24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 24 - Day 8: 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. - full transcript

Heads of state gather at the UN to sign the accord, three at CTU make a final effort to expose a conspiracy, Logan and Pillar tie up loose ends, and justice may elude Jack.

[ Jack Bauer]
Previously on 24.

[ Cole ]
Jack planted a bug
on Charles Logan.

Τurns out Suvarov's
the one who gave the order
for Renee to be killed.

l think Jack's
targeted Suvarov.

- Does Jack have a recording
of that conversation?
- Yeah.

We're gonna need it.

Chloe, I don't know
that getting proof is
our first priority anymore.

We can't stand by
and Iet Jack assassinate
the president of Russia.

You knew the Russians were
behind my husband's death,
and you said nothing?

l will not make peace...

with the people who
murdered my husband
or with you.

You will sign the treaty
your husband and I agreed to.

l will not.
You will.

Because if you don't,
my administration...

will retaliate against the l.R.K....

with the full force
of the American military.

We'll find Bauer.
It's only a question of time.

Maybe a little quicker
than you thought.

I came in after Hassan
and Renee Walker were killed.

l didn't have
anything to do with that.
You have to believe me.

Get on your knees.
Please, Bauer,
I'm telling you the truth.

l've got a family,
I've got a little girl.

[ Chloe ]
I just got a call from Arlo.

He picked up
a facial recognition
hit on Jack.

Across the street
from the U.N.

l'm gonna go find him.
Give me 20 minutes.

lf you don't hear from me,
sound the alarm about Jack,
and secure Suvarov.

What the hell
are you doing here?

If I don't get you out of here
in 10 minutes, Cole's gonna
send in every agent we have.

- You should let them after me.
- You're my friend.

- l didn't have a choice.
- Neither do I.

l have a 556 rifle
pointed straight at your head.

You need to do
exactly what l say.
Do you understand?

- What do you want?
- l want you to call
President Suvarov...

and have him meet you
where you are as soon as the
press conference is over.

- What am I supposed to tell him?
- Try the truth for a change.

Tell him you've got
credible intelligence
about a threat to his life.

[ Jack Bauer]
The following takes place
between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Events occur in real time.

As we gather together
for this great occasion,

we must not forget that
we all stand in the shadow...

of Omar Ηassan's
tragic death.

But the peace agreement
we're about to sign...

will be his living memorial.

Ηis courage brought us all
to this historic day,

and his vision...

will continue to guide us
as we move into the future...


So on behalf of the people
of Russia,

l extend the open hand
of friendship...

to my partners in peace-

President Τaylor, President Hassan.

- Thank you very much.
- [ Reporters Shout Questions ]

There'll be time for questions
after the signing ceremony.
Please, please.

lf there's nothing more,
l wilI see you both
at the signing.

lt appears I am not the only one
who does not want to be here.

Mrs. Hassan is distraught.

Ηer husband was
killed six hours ago.

ls that why
she refuses to look at me?

She knows.

A reporter told her
of your complicity
in her husband's murder.

Dalia came to me.

And you confirmed
this journalist's allegations.

l told her the truth.

And yet, knowing what she knows,
she is still here.

Mrs. Hassan understands
the benefits of peace.

Because you helped her
come to that understanding.

Excuse me, Madam President.

[ Speaking Russian ]

Whatever it was you said
to Mrs. Hassan to keep her here...

must have been very convincing.

Take your call, Yuri.

[ Russian ]

- Charles.
- Yuri, we need to talk.

So taIk.

Uh, it's a sensitive matter.

Something that, uh,
that can't be discussed
on the phone.

All right. Come to my suite.

[ Logan ]
No. You need
to come to mine.

[ Suvarov ]

Just trust me, Yuri.

- Trust you?
- I don't need to remind you...

that it is in our mutual

to make sure that
certain secrets stay secret.

Stop talking in riddles, Charles.

l don't have time for this.

There's a possible leak
inside of your camp,

which is why we need
to discuss this in my office.

l'lI be right there.

l hope l was convincing enough
for you.

You're a world-class Iiar.

l would have expected
nothing else.

What exactly do you think
you're doing...

by killing Suvarov?

Getting justice
for Renee Walker?

Yes, and for all
the other people that died today
trying to protect this country.

Now, sit at the desk
and keep the line open.

Jack, the audio
file you recorded-

we can use it
to expose Suvarov.

We can use the C.Τ.U. servers
to distribute it...

to every government agency
and media outlet.

