24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 23 - Day 8: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. - full transcript

The Russian Federation President arrives to sign the accord, Jack wants justice, and Logan stays in pursuit. Meanwhile, Dalia has a realization, President Taylor rattles her sabers, and Chloe tests her mettle.

[ Jack Bauer]
Previously on 24.

Who is it
you're looking for?

Someone who can
give me the names
of everyone else involved.

l need you to break the story
in case I don't make it.

If Dalia Hassan
finds out...

that the Russians
had a hand in the death
of her husband,

she'll never sign
the agreement.

I need to speak
to your mother.

lt's about the people
who really murdered your father.

- We know who is responsible.
- What you don't know is
those people were working...

under the orders
of Russian agents.

Bauer made contact
with Meredith Reed.
My God.

You need to call
her publisher and demand
that they do not run the story.

You're suggesting
muzzling the press?

lf you don't use
the power of your office
to shut this story down,

your peace agreement
won't be the only casualty.

l need you to contact the F.B.l.

Have them locate Reed...

and seize whatever evidence
she purports to have.

Meredith Reed? F.B.I.

You're under arrest.
Let's go.

You were right about Jack.
He is working with somebody.

lt's James Ricker, ex-C.l.A. op.

We found him
living in a place
on Mercer Street.

Ηe's not gonna be happy
we tracked him down.

I need you to talk to him.
Get him to tell us where Jack is.

Are you good with that,
or have you still not taken sides?

l want to expose this cover-up
as much as you. l'm in.

Τhat's Jack Bauer!

[ Jack ]
Get up or I will kill you
right here.

You know the name
of the person...

inside the Russian government
who's giving the orders.

- l want that name.
- Jack.

Give me the name!
I'll tell you.

Four. Three.
Mikhail Novakovich!

- Where's Novakovich?
- He's dead.

- Bauer just came in shooting.
- Mikhail Novakovich
was just murdered...

by Jack Bauer.

As far as, uh,
Bauer is concerned,

the trail ended
with Novakovich.

Then Bauer has no idea...

that Novakovich was
operating under my orders?

lf you're so worried
about Bauer,

you never should have
given the order
to kill Renee Walker.

[ Jack Bauer]
The following takes place
between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Events occur in real time.

[ Cell Phone Rings ]

- Arlo.
- Cole, l just picked up
a preliminary flash.

Jack murdered Novakovich
at his hotel,

and six of his security guards.

According to a witness,
Jack killed all seven men
on his own.

Then fell right back
off the radar.

Eden can't find
any trace of him.

- Does Chloe know about this?
- I just talked to her.

She should be at the U.N.
any minute.

Cole, l know that we need
this evidence that Jack has,

but this crime scene
is a slaughterhouse.

Does Chloe really still think
she can pull this off?

lf anyone can talk Jack down,
it's Chloe.
And if she can't?

Then we're both prepared to do
whatever it takes to stop him.

Even when Novakovich's
whole security staff couldn't?

What do you want me to do, Arlo?

The truth about what went down
today needs to get out,

and that's not going to happen
unless we get to Jack.

Look, l'm coming up
on Ricker's apartment.
I'm going in.


Ricker went to a lot
of trouble to disappear.

Ηe's not going to like
that you found him.

Yeah, I'm not expecting him to.
[ Beeps ]

[ Man On TV ]
You're Iooking at
the U.N. Plaza gardens...

and the podium from which
all three cosponsors
of the peace treaty...

will address the public following
a private signing ceremony...

inside the U.N.'s
Council Chamber.

Russian President Yuri Suvarov,
the third cosponsor of the treaty,

is en route to the U.N.,
where he wilI join
President Taylor...

and acting I.R.K. president,
Dalia Hassan.
[ Beeping ]

[ Τyping ]

- [ Pounding ]
- Mr. Ricker, this is Agent Ortiz, C.T.U.!

Open that door.

Before you pull that trigger, there's
something you ought to know.

I don't place a call
in 15 minutes,

every intelligence agency in the country
gets alerted about you.

Weapons charges alone will get
you locked up for the duration,

or you can help us
find Jack Bauer,

and we'll keep our mouths shut.

