is 10 post 11.
I'm at the warehouse...


What are you doing? No.

Kevin, stop him.

Come on, come on, come on.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

He called it in. We gotta go.

Come on.

-Kevin, stop him.
-Come on.

We'll call you when we're clear.


Tarin, are you all right?

-When did you get back from the embassy?
-Just now.

May I come in?

What is it?

It's only me here.

It's safe.

What's wrong?

You know, your father has had
many people arrested, including Jamot.

And now he's having Jamot's wife
and two children detained back home...

...so they can be used
to force him to talk.


-There must be some mistake.
-He gave the order himself.

I thought I'd convinced him not to...

...but he was lying to me,
he went behind my back.

Kayla, your father is a great man.

I respect him
more than anyone I have ever known.

But Farhad's betrayal has changed him.

What can we do?

Open up, please.

-What are they doing here?
-I don't know.

Open up.

Tarin, stay here.

Yes, Nabeel?

Miss Kayla, we've been looking everywhere
for Tarin. Have you seen him?

No. Is there some problem?

-What do you think you're doing?
-We have orders, Miss Kayla.

I said he wasn't here.

-I'm sorry, but I don't believe you.
-You can't just barge in here.

I need to talk to my father.

Nabeel. Why do you need armed guards
to come looking for me?

President says you may be involved
with his brother.

Based on what? Nothing.

Only that I would not allow
an innocent family to be tortured.

He's ordered me to detain you.
I have no choice.

You do have a choice, Nabeel.

Tell my father he's made a mistake,
that there's no one more loyal than Tarin.

Nabeel, this is insane, and you know it.

Don't make this worse, please.
Don't you see? My hands are tied.

Let me talk to my father.

He's given orders not to be disturbed...

...even by you.

I'll talk to him.

I'll get him to change his mind.

No, I understand, Roman.
We'll do business some other time, okay?

That's it.

Last one.
He also knows nothing about nuclear rods.

He also said it's suicide to deal in them.

-Meier has wasted our time.
-No, Meier's Intel is good.

We need to think. Who else can we call?

I've called everyone
who could deal in these things.

Somebody you've talked to
has to know something.

-It's done.
-Look, maybe they don't want to admit it.

Maybe they don't know
how serious you are. Call them back.

-Tell them you have the buyer, the money.

Shut up!

Just because I like your face doesn't
mean I have to put up with your crap.

We made 5 million. A good night's work.

Why settle for 5 when we can have 50?

When did you get so greedy?

Five million is plenty. Plus we have
each other. That's not so bad, is it?

No, it's not bad.

But it could be better.

Call them again. Do it for me.

-I said no.
-Come on, push them harder.

Somebody knows something.

What is your problem?
Nobody knows, there's no one to call.

You go out there and you
tell Meier to leave.

I'm not telling him anything.

-Not until you try again.

-Look, it's over. What is wrong with you?
-I need this deal!

That is why you're here? The deal?

Why else?
Do you think that I'm here for you?

Get up.

Renee, stop, stop.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

It's all right. It's all right.

It's over. It's okay.

Laitanan contacted everyone he thought

might have information
on nuclear materials.

No one responded.
That's when he said he was finished.

Renee kept pushing him, and it got ugly.

Laitanan's dead. He attacked her.

And so what, you took him out?

No, she did.

She did? Half an hour earlier,
she was having sex with the guy.

How does that even happen, Jack?
She lose it?

She was defending herself.

Look, we knew this guy was
violent before we even went in.

-He's violent? He's dead on the floor.
-Yes, he is.

And right now we don't have the nuclear
materials secured. I suggest we move on.

Move on? He was our only lead, Jack.
Now where do we move on to?

We can start by working
the phone calls Laitanan made.

There's also files and a computer
to go through.

Yeah, fine. Cole, are you getting this?

Yes. We're en route from the staging area,
five minutes out.

Gonna need forensics
to rip this place apart.

I got Bennett.
He can coordinate till the team arrives.

Just do what you can. And bring
Laitanan's body back here for autopsy.

I wanna know what the hell happened.

Any other good news?

Jack? Cole?


-Excuse me?
-I said, anything else?

No, sir.

-We'll see you when you get here.

Yes, sir.

Our entire operation just went south.

You think you could show
a little interest?

Pull it together.

You didn't have to do that.

-Do what?
-Cover for me with Hastings.

All I did was tell him the truth.

When they see Vladimir,
they'll know what happened.

What do you think happened?

It's like you said...

...I couldn't handle it.

God, I'm sorry.

-It's all right.
-No, it's not.

I could have killed you.


...I've made such a mess of everything.

I just thought that if I did this,
I could make it all right.

I could have my life back.

Hey. Hey.

You can have your life back
any time you want.

-You just need to want it.

I've tried, and I don't know how.

I don't...

I don't have anything, anyone.

You've got me.


Hey. Hey.

Look at me. Look at me.


I didn't want it to end like this.

I know.

Look, we're a lot farther ahead
than we were three hours ago.

Every call Laitanan made is a
solid lead that we can follow up,

and that's because of you.

You did your part...

...now let CTU do their job.


Let me take you home.



Damn it, they really must have
been moving. CTU's here already.

Listen to me, this is really important.

Vladimir attacked, you defended yourself.
That's what happened.

-I don't know.
-I do.

If anybody wants to ask you
questions about that...

...I'll be right there with you
to answer them.


Let me go talk to them.

They're Russian. Vladimir must have
contacted whoever's got the rods.

They just didn't want him to know.

Hold onto this.

What are you doing?

-I'm gonna let them take me.
-We have to get out of here.

Listen, you want everything
you've done so far to matter?

I need to do this. When CTU gets here,
tell them to track me from the air.

These people are gonna
lead us to everything.

-They will kill you.

At worst, they're gonna have to vet me,
find out how much I know.

It should buy us enough time.

Hide in here.

Take this.

If this door opens again,
you start shooting.

Don't shoot! Please!

I'm opening the door. I'm unarmed.

See? Both my hands.

See? No problem.
I'm unarmed. Don't shoot.

What happened here?

-What happened?
-They tried to rip me off.

-But you and I, we can do business.
-Wait, wait. No, don't shoot!

If you kill me,
you're gonna cost your boss a lot of money.

Who else is with you here?

No one. Everybody else is dead.

All I wanna do is business.


Hansen, upload to CTU.

Mr. Hastings, the site is secure.
Video's coming through.

-Three bodies. Are you getting this?
-Yes, we are.

-Any sign of Jack or Renee?
-No, sir.

I'm here.


It's Renee, sir. She's alive.

Renee, where's Jack?

The Russians took him.
The ones that have the nuclear materials.

How? We've been monitoring the building.
No vehicles left this area.

I don't... I don't know.
They just suddenly appeared, but...

Wait, Jack let himself be taken. He said
that you'd be monitoring him from the air.

We haven't seen anything.

Our drones have been overhead
the whole time, they saw nothing.

Where is he?

Where is he?

We don't know.

We don't know.

Step up.