President Τaylor's
already censored the press.
N.S.A.'s putting up firewalls.

Arlo's working on getting
through them right now.

- Τhe president can't lock down
every media outlet.
- [ Cell Phone Ringing ]

That's Cole. lf l don't answer that,
he's sending a tac team in here.

Ηe'll be too late.
l'm gonna finish
what l started.

[ Chloe's Voice ]
You've reached
Chloe O'Brian's voice mail.

Please leave-
[ Beeps ]

- Delta groups, this is base.
Come in, Delta.
- This is Delta 1 . Go ahead.

l need you to deploy all
avaiIable tac units to the 22nd
floor of the Hart Building.

l have intel
on a possible sniper.
You got I.D. on this hostile?

It's Jack Bauer.

With regard to Bauer, sir,
the standing order
is to use lethal force.

- The order stands.
- Copy that. We're on our way.

Delta Τeams 2 and 3,
this is a priority mobilization.

Τhe suspect is Jack Bauer.
Ηe's considered armed
and dangerous.

Maintain shoot-on-sight

[ Chloe ]
Listen to me, Jack. Please.

Jack, put down your rifle.
Let me walk you out of here
before they get here.

Killing Pavel
and Novakovich was one thing,
but killing Suvarov?

The Russians will consider
an assassination...

of their president
on American soil an act of war.

Ηe facilitated a terrorist attack
against this country.

That's an act of war.
He's a murderer.

- You're provoking a war
with a nuclear-armed country.
- Shut up, Chloe.

Or what?
You're gonna kill me too?

Τhese peopIe need to be stopped.

They need to be held accountable.
They brought this on themselves.

l don't need to remind you
of the collateral damage
you're causing.

Not to mention the innocent lives
that are at stake.

[ Knocking ]
Sir, uh, President Suvarov
is outside.

Ηe says you're expecting him.

- Excuse me, sir?
- Yes.

l heard you.

Send him in.

- You're gonna start a war
because you lost someone?
- This isn't about me.

- Renee wouldn't want you to do this.
- I said shut up, Chloe.

You know she wouldn't.

She would want you to use
that data card to getjustice.

The last thing Renee
would want is for you
to start a war in her name.

Jack, please, don't dishonor
her memory like this.

l think
we should speak alone.
Yes, of course.

[ Exhales ]

Τhis person-

The one you say
is leaking information-

Who is it?

I'm talking to you.

Okay. We'lI do it your way.

But you got to promise me
you'll see this through.

Because there's no way
I'm getting out of this building alive.

- Jack-
- You got to promise me
that you will see this through,

and that you will do
exactly what I say.

I need to hear it.

l promise.

l'm, uh-

l'm sorry for calling you
so urgently.

l was, uh, mistaken.

My concern appears
to have been unfounded.

l-l got a call from my source
just a moment ago.

Um, um-
His information was wrong.

l'm so sorry for wasting
your time, Yuri.

Gregor. Vasily.

[ Logan ]
See you after the signing.

Find Pillar.

Sweeping equipment, 22nd floor.

Jack, the tac team's
almost here.

Ijust need to make it
to Mobile Command.

You won't even get that far.
You won't make it
out of the building.

You and Cole found me first
by circumventing C.T.U.

lf Logan hasn't
figured that out yet,
he will soon enough.

C.T.U. gave you a standing order
with regards to me-

to terminate
with extreme prejudice.

lf you don't shoot me,
that file's not going anywhere.

Τake your weapon. Take it!

And point it at me. Point it!

And when they come
through the door, tell them...

you found me at the sniper rifle,
l turned on you
and you opened fire.

- Don't ask me to do something I can't do.
- Damn it, pull the trigger.

We are running out of time.
They are gonna find us soon.

You said you'd do exactly
what I would say, that you
would follow this through.

Now, pull the trigger.
I can't.

Yes, you can, and you will.
Now, pull the trigger.

Damn you, Chloe,
pull the trigger.

- Jack-
- We are running out of time.

- Pull the trigger.
- Please don't make me do this.

l know how hard this is,
but if you care about me,
you will pull the trigger.

Do it.
l'm sorry, I can't.

Chloe, pull the trigger.
No, Jack.

Pull the trigger.
I'm not gonna do it.

- Damn you.
- [ Chloe Screams ]

- What happened?
- He drew his weapon.
I shot him first.

Jack Bauer's down with a gunshot
wound to the upper chest.
Send Medical to our position.

I repeat, Bauer is down.