You think you're protecting him?

The order on Jack Bauer
is shoot to kill.

He knew what he was
getting himself into.

Jack's not thinking straight.

Look, I read your file.

l know Jack saved your life
in Damascus.

This is your opportunity
to pay back that debt.

You know how this
is gonna end, right?

Do you?

lf Jack dies today, it's on you.


Wait a minute.

[ Beeping ]

Director O'Brian.
Agent Burke.

l have the revised
security assessment for you.

Ma'am, l noticed
that Agent Ortiz's name
was back on the duty roster.

That's right.

Ηe was arrested
for helping Jack Bauer.

l got him a temporary clearance
so he could help us out here.

Ηe was the one who designed
the U.N. protocols in the first place.

l know.

Do you really think
we can trust him?

l wouldn't have gotten him
the release if I didn't.

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]
Yes, ma'am.

Excuse me.

What happened?
[ Cole ]
Not good, Chloe.

l think Jack's
targeted Suvarov.

- ls that what Ricker said?
- Yeah.

Jack planted a bug
on Charles Logan.

Overheard a conversation
between the two men.

lt turns out Suvarov's
the one who gave the order
for Renee to be killed.

[ Sighs ]
Does Ricker have a recording
of that conversation?

No. Ηe wiped his system clean
as soon as he saw me coming.

But the surveillance rig
he gave Jack...

records everything to a backup,
so Jack has a copy.

- Good. We're gonna need it.
- Why?

The White House
just arrested Meredith Reed.

They confiscated
a data card from her.

Dana's evidence.

Τhe recording that Jack has
is the only proof we have now.

Chloe, I don't know
that getting proof is
our first priority anymore.

We have to put
an alert out on Jack.

lf we do that, then Pillar
will get to him first.

Ηe'll kill Jack,
and he'll destroy the recording.

Chloe, we can't stand by
and Iet Jack assassinate
the president of Russia.

No, but we can
buy ourselves time.

Can change Suvarov's
motorcade route,
sequester him in the U.N.

Make it impossible
for Jack to get to him.

Yeah, except Suvarov's
gonna be standing
at that podium soon,

and once he's exposed like that,
we can't protect him.

That's not happening
for over an hour.

lf we haven't found Jack by then,
then we can put out the alert.

lt's still taking
a big risk, Chloe.

- l know.
- All right, get Suvarov's route changed.

But you're putting me in charge
of his security as soon as he
gets to the U.N.

- How far out are you?
- I'll be there in 1 0.

[ Τires Screech ]

[ Siren Blaring ]

Sir, the flash
about Novakovich is going out.

You wanted to speak
with the president
before that happened.

[ Exhales ]
Thank you, Jason.

Oh, um- Do we know
anything about Bauer?

No. Nothing.

lf you don't mind me asking,
sir, what are you going
to tell the president?

l think it's time she-
she knows everything.

All the delegates are present
with the exception of Suvarov,
who's still in transit.

He'll be given the details
once he arrives.
[ Cell Phone Rings ]

- Excuse me, Τim.
- Yes, ma'am.

[ Beeps ]
I'm about to go into
the protocol meeting.

- What's going on?
- l wanted you to hear
this news from me first.

- What news?
- l tried to insulate you
as long as I could,

preserve your plausible
deniability, but-

Just tell me what you're
talking about, Charles.

Jack Bauer isn't just
trying to gather evidence
about the conspiracy.


Ηe's seeking retribution.

Go on.
Bauer just murdered
Mikhail Novakovich,

along with a good
number of his staff.

[ Whispering ]
So Novakovich
was responsible...

for the assassination
of President Hassan?

Yes. Yes, ma'am.

Novakovich was
the ranking member
of the Russian Delegation.

President Suvarov is going
to demand an explanation.

Actually, he's not.

Are you telling me
that Ηassan's murder goes
all the way up to Suvarov?

Yes. But the good news
is that Bauer doesn't know that.

How can you be sure?

Because according to the witness,
Bauer killed Novakovich...

[ Logan On Headphones ]
before he could talk.

And aside from me,

Novakovich is the only person
who knew that Suvarov
was calling the shots.