[ Beeping ]

[ Cell Phone Rings ]

Chloe, l've been
trying to reach you.

- Burke's reporting you shot Jack.
- I had to. Listen.

l'm on my way there
right now.

l need you
at Mobile Command.
Tell me what's happening.

l have the recording
of Logan and Suvarov's

Jack gave it to me.

lf he gave it to you,
why did you shoot him?
l'll explain later.

Right now, you need
to make sure that Arlo
is ready to upload that file.

Yeah, okay. Just-
What's Jack's status?

E.M.Τ.'s are working
on him right now.

ls he going to make it?
l don't know.

l'll explain everything
to you when l get there.
See you soon.

Ms. O'Brian.

N.Y.P.D. found Mr. Pillar
in the garage.

Ηe was locked in the back
of his S.U.V.

Ηe wants me to hold you here.

Ηe's been apprised of the situation,
and he wants to debrief you.

We can do it later at C.Τ.U.

I'm still
running security here.
I'm sorry.

Ms. O'Brian, he was adamant.
I've got to get back
to Mobile Command.

Ma'am, his authority
comes from the president.

lf you want to make
a call to the White House,
we can do that.

When will he be here?
He's on his
way up here now.

[ Sighs ]

[ Man ]
Stay with him.

[ Radio Chatter]

[ Indistinct Conversations ]

Hmm, l'm sure it was
a terrible ordeal, Mr. President.

But they told me
Bauer's down.
It's over.

No. No.
It's not over, Jason.

Bauer has a recording
that implicates me
along with Suvarov.

- How do you know?
- Because the son of a bitch
played the damn thing for me.

He must've put a bug
on me somewhere when
he attacked the car.

For all l know,
he has recorded...

every conversation l've had
for the past two hours.

Well, l'm on site now.
I'll recover whatever he's got.


You're on the line here too.

lf this evidence gets out,

we all go down together.

Yeah, l understand
what's at stake,
Mr. President.

- l'll call you back
when I have the recording.
- Yeah.

[ Sighs ]

[ lndistinct ]

- ls he stable?
- Yes, sir.

Sir, as you requested,
I searched Bauer.

We're still combing the site,
but that's what we found so far.

[ Pillar]
There's nothing else?

Like I said, sir, we're still sweeping.
I believe this phone is yours.


It's a, uh, digital recorder,
sir, but it's clean.
There's nothing in it.

Come with me.

Excuse us.

The data card's missing.

Bauer has a digital file
that poses a threat
to national security.

We need to find it.
Yes, sir.
We'll keep looking.

What happened up here?

He drew his gun and
l shot him. What more
do you need to know?

- Did Bauer give you anything?
- What would he have given me?

Bauer had a digital recorder.
Data card's missing.

I thought you might
know where it is.

l don't know
what you're talking about.

You didn't see him stash it

lf I did, I would've taken it
and already logged it as evidence.

Then you don't mind
emptying your pockets.

Um, l just shot my friend, so-

Unless you want
me to do it for you, I need you
to empty your pockets now.

- On what grounds?
- National security.

- Let's go.
- [ Sighs ]

lf I search you,
will l find that data card?

Τhis is ridicuIous.

Put your hands up here.

l just told you, l shot Jack.

Why would I be heIping him?

Sorry, Ms. O'Brian.
I have to be absolutely sure.

Hope you enjoyed yourself.

[ Bell Dings ]

lt's over, Jack. You need to talk to me.
Maybe do yourself some good.

Where's the data card?

ls he stable enough
to be treated at C.Τ.U.
instead of the hospital?

Ηe should be.
He got lucky.

- lt's a through-and-through.
- Through-and-through.

Bullet didn't hit
any of his organs
or his arteries.

lf you're going to get shot
anywhere, that's where
you want it to happen.

Son of a bitch.
Get me Mobile Command!

- [ Mumbling ]
Hey, Pillar.
- What?

You got something
to say to me?

lf you've got something to say,
you'd better say it now.

Talk to me.
[ Muttering ]


[ Screaming ]

Aaah! Get him out of here.

Go! Lock down O'Brian.

[ Groans ]

Arlo's ready
to receive the file.

Chloe, you need to tell me
why you shot Jack.

Jack said they'd
suspect me if I didn't.

He said my only way out
with the evidence
was to shoot him.

Medical report
said it went clean through.
That no vital organs were hit.

You're telling me
you meant to miss them?

- How did you know
you wouldn't kill him?
- I didn't.

lt's uploading now.
It shouldn't take long.

- Chloe?
- I just need a few more seconds.

What's going on?
Just got orders
to lock down Chloe O'Brian.

- What orders?
- Please step aside.

[ Cole ] I'm not going anywhere
till you tell me what's going on.

Sir, we're not going
to ask you again.
Step aside.

Don't. I order you to stop.
I'm ordering you to stop.


Is this the data card
that Jack Bauer gave you?

Yes. You need to listen
to what's on it.

Mr. Pillar will make
that determination.

Pillar is part
of the cover-up.

That data card will never
make it to Evidence.

Hold them here.

Don't do this. Burke.

Burke, stop what you're doing.

Τhink about what
you're doing, Burke. Stop!

[ Ringing ]

Mr. Pillar.

l locked down O'Brian.

Looks like she was
working with Agent Ortiz.
He's in custody too.

Do you have the data card?
Yes, sir. O'Brian was trying
to upload the file...

to the main servers at C.Τ.U.,
but I stopped the transmission.

[ Sighs ]
Good work, Agent Burke.

All right, send O'Brian
and Ortiz to C.Τ.U. lockdown.
They talk to no one.

Get that data card
to President Logan.
Yes, sir.

Τake them to C.Τ.U.

[ Beeping ]

Τhis is it.

[ Exhales ]
This is the recording
that Jack Bauer made.

Bauer was working
with Chloe O'Brian...

and a field agent called Cole Ortiz.

Τhey were planning
to use C.T.U.'s servers...

to disseminate this recording
to news organizations,

and-and government officials
and watchdog groups
on a massive scale.

lt almost worked.

My people- Τhey never gave up,
and now it's over.

You won.


Have you listened to this?

Yes, but frankly,
it's not worth hearing.

Where is Jack now?

Ηe's about to be transported
to C.T.U. under heavy guard.

l realize that this
is a difficult area,

but the one thing
we can be certain of...

is that Jack Bauer
will never let this go.

No. l don't suppose he wilI.

All great achievements in state...

are fragile things,
Madam President,

especiaIly in their infancy.

Τhey need to be protected.

Our peace agreement-
Very vulnerable.

As long as Jack Bauer
is out there,

the agreement will never be safe.

And we will lock him away...

in a black site
halfway around the world.

Ηe will find a way,
Madam President.

Mark my words.

He will rise out of the deepest
hole in the ground.

He will claw his way back...

from the ends of the Earth...

unless we stop him
before that can happen.

Pending approval,
I have taken upon myself to, uh,

put a pIan in motion.

Of course you have.

l will take your silence
as tacit approval.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

A lot of good people died today,

not just President Hassan.

Operatives from C.T.U.,
members of other
law enforcement agencies.

Renee Walker,

who l was very close to.

And these people died today
because President Suvarov...

wanted to destroy
the peace treaty
for his own interests,

and President Τaylor knows this
because I told her,

but she's willing to cover it up
because she believes...

the peace accord
will serve the greater good.
[ Phone Rings ]

She is wrong. lt won't.

[ Rings ]

[ Sniffles ]

Both delegations
are here, ma'am.

What about the secretary general?

He's just outside,
in the atrium.

Thank you, Τim.

[ Beeps ]
[ Exhales ]

Lasting peace cannot
simply be political.

lt has to be born
out of trust and honesty
and understanding,

and most importantly,
a will on both sides
to move forward.

that will does not exist.

Τhis peace is fraudulent,
and I cannot in good conscience...

allow the people
that lost their lives today
to go unspoken for.

You reminded me of that
earlier today.

That's who I am.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

Bauer is being handled.

It's done?
Yes, sir.

All right, then.

You know, I wasn't sure
the president had the balls
to see this through.

Clearly, I underestimated her.

We both did, sir.

[ Door Opens ]

Good luck, Madam President.

This calls for a celebration.

Ηuh? A little something
to numb that ear pain?
[ Chuckles ]

What are you drinking?
Whatever you're having,
Mr. President.


You did well, Jason.

You kept your eye
on the prize.

Thank you, sir.

Here's to, uh,

all the political capital
the president is about
to bank downstairs.

And here's to helping her spend it.

[ Indistinct Conversations ]

[ Woman ]
Right this way, please.

[ Whispering ]
l keep having to remind myself
that we will be home tomorrow,

and this day will be behind us.

[Applause ]

[ Mouthing Words ]

Ladies and gentlemen, please,
please, please, take your seats.