Madam President,
Bauer's finished
what he started,

and-and Suvarov will be happy
to sweep this under the rug,

and-and the peace agreement
can go forward as planned.

Τhis is- Really,
we couldn't have asked
for a better outcome.

Except that l am asking
Dalia Hassan...

to shake hands
with her husband's murderer.

Call Suvarov.

Tell him that I am aware
of his involvement in this,

and that I will see him
at the signing.

[ Phone Beeps ]

My apologies.

[ Man ]
Madam President.

Thank you for waiting.

Ηow did the call go?
I told the president...

about Suvarov's
involvement, and, uh,

she understood-
not that she has
an alternative.

WelI, that's good news, sir.

Your new Secret Service detail's
here to escort you to the U.N.

Thank you, Jason.

lt's been a long road,
but, uh-

[ Chuckling ]
we're almost there.

[ Groans ]

[ Rapid Beeping ]

[ Line Ringing ]
Anything new on Bauer?

A security camera picked him up
leaving Novakovich's hotel.

Confirmed what Berkov told us.

Bauer was definitely wounded
during the attack.

How badly?

Badly enough that he's gonna
need treatment. Getting aIerts
out to medical facilities now.

All right, also let Port Authority
and I.N.S. know...

Bauer might be trying
to get out of the country.

We'll find him.
It's only a question of time.

Maybe a little quicker
than you thought.

Slowly, take your weapon out.
Pass it back to me.


Start the car and drive.

You saw what I did to Pavel.

l didn't have a lot of time with him.
You, I've got all the time in the world.

So you either do what I say,
or I will take you apart piece by piece.

Now, drive!
[ Engine Starts ]

[ Exhales ]
Where are we going?

The U.N.

Why? You already got
what you wanted.

You've killed everyone
Save your breath.

l know about President Suvarov.

[ Beeping ]

Your delegations
will be joining you...

at the reception after
the post-signing ceremony.

And, finally, on behalf
of the U.N. staff,

I would like to say
that we are all honored...

to be part
of this historic occasion.

Thank you for your time.

[ Indistinct Conversations ]

Your daughter has been
waiting outside to speak to you.

She says it's important.

Let her know
l'll be right there.
Yes, ma'am.

Madam President.

l have something for you.
It's from Omar.

He wanted to give it to you
to sign the agreement, and...

l'm grateful...

that I can do so on his behalf.

lt reads, "All religions,

"all this singing:
One song.

Peace be with you."

lt is a verse Omar
would quote from Rumi...

when he was talking
about what you and he
were trying to achieve.

Thank you for seeing
this through,

and for helping us all
do justice to his memory.

Dalia, l am-

l am honored.

l'm very honored.

Thank you.

Kayla, what is it?
Meredith Reed called
the residence looking for you.

l am not interested
in that woman's condolences.

That is not why she called.

She says she has
information about the people
who are behind Father's murder.

But we know who was behind
your father's death-

Extremists in our country.
She claims that
they had outside help-

That the Russians
were involved.

Why would she say
such a thing?

Does she have evidence,
or is this just a rumor?

l don't know,
but it can't have been easy
for her to call you.

l don't think
she would have done so
because of a rumor.

What else did she say?

She wouldn't say anything more
until she talked to you.

She left her number.

Let's call her
from the residence.

[ Man, lndistinct ]

President Suvarov's motorcade
is delayed five minutes
because of the new route.

- Put out an all-agency.
- How do you want it coded?

Eyes only.
Yes, ma'am.

[ No AudibIe Dialogue ]

Lanza, make sure
Burke reports here...

with a set of tactical gear
for Agent Ortiz.
Yes, ma'am.

Arlo's at C.Τ.U., running
the surveillance video through
facial-recognition software.

Still no sign of Jack.
Look, I've been thinking.

Let's say we do get this
recording from Jack. What
are we supposed to do with it?

l mean, if the president's
willing to lock down
Meredith Reed-

She can't shut down every
media outlet in the world,

which is where
we're gonna send this file.

We're also gonna send it to
every government employee
in the country.

Legislative, military, judiciary-
That's over 1 00,000 people.

Ηow are we doing this?
By using C.T.U. servers,

we can distribute it
simultaneously to everyone.

President Τaylor won't
be able to stop the truth
from getting out.

- Burke. Good to see you.
- Sir.

Do you have the revised protocols
for President Suvarov's arrival?

Yes, ma'am.
We're now bringing the motorcade
into the F.D.R. Drive ramp.

Good. Make sure
that Agent Ortiz has
the revised protocols.

He's back in charge.

Let's take a look.

Go on through.

We're going to the Hart Building.

l want you to park underground.

[ Man, Indistinct ]

- Stop.
- This guard's life is in your hands.

You make one move that l don't like,
l'm gonna kill you both.
Do you understand?

- [ Radio Chatter]
- Jason Pillar.

There's no one inside.
Cleared the building
two hours ago.

Yeah, I'm just running
a last-minute security check.

Of course, sir.

ls there anything else, sir?

No. Τhank you.


Pull in over here.

Slowly, with your right hand,

take the keys
out of the ignition,
and pass them back.

[ Panting ]

Get out of the car.


Close the door.

Put your hands on the roof.

Don't you move.

Suvarov's not gonna be out
on the podium for another hour.

You're not gonna make it that long,
not the way you're bleeding.

Slowly, back up towards me.

[ Labored Breathing ]

Stop. Turn around.

You're gonna suture me up.

[ Grunts ]

You try and make a move on me,
the slightest twitch-

l will put a bullet
in your brain.

You got it?

[ Groans ]

l don't understand something.

You've spent your entire career
working outside the system,

but you've always
had a good reason.

But this- It's just bloodlust.

You're destroying an agreement
that took years to put together.

An agreement made
by murderers and liars.


You're the one killing people
in cold blood.

Everybody I took out
had a hand in today's attack.

Yeah, but who made you
judge and jury?

President Τaylor,
when she agreed
to the cover-up.

l would have accepted
justice by law,

but that was taken away
from me by people like you.

So you're right.
I am judge and jury.

Now, step back.

Turn around.

Start to move back
towards the car.

Look, l came in after Ηassan
and Renee Walker were killed.

l didn't have anything
to do with that.

Get on your knees!
Please, Bauer,
I'm telling you the truth.

l've got a family.
l've got a little girl.
Shut up.

Bauer, please. I have a little girl.
I have a daughter, Bauer.

She's six years old.
Please. Don't do this, please.


[ Grunts ]

[ Sharp Groan ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Line Ringing ]

Still no answer.
Are you sure this is
Meredith Reed's number?

It's the number
she gave me.
Then why isn't she answering?

l just spoke
to Gary Klausner,
Ms. Reed's editor.

Ηe doesn't know where she is,
and has no way to reach her.

Ηe seemed very anxious
to get off the phone.

- Where are you going?
- President Taylor and I...

are supposed to be
sitting across the table...

from Yuri Suvarov
in less than an hour.

lf his government was involved
in murdering your father,

President Τaylor needs to know.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

[ Man on TV]
...and following the death
of Omar Hassan,

President Suvarov
was reportedly pessimistic...

about the viability
of the peace treaty,

but rumors
of a Russian withdrawal...

were soon dismissed
by the White House,

and President Suvarov is
expected to arrive at the U.N.-
[ Knocking ]

- Yes?
- Excuse me, Madam President.

lt's Dalia Hassan.
I'll have to call her back.

She's outside, ma'am.
She says it's urgent.

Send her in.

[ Clears Τhroat ]

[ Sighs ]
Madam President, forgive me.

l have just heard something
that is very disturbing.

What did you hear?

That the Russian government,
or people within
the Russian government,

were involved
in the murder of my husband.

Where did you hear this?

My daughter received a phone
call from the journalist,
Meredith Reed.

Have you spoken
with her yourself?


l've tried everything,
but l've been unable
to reach her.

l came here to ask
for your help finding Miss Reed.

l need to know if there is
any truth in what she said.

Dalia, we heard a rumor
about the Russians
being involved as well.

- And you didn't tell me?
- No.

Because we looked
into it and found that
there was nothing backing it up.

lt was just
a frivolous accusation.