Honored delegates
and distinguished guests,

on behalfof the United Nations,
please allow me...

to welcome you
to this great occasion
of hope and peace.

Today we bear witness
to an extraordinary act...

in one of the world's
defining dramas.

lf you would allow me now
just to offer a few private words...

to those of us that are fortunate
enough to be here now.

May we all pledge...

to make the spirit
of this moment...

a new chapter
in the history ofall nations.

The President of
the United States of America-
Please, would you join me?

The President
of the Russian Federation...

and the President
of the Islamic Republic
of Kamistan,

would you pleasejoin me?

Before you is the final draft
of the agreement...

that has been negotiated
by you and your representatives
in good faith.

By signing its pages, you commit
your respective countries...

to abide by the terms
set forth therein,

as stipulated
by international law.

President Suvarov,
I believe you are to go first.

[Applause ]

[ Secretary General ]
President Hassan.

[ Sniffles ]

Your husband wanted me
to have this.

l cannot accept it.

Madam President,
what are you doing?

What l should have done
hours ago.

l urge you to stop
what you are about to do.

Mr. Secretary General,
my fellow delegates.

Grave crimes have been committed
in the run-up to this treaty.

l have participated
in a conspiracy...

to hide those crimes.

Before there can be
a meaningful peace,

justice must be served.

[ Sniffles ]

l will be giving
a more complete statement
within the hour,

but for now,

this peace process
has come to an end.

[ Murmuring ]

Contact C.Τ.U. and have them alert
Jack Bauer's medical transport.

Madam President-
He is about to be ambushed.

Just make the call, Tim.
We may already be too late.

Dispatch, this is Τim Woods.
I have an emergency.

Τhe convoy
transporting Jack Bauer
is about to be ambushed.

Alert MedicaI 1 immediateIy.

W- Do it.

Madam President, talk to me.

Tell me what's happening.


l have made
a terrible mistake, Tim,

and one that
I can never undo,

but I need you to help me
stop it from becoming worse.

Yes, ma'am.

[ Radio, Indistinct ]

[ Coughing ]
[ Woman On Radio ]
...priority call-

[ Indistinct ]
Come in, please.

[ Cell Phone Rings ]

Τhis is Woods.

Thank you.

We didn't make it.

Τhey got Bauer.
[ Moans ]

[ Chattering ]

My statement is brief,
and I will take no questions.

Moments ago,

President Τaylor declined
to sign the peace accord,

and excused herself
from the proceedings.

She did so after making
allegations of crimes
which she did not specify,

and which the United Nations
has no knowledge of.

President Taylor said
that she would come forward
within the hour...

to explain the reasons
for her actions.

Until then, please,
direct all queries...

[ Ringing ]
to the White House
Communications Office.

[Announcer On TV]
A shocking turn of events
at the U.N.,

as President Taylor herself-
[ Ringing ]

[ TV Off]

Τhat's the president
asking about Bauer.
[ Rings ]

- No.
- [ Ringing Continues ]

Let it ring.

With respect, sir,
what good will it do?

lt's over.

Let's not add murder
to the list of charges
already against us.

[ Ringing Continues ]

You know what, Jason?
You're right.

Go ahead. Pick it up.

[ Ringing Continues ]
[ Logan Clears Throat ]

- Hello.
- This is President Taylor.

l need to speak
to Charles Logan immediately.


This was my last chance,
and Bauer took it away.

lt's come to this because of him.

[ Muffled Gunshot ]

[ Rattling Doorknob ]
It's locked.

Open the door, Charles!

This is Tim Woods.
I'm with the president
on the 22nd floor.

We need the master key
to Room 2206 immediately.

[ Pounding ]
Damn it, Charles.
Open the door.

[ Gasping ]

[ Gunshot ]

Tim, I need Logan alive.

[ Beeping ]

[ Chattering ]

Can they save him?
They think so,
but, Madam President,

they're saying
that even if he regains

he's probably suffered
severe brain damage.

Ηe knew he was the only one
who could locate Jack.

Uh, not necessariIy.

C.Τ.U.'s drones
have been in the air
for the last four hours.

They may be able
to back-trace Jack
from the ambush site...

using archived
surveillance video.
Where is Chloe O'Brian?

She and Agent Ortiz returned
to C.T.U. about 1 0 minutes ago,
under arrest.

l want them released immediateIy.

Tell Chloe to use whatever
resources are at her disposal
to find Jack.

l've already done that,
Madam President.

Thank you, Τim.

Thank you.

[ Eden ]
What are you-
What- Let go of me.

O'Brian, you have no authority.
I don't know what you think you're doing.

Shut up and keep moving.
What the hell is going on?
Get your hands off of me.

What the hell is going on?
President Taylor
didn't sign the agreement.

She backed out at the last
minute, but she had aIready
ordered the hit on Jack.

Did she call it off?
She tried, but his ambulance
has been ambushed.

She has no way
of contacting the hitters.

Ηow does she even know
Jack's still alive?
She doesn't.

She's had everyone
cleared from the floor
except for you, me and Arlo.

Arlo's redirecting the drone
to over the ambush site.

We just got police reports
of an incident downtown.

C.T.U. convoy ambushed,
three agents wounded,

but they didn't find
Jack's body on site.

- Can you pull up archived video
of the same location?
- I'm already on it.

[ Cole ]
When did this happen?
Five minutes ago.

Shuttle forward.

Come on, Arlo.
Give me something.

Okay, 30 seconds ago
the van pulled off at Delancey.

Damn it.

- Lost it under
the Williamsburg Bridge.
- Go to real time.

[ Arlo ]
That's it. That's the van.

Ηave N.Y.P.D. send all units
to the vicinity.

They're never gonna
make it in time.


Okay, uh, hold on.

Prepare for departure.
We rendezvous with Τeam "B"
in 20 minutes.

l got this.
Come on.

Right here. Τurn around.
Down on your knees.

l know who you are.

So l'm going to make this, uh,
quick and clean.

[ Scoffs ]

Am l supposed
to say thank you?

[ Groans ]

Stand down. Stand down.

[ Grunts ]

l really don't want to do this,
but orders are orders.

lt's alI right.

Pull the trigger.

Sir! Sir. Wait.

- Hold your fire.
- [ Gun Uncocks ]

lt's President Τaylor.

l don't have positive confirmation,
but it sounds like her.

She says C.Τ.U.
has a drone overhead.

They're got a directed
microwave signal. Τhat's how
they got through to the phone.

- Madam President?
- l am ordering you to release
Jack Bauer immediately.

You heard me.

You and your men are
to leave Mr. Bauer where he is.

Stand down and withdraw
outside the west gate
until the F.B.I. arrives.

Ifyou have any thoughts
of fleeing before then,

the drone is equipped
with two AGM-1 14
Hellfire missiles.

l will not hesitate
to use them.

Are we clear?
Yes, ma'am.

Now, put Mr. Bauer
on the phone.

Uncuff him.

I said, uncuff him.

[ Panting ]

We've been ordered
to stand down and evacuate.

We're rolling up and evacuating.
Everyone in the van.

Let's move. Now.

The president wants to talk to you.

[ Grunts ]


You should've
let them kill me,

'cause l'm not gonna quit
until this is over.

lt is over.

l withdrew 1 5 minutes ago
from the signing
of the peace treaty.

Within the hour,
l will tell the world
what happened today.

l will tender my resignation
and remand myself
to the attorney general,

and face the consequences
of my actions.

you will have to do the same.

l wanted this peace
so badly, Jack,

and for that,
I have betrayed...

every principle
that I have ever stood for.

And I betrayed you.

lf I had listened to you,
none of this would have happened.

We've both made mistakes
we're gonna have to live with.

l would give anything
to take back the time.

But aIl l can do is tell you...

to leave the country
while you still have a chance.

The Russians
will be coming after you,

and so will we.

Jack, l am so sorry.

l don't know what else to say.

[ CeIl Phone Ringing ]

- Jack?
- Chloe, the president just told me
what was happening.

She said she was gonna
give me a little time to
try and get out of the country.

I know.
I was on the calI.
My daughter, her family-

They're gonna try
and use her to get to me.

l'll make sure
they're protected.

Chloe, you've got to promise me.
You've got to promise me
you'll keep them safe.

l'll make sure they're protected.
I promise.

- How much time do you think l've got?
- I don't know.

l'll get you
as much time as I can.



When you first came to C.T.U.,

l never thought
it was gonna be you...

that was gonna cover
my back all those years.

And I know that everything
that you did today was to try
and protect me.

l know that.
[ Sniffles ]

Thank you.

Good luck, Jack.


[ Groans ]

Bring the drone
back to the base.

Whatever happened here
didn't happen.


Shut it down.

[ Beeping ]

[ Crickets Chirping ]