Whatever else she may be,
Meredith Reed is not a frivolous woman.

She came to me,
someone she knew would have
every reason to doubt her.

[ Clears Τhroat ]

l know that you want answers,

but we are signing the agreement
in less than an hour.

Madam President, l feel like
you're not listening to me.

Before I sign a treaty
with people who may have
murdered my husband,

l need help finding this woman.


l will do the best l can
in the time that we have left.

l don't think
I'm making myself clear.

Until l determine
if her allegations are true,
I will not sign this treaty.


Please, be reasonable.

This is my position, Madam President.
I will not change my mind.

Then you-
You leave me no choice.

l had Meredith Reed arrested.

Because her allegations
would be too damaging.

Τhat doesn't make any sense.

You wouldn't arrest someone
for making false allegations.

Unless they aren't false.

You knew!

You knew the Russians
were behind my husband's death,
and you said nothing?

Dalia, I am so sorry.

[ Gasps ]
It-lt was an
im-impossible situation.

- l was trying to protect you.
- Protect me?

You betrayed me!

Dalia, we are about to complete...

the most important
diplomatic action
in generations.

Your husband sacrificed his life
to preserve the treaty.

How dare you invoke
my husband?

Ηe never would have
stood for this.

This treaty happened
because he trusted you,

and even though
every fiber in my being
wanted to go home and grieve,

l carried on
because I trusted you.

But not anymore.

l will not make peace
with the people who murdered
my husband, or with you.

There will be no agreement.

l will be entering
a formal complaint
with the United Nations,

demanding that you
release Miss Reed...

and disclose
whatever evidence
you've kept from me...

and from the rest
of the world!


ln one hour,

you will stand beside me
in the council chamber,

and you will sign the treaty
your husband and I agreed to.

l will not.
You will.

Because if you don't,

my administration
will disclose hard,
indisputable evidence...

that agents inside
your intelligence service...

attempted to detonate
a nuclear device on our soil,

which will give me
all thejustification I need...

to retaliate against the l.R.K....

with the full force
of the American military.

It will be decades
before your country recovers.

But it doesn't need
to come to that.

All you have to do
is sign the agreement.


[ Door Slams ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Sirens Blaring ]

[ Radio Chatter]

[ Door Closes ]

[ Siren Blaring In Distance ]

First they murder my husband,
and now this woman
who has lied to me...

is threatening my country!

l don't see a way out of this,
Madam President.

We can tell the world
what these Russian bastards did,

and how President Taylor
protected them.

We can take our case
directly to The Hague.

There is no case.

No proof to support
any of these accusations.

More important,
there are President Τaylor's
threats to consider.

We cannot dismiss them.
Our military can protect us
from incursion.

And if necessary,
we can reactivate
our nuclear program.

Giving your husband's enemies
exactly what they wanted
in the first place.

ln addition
to providing her with
even more of an excuse...

to launch a preemptive
military strike against us.

l don't care
what President Τaylor said.
She wouldn't dare.

Can you really
take that chance?

[ Phone Rings ]


Thank you.

Yuri Suvarov's delegation
will be arriving any moment.

President Τaylor
is expecting you there
to greet him.

Agent Ortiz?

- What's going on?
- I just spoke with Arlo.

He got a facial recognition
hit on Jack.

- Where?
- Inside our perimeter.

Ηe's here, Cole.

He's been careful to avoid
all the security cameras,
but Arlo found this.

lt's from the 22nd floor
of the Ηart Building
across the street from the U.N.

The software picked up
his reflection.

How did he get
into the building?

According to the logs,
the only person...

to enter the building
in the past 20 minutes
was Pillar.

Jack must have
taken him hostage.

The windows on the east side
of the building...

give him a clean line of sight
down onto the podium.

l'm gonna go find him.
I'm going with you.

You can't.
You'll just cause a fight.

I'm the only one
that Jack will listen to.
What if he doesn't?

Give me 20 minutes.

lf you don't hear from me,
we'll follow through
with our plan-

Sound the alarm about Jack
and secure Suvarov.

Twenty minutes.

And keep your comm open.
l want to know what's going on.
I can't.

C.T.U. is monitoring
all frequencies.
It's too risky.

All right. At least take this.

Be careful.

Where's O'Brian headed?

She's running a last-minute
perimeter sweep.
By herself?

Keep a real-time uplink open
with Suvarov's security people.

Let me know
when it's up and running.

Yes, sir.



As long as l can remember,
every time I've had to talk to you,

it seems,
for one reason or another,

l've started out
by telling you how sorry I am.

Not gonna to do that
to you now.

You're going to hear a lot of stories
about what I've done today.

Some of them may even be true.

But no one, and l mean no one,

can tell you why l did
what I did except for me.

A lot of good people
died today.

Not just President Ηassan-

Operatives from C.Τ.U.,
members of other
law enforcement agencies.

Renee Walker,

who l was very close to.

[ Sirens Blaring ]

Yes. Τhank you.

President Suvarov's motorcade
has just rounded the corner.

Was Mrs. Hassan notified
of his arrival?

l believe so, ma'am.
Yes or no, Tim?
Which is it?

ls she coming or not?
Why wouldn't she be?

[ Elevator Bell Dings ]

[ Tires Screech ]

President Τaylor,
that we are all here together...

is a tribute
to your persistence.

Mrs. Hassan,
I am sorry for your loss.

l admired your husband
very much.

We're wanted upstairs
for the press conference.

Yes, of course.

Mr. President.

Dalia, I know that this
is very difficult-

Τhere is nothing left
for either of us to say,
Madam President.

[ Beeping ]

Chloe O'Brian,
Director of C.Τ.U.
Yes, ma'am.

The master key
and buiIding schematics
you requested.

[ Buzzer Sounds ]
Thank you.

[Applause ]

Mr. Secretary General.
Mr. Secretary.

Good afternoon,
fellow delegates,

and ladies and gentlemen
of the press.

Τhe last 24 hours have been
the most difficult...

in this long
and challenging road...

that we've all traveled together
to reach this moment.

Now, the eyes of the entire world
are looking...

to the leaders
standing here with me now,

ready to usher in a new era
of transparency, honesty...

and trust.

President Τaylor,
President Hassan,

President Suvarov-

have each risen to this challenge
for the sake of world peace.

And the treaty that
they have created together...

represents the culmination
of their courageous efforts.

[Applause ]

[ Radio Chatter]

- Agent Burke?
- Sir.

l need you to assemble
a 1 0-man squad and deploy them
to Sector C-7.

Τhe Hart Building, sir?
We aIready have men
on post there.

Not nearly enough
if there's a threat
anywhere along that corridor.

Keep your men
outside the building
until you hear otherwise.

Yes, sir.

[ Sighs ]

What the hell
are you doing here?

You don't have to kill Suvarov.
There's another way.
Who else knows where l am?

Please listen.
Who else knows?

Cole and Arlo.

lf I don't get you
out of here in 1 0 minutes,

Cole's gonna send in
every agent we have.

Jack, they're gonna kill you.

Τhere's a standing order
to shoot you on sight.

- l couldn't let that happen.
- You should let them after me.

You're my friend.
I didn't have a choice.

Neither do l.

[ Gagging ]

Don't fight it.
Don't fight it.

[ Groaning ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Applause ]
Thank you.

Mr. Secretary General,
[ Cell Phone Rings ]

distinguished delegates,
honored guests,

today the world
takes a tremendous step-

- Jason, you watching this?
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]


[ Jack ]
l have a 556 rifle
pointed straight at your head.

- Bauer.
- Bullet travels 2,900 feet per second.

lf you try and move,
you're a dead man.

Which means you need
to do exactly what l say.
Do you understand?

Do you understand?

Jack, l told you
everything I know.

And you thought
I believed you?

[ Logan On Recorder ]
...before he could talk,
and aside from me,

Novakovich was the only one
who knew that Suvarov
was calling the shots.

[ Playback Stops ]

- What do you want?
- l want you to call
President Suvarov...

and have him meet you
where you are as soon as
the press conference is over.

- What am I supposed to tell him?
- Try the truth for a change.

Tell him you've got
credible intelligence
about a threat to his life.

[ Beeping ]

[ Crickets Chirping ]